X-Men: First Class: Banshee, Beast & Havok Trailers

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X Men First Class Character Trailers X Men: First Class: Banshee, Beast & Havok Trailers

For the first time in the X-Men series, Twentieth Century Fox is bringing a movie with no returning actors from the franchise. Adding that on top of setting the prequel in the 1960s, X-Men: First Class may be the series’ toughest sell yet, not too mention that it’s releasing after two films in a row that received poor critical response.

One of the obstacles the marketers need to overcome is selling the mutant characters unfamiliar to non-comic reading moviegoers, and that’s being addressed today with three new X-Men: First Class character trailers, focusing in on the mutant powers of Banshee, Beast and Havok.

All of the trailers thus far have remained mostly the same, introducing a few hints of new footage with each new version. While we’re eager to find out every bit we can about the film’s story and characters, we do appreciate Fox not unleashing the floodgates so we’re not spoiled.

Last night we also posted some new First Class images you’ll also want to check out, including a Hellfire Club-themed banner. Most of what we’ve seen so far has focused on the film’s two leads in Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr so it’s refreshing to get a few looks at the villains and the supporting character of characters forming the first X-Men superhero team.



Sean Cassidy aka Banshee is the team’s flyer, capable of using his sonic screams for both flight and to unleash all sorts of mayhem. At the end of the trailer we see Banshee land in the ocean (also seen in the previous X-Men: First Class trailers) to take out a submarine (or at least, destroy its sonar).

Comic fans will notice that Caleb Landry Jones’ version of Banshee doesn’t speak with an Irish accent and this is a missed opportunity. It’s an unfortunate trend of the X-Men films to “Americanize” fan-favorite international characters. We also saw it with Colossus and Pyro in the main X-Men trilogy.

We’ve seen very little of Banshee in the marketing until recently, but his flight scenes look great and they kept true to his comic costume design.



Dr. Hank McCoy aka Beast, a character whose film continuity makes little sense, is played by Nicholas Hoult in X-Men: First Class. McCoy, like Rogue in the X-Men trilogy, doesn’t want to be a mutant and is seeking to find a cure. That sentiment is only magnified when he undergoes the transformation into the blue fur ball we know him as from the comics.

From the first trailer, we knew Beast looks amazing after his transformation and I expect he’ll be one of the fan-favorite characters of the First Class film and potential series. Mystique takes a special liking for McCoy, as she also looks very unlike “normal” humans when in her true mutant form.



Alex Summers aka Havok has challenges controlling his plasma energy powers. Unlike the comics where he is the brother of Cyclops, Havok may be playing his father since the film is based in the ’60s. Fans will also note the change in color of his energy blasts to red, more in line with Cyclops’ optic blasts from the previous X-Men movies.

This particular trailer introduces us to a character, afraid of what he’ll do to others, lacking control of his dangerous abilities. It features much more of Professor X taking on the role of a mentor, trying to help mutants cope with their abilities. Both characters were cast well.


These brief trailers are just as good as the others and we can’t help but feel excited for the return of the X-Men to the silver screen. They’re all good and I can’t pick a fave! Which character do you like best?

The X-Men: First Class cast includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Jason Flemyng, Zoë Kravitz, Lucas Till, Oliver Platt, Ray Wise, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Landry Jones and Álex González.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011.


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  1. Very cool trailers… also gives you a great glimpse of McAvoy performance…

    • Agreed. The casting seems pretty solid!

  2. These definitely got me wanting to see it more.

    • cant wait for the Hula hoop Havok Toy , lmao , jeez lol that cracks me up

  3. Has anyone else had trouble viewing the videos? I’ve tried both comedy central and screenrant to view the trailers and I can’t get either one to load.

    • Nope.. Work fine for me :-\

  4. Looking better.

  5. I like these character driven trailers more than the full length ones that we have seen before. So far the characters look great. Looks like the movie is going to be story driven instead of all action driven. I have high hopes.

  6. I think Jennifer Lawrence is gonna nail Mystique (or Beast could be doing that ;). At least according to Singer’s version we’ve seen.

    • Do you know how the rating system in the US works?

      PG-13: The good guy gets the girl

      R: The bad guy gets the girl

      NC-17: Everybody gets the girl

      • Have you ever read an x-men comic? hm? i think not or you’d know who mystique goes after :/

        • Dude, X-Men was the series that got me into comic books at all.

          That was supposed to be a joke…

        • this isnt the comic book or you would know she hooks up with everyone in the movie

          • As far as I know, she´s a slut. In the movie as well in the comic books.

