Mark Millar Confirms X-Men/Fantastic Four Movie Crossover [Updated]

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Fantastic Four X Men Marvel Team up Mark Millar Confirms X Men/Fantastic Four Movie Crossover [Updated]

Last September Twentieth Century Fox announced that they had hired comic book writer Mark Millar as a consultant to help plan out the future of their Marvel movie franchise and to take better advantage of the licenses and characters they own.

Millar immediately began helping Fox plan years ahead and his first goal is to bring in the best talent possible, something that the studio was already beginning to do with the hiring of Darren Aronofsky (later replaced by James Mangold) for The Wolverine, the return of Bryan Singer (replacing Matthew Vaughn) on the next X-Men team-up and Josh Trank on the Fantastic Four. This is all leading to a larger framework that Millar teases won’t be announced for another two years.

In an interview with SFX, after complimenting the director choice of Josh Trank (Chronicle) to helm the Fantastic Four reboot, Millar responds to a question about whether or not the X-Men and Fantastic Four share the same cinematic universe.

“Without question I think you have to see some of these guys showing up in each other’s movies. I think the most exciting thing in superhero movies, until The Avengers came along, was when Nick Fury showed up in Iron Man. Even though it was a guy with an eye patch it was really cool – and I expect we will see more of that.”

Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past is next on the docket from the studio with a May release date next summer and the following spring is when Fantastic Four is scheduled to hit theaters. While we know Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) is working on a script for X-Force, Fox has yet to officially greenlight production on it or any other Marvel property after the FF reboot.

Wolverine Thing Fantastic Four X Men 570x336 Mark Millar Confirms X Men/Fantastic Four Movie Crossover [Updated]

The Wolverine featured a mid-credits button that teased X-Men: Days of Future Past – is Millar hinting that Days of Future Past may tease Fantastic Four?

Almost a year ago, when Millar first joined Fox in a consulting capacity, he went on record teasing that he had a three-four year plan and that he (and Fox) were interested in building a cohesive universe. He did emphasize however, the importance of the first Fantastic Four just being about them in order to establish that property first, before any major crossover ‘event’ films.

“Following that Marvel model, we want to establish things first. If you had a Fantastic Four relaunch, and Wolverine and the X-Men were in it, I think it would distract you from the Fantastic Four. You can make people aware that they’re existing in the same universe without making it a big crossover movie but it would be an injustice to the Fantastic Four not to make their first movie all about them.”

How the Fantastic Four will fit into the universe we know from the X-Men films is an interesting question, one that could radically change depending on how Days of Future Past handles the concepts of time travel in its story – a story which may redefine the X-Men universe as we know it going forward, potentially even restarting it in a way.

Fantastic Four begins shooting next month and X-Men: Days of Future Past just wrapped production. X-Force may be the next feature in line.

[Update: Millar took to Twitter after the news began spreading to deny the idea of a crossover.]

But as Millar says, “I think you have to see some of these guys showing up in each other’s movies.” So, if they’re sharing the same universe, showing up in each other’s movies… sounds like a crossover – it’s just a matter of time. In fact, this is something Christopher McQuarrie told us that he pitched this to Fox not long before Millar was hired, but the idea was ignored at the time.


Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.


X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014, Fantastic Four releases March 6, 2015.

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Source: SFX

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  1. This would be great if it actually happened. But let’s right the ship first.

