X-Men: First Class: Fox ‘Discussing Sequels Internally’

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X Men First Class Sequels1 X Men: First Class: Fox Discussing Sequels Internally

In a bit of non-news, the executives behind-the-scenes at Twentieth Century Fox are reportedly discussing sequel potential for X-Men: First Class, a film that so far has achieved the highest critical acclaim against its comic book movie competition this year.

Producers Lauren Shuler Donner and Bryan Singer, director Matthew Vaughn and most of the cast have already opened in interviews up about their desires and ideas for a sequel, and since First Class made money and fans ate it up, of course it’s getting one. It’s just a matter of when.

The plan from the beginning was to use Singer’s First Class story as a way to quasi-reboot the franchise and kickstart a second full trilogy of team-based X-Men films. It clearly worked so it won’t be long before we see the official greenlight on a sequel. According to The Geek Files, Fox is “discussing sequels internally” which they undoubtedly have been since opening weekend.

Both Singer and Vaughn have plenty of ideas for X-Men: First Class 2 which would likely keep the series set in the ’60s, but based a few years later, again tied into real historical events. When you think about it, they could go on with many more films before needing to introduce some of the characters we met in Bryan Singer’s first X-Men film (Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm, etc.).

With The Wolverine beginning production in October (according to star Hugh Jackman) and X-Men Origins: Deadpool already having a script, Ryan Reynolds starring and Tim Miller directing, a sequel to First Class will likely come after those two projects. There’s also the X-Men 4 that Donner keeps mentioning…

X Men First Class Hellfire Club Banner 570x142 X Men: First Class: Fox Discussing Sequels Internally

Although X-Men: First Class didn’t hit the box office numbers of the last three X-Men features, it still has earned over $335 million worldwide as of this weekend and sits almost tied with X2: X-Men United with the highest review aggregation score on Rotten Tomatoes out of all five X-movies to date. And that’s without the star power of the series regulars and it being a period piece. That just goes to show how influential the First Class trailers were and how significant the “X-Men” brand still is.

Let’s hope those secondary characters get some dialogue if they’re returning for the sequel. And give Jason Flemyng’s Azazel some more screen time!

X-Men: First Class was penned by Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz, Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn. It starred James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, January Jones, Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Jason Flemyng, Zoë Kravitz, Lucas Till, Oliver Platt, Ray Wise, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Landry Jones and Álex González. Most of the (surviving) group should return of the sequel.


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Source: The Geek Files

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  1. I have no problem with this.

  2. X-Men needs to be rebooted with Marvel at the helm, not with Bryan Singer and Fox. If they don’t then they shouldn’t bother.

    • Well, they’re going to make money because there’s an audience, so they will bother ;)

    • Yeah because critically acclaimed movies with great actors that make more than twice their budget shouldnt be bothered with.

    • Not going to happen. Not as long as they are raking in the millions.

  3. Do you think they’ll call it X-Men: Sophomore Class?

  4. Who the hell is that first guy on the right on that banner? Was he even in the movie?

    • Haha, that’s Riptide, the tornado thrower. He didn’t speak at all but he was in the 3-4 big set piece action sequences.

  5. Are you talking about Azazel?

    • Lol nvm my comment

  6. I hope they add storm for the next X-men class movie. Storm vs. Riptide would be fun, plus the x-men need more “color” to the group.

  7. i would love to see the Civil Rights Movement brought more into focus. It doesnt have to be central to the story. Perhaps have a riot where there’s blacks vs whites vs black mutants, and have Magneto swoop in to have them join his Brotherhood. How about we have some human X-Men faces. Charlotte Jones? Cameron Hodge? Lee Forester? Just a thought.