            Azazel, Sabretooth, Destiny (dusgusting granny lesbo action), etc…

            • True very true, pretty sure there are very few she has been with that has worn an X, bobby drake, wolverine, Magneto etc etc etc

  7. All right, I’ve been a naysayer, but Banshee displaying his powers is wicked.

    That said, I always liked the idea that prof. x combed the world for mutants from different places, hence… the accents. Irish, russian, native american, etc.

    Would it have been so hard to have Caleb use an Irish accent? With that many characters, he can’t have THAT much screen time/lines. Oh yeah… this production was rushed and they didn’t have time for finer details.

    But my hope grows with these individual character-based trailers, despite the spitting on the source material (a.k.a. my beloved x-men comics)

    • you do know that nicholas hoult is english in real life right? theres probably a reason for the changes. and whatsodd is beast has a distinguished sort of british accent so i dont understand whats up but i do know the movie loos great

  8. I was on the fence with this film but I am finally on-board with X-Men: First Class

    • Oh thank God!

  9. Oh, man… these are really sweet but at the same time a waste for some of us who are die-hard fans of the comics. Is it too hard to make an adaptation that’s at least 75%-90% faithful to the original material these days? Sure, “First Class” has really grabbed our attention even without a Wolverine in it but it’s still a bit of a waste for me since they’ve chosen to mess up most of the characters’ origins. It’s reminiscent of how Paul W.S. Anderson messed up the RE franchise – not that I hope that he’s also looking for some redemption for the upcoming RE film that’s just around the corner. I still have high hopes for the actors and actresses themselves and that they’ll at least try to adjust themselves to their roles and at least be faithful to the source material. There’s little chance of that happening now that they’re probably halfway done with post-production by now. :p

    • I hear man. As a huge X-men fan, I’ve kinda given up on hoping for anything that truly follows the books, that’s pretty much impossible at this point anyway. I just look at these now as movies made by guys (and gals) who read maybe five comic books in their lives and know nothing of the universe. That being said, I think the tone of this movie is pretty close to what I would’ve personally chosen for an X-film, and the random charecters they’ve gone with at least have the powers they’re supposed to… I can’t wait. Looks better than any of the first three X-men movies by far.

      • How is it impossible to write/make stuff that closely relates to the source material?

        Marvel Studios has been doing a pretty damn good job at it with minor changes to the characters/story lines for the most part. I feel Fox & Sony don’t have the interest in making comic films for the fans and interest in keeping the background stories. They are just worried about making $$$ off the films and how can they make sequel upon s***** sequels that produce more $$$. I understand its a business but Marvel Studios is successfully making films that most fans can accept and make a ton of money off the film.

        I hope in the future somehow Marvel Studios buys the rights back fro Spider Man & X-men franchises and reboot them all in their own vision, and that will be pretty close to the source material.

    • he is nt doing the next RE movie

    • I’m an absloute die-hard Marvel fan and i’m still totally on-board with this flick. Yes, I love when they stick faithful to the origins, but at the same time I like new ideas and I love seeing them take a little different direction from time to time (while still holding onto at least some source material). Sometimes it does work and other times it doesn’t, but for now I think this is the right road to take if they want to have more X-men movies in the future.

  10. These trailers should smash all the doubts about this movie. And to everyone who says “Ew, that´s not X-Men” or “it spits on the source material”… The source for this movie isn´t the comic books, it´s Singer´s first two X-Men movies. Nobody complained about Nolan changing the background of some characters in his Batman movies. Stop whining already…

    • Just goes to show that there are some “too hyped-up” works that still don’t live up to some expectations, @Scapegoat. Whining is good from time to time and can be, in the off-chance, even beneficial to the directors, writers and producers who might be reading our comments (even suggestions). I have the greatest respect for Singer who was decent, even modest, enough to include subtle references of the changes and transform them into various witty dialogues in the first two X-Men films. Vaughn seems to give off a standoffish or imperious aura when it came to explaining the list of “new things” he brought in to the franchise.

      Plus, it’s unfair to compare a DC film with a Marvel film, most especially that the latter’s been quite active adapting a lot of their franchises to the silverscreen and the Batman films constitutes just one franchise which didn’t really deviate that much with the source material as opposed to most Marvel adaptations. In short, each comic book company has had their pluses and minuses when it comes to adaptations. Nolan did choose the best franchise after all and I can’t even imagine him dabbling with the Green Lantern and Superman films. Daredevil would’ve been right up his alley.

      But yeah, I get the part why you’re annoyed at all the occasional whining so the least that one can do until June 3rd is give this film the benefit of a doubt and some measure of support – which I do have with regard to the awesome casting in this film. These additional trailers did their job and even I do admit that I’m already halfway into the hype but the fanboy in me (and other fans) can’t seem to leave out all the details from the source material that are notably changed, even absent, in this film. But yeah, keep an open mind indeed. That’s goes both ways. So peace, dude.

