Matthew Vaughn To Direct ‘X-Men: First Class 2′

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X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn’s return for a sequel has been essentially a given – not only because the majority of people walked away impressed with his work on that X-Men franchise reboot/prequel, but also because he’s been actively developing ideas for the next installment (as First Class stars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender have made known).

20th Century Fox has reportedly (at last) closed a deal for Vaughn to direct X-Men: First Class 2 (official title pending), which will once again be produced by X-Men film franchise stalwart, Bryan Singer.

Deadline mentions that Vaughn is officially onboard to helm a sequel to First Class in the site’s report on Fox production president Emma Watts signing a new deal, through to 2015. That article also reiterates previous reports that the screenplay is being penned by Simon Kinberg – though, it is suspected that Vaughn’s First Class and Kick-Ass co-writer, Jane Goldman, will eventually be brought on to also contribute to the new X-Men flick’s script.

There’s no official production timeline for the First Class sequel just yet, but McAvoy and Fassbender are already locked to reprise their turns as youthful versions of Charles Xavier/Professor X and Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto, respectively. Likewise, Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) is in line to reprise her turn as Raven/Mystique, as is Singer’s Jack the Giant Killer star Nicholas Hoult as Dr. Hank McCoy/Beast – among others.

In other words: with the majority of the main First Class cast prepped to return in the followup – and Vaughn passing off Kick-Ass 2 writing/directing duties to someone else – this project should come together quickly, so as to allow for shooting to begin in the near future (before the end of 2012, perhaps).

rose byrne talks x men first class sequel 570x285 Matthew Vaughn To Direct X Men: First Class 2

The primary cast of 'X-Men: First Class'

News that the First Class sequel is (for now) making its way down the production pipeline at a reasonable pace should be welcome news to the ears of fans who remember how much First Class was rushed through development – enough so that, before the actual film was released, many people were anticipating that the final result would be a messy failure of a franchise reboot.

While X-Men: First Class does have undeniable flaws, the majority of movie geeks seem to agree: it’s still a very good comic book flick that rejuvenated the flailing X-Men movie franchise – and, frankly, had it NOT been made in such a hurry, First Class probably could have been a close-to-perfect film. Hence, we’ll all be crossing our fingers that Fox actually allows Vaughn and Co. ample time to process the sequel and smooth out any kinks that pop up during the scripting, shooting, and/or post-production processes.

With The Wolverine still being tentatively set for a 2013 theatrical release, it seems likely that the First Class followup won’t be arriving until Summer 2014. That’s assuming the former doesn’t end being delayed even more – and Fox starts rushing First Class 2 to take its place in 2013 (*knock on wood*).


Expect to learn more information about X-Men: First Class 2 in the near future – including (possibly) an official title for the project.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Great news!!!
    Even though I’m excited for another X-Men I fully support the part in the article about not rushing it. 2014 gives Vaughn enough time to get it done right.

    • XFC is my favorite of the franchise, but you could definitely tell the script was rushed.

    • Honestly, im not a fan of the teenie bopper actors in the first class movie… the original X-Men were so much cooler and the actors really made it for me. I feel like with First class they went in the direction of all the straight to dvd american pie movies… they need to come back to the original cast, like american pie did with “american reunion”.

      • Fassbender and macavoy were equel to if not better than the old men in xmen

  2. I hope this news is true that Matthew Vaughan will be returning to direct X-Men: First Class 2.

    Vaughan saved The X-Men movie series.

    X-Men: First Class was not only one of the best comic book movies of last year but also one of the best films last year.

    I was amazed by James McAvoy and the rest of the cast’s performances, especially Michael Fassbender, he did a wonderful job as a young Mangeto.

    Hope the sequel will be good as X-Men: First Class, Fox shouldn’t rush but instead let Vaugham and the writers take time to make the script great.

  3. I really liked first class, but it ended and fit so nicely to wheres the audience could now fast forward and cont the dots to the begginning of the first x men without a sequel, what i really would like to see is an x men 4 and 5 because of the awesome suspenseful ending of the 3rd movie that left you wanting more with


    magneto moving the chess piece.

    • I liked XFC, but it created alot of plot holes that contradict the trilogy. Those need to be addressed in the sequel.

      • maybe they could have bishop or cable come in and just screw everybody’s timeline up haha

      • They could decide that they don’t want these films to have anything to do with the original trilogy. I mean, there’s nothing in the film itself that I can remember that commits it to being a prequel, is there? Going down that path they could then essentially make X-Men: First Class 3 a remake of the first Bryan Singer film. Just saying man.

        • The first scene of the film was a visual recreation of the opening scene in the first film.

          • Not to mention that both Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romejn reprised their roles as Wolverine and Mystique.

