‘X-Men: First Class’ Casting Confusion [Updated]

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If Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t young enough to play the younger version of Mystique in X-Men: First Class, a character previously played by Rebecca Romijn in the X-Men trilogy, then how about 10 year-old Morgan Lily? Twentieth Century Fox has beefed up the already large cast of the Matthew Vaughn-directed X-Men prequel even more with a few new casting announcements today.

Over the last two days we reported that Jason Flemyng, Rose Byrne and Oliver Platt had joined the X-Men: First Class cast and today we can add January Jones (Mad Men) as Emma Frost, Zoe Kravitz (Assassination of a High School President) as Angel, Bill Milner (Son of Rambow) as young Magneto in addition to Lily’s young Mystique.

The additions of Bill Milner and Morgan Lily playing younger variants of Magneto and Mystique aren’t that surprising considering we know the story will be delving into the origins of Professor X, Magneto and likely a few other mutants.

The confusion about the casting comes from the additions of January Jones playing Emma Frost when it was previously reported that Alice Eve had nabbed the role, and that Angel will be in the movie. As it turns out, Eve was in negotiations but hadn’t signed yet so Jones has the gig instead. I was in love with the idea of Eve in the part but Jones is stellar in the ever popular Mad Men series and will be a great fit.

[Update: Alice Eve reportedly opted out of the gig – read the details here]

On to the topic of Angel, immediate fan response is that of confusion and rightfully so. Zoe Kravitz is a girl and the character is a guy played by Ben Foster in X3. Even more, Angel is a character we thought for sure had no chance of being in the film since he was introduced in X-Men 3 as someone with no prior knowledge or ties with the X-Men. If you’re keeping track, the X-Men: First Class movie currently only sits with two of the five actual original characters from Marvel Comics canon and one arguably shouldn’t be there. That being said, this clearly isn’t the same Angel we know but instead, the character known as Angel Salvadore.

I say Angel shouldn’t be there cautiously since in a previous interview, director Matthew Vaughn hinted at the film acting as a reboot of sorts while still being a prequel to the existing Fox X-Men films. He compared it to J.J. Abrams Star Trek which I think means this will still be in continuity but will feature a story which will allow them to utilize what seems to be a nonsensical selection of characters.

Angel Salvadore is a young mutant whose mutant genetics resulted in her growing wings when she was a teenager. In the books, her history intertwines with Emma Frost, Magneto and Proteus (son of Moira MacTaggert and possibly Professor X).

Here’s some fun trivia for why Kravitz (daughter of rock star Lenny Kravitz) is being reported as playing Angel. She’s dating Ben Foster in real life so perhaps that helped get her the gig playing the other Angel?

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  1. What a mess this is becoming, hopefully they have room for a story, and I’ll reserve judgment on the Angel issue until I find out more, I don’t believe it’s true, not the way it’s being presented at least.

  2. http://marvel.com/universe/Angel_(Angel_Salvadore)

    possible another character all together

    • Okay, I can see this, but still, why is she relevant? Maybe she’s just a passing mutant and the press is coming from just her being Lenny’s daughter.

      • Pretty much, but it was driving me crazy too. Had to find out what was going on….

        • Of course that’s who it is…. I think this is shaping up to be quite the nod to actual fans of the books and that’s awesome. If there’s confusion as to whether or not this woman is playing the same “Angel” we saw in X3, that just means you don’t know anything about the source material.

          • Chill, that was the fact I was trying to bring. Everybody is freaking out about the “Angel” character so I brought the link to explain it further. It’s a nod to a character that is not as well known to the non-comic book fans who live, breath comics. Bring facts, not ego…

    • She has to be playing Salvadore as you pointed out (it also makes sense for the story so I included a line about that).

      Thanks for the callout!

      • no prob!

      • u did not mention Angel Salvadore know as “Angel” also known by codename Tempest. Tempest is also a violent “Storm”.

  3. Rob thanks for keeping us to date with all this confusion. :-)

    I don’t know wether to laugh or cry. My head feels like it’s going to explode.

    With all due respect to Matthew Vaughn but clearly Fox has lost the plot.

    • dude that happened when FOX made the first X-men movie.

  4. This will suck.

    • So will your…upcoming X-Men movie.

    • Yet you’ll be in line at midnight to see it.

  5. Im hopeful for this movie

    you cant take every casting announcement/rumor and every little bit of info to seriously without any official story synopsis or trailer or anything really.

    X2 was quite cast heavy (not to mention it was under the Fox name) but that was a GREAT movie, possibly my favourite comic book movie so far

    I have confidence in Vaughn

    • Right, but everyone went into X2 positive since the first X-Men was awesome. Fans are going into this one after two bad movies so it’s quite a bit different, especially considering it involves an entirely new cast.

