Multiple Man in X-Men: First Class? Beast Re-Casting?

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x men first class beast banshee Multiple Man in X Men: First Class? Beast Re Casting?

As we get down to the wire for its August production start, we’re seeing the roster of characters for X-Men: First Class finally coming together. A partial mystery and topic of speculation has revolved around what characters Bryan Singer, Matthew Vaughn and Fox would include in the X-Men prequel – mainly due to significant continuity differences between the film franchise and the X-Men comics.

X-Men: First Class, a prequel to the main X-Men trilogy, is set to take the audience back to the origins of Professor X, his first school of mutants and his friend-turned-enemy, Magneto. Professor X will be played by James McAvoy and Magneto will be portrayed by Michael Fassbender – now it’s time to fill out the rest of the cast as we learn what other characters may make it onto the X-Men roster.

Prior to the rumor mill spouting out names of actors and their respective characters from the X-books, the only three characters we were sure of being a part of First Class were Cyclops, Jean Grey and Beast, with the fourth likely being Emma Frost (due to her appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Bryan Singer’s interest in the character). As fans of the comics know, Marvel continuity places Iceman and Angel as part of the original team but that can’t happen since this is not a franchise reboot, but a prequel (they’re introduced later in the series and Iceman is too young for the prequel).

So, what other characters (good or bad) are a part of X-Men: First Class so far?

Assuming Banshee and Frost are members of the X-Men roster in First Class, we’ve got our five characters. However, early reports about the project, back before Bryan Singer and his writer took over, had them including more characters, even creating a few not from the X-Men comics. One additional character, a fan favorite for comic readers, could be Multiple Man if the latest rumors hold any truth.

multiple man x men first class movie Multiple Man in X Men: First Class? Beast Re Casting?

Multiple Actors approached for Multiple Man

Comic Book Movie is reporting from a Marvel Studios source that Multiple Man, a mutant who can create duplicates of himself, is a “definite” part of Charles Xavier’s First Class. The report continues to detail that three actors have been approached about the role and if you remember, the character had a small part, played by Eric Dane in the terribly disappointing X-Men 3.

In the books, Multiple Man (real name: Jamie Madrox) is currently the leader of X-Factor, a mutant detective agency. The X-Factor series has undergone several relaunches and it originally began as the team containing the original five X-Men, back when they went international with the main team (bringing in Storm, Banshee, Wolverine, etc.).

I was a big supporter of Peter David’s relaunch of X-Factor, which saw Madrox become a star character for Marvel Comics. Although it’s since gone downhill as a series for me, Madrox is a great character who (if done right) would make for an excellent on-screen presence in a feature film.

Continue to Page 2 for updates regarding the re-casting of Beast in X-Men: First Class.

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  1. They’re already recasting everyone why not do it?

  2. frigging fox and their meddling. and it’s insanely hypocritical of the daily mail to complain about the interfearence since that “paper” is run by a bunch of scaremongering bigots.
    anyway, it’ll be cool to see madrox, im not a big fan of when they change up the original roster like this but iceman and angel are reasonable excuses.

  3. “Multiple Actors approached for Multiple Man” — 😛 heh

  4. Iron Man 2 had a longer production and it felt RUSHED — imagine this one..

  5. It just goes to show you that Fox does not know what the hell they’re doing. They’ve messed up the continuity which will ultimately lead to a domino effect and time paradox because so many changes will be made which will botch up coninuity even more. I have no faith in this studio whatsoever when it comes to Marvel characters. Like I said in other posts I guess I’ll watch the bootleg version when it comes out. Fox aint getting my money so they can continue to keep butchering my beloved characters.

    • unfortunately Fox doesn’t care about staying true to the comics continuity, only about the movie making money (who can argue with that motive). Typically these movies aren’t solely about making fans happy so they don’t care about the continuity if the what changes they make create a better flow for the movie, at least in theory.

      That’s why I trust Singer becuase IMO the first two movies, even though they didn’t follow the comics all that closely, were great films with good characters is solid stories (again, not perfect, but for the most part)

        • You may be partially wrong about Frost not being in Wolverine. There were talks that it was in fact Emma Frost but was given another last name (at least we can believe that she wouldn’t be Frost considering she’s Silver Fox’s sis in the movie), but THAT Emma’s ability is ONE of Frost’s abilities, a secondary evolution. She is able to turn her body into diamond.

