‘X-Men: First Class’ Casting Confusion [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated July 11th, 2013 at 12:22 pm,

Could alternate realities/dimensions play a factor? Azazel, the demonic mutant father of Nightcrawler possesses the ability to teleport between dimensions so that is a possibility. His history also involves him battling against Angel-like mutants. How about time travel? We know the time-traveling future son of Cyclops from the comics, Cable, was (is?) a hot topic in Fox meetings about the X-Men franchise.

With production about to start and no word on who will be playing Jean Grey or Cyclops, are they still in the film? Some have questioned that they won’t be included but I highly doubt that’s the case. With Havok (Cyclops’ brother) being a part of X-Men: First Class, I think Jean Grey and Scott Summers need to be included. When the casting process began, we also heard reports of Bryan Singer using the auditions of his other project, Jack the Giant Killer to also search for actors to play Jean and Scott so it would shock me if they aren’t included in some form.

Keep in mind though that we still don’t know what villain Kevin Bacon is playing other than that he’ll be someone we don’t expect at all, according to Vaughn. We also heard some reports that some of the casting announcements being made could be intentionally misleading on the part of the studio so perhaps some of the unusual character selections may not be those characters at all. Or are really reaching by assuming that?

Any ideas or explanations of the cast so far? At this point, it doesn’t make much sense until we know more about the plot of First Class.

Here’s the rest of the cast of X-Men: First Class as we best understand it:

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Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer’s X-Men: First Class begins shooting in the next few weeks for a June 3, 2011 release.

Sources: XMF, Deadline

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  1. WHERE IS STOOOOORM????!!!!!!!!!!! Why the include emma frost? and so many unsignificants mutants? I dont understand why they cant include storm and give her real place and importance, she is the true battle field liderof the xmen. Either they should include nightcrawler and psylocke.

  2. This is really starting to smell like the “Batman and Robin” movie type of death throes to me. Such a damned shame FAUX couldn’t have someone monitoring ScreenRant to get the pulse of what true fans of the X-Men would like to see. Instead, it seems to me like they’re just flailing around in the dark and saying, “Let’s see…what mutants haven’t we ruined yet, and how far can we take this “Ice road trucker” approach before our movies pull in less than 7 mill on opening weekend?”

    All while Marvel (hopefully) is putting out products that stay true to the concepts and coronolgy that we, as fans of the works would prefer to see realized on film.

    I think its a safe bet that until quite siome time down the road, X-Men, Spidey, and Fantastic Four (etc.,etc,etc,…) fans will just have to hope for the best from studios that really just refuse to get the concept that if its NOT broke, and folks have been shelling out their hard earned bux for decades because they are following the series…then why try and “Fix” it?


    • These movies aren’t wed to the original stories, in the least.

      And its sad, being they are masterpieces.

      When the Spiderman movies came off for example.. with few critics having an issue with a basic but HUGE flaw in the storyline (the web fluid comes out of his arms, somehow shot from what, an artery? organs develop overnight, what..? vs. the web-shooters a boy envisioned/fashioned through scientific trial/error)… authenticity was out the window.

      • AUTHENTICITY – That’s the key ingredient missing from a lot of these films, in particular the Fox stable of abominations.

        • I am worried about this movie, they seem to be making interesting decisions with the cast, McAvoy and Fassbender aside.

          As far as the web shooters go, I agreed completely with that decision on the filmmakers part. It never made sense to me that Peter Parker couldn’t make the webbing on his own. At this point, I find myself wondering if the choice to make them Parker’s invention rather than a result of his radioactive spider bite has to do with the inconvenience of actual spider anatomy. It would make more sense for the character to have the web coming from his wrists, rather than somewhere in his abdomen. The web shooters work kind of like a reverse deus ex machina.

          I mean, sure, it doesn’t really make sense in the movie for him to push his middle two fingers into his palms to fire the web, but hey, that hand single is iconic, and people would have been pissed if they did something different.

    • i agree 100%. it seems like they are going in that direction.

  3. Im really starting to hope theres a huge dis-information campaign going on with this movie

  4. if thats angel salvador then cool but they have to have beak in the film too. glob herman,anole,chamber,husk,mammomax,sinister,apocalypse,and omega red need to be in the film too or at least the sequels,and the sentinel story should be the main story, and lets see some more cyclops. and how about john sublime and his U-MEN. man if they have these things in the films and add colossus,iceman,nightcrawler,gambit,and angel into the mix later on im in. but beak and angel salvador go hand in hand ,and glob would be cool to see,as well as husk,and chamber.

    • Wasn’t Beak supposed to have been in one of the X-men franchise movies?

      • well Beak was going to be X-Men Origins: Wolverine played by Dominic Monaghan but they changed that idea and made Dominic Monaghan play Chris Bradley aka Bolt.