      I’m hopeful as well though.

      • The first X-Men was awesome?

        • Yeap. It launched a franchise, a few careers, made a pretty penny and got over 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.

          Wins all around since it had positive fan reception (minus you, possibly, lol).

      • Not just two bad movies Rob.1) X-MO, 2)Wolverine,3)X-Men III,4)Daredevil,5)Elektra,6)Fantastic Four,and 7)Fantastic Four II.Although all are not X-Men movies,they ARE ALL Marvel Universe characters.

        • My bad 6)Marvel movies.

  6. Up to 4 hours.

  7. Too many characters.

    Sound familiar? X3, Mortal Kombat 2.

    I can’t predict the future but a lot of signs point to disaster.

  8. Well I got 2 responses to this.

    1: I hope this stuff happens so the movie will so suck sooooooo much more than Origins so they can reboot it for god’s sake.


  9. I just got cast to play the part of Stan Lee for his tradtional cameo…He turned down the gig.

    • And I just got cast to play Blob. I’m black but since it’s Fox, they don’t care. :-)

  10. I’m losing hope in this one. Hope they prove me wrong.

  11. It sure does seem like they’re trying to cram an awful lot of characters into this. Or is it just that we’re seeing announcements for every minor character that will have even just a brief appearance in the film…?


    • That is more of what it sounds like to me. The only seasoned vets so far are Kevin Bacon and Oliver Platt. All of the X movies have had Giant casts and most of the fun was figuring out who each one was supposed to be. I am happy that they are not going crazy trying to attach big names to this movie. It gives room for them to grow and keep the same cast through the rest of them. Unless they screw this one up.

  12. Huge Mad Men fan here and January Jones would be a perfect and fantastic Emma Frost. If this is true I’ll be very happy

  13. I tried to follow this… and just couldn’t. AAAHH! My head!
    I’ll just wait a few more months until they officially roll out the cast list, i guess!

  14. So I have this crazy theory that this isn’t the first class we expect. I don’t think this movie will include Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm or any other character of that generation. I believe this will be Professor X and Magneto’s FIRST CLASS. Hence why we are getting characters that never were involved with the comic book first class and that
    are much younger. This would explain why McAvoy was cast as Proffessor X even though he is so young.

    • Storm wasn’t in First Class. You guys are so redundant

      • He means movie-verse Einstein. Storm , Scott and Jean where referred to as being Xavier first students in first X-men movie.

  15. I will reserve any real judgement until I see a trailer, but I really dont hold out any hope that this will be any good.

    • The problem with a trailer is that if edited properly with the right music any movie can appear good with a trailer..what I am trying to decide is if this will be one of those projects I buy a ticket and DVD for..will it be deserving of my 30 bucks?

      • True indeed. The trailer for Spiderman 3 looked decent and we all know how that turned out!

        • Trailer for Terminator Salvation was one of the best I had ever seen, even the Wolverine trailer was pretty cool and both of those movies were massive disappointments.

  16. I’m beginning to think we aren’t going to see Cyclops,Jenny or Storm in this movie , for shame.

    Also with January Jones as Emma frost their definitely going with the ultimate version of her ,being Xavier lover instead Scotts .Ugh, man is this movie is turing into a screw up.

  17. Casting confusion, gender confusion (with Angel), ball of confusion!!! That’s what we have here today!!

    • There’s no gender confusion. There’s a female Angel in the books. Confusion cleared up.

  18. Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Ice Man, Professor X and Magneto not that difficult. Continuity is there for a reason. This movie is looking more and more lame as the casting continues (good actors the characters just don’t need to be there.) I hope that I am wrong but this is looking like it is going to be as bad as X3 and the Wolverine Movie. I will wait for the Blue Ray.

    • Blu-ray? How about HBO? I am reserving judgement until I see a trailer. As of right now… I am not all that happy with where this is going. I am one that thinks they need to re-boot.

    • Actually, Ice-man will be a problem since there following the film’s continuity….just sayin.

      • I just prefer the comic books continuity to the fillms. I say let’s forget about the original trilogy not that the first two were bad. I would just like to see it from the comic perspective. I think we saw first hand how throwing characters in just because they are popular can really muddy up a story from those movies.

  19. I quite like the First Class cast so far, the idea of using young versions as well is interesting, i like the fact that we will finally see the X-Men face a foe who isn’t magneto or a ‘homosapien’, we have some fantastic actors in there, i like their selection of those returning from the original trilogy, and I can’t see why it seems so messy to people. I’m sure when we know how Cyclops and Jean are going to be casted it’d look fine, and im 95% sure they’d be in it, i think they’d be the key characters this time round, hence why they are going to be the characters that the most time is given for casting, makes sense really.