    Is it just me, or did Magneto end up with all the women in the end? (Well, all but Moira…)

  8. the movie would have been perfect if it was all about charles and eric – HAD NO OTHER MUTANTS AND COMPLETELY REVOLVED AROUND THOSE 2 CHARACTERS. that way they could have introduced cyclops and jean without getting screwed by continuity.
    that being said, the ending didn’t totally make eric the bad guy, as someone said to me, they could just be going down their own paths for the time being, and could come back together to finally become ‘enemies’. if i recall correct, didn’t eric have the helmet in x3 when the 2 went to jean’s house ,if so then it would fit relatively well (with continuity).

    • Not sure if you’re being sarcastic are not, no other mutants besides Charles and Magneto? That is just plain stupid.

  9. Please just call it a reboot. Makes much more sense. And in these modern times, it is no shame to admit that.
    Besides that, this is for me the best blockbuster i have seen in 2011.

    • Throw in some mutants we havent seen yet. I’d love to see Polaris or Thunderbird. Definately want to see Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

      • Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are sort of questionmarks. Not sure if they are in the X-Men house or Avengers house or one of each. Witch has been an Avenger for many many years at this point, and Quicksilver was an Avenger for a short time, but moreso was an X character. I would hate to see one someplace without the other though. Time will tell I guess.

        • They belong to Fox, I guess. There was a little Quicksilver cameo in *cough* Wolverine *cough*.

          • Thats right, he was strapped up in the cage.

            Scarlet Witch is Fox too you think? Other than the early X-Men books, she hasn’t had much of a relationship with them.

            • Wanda will most likely be tied with Fox aswell, seeing as Pietro is already had a cameo in Origins (though that is now considered a reboot).

              Both characters were heavily involved with the X-Men (even after they broke off with The Brotherhood of Mutants and even later joined The Avengers), that is primarily were their origins are and that is where we will probably end up seeing them. They both have stronger ties with The Avengers, but don’t forget they are both mutants.

              • Im still hoping since Whedon is involved in The Avengers they still might show up there. Even if its just a reference or cameo.

                • Doubt it. They were only really involved with The Avengers after the whole Brotherhood fallout, but this isn’t the comic books’ so I guess it could happen.

              • That is not really correct for Wanda. She was an Avenger from 1965-2005. In the comice, she hasnt had much to do with the X-Men since her original stories. Every now and then popping in during the random Magneto story, or an Avengers/X-Men crossover yeah, but she is an Avenger in my eyes (and most of the comic book community).

                I am thinking they would be individuals when it comes to movie rights and one went one way and the other went the other.

  10. Agreed about Azazel. He should be turned into a big character, instead of just being a (seriously cool) henchman.

  11. I’m curious whether they’ll show James McAvoy in various stages of baldness in every sequel.. after all, Professor X IS completely bald!

  12. This def was a great film and I really went in thinking that it would be terrible. I def see potential to a X-men first class follow up, perhaps Prof X putting together his core X-men class from X1. Here we can begin to implement the characters like Jean Grey, Storm, and Cyclops a bit more. Also, I think that they shoudl bring in Gambit. The timeline would be realtively consistent (maybe add a bit of grey to the actor) and it would def make the fans happy.

    Personally I think a way to tie in all these movies is with the time travel conecpt. Yes it is a risk, but with this conecpt in place you can bring in characters from the 60′s in to the future X-men moveis with Rogue and Iceman. Tehy can find a way to bring Gambit into the future for example. I think that they should use this as a small backstory and bring Cable/Bishop; maybe they woudl want to do something after he credits so it does not interupt teh movie. Who knows, its X-men tho anything is and should be possible!

  13. “since First Class made money and fans ate it up”

    Would you PLEASE stop saying BS like this? I can appreciate the spin doctoring but it is bordering on being a shill at this point. Domestically it did rather poorly with a gross of only 139 mil 5 weeks out and only international numbers saved it. It also opened to mediocre revenues of 55 mil which coincidentally was pretty close to the numbers Green lantern opened to. So if fans “ate it up” does that also mean that they ate up Green lantern or did both fail?