    • Truer words were seldom spoken.
      Can they do it, WITHOUT SCREWING IT UP? Probably not.
      Would I like to see a GOOD effort? YES!
      First they need to eliminate some of the baD STUFF: NO DANCING, SINGING, CRYING, FORNICATING OR RETARDED-JOKES-CRACKING SUPER-HEROES. tHE x-mEN FRANCHISE HAS GONE FROM A FEW THINGS WRONG BUT GOOD EFFORT (#1 & #2) TO A TOTAL CONFUSING AND UN-COHESIVE MESS (EVERYTHING AFTER #2). mIGHT NEED A MAJOR REBOOT, OR TAKEN BACK TO AS IF EVERYTHING AFTER x-mEN #2 NEVER HAPPENED. {May I interject my apologies…hit cap button by mistake, and am too lazy to go back and retype and fix this. Forgive me for my mortal sins). Get the FF a little more serious (yes, I know the jokes sometimes flew in the older comics I love, but–). Bring back Cyclops. I could almost live with a total reboot of the X-Men sticking this time to the plots, costumes, personalities, etc. of the team’s canon as shown in the early comics (say, 60’s/70’s)…you know, the things that made them famous and beloved in the first place. That recipe still can make a quite tasty and satisfying meal. Keep the FF team looking like and acting like the traditional canon as well. Don’t introduce insignificant characters to the detriment of the good and more important ones. And DO NOT-DO NOT-DO NOT make this the Wolverine and Magneto show. A big IF (because the track record makes me nervous) Magneto and Wolverine are used, don’t over-expose them. Keep their parts in perspective with the rest of the characters. Who for villains? Well, not sure, but some I like is the Frightful Four (Sandman, Wizard, Trapster, Medusa), Mr. Sinester, Apocalypse, Kang…I am sure the studios will whip out Magneto and Dr. Doom, as they seem to get stuck on these two a bit. Lots of groundwork to do, but again, a fantasy come true, if it can be kept from becoming a nightmare. This would probably be the studio’s Avengers or Justice League equivilent, if it can be pulled off.

      • Oh, and don’t use the kiddie X-Men from First Class, That was a first-class disaster.

        • “…That was a first-class disaster.”

          No it wasn’t.

          • First Class was really good. I wish they had used some different but I thought it was really well done. James McAvoy will never be able to be the Professor X that Patrick Stewart is though. He was born to be Professor X.

  2. It would make a lot of sense if Fantastic Four gets attached to Days of Future past. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Sue and Reed’s kid have a crucial part in the comic story-line?

    • @ Dr Mindbender

      yes and no. Days of Future Present is mainly a Fantastic Four storyline but it mixes the FF, New Mutants, X-Force and I think the older X-MEN and is a sequel to Days of Future Past.

      • Just hope the studios don’t belly-flop face-down onto the Smorgasboard table and mix up all the delicious delectables too much!

        • You almost sound like Stan Lee. : )

  3. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?!?!?! Super stoked. I am all for more crossover/team ups.

  4. Calling it now:

    Dr. Doom will be in the post-credit sequence of DoFP!!

    • That’s a good call 😉

      • A new universe.

        A new world to conquer.

        A new tomorrow.

        A new DOOM.

  5. Fantastic 4 and xmen are so incredibly different that i dont see how this will be good!
    Who is a good enough villain for both xmen and the FF

    Mr. Sinister? Doctor Doom? Galactus?(which is back to marvel i think anyway)
    this is a big hit or miss

    • The fact that Fantastic 4 and the X-men are so different is what will make them work so well. You have one team that is beloved by the public, and another team that’s mysterious, feared. It’s like have a son that went to college and became a doctor, and another son that got locked up and became a drug addict.
      Given the right setting and story, I think they will compliment each other well. They definitely need to set up FF first. Maybe mention mutants and have news paper headline referring to “Mutant terrorist attacks”. If Marvel can make Avengers work I can;t see how Fox can’t do the same.

      • A son that went to college and his addict and screwed up brother have to team up and realize that they can overcome their differences to save the day…
        I’m calling the studios right now
        I think we have a movie

    • The skrulls, marvel studios can’t use them cause fox has the rights, so fox should do something with them

      • Hmm, interesting, not a bad call at all.

  6. Millar’s magazine got cancelled and Kick Ass is a doing good for a small budget movie. But does the guy have the balls to compete outside of hiding behind big budget Marvel flicks on a grand stage by himself.

    No. But he sure knows how to hype it. Millar on dreams one of his storylines get used in a Marvel movie as part of title like Bendis

  7. this will be fun!!

    Two big cinematic universes going on at the same time. Marvel fans should be more than happy.

    • Yes but instead they will complain and try to run the universe!

  8. Who cares? They are going to screw up F4 anyway. They have already screwed up X-Men by making the first one!

    • You mean the third one and everything after that

      • no, I’d have to agree with Phoenix, all the X-Men movies have been s***. This FF reboot is being made on the cheap (why else do you think they hired Trank) so it’s going to be a train wreck too… lets pray FF doesn’t stand for Found Footage.

        Fox should just sell the properties back to Marvel/Disney already!

