Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: First Class!

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x men bryan singer Bryan Singer Directing X Men: First Class!

A tweet just flittered across my screen from the guys over at Flickchart, who are claiming that director Bryan Singer has confirmed that he will be directing X-Men: First Class.

As shocking as this may be for many of you, I know one guy who has been calling this for sometime – our very own Rob Keyes!

I’m not going to delay – here are the tweets as sent by the guys over at Flickchart – apparently the announcement from Singer “was streamed live to 80,000+ people on Ustream/MySpace…” And yet, somehow I managed to miss it…

Shout out to our friends at First Showing for helping to alert us to the news:

Bryan Singer just leaked that he’s directing the next X-men Origins film on the AVATAR “blue carpet”. What do you think about that?

Yep. “X-Men First Class” will be an “Origins” film. He said he just sealed the deal with the studio.

You can read the tweets at their source by going HERE and HERE.

Wow, Bryan Singer returning to the X-Men franchise… And handling X-Men: First Class, to boot. When First Class was first announced, I immediately saw the potential in telling the story of how the X-Men came to be. With Singer at the helm, that potential will certainly be realized.

x men first class characters Bryan Singer Directing X Men: First Class!

The question now is: which mutants will be enrolled in X-Men’s First Class?

IMO, Singer’s strength was always that he knew how to tell the human story of the mutant characters; the first hour of X-Men is still my favorite part of the franchise. It was whenever the super hero action came into play that I thought Singer was just a tad bit (tiny bit) lacking. The fact that X-Men: First Class is an origin movie works to his credit: origin movies tend to have much more story than action.

I for one am happy about all this – how are you feeling?

We’ll keep you updated as this breaking story develops.

No word yet on when X-Men: First Class would go into production.

Sources: Flickchart & First Showing

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  1. I have no problem with Singer’s X-Men movies but he shouldn’t revert to his Superman style directing. Keep it action packed.

  2. Hhhm I have zero interest in a teen origin X Men film…
    Wow talk about ruining the franchise… The teen demo is really starting to dumb down the Superhero films…

  3. X-BOYZ TO-MEN,,,


  4. I really hope Singer is just joking here…


  5. As long as he stays far, far away from all things Superman… I don’t care.

  6. It was this or X-Men 4 so no surprise.

    Let’s see what he can do with Cyclops with no Wolverine around.

  7. Personally I would like them to focus on the original X-Men (at least from comic 6 onward where Jean was introduced). This will pose as a challange as the movies have Bobby Drake as a teen whilst Scott Summers is an adult. Fox has a tendancy to add/change characters arbitrarily so we’ll see how this goes. As a director though I’m not sure if there could be anyone better. Like everything Marvel related, I’ll pay my $14 for a ticket and a regular iced tea and go see it hoping for it to be good regardless.

  8. Wow; He’s going to be busy with a capital B. He has two producer credits “BSG” (2011) and “Excalibur” (2012) as well as Exec duties for “Sellevision” (2012) which I understand is an adaptation of the dark comedy novel of the same name by Augusten Burroughs about the H.S.N. I imagine “Network” meets “Wall Street” without a major star in sight. Wonder what happened to “Jack The Giant Killer,” slipped through the cracks? :)

  9. I see many people have beat me to the punch, but I’ll go ahead and echo them. If this keeps Singer from doing Superman, then it’s all good.

    Don’t know how I’ll feel about teen-angst X-Men, but I’ll keep an open mind until the trailer comes.

  10. Well if they are wanting to maintain the current franchise(and I believe they are) then there are some mutants right off of the bat that they can’t use.

  11. Don’t get me wrong, i love him but he really begged & cried for this.

  12. They should treat it like a reboot. New actors, although i cant see anyone else as charles or erik. They should go with the origins theme, start over with it. then you can have the originals.

  13. Can anyone suggest someone else to be professor x and magneto?

  14. I guess it’s good news. I’m really sort of neutral. It’s good he has experience with the characters though.

    I just thought all of the X movies could have had so much more in them.

  15. It’s good news!! Regardless of Superman..

  16. He is a very talented director, but it all depends on the script.

    And Superman Returns was great.

  17. @ Ken X

    How about Liam Neeson as Magneto and Jason Issac sans hair for Xavier?

  18. Hmm…don’t know what to think. I’ll go watch it one way or another.

  19. @greenknight333

    I love Jason Issac for Xavier.

    But I’d rather see Neeson in a different part, maybe as a villain, whats his name… Mr Sinister!!!!!

  20. @ DrSamBeckett

    Magneto is a villan :) Any of your own suggestions for an acor to play Magneto

  21. actor I mean..

  22. What is with you guys and the hate for Superman Returns? That is an amazing film from Singer. As for this, if it gets Singer back to the X-franchise, I do not mind even if it is with teenagers.
    Actually it would be better because you can play the whole teen angst and becoming one-self to full effect that he tried with X2.

    On a side note, I tried to watch that upstream video…dear Lord in the heaven those are the two worst “reporters”/mic holders ever! When they finished interviewing Wes Studi, I couldn’t watch a single moment. If that is any indication of the new reporters coming up, its all over. Over!

  23. @@greenknight333

    For a young Magneto, I would chose Christopher Ecclestone.


    I love Superman Returns too.

  24. If they go with the current continuity from the existing four films, the roster will probably be:

    Jean Grey
    Emma Frost

    Scarlett Witch

    I’d like to see Sentinels as the main baddies. Or Apocalypse/Sinister.

  25. Ooh can I play?

    Magneto = Oldman, Irons, Rickman (all English sorry GK333), Dafoe but I think I’d quite like to see Cristoph Waltz as good ol’ Eric.

  26. yea man! this is awesome