X-Men: First Class Characters & Costumes: Official First Look [Updated]

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UPDATE: We have new images of Professor X and Magneto in action!

One of the four major superhero comic book movies debuting this summer, and the only one yet to reveal any official footage or images, is that of X-Men: First Class. The Twentieth Century Fox X-Men prequel, directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) and produced by Bryan Singer (X-Men), takes us back in time to the 1960s to tell the tale of the origins of the X-Men.

Focusing in on the history of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, X-Men: First Class also features  a cast of relatively unknown mutant characters, few of which have shown up in previous X-Men films. Until today, we’ve yet to see what these characters will look like on screen and in costume. Here is your official first look at the mutant cast of X-Men: First Class.

So far, we’ve been living off of  set photos, but the X-Men: First Class cast image first leaked on MSN for a brief moment yesterday but was quickly taken down while it spread like wildfire across the blogosphere. We waited until Fox released the official images so you can see them in proper form. Meet the X-Men and enjoy your first look at the team, in and out of costume, as well as Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw.

Update: Courtesy of a /Film exclusive with Matthew Vaughn, we now have images of Professor X and Magneto in action as well!

In the main cast shot, note the two mutant masterminds who eventually part ways on their plans for mutantkind, becoming Professor X and Magneto, respectively. Here are the characters and their aliases, from left to right:

  • Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto (Michael Fassbender)
  • Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne)
  • Emma Frost (January Jones)
  • Azazel (Jason Flemyng)
  • Hank McCoy/Beast (Nicholas Hoult)
  • Alex Summers/Havok (Lucas Till)
  • Angel Salvadore (Zoe Kravitz)
  • Raven Darkholme/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence)
  • Charles Xavier/Professor X (James McAvoy)

While I cannot say that the first official X-Men: First Class cast images are impressive or inspiring (although fans will sure dig Emma Frost’s authentic outfits from the comics), it does show that they aren’t shying away from the use of colors and costumes, paying a little more tribute to the X-Men books, at least in style if not story.

They did a great job with Azazel and I look forward to seeing Flemying play him in action. Havok has the circular symbol on his chest, similar to some of the comic designs, and Mystique’s design is consistent with the X-trilogy. Many fans are undoubtedly curious how Hank McCoy’s blue fur will be explained as he appeared in a cameo without the fur in X-Men 2. Chances are they’re pretending that didn’t even happen.

The images do not however, give us a look at Edi Gathegi’s character, the ever-evolving mutant known as Darwin, which brings into question his role in the film and as part of the ’60s era X-Men team. My guess is that he’s from the future since in the books, he’s one of the newest characters and Matthew Vaughn previously alluded to First Class acting both as an in-continuity prequel and a quasi-reboot of sorts, referencing what J.J. Abrams did with Star Trek.

[Update: While Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News undergoes his miraculous recovery, he had chat with Bryan Singer who gave him the following first X-Men: First Class teaser poster- Get well soon Harry! Head to AICN for their high-res version.]

x men first class poster 280x405 X Men: First Class Characters & Costumes: Official First Look [Updated]

Fans, before bringing down any potential wrath upon these images, let’s wait to see what the characters look like in live-action when the X-Men: First Class trailer releases. They certainly have stiff competition up against Marvel Studios’ Thor and Captain America features as well as Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s Green Lantern.

As an X-Men fan myself, please share your thoughts with me on Twitter @rob_keyes and make sure to follow @screenrant for all of your movie/TV needs.

X-Men: First Class opens in theaters June 3, 2011.

Source: Fox, LA Times

Update Source: /Film

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  1. I can see what they were trying to do with this but I’m not sure it has quite worked. I will however give props for them actually trying to make a comIc book movie that actually looks like a comic, not trying to make it realistic and fit in the real world.

    • What is about the pics above says to you “not trying to fit the real world?”


      • It’s not the pics so much, the big promo picture with all the characters, it’s so…. Colourful. Chris Nolan would have nightmares about that much colour.

        It seems to me that this film will embrace its roots rather than feel ashamed of it’s comic origins.

        • Ha! Nolan would have nightmares!

          • It would actually make him physically sick.

        • wooooo there DR, please , you cant compare this to the books, the movie has barely any resemblence to the comics other then in name, and some of the characters, but thats it and just because the uniform we barely see is yellow doesnt cut it. the beast looks like he escaped from CATS the musical. Frost looks great, Mystique looks good, Azazel looks great but Trump wants his hair back, jeez that is one helluva hair helmet. Other then that they rest of the cast could be anyone. that said they should take Zoe Kravits and have her wear the same costume, but cut her hair and she could be Wasp in Avengers look at her costume and tell she couldnt be Janet Van Dyne

        • Ah, gotcha.


        • embrace it’s roots?……… Sam, that couldn’t be more wrong. Nothing about the roots is embraced. And I’m an x-fan and already ashamed for this mess.

          nolan, nolan, nolan, nolan,…. enough Nolan already, did you hear? he’s giving us ANOTHER catwoman! UGH! enough Nolan, he sold out to the studio like Raimi and Venom.

