Mark Millar to Oversee Fox’s Marvel Cinematic Universe

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20th Century Fox Marvel Movie Universe Mark Millar to Oversee Foxs Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Avengers are back in the spotlight this week with its home video release on Tuesday, aiming to break records just as it did in theaters worldwide. Proving that comic book movies are not only still the golden ticket in Hollywood, Marvel Studios demonstrated that just like in the comics, separate stories and characters can be brought together in a shared, interconnected cinematic universe.

The Avengers was both risky and ambitious, but it paid off and now Joss Whedon is overseeing the entire Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe to keep the growing universe organized and within the same continuity. Twentieth Century Fox plans to do the same with the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises and they’ve hired Mark Millar to be their very own Joss Whedon-esque mastermind.

When doing the press rounds for his YouTube series H+, Bryan Singer couldn’t avoid questions about his next X-Men project, a followup to last year’s X-Men: First Class directed by Matthew Vaughn. He wasn’t shy about confirming that the film will be based on X-Men: Days of Future Past, a time travel story from Marvel Comics, and he explained that it will attempt to bridge together all of the films so far, to make sense of the continuity and do something larger and grander with the universe just like Marvel Studios has done with the characters they own film licenses to.

“I think there’s a strong desire to broaden out the universe. I mean, the X-Men universe is every bit on its own as big as the Marvel universe and I think it’s time to reach out and explore it and perhaps even bring some connectivity between the films,as Marvel’s done so well. You may see some of that, I don’t know (laughs).”

X Men Fantastic Four Crossover Movie 570x336 Mark Millar to Oversee Foxs Marvel Cinematic Universe

We absolutely will see some of this and the man behind The Ultimates and Marvel’s successful Civil War crossover event will help guide the future X-Men movies along with Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot. As the official press release reads, Mark Millar has been hired as “creative consultant on the studio’s upcoming projects based on Marvel Comics properties.” The Marvel Comics properties of course, do not include Daredevil which the studio is dropping after passing on Joe Carnahan’s reboot pitch due to time restrictions.

Millar’s official statement on the new gig (full press release here on page 2):

“As someone who has spent his entire life obsessed with both comic-books and movies, this is essentially my dream gig as it’s a unique combination of both. I spent ten years working at Marvel and am really happy with the work I did on the comic side of things so the idea of working with these characters now in a brand new medium is enormously exciting for me. I really like the Fox team, love this bold new direction they have for their franchises and am proud to be working alongside some of modern cinema’s biggest talents. James Mangold is incredible, Matthew Vaughn’s one of my closest pals and Josh Trank gave us, in my opinion, one of the greatest superhero movies of the last decade with Chronicle. The invitation to join this crew was maybe the coolest phone-call I’ve ever had.”

Millar not only has experience crafting major story arcs and superhero team-ups in the books but it was his Kick-Ass books that brought him close to Matthew Vaughn, who of course, is now intimately involved with the X-Men franchise. With Singer, Vaughn, Millar, Mangold and Trank all potentially working together, Fox has assembled a creative team with strong potential.

Wolverine Thing Fantastic Four X Men 570x336 Mark Millar to Oversee Foxs Marvel Cinematic Universe

Coincidentally, Joe Carnahan is working on adapting Mark Millar’s Nemesis (also a Fox movie) and it all comes full circle. What’s really odd about this, is that writer Zak Penn (who wrote the first draft of The Avengers) also wanted to include cameos from the Fantastic Four back when he was writing the X-Men films but Fox wouldn’t let that happen at the time. Now, that’s exactly what they’re doing. Poor guy had his entire script rewritten by Joss Whedon too. Give this guy some credit!

There’s no release date set for Fantastic Four but it’s safe to assume there will now be some crossover between those characters and the X-Men, at least in reference. There are now officially two Marvel cinematic universes. Your move, Warner Bros./DC Entertainment.

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.


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Source: Marvel

X-Men/Fantastic Four cover art by Pat Lee.

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  1. Not sure how I feel about this. Part of my wants to give Fox a chance now since they are creating FMCU now. Another part is disappointed because I was really hoping Fantastic Four would revert back to Marvel next year.

    Lastly, and this is some wild thinking, but Fiege said he wanted to do the Civil War for Avengers 3. Could you imagine the MCU and the FMCU joining for an all out Civil War? Never will happen but it is cool to think about.

    • I think there are still discussions going on to try to work in crossovers between Marvel owned properties and Fox owned properties. I know Marvel would like to use some of the Fox owned characters for Avengers in the future, and Fox would like to use Marvel owned characters for X-Men at least. So I think those discussions are still out there.

      • Yea, and Sony stated, that they want to make a Avengers-Spiderman crossover with Marvel,
        So everyone wants to be Marvels best friend, after the Billions are flowing in their direction.

    • MCU, FMCU ???????????

      Please do some lesser nerdy textes. What do you mean?

  2. That’s a little better, but they’ll never even come close to the success that Joss Whedon has had or is going to have. The main reason they won’t is because it’s Marvel Studios vs Fox… no competition there. Give FF and the X-Men back to Marvel where they belong!

    • Bs X-Men 1 and 2 is equally as good if not better than the best marvel has offered

      • I disagree. Iron Man and Avengers are WAY better than XM 1 and 2.