            • Its painfully obvious XFC is not a prequel. The small nods to the trilogy were merely for ascetics and familiarization for general fans.

              • I’ve been able to come to terms with the fact that this film is not a direct prequel, because too many things don’t add up. But I wouldn’t call it “painfully obvious”. I see people all over the Internet and that I meet that were confused as to the intentions of the film and it’s not stupidity or ignorance on their part. It didn’t help that it was promoted as a prequel either.

                • Don’t take it personal. It was just painfully obvious it wasn’t a prequel. It was just marketed as a prequel to get general viewers in seats and some easter eggs were thrown in to leave it ambiguous. The term reboot has become a negative connotation.

                  • Oh, I’m not taking it personal, like I said, I was able to recognize it not as a prequel, however the majority of people I speak to about the movie found it confusing and required my clarification as to why it was not a prequel. I wouldn’t call that painfully obvious. Maybe for you, but not for most.

              • The director and actors have even confirmed that its a prequel. How more “painfully obvious” that it IS a prequel can it get?

                • “The director and actors have even confirmed that its a prequel. How more “painfully obvious” that it IS a prequel can it get?”

                  Agreed. The fact that Vaughn actually confirmed this prior to its release is the smoking gun to FC original intents at being a prequel to the Singer/Ratner films despite what many are now claiming. Due to the success that FC was they appear to be altering things. Had this been a reboot from the onset to wipe the slate clean then it would have made more sense to go with the original 5 as oppose to selecting such a relatively random and obscure group of characters and calling them “first class”. They purposely avoided certain characters because they knew that their age didn’t match the timeline of the previous films.

                  • They supposedly had a reboot script, but when Singer came back they opted to go with a new idea. The fact that people call the opening, references to the first three movies, similar plots and the actor cameos of Jackman and Romijn an “homage” to Singer’s films seemed kind of funny, since he wrote the story and produced it. If I give someone work that looked like work I had done before and call it an homage I doubt it would go over as well.

                  • Not to mention that the first trilogy gave no indication of Xavier growing up with Mystique, and in the first, Xavier tells Wolverin that Magneto helped him build Cerebro. In XFC, they have Hank McCoy as the builder of Cerebro, pretty glaring contradictions, I think.

                    • The movies rife with incongruities. The biggest of which in my opinion was Professor X being bald, able to walk, and still friends with Magneto during the flashback at the beginning of Last Stand. I just didn’t let it bother me.

  4. This is great news but is the sequel gonna be called First Class 2?? Ehh kinda lame. Still excited tho. I thought McAvoy and Fassebender nailed Xavier and Magneto

  5. I want more mutants and better developed ones *cough (havok and banshee) *cough. I would like to see younger versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm hopefully depending on the timeline this time around. Forge would be an interesting addition to add. I think a Sentinel storyline would be cool but seem to familiar to X2 because the good guys and bad guys would probably have to team up. Hey since Fox since is trying to pretend Wolverine (X-men Origins) didn’t happen, why not give us a really awesome version of Gambit( not dissing Taylor Hitsch in any way I thought he was pretty good).

    • It would be hard to do cyclops since havoc is cyclops younger brother. He would have to be older than havoc but it wouldn’t fit with the cerebro scene in XFC

      • It wouldn’t be that hard considering Fox does what the hell they want to with The X-men’s timeline, characters, origins, etc..

  6. this is good news i enjoyed first class quite a bit. however i think it would have been more interesting to allow the alliance between eric and charles play out until the end of the third film at which point they finally go their separate ways. the source material always seem to point to a long lasting friendship before they became “enemies” and first class had them together for what, weeks?

    • Yeah, I agree, I felt it was a mistake to make First Class so “self-contained,” especially with respect to the Xavier/Erik relationship.

    • Man i couldn’t tell you how angry i was when i left the cinema,it almost ruined the whole film for me.

      • The part that almost ruined the whole film for me was when

        (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

        Darwin died. How? Wouldnt he just evolve so he could withstand it? At the most he would be in a coma until the end of the film. That made me madder then having eric and charles drift apart so soon.

        But its just my opinion.

        • I see what your saying but idk if his body knew how to evolve to something completely out of the norm. Just a thought but I can see how ud be mad

        • I think it’s safe to say that anyone reading this thread has seen the movie, so I will give my input on that. I thought it was kind of odd as well but since Darwin evolves, who’s to say that he didn’t evolve into something that could withstand the energy blast that Shaw placed within him? Maybe Darwin evolved into a non-corporeal form.

          • This is another instance of the movie makers leaving it up to the audience to make up their own conclusions, which may be right or wrong. I never read the comic Darwin was in, so aside from looking him up on the Internet I have no idea what his powers are or anything else about the character. So since the only thing they showed him doing was growing gills and turning into rocks or whatever when he was getting his, I can’t say for sure what happened to him when Shaw stuck that energy ball in his mouth.

