Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: First Class!

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x men bryan singer Bryan Singer Directing X Men: First Class!

A tweet just flittered across my screen from the guys over at Flickchart, who are claiming that director Bryan Singer has confirmed that he will be directing X-Men: First Class.

As shocking as this may be for many of you, I know one guy who has been calling this for sometime – our very own Rob Keyes!

I’m not going to delay – here are the tweets as sent by the guys over at Flickchart – apparently the announcement from Singer “was streamed live to 80,000+ people on Ustream/MySpace…” And yet, somehow I managed to miss it…

Shout out to our friends at First Showing for helping to alert us to the news:

Bryan Singer just leaked that he’s directing the next X-men Origins film on the AVATAR “blue carpet”. What do you think about that?

Yep. “X-Men First Class” will be an “Origins” film. He said he just sealed the deal with the studio.

You can read the tweets at their source by going HERE and HERE.

Wow, Bryan Singer returning to the X-Men franchise… And handling X-Men: First Class, to boot. When First Class was first announced, I immediately saw the potential in telling the story of how the X-Men came to be. With Singer at the helm, that potential will certainly be realized.

x men first class characters Bryan Singer Directing X Men: First Class!

The question now is: which mutants will be enrolled in X-Men’s First Class?

IMO, Singer’s strength was always that he knew how to tell the human story of the mutant characters; the first hour of X-Men is still my favorite part of the franchise. It was whenever the super hero action came into play that I thought Singer was just a tad bit (tiny bit) lacking. The fact that X-Men: First Class is an origin movie works to his credit: origin movies tend to have much more story than action.

I for one am happy about all this – how are you feeling?

We’ll keep you updated as this breaking story develops.

No word yet on when X-Men: First Class would go into production.

Sources: Flickchart & First Showing

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  1. A total reboot as “First Class” is the best way to go so I agree with that. Starting with the original members as in the comics is the best way to start fresh especially without it turning into a Wolverine… & the X-Men movie again. Redemption must be made for Scott Summers’ character and making him a lot better instead of making him a lame ass, which he is not. Ecclstone just doesn’t look right. It needs to be a younger actor who’s maybe in his early 40′s who looks similar to Richard Gere or Rutger Houer. Maybe they could start from the ending of X-men 3 and have Beast tampering with a time machine to try and undo all that has been done thus pushing back time but also creating a paradox with Bobby Drake somehow being in the past too. Maybe later on in the movie maybe Warpath could join. I’d like to see some racial diversity in this one too. A perfect villain would be “The Shadow King” which could also lead later on to Storm and Apocalypse in the future movies. They need cast a dark skinned person that is or can pass for a real Egyptian as Shadow King also.

  2. This is great news. Iceman’s obviously out, but I don’t think I’m the only one who wouldn’t mind ignoring X3 and bringing in Angel.

    As far as a complete reboot goes, I’m actually okay with that, too, and there’s nothing saying that Patrick Stewart can’t come back as Xavier even if they do that. Look at Casino Royale; it rebooted the Bond franchise but kept Judi Dench as M.

    Someone way back when in one of the Magneto articles threw Jude Law’s name into the running. I think he’d be a good choice, though if they went that young they’d have to recast Xavier.

    I said it before, too, but I think this movie needs to be the one to show the transition from Liev Schrieber’s Creed to Tyler Mane’s Sabre. The X-Men knew who Sabretooth was in X1, and Wolverine didn’t, so I think First Class is really the only movie where such a transition could logically fit.

  3. Well if you bring Angel then you might as well bring IceMan too. They both joined team at later times “in the movies”. I like him but some kind of upgrade to Angel has to be done way before he turns into Archangel. If he loses his wings or they get burnt, clipped off or something then he’s useless. I agree about Sabertooth also, the next time they show that character on film they need to show him turning feral and mutating into what he normally looks like in the comics somehow. Liev Shreiber did the best he could but it wasn’t enough. Wolverine is not suppose to be bigger than Sabertooth.

  4. Hugh Jackman does a great job as Wolverine but his height still bothers me in every movie because the real Wolverine makes you love him because he’s the “little guy” but he kicks ass. Him being short is an important part of his “character” that is lost with Hugh. Aside from the fact that we have yet too see him as Wolverine go “full berserker”.

  5. @greenknight333

    on the whole English subject, your two acting choices were Liam Neeson and Jason Issac, remind me where are they both from?

  6. At least Neeson was Northern Ireland or Ireland as I see it…and as you already pointed out Irish is not English

  7. Quite right! I’d happily watch Neeson in anything to be honest. And I was adhering to the stereotype of English actors being the villain!

