Simon Kinberg To Help Build ‘X-Men’ & ‘Fantastic Four’ Franchises

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X Men Fantastic Four Universes Simon Kinberg To Help Build X Men & Fantastic Four Franchises

In the midst of one of the busiest weeks of superhero movie news ever, X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer surprised everyone yesterday when namedropping another X-Men film for 2016, one that would include one of the greatest villains from the comics in Apocalypse. It was strange for several reasons; there were no reports or leaks that such a project was in the works and it didn’t come from Twentieth Century Fox directly.

We had heard however that Singer and co-writer Simon Kinberg at least had ideas for what would go next, what Days of Future Past could build towards, and now we know. It was Kinberg after all, who pitched the Days of Future Past story idea to then-director Matthew Vaughn early on as a way to not only bring back the First Class cast but to bring back faces from the original X-Men trilogy – something the studio very much wanted. As we know now, there are even bigger plans in the works, and Kinberg will have a major role to play in the future of the franchise.

THR was given the scoop on Kinberg’s newly signed deal with Twentieth Century Fox. It’s a three-year first-look contract where he will help develop and oversee Fox’s own Marvel cinematic universe. He’s currently not only writing and producing X-Men: Days of Future Past, but he’s also producing the studio’s Fantastic Four reboot alongside Matthew Vaughn (also heavily involved with the X-films), a project that consultant and comics writer Mark Millar says will lead to an eventual crossover.

 “I have a lot of ideas on how to built those brands and do what everybody is thinking of these days: Be like Marvel. I want to be able to build stories over multiple movies.”

X Men Apocalypse Movie 2016 Simon Kinberg To Help Build X Men & Fantastic Four Franchises

Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse shocker yesterday is undoubtedly part of this (a continuing story for Days of Future Past), and the timing of that announcement goes hand-in-hand with Kinberg’s official involvement. By all accounts, Fox is aiming to take advantage of the Marvel intellectual properties they still own the rights too (they lost Daredevil last year) and it’s possible we’ll finally see them not only release an X-Men or FF film annually, but move to two pictures per year.

  • 2014: X-Men: Days of Future Past
  • 2015: Fantastic Four
  • 2016: X-Men: Apocalypse

Another comic book insider in Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld confirmed this week that Jeff Wadlow’s (Kick-Ass 2screenplay for an X-Force film is complete. Wadlow was tapped to write that for Fox after pitching the idea for more team-based movies. There’s also the highly praised finished script for Deadpool by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, another project that’s just waiting for the Fox greenlight. And we just found out in recent weeks that The Wolverine director James Mangold and franchise star Hugh Jackman are working on a story for Wolverine 3.

So, where do these all fit in? They don’t unless Fox pushes production to two films per year, something Marvel Studios has built themselves up to do and something Warner Bros. is reportedly considering for some of their characters as well. According to Liefeld, who’s been tweeting about X-Men characters Deadpool and Cable for years now, it’s possible to see X-Force and a Deadpool spinoff within six months to a year of one another.

If X-Men: Days of Future Past with its pushed up date of May 2014 is a big as Fox hopes it to be (and as good as Hugh Jackman says it is) and they can get close to that billion dollar milestone, expect an onslaught of reports and announcements in the following weeks and months. Days of Future Past might be the most expensive superhero movie ever made and the studio is taking it very seriously and banking on it to relaunch a much larger franchise. That’s why Kinberg (who’s hitting it big these days, also writing a Star Wars spinoff for Disney) is now a part of the Fox-Marvel family for the long haul and why guys like Mark Millar were brought into the fold.


More: How X-Men: Days of Future Past leads into Apocalypse (Spoilers)


The Wolverine is now available on home video, X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015X-Men: Apocalypse releases May 27, 2016.

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  1. So what the heck is Mark Millar doing then? I thought that was his job?

    • I imagine we will hear soon that this is no longer the case. This is just speculation, but both Singer and Mangold said that Millar’s involvement was minimal in DOFP and The Wolverine. Singer even had a slight attitude about it, as I recall, which may mean Fox has quietly shown Millar the door and is now giving the job to Kinberg, who seems to work well with all parties involved in the current projects: Mangold, Vaughn, Singer, and Trank.

      I guess we’ll see how it all shakes loose over the next few months. Sounds like the right move to me if that is the case. Millar never struck me as actually HAVING much of a grand plan. I could be wrong.

    • Ah, Millar is there for consulting and brainstorming. Kinberg is actually writing and producing.

      I have a feeling Singer and Kinberg had their own plans already before Millar was brought in.

      • I feel like Millar was billed as the “shepherd” or “godfather” for all their other productions along the lines of Whedon for Phase 2. I guess this is a little different. As now it seems like Kinberg is more of that role.

        Rob, you are probably right about Singer and Kinberg already having plans for future installments before Millars involvement.