          But, I wouldn’t give the Wolverine movie too much credence. It was an awful movie overall, worse than X3, screwing over several character histories just to stuff as many familiar character names as possible. They had no need to do this either, if they had just done some homework. So, maybe we can just forget that they muddied the waters by giving us a similar Emma, and hope 1st Class Emma is a White Queen instead of a diamond princess.

    • @ ulik

      So true, so true. I just had a hypothetical thought – What if Fox had the film rights to Justice League. Can you imagine the fiasco? Man my brain hurts just thinking about it. :-)

  6. There is ONLY one man who play Professor Charles Xavier and that is Patrick Stewart, Heck he had a cameo in Wolverine. That being said, I don’t think I’ll be seeing this movie since I’ll be waiting for THOR and First Avenger:Captain America. The Xmen have run their course, thanks to the MESS that was X3.

    • that cameo looked cgi’d to me lol

  7. To say it like Kirk:


  8. Cable just ‘ported into my living room. We’re going back in time to convince Singer to stay on for X-Men 3. If we’re sucessful this topic will have never been.

  9. @ Rob

    How good was Peter David’s run on X-Factor? I never got around to reading those. I’ve only got to collect most of X-Factor (vol 1) which was great.

    I can imagine it was well written with light hearted humor and social commentary? I have fond memories of Peter David’s tenure on The Incredible Hulk many years ago now. :-)

      • Thanks for the feedback Rob. That cover is very cool indeed. Looks like I’ve got some serious catching up to do.

  10. I figure why even call it xmen at all. Lets just change the name all together since the story is completely different. Why not grab random people who showed up in some form of xmen over the entire history of xmen. Matter of fact lets bring in people from image, or dc because its just fits better with thier messed up idea of the story.

    Unfortunately I will still watch this when it comes to dvd just because I’ve been an xmen fan and need to see if they can slaughter this like the previous xmen and wolverine.

  11. they have really messed these x-men films up afet x-2 by not keeping continuity,leaveing holes threw out the films,adding too much action and cheesy comedy,and changing characters and their origin too much like blob , deadpool, wolverine and others and killing off cyclops who is the leader of the x-men. i also saw in x-men wolverine’s movie that professor -x was alot older then emma frost, and now he will be about the same age fox sucks, and needs to give marvel back the rights to the x-men so we can see them do it right. and they never gave gambit or any of the other x-men the story and screen time they needed,and night crawler was left out of x-3 who decided that,and beast was a human in x-2 and they just straight up turned him into a big blue furry mutant without explaining his story? what up with fox they need to just hand over the x-men to marvel/disney now.

  12. The three xmen cartoon series didnt stick to the original first class roster, and they were quite enjoyable.

    I am hopefully optimistic about this movie (especially with mcavoy starring) and dont really care if angel and iceman arent included as white queen and maddox are far more interesting characters.

    I just hope they go with the days of the future past storyline

    • @Shamose,your right but it’s easy to see that the people who wrote the cartoons and the movies aren’t the same people and even in the cartoons they have more of a respect for continuity and characters than Fox,even though the cartoons aired on Fox. If the formula for what cartoons did doesn’t work on film(which it hasn’t) then they need to stick to cannon a LOT closer.

      • @ Shamose,

        The 90s animated X-Men series started with the Uncanny roster that was in the comics at that time so it was pretty true to the books overall and throughout the series – They even kept the exact costumes which was awesome.

        The art in every series since then has been pretty bad (exaggerated looks with sloppy animation) so the original cartoon is still the best. It’s up their with Avatar: The Last Airbender as my favorite cartoons of all time.

    • Actually, the first X-men series did do an homage to the first team. I can’t remember the episode name, but I distinctly remember a feathered Angel alongside a Snowman (Ice Man). As for the latest incarnation, it’s far after Wolverine and ther rest have also joined, so we really don’t know id they had a 1st Class or not.