        • Those may be the exceptions ill give you that. but they are far superior to Thor,cap,im2 and any hulk film. its stupid that everyone complains about Fox when they made 3 critically acclaimed X-Men films

          • 1-2 were good but far superior? hardly. Then there is the XM3 turkey. They were fine for their time but when comparing them to Marvel’s projects, they really show their age (and how much they stomped on the IP to get XM2 and 3 to work)

            And is there some reason why you used the term “critically acclaimed” instead of just successful? Could it be because it was not all that well received by the general audience and not all that financially successful?

            The “inferior” marvel movies on the other hand WERE highly successful in all respects, financially, general audience and critically.

            • How come Marvel are generally acclaimed for their changes to the source material, but Fox and Sony get slammed?

              Rotten tomatoes gives First Class a 87% critic and 88% audience. X-men 2 got a 88% and X-men got a 82% in critical reviews. Iron Man 2 got a 74% critic and 80% audience, while Thor got a 77% in critic and The Incredible Hulk only got a 67% critic rating. So I would say, yes, the X-Men films can and do perform better critically than the MCU films.


              • Did you miss the financial comparison? Those X-Men films only managed to double their budgets while the Marvel films were more like 3x+. After marketing that “doubling” really doesn’t amount to a lot.

                And if you really understood XMFC you would know why we slammed it because it really trashed the canon to shoehorn it’s story in there.

                The original X-Men film was decent and pretty respectful of the canon (they simply did an “update” to modern times) but the other two again trashed things like Phoenix and made a mockery of a lot of things.

                • Rotten Tomatoes or any other web site really isn’t the final say on how good or bad a movie is anymore than the box office numbers. RT is especially inaccurate because they really don’t have any kind of formula and the way they rate others reviews is subjective.

                • I know the history of the X-Men. I also know the history of The Avengers, and I even know a bit of Batmans history.

                  I know the original line up of The Avnegers, I know the reason they were called together, I know how much SHIELD was invloved with The Avengers creation. I know the history of Thor. I know the history of The Hulk. I know the history of Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Captain America. I know the history of the Red Skull, the Abomination, the Leader and Loki. I know Fox isnt the only one who says “to hell with it” when it suits the story.

                  And the point I was making, wasnt financial. It was critical. Fine, dont like RT? Google can bring up pleanty of other examples of critical responses to Singers attempts at an X-Men film.

                  “Could it be because it was not all that well received by the general audience and not all that financially successful?

                  The “inferior” marvel movies on the other hand WERE highly successful in all respects, financially, general audience and critically.”

                  My repsonse was to the fact you said Fox’s X-Men wernt well recieved, most were, and you said Marvel movies were highly succesful in all respects, They werent. I love Marvel Studios. I think they are da bomb. But not all are critically succesful or finacially succesful.

                  X2 made 408 million in 2003. The Incredible Hulk made 263 million in 2008.

                  Comic book fans may not love Fox. I am a fan of comics, and strangely enough, Singers X-Men films too, but I guess I can count myself lucky that I dont need Hugh Jackman in yellow spandex to enjoy my X-films. But the general audience mostly do enjoy them. FC kicked ass. It is based on the X-Men not a direct adaption. I appreciate that not everyone is a fan, but Fox is still doing enough right, that each X-Film has made enough to warrent a sequel.

                  And I wish them the best, cause if the next one sinks, how long before the rights revert? How many phases before Marvel can find room to make an X-Men film? Something is better than nothing, and I find Singers and Vaughnns “something” both enjoyable and exciting. I happily await the next film.

                  • I thought the ‘X Men’ flicks we’re cool, but i would hardly call them superior to Marvel Studios films. “The Avengers” & “Iron Man” alone are far beyond the best that any of the “X Men” films have had to offer so far, not even close man.

                  • I thought the original X trilogy was good when it first came out but FC is the first X movie that seemed to have told its own original, new, and entertaining story while still hitting the mythos for most of the characters on the mark. For the first trilogy I couldn’t tell if the stories were direct adaptions or original-ish stories but the stories themselves didn’t seem particularly good.

                    If Fox just admited that they were rebooting the series with FC and kept making their future X movies in FC style and dropped the plans they are talking about (to reconnect FC to the original triology, despite plot discrepancies between them, and make one big connected universe)I’d swallow whole any future X movies thay made like it was the last kosher steak in the world.

                    Id rather them take their time to make an original, fresh, and entertaining story that fully reflects the source material and characters than have them make a movie just for the now that was utter bs.

              • The only problem with your RT theory is you purposely left out “Iron Man’s” 94% critic 91% audience rating and “The Avengers” 92% critic 96% audience rating. You can’t pick some films and leave out the others when your trying to make a valid argument my friend. But you are correct about “X-Men”, “X2″ & “X-Men First Class” all getting pretty strong reviews, and the first two ‘Spidey’ flicks RT critic reveiws we’re even stronger.

          • The X-Men films are ok films, but they are terrible adaptations. Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 1 and 2 and Captain America are far better adaptations and they are great films. Avengers is leagues ahead of the X-Men films. Thor was a good adaptation but it wasnt the best film. Marvel would do way better film versions of the FF and X-Men. I hope Marvel will reboot Blade and Punisher. Blade was ok but it wasnt anything like the original character in the Marvel comics.

        • The X-MEN use to be my favorite part of comics. After the movies I can’t even stant to see the charecters. Fox ruined the X-MEN for me.

          • I haven’t seen X2 in a while, but I once considered it the most fun of all the comic book movies at that point. I bet if I watched it again, I’d feel the same. Not saying it was the best, but rather, that I enjoyed it. I’m excited for Fox because I know that they’ve put good products out there over the years, in spite of their notorious track record. Not too sure if they’ll be able to consistently turn a good product without their universe collapsing on itself, but best of luck to them. It’s not like Marvel is getting these properties back any time soon.

