X-Men: First Class 2 Will Heavily Focus on Charles Xavier

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James McAvoy X Men First Class 2 X Men: First Class 2 Will Heavily Focus on Charles Xavier

Despite a rather rushed production, an entirely new cast and taking the risk of setting the film in the ’60s, X-Men: First Class proved to be the most critically well-received superhero film of the year. Thanks to director Matthew Vaughn, Bryan Singer and some creative writing on the part of Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz and others, Twentieth Century Fox has revitalized the team-based aspect of the X-Men franchise.

X-Men: First Class raked in over $350 million at the worldwide box office and so a sequel is on the way. Sherlock Holmes writer Simon Kinberg will be handling the screenplay this time around, and Matthew Vaughn is already pitching sequel ideas to Fox about Charles Xavier who will remain a key focus of the next film.

Just last week, co-star Michael Fassbender talked about his ideas for X-Men: First Class 2, explaining that since the first film saw the transformation of Magneto into the character we know him as, he’d like to see James McAvoy get to do the same with Charles Xavier becoming Professor X in the sequel.

McAvoy agrees and in a chat with io9, he says that by the end of the first film it’s already established that Erik Lensherr (Magneto) is a villain, but Xavier still has quite a lot to deal with and a lot of evolving to do, so to speak, before becoming the cool, calm and collected leader of the X-Men.

“…I know that with Charles, you either have to write him out of the movie or give him an interesting story. He can’t just become the guy that we saw in the first three movies. He just had two major things happen to him. He’s lost his best friend, essentially, and he’s just been paralyzed from the waist down. Which is just a huge, huge blow to his considerable ego. So he’s got to deal with that.

And I don’t think we can just brush over that and go,’yeah I’m in a wheelchair now,’ because Professor X is in a wheelchair. You’ve got to deal with that, I don’t care if he’s a superhero and has brain powers or not, he’s just had a huge part of his physical life taken away from him, by someone he cares about more than anyone else. So he’s got to deal with that. That’s part of the interesting ideas that we’re talking about with Matthew [Vaughn], that Matthew’s very excited about which I think is fantastic, but I can’t really get into them with you because they may (or may not) form the spine of the story.”

McAvoy explains that Matthew Vaughn already has some ideas for Xavier’s arc and how viewers will see him go from where he ended up by the conclusion of X-Men: First Class to where he is by the beginning of the original X-Men trilogy. Those ideas are being pitched to Twentieth Century Fox as we speak.

Like the rest of the major cast members, McAvoy is locked in to a 3-picture deal with Fox so expect him, Fassbander and others for X-Men: First Class 2 sometime after Hugh Jackman returns for The Wolverine. The actor explains that there’s no point in doing the sequel unless its story is good enough for the movie to stand strongly by itself so despite the success of the First Class, the studio isn’t rushing the sequel.

Let’s hope that’s the case since Vaughn barely got the first film done on time with a very tight production schedule. Let’s also hope some of those supporting mutant characters get to speak this time around – We’re looking at you, Azazel (Jason Flemyng) and Riptide (Álex González).


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  1. The hurry up and wait game is what annoys me the most about the X Men Franchise. Why wait for The Wolverine? The success of FC warrants a sequel so get it done. Instead Fox will probably drag their feet again and then rush another film. Sure FC turned out fine but that’s thanks to Vaughn and friends. Have they forgot about X3 and the 1st Wolverine?

    • i really don’t understand why x3 and wolverine get blasted in here all the time. i liked them. is it someting to do with not following the comics to the letter? i’ve not read many of the comics, but c’mon people, it’s BASED on, not a word by word translation of, the books. just like LOTR. i will concede that the ending to wolverine felt rushed, but some people on here act like it’s the worst thing on film. maybe someone can point out the garbage i’m not seeing

      • I agree Jeff … to a point. The parts that irk me about the two movies isn’t the story it’s in “wasting” or “ruining” some of the mutants. Deadpool is the biggest offensive in all of this, but X3 had a LOT of interesting mutants in it the where barely introduced and then just killed. However, I enjoy the movies for what they are … a comic book movie where the comic book characters are in a cinematic continuum and not related to the comics.

        • Wolverine movie was fine and Deadpool was pretty cool to those of us who never opened a comic book.

          • X3 and Wolverine get blasted because they were terrible. Characters were ruined (Cyclops, Xavier, Phoenix, Deadpool to name a few), the stories were horrible and the series wasn’t written for the good of the characters but for the good of the actors. When that happens, fans gets angry and ticket sales go down the toilet.