  5. just because there’s alot of mutants, it doesnt mean there gonna get alot of screentime, they may just be in a battle scene. I dont know about everybody else, im kinda lookin forward to this movie.

  6. Total Fulkery….

  7. I wont even go see this if any of this turns out to be true…I’ll go to the corner and cop it on bootleg. yeah give tha man the middle finger…lol. Seriously though Fox has destroyed some of my greatest childhood comic heroes.

    I just cant see how people are even remotely excited for a movie that desecrates everything we know and love about the X-men. Cute…now their throwing tweens into the mix. Is their nothing sacred anymore?

  8. mutants not minutes

  9. Yes Icemano9, something is sacred to those in charge of treating true heroes like baby wipes…Money. Such a shame….

  10. why even bother if your not using the same actors as in the previous movies !!!! its not the same and it never will be !!! using unknowns will not make this film any money !!!

    • are u kidding it wont make any money all the X-Men movies made money and most likely this will make money cause its a X-Men movie.

  11. All this x-men news is confusing. I like the characters included but i feel like they are lacking a tough, rebellius, rule breaking character that will stand out. Someone like wolverine or gambit. Yes i know that they don’t become part of the x-men until later but I’m just using them as examples. I guess magneto can be that part of the movie.

    • hmm yea i believe that’s why havok is in the movie him and cyclops dont share the same views on being boyscouts wolverine’s being overplays i hope they dont allow him in any other x-men films he steals too much of the spotlight it’s fine when its a wolverine movie the story should be about him but when it’s team based such as x-men it should focus on other members to.

  12. People keep saying Oh well X-Men 1 & X-Men 2 were awesome so this could be awesome too. Oh hell NO!!! X-Men 1 was sub mediocre and was percieved as GREAT because of it’s long anticipation. X-Men 2 was boring THE ONLY thing that was GOOD about X-Men 2 was the opening scene with NightCrawler and Alan Cumming’s superb portrayal as NightCrawler. If it wasn’t for NightCrawler in X-Men 2,it would have sucked major scrotum. SO in essence X-Men 1 & 2 were just ok NOT AWESOME or GREAT while X-Men 3,X-MO Wolverine,Daredevil,Elektra,Fantastic Four, and Fantastic Four 2 were all HORRIBLE movies.

    • I actually did enjoy x2, but i agree with you Alan Cumming’s nightcrawler was the best part about it. He was awesome and really missed him in the last two movies.

    • @”X-Men 1 was sub mediocre and was percieved as GREAT because of it’s long anticipation. X-Men 2 was boring THE ONLY thing that was GOOD about X-Men 2 was the opening scene with NightCrawler and Alan Cumming’s superb portrayal as NightCrawler.”

      Many think X1 and X2 were great, because they all had merits that make a great film. Great story, some great action, great acting. The only problem was all that went away when Ratner and Hood came out with X3 and Wolverine.

  13. the only way they will get me into this movie is to add angel salvador,beak,glob herman,husk,chamber,mammomax,rockslide,anole,sinister,apocalypse,and do the sentinel story. also add in the original x-men like nightcrawler some how,gambit,iceman,colossus,cyclops,and banshee, then im in. and the characters can be added as the films become a trilogy. but these characters have to be in it. also wouldnt john sublime make a perfect human villain, a man who wants these powers mutants have maybe working with nathaniel essex aka sinister ,and who reading this has never wanted powers? these characters would be the perfect mutants to add in. the sentinels are a must as well.

    • The original X-Men Xavier, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Angel, Beast(sans blue fur) Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine, Collossus etc. were the second team.

      • Thank you, James! Not sure why they can’t make an X-Men first Class movie about the actual first class. It is well documented and it would make a perfectly interesting unmuddled movie.

        • 100% Agreed

          • Well, remember that that first class were basically cancelled after 66 issues (from there up to Giant Size X-Men No. 1 they were reprints). It took the second class to make X-Men into the success they are today.

            They should release X-Men, Second Class and this time stick to the continuity.

            Phoenix Saga, M-Krann Crystal, Savage Land, Hellfire Club, Dark Phoenix Saga. There’s a wealth of material out there. We don’t need a bunch of X-Men second-leaguers coming in and spoiling the fun.

            Phoenix battling Fire Lord for her right to life. Gladiator and Juggernaut getting it on (and the real Juggernaut, not the X-3 wimp (weakly interacting massive particle)). Oh, the good old days.