        • But at the end of the day Blade is better than all of them.

          • This.

          • We all really owe a debt of gratitude to “Blade”, for it was really the film that got things kick started overall for all the Marvel films. Both “Blade” & “Blade 2″ were damn good, “Blade Trinity” was just average in my opinion.

            • You are being really generous with Trinity, but the Blade movies get no mention when people talk about comic book movies. Even when the trend started and they were doing all those shows on cable about the boom, they rarely talked about Blade.

      • X-Men 1 & 2 were no where even close to as good as Avengers or Iron Man since they they were Brian Singer’s X-Men and not Marvels X-Men. That in a nut shell is why both Avengers and Iron Man did so well. The people behind them understood the cannon material and tried to stick closely to that. Singer just did whatever he felt like and that’s not going to fly anymore. Whedon showed that if you want to do a great super hero film, you better have some understanding of comics your trying to bring to the silver screen… Someone over at Fox finally gets that now, hence why Millar was hired.

        • Yeah, but X-men at least gave some character to the main villian, unlike Avengers with generic villians. Come to think of it I guess the generic villians are fine because it was an alien invasion movie with super heroes in it.

          • except Loki, you know what I mean though.

          • I think Ian McKellen had more to do with giving Magneto his character than anything FOX had to do with it though :P

          • Man you’re crazy dude, ‘Loki’ was fantasic in “Thor” and even better in “Avengers”, he relished in being evil and chaotic, the TRUE definition of a great villian friend. Now ‘Magneto’ was brilliantly portyaed by Sir Ian McKellen in the “X-Men” films, no doubt about that and you’ll get no arguments from me on his portrayal.

          • im sure thanos will get more devolament in gardians,(possibly thor 2) and the avengers 2

        • @your mom

          You do realise Whedon was involved in Fox’s X-Men. He wrote parts of the orginal script. John Logan, Joss Whedon, Ed Solomon, Christopher McQuarrie and David Hayter wrote the script, with Hayter receiving sole credit.

      • X-Men one was a snooze-fest.
        X2 was a pretty good movie, but nowhere near the caliber of The Avengers.
        To me, The Avengers was the best, most faithful comic book movie ever.
        I’d just like to see what Marvel could do with their own properties.

        • Most faithful to the essence of the characters, perhaps, but not to how the Avengers came to be. Hawkeye was never a SHIELD agent, Nick Fury was never black (in the 616 universe, at least), the Avengers never started off working for SHIELD, they never came together by being “drafted” by Fury, and so on. But it WAS really Loki’s doing that drove them together in the first place, I’ll give you that.

          I went to the theatre to see The Avengers thinking it was a sort of alternate universe Avengers story, and was absolutely not dissapointed. The movie was absolutely great, even if it deviated from “canon” (ie comic books).

          I’m not so well versed in X-Men, so I can’t tell if it’s faithful to the comics. But as someone who was not very familiar with it, I enjoyed the first one, liked the second, and watch the third one with a WTF look on my face.

          To me, The Avengers and all the movies from “Phase One” are better than all the X-Men movies, except perhaps the first X-Men and X-Men: First Class. Sorry for all X-Men fans out there. It’s a question of taste, I suppose ;-)

          • Yeah, I was talking about the characters personalities. They just pretty much nailed it this time. Also, I’m pretty sure they based the Avengers at least partly on the Ultimate version.

            And it was just a great movie, most fun I’ve had since the original Star Wars. I’ve always been a Marvel fan, so these movies just kick a$$ for me. I can’t wait to see the rest… including the lesser known characters.

            I’d rather wait for a good Marvel movie then see a mediocre Fox movie every year.

      • I would say that X-Men 1 and X-Men 2 are on par with almost everything that Marvel has put out, X-Men: First Class is the best of the X-Men movies though, and that comes close to Iron Man status. Nothing that Fox has cranked out has been near on par with The Avengers, and Marvel hasn’t done anything as abysmal as the Fantastic Four movies, X-Men 3, or Wolverine. Sorry, but Marvel knows how to handle their products better. Even at their worst they know how to handle their product well.

      • Don’t be silly man, FILTHpig is right, Fox will not have near the success Marvel is having and will continue to have with their film slate, not gonna happen. And while i think “X Men 1 & 2 or indeed fine films, they don’t compare with ‘Avengers’ or ‘Iron Man’ in my opinion, they’re about on par with “Thor”, “Captain Ameica”, “Iron Man 2″ and “The Incredible Hulk”.

      • @Trey
        I completely disagree with that.
        For me, the X-Men trilogy was awful and while I can admit that IMO, XMFC was very good (I’d rate it around the same level as Thor, IM2 and TIH), that’s just ONE good movie that Fox churned out, compared to Marvel’s 6 good/great/amazing movies.

      • That statement isn’t even close to true or accurate. The x men movies were not very good.

      • That statement isn’t even close to true or accurate. The x men movies were not very good. Any of them.

        • I thought the earlier ‘X Men’ Films were pretty good, especially for their time but now they’re starting to look dated.

    • I fully agree with FILTHpig… Marvel get the rights back!!!

      • Critically acclaimed…. source material or not they are critically acclaimed. Maybe not to extreme comic book fans but to the general public they are very good film. that’s all that matters.