            • The Wolverine Movie and X3, butchered so many classic characters, while at the same time trying to fit in characters who made no sense being in these movies. And they recklessly slapped names/persona’s(Psylocke,blob,Quicksilver,i could go on forever). I don’t care if they stray from the books, but don’t butcher the characters. All the Batman fans would be crying if they killed Commissioner Gordon in Batman begins, or Superman killed Lex Luther. And it wouldn’t just be the fan boys bitching. It would be most people because it’s material you’re familiar with. For the record first class was great, but that was no Sebastian Shaw, Mister Sinister would’ve made far more sense, being the genetic mad Man behind the first story.

      • I agree, and many people seem to forget that many of those 2009 summer movies were really hampered by the writer’s strike.

        And the worst thing on screen was Howard the Duck. :)


    • I agree Kevin7, wasn’t Kinberg the writer of that one?
      And they have him at the helm of this one too? Gee I guess people don’t learn from their mistakes

  2. Sounds interesting

    • yep

  3. I actually really enjoyed X-Men First Class, but one thing it did leave me confused about: By the end of the movie, Charles and Erik are basically enemies, correct? But in a previous movie, didn’t Charles and Erik discover Gene Gray together – as a whole recruitment to the school type of thing? … I hope they don’t over look that in the making of more movies to come….

    • Chances are in X-Men: First Class 2 and 3, Xavier and Magneto will reunite

    • If you read the comics you will see that Charles and Erik are enemies most of the time but they come together guite often on many tasks. They both agree that all mutants should be free but they have different ways of going about doing it. Sometimes they work together is what I am saying.

      • While that is the case in the comics (sometimes), I don’t think Fox has even thought of that (they will probably use that as an excuse though). IMO, they just completely messed up the X-Men-movie-continuity over the years.

        I think they should continue with the FC sequels and do a semi-reboot with the franchise: just try to get the continuity straightened out, and then do a new X-Men film with all the old-favorites (Professor X, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Beast, etc.)

        • A lot of people after watching First Class seemed to have forgotten that there is around 40 years between FC and X1. There are a few errors in the film series which cant be explained away but most of the continuity errors can be explained with comic book history or common sense. Give Fox some credit, for the most part they have done well with the X films.

          • “continuity errors can be explained with comic book history or common sense.”

            Why would anyone want to use comic book history to explain away what amounts to lazy storytelling?
            The comics and films are their own mediums, there’s no reason why a film series barely a decade old should be able to keep within its own established film continuity and make as little to no discrepancies as possible. Attempting to use another medium to cover the follies of another is simply nonsensical imo. I’m not even sure how common sense is even a factor either.

            • Wel Said.

              I for one say reboot the damn thing. I have yet to the original or newer series truly get it “right.” Still dont know how Fox hands the keys back to the man that wrecked your 89 T-Top Chevy Corvete.

          • I don’t think it’s possible that there is 40 years between FC and X1,,, *I have only seen the ads but*,, most of the mutants in FC are already pre-teen or teenaged correct? so if you added on 40 years they would all have been ‘Baby-Boomer’ age by X1… @.o someone help me understand this please,,,

            • The original X-Men movies were never given a specific time period, the movie actually opens saying it takes place in the near future. Since it was released in 2000, it has been assumed the movies take place sometime in this century.

              They started dating the stories in Wolverine by using actual historical events, a trend they continued in First Class. They went out of their way to explain why Mystique didn’t age, even though there was some thought these movies were some kind of reboot. Beast could have been affected by shooting himself up with Mystique’s blood, and Wolverine is actually the one character that can fit in any time frame.

                • while this is a fairly good article, there are some errors and omissions: i just got done watching an x-men marathon. i watched x1stc, xo:w, x1 & x2 (it’s too late in the evening for x-3, perhaps tomorrow) the concentration camp scenes in x1 and x1stc are not the same footage. different actors, you dont see erics father, and the guard doesnt knock him out in x1stc.
                  eric gets his helmet in x1stc, but in x1 prof x seems to be oblivious to the helmet and only knows magneto is blocking him somehow, which is really bad considering bryan singer wrote both stories.
                  in x2 there is a tv in the background and hank mccoy is not blue
                  i’m guessing the end of xo:w is in 1979, and that battle is the cause of the 3 mile island accident, but then in x2, stryker says it’s been 15 years since the’ve seen each other, which would make x2 taking place in 1994
                  emma frost is maybe 18 in xo:w, 1979, yet in her mid 30′s in 1962 in x1stc

      • “If you read the comics you will see that Charles and Erik are enemies most of the time but they come together guite often on many tasks”

        While its true that in the comics they routinely form temporary alliances, the films are an entirely new medium, one that doesn’t even truly stick to the comics. Not to mention in X3 Xavier is seen walking so its a possibility that they’ve disregarded various key elements the trilogy established.

        • “the films are an entirely new medium, one that doesn’t even truly stick to the comics.”

          comic books change their history from time to time so you can’t blame films for not sticking to the comics when there’s like 5 different versions of that history within the comic books alone.

