Nicholas Hoult Talks Beast In ‘X-Men: First Class’

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Nicholas Hoult as Beast in X Men First Class Nicholas Hoult Talks Beast In X Men: First Class

21-year-old English actor Nicholas Hoult has come a long way since he made a name for himself as the charming lad Marcus in the 2001 film About a Boy. He appeared last year in Clash of the Titans, has landed the role of the titular character in Jack the Giant Killer, and will portray a young Hank McCoy/Beast this summer in X-Men: First Class.

Enthusiasm for Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men prequel has improved significantly since the official X-Men: First Class trailer was unveiled, and these recent comments by Hoult should only help in that regard.

Most fans consider X-Men: The Last Stand to be a fairly weak entry in the franchise – however, it’s hard to argue that Kelsey Grammer’s incarnation of Beast in the movie wasn’t pretty much spot on with the character, as originally envisioned by Stan Lee. Although Hoult’s version will differ by having a more feline physique (which in the original comics was the result of Beast’s second mutation), the young actor told Bleeding Cool that he still looked to the Frasier star for inspiration.

Here’s what Hoult had to say, with regards to Beast in X-Men: First Class:

“He’s very intelligent, obviously, and creates great inventions. But there’s also this side of him where you have this conflict of wanting to be normal and wanting to fit in… And then there’s also the side, once he becomes the Beast. There’s a Jeckyll and Hyde aspect, where he’s scared of what he’s capable of.”

“In ['X-Men: The Last Stand'], Beast was a politician, and he’s been in this place for a long time. In ['X-Men: First Class'] he’s young and he’s a scientist. And when he changes, that comes with quite a bit of anger and embarrassment.”

The team of X Men First Class Nicholas Hoult Talks Beast In X Men: First Class

Hoult’s comments about his Beast not being the confident mutant that Grammer’s was in X3 also gels with claims by Vaughn (who Hoult good-heartedly refers to as “a big jerk”) that First Class will mix Twilight young adult drama with political intrigue in the vein of the Cuban Missile Crisis drama, Thirteen Days.

Vaughn also previously mentioned that First Class will in part play out like a cross between an X-Men flick and a James Bond picture. Hoult admits that at first he found the Bond angle a bit curious while filming First Class, but that it ultimately was a fitting approach to take. As he put it:

“The Bond thing is a good idea. ['First Class' is] definitely not ‘A-Team’. It’s a film that has its background in the great era of the 1960s. There is drama, and there are thriller aspects. It’s character-driven by Magneto and Xavier, because it’s about their relationship. It’s epic, but told with the characters in mind.”

x men first class professor x and magneto Nicholas Hoult Talks Beast In X Men: First Class

First Class landed a spot on our Most Anticipated Movies of 2011 list and it boasts an overall impressive cast that includes Hoult, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne, January Jones, Jason Flemyng, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kevin Bacon, among others. The film is slated for theatrical release this summer on June 3rd.

For more from Hoult about X-Men: First Class, including some tidbits about his other upcoming projects like the Mad Max reboot, and how Beast was brought to life via a mix of CGI and prosthetics, check out the full interview with Bleeding Cool.

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  1. Although this film really effs with the continuity from the past films and has characters that shouldn’t be in here, I feel like this film could be decent when it comes to the acting, plot and dialogue is good. I’m very interested on how the Cuban Missile Crisis situation plays out.

  2. Idk. I can’t stop seeing that beast looks like a little kitten. it is really distracting and makes me mad

    • LOL, funny. Will be interesting to see how he comes across on screen.


    • LOL!!!! He is all sophisticated during action scenes, then the enemy sits out a bowl of milk to throw him off his game.

  3. Woah. Marcus has mutated into a beast straight from a boy.

  4. He reminds me a panthro from the thundercats with a hairpiece

  5. I’m actually quite excited about this. And Jeremy if you read “in the vein of the Cuban Missile Crisis drama, Thirteen Days” He meant that the film would have a tone similar to Thirteen Days which is about the Cuban Missile Crisis, not that the film would have the situation of the Cuban Missile Crisis within it.