      • there was a flashback scene to the original five in the episode “Sanctuary” but this is erroneous as in the season 1 episode “The Cure” Prof X and the Xmen do not recognize Angel…

        Xmen evolution (i didnt watch it when it first aired but I am currently watcyhing it know) strays greatly from the comics but I am really enjoying it (didnt at first but now im hooked)

        the point is its a re-imagining of the source material and I for one like the occasional tweak to the story… I dont just want a DIRECT comic-screen translation, so if madrox (who I think is similar in personality to iceman anyway) and white queen can be pulled off in a believable way, I c an live with a different first class roster

        Fox has screwed us in the past yes, but this project could be their return to form

    • Hey you guys,Ulik, Magnetic Eye, why aren’t you in charge of continuity? It makes me so mad that they don’t hire someone, hey are you listening Emma Watts, and tell them you can say yes or no on changes, and that would be that! Nooooo, they can’t see their way clear to make a common sense decision.

      By the way, Larry Houston and Marvel themselves were behind that series Shamose. Houston has a history as long as your arm with successful adaptations of comics to animated properties. And he’s worn many hats including the top ones, Director and producer.

      They are just digging still another hole for a beloved franchise that at some point will cave in on them, the igits…

      • @ the old man

        LOL That would be a blast! Suffice to say I have worked along side continuity girls on various productions here in Australia. It’s a tough job, but I prefer to stay in the camera dept.

  13. What we really need is a way to getthe Studio Execs out of the picture entirely; that would certainly have saved more then a few past films from disaster.

    This is for any of you who are in the biz or familiar with it, has there ever been any film that a studio exec (or execs) interfered in that resulted in being a better product because of said interference?

  14. What would be awesome is if there were some way to actually cut out the big money men as they usually screw things up anyway.

    What about a totally different model for movie making in which everyone from the Director to every cast member of any significance (basically primary/secondary characters and other with decent amount of screen time but not the extras be they speaking parts or not) gets paid a very small amount but does get a cut of the profits ( an amount predefined at the start of the process along with some wiggle room for cost adjustments since budget over runs can occur) and that way the risk of the movies success is spread around. Basically everyone involved is in a away working on omission. This would cut production costs and could possibly get the execs out of the business since venture capital would be more easily attainable.

    You take a big name like Angeline Jolie or Brad Pitt and whether they take pride in their work or not they have little risk involved in a movie that flops and so if their cut was based on how good the movie did then perhaps we’d see less junk getting made?

    Just a thought.

    • Nah. We’d still get crap like Twilight made.

    • @Hmmm,Good idea BCC but I think that’s what Marvel Studios is doing.

    • That model has been mulled over B.C.C. I bet by thousands, but who would distribute, market,and in some cases show the finished product? That’s where the music and movie industry has a pinch point, where the middle men thrive. Years ago George Lucas rebelled against the studio system and for a time was an example of what could be done despite the system. However, over the years, I think he became a lot of what he detested about the system and some freedom in letting the flow of truly good ideas get into the finished product was beaten back. Believe it or not the U.S. government might act as a force to change that with the FCC edict to increase Internet speeds.

      Still you have to have the raw processing/hosting power to give sufficient access to enough people to make the Internet, Thee New Venue, for the majority of entertainment choice…

  15. I would take any ‘showbiz’ story that originates in the Daily Mail and Baz Bamigboye ( a hack journalist for those of you who don’t know ), with a truckload of salt.

    It’s unfortunate that this rumour ( of Beast’s recastng ) has been repeated on multiple sites.

    • It’s actually true FYI and he’s turned down the offer.

      I guess they were right this time.

  16. There’s a new character for you Fox ,Cougar, they can call her Cookie for short. She can take them and slap em into shape, make them submit. They can be the new heroes of the film! Fox wants to change everything anyway so why even call it X-men? It can be a new origins movie. The origins of producing our revised nemeses, or THE ORIGINS OF PORN!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Imagine reading a comic book where Cable follows Fitzroy back in time, and then he saves everyone from a horrible death. Wait?!?! Why didn’t they take that comic book storyline, save everyone from death, and then make a fourth “X-Men” movie?

    Who said you can’t bring ‘science-fiction’ characters back to life, and all they need to do is write some cool ‘science-fiction’ reason?

    “Cable? Bishop? Where are you guys?” Seriously… Why do you need to go back and make a prequel when you can make a sequel?

    • @Marcus,good idea but it’s pretty simple because Fox wants to do both and juice the hell out of this franchise as much as they can with infinite spin-offs.

      • @ ulik, What I cannot understand is — If you are putting your franchise on the big screen for the first time, why would you kill off your main characters? Would that not be similar to shooting your self before you became something?

    • Cable is coming.