    I get that you all at SR loved this movie but hated Green Lantern (for the EXACT reasons btw as why many of us hated XMFC…oh the irony) but if the gross sales are equivalent how can you call one a success while the other an abysmal failure?

    • The fact that GL had a 300 Million dollar budget and XM:FC had a MUCH smaller budget is what makes one a disappointment and one not.

      That being said, I agree with you partially, on the SR loving one and hating the other and the articles clearly showing the biased to that. But, thats why it is a blog site, for people to give their opinions, so its fine.

      • Box office-wise it seems like it will do around Wolverine numbers, and they are still going forward with another one of those movies so it’s not far fetched they would do another one of these.

        As for Rotten Tomatoes though, that sites ratings are sort of opinion themselves since they seem to have a wide curve on how they do the whole “fresh” and “rotten” comparison. Two reviews with the same number grade (like a 2.5 out of 4)don’t get rated the same I guess because of the tone of the review, which has to throw things off.

      • Is GL not in many non US markets right now? I was going to rebut with its worldwide gross, but it seems that 30M foreign gross would mean it isnt out overseas in most places. I dont care how bad people claim GL is, that is way too low to be a full foreign release.

        • Im still waiting for GL’s August release here in Australia.

          • Ah, that could explain it. Hopefully the US hate wont stop the international crowd from seeing it.

              • I’m still going, as are alot of my friends. Not sure how much the Australian market is going to add. Prob 4 or 5 million?

                Just seems wrong that I’ll be seeing Cap America before Green Lantern. Like making Havok older than Scott, its a backwards world…..

    • @ Mongoose,

      Did you read the entire post? It’s at 87% on RT and it’s made $335 million at the worldwide box office. It’s going to make several times that on home video and syndication so this was a HUGE success for Fox who to a risk on the project.

      Spin doctoring? Please.

      • Sorry guys, I made a mistake in making the entire quote all bold. I should have just made the “fans ate it up” bold.

        My point was not about the overall money either would make or whether they will be a financial success in the end. I was responding directly to the fact that SR is making it sound as if fans seemingly flocked to XMFC in DROVES while also shunning Green Lantern. Complete nonsense. If both had about the same opening weekend sales and are on track to make about the same amount of money, then either both were warmly received by fans or both were not.

        @ Rob……regardless of the critics reviews on RT about XMFC, it had mediocre opening day revenues and did POORLY domestically. Hardly what I would consider “fans eating it up”. In fact I would say that actual “fans” stayed away from it. I would have expected numbers closer to Thor which did 50% better. Now that movie I will agree fans ate up.

        So yes, you are STILL showing your bias and hate for Green Lantern by posting comments like that. It’s called spin doctoring to make XMFC sound better despite BOTH suffering from the exact same plethora of continuity problems. I just don’t understand though why you all at SR went out of your way to praise and downplay the XMFC canon problems while conversely writing an entire ARTICLE about the Green Lantern issues.

        As to financial success though I will say this…..

        1) Green Lantern has only debuted domestically for the most part so much of it’s revenue is still pending.

        2) Will not Green Lantern also benefit from home video and syndication just like XMFC?

        3) As someone so astutely pointed out in another thread, merchandising is also a consideration and I think WB are poised to make a lot off the GL toys.

        I do admit that Green lantern has a larger hole to climb out of than XMFC (40-50 mil more to be exact, not counting advertising costs) but if we are to take the above into consideration there is no reason why both shouldn’t be HUGE successes.

        In the end it may very well have been an offhand comment but with all the GL hate it really bothered me considering what we ALL know about how well both did at the box office.

        • I was defending First Class’s numbers not too long ago when it was 245 box office. I was told for a movie to be considered succesful it needs to make at least double its budget. While I dont really agree with that assement, First Class has since done that, while Green Lantern needs to make another 162 million, give or take, to reach that mile stone.