  14. i think they should have beak and others with more noticeable mutations, just because it would force them to have to hide from humans who hate and fear them and would add drama to the film, plus i love seeing odd looking mutants. i think that is the thing that really draws me to the x-men, that and the dramatic stories they have that make you really feel for them because of things they have to go threw,and not so much the action even though there has to be a little action. i just hope that beast is explained why he is human in x-2 and blue in x-3, and maybe blob can show up and they can explain that him being hefty is part of his mutation, that would right one wrong done in wolverine, and the other deadpool wrong could be fixed just by giving him his suite,and him taking his blades out of his arms,and losing his eye beams in his solo film. they can fix things if they really work at it, but i dont know. hearing angel salvador is in this gives me hope but that happened when i heard beak was in the wolverine film then they took him out, well i hope he is in this one,and glob,husk,chamber,and anole. sinister,and apocalypse are very important and have to be in these at some point,as well as the sentinels. sorry for the rant but im just hopeing to see some interesting looking characters and a great story,and them fix mistakes,and continuity.

    • Two words.

      Image manipulator.

      ‘Nuff said.

      Do I get my No-Prize now?

  15. I don’t care what people is saying, I really think this film will be awesome, can’t wait and no, I’m not kidding.

    • @Kique You work for Fox’s Marketing Department huh? Tell em to sell back the X-Men character rights to Marvel Studios. LOL!!! Just kidding,your entitled to your opinion.

      • Why do people always ignorantly think that if a person says something postive about a subject everyone else is negative about, they assume they work for that organization (or in this case, studio)? Seriously, are people really soo ignorant.

        PS: I couldn’t care less about this film.

        • Hollywood has messed up the X-men movies so bad I just can’t bare to watch them. They have mangled the storylines and timelines beyond repair without a revamp of the series. You let them do a decent revamp of the series, starting out with the actual original X-men…leading up to a movie that introduces the actual second set of X-Men–The team Xavier put together to rescue the original X-men from the living Island–and I may watch it.

          • How will bringing in the original team members make the film better? They could easily reboot the series with the original team, but still screw up the story, and miscast some characters.

  16. I personally dont want to see another Xmen vs Magneto movie, yet. They should introduce Fassbender as him but the main villains should be humans, Bolivar Trask, Stephen Lang even Bastion. Then bring out Magneto full force in a second movie. The corps Xmen members should just be, Cyclops, Jean Grey, IceMan, Angel (a male Angel) and Beast. No Gambit, Nightcrawler or Rogue. Maybe Storm but only if done right. Aaron Johnson as Cyclops, Josh Hutcherson or Logan Lerman as Bobby Drake. Emma Roberts or someone a little older could be Jean Grey.

  17. well if they have angel salvador in this they had better have beak,and glob herman or i will be pissed and boycott this crap. if they use them and have agreat story i am in. i just hope in the sequels that husk,chamber,and anole make it. and of course sinister,apocalypse,and the sentinels. beak had better be in this one.

  18. I think Vaughn is playing one big game of “keep’em guessing”. Certain directors don’t want details leaked out for the media and public to scrutinize and pollute the movie before it’s been released in it’s final form. Just a guess, anyway.

  19. I need to see inroducing characters like : Selene, Scarlet Witch, Polaris, and Quicksilver. Sunfire, Gambit, Cable, and Bishop shouldn’t be left.
    and don’t forget about : Cyclops, White Phoenix, Angel, Beast, and Iceman.

  20. I wonder just how many people would go to see a “Justice League of America” film without any of the original founding members.

    Curious that’s all. :-)

    • It’s funny that you say that b/c JLA has tentatively been green-lit with the idea of omitting Batman and Superman (thanks Chris Nolan).

      • @ Matt K

        Oh no, you’re kidding. Is there a link to where you read this? Even though I’m more of a MARVEL than DC fan I would still love to see a JLA film.

        Has Christopher Nolan given a reason?

        If this is truly the case, I could almost be willing to accept no Batman and Superman throughout most of the first film but they would have to make a dramatic appearance in the final scene to set up the second film.

        It could work if well written and executed but I’m still an old school traditionalist. :-)

          • Thanks Matt

            I’m more of a Batman fan than Superman. I don’t really understand why Nolan insists on keeping the characters separated in their own movie universes.

            In the books they live in different cities to start with but logistically in the super hero business their paths should cross eventually. I can’t see how audiences would not accept Batman and Superman in the same movie.

            If anyone can bring that mature intense realism to the DC Universe and keep it united as one universe I’m sure Nolan certainly can.

            The Avengers aren’t being represented by all of their original founding members i.e Ant Man & Wasp and I can only imagine my reaction if heavy hitters like Thor or Iron Man were omitted. It wouldn’t make sense.

  21. Forgot to subscribe to comments.

  22. Roflmao @ all you nerds living in your parents’s basements and arguing about superhero movies. You need to understand that studios make these movies for the actual 95% of the audiences who pay for tickets that do not give a rat’s azz about these issues… They do Not make them for you fanboys, so buck up four eyes.