      • Plus some great movies are comic book adaptations. the dark knight isn’t following the source material and its great. why try to compete with great comics, following it closely becomes a rehash. be creative.

        • When the first X-Men came out (and then Spider-Man a little while later), they were well received because aside from Blade no Marvel character had ever had a decent live action version that even made it to a movie screen, so it got high marks for just getting over the bar which had pretty much been laying in the dirt for years.

          Looking at them now X1 & X2 seem highly overrated just as movies, and the nonsense that was Last Stand just made them look that much better. At the end of the day a lot of what started going wrong with X3 and Origins stemmed from the fact that the producers had no clue what they were doing and they would change scripts at a whim and clearly nobody was checking anything for quality or continuity.

          Millar hooking up with his buddy Vaughn with Singer still involved does not make me think things are going to get better with these movies. Just like the writers and artists of the comics who come in and put their stamp all over longstanding properties that sometimes botch things up, these guys seem to take known characters and plug them into scenarios that look and sound cool to them at the time. In all honesty would people have gone to see First Class if it was some other random characters with powers in the same scenario? Probably not, and even with the X-Men stamp on it did worse at the US box office then the last two movies.

          • I agree with your feelings about the original X-Men and Spidey movies, but I think your analysis of First Class is a bit harsh. With the exception of Xavier and Magneto, the movie WAS a bunch of random characters that nobody knew about, (discluding Wolverine took GUTS), and the movie was still equal to or better than the originals.

            Also… box office success has no place in discussing the merits of a film.

            • First Class has the same basic set up as the first movie, and did the same non-existent job of fleshing out most of the characters. And judging by what they are talking about doing for the next potential X-Men movies First Class is going to look even more random over time.

              The Fox X-Men movies when boxed together in the future and watched back to back really won’t stand up well to scrutiny. If the viewer just enjoys them and doesn’t think about it, then it’s cool. The amount of deep thought that the creators try to tack onto it is not really warranted though.

              • I completely agree with Slayer. The X movies feel like What If issues more than anything else.

                • Agreed

        • Yeah, and rather you stick closer to the source material or you sway away a litlle more, the bottom line is you still have to figure out how to make a great film. There’s been some great ones, good ones and bad ones. I think for the most part from 2008-2012 we’ve had mostly good to great comic book films with a few stinkers here and there.

  3. “I mean, the X-Men universe is every bit on its own as big as the Marvel universe”

    That statement right there is stupid…

    Bryan Singer please go away. Thank you.

    • Actually he’s not far off with that statement. There is so many characters and X-books that it really could stand on it’s own. Even the comic book creators themselves refer them as the X-universe and the Marvel Universe.

      I still do wish that the X-universe was part of the Disney/Marvel’s MCU.

      • And still, a part can’t be bigger than the whole.

        • ^This

        • A part can be bigger than the hole though… :)

        • No, a part can’t be bigger then the whole, but that isnt what he’s saying is it? He’s saying it is just as big, which can be true, a part of a whole can be half. There are more mutant heroes, mutant baddies, and mutants who want to be left alone then there are actual non mutant heroes and villians in marvel.

          • X-men are part of the Marvel Universe, so even if it is “half” of the MU, it’s still smaller than the entire MU. How can 1/2 > 1?

            • If you separate the part of Marvel that is X-men from the rest of it (as we’ve seen with Fox owning the rights to X-Men) then you can say that it is possible for X-Men to outweigh the rest of the Marvel Universe. If you had all of it together in one universe, then a part can’t be bigger than the whole, but here you don’t have that. X-Men Cinematic Universe has the potential to be bigger than Marvel Cinematic Universe.

              • The reason there are more mutants than non-mutants is because one can only have so many magical/scientific/technological/accidental/etc. based origins without it becoming redundant or just plain stupid. It is is lot easier to have a person BORN with powers.

    • Bryan Singer should go ruin Superman some more.

    • I totally agree Bryan Singer is overrated? All of the X-men movies are horrible compare to the Avengers properties(Ironman, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America). Mr. Singer has brought nothing but shame to the X-men properties. Fox studios needs to get out of the comic book to movie business. To bad Disney/Marvel can’t just buy back the rights and do these comics justice. Unforgivable, the whole Galactus is a big cloud in FF2 movie. Fox will not give X-men and Fantastic Four the big budgets to make a get hit. Fox can’t because FOX STUDIO IS CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I wouldn’t say that. Count up the X comics book titles & series over the last decade vs. those for the characters Marvel Studios owns. X-Men universe is MASSIVE.

  4. At least give Marvel back the Silver Surfer character and Galactus.

    • I think Galactus was never mentioned by name in the 2nd FF movie, so technically, I guess Marvel could use him/it. Only fans know that the “devourer of worlds” they mention in the movie is named Galactus. We didn’t get to see him in the form that we most know, just a big cloud of whatever-that-was.

      So if Marvel wanted to use Galactus for a later movie, I suppose they could, if they use the classic appearance, and not mention specifically “devourer of worlds” while talking about him/it. Could be cool!

      • They can’t use any version of Galactus, because all cinematic representations of Galactus no matter the classic or cinematic version belong to Fox. If they use a representation of Galactus that shares the characteristic of Galactus, even without naming him, Fox could sue.