          While I agree the Green Lantern bashing has gone on a bit too long, you cant deny, though you probably still will, that First Class is generally accepted as both a financial and critical success. While it may not have had the numbers alot of people were hoping for, it has still done considerbly well, and a lot of fans did go and eat it up.

          • Sorry, should have been 262 million.

          • “that First Class is generally accepted as both a financial and critical success”

            Never doubted it would be a financial success actually predicted it and as far as its critical success, well, I’m as critical as the next man…

            • @the old man: I’m critical of films as well. I guess I just dont consider wether or not Iceman was in it a critical issue.

              • LOL.. Yeah we’ll see if FOX can keep from digging themselves into another hole, like with X-3. See you at the movies…

                • I prefer to look at X1, X2 and FC as far as Fox’s track record for quality of X-Men films. I acknowledge X3 was a waste of what could have been a great movie. Should I also ignore the new Batman movies becuase of ‘Batman & Robin’?

                  • That analogy has one very important element that I also would point out to you and that’s the studio putting too much trust in the director and writer and not watching what the heck is going on! Which is the same reason why X3 failed! So yeah neither studio, WB which is still making mis-steps in their bringing the comics to the screen, and Fox’s handling of things with X3 and Wolverine. Personally I liked “Green Lantern” and despite how Moore spun it, it was because they didn’t follow the comic better that they failed to do better with that property, as his comparison article scoring between the comic and the movie bore out.

                    Then too, I take a moment and think about what I’ve read and experienced in my own career and know the politics of the whole superstructure comes into play in these things. Here’s an alternate view of how things possibly went in “Batman & Robin.” If for no other reason but to illustrate that I’m not being narrow minded.

                    It’s obvious Schumacher was heading way down the wrong path with the tone of “Batman and Robin.” He was bucking the tone of the comics of the time. Why was that? Did he sense that in conversations with studio heads that they lost the very young demographic with previous dark films and that this film “B&R” needed to cater to that demographic? Bring the franchise back some into the service of a younger audience? Coincide with bloodless cartoon roots? It’s obvious he and the writers went way too far, but did you also know they realized their mistake and were going to bring the franchise back to the more serious comic roots with a fifth film? “B&R” underperformed so badly though that WB must have figured the franchise had become poisioned…LOL, and decided it wasn’t worth the risk. So Schumacher and company take the hit, for no better reason than they sought to please their employer over their customers! Perhaps that’s why he’s went on to do fourteen more movie titles since then. Despite the mis-step he is a talented cuss. Then too perhaps their’s plenty of blame to go around when one of these things fails but one has to look at the Marvel method and wonder a bit.

                    Of course WB has went way down the superhero road with its movie franchises, Batman and Superman. Marvel hasn’t done four Iron Man movies or three Thor or Avengers films yet. So their track record could still derail and look at where their weakness is. It seems to be in keeping proven talent engaged enough to want to continue to make the sequels, for whatever real behind the scenes reasons. Will they be able to continue to get talent involved and at the same time keep the elements of the formula in place that will give them continued success?

                    I think of the four companies making these films they have the best chance at success even if they were to falter say at the third Iron Man movie or Thor sequel. I realize as you probably do that Fox and Sony pays them or has payed them for the use of the characters they’ve licensed, so Marvel isn’t totally losing out on the success the other studios are having. However, remember with the multiplied benefits of three studios using the one database of properties you also have three times the possibilities of Murphy’s law to do damage to that base of characters as well. So looking down the road while Marvel’s fans have multiplied chances to benefit from the three companies using the one database they could also get hit with a really lousy season, maybe two as well. Wouldn’t that put the kibosh on the CBM movement?!.

