‘X-Men: First Class 2′ Will Focus Heavily On Magneto

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x men first class sequel magneto X Men: First Class 2 Will Focus Heavily On Magneto

Now that Matthew Vaughn is officially onboard to direct X-Men: First Class 2 (not the actual title), he’ll be working steadily alongside writer/producer Simon Kinberg to decide where the sequel goes next, in terms of plot, and which returning characters will be more, less, or equally emphasized as they were in First Class.

James McAvoy previously suggested that First Class 2 may focus heavily on the transformative process which his X-Men universe alter ego (Charles Xavier) undergoes, in the aftermath of the crippling injuries he sustained in the first film. It’s possible Xavier’s character arc in the sequel will somewhat mirror Erik Lehnsherr’s (Michael Fassbender) in First Class, partially for that reason.

Kinberg has spoken with MTV about the tentative plan for First Class 2, saying that the film should do “some things unexpected” with both Xavier/Professor X and Lehnsherr/Magneto’s personal storylines. However, he is currently expecting the sequel to follow in First Class‘ foosteps – by being especially Magneto-centric.

Here (to quote) is what Kinberg offered MTV on that matter:

“That’s what was so cool about the first one and what we want to continue. Magneto becomes the villain ultimately of the franchise but he’s a much more complicated character as a young man. He’s someone you sympathize with, you care about you root for even though might not necessarily agree with his methods, you understand his philosophy.”

With regards to whether or not First Class 2 will conclude with Magneto developing into more of an outright villain (as opposed to a more morally-dubious figure), Kinberg said:

“We’re still figuring that out. I think the truth is ultimately that because Michael [Fassbender] is such an interesting actor, he’ll never be full-on anything. He’ll have a villainous side and he’ll have a sympathetic human side you’ll be able to relate but you’ll also be afraid of him. He becomes Magneto, he says ‘Call me Magneto’ at the end of the first movie.”

Bear in mind, it’s best to not interpret Kinberg’s comments to mean that First Class 2 won’t heavily explore the bumps and roadblocks that Xavier encounters on his personal journey towards becoming the calm and collected Professor X – or that the sequel will feel even more like “The Magneto Show” than First Class did (at times). The First Class followup is just barely beginning to take shape, so nothing is set in stone right now.

As to which new X-Men characters or classic comic book story elements will be incorporated into First Class 2 – for now, that remains a periphery issue. Kinberg and Vaughn (and whoever else ends up working on the film’s script) first have to pick up the narrative threads left dangling at the end of First Class and determine where to take them next, before turning their attention to new material.


X-Men: First Class 2 is tentatively expected to reach theaters by Summer 2014.

Source: MTV

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  1. i really hope we see mr. sinister in fc2. that would make my year.

    • Please no. I really don’t know if I can take any more of the X-Men’s epic villains get hacked into a crappy, 2 bit villain.

      All I can hope is for these next two atrocities to run their course and then FOX will hopefully get tired of the franchise (since there’s nowhere left to go considering they will then run into the first X-Men movie timeline-wise) and let Marvel have it back so it can be done RIGHT.

      • Xmen first class was a great movie marvel doesn’t need to touch it.

        • Great movie? Hardly. I will say it was good but only in it’s own encapsulated universe. Once you examine it in context of the X-Men canon, it becomes a horrible movie that completely butchers the source material just to work. A “great” movie would have been both successful as an individual story AND be able to work within the general X-Men continuity.

          • Like I said great movie, not saying great adaptation but it was extremely enjoyable. Fassbender and macavoy were far better in there roles than any I’ve scene in the xmen series the only one who equels them is hugh jackman

          • I love how people still refuse to accept that at the very least, that first class was a good film, bordering on awesome. Mostly good critical response, general fan praise and good box office returns not enough?
            Yes it’s not cannon when you compare it to the comics. Are any major films based on a comic book? Ive heard Nolan’s version of the Batmdn universe called the Nolanverse. I’ve been told it’s because of the changes he made to the cannon that hid films sit in a universe of it’s own. He gets praise for his many changes to continuity. Fox gets slammed. Maybe Fox should hire Nolan for First Class 2.

            • Glad you agree

            • @”I love how people still refuse to accept that at the very least, that first class was a good film, bordering on awesome.”

              b/c people have a different opinion than you. having said that, i enjoyed the film despite that you could tell the script was rushed.