      • He is mentioned in the movie by the Silver Surfer. “He’s known as Galactus” or something like that when he’s talking to Alba… I mean Invisible Woman. :)

  5. The Avengers really changed my perception on Superhero Team films. After Avengers, I went back and watched the first two X-Men films and First Class and realized that they needed to be more epic. Team films like X-men, Fantastic Four and DC’s Justice League need to have the same scale and epicness like The Avengers. Fantastic Four was just lame and campy and some of the X-Men films border that line. I just wish somehow Marvel would find a way to get these properties back in the right hands, reboot them and do this right. Same thing with Spider-Man.(I love the Spider Man movies by the way, I just rather would have Marvel take it to.)

    • I disagree X-Men 1 and 2 are deep stories and are great that way. as is watchmen a movie doesn’t need to be epic to be great.

      • Watchmen was terrible. I wish there was a way I could UNWATCH it.

        • Watchman was great. I’m going to watch it again later.

        • but watchmen was as close to the book as you can get, are you saying that the book was terrible?

          • I was thinking the same tihng.

          • I disagree, as close to the book as you can get was Sin City.

          • Never read the book, but if it’s true that the movie is exactly like the universe, than I guess the book is terrible too. I found the movie to plod along and was quite boring. Really didn’t need to see man junk in a CBM, either.

            • watchmen isnt an actionadventure type story, never was. Just because it has “superheroes” in it people seems to think it shouod have been fast pace action. Its a thinking person movie, as was the book.

            • The watchmen graphic novel is considered by many to be probably one of the greatest comic books ever created, as well as the story one of the greatest of the latter century..phenominal books

        • Watchmen is the closest adaptation I’ve seen and was excellent. What are you talking about?

    • X-Men shouldn’t be considered camp cause the avengers is the king of campy. I’m not saying its bad. just saying surfing writes campy stuff. its what makes him unique

      • whedon

      • So what are you saying man, i did’nt find “The Avengers” to be campy bro, epic yes.

    • I think even Joss Whedon would agree with you about the need for a team film to be epic. He has said for a second Avengers film he would scale it back and not go with the purely epic, crafting a smaller story. It really just depends on what scale you want to make it. In the story they were trying to tell for the first two X-Men films and First Class I don’t think epic would have worked.

  6. the main reason NONE of the above mentioned movies WILL EVER match up or compare to the MCU is that was and is (just as stated above) EPIC, NO MOVIE FRACHISE has put 7 yrs into making something SOOO EPIC as the AVENGERS no movie or production company has the patience to do so like Marvel did!! they ALL WANT THE QUICK BUCK and dont understand how to get the public CRAVING MORE AND MORE like marvel has done! After every movie in the “phase 1″ everyone could not wait till the next movie because we all knew there was an Ultimate GOAL at hand! that had all our mouths watering until 2012…. NOW we have that same exact thing happening again 2015 HERE WE COME and every movie will add to the anticipation of “WHATS NEXT” and that is the best part of the MCU.
    That is also the part that DC/WB or this new mismatch of an X-universe don’t have, DC/WB wants to RE-CREATE 2 of their most ICONIC superheros every 4 or 5 yrs Batman and superman while NEVER even trying to add “GOOD” supporting characters (Green lantern) was a complete FLOP! NO FLASH, NO WONDER WOMAN, NO AQUAMAN, NOW they want to try and CASH IN by putting them all in 1 movie B4 doing the stand alones… S-T-U-P-I-D… and this x-men and FF universe C-MON WTF??? and of course they see the success of MCU and lets “REBOOT” EVERYTHING AGAIN???? WTF, MARVEL JUST NEEDS TO BUY THE RIGHTS TO ALL THE COMIC BOOK HEROS and show them how it is truly done

    • I like what you are saying. But use some proper punctuation and remove the caps. That hurts the eyes dude.

      • SORRY DUDE

    • the avengers is the only epic film. and epic doesn’t make a film great! Shawshank redemption, the godfather, Kubrick and Hitchcock their films aren’t epic! A movie is great cause its style and execution. ironman is my far marvel movie and its far from epic. its a origin story with comedy and wit and a solid character study. transformers 3 can be considered epic and its fricking terrible. Saying marvel is unmatchable because its so epic is false. saying its unmatchable cause its execution and patience is far more accurate.

      • you are right the Avengers is the only Epic fim but everyone knew what the other films were gonna lead up to (EPIC) other movies can match the stand alone marvel films but DC/WB and this other goofy mixup will never be able to match up to that epic-ness because they dont want to do it the marvel way and they want to keep changing or re-booting every incarnation of the characters!! THAT is not the way to come to an EPIC conclusion…. thats what I was trying to say, so I agree with you about the stand alone films and I agree with your last statement about the patience and execution. aAll the other Co. want to do epic first and that will never work! The blueprint was laid at their feet and they still dont want to follow it they just want the end conclusion, so YES trey I agree with you, I just stated it incorrectly

        • Fair points I agree with this version of your post lol

      • I think all of the LOTR films were pretty epic, as were the original Star Wars trilogy and the first 3 Indy films.

      • Haha, i don’t think you have to worry about people considering “Transformers 3″ epic my man. I get what you’re trying to say, but i do think “The Avengers” was a great film in my honest opinion.

    • @ Dale M, A History of Violence is one the best movies, not to metion, one of the best comic book movies made and it doesn’t scream “EPIC”.