          • “comic books change their history from time to time so you can’t blame films for not sticking to the comics”

            I’m aware that comics change their history and I’m not blaming the films if they want to take certain liberties, but at the same time you can’t look to the comic to cover for why the writers of the film can adhere to the very continuity that they themselves established. Its far more understandable why comic history can change when several writers over several decades are involved, however there is no excuse as to why the same creative team over the course of a single decade can’t keep the film series more cohesive.

            • It’s funny that even in this article they say that Xavier is going through losing his best friend in Eric (I find that a stretch considering the time they spent together), but it glosses over the whole Mystique turning on him angle. The forced relationship they wrote in with Xavier and Raven seems like an afterthought now.

              The fact that people are still confused (rightfully so) about certain things that don’t link up in the movies shows that the audience notices things and have reasonable questions. The argument about what the comics did or did not do as far as continuity is not a valid defense, especially when the movies are trying to make the claim that it is a different medium.

              • “they say that Xavier is going through losing his best friend in Eric (I find that a stretch considering the time they spent together)”

                My sentiments exactly. The friendship/foe arc between Xavier and Erik should have been chronicled over the span of 2-3 films. They basically part ways after meeting as adults in one single film, hell I would even argue that Mystique is closer to his best friend as oppose to Erik.

                “especially when the movies are trying to make the claim that it is a different medium.”

                Precisely! Many fans love to defend Fox when it comes to taking liberties that differ from the comics in adapting this franchise to the silver screen, yet they’re quick to have the comic medium pick up the slack when each installment wants to contradict the previous one.

                • The movie version of events as it stands seems to be a mismatch of the relationships Xavier had with his step-brother, then Magneto, using Mystique as a stand-in. The notion that Xavier didn’t like to read people’s minds without permission came in part from how he found out about Cain Marko being abused, and then the animosity that grew in the future Juggernaut from that(and the favoritism Charles received). Not being able to ever help his own step-brother with his demons probably is what kept making him attempt to help people who he saw were damaged in some way. The relationship with Logan in the comics was pretty much the same theme, with Xavier declaring Wolverine would be his greatest triumph or worst failure.

                  His relationship with Magneto was like that in the comics, but it took years and Eric was more of an isolationist until he was pushed over the edge later in life. The First Class there is really never any conflict with Magneto as far as I could see, he was focused solely on revenge against Shaw and the Germans who were responsible for his mother (and countless other peoples) death. And that is where in the movie version even Magneto’s philosophy comes off as extremely flawed. Shaw, who was a mutant, was directly responsible for the death of his mother, and was the one who experimented on him. The Nazi’s as a whole killed millions of other humans due to an ideology, but Magneto turned that into all humans are against mutants (when the fact was the time humans and mutants did not have a public discord), and then flipped to the same ideology that Shaw and the Nazi’s had. The massive leaps in the thought process of the characters make it hard for me to see where he was ever really a “good guy”, and the way he came off in the movie at times was just that he was always out for his own agenda.

                  There was also the connotation that Xavier somehow mentally affected Magneto in such a way it curbed some of his rage. The reference he made to missing a telepath at the end when he broke Emma Frost out kind of made me think that might have been a part of what helped Charles get through to him a little bit.

                  • Truth be told, I’d preferred an actual Xavier/Marko storyline, which is of course
                    wishful thinking considering this is Fox making these films. And while I too believe
                    that FC was showing us a mismatch relationship, its interesting how none of this
                    is brought up or even hinted in X1-X3.

                  • wel said Slayer

              • Yea Xavier and Erik had a two week love affair. I did not see any lasting moments of friendship. The only real monent was Xavier reminding Erik of a memory he had forgotten besides that I wouldn’t even call it anything memorable.

                If anything the film was about Xavier & Mystique falling out. That had way more appeal for whatever reason. See Joss Wheadon should have skipped the Avengers and directed a real X-Men reboot.

                Im from Louisiana so all I want is a proper Gambit. Please&ThankYou

              • It’s funny that even in this article they say that Xavier is going through losing his best friend in Eric. I think you guys may be a little confused here. Wouldn’t he be refering to mystiqu, whom he grew up with and not erik …?

        • Xavier was also seen walking at the end of XO:Wolverine. By that stories timeline this would have been in 1979 at the time of the Three Mile Island meltdown, 16 years after XFC when Xavier was paralized.

          The continuity established in the first three films, along with XO:Wolverine, doesn’t seem like it can be fixed, merged or “retconned” to fit with the XFC continuity. But then again, I’m not a writer.

        • was Xavier walking when Magneto and himself met Jean? because that was 12-15 years before X1 was it not? I haven’t read very many X-Men comics, and that was all too long ago, but the part where he was walking was previous to X1, Xavior wasn’t born in a wheel chair lol.