            • I agreed too. Just because one person state his/ her opinion as “facts” doesn’t stop me or anyone else from watching the movie and coming up with our own opinion.

              These are facts:
              Production Budget: $160 million
              Worldwide Gross: $353,624,124

              Source: http://boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=xmenfirstclass.htm

            • The thing is though, XMFC took 3-5x the “liberties” with this movie than any other adaption I have ever seen. No adaption is a 100% match but this movie was hardly recognizable as coming from the X-Men universe from the comics. Sure they used some known characters with a vaguely familiar storyline but when you start comparing the details virtually NOTHING aligns.

              and not to be a word nazi but it’s “canon” not “cannon”, just a helpful fyi. :)

              • Doesn’t matter what we think or whether we like it or not, money still talks;D

          • According to you, it is not a great movie. It doesn’t need to be great to spawn a sequel. As long as it is enjoyable to one owns experience, that’s all that matters. Furthermore, money talks, right? The peoples money speaks louder than one person’s opinion on this movie, hence it made enough money to finance a sequel. What we think is “great” for a movie, another person won’t feel the same.

            • Not sure where I said it had to be great to have a sequel.

              If we go by your standards though, all we would be seeing are movies like Transformers 3 that were bad but since it grossed nearly a billion dollars it deserves another installment.

              • Paramount Pictures won’t mind multiples movies that are similar to Transformers 3 if those movies grosses as much as the Transformers Trilogy.

          • Half of everyone’s complaints are outright dumb. First of all, not of the original movies stayed true to the comics and were not very good.
            They the story of Wolverine, Magneto, Rogue, Sabretooth all wrong completely. Xmen first class at least provided for the real Magneto. But it doesn’t bold well for it that its a prequel to the original movies. I would rather it was total reboot.
            First of all, it should have had the original five xmen in the movie. Yes First class messed up Cerebro creation and missing 4 of the original five xmen. Just remember your favorite Director Bryant Singer of the originals had say in this movie. One reason the movie never reached full potential because it couldn’t have origiinal xmen due to being prequel fo the originals.

            Please put a couple of the original Xmen in the sequel regardless of not matching completely the original movies. I like Magneto in First class and hope they keep him.

        • I totally disagree. It was a very good movie but it was not a Marvel treatment. Marvel needs this franchise to do it COMPLETE justice. Again, FOX did better with this X-Men title than the previous X-Men 3 and definatly better than Wolverine but Marvel would do all these characters their deserved treatment if they got it back.

          • Honestly, people keep saying that Marvel would do these characters “justice”, but who’s to say that Marvel wouldn’t go in the same direction as Fox did with First Class?

            • If it was completely rebooted, I can say with a certain measure of confidence Marvel would not be doing idiotic crap like pulling characters from different timelines to comprise the original team.

              I would hope that if Marvel did it from the beginning that they would at LEAST use the original group (even the semi lame Angel because you need him for the Apocalypse story arc which needs to be done!).

              Now I’m not going to say Marvel is perfect however because I had my share of problems with Thor but I believe they would put together a movie that had both a good story AND fit with the canon in general.

              As to whether Marvel would have gone in the same direction as FOX did with XMFC….the answer is no. As I said above, they would have tossed out the “Singer-verse” instead of severely compromising the source material. Since Singer had a hand in this, he of course didn’t want to basically discount his original work so they twisted, contorted and destroyed the canon in every way possible to make a prequel work.

    • Mr. Sinister is a baddass.

      • Yes, and THAT was my original point. After seeing what they did with XMFC, I have a very real fear that they would completely alter what makes him “badassed” and turn him into a mere shadow of the original.

    • i totlly agree i was hoping also that morph would also join in!!! i loved morph in the tv series or even jubilee!! now THAT would make my year

  2. If I had to choose I’d pick Magneto’s story over a Professor X story.

    • yeah magnetos story sounds more interesting

  3. if i had to choose i would choose x-men 4. and then i would choose not to have x-men 3 exist at all.

    • AGREED!

      This made my morning

    • Yes, and then, there would be no more overhyped First Class. I really prefer the original actors/characters to this bunch.

  4. I think everyone will agree Magneto makes for a more compelling sequel. We don’t really need to see a LOT of xavier however I would like for them to at least set up the school and the original FIRST class.

    • I don’t agree, thank you very much.
      Magneto was the main focus of First Class; Second Class should be Charles’ turn. And yeah, I need to see A LOT of Xavier, especially because the character was never fully explored in any of the X-films.