  9. Good for them im glad this will happen now you need a reality warping event that pulls marvel and fox together into one universe. My nerd world will be complete.

  10. I hate to be the negative one here, but I just don’t see the reason to be excited. The FF movies suck. This reboot sounds promising mainly due to Josh Trank but a Seth Grahame Smith script? And all these casting rumors and how Fox is just making this movie to keep the rights has me scared. Most of the X-Men movies are mediocre at best. X1 is good but for me, doesn’t hold up today. X2 is great, X3 is sh*t, Origins Wolverine is sh*t, First Class was good and 2/3 of The Wolverine was pretty good. Its just hard for me to get excited for this. And there are few really good stories of these two teaming up. Maybe its the Marvel fanboy within thinking of all the awesome things Marvel Studios could do if they had these rights. We could get Civil War, Avengers vs X-Men, Uncanny Avengers, Thing and Hulk together etc. But instead we get this. From Fox. Which has me scared.

  11. Please let FF return to Marvel as it adds far more potential to the MCU. Millar, I hope you work your magic and sort out the X-Men universe, which does look to be on an upward trend, so hats off if you make it work.

    However I would not object to a full X-Men reboot after DOFP. My reason for supporting a full reboot is:
    1) The present series could end on a high with a great DOFP film
    2) Many missed story lines and lack of justice done to characters e.g. Mystique/Rouge/Nightcrawler relationship; Magneto/Quicksilver/SW dynamic from its origins; Xavier/Juggernaut relationship – in my view that would be the perfect reboot storyline. Very simple one but it would be Juggernaut wants revenge on Xavier and his team has to defend him – Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Iceman and Jean.
    3) A badass Cyclops!!!

    The X-Men universe is big enough on its own and does not need to be crossed over with other franchises in the movie form, it works great in the comics, but in the movies not for me.

    I really have enjoyed a fair few of the X-Men films and I am no Jackman hater either (I love the dedication he shows the role and he has done a great job) and would love to be surprised if Fox/Millar/Singer pull off an awesome DOFP that corrects continuity and sets up an amazing future that includes crosses over between the X-Men and FF. We shall see.

    • You are aptly named if you believe Fox is going to simply “let FF return to Marvel.”

      • Wanting FF to go back to Marvel is the fanboy in me and I agree is unlikely to happen. I just see no reason to cross over X-Men and FF to be honest. It doesn’t make sense without other parts of the Marvel puzzle. For Fox to construct a universe with what they have I feel they need Spiderman/SHIELD (at least) in there too and they don’t. It would be better to have two separate franchises at FOX rather than cross them over. If they pull off a high quality cross over then I’ll eat my words, for now I’d be more pleased if other things happened.

        • I agree that simply inserting FF into the X-men universe would seem unbalanced on its own. I notice the update that no crossovers are planned. As I thought about it, it’s probably not legal for them to do so. The contracts specify that they have rights to FF and related characters. “Related” doesn’t refer to the entire Marvel universe, but only FF related characters. X-men aren’t that strongly related. It doesn’t matter if they happen to have the rights. They may have the rights to “Terms of Endearment,” but that doesn’t mean they can mix all their Fox owned properties and make an X-men/Terms of Endearment crossovers (for example).

          They have the rights to make X-men movies with X-men related characters. Same with FF. They don’t have the right to mix the separate properties, I would bet. I’m certain they would like to be able to. But if they make a serious attempt Marvel will lawyer up, and probably win.

  12. My prediction, Fox will screw it up just like most of their other Marvel movies. Will they fight robot Mr. Sinister or gaseous fog Apocalypse, or every power under the sun Dr. Doom? the horrible possibilities are endless

    • Hey, the Wolverine was a step in the right direction. We could keep being hipsters chirping about how terrible FOX is, or be hopeful that they are finally getting things right.

      (I know, it’s a silly dream… but you gotta BELIEVE!)

      • @ Dr M – I believe DOFP will be a decent film but at present the current FF reboot rumours (which I accept could be completely false) don’t encourage me much.

        What I hope happens is that FF production stalls and the rights return to Marvel.

        I also hope that Fox lets DOFP happen and then completely reboots the X-Men as it is far easier to set up so many more good stories. The positives of a reboot are endless. Plus they seem to have a good team in place with Millar and co. give them a clean slate to work with and see what they do. If Singer and Vaughn want in on the reboot I don’t object to that either.