    • wattayamean…they faced the Dark Phoenix in the third film and she wasn’t homo sapien.. trying to hold back the laughter here… :)

      • It’s not that funny? besides in that film the Phoenix was still being manipulated by Magneto to fight in his war, so again he was the main villain behind it all, which goes with the point i was making

        • Yeah she was being manipulated by Magneto at the end of X3..that’s why Magneto and all the others ran away..she WAS the main antagonist of the film hence the climax with Wolverine doing her in..still think your point is valid

          I was being cheeky with my previous comment becauce they totally blew an amazing opportunity to make the Dark Phoenix Saga into a great film and they then and go make that..

          Relax Billy Bob

  20. Of course we like the cast so far… They’re all caucasion and attractive. Whats there not to like?

    • Zoe Kravitz and Edi Gathegi aren’t caucasion.

  21. The only thing that throws me right now is the Kevin Bacon and Oliver Platt angle. I (and many others) thought Bacon was Sebastian Shaw; I thought that Platt’s “Man In Black” may have been a reference to another Hellfire Club member.

    I’m not too concerned with “young pre-teen” cast members who will have a screen time equal to that of a young Magneto from the first X-Men or Wolverine from last year’s film. I’m not concerned with January Jones- she’s a good actress and a good choice. If another actress could not commit for whatever reason, they have to go with another choice. Not like they would hire an actor and let the actor go just to attempt to recast that actor again or anything like THAT

    I’m not too concerned with “too many characters”. It’s not like any characters are going to get shortchanged and left out…in…the…

    Where’s Cyclops :(


    If nothing else, I’m starting to think that this does, in fact, take place before the events in XO: Wolverine. Remember- while there was a character named Emma in XO Wolverine it wasn’t “Emma Frost” any more than Weapon XI was Deadpool.

    In the first X-Men, Cyke, Jean Grey and Storm were said not to be THE first students, but SOME of them Havok is simply an older brother of Cyke; worse comes to worse, the same actor could also play Cyke (as his brother) and if all this is the case then Magneto isn’t going to form The Brotherhood just yet.

    So if X-Men aren’t going up against The Hellfire Club (which I was sold on) who then? The Revers? Is Bacon Sinister or The X-Cutioner?
    Pratt Fred Duncan?


  22. More is less in comic book movies. It’s a lesson we keep having to learn via any number of super-sequels.

  23. its an over sized train wreck just waiting to derail

  24. They messed this all up from the beginning. If they would have just thought this out back in 2000 with X-Men 1, they could have started out with the original First Class with a side story of Wolverine without Wolverine actually interacting or joining with them yet until X-Men 2.

    • My thoughts exactly.

  25. Why couldn’t they just do it right the first time? Oh yea because we would love it.

  26. Whats this fudge about a 10-year old playing Raven Darkholme?? Myst is nearly as ageless as Wolverine & ‘Crawlers mother for Hoods-sake! What tosh, we were upset enough with the farce that was Wolverine (a 2nd one! what he HELL?!?), now this is the death toll for the franchise. I mean, are they aiming for only people who know nothing of the actual characters?

  27. Hold on…Cable? Where’s he coming from?? They’ve already killed off BOTH of his parents BEFORE CONCEPTION in X3. ??? BleurH ???

    • C’mon quinch. If Cable were to be included what are the chances of him having the same parents from the books? Fox doesn’t play by those rules.

      I suggested a year or two ago that Cable could be the son of Emma Frost and Cyclops instead of M. Pryor and Cyc, but with the age discrepancies and strange cast so far (sans Cyclops) that doesn’t seem likely.

      • There is “bending” the established cannon and there’s scrunching it up, putting in a deep-freeze, shattering it then letting Dobermans eat the small bits and burning the resulting poop. *wink*

    • Sorry cant remember correctly, in Ultimate X-men, wasn’t he supposed to be wolverine in the future? Can someone correct me?

      • That’s the Ultimate Universe for you.

        Of course they killed Wolverine in that universe too. So much for someone who’s mutant power was survival (Wolverine versus Hulk, Hulk tears him in half… he gets better).

  28. Angel was a founding member of X-Men, and was suppose to be in the first X-men film. However budget wouldn’t allow that character to be added until X-Men 3 when fans demanded it. Also, there is no mention of Ice Man, this is turning out to be another Fox studio travesty.

  29. I have already lost interest in this movie because it will be nothing like an X-man movie should be..in fact they may very well have screwed the whole X- men spirit of what should had been and I’m greatly disappointed at Stan Lee has nit made any comments about how his crayons are being ass raped by these morons who think they can do it better..IF it isn’t broken do not fix it!!

    • not to mention rogue-x, they seem to be over cramming it with mutants. thats just bad juju