  8. Its because most of the greatest villains have a sense of class are intelligent and have an elitism type of air to them. Not to say snobby but right below that. Most Americans see the British that way that’s partly the reason.

  9. I agree this film has lots of potential but seriously y cant they jus cut the crap and make a x-men4 i love x-men and will defianatly be seeing this also the deadpool and magnito films aswell, but what i wna see the most n im guesin lloads of fans will agree is x-men4

  10. Story wise you have to think about what your working with and how many movies you want from this phase of the franchise. Apocalypse/Sinister for example are far too powerful villains to introduce into this part of the franchise. No matter how many installments you intend to do I would think that the story of the Magneto/Xavier relationship should span that, ending with Magneto’s departure. I like the Sabretooth Shadow-King ideas in fact I’d make Sabretooth’s transformation as well as Jean’s treatment and the potential mutant/human conflict the parts of the story that splits Charles and Eric. Sentinels as the main baddies? Nah, make it a plot point. Proto-Sentinels, Rogue organization makes a few illegal giant bots for the X-Men to squash. Organization gets broken by the government but its potential value is observed by a few men like Trask who later make an attempt at using a government funded and organized operation out of it. In other word in some other phase of the franchise, X-4 anyone?

  11. i don think i like jason isaac for xavier, but liam neeson for magneto works for me, or maybe hugh laurie?

  12. They just have bring back Kelsey Grammar as Beast, he was the only thing that I like about X-Men 3,such perfect casting. What they can do is use the same software and techniques they used to make Professor x and Magneto look younger. They also can add fuller hair onto Kelsey and make him look about maybe 20 or 21 years old college Ivey League preppy Science Major type incredibly intelligent but ridiculously acrobatic and agile. Imagine how cool the scene will be with him playing football in college and what he does. As you now people will be like “how did he do that! He must be one of those muties!!” “get him!!” then practically the whole other team attacks him then he really shows some athleticism while escaping them. Then later he gets kicked out of college by the Dean because of being a mutant. There could really be some real emotional scenes with stuff like that.

  13. They’d have to audibly tweek his voice a little to make him sound younger too. But its probably better to go with a whole other young actor all together.

  14. The best actor that I see that would bring incredible presence and acting as The Shadow King would be Forest Whitaker.

  15. An alternate idea ulik would be to get a voice actor like Maurice Dean Wint who did him in 92 or Scott Cleverdon who was the voice of Carnage in the “Spider-Man” (1994, Animated Series). They may want to save some cash depending on what form the ShadowKing takes. A good spectral version of him will be expensive. Then too it depends on how many well known names they think they need to make a draw and what kind of script they end up with. But Forrest Whitaker is a good actor, awesome in “Last King Of Scotland” and he’s been in demand of late. You’ll see him alot in 2010 and of course “Where The Wild Things Are” but I haven’t seen that yet.

  16. @ the old man, yeah Forest is still underated though and I’ve watched his acting ability strenghten over the years. What I meant though is that the physical personification of The Shadow King as “Ahmad Farouk” played by Forest is what I would go for and also put in the demonic astral form later in the movie. They still could use Forest’s voice for that part with effects or like you said,use a voice over actor for that part. I’m sure eventually we’ll see Wolverine recast too if X-Men FC goes on as a franchise. I’d like to see a short actor as Wolverine next time around. W’ell probably see a young Havok being separated from Cyclops in X-Men FC also.

  17. If they go that way Ulik, yeah I’m all for it. You could really love or hate his characters and he could really bring a game changer into the franchise. What do you think Jekyll/Hyde personality or bad to the bone?

  18. It has to be a Jekyl/Hyde character that befriends Charles. He has to seem very innocent and act like he has Charles best interest in mind and mutants in general. We need an element of surprise and betrayal especially for the audience who don’t know who The Shadow King is. I’d actually make him fake being cripple with a walking cane so that you feel sympathy for him. Then in the end, ThunderBird sacrifices his life to save the team, ironically The Professor becomes cripple here for the first time and also Magneto would blame Prof. X for Thunderbirds death and holding back on his power etc. Then they part ways. Singer is very good at doing betrayals and surprises.

  19. That would be a sweet set up ulik and I think it would be so right for a first class story. I’m honestly trying to decide whether they should pace themselves or go full tilt. You know the energy level and tone of the 1992 animated series was very influential and while I definitely don’t see a need for a repeat of that story line those stories, really the whole production was executed with such competence that the other elements should be held as ideals to shoot for. They should at least homage that style. Well part of my thinking goes in that direction…

  20. @the old man, yeah although the stories in the cartoon series from ’92 were’nt 100% correct, they still were able to do the X-Men series justice. Ironically the cartoon was shown on Fox!!!