    • I’m not a comic book fan so I base my opinion on the movies, but from what I saw in all the movies, Charles and Eric are not enemies- not by any stretch of the imagination. They seem to have a great deal of love, admiration and, to a lesser degree, respect for one another. They just happen to disagree on how they should deal with the mutant/human issue.
      And they each want the other to switch sides, so it makes sense to me that they would deal with each other on and off.

      I can’t wait for the sequel. I am among those who don’t understand why Wolverine has to be released or completed first because the two movies really have nothing to do with one another. As long as they don’t take too long, though, I guess I’ll be okay!

      • That seems to be Singer’s vision of things, so you are right that in the films it appears that Magneto and Xavier just have a slight difference of beliefs. This is part of the problem though, they don’t actually let anyone be a good guy or bad guy, everything is too ambiguous. Magneto’s Brotherhood in the comics was named the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, not a great deal of room for interpretation there.

        As for having to wait for Wolverine to get done, it probably has to do with the producers having to get capital together for Wolverine first. I would suspect that the budgets for both movies are not going to be as high as previous movies due to a drop in box-office sales.

    • Yes but that was with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen playing young Charles and Erik, respectively. That’s where people get confused. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are never going to resemble Stewart and McKellen so people will always complain about continuity but you might as well be complaining about continuity in the James Bond series with six different actors having played James Bond. My guess is that the sequel will be set in the seventies and Scott and Jean will already be on the team with Beast, Havok and Banshee and maybe Storm. The continuity is fine but Scott and Jean and Storm are much older than we assumed them to be in the first trilogy.

    • Don’t forget that this movie had Charles and Erik played by two different actors that we saw in X3. You assume that these actors will grow up to look like the actors in the first trilogy but of course they won’t. The fact is that we saw Charles and Erik recruiting mutants in First Class but Jean and Scott were not recruited, probably because they would have been too young. That makes sense to me.

  4. Heh. He said Charle Xavier not being able to move his legs would form the “spine of the story”… heh…

    • Pun intended. I noticed that too.

  5. Hopefully not only will Azazel and Riptide speak, as will Banshee, Havok and Beast have a bigger part

  6. There are many X-Men members, villains and enemy teams that weren’t included in the previous films which they can utilise in future prequels/sequels and give us new stories while leaving out the overused Magneto.

  7. who cares? first class was awful

  8. How’s this for an opening to X:FC 2? (considering X:FC = early 60’s, so 10 years later, X:FC 2 = early 70’s.)

    Prof X is in Vietnam looking for the culprit of a massacre of G.I’s, it’s Sunfire – a Japanese mutant mercenary working for the Vietcong.

    Prof. X has his own defence, a Russian ally – Pioter (Colossus) looking for his missing sister, Illyana.

    Prof. X, Colossus and Beast assault a prisoner camp and fight Sunfire. They learn that he is possessed by Malice. They defeat and convert Sunfire and rescue Illyana. Prof X senses mutants near and knows malice works for someone called Sinister. Malice enters a guard.

    In the distance there is a man who’s got them all in a crosshairs, it’s Scalphunter. Malice says “Another day… the songbird is next.” We see Scalphunters checklist and Dazzler is next. Wolverine – Japan is seen along with other names of mutants that are scratched out.

    • That by far sounds like a more appealing story.

    • Xavier can’t walk though. I dig this idea and I like Sunfire.

      • He can’t walk true but maybe JUST maybe (although i doubt it will happen) they can incorporate the hover chair that xavier used in the xmen 90′s cartoon! but pretty cool idea though

    • Make it so Pitt man.

    • Colossus already appeared in X-Men United and Last Stand. I suspect that the plot will be driven by Magneto and Xavier both trying to recruit mutants. Remember, Emma Frost is a telepath too. Storm and Dazzler may be mutants that Magneto and Emma want to recruit. I think they also need to explain a bit about Cyclops and Havok. In the comics, Havok is the younger brother but the opposite may be true in the movies. Also, did they grow up together or were they raised separately as orphans? The same question applies to Banshee: where were his parents? How does Xavier recruit young people? What does he tell their parents. This all needs to be thought out. Only then can they think of introducing more heroes and villains.

      • They never really got into Cyclops past at all in the original trilogy, and the only back story they ever gave for him was that little piece of him being in high school in Wolverine(which depending on your line of thought didn’t happen). Even in that film Scott gets kidnapped by Stryker, and apparently nobody missed him(even though he blew half his school’s roof off).

        In First Class Havoc clearly can’t be Cyclops younger brother, and he was sitting in what looked like a maximum security prison(not a very good one if they let guards walk around the tiers with guns). One would guess his parents, if he had any, would only catch on to him being recruited by anyone is if they went for visiting day and he just wasn’t there.