                    That might not do so much bad to Sony or FOX but could literally kill Marvel depending on how they get payed for the use of the properties. Slowing down the transformation of these properties in movies has definite benefits. Anytime you make a transformation of energy the overall environment becomes more degraded. The entertainment industry is no different. I’d rather have a slow high quality release of these things than a short low quality plethora of releases. Lots of choice but very variable quality isn’t very ideal in my opinion…

                    • Completetly agree. But while success can be measured, in dollar terms at least, quality when it comes to films is always subjective. Look at Green Lantern. Most fans love it, most critics hate it. Is anyone wrong? No. Just people expressing their opinions.

                      While I think GL would have performed better finacially if it was the only CBM released this year, I like that the market is being flooded with CBMs. I think it will ultimately force studios to make them not just big bang special effect spectacles, but also have substance to keep the general audience interested. While I realise a lot of people dont agree with my assesment that this very comic book film climate is what raised the bar in the X-Men franchise, going from Wolverine to First Class, in terms of quality of story, I think studios are finally realising that people arnt going to see a Comic Book Movie anymore just because its a Comic Book Movie, which can only be a good thing. I’ll take a ‘Dark Knight’ over ‘Batman and Robin’ any day of the week.

        • If First Class was 3D, then what?

          You’re on a mission of confrontation here, but I’ll respond anyway:

          First Class made the top 250 list on IMDB (ya, fan voting with 60,000 votes) where as GL has a 6.3 with only 16k votes.

          On RT, looking at user-submitted (yeap, movie fans) numbers:
          First Class has a 4.1/5 from 107k votes
          GL has a 3.3 from 90k votes.

          How much did you expect First Class to make? It’s done extremely well all things considered, and yes, fans ATE IT UP with a cup of milk, continuity problems or not.

          ps. I didn’t review Green Lantern on SR.

    • I’d like to reiterate the point about GL having a larger marketing budget, a bigger star AND being in 3D.

      Did that factor into your opening weekend comparison?

  14. Green Lantern was total trash. First class was excellent.

    • gotta agree with u on that 1 green lantern kinda blowed /=

      • My ratings…Green Lantern 6 out of 10…X-Men First Class 8.5 out of 10.

    • Total trash? Uhh, no. First Class was excellent but Green Lantern was not trash. It’s all about opinion. Green Lantern was a ton of fun.

  15. So, so disappointed this was the movie that got the most critical acclaim of the comic book-based movies.

    • So which one should have? Are you waiting for CA to make your judgement?

      • I’m just saying I’m disappointed it is the movie out of the four superhero flicks that got the most recognition as the best story, because it’s a very liberal representation of the origin of the X-Men in the comics.

        I don’t want comic book movies to go into a direction where the source material start to have less significance… but I guess I’ll have to make my peace with the fact Hollywood is going to want to do their own takes on everything.

        And I’m really not optimistic that Captain America will beat it in terms of overall critical appeal. I’m sure it’ll be a fun movie, though.

        • Well, the one thing Captain America has going for it is it centers on one and only one character. Plus it’s a relatively simple, straight forward story that is harder to screw up (but not impossible mind you ;) )

  16. The best movie that I’ve seen so far this year.

    Definitely far from perfect,but the story alone makes it better than GL,Transformers 3,and Thor.

    Some of the characters were pure throw aways,but in the end,it was very enjoyable,especially considering the past installments,and the low expectations going into this one.

    I just hope that they keep the same tone for the next movie,and don’t mess up the story.

  17. Finally a movie deserving of a sequel.

    • Agree witcha…

  18. I agree with you phil.
    This didnt deserve the acclaim that it got.

    • I don’t know if it deserves the acclaim it got or not, as I refused to spend my money on seeing it at the theater based on the details I had already heard about.

      I’m just disappointed it DID get any acclaim at all, I would have preferred one of the other three that borrowed more from the comics did instead. I’m sad that I didn’t like Green Lantern, and I especially wish that Thor had more action scenes and appeal and made more money than it did.

      Of course, the jury’s still out on Cap.

      • Honest question. Why are you ok with the changes to Thor from the original comics but not the treatment First Class. Personally I found alot of liberties were taken with Thor but no one seems to care. Was it because it was a Marvel Studios production?