      • How is it not an X-Men film when it has X-Men characters and X-Men in the title? :P

      • Ok, let me get this straight:

        “And Scapegoat, before you use the term “whine” again you should probably look it up in the dictionary. People are not “whining” but voicing their legitimate concerns and complaints about something. If you don’t like it that’s your prerogative but being condescending and rude about it is uncalled for.”

        I DO know what “whining” means. Even if I post in a language that isn´t mine, I do know what I´m talking about. I´ve read so many comments from people that are really “whining” about the creative changes that Singer made. And I don´t think that I´m rude just because I don´t agree with them. I do respect every opinion, so I await the same from the people that I respond to.
        And to say this isn´t an X-Men movie because it doesn´t stick 100 % to the comic books is ridiculous. It´s a prequel to Singer´s first two X-Men movies and it has nothing to do with the comic book series.
        It has Xavier in it, as well as Magneto, Beast, Mystique, Havok, Banshee, and many others. So it is an X-Men movie. Period.

      • You guys who keep saying this isn’t an X-Men movie are going to be in a bad place if it ends up making a ton of money at the box office. That will show that they can deviate from “canon” and have it not affect box office at all.


        • Vic, although I agree with you, a huge box office hit doesn´t mean the movie is good. X3 earned a lot of money, as well as Crapfest: Origins. But these movies (especially XO:W) sucked big time.

          • Scape,

            My point is that box office success despite hardcore fans’ complaints = why should they care about hardcore fans’ complaints.


      • I have toagree with mongoose on this one

      • @Mongoose, I agree. This is foX-Men not X-Men. They had the opportunity to start all over with this one as a reboot with the ORIGINAL 5. X-Men THE LAST STAND should have been the LAST STAND; the end of THAT particular franchise being told THAT way. But they chose to mess up the continuity even more by going this route when it wasn’t necessary to do so.A lot of people say “well they could’nt have put Angel, IceMan, Jean, and Cyclops in it because they Iceman & Angel Showed up later. Yes they could have done it, they’ve already said this is “sort of” a “preboot” and as a reboot they could have started it off right. They chose to put Beast in this as a continuation of XM3 but as a prequel,now if they were smarter they could have had Beast build a time machine to undo what was done in XM3, the time travle stuff could have opened up doors to a movie featuring The Original 5 if Angel and Iceman were to have traveled into the past with Beast. The whole time travel premise could have led right into Cable & Bishop afterwards. Now they’re going to be tripping all over themselves when they make the next film.

    • yeah still dont want to see it, so no it hasnt smash my doubts, I still think its going to be crap , and thats all i can say about that, do I hope you all enjoy it, I do I really do, maybe it wont be crap but still a no go for me but I do look forward to the new Hula hoop Havok action figure coming soon to a toy store near you.
      I think the trailer look much better then all the previous ones that have come out, but I dont like anything that Ive seen in them, every single one of the characters seem like meer shadows of what they should be. Like Ive said I could care less if they depart from the comics shoot every movie departs from the source, and I dont mind, This however is too much of a departure for me, if you wanted to do this you could have changed the name of the product completely, its like Ultimate Xmen, which is one of the worst Xmen books out there, X-men in name only.

      • Actually, at that particular time when Ultimate X-Men came out, it was one of the BEST X-Men books. It had great writing (Millar) as well as great art (Adam Kubert). You should give it a try. The whole Ultimate Universe was great until Jeph Loeb came along and turned it into another useless alternate Marvel universe…

        • im , I own them , not what I said the current Ultimate Com,ic X is what im refering to , currently only has kitty Pryde, Jean Grey and Rouge in it the rest are new characters like James Hudson , wolverines son

  11. I think the Screen Rant Staff is in agreement: Will this film honor X-Men Continuity? Not at all.

    But will it honor the ESSENCE of the comics: It’s looking like it will do that better than any other X-film before it.

    For a FOX comic book movie, I can live with that.

    • Ditto.


    • That’s true it can stay true to the essence of the X-Men but there’s a catch. Imagine a movie about the Jesus who is the son of god, but an abortion loving, pot smoking, crime-fighter who defends the weak. Who only sacrifices himself to save the world from an alien race of baddies. Now that just sounds stupid but it remains true to the essence of the bible, He is Jesus the son of god, and he defends the weak, and saves the world. I don’t see the point of staying true to the essence of something just destroy its core story.

      I will agree that it will probably be better than any FOX comic book movie, and probably the best of the X-Men line of films though.

