‘X-Men: First Class 2′ Will Focus Heavily On Magneto

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x men first class sequel magneto X Men: First Class 2 Will Focus Heavily On Magneto

Now that Matthew Vaughn is officially onboard to direct X-Men: First Class 2 (not the actual title), he’ll be working steadily alongside writer/producer Simon Kinberg to decide where the sequel goes next, in terms of plot, and which returning characters will be more, less, or equally emphasized as they were in First Class.

James McAvoy previously suggested that First Class 2 may focus heavily on the transformative process which his X-Men universe alter ego (Charles Xavier) undergoes, in the aftermath of the crippling injuries he sustained in the first film. It’s possible Xavier’s character arc in the sequel will somewhat mirror Erik Lehnsherr’s (Michael Fassbender) in First Class, partially for that reason.

Kinberg has spoken with MTV about the tentative plan for First Class 2, saying that the film should do “some things unexpected” with both Xavier/Professor X and Lehnsherr/Magneto’s personal storylines. However, he is currently expecting the sequel to follow in First Class‘ foosteps – by being especially Magneto-centric.

Here (to quote) is what Kinberg offered MTV on that matter:

“That’s what was so cool about the first one and what we want to continue. Magneto becomes the villain ultimately of the franchise but he’s a much more complicated character as a young man. He’s someone you sympathize with, you care about you root for even though might not necessarily agree with his methods, you understand his philosophy.”

With regards to whether or not First Class 2 will conclude with Magneto developing into more of an outright villain (as opposed to a more morally-dubious figure), Kinberg said:

“We’re still figuring that out. I think the truth is ultimately that because Michael [Fassbender] is such an interesting actor, he’ll never be full-on anything. He’ll have a villainous side and he’ll have a sympathetic human side you’ll be able to relate but you’ll also be afraid of him. He becomes Magneto, he says ‘Call me Magneto’ at the end of the first movie.”

Bear in mind, it’s best to not interpret Kinberg’s comments to mean that First Class 2 won’t heavily explore the bumps and roadblocks that Xavier encounters on his personal journey towards becoming the calm and collected Professor X – or that the sequel will feel even more like “The Magneto Show” than First Class did (at times). The First Class followup is just barely beginning to take shape, so nothing is set in stone right now.

As to which new X-Men characters or classic comic book story elements will be incorporated into First Class 2 – for now, that remains a periphery issue. Kinberg and Vaughn (and whoever else ends up working on the film’s script) first have to pick up the narrative threads left dangling at the end of First Class and determine where to take them next, before turning their attention to new material.


X-Men: First Class 2 is tentatively expected to reach theaters by Summer 2014.

Source: MTV

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  1. My biggest wish for X:FC2 is just more focus on personal characterization and development. That what sets the (good) X-Men movies apart from other superhero films IMO. Well, that, and the social issue allegories it can so easily weave in. It makes the films feel much weightier and more satisfying to me.

    On that note, I would love to see a long flashback sequence for Magneto that deals with the time between when his mother is killed and we see him hunting Nazis. There is a character in the comics called Magda, whom Magneto falls in love with and fathers children with before he becomes a supervillain. It’s a really touching and tragic story and I think it would be perfect for the tone already set in First Class. It’s what happens during this relationship in the comics that really sets Magneto on his malevolent path and its also the first time where he really uses his powers (unlike in the films where it’s in the concentration camp).

    Other flashbacks with Xavier and Mystique could also work.

    Then I would, of course, like to see the developing relationship between Magneto and Mystique… but… for whatever reason, they won’t get together right away. Because Mystique has to get knocked up by Azazel at some point. Azazel and Mystique are the parents of Nightcrawler. Maybe its in the aftermath of that relationship that Mystique and Magneto finally come together.

    I hope they kill off Angel. Awful character. And she was formerly with the good guys so they could play that up for emotional points. We could also stand to lose Riptide or whatever his name is. Another waste of space.

    If we’re going to continue the tradition of completely ignoring X-Men Origins: Wolverine, then why not bring back Gambit? Could be cool. Though fans will always miss never getting to see him court Rogue.

    and.. Sentinels, maybe? Big clunky robots seems kind of 60s-era sci-fi-ish.