  6. Wish he hadn’t used “Twilight” as a reference point.

    • ha

  7. I wonder what Mr. Hoult thinks about the idea of breaking continuity with his characters. Probably nothing since he’s getting paid to play it off.

  8. fox needs to go ahead and plan a sequel to this, and another after that to tie all the loose ends and bring in cyclops and the rest, and then do a x-men 4 and 5 bringing back all the originals, and cyclops,gambit,nightcrawler,colossus,iceman,angel,rogue(etc).and they need to bring in the sentinels,cyclops,apocalypse, and sinsiter for the sequel for first class, and beak, glob herman,chamber,husk,anole,mammomax, and some other really good cameos and small roles to build on, and really work the characters into the stories. but yes we need two more first class stories, and two more after x-men last stand to really get the stories to feel real and wrapped up tight. then marvel/disney needs a shot at what they can do with the x-men, but fox needs to but out two films back to back, and then two more back to back.

    • As I understand it, X-Men: First Class is being planned as the first in a new trilogy – assuming it does well enough financially to justify two more films, of course (and chances are good that it will).

      • Reportedly that this film will hint at Cyclops and Jean Grey for future sequels, so it could be a new trilogy, which I wouldn’t mind if this is actually good. Vaughn seems like he balanced the politics and action.

  9. Is a X4 gonna happen still? Or are they gonna stick to this First Class films?

    • Yeah, every actor from the X-Men movies still has atleast 1 more movie contract left…

      • i say they just ignore x3 like it never happen. say that the pheonix altered reality just at the last second to bring back cyclops and xavier. just like in the apocalypse storyline within the ultimate universe. or somthing along those lines. mabe when jean dies another mutant gets the pheonix force and alters the timeline. i dont know i just want x3 to be erased!

  10. So basically all he is saying in that article is:
    “Well we messing the movies up and Fox is supporting us. its gonna be a mix of James Bond and Twilight, dont know how that will work but we will make it. I’m going to go Blue Kitten in this film even tho in X:1 my cameo i was normal looking. So yeah be prepared for a lot of crap.”

    Every news bit for this film just keeps getting worse, hopefully after this film bombs Disney will use its power and buy back the film rights for Marvel.

    • @ Seth the Bigfoot

      I agree. I been against this X-men: First Class since news broke out & it only got worse as more news came. I rather see a X-men 4 instead or like you stated hope this film bombs & Marvel studios/Disney can acquire the film rights & do the franchise justice. Get Christopher Nolan to helm both the X-men & Spidey franchises at Marvel/Disney if thats what it takes.

  11. I’m happy to break the news that the Xmen (in the comics) have always been the worst at dealing with the continuity of it’s characters, sans Chris Claremont. They’ve had dozens of story’s dealing with time travel that have killed any loyal fan’s attention span and ability to understand the major events that take place. I don’t see how what Fox and Vaughn are doing is any different or worse. Just as long as we don’t get another X3 with characters doing things for no reason based on stupid fan made web videos (looking @ the creator of “I’m the juggernaut, b****” redubb).

    • really? REALLY? While I’m not going to defend Marvel, I never saw them treat the source material with such gross abandon as Vaughn has in this film. So tell me, when did Marvel ever thrust together characters from both, different time lines and were never X-Men and/ or were villains? (without the use of time travel since this movie is not doing that) And when did Marvel ever decided to go back and completely c=screw with their original source material?

      The answer to all of the above is….they haven’t but yet this blasphemous thing does it ALL. If you can’t see how that’s any different or worse then you are intentionally turning a blind eye to the reality of the situation.

  12. I hereby demand that we heretofore ban the terms “Twilight” and “Gritty Realism” from the Hollywood consciousness. We don’t need any more films that incorporate either theme.

    • I could not agree more… Well said…