      Love the work you do here at screenrant btw.

      • I agree with Kofi on this one. And your analogy is quite off, since Jesus never broke, and taught His disciples not to, a manmade law. The only time He exhibited anger was when the people were defiling the temple. So the example does not show the essence of what He was and what He taught.

        And yes, SR has been doing great work.

        • But thats the point, even though it is loosely tied to the essence of jesus it doesn’t make it jesus.

        • I’m with Kahless, the analogy is really weak regarding Jesus. I get your point. I would have used the Last Temptation of Christ instead of the Passion of the Christ 2 as seen in Family Guy as the analogy.

        • @Kahless Sorry bro but Jesus did exhibit some condescending and angry behavior before. When he went to get figs from a fig tree that bore no fruit(it wasn’t time for it to bare fruit yet) he got mad, cursed it made it whither and die saying that no man shall ever taste it’s fruit or it will never bare fruit again Matthew 21:18-20. Jesus called a woman a dog when she asked him to heal her daughter Mathew 15:22-26. I don’t want to turn this into a religious debate but Jesus was NOT perfect. He even said it himself “his flesh was weak but his spirit was willing” and said that no one is good but God Matthew 19:17. He was fearful and doubtful like any other man with “some” faith. I’m sorry but that doesn’t scream a perfect person to me. Jesus said “My God My God, why has thou forsaken me”. Does that sound like a person that is all knowing and without fear? Heck no. Nowaccording to the bible Enoch was perfect,he didn’t go to hell then go to heaven, he went straight to heaven and was seen as perfect in God’s eyes. He worshiped God 24/7. Jesus was a great man but he was not perfect, no man is, and YES he WAS a man. He was The only begotten son of God people say, that’s cool but we all are begotten of God where do you think our souls come from, it’s a portion of God begotten to us or breath of life from him/her to us. That makes us all one with God in “spirit” and “soul” not flesh or and our individuals “egos”. But then again God is in everything and everywhere, he is omnipresent so everything is one with God, but everything and everyone are not aware of it.

          • I didn’t say He was/is perfect (although I think He is), I said the analogy was off. Jesus spoke against vigilantism and even healed one of the men Peter attacked when they arrested Jesus. Like you said, this is not the forum for religious debates, so I will ask: Do you agree with Ivan’s assertion that his description show’s the essence of Jesus?

            And while I hated The Last Temptation of Christ, I think it did capture the essence of Jesus (as stated by Joe K).

      • I wanna see that Jesus movie! :D

  12. Did anyone else notice how Beast seemed to drop some kind of instrument before his transformation started? It could just be a pen, but he does appear to be in a lab so I can’t help but wonder if he’s more accurate to the comics than we realized.
    Beast’s blue furry appearance is actually the result of him trying to cure his mutation using a chemical compound. It would be kinda awesome of that were in the movie, since it’s an element of his origin that gets overlooked 90% of the time

    • I’m pretty sure that I read that, in the movie, Beast makes a cure that includes some of Mystique’s blood or something like that. But, when he uses it, he becomes the blue, furry appearance. That instrument he drops is a syringe. Take that for what you will. (Sorry if anything I’ve said is inaccurate.)

    • Like he said in the trailer, he´s working on some cure to mutation. So I guess it´s an experiment gone wrong which transforms him into the blue, furry Beast we all know (and love). Just like in the comic books.

      • That. Is. AWESOME.
        I mean it would have been SOOOO easy to just have the blue furryness be a second stage of his transformation, the whole “he did this to himself by accident” thing gets forgotten by almost everyone nowadays.
        The fact that they retained that part of his origin seriously ups my opinion of this movie.

  13. I am so glad Havok and Banshee are getting screen time! Besides the whole “possible father rather than brother” thing, they all seem awesome.

  14. Lol @ Havok plasma hula hoops lol. Still gonna see it.

      • whats so “twilight” about it? how eles would you do a film with young mutants learning how to control there powers? im tired of everyone saying its “twilight” just becuase the actors are young.. you do knowa film with older people have more drama then a fricken soup opera? look at dexter or the shows on showtime or hbo… there high budget soup operas but you never see anyone compare those to twilight. im sorry but this looks nothing like twilight and neither does the spiderman film you guys are all just old…

        • Twilight is referring to a tween/teenage drama with problems of fitting in and being in love.

          Hope that clears out your slight misconception and anger issue.

          Never knew Twilight fans were so touchy about the subject…

          • I’m not a twilight fan or a teenager, but X-men have always been about not fitting in or being outcast for being different.

            • Sully, that´s why the first X-Men comic book series was called: X-MEN: The Strangest Teenagers Of All Time.