      • What was EPIC was bring together some of the most iconic comic book characters (for ppl that are not comic book readers) everyone knows the characters Marvel put together. but making 5 movies that all stand alone in their own ways and then bringing them all together in one movie was EPIC it has NEVER been done in that way and to that degree of success… over 1.5 billiob dollars I think would be considered EPIC by a whole SH*Tload of ppl that went to the theaters many times over and over would say that it is epic!! I have never really had the time to read a million comic books in my life, but I knew the characters that they were bringing into the avengers from the time the movies were announced. THAT is what made casual comic book fans LOVE these movies and finally flip over the avengers that is what casual fans have always wanted…. SOME ppl have a family and kids and work so we cannot spend our paychecks on comics but that does not mean we are not fans

        • I’m curious, but why is $ always brought into the equation with the Avengers to justify it’s a good movie, but when $ is mentioned in reference to TDKR ppl get slammed?

          Not a direct question to you, just asking a general question.

        • EPIC

    • I agree with this, and I also feel it is why Guardians of The Galaxy is 100x more exciting than Green Lantern for potential audiences. (I personally enjoyed Green Lantern, for the record, I’m just saying the popular comparison is between these two)

    • Two words: Harry Potter

    • The Dark Knight is still the best superhero film ever made. It’s personal and epic with incredible perormances and Best. Villain. Ever.

      Loki who?

      • That’s your opinion, but one I disagree with. As much as I liked TDK, it’s not a very rewatchable movie. The Avengers is a FUN movie to watch and it brings 4 major comic characters together in one awesome movie.

  7. This is great news. FOX hiring Millar for the x-universe is brilliant. And to all of you who say Marvel needs all their characters back…remember that they are only one studio and you’d get at MOST 3 movies a year from them (so far we’ve only got 2 per year). They won’t put their movies up against each other in the theaters. With Sony and FOX having character rights…you get an extra movie or two per year. As a fan of comics, I’d rather have something (even if it is inferior) than nothing.

    • Well said. If Spidey was back with Marvel, I doubt we’d get a movie as often as we are now. Fingers crossed that Sony continues to lose money and needs to make a deal to stay afloat.

      • If Spidey was back with Marvel we’d actually have the best Spidey film ever made, and we’d not have to deal with emo-Spidey. That being said, I actually think Fox has done OK with most of the X-men films. The only one I thought was terrible was X-3. Fantastic Four was unforgettable, but entertaining in the theater (it was cool seeing the Silver Surfer on the big screen, though!)

        • Yeah I never got the buzz about all spidey films, not my cup of tea

          • I actually really liked the first 2 Spidey films that Sony made. Especially the 2nd one, as Alfred Molina was AWESOME as Doc Ock. Then Sony had to stick their claws into the SM3 and force in Venom and the movie went to sh*t.

            • Word, here’s hoping we get to see a Marvel Spidey before we die.

        • Best Spidey film ever? That’s A LOT of assuming.

          • I was thinking the same thing, Ignur.

    • I dig all of Marvel’s Avengers films, but I prefer Amazing Spider-Man to any of the solo titles, and First Class was pretty good too.

      I could see you calling the FF films or X3 or Wolverine or even the campy original Spider-Man trilogy as “inferior,” but Sony and Fox have been knocking them out of the park lately, and I’d like to see them continue.

      (Now if they could just figure out how to share a universe between them…)

    • Well said professor.
      These characters aren’t reverting back to Marvel Studios anytime soon, so we might as well enjoy and hope for the best from what we can get.
      And even though Fox still has a long way to go, I think they’re starting to get their $#!t together.

      • No doubt that they got a long way to go…I’m hoping they can pick up the pieces. I’d like to see a truly epic X-Men film. Don’t get me wrong, I had cinematic wood for days after the first and second X-Men movies (just like the 1st two Spidey films)…but nowadays (post TDK trilogy and The Avengers universe of films) those films do not compare to today’s films. I thought First Class was a step in the right direction. It surprised me after X3 and Wolverine Origin were so bad. But, now I’m expecting a lot for the next X-men movie because they set the bar higher. I still expect the Wolverine will suck though.

        • I completely agree with you man… except for that last sentence ;)
          I have a feeling ‘The Wolverine’ will be awesome.

          • If I go in with really low expectations, the film will be way better for me. Unless that film is Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, Catwoman, the Spirit, or Electra.

            • You have a point there…

  8. Great news Millar is a good guy and gets a bad rep from fans for talking to much , I just see it as his enthusiasm for comics and movies and yeah he gets a bit carried away sometimes but his success has more than earned him that right so I look forward to see what team Fox / Miller brings us HOLDS BREATH ……………WOLVERINE vs HIT GIRL ?

  9. Truthfully I think that Fox should combine efforts with Disney. Bucky Barnes appearing as a cameo in The Wolverine with references to Winter Soldier. Spider-Man needs to be added into the mix, maybe reference him in the Fantastic Four reboot. Seeing the success of the Avengers should at least get the ideas rolling for other producers in charge of Marvel films. As long as none of the good films are tossed to Marvel Knights… those guys ruined Ghost Rider and the Punisher

    • NEVER going to happen. We should just hope that the studios holding the Marvel properties make awesome films with the characters they DO have the rights to.

    • Lemme help you out Andy……..EVAR!

      • Thanks mongoose! LOL!

  10. I’m still waiting for (the) Apocalypse. Please give F4 back to Marvel. X-Men doesn’t need them in Days of Future Past. DoFP is about mutants. The F4 aren’t mutants. They don’t fit into that story at all. Already they are messing up!