        • I agree that even Thor took liberties (some completely unnecessary) but in the end they did stay MUCH truer to the canon than XMFC. In fact, of the 4 superhero movies, XMFC deviated the most by far.

          This is how I would rate them on the “deviation scale” 1-10

          XMFC – 9 (virtually nothing was even a close match)
          Green Lantern – 6.5 (mainly for Parallax and the yellow ring parts)
          Thor – 4
          Captain America – 2 (just a guess here)

          • lol, sorry but I forgot to bold the other 3 movie titles :)

            • I’m going to have to diagree with you on that one. How is making Jane an astrophysicst instead of a nurse any different from making Moira a CIA agent instead of a doctor who studies mutation? Or changing Thor from actually being stuck in Donald Blakes body to just using his name? Or the original creation of Mjolnir? The Destroyer? Completley different from comic to film. I could go on. In my opinon First Class was actually closer to its source material when you compare it to Thor. While I actually have no problem with this, I even loved both movies, I always find it funny when people keep saying Marvel Studios is always true to the comics.

              • You have a point, but only insofar as how messy it becomes down the road. That’s the point of complaining about changes. If Moira is to function in any future movies she now has to wear two very big hats! Whatever skills she uses as a CIA agent and the skill sets and experience as a doctor. They don’t have to be exclusive but both careers are very demanding, sort of stretches the character pretty thin wouldn’t you agree? Additionally, I would find a doctor that had been a CIA operative less trustworthy in any scenario where I ended up at Muir Island looking for help. Most likely though they will ignore rather than make use of the changes they make. Fox considers this stuff much more disposable than Marvel…

                • I get all that and agree with you. If Fox was set on making her part of the CIA, IMO it would have been easier to make her a doctor working for the CIA with an interest in genetics who gets called in to help understand Mutants. Plus it would have been more realistic. I cant imagine there were many women who were CIA ops who would have put in charge of international operations back in th 60′s. But most main stream comic book adaptions make major character or situation changes from the source material. I accept that FC would have gone to far for some fans, but I dont like the idea that its only Fox whixh changes ideas from the comics. I cant wait for The Avengers but I can already tell its going to be quite different from the original comics.

                  • Don’t get me wrong Avatar I just don’t trust Fox knows what they’re doing. My perception though is that you and others see Fox and Sony’s movies as gravy or icing on the cake. With Marvel putting two CBM’s out a year you get one extra every year with Fox and Sony in the game. However, can it last? Will FOX and Sony keep up the standards or be willing to take an extra risk if the CBM streak begins to falter, either because of market saturation or one too many fumblings of the properties? Just remember Marvel is in the comic business and the CBM business. Fox in these cases is in the movie business, who’s just happened to have made a few CBMs. I guess we’ll all see sooner or later…

                    • Well if we wait long enough I can practically guarentee both Marvel and Fox will stuff up sooner or later. But I do think it will take longer for Marvel than Fox.

                    • Fox as the overall studio isn’t the only problem with the Marvel movies, in the case of the X-Men movies Donner-Shuler and that production company seem to not have a cohesive idea from one movie to the next.

                      With all the changes they did, whether drastic or not, they have kind of written themselves into a corner with the way they have used characters and one has to wonder how they would pull off two sequels to First Class and do two other films after the original three. I know they have the rights to whole catalog of characters but, honestly it’s going to be allot more potential movie goers saying, “Who is that?”, when they have to start picking from the B,C and D list.

        • Thor is a Golden Age comic character that is pretty well respected but, it doesn’t have the kind of fan base X-Men has had over the last 20 years. Allot of Thor’s old back story probably isn’t as well known at this point among newer fans and the older fans clearly aren’t as vocal about it.

  19. I’d rather see the original cast, particulary Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, again. The actors who played Magneto and Xavier in First Class were alright, but I was seriously disinterested in the rest of the cast. Plot was okay, but not great. So, then, I’d rather see X-Men 4, not a sequel to First Class. Sorry.