        Beast was already a CIA lab rat, so he was pretty much on his own already. Angel was a stripper, so she must have been at least legal age and on her own, Darwin was a cab driver and clearly nobody missed him since he just died/vanished without a funeral cupcake. Banshee could have been an adult, one who liked to hang out at aquariums and kill fish, but it’s not implied he had any parental units asking where he went either.

        Overall in the movie universe considering the amount of kids Singer wanted to have at the school one would guess Xavier just Jedi Mind Tricked the parents, and everyone else for that matter. I mean how are you going to legitimately run a school with more then 20 students with four adults ?

        • “One would guess Xavier just Jedi Mind Tricked the parents, and everyone else for that matter”

          Yes. In the comics when Xavier and Magneto first meet they are Charles and Erik. They are not the hero and the villain. So it is in the movie version. But in First Class 2 Xavier has to be the Charles Xavier we know in the comics. No more mind tricks. If he is going to take someone’s child and bring them to the school then the parents need to know that their child is attending a school for the “gifted”. Hell, what he did with Bobby’s parents was bad enough. They didn’t know he was a mutant? Seriously? Xavier just told them that he was going to study at his school and they said “Okay?” I don’t remember what he told Kitty Pride’s parents back in Uncanny X-Men 129. It was so so long ago. But I’m pretty sure they knew their daughter was a mutant.

    • Next scene for my X:MEN first class 2 (or THE UNCANNY X-MEN)

      Moira, Banshee, Havok and new x-man, Thunderbird are in San Francisco at a disco club line-up, They enter to see the band already performing… it’s Dazzler and band rocking out some groovy disco tunes.

      After the set Moira approaches Allison (dazzler) and explains who they are. Allison flirts with Alex (they had a relationship in the comics started around post-inferno with Jim Lee’s first run).

      Then the band gets back onstage to perform and are attacked when the whole side of the building collapses and a giant whirl wind enters the club and dissipates, left behind is Riptide. Then Scalphunter and Harpoon charge from behind shooting and throwing charged energy weapons.

      Banshee, Moira, Thunderbird and Havok fight the 3 marauders and protect Allison. The place is trashed, people run screaming and Allison’s keyboard player is hit with a tranq from Scalphunter, Allison yells “LILA!”

      Then the roof comes off the place and Magneto is hovering, he’s says “Riptide, your desertion is not acceptable.”
      Magneto, Azazel and Angel Salvatore enter the fight. Malice (as guard she entered) enters Lila, she wakes and teleports she and the Marauders away.

      Magneto gives the x-men a warning just before Prof X arrives with Collosus, illyana, Beast and Sunfire.

      Prof X enlists Dazzler, her wanting to find her friend Lila, and then tells Alex that he sensed that this Malice entity that he chased from Vietnam knows where Alex’s brother Scott is.

      • I think if I were an evil entity possessing someone I wouldn’t make it obvious by going around killing people. If I did I would make sure that my host body died, say killed by police in a hail of bullets, and then I’d pass on to somebody nearby. Anyone would think my host body went nuts and it would take a keen detective to piece together a trail of bodies. This concept might make a good movie but I don’t know if it’s an X-Men movie. It sounds more like an X-Files plot.

        • Malice was not really low key about possessing people, and I think that thing she wore around her neck was a give away. Besides that Xavier (and most other psychics in the books), could usually sniff her out a mile away. As for adding the rest of these characters, considering the track record of the people involved, less is more as far as characters are concerned. More mute bad-guys and heroes who have the character development of an NPC in video game really isn’t going to help this series along (granted it’s kind of going around in circles as is).

          • I agree. Add Scott and Jean and maybe Storm and Dazzler and maybe one new villain and that’s it. The first two X-Men movies did a good job of slowly adding new characters. Oh and it just occurred to me that they could add Psylocke in the First Class series because the Psylocke character in X-Men: The Last Stand was never named as such and was just a female Asian mutant, the same way Emma Frost wasn’t named in Wolverine and as just somebody who looked like her and had the same powers. But I don’t want Colossus, Nightcrawler, Sunfire, Gambit, etc. in First Class Part 2: I like the idea of the third movie being set in the eighties with new X-Men and now the title can be Uncanny X-Men. If they can then do a series set in the nineties then it could be called Astonishing X-Men and then these actors will have played Xavier and Magneto four times already and it’ll be time to reboot the series all over again with all new actors. That’s if there is enough interest in X-Men movies at that point (with Wolverine having had at least two movies of his own). They might eventually reboot the series with Scott, Jean, Bobby, Hank and Warren but set it in present day.

            • By “series” I meant “movie”.

            • I really don’t know where they are going with the First Class idea, tying the movies to specific dates and time periods just seemed like a gimmick, which is funny since the original movies were purposely vague about the era it was set in. It worked to an extent with Wolverine, since he doesn’t age, but throwing in other characters that didn’t fit or weren’t needed just helped crash that movie.