  5. Wasn’t Aaron Johnson already signed to play Scott Sommers in this?

  6. I figured this would be the case since Fassbender was First Class’s breakout star. I think this is a good thing. I’ve tracked down and watched just about every major film role fassbender has ever been given and I have yet to see on that he hasn’t put his heart and soul into. I hope McAvoy gets his fair share of screen time though…

  7. It is my hope that the third movie is disregarded as cannon and Angel appears to eventually gravitate to an apocalypse story. Archangel is one of my favorite characters. On that matter I would love to see an x-force movie based on the newer group.

  8. yes, this is the story I wanna see!

    • It would be a mistake to focus purely on Magneto, X-Men is great due to the sum of the parts, the weak Wolverine film is a testement to this. For me the more interesting story is the emegence of Professor X, it would be the most dramatic and McAvoy has the ability to pull that off (see Inside I’m Dancing or Rory O’Shea was here,… not the 1st time McAvoy has played someone in a wheelchair). What we are seeing here is the studio writer focusing on Fassbender because his stock has risen, and this is at the expense of the film. This has been seen in the past with X-Men franchise and guess who the writer was?? I refer to X-Men The Last Stand, where Halle Berry was given much more screen time,the writer was Kinberg. Going with Magneto is predictable! We’ve seen him toss cars, bridges, submarines, lets see what the Prof X can do!!!Hopefully Vaughn will see this, these films need to be about character, thats why the dark knight was so good, thats why x-men first class was good. We have seen Magnetos pain, the sequal should be about Professor X’s pain!

      • They might as well went ahead with the X-Men Origins:Magneto project b\c it’s clear they’re making this into First Class 2:The Rise of Magneto.

      • Couldn’t agree more. I’m so tired of this character, even more tired of him than Wolverine. At least with Wolverine they decided to dedicate a solo film to him, but now they keep using the X-Men to tell a Magneto story! Wasn’t he the focus of First Class already? I want to learn more about Charles, I want to see him dealing with his new condition, I want to see his transition from the cocky young man to the Professor, I want to see his powers more explored. I’m expecting a great Charles’ arc for the sequel; if they decide to skip it, I won’t be interested in it.

  9. Even if you could write a compelling Xavier-centric story, the film medium will always preference Magneto. His powers are visually appealing and more in line with action films. It was never a question that the Magneto story would drive the show. That’s exactly what happened in the first one.

  10. I wouldn’t mind X-Men: First Class 2 heavily focusing on Magneto.

    I think Michael Fassbender was a good choice for Magneto and he did a great job as Magento and was the best part of the movie.

    I just hope the story will focus equally on Xavier too just as Magneto.

    Also the villain will be awesome.

  11. It’s just because Michael Fassbender is a big name in films now.

    He needed to shave in Shame. It was too hairy down there.

    Trill 100!!

  12. Why dont they just call the movie Magneto: First class…because they obviously dont give two shyts about the X-men Franchise.

    In my mind Fox has ruined the franchise almost beyond damage. And a Wolverine stand alone movie would have been amazing had they stuck to the comics (keep in mind wolverine has been a Marvel character for almost 40 years now. I hate to complain but Im done with Fox and their version of the X-men.

  13. Im really excited for this franchise this is was one of the best comic book movies ive ever seen besides dark knight!!!i hope thy bring apocolypse and mr sinister into this franchise!!!!

  14. Making movies call X-Men and focusing on only a few characters is what has been a problem for some fans. And after they already did Magneto turning bad, or whatever he is supposed to be in this narrative, what else are they planning on doing with him? They have showed him in flash backs in two films as a child, we saw him as the more familiar older villain people are used to, and he kind of did his bad guy turn at the end of First Class.

    He was kind of a dirt bag in First Class in some ways, so the whole fall from grace idea really does not seem plausible. Unless they have the whole uneasy alliance set-up with him and Xavier in the second movie the angle of their friendship and alternate views was already done in a rushed fashion. And ironically they already did that in X-2…

  15. Michael Fassbender is really cool with a James Bond-esque touch as Magneto. But I really hope his rise as a in X-Men: FC2 would not reduce screen time for other cool characters. James McAvoy as Charles Xavier is pretty cool too and January Jones as White Queen is simply stunning with her sparkling diamonds. What would be even greater is if Matthew Vaughn would relate the film storyline to the X-Men comic universe plot like Messiah Complex and House of M. Adding the enigmatic Scarlet Witch into the film would be simply fantastic.