    But by far my biggest wish is to include the storyline with Magda. Everything else is secondary. There were a few other good ideas I had but I don’t remember them all now. Maybe doing something with Stryker in Vietnam.

  2. oh, remembered a bit…

    Another wish would be that Xavier and Erik reconcile for this film at least for a time. At the end of First Class they are not yet enemies. They just have chosen different paths. Xavier could come back and help build or teach at the school. He did this in the comics, as well.

    Also if Erik helps Xavier build the new Cerebro in the X-Mansion then it won’t be a total lie in the first X-Men movie when Xavier says that Magneto helped him build Cerebro. (as in FC it is built by Hank)

    With another villain like Mr. Sinister perhaps, events could be set in motion that ultimately lead to Magneto being more convinced that it is impossible for him to lead a normal life, with Magda, with Xavier, or anyone else. He tries and fails.

    • The thing is, Ry, they were never enemies, like MLK Jr. and Malcom X they didn’t hate eachother, they just had different views of how to get to the final end, (Mutant equality), When X died, and Pyro said he would have killed X if he was allowed, Erik told Pyro that he was the best man he had ever known. They were friends and still “are” if you will. It’s just Charles tries to stop Erik from hurting innocents, while Erik sees no innoncents. But I agree with they should be “friends” in part of the movie then drift away.

    • Some of these are good ideas. I don’t like the thought of Azazel and Mystique or Magda. They should definitely kill of angel and introduce Gambit though

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  4. I can’t believe no one have said they would like to see the age of Apocalypse

  5. Reguardless of what it ends up about I am on pns and needles to see it… I Luv the X-Men Movies :)

  6. is that all gambit part? in x men : origin of wolverine? f*** that men!

  7. The one element that has been missing in all the x-men movies is the racial tension between mutant and humans. We’ve heard remarks mentioned in the movies, but haven’t really explored the prejudices that mutants felt. I hope they show that aspect in XFC2, that would really show how X and Magneto develop after the events in First Class.

  8. I think that XFC2 should focus on Magneto doing his Malcom X like campaigning for Mutant Rights, while Xavier continues his MLK Jr. style. What would be great is to see, post Origins, so after 3 Mile Island, since Xavier helped Scott and the other young mutants. We could see how his “usual” team began, how Storm would join, and Scott developed his powers, hint to what Hank did, and Havoc, and Banshee, but see how the old friendship of Erik and Charles split, but the respect remained. And perhaps in the end, show the two meeting Jean Grey like they did in the Last Stand, that way we can see why Charles was walking, while he was clearly paralyzed in Fist Class 1.

  9. I finally watched the first class movie. After sitting through the entire thing asking myself…..why the hell is havok in this movie…why the hell is darwin in this movie…..i watched the bonus features…..somebody clearly stated and admitted what we all already know. “We do not care about the true comic book fans…we wont to entertain a wider audience….so forget the story and history of the characters…lets make money” so do you really think……that any of these wishes and background stories will ever be told? Prob not.

  10. I finally watched the first class movie. After sitting through the entire thing asking myself…..why is havok in this movie…why the is darwin in this movie…..i watched the bonus features…..somebody clearly stated and admitted what we all already know. “We do not care about the true comic book fans…we wont to entertain a wider audience….so forget the story and history of the characters…lets make money” so do you really think……that any of these wishes and background stories will ever be told? Prob not.

    • So in other words, you sat through the entire excellent and very entertaining movie and were not able to enjoy it because you were obsessing the whole time about completely irrelevant crap. That’s too bad.

  11. I pray they can make this one as good as first class and not mess it up cuz it has so much potentiel to be as awesome as avengers, they need to take the pink off of magnetos helmet purple I could understand but honsetly I cannot take him seriously with that pink, i guarantee at some point in the next movie a mutant is just going to burst out laughing looking at his face…. all serious…. with pink on his helmet…

  12. They did the best thing by putting this on screen.love it.

  13. when is it expected to be completed?