    • Yeah. I agree with this. I love the idea of a shared continuity, but the FF and X-Men don’t have anything in common, and even their team-up comics have always struck me as very forced. The FF is a small family of scientist explorers. The X-Men are a minority group. The only reason they should ever combine forces is if there is a common threat that affects the entire Marvel universe. But this doesn’t make sense without the Avengers and Spidey and all the rest.

      Fox is just trying to force this because it worked for Marvel. If they want a team up, they’re gonna have to work within Marvel’s established continuity. And before somebody inevitably steps in to say this is impossible, Sony’s already leaning this way with Spidey. Studios work together all the time when there’s money to be made, and Avengers has proven just that.

      A Civil War film would make SOOOO much money. Marvel, Sony, Fox… make it so!

      • Deff agree with you. It would be cool if Apocalypse had one of the F4 to be one of his four horsemen. However they’re not doing that and still it’ll get way to crowded by sticking them into any single X-Men movie.

        • They can have two movies looking through each prospective and then to have the third with them joining forces. For instance Richards finds away to cure The Thing and in doing so he finds away to minus mutants’ powers. However discovering this cure is an event on which triggers the nightmarish future and Bishop and an older Kitty Pryde travel back in time to stop the F4 and the murdering of Prof. X.

  11. To rob keyes… Sorry to be a nitpicker but technically there are 3 distinct and seperate cinematic universes based on Marvel properties.
    Disney/Marvel – Avengers
    Fox – Xmen / FF4
    Sony. – Spiderman

    • You forgot Ghost Rider. Heh heh…

      • GR film rights were with Sony last I checked, but after that last crapfest they called a movie I’m pretty sure the rights will revert.

      • Lol very true. It is its own thing. Though as Dante suggests, that particular “universe” apears to be on life support or worse. Sometimes i do wonder other than the big guns, avengers/xemn/spiderman… What else can come out of marvel thats not reslly just an extention of those big three (well less so spiderman as its peanuts compared to the other two). No much else to mine for gold. Unless they create it with things like gotg.

    • Not counting a totally isolated property as a “universe.” Spider-Man has nothing to do with Ghost Rider, whereas Fantastic Four and X-Men will take place in the same universe going forward. Hence only two studios so far have shared Marvel comic book universes.

    • I wouldn’t say the F4 movies were in the same universe as the X-men movies… back when those movies where made, the thought of a shared cinematic universe wasn’t a reality yet (until Marvel Studios did it of course)

      Plus, there’s no connectivity between the F4 and XM movies, so IMO, they were standalone franchises.

      • … so what I’m saying is that Rob was right: as of today, there are two shared cinematic universes: the MCU and the FMCU.

  12. Not digging that Fantastic Four would be considered part of this. I think Fox should give the FF to Marvel Studios and concentrate on X-Men. I mean a direct sequel to First Class would be nice plus X-Force, Deadpool, Alpha Flight. All things they could dive into if they wanted

  13. Forgive me if I don’t jump for joy over this announcement.

    I also take issue with Singer thinking the XMU is just as big as Marvel considering they have about 500ish characters while marvel has at LEAST 10x to rely on. Not sure how 500+ = 5000+. Math don’t work.

    Could Miller gush anymore about his new position and “pals”? And Chronicle being, “one of the greatest superhero movies of the last decade”?! This is even a bit demeaning to all the other superhero movies that have been released in the last 10 years like Nolan’s Batman, Avengers, X-Men, all the Marvel movies….give me a break. If you sucked up any more Miller your face would be inside out.

  14. “bring some connectivity between the films…” yeah b/c fox has been trying so hard to have continuity throughout the x-men movies…

    • +10!

  15. Not sure i like this idea. I think it would work if they where together with the avengers and spiderman.Just haveing the fantastic four joining the x-men is kinda lame.If X-men and Fantastic four are not with the avengers they should just be their owen things not together.Im a Huge X-men film fan and this is just something that would push me away i never really liked the Avengers,so maybe Marvel and fox can come up with a deal to use characters like the avengers in fox’s x-men films, and marvel could use X-men characters and fantastic four characters in the Avengers.????? Right now i just want to see great stories in X-men solo films.

  16. Mark Millar is one of the best writers out there. Helped establish the Ultimate universe and wrote two of the best Avenger Arcs ever. This is pretty exciting news. Marvel Studios could of used this guy to give The Avengers some gravity and suspense.

    • +20

    • +100

    • Man i don’t know what movie you was looking at, but ‘Avengers’ was fine dog. They obviously did’nt need Miller, 620+million domestic, 1.5+billion worldwide, glowing reviews, universal acclaim and COMMON SENSE should tell you that homeboy.

  17. First they are all Marvel’s characters regardless of who make the movies, that’s why the source material is so great. As long as good people are making the movies they will be great. Fox’s biggest problem is that they have people who have no respect for the source material and believe they know better and can change whatever they want. Whether Marvel or Fox ,if they have the right people the movie will work. You never know one day those Marvel people who we unknowingly support when we crush on Marvel may be working on Marvel projects at Fox.

    • And for every Mark Millar they bring on, it one less suit taking up space with terrible ideas.

      • Thank you!

  18. The first 2 X-Men movies were pretty good first attempts, but all the subsequent ones went down-hill from there, First Class being about the worst. I want a reboot, with much more Cyclops, not too much Wolverine, less magneto (although he was OK in first couple movies, but now we have been there and done that), and how about Sentinels for the bad-guys?