              The way they have been pulling characters from all over the comic book’s 50 year run, and then done nothing to explain them or develop their personality, it almost doesn’t matter who they throw into the next First Class movie. Just as you mentioned how they threw people in other films who might have been someone from the comics (the Stryker character from X-2 who may have been Mastermind is another example), adding other people really won’t matter at this point. They can put people in these movies and change their powers and give them the name of a known character, or have a character show up that has powers that king of resemble one from the books, and if they do the usual and just have them wander across the screen it won’t matter to the audience.

  9. James McAvoy can carry a movie as the lead and I am sure there is a good movie or two to feature McAvoy as
    Professor X. Whether it is Fassbender and McAvoy or Macellen and Stewart, this has been the best part of the X-Men movies, the scenes between Magneto and Professor X.

    For any screen writer, their scenes together, one could write some excellent dialogue for X-Men First Class 2 or whatever they call the new X-Men movie. If Vaughn and Singer are involved, consider me in the theater opening weekend!

  10. Honestly, I would like to see more female characters making strong statements in the X-Men movies. All of the previous female characters (Emma Frost, Storm, Jean Grey, etc) had weak supporting roles. Women were literally seen as a joke in X-Men: First Class (except maybe Mystique), and it is definitely a shame. The sequel should definitely include Storm… January Jones’ performance as Emma Frost was pretty flat in some areas. I would like to see her do a better job or maybe she should be replaced by Vaughn’s first choice, Alice Eve. I don’t know lol…

    A sequel should definitely happen though!!! :)

    • January Jones was as flat as her booty! Just terrible.

  11. This might be a heresy, but I have to say I ws pretty disappointed in the X-Men: First Class movie…not very impressed at all. You might also say my taste is in my mouth, but I was more impressed than most of the nay-saying critics by the green lantern movie as a first effort. I would be more interested in seeing another Green lantern movie–or two–or three, plus a Flash movie. Or maybe even a Flash and Green Lantern team-up flick!

    • “I would be more interested in seeing another Green lantern movie–or two–or three, plus a Flash movie. Or maybe even a Flash and Green Lantern team-up flick!”
      well, there was talk of a justice league movie at one point, to compete with the avengers, but, i see that taking at least 7-10 years, as there will have to be a new batman reboot,(i doubt christian bale will ever do another batman) & still waiting on the new superman. there was supposed to be a wonder woman flick, that has yet to happen. i remember reading about a flash movie, but that has also yet to happen.
      marvel got their act together and we are going to see an AWESOME film in “The Avengers”, but this is all off topic…we’re here to dis the X-men films, apparently…

  12. As much of a fan of the comic books and Xavier as I was, the idea of having the whole next movie revolve around Xavier does not seem like a good idea. It’s not because the character isn’t interesting on it’s own, but the set-up they left themselves does not lend itself to much of back story that actually did make Xavier who he was.

    This version of Xavier does not have the relationship with Cain Marko and his stepfather, his time in the military and the period when he actually did meet Magneto. In the movie-verse he is already in the wheelchair, and unless he regains the ability to walk again then that is where they are going to have to work from.

  13. i jz hope somehow, they squeeze in Gambit for god’s sake!! Out of 5 X-men movies, he appeared briefly for a collective time of prolly only 10 mins??? Total crap!! i jz dnt knw how they can leave an integral member of X-men all the time!!

    • Yeah what’s up with leaving Gambit out? I thought his brief time in Wolverine was pretty cool.

    • “i jz dnt knw how they can leave an integral member of X-men all the time!!”

      They’ve done it countless times with countless integral members. Although I’m not oppose to them using
      Gambit, he definitely shouldn’t be forced into the narrative simply because fans want to see him in a film.

  14. I actually thought that this was one of the (if not the best) X-men movies. What I really liked was Magneto’s character and how he came to be the villain of the story. I was far less interested in Professor X’s character and i don’t think that I could find myself caring much more for the character. Want to make X-Men first class 2 good? Pretend X-Men Origins: Wolverine never happened and bring in Gambit. Throw in a few other lovable characters like Morph and keep the story on the growing tension between Prof X and magneto and your good

    • X-Men: First Class was the best X-Men movie to date… no doubt about it.
      I completely agree.

      • Which really isn’t saying much.

        • Hehe.. you’re right there ;), but still, it was a good movie (IMO, it was in the same ballpark as Iron Man, BB, TDK, etc. )

  15. “…May (or may not) form the spine of the story.”

    Love the unintended pun, there! I don’t think he even realized what he just said (or did anybody…)

    I know I’ve been a vocal critic of this movie for taking liberties with the source material, but it seems like the performances of McAvoy and Fassenbender have been so well-received that I’m going to have to see it eventually. But it still depresses me that this movie did so well.