    • I’d love to see X-4 as well, especially with Singer, McKellen, Stewart, Jackman, etc. all returning.

  20. I had low expectations for this movie because of X3 and Origins. This was a really good movie right up with the first 2 in my opinion. By far the best super hero movie of the summer(I don’t think Captain America will be better). Thor’s script was terrible but I think Brannagh & good acting held it in check. Green Lantern was atrocious. I believe some exec billed it as the next Star Wars. Gotta love those execs.

    • I’m pretty much on point with you on everything you said :)

  21. Thor was the best CBM of the summer,X-men first class was way overrated, it has to be the worst adaptation to the X-men comics.

    • I agree that Thor was a good movie, but I would say that X-Men 3 was worse than First Class. X-Men 1 and 2, however, were better, so yes, First Class was highly overrated.

  22. Interested to see if they do progress with the character Azazel, if they do that would possibly mean more Nightcrawler.

  23. They should definitely bring back the character Darwin. He does come back to life in the comics. When he explodes from within, he’s temporarilty turned from matter into energy, which slowly reverses or something. I don’t read the comics, but I loved the film. In the sequel, given that Michael Fassbender looked so much like Giaus Baltar (BSG), they could get James Callis to play Magneto’s brother.

  24. Some proper character development could be the whole mystique azazel romance could potentially serve as a waste sub plot if vaughn pulls a thor… dunno just saying

  25. They can reboot into comics continuity easily. The comic book originated in the ’60s, so you simply push Scott and Jean back to the ’60s. This keeps Alex Summers as Scott’s little brother and let’s us see sibling rivalry in the next film as we know Alex has a temper.
    The biggest problem the film industry has nowadays is “racial diversity” which is probably why Singer screwed up the team line-up in his film, but then again his X-Men was not an origin film.
    Comics prior to the ’70s were a bit racist and the team being all white is a problem for Hollywood, not the fans. Xavier didn’t officially decide to make his mansion a school until the end of the film, so the team in Vaughn’s film isn’t officially the “first class”.
    Note Xavier mentions his step-father in the movie but nothing is mentioned of his step-brother Cain……hmmm. And with Raven now growing up in the mansion it makes the story quite different!
    Well we know Raven is going to become a slut in the sequels and hook-up with Azazel. Nightcrawler can be aged forward in a 3rd film via Limbo or some other clever device.
    And yeah I agree Storm vs. Riptide could be interesting!

    • They probably need “racial diversity” to help sell movies in what is becoming a lucrative foreign market. If they had of started out with the original five and added some or all of the second team that came out in 1975 then it wouldn’t be an issue. The funny thing is they Americanized most of the characters thus, ignoring the multicultural dynamic that made the comic ground-breaking back then.

      As for the Cain Marko character the theory is the Juggernaut they used in X-3 is the Ultimate’s version which isn’t supposed to be related to Xavier. Seems like they made Juggernaut a less important character and elevated Mystique.

    • “Xavier didn’t officially decide to make his mansion a school until the end of the film, so the team in Vaughn’s film isn’t officially the “first class”.”

      UMM say WHAT! And so many people thought my upset over the capitalization on the “First Class” COMIC title is unfounded and minor! Boys you’ve been holding out on the old man!!!

      That’s not very nice!

      • But the movie still was about Charle’s first class of mutants. He was a professor who taught mutants. The mansion may not have officailly been a school, but the film still featured his first class.

        • Well Avatar I guess I’ll have to take your word and judgement for it since I haven’t seen the movie.

  26. Oh and if storm is in the sequel make her do more then just shoot lightning, make her create tidal waves, hurricanes, blizzards and much more not just lightning and tornadoes (even though the tornadoes were cool lol)

    • And make her African, for goodness sake!