    • The problem with the Phoenix storyline was it was retold in a couple of different ways in the comics. Fox used this line too early obviously, but to bring her back ala Cable at this point isn’t any good, she’s not his ancestor and it could interfere with his own birth. The easiest way is to leave her dead and tell the story as if Scott and the Professor survived. Besides, she was dead for a time in the comics. The other way is to use the retcon story which I don’t believe became official, that was developed where the Gene in #3 was kind of a puppet of Gene’s, which she controlled while in some kind of coma at Alkali Lake. Which was sort of done in the comics, but it’s still a pretty messed up idea, because it came from the other Phoenix storyline where she was hosted by an alien force. It’s just made the whole storyline messy and it’s going to just cause more problems for them down the road. According to The “Cracked” theory, they’ll reboot by number five anyway. They should be made to wither, better to get the pain over with sooner than later.

  18. It must be a 4th Of July hangover; someone burned thier little pinky while holding the sparklers too long…I really don’t know, but it must be something that’s got most of the commenters in a foul mood. And I don’t get where Rob’s coming from in his post, either.

    Here’s a question for Rob: Since Angel cannot be in First Class because of X-Men Last Stand(…oddly, a film Vaughn himself almost directed.) Your post implies that it is “okay” for Multiple Man to show up in First Class. What about the scene where Mardox meets Magneto in Last Stand?. The obvious idea would simply have the character cameo or operate on the level Gambit did in X-Men Wolverine- no direct involvement. He stops short of jumping on a helicopter. But if they did do that, why not instead have a pre-teen Angel who helps out but does not join the team, as his father disallows it?

    Also, as opposed to the first two X-films, I don’t think Last Stand was horrible. It wasn’t as good. I felt Wolverine was good, but it had a disadvantage of having four characters who cannot be killed because we know that they will fight on another day.

    First Class has to walk a fine line in film continuity. Personally, I think Emma is Emma Frost, and she simply has the mutant ability to turn her skin into diamonds and have a telepath power. There is also the strong chance for a love triangle (Cyke/Grey/Frost) which played out in the comics.

    AS for replacing the actor cast as Beast.
    It could be a number of things. It could even be a case where an actor is signed for a part but winds u having to honor another contract (not unlike what happened when Dougray Scott was going to be Wolverine, but had to be dropped at the last minute because Mission Impossible 2 went over schedule and Hugh Jackman became a star) The point here is that FOX SHOULD NOT BE BLAMED for the actor being replaced.

    That mentality is baffling. Lord forbid is if they find a better actor…or the next Hugh Jackman type. Or both.

    But we won’t get into that sort of discussion, shall we?

    • @DJS,THE FOLLOWING IS NOT A RUMOR- What Fox did was hire Ben Walker, then Tom Rothman(CEO of FOX)decided that Fox needs to woo in the Twilight fans by FIRING Ben Walker then hire a younger actor to play Beast. After all of the auditions for a younger replacemet FAILED, they tried to rehire Walker but Walker decided not go for it the second time after getting dissed by Fox,so he went back to his theater work.

      • The news doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Fox would still have to pay Walker to buy out the contract. Costumes and makeup tests had been done.
        In addition, they report does not say that Fox hired another actor. It says they were starting to look for one, but changed their minds.

        I personally don’t see a problem with Walker’s age. It sounded like a lack of communication to me.

  19. Smart move by Walker. Dumb move on Foxes part. You see doubters Ulik, Magnetic Eye, B.C.C. have the right idea. Fans need to be a force to get these properties back to Marvel. Fox will keep fumbling the ball until the properties become poop.

  20. Isn’t there a clause in Marvel’s contract rights with Fox that 3 bad movies and your out? X3, Wolverine, one more to go. Marvel really needs to get these properties back from Sony and Fox!

    • Well its been four years since X-3 was made, so that can’t be the only criteria. Unless they get to count “XOW.” Which doesn’t seem right because it’s not really about “The X-Men” as told in the comics but a derivative story about one of the characters…

  21. I think we will all be plesantly suprised with Thor as well as Captain America. Marvel has more of a hand in this than any of the X-Men movies. I’m sure that they wont let these fail. I’m cerain they couldn’t do any worse than was done with IM or IM2. Which I felt wrere both great. 1 was better than 2 in my opinion. That doesn’t mean much I’m sure, I’m still on the edge of my seat.