          • LOL@Ivan!

            Well, all I can say is that there are people who loved “The Last Airbender.”

            The “Essence” of the character was there and well, he did “bend” air even if his name was pronounced wrong.. but hey, that’s a minor detail (to some).
            M. Night did keep all the powers the same and Ang…er Aang did have a bald head..

            Oh wait.. I’m digressing talking about “Twilighting” movies and not continuity.. my bad.. um, yah. “Twilighting”
            Nevermind.. You’re right.
            I’ve never seen a “soup” Opera. And you’re right, no red blooded meat eating dude would dare let the word “Twilight” be compared to “Game of Thrones” or “Spartacus” without having his “Man” card pulled.

            • matter of fact, I say we let Singer “Reboot” the Spartacus series.
              Can I get a show of hands in favor of that idea?

              • Well, I’ll show a hand but only 1 finger will be coming up to that idea. :-D

              • Better yet, let’s get the J.K Rowling, The lady who wrote Twilight series, Bryan Singer, and M. Night to make a super movie called “The Game of Sparatacus Origins: Werewolf vs Vampires vs Mutants vs Wizards?!?!?!”. Obviously this title deserves a trilogy, will be in 3d, and then a reboot 20 years later in 4D.

        • Vaughn made the Twilight reference when talking about the movie so, that is where people might be getting that impression. It’s also interesting that they are dropping all these clips on MTV which is basically for the High School crowd.

  15. looks great glad they are focusing on character development on not just one characetr(wolverine) and spend more time on other characters, and story, but does the continuity fall in place if you watch this and go on to watch x-men 1,2, and 3? and i hope if a sequel is done we see barnell bohusk aka beak,husk,anole,glob herman, mammomax,chamber,sinister, and apocalypse, and that they do the senitnel story. but so far this does make me want to watch it more. just hope professor-x doesnt lose his ability to walk before he is bald and RECRUITS JEAN OR X-MEN 3 WOULD NOT MAKE SENSE WHEN YOU WATCH IT AND SEE THE FLASH BACKS. and he and magneto are still finding mutants together as well.

    • We will see Xavier lose his hair, as well as his ability to walk in this movie. At least this is what McAvoy told in some interviews.

  16. that was sick

  17. and they need to show cyclops join, and storm later on, and do a x-men 4 and 5 back to back and show more colossus,nightcrawler,gambit,angel/archangelcyclops,wolverine,rogue,storm,emma,banshee,beast,blob,juggernaught,sabretoothe,mystique,magneto,moria, (etc. i also think they should use a great human’s point of view toward being scared of mutants, and envy, and hatred, so maybe sinister starts out a human, and john sublime follows him and they harvest mutants dnd and use it to become mutants them selves, and show the humans createing sentinels useing a mutant forge to create the sentinels, and random to infilttrate the mutants and assassinate some one.

  18. This gives me a little more hope.

  19. Looks good and I enjoyed the most criticized X3 also(only saw it once).

  20. Looks great so far.

  21. Honestly, talking about it more and more and seeing these new trailers makes me think this will do better than most people think. I’m really pleased with how they introduced those last 3 characters in these short trailers, and that is coming from a Marvel comic book fan boy.

    I’m getting really pumped to see this, I think it will open the door for many other X-men movie opportunities.

  22. my only worry is that this maybe the only solo actions or good stuff that we would see from these characters. but i trust matthew vaughn. i loved both stardust and kickass.

  23. With Matthew Vaughn’s directing, this can’t possibly fail. THIS is a real Xmen movie

  24. I thought this would be crap at first. But now I’m thinking it will be great! It just keeps looking better

  25. Guys, I wasnt giving it a chance either. With Banshee and Beast in it, I MIGHT go see it.

  26. I’ve been a loyal fan of the X-Men since issue 171 (1983) and I’ve been ‘on board’ with this movie since I saw the 1st trailer for it way back when. I have no doubt that it’s going to rock the box office mostly because they’re probably MORE movie X-Men fans that comic book X-Men fans.

  27. The Beast trailer looks as if it could survive as its own movie…

    • @odapac    

      I totally agree with that, kinda like frankenstein meets jekkel and hyde… but with super powers!!!

  28. I don’t like the idea of Alex Summers (Havok) being the father of Scott Summers (Cyclops) :(

    • The One,

      It’s almost as if they had the names of a bunch of Xmen on pieces of paper, threw them in a hat, emptied the hat on a table then blew on them. What you had left is who they used.

    • He isnt the father. This movie does not follow the continuity from the other X-films. This is a reboot.

      • Thought they said this wasn’t a reboot, just a prequel.