    For the fantastic Four reboot, we have already seen Dr. Doom, so let’s do the Fantastic Four versus the Frightful Four (The Wizard, Trapster, Sandman, and Medusa…which leads to a question…since sandman was in a Spider-man movie, will that be a legal problem or cross-over-difficulty??).

    The Avengers was pretty good…I just bought and watched the DVD for the first time, and despite some flaws, still a heck of a good effort. I would recommend it to my friends. Now let’s see additions of Kang, Ultron, and Skrulls, along with Thanos, of course, for the baddies, and for the goodies, Wasp, Goliath (Hank Pym), Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch.

  19. I like the way that this is going. Actually, Marvel could have three instead of two Cinematic Universes.We have the Disney/Marvel Cinematic Universe( Iron-Man, Thor, Captain America,Hulk, The Avengers, SHIELD Tv-series, Guadians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man at some point), The Fox/Marvel Cinematic Universe ( FF and X-Men Franchises) and remember recently we have had Avi Arad talk about a Marvel/Sony/Spider-Man Cinematic universe (the new Spidey movies and Venom movie).
    As much as we would like to see all these under Disney, we would never see what we are seeing now, I mean Disney can only do so many big budget Super Hero films. Remember Arad said Spidey could eventually appear in the Marvel/Disney Cinematic Universe.
    I think it is a good move by Fox , even if they didn’t have the FF, the X-Men Universe alone is so wide and you could make a Cinematic film alone with those characters!

  20. “There are now officially TWO Marvel cinematic universes. Your move Warner Bros./ DC Entertainment.” That’ll give any DC comic book fans the chills since there’s only a handful of movies based on their characters.

  21. This is great news, now they only need to drop singer and the other producer, Laura something. Cut ties to the mediocre X-men trilogy and first class and start from scratch. They need to be more balanced not have every movie focus on Wolverine. Great character, great actor but let’s get some of the other fascinating characters their time.

    • They only had a bit cameo for Wolverine in First Class, so what was your problem with that movie?

  22. So it sounds like the new X-Men film will be both X4 and First Class II at the same time, merging characters from both timelines and creating a starting-off point for future installments of the modern-day team.

    I truly believe that at some point down the line, Marvel Studios will convince Disney, Sony and Fox to negotiate a massive crossover film between all three film companies. Avengers was an event. Most people went to see these characters interact with one another, and kick each others asses, alone with some villains. A “Secret Wars” film, in which the X-Men, FF, Spidey and The Avengers share the screen…….it would be the biggest cinematic event in history, not to mention it’ll make money for all three studios.

    • Hell Yeah! Bring on the Beyonder!

    • Dude, you have a better chance of Rush Limbaugh endorsing Obama as President than those 3 studios sharing rights. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

  23. To the above comment… marvel is now owned by disney and mickey doesnt like to share his money. Now im a chef so i think of everything in terms of food. Marvel took the time to make a great meal. They went to the local farmers market and got some top quality organic foods and free range meats and lovely cheeses and breads and made us the most amazingly tasting appatizers that led perfectly to the main course. We enjoyed the meal the meal they prepared. Warner Brothers, And Fox see hoardes of people leaving the restaraunt and they want in on the $$$. Problem is, they turning the pan on too high and are using whatever they happen to have in the fridge… And it smells burnt and seems force fed and defjnately not organic

    • Lol this is an odd analogy but i like it. And now im hungry.

    • But if Sony and Fox hadnt started making films based on Marvel characters, started cooking long before Marvel Studios got off the ground and giving people a taste for CBM’s, do you think anyone would have been prepared to invest in Marvels kitchen? As I recall they needed outside investors to get their kitchen up and running.

    • I love this comment and analogy!

  24. So Fox wants Millar to be a hack for them like Joss is with his cookie cutter cgi fest, The Avengers. Heck, if anyone can fill those shoes, it’s Millar. He’ll just put some silly twist on everything and think it’s clever. I can just imagine what he’s cooking up at this very moment… Picture this, the Fantastic Four never went to space and instead they’re all daytime accountants! What a twist!

    • Man you need to shut up dude, because obviously you dod’nt know what the hell you talking about.
      The Avengers” cookie cutter cgi fest and Whedon a hack, i could reach through this computer screen and slap the spit out your mouth if that comment of yours was’nt so hillarious and rediculous, and that’s the “Real Truth’.

  25. Hell fricken yes! This sounds promising and I really hope it pays off for them. As I have never followed the comics I was wondering if this universe has something similar to the Avengers? I mean on terms of heroes teaming up and particular villains etc..

  26. Hell yes! This sounds promising and I really hope it pays off for them. As I have never followed the comics I was wondering if this universe has something similar to the Avengers? I mean on terms of heroes teaming up and particular villains etc..

  27. This sounds promising and I really hope it pays off for them. As I have never followed the comics I was wondering if this universe has something similar to the Avengers? I mean on terms of heroes teaming up and particular villains etc..

  28. i think this is such a shame. The marvel universe on the big screen needs characters like Reed Richards, but now they are certain to be locked into that studio forever.

    • I think Marvel has done pretty good without Richards so far. Besides, they already have their 2 genius scientists on board with Banner and Stark.

  29. Even though this is great news and I’m excited at the potential that the future X-men movies have… as well as a new cinematic universe, I can’t help but feel sad that DC/WB hasn’t done something like this yet.

    I mean, Fox (let’s just emphasis that: FOX!) is beginning to build a shared universe with an expert helping to consult and work on the movies, and frickin WB isn’t?! – Come on!!!

    I want a DCCU!!!

    • Agreed!