  16. i still maintain the FC was hindered by the fact they didn’t know if it was going to be a success, meaning no definite sequel and they shoehorned a lot of major events into the last half hour of the movie, namely the crippling of prof. x and the way that magneto became bad and started to recruit mutants for his brotherhood….

    i hope the second one doesn’t do the same thing and they can draw out the storyline a bit more.

    and not the way X2 and X3 treated the dark phoenix story arc. that was rather convoluted and could have been done better…..

    • I couldn’t agree more. If FC was written with a sequel already in mind they wouldn’t have had to have Charles and Eric split so soon and in fact they probably could have left out most of those other mutants all together. I’ve heard they are going to try and rectify this in the sequel by having the split between Charles and Eric not be permanent and I hope so because I really feel like they should be friends for a long time before becoming enemies. In first class they are only friends for a few weeks. I also feel like Charles’s character wasn’t as fleshed out as he could have been. When we meet him hes a cocky skirt chaser and then as soon as the young mutants show up he becomes this wise teacher.

  17. Nice to know about Magneto and glad that Vaughn is back on board. I just HATE the writer they have.

  18. I really enjoyed First Class, and can’t help but think Magneto’s rise to villainy is what Anakin Skywalker’s should have been more like.

    • I’ve been saying the same thing. Motivation. Purpose. All done in a fraction of the time of the prequels, which still never managed to do it.

  19. I’m so excited for XMFC2.
    The first one was awesome and Magneto was definitely my favorite character (even though he kinda turned out to be the villain at the end, I was still rooting for him :P).
    That said, I’d prefer if the sequel focuses EQUALLY on Magneto and Professor X.

  20. I’m tired of Magneto and I don’t sympathize with his “philosophy” of genocide and supremacy. I’m also tired of seeing Fassbender being overhyped; when you have a brilliant actor like McAvoy in your franchise and you barely mention him in your interview, it’s a clear sign that you’re buying into the hype, Mr. Kinberg. That’s hollywood for ya.

    • I think Fassbender deserves all the hype he’s getting. He is a damn good actor.
      And no one is implying that McAvoy isn’t brilliant as well (because he is), but McAvoy isn’t the subject of this interview.

      • Well, it should have been about McAvoy too, shouldn’t it? Since he’s one of the protagonists and all.
        I don’t think Fassbender deserves to be called “the best thing about First Class”, or that his scenes were “the coolest”. It’s incredibly disrespectful to an amazing and hard working actor like McAvoy. Just because James isn’t trying deseperately to be a hollywood star like Fassbender, doesn’t mean he’s a lesser actor. I’m tired of this.

    • It’s always been funny to me how much play Magneto gets in all of these movies since he wasn’t around for much of the early 80′s when I started reading and was not even the top tier bad-guy again until the 90′s.

      The notion that these films tries to portray him as some fallen good guy is also kind of ineffective, since the movies haven’t really done much to make him look like anything more then a self-absorbed sociopath that has moments of not being a total dirt bag.

      The line Wolverine said to him the first movie kind of sums it up, “You’re so full of s**t! If you’re really so righteous, it’d be you in that thing.” His depiction in all of the movies have always really pointed that way, and the creepiest thing about him in First Class was when he walked by and c***k-blocked Hank. Who is supposed to feel bad for this guy at a point?

    • I have to completely disagree. Fassbender deserves his hype, he’s an amazing actor, his philosophy is disturbing and brutal, but it makes a lot of sense given the context of the problem. If you were a mutant like him or Sebastian Shaw, why on Earth would you bow down to humans, as Xavier does? And, while McAvoy was fantastic, Fassbender definitely owned it. He had all the charisma and presence when the two were on screen together.

      • Firstly, Charles never “bows down to humans”. Just because he’s not advocating genocide like Magneto, just because he respects humans and believe that humans and mutants should live together in harmony, it doesn’t mean he’s an idiot. He knows very well what (some) humans can do, so he and his X-Men are prepared for any conflict and to defend themselves and other mutants from harm. But he’s not a supremacist nor a mass murderer.
        Secondly, Fassbender hardly “owned” anything. You’re mixing the character with the actor. He’s a good actor, but remove McAvoy from the scenes they did together and the effect will be quite different. So far, what I’ve seen of Fassbender, he’s always doing the same type of violent, dark characters. McAvoy is much more versatile.