  27. X4 should be what X3 should’ve been; Sentinels, Mutant Registration & “Phoenix.” Thank you Brett Ratner for setting this franchise back. Kind of like what Schumacher did to Batman.

  28. Count me among the fans who thought that First Class was highly exaggerated and overblown. As I indicated before, the plot was good, but not great, and the acting did not come close to matching the acting of McKellen, Stewart, and the rest of the original cast. This has been the most overhyped movie since the Star Trek reboot. Sorry, but I truly believe I am part of the silent majority. I’d rather see X-Men 4, not a First Class sequel. Perhaps the powers that be could attempt to appease all fans and do both?

    • I think her name is lauren donner, one of the executives. she says X4 and X5 are already in development. not sure how far along the planning stage they are, but i think its safe to say at least X4 will happen.

    • Aside from the change in time period this movie was allot like the first films and not as innovative as people made it out to be. Right off the bat Shaw’s plot was pretty much exactly what Magneto did in X-Men 1. Now since the lines on whether this was a prequel or re-boot that irony may have been done on purpose but in both cases the concept had holes and really from a villain stand-point it was a dumb plan.

      Shaw himself was just an odd character who just seems like an amalgam of powers and personalities and again his plot was just out there. And when it fell apart and he absorbed the radiation core what was he going to do, detonate himself ? What was that going to do but take out the ships in the area and maybe make landfall in Florida and surrounding islands. Then Magneto stops him from presumably killing himself, saving everyone, so he can kill him with the coin. Five minutes later Magneto is then left to have to send the American and Russian missiles back at their ships ironically.

      Most of the other characters were in the usual style of this series not explained well at all and aside from Xavier, Magneto, Shaw and Mystique most of the other characters could have not been in the movie and I doubt they would be missed. Darwin and Angel, who I am not familiar with at all, did not leave any impression at all.

      Banshee and Havoc were kind of just the same kids with powers that allot of the characters were in the previous films. They never even explained why Summers was in what looked like a Maximum security prison. McCoy had a bit more to do and the two second relationship with him and Mystique was just a device to push Mystique’s totally classless move of going with Magneto. On that same note of female empowerment Angel jumped sides depending on which way the wind seemed to blow, only saving grace for me being Zoe Kravitz was hotter then the hyped January Jones.

      Ah Emma Frost. The character I remember seemed allot smarter but, this retro-styled piece was clearly going for something else here. She just followed Shaw around and then I guess goes off with Magneto in the end even after he tried to kill her. The diamond effect was also not well done and looked worse then the same concept in Wolverine. I chalk that up to making the effect look good while moving but, it’s still odd to see a similar effect go backward in films.

      Riptide I know from the original Mutant Massacre and this one had a different power set. The original got killed (a was cloned and killed a few more times) so there really is little expectation with him. His powers were decent set pieces and he didn’t talk so, he fits the traditional X-Men henchman. Azazel I am not familiar with at all and his teleport stunts while cool kind of make him look like an ass in the finale since he just stood there on the beach when the missiles were coming at them. He could have just bounced out of there, hell Riptide could have probably left too. At least make the bad-guys have common survival sense.

      The key point of the movie being Xavier and Magneto’s relationship was also a mixed bag. They seemed to have had more of a respect then best friends relationship. And for me Magneto was kind of shady through out the movie and never really fell into being a villain as much as he just went along with the program until he got what he wanted. The dynamic between him and Xavier oddly reminded me of what Wolverine and Xavier were in the books (and to a lesser degree in the first movie), with Xavier trying to rehabilitate a hard-case with trust issues.

      In all the movie was not as much of a mess as X-3 but, it has all the same stumbling points as the X-Men movies as a whole. Aside from 3 characters who have been in most of the other movies the rest of the players just come and go without any build. Nothing about the majority of the characters makes me want to see them in another movie (the villains especially). The other thing is at this point they are either going to throw even more low profile characters in the films or ruin the few money characters that are left.