  2. Okay, I’ll start…this looks really bad.

    It looks like a SciFy TV show, not an X-Men movie.

    As my friend said, they burned the franchise to the ground with the last two movies and now they’re pissing on the ashes.

    • So quick to judge without seeing a trailer.

      • I’m talking about the costumes only and the look of the characters. The trailer might blow me away. Until then, it’s hard to be excited about this.

        • I thought you were refering to the stills. I can see where you’re coming from. I like the colour scheme though.

          • I wish I could stop being so negative but I can’t help it. Thor, Green Lantern and now this…they all look sub-par to me.

            Holding my final judgments until I see the films, obviously.

            Luckily we get Dark Knight Rises in 2012.

    • AGREED!

      This looks less like a big budget film and more like the low budget 1994 Fantastic Four film (that never was).

      I get that they are going for the retro look. That’s fine. But there is just something that looks… off… about everyone.

      Who is Azazel?? I see his first appearance is 2003??

      How is he the first class?

      Why not break from the other movies and just go with the original X-Men line up??

      I know I poo-poo a lot of movies, but when studios are constantly churning out recycled garbage, then I will continue to voice my dislike.

  3. why does this remind me of British The Avengers film not Marvel Avangers i mean the Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman and Sean Connery movie

    • I’m hearing this comparison a lot actually…

      • im not the only one who notice this lol. January Jones looks like Uma Thurman character in The Avengers

    • @mace & robk – That’s because the film is set in the 60s just like the Avengers – everything is very mod.

  4. I think there is hope in this film. The trailer is really what will give us a serious feel.

  5. I’m loving the look.

  6. I dont know how i feel about this…

    January Jones looks good though.

    • Yeah, I’d love to “thaw her out” lol.

      • Lol.

        She is stunning.

        • Pretty much sold me on seeing it

          • Me too. If for nothing else, I’ll watch it for her… Talents.

            • Assets?

              • yeah but I can see that on Mad Men and save my money and my mind from exploding for sitting through what could would make Jack Kirby roll over in his grave and im sure will put Chris Claremont in his, lol

  7. How is we have cyclops’ younger brother but no cyclops?

    • Keyes prediction: Havok’s not Cyclops’ brother, but his father in this film.

      That’s my guess anyway, judging from the timelines and ages

      • what , dude seriously did you just say that Havok might be Scotts father, cause last time I checked Scott and Alex’s father is Corsair (Christopher Summers)from the Starjammers

        • What, dude, seriously, did you not actually read Rob’s comment? He’s predicting what decision was made regarding Havok and Cyke’s relationship in the _film universe_, which has been clearly established as a major diversion from the comic continuity.

          Last time I checked, it helped to read the entire comment before flying off half-cocked in one’s reply. :)

          • yea, i bet they would do that, but thats so far of a stretch, i dont like it.

        • sorry that was directed at you personally that was more of a wtf moment i had nt heard that was going to be like that in the movie, this just make me hate fox more

          • Understood. No harm done. My apologies for being snarky.
            I agree that Fox has taken far too many liberties with the X-Universe over the last 10 years, but for some reason I am really stoked for this film. I seem to recall the director dropping hints several months ago that they might be pulling a “Star Trek” quasi-reboot with this movie. Maybe that’s what’s got me interested.

            That and Emma’s costume… :)

      • WTF no way

      • Panda’s prediction: there will be no mention of a relation between Havok and Cyclops, same as no reference to Charles and Juggernaut being half brothers in X3

  8. Not feeling very good about this film at all, and why did they have to go with a revealing looking Emma Frost? The Cast seems dull and the Characters are just as dull. An X-MEN film with out any real x-men. Just supporting characters.

    • I thought people would be happy that Frost’s outfit is revealing. I remember when earlier photos were shown that she was covered up and people complained. But now that it’s revealed that her outfit will staying true to the character people still complain?

      You can’t please some people.

      • I can assure you her outfit makes me very… Happy.

        • lol Dr, I think she looks like Frost , she looks great, really the best of the bunch

  9. I actually hope this works unlike “Wolverine” where Fox came out with their own secret origin to that character as well as Deadpool…which was never done in the books even though they own the rights to those characters..hopefully this new origin will be more streamlined than the convoluted xmen character connections in the books..Will Azazel hook up with Mystique? Will we see the Summers family and Havoks origin?? Will the Black Queen and Xavier’s secret spy Sage show up? Fox has a lot to live up to or this will fail and hurt some actor’s career.

  10. Heres whats funny is that there are none of the original xmen in this movie, except Beast and its the wrong version of him, whats even better is they have the wrong brother ,the wrong Angel and the wrong Red head (mystique), and no iceman, lmao , does no one else recognize that !!!!