      • I have the same feeling. But Millar confirmed yesterday that he signed a 3 years deal too, and that he has been working with Kimberg these latest 15 months, so its all about a team, it seems

    • There are going to be so many people consulting and re-working scripts that anyone who is not in these guys inner circle might not want to work with this group.

    • Mark Millar = Emperor Puyi ;-)

  2. X-Men are my favorite team in all of comics so I’m happy that there is going to be some dedication to have a stronger, conencted universe between them and the FF

  3. wouldnt shock me if they decide the F4 were mutants. id still love for the fox rights to go back to marvel so that reed richards can be in the MCU and i would love a hulk vs the thing

  4. I do not know what to think of FF and X-men combining films. I mean it is already hard enough to have the X-men characters get enough screen time so by adding in the Fantastic four would take more away. Now if they cameo and just show they are a shared universe then that might work, but I mean Cyclops, Gambit, Rogue, Deadpool (etc) have not been able to shine yet due to others being the main focus this would just make it harder for that to happen and just think of the continuity issues that would happen.

  5. I would like to just wonder:

    1. How much he is getting paid for this job.
    2. Exactly what this job entails.

    Then I would like to know if they want to pay me much less to probably do the same thing along him to continue to work other task.



    • I think the deal means he’s going to be writing and producing Marvel movies for Fox until 2017

  6. Fox should just give up Fantastic Four back to Marvel. The X-Men are as big of a universe as the rest of the Marvel universe is. With X-Men you have dozens of characters to spin off, dozens of teams to spin off like X-Force, Alpha Flight and X-Factor. Fantastic Four would work so much better in the Avengers universe just give it up Fox.

    • I agree. The X-men Universe comprises about half of Marvel and they’d be better suited to simply stay with the Mutants. Fantastic Four belongs in the Avengers Universe, which would allow for the Silver Surfer and Galactus to appear in films like Guardians and Avengers 3.

    • I 2nd that! It’s a travesty that with Marvel expanding their intergalactic movie presence, we can’t have the likes of the SS or Galactus as a part of that. Both are an integral part of the bigger picture so we are left with a hole in the MCU that is difficult to fill (Thanos is great but he IS only one villain after all)

  7. Put Franklin in Days of Future Past!!!

    That would be the best way to kick of the shared universe. Make him known to be the kid of Reed and Sue.

    Then in the FF movie you have him there as a 3 or 4 year old.

    With that, in X-Men: Apocalypse you make Prof X and Magneto need to work together (By Prof. X entering Magneto’s mind to amplify his powers), thus spawning Onslaught for the FF/X-Men Crossover.

    4 movie crossover idea right there. Stamp it, its done!

  8. All I’m saying is I best see logan in that damn suit soon…and they’d better not think of doing avengers: infinite gauntlet without wolverine

  9. If they really want to make a Sony Marvel universe you need to have Spider-Man and X-Men crossover along with Fantastic Four. Cable needs to be seen in a movie working alongside Spider-Man and The Thing. Something tells me they won’t with the slow amount of build up but they could be accelerating it by force feeding so many characters in a few movies like they are with the Spider-Man rogues

    • Sony is only Spider-Man and have no way of touching X-Men or FF. Cable can not be in Spider-Man as he is owned by Fox as well.

  10. I just hope the people at Fox forget about the crazy changes they want to make to the F4 and they give us a movie well worth watching.

  11. I’d like to see a silver surfer film

    • I want to know how Marvel will make the Infinity Gauntlet movie without Surfer. He is a pretty important part of that story. How can he be left out?

      • They can replace him with Beta Ray Bill or Firelord…

      • They can easily replace him with someone that works. Gotta remember also the general public will go in probably not knowing that fact anyway.

  12. Its so amazing how All this Marvel Universe getting bigger and bigger by the minute.
    making new alliances and fighting foes like Apocalypse, Thanos, Galactus.

    Heck! I wouldnt be surprised if someday AVENGERS+ GOTG+ X MEN + You name it, fight against… God.

    • Why God? God is the good guy. Satan man Satan

  13. Since Fox and Sony both want to work with Disney/Marvel so much, I think they should take the first step with each other and show us if they can pull it off! Have Spider-Man as a supporting character in the second Fantastic Four movie, as it should be.

  14. I prefer

    Fantastic Four: Brothers Nevermore
    X-MEN: Reign of Apocalypse

  15. I hope the X-men universe goes two movies a year and ties one into the other (LOTR/the Hobbit style). Make great films that are a mini-series all together. I’d pay to see that. Then, I’d pay to buy the box set of that.

  16. Ready to see these movies, although it sounds like they are being made a mishmash of already. I hope I am ecstatically-over-joyed, but have a hunch the pendulum is gonna swing the other way….!

  17. “expect an onslaught of reports and announcements in the following weeks and months”
    I see what you did there.

  18. This is terrible. Me, and many other X-men fans I met believe the X-men should just be the world of mutants and levee it like that. This make me sick to my stomach. I hope they don’t share the same universe. I do hope to see The Wolverine 2 and X Men: apocalypse movies.