‘X-Men: First Class 2′ To Begin Production In January 2013

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x men first class sequel production start date X Men: First Class 2 To Begin Production In January 2013

Pre-production for the next installment in 20th Century Fox’s semi-reboot/semi-prequel X-Men movie (tentatively titled X-Men: First Class 2) has been coming along at a fairly relaxed pace. That pattern continues today, with the news that cameras on the First Class sequel are slated to start rolling no sooner than the first month of 2013.

Back when First Class director Matthew Vaughn officially closed a deal to helm the followup, it was indicated that production could commence by the latter half of 2012. Part of Fox’s motivation for holding back the X-Men flick’s start date is to avoid a scheduling conflict for Jennifer Lawrence, who remains set to reprise her First Class role as Raven/Mystique in the sequel.

Here’s a breakdown of the situation concerning Lawrence (via Heat Vision):

When Lawrence signed on to appear in X-Men: First Class, Fox included an option in her contract that would require the Oscar-nominee to appear in future installments, regardless of any potential scheduling conflicts that could arise. Hence, even though Lionsgate is planning on a late summer production start for the second installment in the Hunger Games franchise (which Lawrence, of course, headlines as teen warrior Katniss Everdeen), the actress would have been forced to pass over that sequel, Catching Fire, and instead appear in First Class 2 – if the latter were to have begun shooting around the same time as the next Hunger Games movie adaptation, that is.

Fox has decided against playing chicken with Lionsgate (so to speak) and will not move ahead with First Class 2 until next year, so that Lawrence will be free to return for Catching Fire. That’s surely gratifying news for the latter studio, which is currently in the midst of intense negotiations with Hunger Games co-writer/director Gary Ross to return for the sequel. Those talks have been “difficult” enough so as to prompt concerns that Catching Fire might be delayed, despite it already having an early script draft penned by Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire) in place. According to THR‘s sources, though, that’s unlikely to happen – as a deal with Ross is expected to be struck.

The Hunger Games Trailer X Men: First Class 2 To Begin Production In January 2013

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in 'The Hunger Games'

In summation: fans of both the X-Men and Hunger Games franchise alike need not fret. Lawrence will reprise her well-regarded turn as Miss Everdeen in Catching Fire – almost certainly under Ross’ supervision – before she returns for a First Class sequel that’s being developed by the familiar tag-team of Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman, along with screenwriter Simon Kinberg (Sherlock Holmes). So, you can now just worry about the potential change-ups in filmmaking tactics, which will be employed to produce both a better X-Men flick and improved Hunger Games adaptation alike – rather than be concerned about potential in-fighting between the projects.

Catching Fire remains tentatively slated to hit theaters in the U.S. on November 22nd, 2013.

X-Men: First Class 2 is expected to reach U.S. theaters by Summer 2014.

Source: THR

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  1. Cant wait . I really hope Beak is in it as well as cyclops,and the sentinels. and maybe some cameos, and side characters like Glob Herman,sinister,Apocalypse,Stryker,John Sublime,Toad,and Sabretoothe.

  2. I wonder in First Class 2 will you start to see her turn into the more cold hearted femme fatale she was in the first X-Men trilogy…

    • I personally hope that she becomes more of a stand alone “villan” like she was in the comic. She was never a lackey for Magneto, and her being one is one of my major gripes with the franchise.
      I also hope this “reboot” gets her pregnant with Nightcrawler or even adopt Rogue and stick closer to the source material.

  3. I would of been fine with this being a one-shot and moving on to X-Men 4.

    Wasnt really impressed by it as a cbm or movie in general.

    This was more Mystique before charles or Magneto.

  4. As much as I’m anticipating a FC sequel I’m willing to wait if it means a better film.
    We all know the stories of X3 & FC being rushed and how it effected the final product. So IMO the more time allowed for pre-production, shooting and post the better.

    • FC would have been phenominal IMO had there been time in pre-production for one more script revisement.

  5. Thy could make like6 of these films!!bring out apocolypse later on

  6. i would rather have an x-man 4 film before first class 2. those actors arent getting any younger and that would put more distance between first class films if they want to do the sequel in the 70s or 80s they would look a little older making it more believable.

  7. It’s funny they have to put the movie on hold because the actress who plays a rather inconsequential character is a star in another franchise movie. This is going to be an issue as long as Lawrence is doing the Hunger Games movies, and it’s not like the X-Men movies are going to be more in demand as time goes on.

    • I would have to say her character was the bigger star of the film over Magneto or Charles. Her story arc was bigger & better than Charles & Magnetos.

      But they def cld of replaced her woth a different actress no problem b/c she is a shapeshifter.

      • I can’t even remember what the Mystique character did in the movie beside drift from Hank McCoy to Magneto and then go over to other side for no real good reason at the end. She was just another in what has been a long line of really weak female characters in the X-men series, that said now that Lawrence is a bigger draw they will probably give the character more to do when they do actually start the next movie.

        • Her character wasn’t a star at all the bromance between charles and magneto carried the film. Lawrence was. A shadow completely blocked out behind macavoy and fassbender

          • @Trey
            actually if you pay attention to the film she is (apologize for the condescending tone of the comment). Her character arc goes thru the most change and most important change in relation of the story. The movie practically begins and ends with her. Charles & Magnetos relationship was nothing more than a 2 week shallow bromance while Mystique arc had the lasting impact. Her fallout with charles was bigger than Magnetos in relation to the film.