            • Different set of circumstances but Darwin did take on a non corporeal form in the comics. I believe he bonded with Vulcan, the third Summers brother.

              • As I have said before, these movies change things from the comic to the point that the context of a characters changes. The comic book scenario Darwin was in is may not be familiar with fans who don’t read the books anymore, so some people won’t make that connection at all. And the way they alter things in the movies unless the character is bought back and they explain what went down in more detail then they usually do the character will be dead as far as anyone watching is concerned.

  7. awesome news!! X-men: First Class is probably (IMO) the best X-men movie yet.

    One caveat i hope they take into account is that they stay invested in the characters and cast they introduced in the first one.

    namely i am talking about how they treated, nightcrawler, sabertooth, toad, beast, angel, and cyclops. these characters were either shoehorned into the movie, or were written out of the sequel when they actually were pretty well developed and cool characters (nightcrawler specifically)

    i mean, they have so many different mutants and characters to choose from, i just hope they pick the right ones to be in the movie and do them well rather than make up some retarded cinema version (looking at you ryan reynolds)

    a kid version of avalanche or gambit would be cool.

  8. Title idea…X-Men First Class: Part 2 – School’s Out! I’d like to see a lot more X-men films, but I’d rather see a sequel to X-Men: The Last Stand. But, if this is what we get, then Matthew Vaughn should rightfully be at the helm. Bring on Xavier’s Center For Children Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.

    • What is this?! A center for mutant ants?! It’s needs to be at least…. 3 times bigger!

  9. xmen 2nd class!! lol!! thats what it always will be till marvel gets the rights.
    hope the wolverine bombs and fox get cold feet about this.
    you all know the wolverine will be awful.

    im in the marvel militant wing on this. more fox flops means the mutants are a step closer to marvel where they belong.
    send them home!

  10. Outstanding!

    I really like his movies.

  11. How about Bishop? Get someone to play Mr. Sinister and leave the ending of the sequel open for an Apocalypse showdown, like in Spiderman 2 where James Franko found all the Goblin gear. Something like that.

    Cable should be introduced only if Cyclops and Jean Grey come in the package as well.

    It would explain the plot holes from the first Xmen movie to the first class movie. A rip in the fabric of space and time because of the appearence of one of the time traveling mutants!!!

  12. Yeeeeaaaaah awesome news. Love everything that Matthew Vaughn has done…except Stardust, that movie was just ok.

  13. Awesome news! hope they bring beak barnel bohusk or tito bohusk, into the mix to give a simpathetic view in the film for mutants and excepting what and who they are. also hope to see glob herman,chamber,husk, and some other cool cameos, and maybe bring in cyclops,storm,jean,sinister,apocalypse, and please bring in the red would be cool if wolverine where in the film too.i hope singer does another x-men films after this sequel that takes place after lest stand and brings back the old crew from the other films and some from the first class films maybe x-men 4 and 5 back to back.

  14. I’d love to see some crazy sentinel action

  15. yes this is good news but i agree with some about having a x-men 4 and 5. i want that story line to continue they had so many things left wide open for a sequel and we have had nothing for 6 years. and yeah i think since they were planning a trilogy to begin with they should have drug out xavier and magnetos relationship at least until the middle of the second film.

    • X men 1 2 and 3 the last stand were all horrible they should just reboot the whole franchise

  16. Hope X-Men First Class 2 is better than the first First Class one. That one was simply not very good at all. I bought the DVD only because it was, well, The X-Men, & I have the rest of the franchise on DVD, not bercause it was all that enjoyably watchable. Sorry, but if that is heresy, here is another iniquity for you: I bought Green Lantern, and it was somewhat better!

  17. Sweet enjoyed first class hope this is as good and gotta love wolverines cameo in first class lol

  18. Best news I’ve heard all day long :D I loved the first one and he made it on a rushed schedule so imagine the film well get on a normal schedule. :D

  19. Horrible news……how can I sum up my feelings for a sequel to the abomination that was XMFC?…….hummmm…….BLEH :P

  20. You know who they should rehire for the sequel? The poster artist.

    yea… that was a joke.

  21. So I guess the big question is will Vaughn continue to tie the series into “historic” events as he jumps forward decade by decade and if so what will they be? What event in the 70′s could serve as both a challenge and a metaphor as perfectly as the Cuban Missile Crisis in his first film? Although it will be fun to see the X-Men in the decade of excess . . . Disco mutants here we come!

  22. Yeah! Great news!
    X-Men: FC is the only superhero movie produced by Fox that I ever really liked…
    Great to hear they got Vaughn to come back and direct it.

    Any ideas on when the sequel will be released?