    • they should have called it x factor

      • How about about calling it “Ex-Men”. That way I might have a reason to watch because it’s not X-Men.

    • I think we all get it. And we all agree that they shouldn’t have called it First Class.

    • Well, you have to remember that it’s a prequel to Singer’s X-men films.

      • Singer’s X-Men films is a bastardization. It’s so far off from what’s been done in the comics it really exposes his “love” for comics. Man, let’s face it. He’s just a poser that duped us fan boys because we all wanted any kind of X-Men movie to be made. But since then there have been other Marvel films to come out that are much much more faithful to the source material.

        I won’t pay to see this crap.

  11. I’m going to watch this, because I watch every comic movie. They are all entertaining to me in some little way. But please tell me why it is so freakn hard to just make it authentic? Why in the world would you not use the original members? What logic is there in doing that?

  12. Here’s more photos

    • LM,

      Um, those are the same pics we have above.


  13. The one character that stands out in group shot for me is Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. She’s the spitting image of Rebecca Romjin in costume.

  14. Looks like a 60’s British rock and roll band.

  15. It’s bizarre, the casting of the actually characters involved seems so random & arbitrary. The inclusion of Darwin & Angel Salvadore in an origin movie makes zero sense whatsoever, not to mention the questionable inclusion of Havok & Emma Frost
    I mean it’s not like the producers are dealing with rigid continuity issues that makes it a necessity to have these characters.
    The fact that Angel Salvadore was even considered at all makes me think that they were just picking names out of a hat.

  16. Im not flaming the film, just the pictures, and so far, it looks like a group of cosplayers.

  17. Yal stop hating this isn’t Marvel Comics “X-Men”, this is Fox’s “Ex-Men” it is it’s own thing.

  18. …uhm…

  19. That cast photo is a hot mess. I’m still holding out hope for the trailer because X-Men is my favorite comic ever. So far Thor is my pic for this year’s comic book adaptation.

    @Loco Lobo 73: Beast *totally* looks like a Cats reject!

    If they wanted to do a prequel/quasi reboot they should have just gone with the actual characters from First Class. Aghhh I could go on and on but I won’t.

    I think Azazel’s secret power in this movie is to light his hair on fire because I can’t think of any other reason for that much hair product.

  20. Whey do they continue to ruin this franchise name? There are so many great characters that could make these movies amazing….How come no Deadpool or Gambit Origins movie? that would blow this film away. And they need a director like a Guillermo del Toro or Alphonso Cuaron….I like that they got Havok in this film but I mean come on these movies have such potential and they barely scratch the surface…

  21. this looks so bad, i really thought that huge group shot was some crappy fan made photoshop hotmess at first.

  22. Sorry Guys…..but this pictures looks…….wrong…wrong…wrong..!!!

  23. My interest has gone way way down…well it looks like Marvel can get the rights back in a year or two

    • I really do hope that comes to fruition. I’m so sick of Fox Abattoirs counterfeit adaptations of MARVEL characters.

  24. I havent seen a movie which has so many characters actually work…an obvious reference would be the wreck called X3…

    Fingers crossed because i think Fassbender and McVoy are good choices…

  25. I like the look of this. I have no problem with the outfits. Not sure why they look so bad to folks, but then, I’m not an avid reader of X-Men. Aren’t these pretty much mimicking the costumes on the cover of the “First Class” comic that’s always showing in the articles for this movie? These costumes look better than the comic cover in my opinion. They don’t seem to look any worse than Singer’s costumes from the X-Men movies. Anyway, they could be bastardizing this comic to the Nth degree and I wouldn’t know it. I just want an intelligent, well-told story. The costumes seem pretty appropriate, that is if you had superhero’s in the ’60s. And the fact that this movie is made in the ’60’s makes it that more interesting. And since January Jones is wearing next to nothing, that’s a huge plus…

    • I’ll agree with you on January Jones but even if it has a well told story it has to tell why Beast went from fur to skin to fur, if the whole Havok is now their dad how the hell that happened, how Emma Frost is older before she is a teenager, etc…

      It just has the smell of doom all over it, even if its a good film it messes up the first two films and Wolverine:Origins. And if it turns out to be a reboot, that sinks the battleship for me.

  26. I’m impressed. This X-Man film didn’t bother to wait to let me down in the theatre. It’s starting off that way. With so much great story telling and art in the comic books, why do the films (after X2) have to suck so much?

  27. As soon as I heard James McAvoy, none of the good X-men (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel, Colossus, Nightcrawler.) I know Colossus wasn’t part of the actual origina team, neither was Nightcrawler, but they would have been great in the film.

    I know this will do good in theatres, but as a comic book fan, I just can’t see any good coming from this film.

  28. It almost seems more fitting to replace the title with “Thunderbirds” and just go from there :(

  29. It didn’t really bother me before to know that Beast was going to be blue in this, but seeing the picture, it now really strikes a nerve. No sure why…