    • McAvoy and Fassenbender were good in their perspective roles, but for me it came at the expense of the supporting characters. It seemed like a combination of the other characters being poorly written and in some cases not well-acted. Whatever the reason the end result came across as the same thing that almost all of the other X-Men suffer from, two or three characters dominating the story while the rest were props.

      With what they are planning for this movie it just seems like they have not spent the time to tell these stories in an efficient and still interesting way. After a decade and five movies it’s kind of odd to still be telling “origin” stories for characters like Magneto and Xavier. To be honest the X-Men series started out seemingly avoiding allot of the introduction stories, but now in an attempt to copy other comic book properties they want to go back and tell ret-con stories about people who should already be sort of established in their narrative.

  16. Magneto didnt develop on his own and without the aid of Xavier he would not have manifested his powers the way he did towards the end. He hovered/floated/flew out of the Submarine and there was no training on that. At the same time, there needs to be a scene or scenes where Xavier is assisted with the increasing ability of his own powers. There were things Xavier hadnt experienced in the first film, like someone blocking him out like Emma Frost did, who at the time seemed like she was more powerful than Xavier. While on the subject of Emma Frost, it’s also said that she went inside the mind of Ice Man and increased his ability to a level he could never before anad after she was in his head. So should Xavier show his ability of unlocking keys to the brain to maximize ones mutant ability? Or is this the movie where Gene and Cyclops are introduced, or do they continue to mess up this series by bringing in mutants that dont belong. Or placing mutants on the wrong teams, jacking up associations. Like they did in the first 3 films.

  17. i also agree with jeff in my opinon X3 was the best out of the three X-men movies and wolverine was well badass and like vanguard iv never read one of their comics before. so what they didnt get Deadpool right! they are obviously probably going to bring him back if you seen the ending of Wolverine. these movies are the beginings of the mutants we all know and love so of coures he wont be in his suit or costume. if rumors are right they might make three more movies from the orginal 3 Xmovies we might see him again in that or in the new Wolverine movie.

    i really look forward to the new FC i really liked the frist one:)

  18. McAvoy said “spine” in reference to a Charles Xavier storyline…am I the only one that finds that just a tad funny?

    • Not everyone is hung up on the issue, some people just really are confused by inconsistencies that have occurred over the course of the series. Saying that it’s obvious First Class was a preboot assumes everyone knows what that newly created term even means.

      And like you said nobody involved with the movies seems to want to own up to what First Class was supposed to be, so just as you made the inference that it was clearly a preboot, other people might just find it to be lax storytelling.

  19. okay, a completely un-Charles Xavier related topic- I haven’t read the comics in quite some time, but something that confused me about First Class was Havok… That’s Alex Summers, isn’t it? Scott’s little brother? I couldn’t really enjoy the scenes with him because every time I saw him I was thinking “what the eff? Why are you here when your big bro is like 25, fourty years from now?”

    I liked the rest of first class, though. More than I like any of the other X-men movies and I love the idea of another one happening.
    However, I do miss Shadowcat… not that the others gave much of her character. Sigh…

    • We should all just go ahead and write off Wolverine Origins and X3. They never happened…

      • I totally agree that both Wolverine AND X3 should be written off as it never happen. I would like to see if there’s going to be an establish continuity between The Wolverine and FC just to explain how Logan was in that bar instead of Japan or was this before Japan? and here i though Alex was Scott older brother. FC is like the first 3 Xmen movie never happen

  20. Continuity errors? Bring in Cable. Maybe he convinced Erik and Charles to work together after their fallout to avoid a dystopian future. Maybe he swapped Emma, Havok, and others in the timeline… I vote Gerard Butler for the time-traveling deus ex machina!

    But yeah, I can see them bringing in a young William Stryker to take over the dead Oliver Platt’s division and sweep up the heterochromia blonde that Charles was hitting on. And, from there Mutant 143 is born.

    What about the dual Sabretooths/Sabreteeth??? Mystique gives him the mutant “cure” serum Beast made for her in FC. Boom.

    Oh, and more Emma Frost. The combined might of Charles’ telepathy and her physical strength takes down Magneto, destroys the helm (explaining Charles’ surprise at the new helm in X1), and mind-wipes him. After this he could meet Magda. I also think it would be cool to have him be the reason for the Chernobyl disaster as originally planned in his solo film.

    Basically, these continuity errors can be fixed with creative story-telling…

    • The continuity errors in First Class can never be fixed. Bring back Emma Frost? Are you kidding me? She was the worst character ever. Were you even watching the film (which was worse than the Star Wars prequels)? I think you are only concerned with seeing the characters you read about in your comic collection coming to film, and don’t really care about bad lines, a really stupid plot, plot holes that are so big that they cover the entire TV screen, unrepairable continuity errors, nothing making any sense whatsoever, characters doing really stupid things for no reason, characters doing pretty much anything whether stupid or not for no reason and/or with no thought, and, as in the case of Emma Frost and others, horrible acting.