    • 2014 I would assume. The Wolverine comes out next year most likely, so 2014 seems to be the best case scenario.

      • Are you SURE it comes out next year? I thought the last news reported on the project was that it was still stalled.

        • Those were just rumors. As far as I know, production will begin this year.

  23. How come nobody ever gives respect to Thunderbird? That poor guy has been shafted since day one. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t he introduced with Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Banshee, and Colossus, and then killed off in his second appearance?
    Give the guy a chance at stardom!

    • Yeah I included Thunderbird in my proposed idea for an X;MEN FC 2 movie.

      which the 1st two scenes of are on the second last x thread with mcavoy pic.

      And what is this talk of… “There’s too many mutants, it’ll be like the last stand. it’ll suck if theres too many mutants.”

      that’s a load of you know what.

      The best thing about x comics was the massive teams, some pages had 20 mutants fighting, it was awesome, and one of the things i always liked about the comics.

      Ratner failed but does that mean all will? Why not put 30 mutants on the screen? thats the way it should be! x-fans? huh? I say pack a movie and do it well.

      My version has about 15 new mutants, and finally ties this messed up scott/jean/phoenix/alex timeline fiasco up, with Sinister, anything is possible. I admit my attempt has a few holes but any attempt to continue the already messed up timeline/roster will leave some damage behind.

      I was a hater, but liked the movie for simply being a good superhero movie. Its fun to speculate on the sequel, theres a wide big x-universe out there.

      • X-Men didn’t really have massive teams when I collected in the 80′s and 90′s and when the team was probably at it’s largest, they split them into teams in two different comics. Last Stand gets all the heat for being messy and having too many characters on the screen, but the series as a whole has not handled giving so many characters any personality, purpose, or lines. Aside from the obvious script issues too many characters pose, there is the financial side as well.

        The first movie passed on using several characters due to not being able to afford the special effects and probably not wanting to pay a whole lot of actors. A since the budgets and box office take from the movies has been declining I doubt that producers and the studio are going to kick in more money for what could be a loss at the box office. The other side to this is the fact that the special effects for the movies have been getting shakier with every movie, and the more characters they try to put on screen the more corners they will cut.

  24. enuf of not including Gambit anymore!! theres so many of us Gambit fans out here. pls somehow give the guy a big break!! Gambit is such an integral member of X-men!

    • Yeah, I mean they already pretty much ignored the events of Origins with Emma Frost being older in First Class, so I say give Gambit the same treatment and do him some justice this time around.

      • I shall endorse this proposition too.

  25. i second jacob. Gambit pls!

  26. Well, what to think of this. My dislike for Fox’ Xmen is well documented here, but I guess I will have to get on board since they’re not giving it up. The first class movie was good enough that I might go see the sequel in the theatre. I can ignore the contradictions that I pointed out in my above comment, but I really wish they would step back from the obvious dopey, predictable humor. For example, “the next thing you know my hair will be falling out”. Fingers are crossed for a good movie. And I currently have no confidence in what ever is going on with the next Wolverine movie.

  27. Lets keep everything in the 70′s/80′s for X:FC 2 and even 3, that way this franchise will run its course and then they reboot the right way, with the original 5.

    For a good bargain, uncanny X-men 90 is the story where prof x dies, but its a reprint so its likely to be cheaper, and you still get the same good story. And for anyone who cares the xmen comic collection that I stupidly sold half of for various reasons in the mid-nineties, but that I am presently trying to regain every issue is looking better. my favorites were 200 to 300 and i’m now only 3 issues from the hundred back to back. picked up a few yesterday. only missing 211, 213 and 222.

  28. I only ask a few small things:
    1) Put January Jones to work or hire a new Emma. Serious. Get her a legit acting coach.
    2) Explain the connection between movie Havok and Cyclops. Singer teased it, but they never gave any definitive explanation.
    3) To add to the Havok issue, bring Darwin back out of Havok (if you re-watch his “death scene” Havok has a surprised look on his face not a fearful one.)
    4) Introduce Papa Stryker’s son, William, as the new head of the CIA’s mutant division replacing Oliver Platt’s Man in Black.
    5) Thus, small cameo of Liev Schrieber’s Sabretooth and XMOW’s Team X.
    6) Elaborate on Oliver Platt’s Man in Black.
    7) Find a way to connect this sequel to X2. The opening scenes at Auschwitz worked. No Weapon X stuff. Something subtle like the “Munich circus”…

    8) Probably most important of all, CAN WE HAVE THE FEMALE CHARACTERS SPEAK TO ONE ANOTHER? There were 4 powerful, beautiful women who had no real interaction with each other aside from Mystique asking Angel if she could fly…

  29. Really wish he’d do kick ass 2 instead. this movie wasnt much good