  8. I hardly ever comment on FOX or Sony owned properties but I just had to come on here and say…. MEH :(

  9. Fox or Sony owned Marvel characters. Just feels like no frills meh.

  10. Hope First Class #2 is better than #1, which was not very good. I’d rather see a whole new X-Men reboot, featuring alot more Cyclops, alot less magneto, a lot less Wolverine, and The Sentinels as the villains.

    • listen to yourself. . more cyclops. . really

  11. Bring Gambit into this one, I think the timeline would work

  12. I hope that catching fire and x-men first 2 I love bothe series i think lawrence should give up first class if it came down to down to picking I relly hope it don’t come down to it. I love lawrence she is hot and a good actress

  13. Maybe they will correct the mistakes of X3 and re-introduce the Juggernaut as Xavier’s kin, as opposed to just another mutant on Magneto’s side.

  14. We have the technology, write the sentinals into the story

  15. It would also be nice if all the details were in sync throughout the films.

    So, in X-Men Xavier says to Wolverine that Magneto helped him build Cerebro, now in FC it was Hank who invented and apparently built Cerebro, also it seems a bit difficult for Magneto to help him build it when they’ve already parted ways. Can’t imagine him dropping in for a beer, then helping Charles tinker together a new Cerebro while he’s in the neighbourhood.

    Just wish they’d get their stories straight.

    • I agree with you on the Cerebro thing. They made a mistake. I’m gonna have to bust out my old xmen comics to figure out the real story.

      • I though the First Class movies were unrelated to the old films

        • I didn’t think that XM:FC was a reboot, I was just under the impression that they were just showing how they all came together, what happened in the early days. Hence the title really, First Class.

          So in that regard, if it’s not intended to be a reboot then they should pay closer attention to details, even the Wolverine Origin’s story had some poor timeline management, how many characters are there called Sabretooth, and what he’s now Wolverine’s brother? Did Sabretooth happen to forget his own brother when they finally get to the first X-Men flick?

          It’s just poor writing really, lack of imagination, wouldn’t have thought it would be that difficult to keep track of event’s and get them consistent.

          So much for continuity.

          • The main defense of the X-Men movies and some of the inconsistencies has been the fact that they haven taken bits and pieces from the original comics and whatever they have done since the relaunches. One other problem seems to be that they rarely have a script or plan going from one film to the next. And despite many fans feeling that it has been solely the fault of the directors for failure on certain projects, I feel like the studio and main production company at large are more to blame. Even though there was decades of source material to work from, it’s kind of easy to pick out story arcs from the books to at least form a coherent series of films.

            They could have had a writer or team of writers do script treatments for three movies at a time, even if they were not sure they would make all of them. As it stands X-3 supposedly had some phantom script by Singer that wasn’t used, and First Class had a whole other script by another writer that they didn’t use in favor of the story they did.

    • You can’t go by the comics or even the other movies with First Class for the most part. They make changes and never explain them and if anyone brings up the comics they either say they aren’t going by the comics or try and use the lack of continuity in the comics to defend their own lapses in storyline.

      • That’s true, since when do movie makers give a crap what the viewers (fans) think anyway, which is annoying because we do care and like things to make frickin sense.

    • You suck massive D, seriously! Try reading the books and then judge the movie, and if thw movie sucks so bad, how come they made bank?

    • You suck massive D, seriously! Try reading the books and then judge the movie, and if the movie sucks so bad, how come they made bank?

  16. More mutants thats all I ask for

  17. I say they finally give Thunderbird his due, and let him appear in the film as part of the team! The poor sot got screwed in the comic books, and it’s an injustice not to have him in the films!

    Also, they need to stop cramming these movies with characters who have no business being there, when we don’t even know who they are. X-3 and Wolverine fell into that trap with totally wasted characters (i.e. Angel, Gambit, Wraith, Blob).

    • Yeah but which Thunderbird would they use, the original that died in the 70’s or his younger brother that ended up on the Hellions and then X-Force? Knowing them it would be something that had nothing to do with either of them.

      As for them not throwing characters into stories that may not belong there, that ship has sailed and sank. Unless there is a total reboot at some point with Fox or Marvel gets the property back this series is going to have to deal with the decisions it has already made when it comes to characters and where they have been used in the stories.

      One thing though, unlike many of the other character in the Wolverine movie Wraith actually was a part of the comic book story that involved Weapon X along with Sabretooth and the Kayla Silverfox character. Stryker, Fred Dukes, Gambit and the rest, not so much.

  18. this is cool and all and i cant wait for the sequel. but i speak for everyone when i say we want a deadpool movie.

  19. we agreed if it would be an x men first class 2 should be done with Cyclops Dealing with Dark Phoenix plot saga in past also Scarlet Witch Angel Iceman Beast Juggernaut and The Black Queen ! don’t forget about an X men 4 as well, well bringing old cast members Hugh Jackman Fame Janssen Halle Berry James Marsden

  20. whooooaaa.. i’m waitinngggggg :)

  21. Can’t wait for X-Men: First Class 2!!

  22. Hugh jackman better be in this one and have more than thre lines!!!

    • I think I may agree with that or at least he should be
      in 2 or 3 scenes whether he speaks or not

  23. Couldn’t care less about all this. Better find someone new to portray Rogue, because Paquin was truly awful and totally destroyed everything that was awesome about Rogue. Also can Rogue start flying already? She’s one of the best things about X-men but in the movies she’s underused.

  24. I cannot wait to see xmen first class2 again.. :)

    please visit my blog movie

    thank you!

  25. I want to know more about Storm and Mystique characters you did Charles Xavier and Wolverine already and Magnito. Storm and Mystique characters are so interesting. Let’s go back to their childhood and see how they developed. Bring back the old characters.