      • True, I like Emma Frost and January Jones sucked as Emma Frost but there’s room for improvement. She had few lines and failed at them, but there must be a reason she had little screen time other than her bad acting. She is a major X-character and was seemingly short-shifted in the story department. Same goes for Havok and Banshee. I believe that creative storytelling can fix many of the continuities of the franchise. My opinion. No need to douche all over my comment. Jeez.

        Dude. We get it. You didnt like the movie.

  21. I hope they have two sequels and they have very powerful stories, and unique characters like husk,chamber,glob herman and beak for cameos and smaller mutants side stories, and bigger characters like Sinister,Apocalypse,cyclops,jean,storm,stryker,sabretoothe,blob,juggernaught,and a baby nightcrawler. these character need to be in the sequels if only small roles, and maybe when they continue after x-men last stand bring in some of the others. but i really feel cyclops and the sentinels should be in the first class sequels, and beak.

  22. what really brought out the success of this movie would definitely Charles and Erik’s relationship! Well that’s my point of view, i really enjoyed their scenes together and the chemistry between James and Michael was outstanding! I wish that the sequel will end up with them in bad terms at first but joins together to fight a bigger villain that is a threat to the mutant community. I just really want to see their friendship again ;A;

  23. As the first film leant so heavily upon the fact that Charles Xavier is a geneticist and assuming the second film does focus upon him, it would be a real shame if they didn’t use Mr. Sinister.

    As for the villain, there’s always Omega Red. 60′s. Cold war. Makes sense.

  24. Why can’t anyone see it? First Class was a horrible movie. It claimed to be character driven and yet none of what the characters do made any sense. One doesn’t have to nitpick to see how screwed up what the characters do is. And now let’s nitpick. “Considering none of us have the ability to render ourselves bullet proof I think we better”. And then twenty minutes later Xavier gets shot and “rendered” paraplegic. Actually forget this nitpicking stuff. There was so much wrong with that movie it is not even funny. This movie was the worst X Men movie so far. X men 3 looks like Citizen Kane in comparison. Everyone who thinks that First Class was a good movie, watch it again, this time ACTUALLY PAYING ATTENTION to what is going on, instead of just watch the action (which looks really cheep). People that like First Class are the same kind of people that like the Star Wars prequels. And yet, now that I think about it, this First Class movie was one hundred times worse the Star Wars prequels. Come one 20th Century Fox, give us what we want!!! We want a continuation of the original X Men trilogy!!!! You can still save X Men!! Hurry before it is too late and the second First Class movie completely messes up everything!!!! Or give the rights back to Marvel studios already, damn it. They know how to make comic book movies properly. Heck, while were at it we may as well have Sony Picture give the rights of Spiderman back to Marvel too, before they ruin that franchise forever (just as Fox will do to their comic book treasure if this madness continues)with The Amazing Spiderman.

    • First Class was a hundred times better than X3 and I actually liked X3. I’ve seen it twice already and I was paying attention each time. First Class was faithful to the spirit of the comics. X3 killed of Cyclops because the actor worked on the movie Bryan Singer left X3 for and then when X3 and Wolverine were panned by critics they agreed to have Singer come back as a producer. They killed off Xavier so that if Xavier appears in X4 then it would be a different actor. Fox doesn’t want to pay high salaries. They would like an X4 movie with Colossus, Kitty, Iceman, Rogue, Jubilee, Siren, etc. but they’re not sure it would work. People seem to thin X3 ruined the X-Men franchise and they decided that Singer’s idea of starting over from the beginning was better. Eventually these actors will start demanding more money and Fox will reboot again, this time with a whole new continuity. Every franchise goes through this: even the James Bond franchise got rebooted with Casino Royale. (Or is this a whole new guy with the same name and number?)

      • I totally disagree with any of the X-men films being any good. X3 by far was the worst. So they kill off characters to keep from paying them?!?! Singer destroyed any and all character associations (wolverine & sabertooth- X1, wolverine & lady deathstrike- X2), bought in characters that didnt belong (pyro was german and brotherhood, never a atudent of Xavier, Rogue didnt become an X-man until after she drained the powers of Ms MArvel). Singer jacked this franchise up. They didnt start with the 5 original X-men- Angel, Beast, ice-man, cyclops and Phoenix. If Singer has his hands in any future X-men projects, it will be an utter disaapointment

  25. First Class failed because they used Havok instead of Cyclops as a student. Havok is Cyclops younger brother, so how can Cyclops be the first student of Xavier if his younger brother is on the first X-man team. The X-men universe on the big screen is forever destroyed!!! Who ever directs the next x-men movie better pay attention to the way the Avengers set up was done!!!!

    • You mean by substituting Hawkeye and the Black Widow for Ant Man and the Wasp and having Captain America show up before the Avengers Assembled?