        • Magneto as he is presented is these movies comes off first and foremost as selfish in my opinion, just based on his actions. He really didn’t do anything heroic in First Class, he was just hellbent on revenge. He killed a few Nazi’s on screen and everyone made that out to be some heroes quest, but he also messed up a good deal of Russians (who I guess in the context of the time period were “bad guys”), and while going after Shaw he tried to kill the other mutants who were aligned with Shaw.

          The fact that at the end he came to the conclusion that all humans were going to try and kill/enslave all mutants seemed forced and knee-jerk at the time, and it could have been a way to get the others to follow him. Ironically the weakest-minded mutants there fell in line, with Mystique siding with him based probably on the romantic advances he made toward her (which again plays into how he snaked her away from Hank, during his noble heroic quest).

          Magneto didn’t really seem to have a philosophy other then getting over and getting his way and throughout the series (even if you want to pick and choose what movies are “cannon”), he does pretty jack to help any other mutants and like he said just uses most of them as pawns.

  21. I hope they do the ’70s versions of the costumes…

    • I hope the whole film is in the 70′s.

      • It most likely will be…considering this one was set in 1962. So, I’m guessing either late 60s or early 70s.

  22. I do not care if it centers on Magneto but I do hope to see Professor X go through his transformation to the chair. I would also like to see a more classic X-Men team take shape.

  23. I just want the Scarlet Witch to be in a movie!!! I’m not completely sure that Fox owns the rights, but there where some hints to it. But I’m sure instead of getting into Magneto’s crazy family story they will just find a way to make it into a Jean Grey movie. Everything always ends up revolving around her. Wanda/Pietro 2014…..

  24. I loved First Class, to be honest, it’s my favourite superhero movie of the past few years, aside from the Dark Knight. And yes, I know it messed up cannon, but I don’t really care too much about that. I’ve grown to accept as long is it is a character driven story that GETS what the X-Men series is supposed to be about, the specific individuals are less important (of course, unless you’re talking about the real big names).

    I’m ecstatic that FC 2 is coming out and I would always expect it to be Magneto centric. He’s more interesting and his powers are visually spectacular. Plus, it would really make it different from most superhero films, in that it would follow the villain more.

  25. Hey Vic, what happened to older entries on movie news?

    • Happyman,

      The new design has an infinite scroll. Just keep going down the page and older items continue to appear.


  26. Oh Boy!! I am so glad they are making another X-Men movie about Magneto. I am equally pumped for the soon to be Justice League movie franchise which will focus heavily on Lex Luthor!

  27. So many great discussions, keep it up everyone! I think that as a movie alone, this will be great. As a comic book movie, it won’t be good. X-Men First Class was great as a movie and not as a comic book movie. They didn’t change absolutely everything but they did change most things (magneto’s origins, sebastian shaw’s involvement with magneto, the first class lineup, mystique and professor x living together, moira being a CIA agent, etc). I think they should finish this trilogy and then give the rights back to marvel so that the X-Men can be included with iron man, hulk, thor, captain america, nick fury, black widow, hawkeye, and all other marvel owned characters (dr strange, black panther, antman, wasp, blade, the punisher, moon knight, iron fist, luke cage, the inhumans, guardians of the galaxy, namor, war machine, cable, nighthawk, vision, dazzler, Ka-Zar, power pack, shang chi, runaways, captain & miss marvel, nova, etc.)

  28. i like both of the xmen the original and the new, but i like the new story line way better. i thought i was going to hate it because its not the original cast, but i loved it. i was hoping they finish the original they only need 2 more films because we saw that the cure didn’t work it only work for tempoary because there wasn’t anything to cure. they only need to add apocalypst then defeat him brotherhood and xmen together because i never seen magneto evil just misled but u would two if u saw someone take ur whole family away from u. now make a new. but no they had to make a wolverine movie and i’m not a wolverine fan i like the team together. but now i want them finish the the first class series because the old cast is old. i hope they finish it then canceled it like nbc done to heroes love tat show. i was waiting for another series, but never going to happen.

  29. Fassbender/Magneto had his transformation in First Class. I don’t want to see them try and force anything with the character just because Fassbender has exploded as an actor.
    I’d rather them center and work around McAvoy/Xavier. There is more story to tell there. They could really show Xavier’s inner trouble to become a leader while crippled and unable to physcally aid his “students”.

    That being said, Magneto should play a large role in the film. In First Class 2 he needs to go from bad to worse.