        • Do you mean completely re-casting the X-Men? Or just a story/continuity reboot?

          • Complete reboot, new cast and clean slate to work on would be preferred. I expect that DOFP will just reboot the continuity in some way and if done well that could be brilliant too. Ending the film with the first class cast in the present day would be the best option, I do not see that happening though, therefore I would prefer a full reboot.

      • I agree, it does seem to fit into trends to immediately dissect what would be potentially wrong with every rumor heard. I think the big mistake is trying to give the FF their own movie to start. Crossing over could be what is required to get ANYONE to go see the fantastic four in a movie. Dr. Doom along with just about any other x-villain would easily work. Although there are failures in the rearview (some closer than others), I hold out hope for the Fox Mutant universe since it certainly appears they are attempting to right the wrongs they have committed (bringing back Singer, kinda/sorta/but not really rebooting the franchise, etc).

        • Should be interesting to see what the plan is after DOFP

      • Yeah,but they had that horrible ‘Viper’ character & that ‘Iron Man’ like Silver Samurai. :-(

        • @ yeti

          Sounds like first world problems:

          People are starving and aren’t sure whether or not they will see another meal, and you aren’t happy with what FOX is doing with X-Men…

  13. Exciting

  14. Maybe we’ll get a subtle reference to Latveria in DoFP, like Lexcorp in Man of Steel.

  15. Civil war!!!

  16. I want to see a x-men film with Cyclops leading and use Archangel, Sinister, Apocalypse, and others like Night crawler, Gambit, Rogue, Beak, Juggernaught, Dead pool, Cable, Forge, Psylocke, and Blob first so they get their time to be made into important characters, before The Fantastic Four take the majority of screen time from them. All we have had so far is Wolverine movies and I want X-men films that show more then just one characters story, I wan to see the team be the focus and show more detail in their abilities instead of using their power for the same ole same. Imagine Iceman forming Ice claws, or Rogue using Flight and strength, or Gambit chewing gum and charging it to spit at a foe. Rant over few thins I would love to see as a X-men film fan who does not read comics, another thing even though I do not read comics I prefer they keep close to the source material and not change characters like they have done to Dead pool, Silver Samurai, Juggernaught, and Mandarin. these are the three worse changes to characters ever in my opinion.

  17. Honestly, I like the recent direction that Fox has been taking, with XMFC and The Wolverine, and what I have seen so far of DOFP. And I maintain hope that the FF reboot will be truly good. There does not have to be a “team-up” beyond subtle aknowledgements that the two groups exist in the same universe. Down the road, then, you have options.

    Mark Millar, though – his presence and the things he says do not inspire much faith in me. They scare me a little, actually.

  18. DoFP is mainly an x-men story, it was the crossover annual days of future present that had Franklin Richards come back in time to “change things” and Ahab & his hounds followed. Franklin had a “thing” with baby phoenix Rachel Summers.
    The storyline went through Fan 4/x-men/newmutants/xfactor.

    I think both the x-men, and fan 4 universes are large enough to support multiple films on their own and there is absolutely no rush to merge them. However, eventually they have to, if the storylines fall into the apocalypse/franklin Richards/sentinels area.

  19. I have high hopes for the new FF. The old one really let me down. I hope they use the skrulls. I want a FF and super skrull fight, and a crossover would be great. They could fight the frightful four in the 1st movie and the skrulls or the Kree in the crossover. Hopefully the Skrulls.

  20. Predicting next 5 ScreenRant posts…

    Rumored title: X-Men VS. Fantastic Four
    Which 5 actors should play Mr. Fantastic
    Which 5 actresses should play Invisible Woman
    Which 5 actors should be recast to play Wolverine
    Which villain should the Xmen/FF movie feature?

    • Do you run a successful movie news site?

      • ScreenRant does.

        Best site around.

        • As long as there is no SR hate then I’m cool :)

          • Never any hate… but occasionally, like any fair and balanced commenter, I will question things. :)

    • +1

  21. Other than some crossovers in the comics, there really hasn’t been a ton of intermingling of these two franchises. They are two very different groups and it’s almost an insult to draw comparisons between Fox and Marvel’s projects.

    Marvel is doing the larger shared universe because they CAN, Fox is doing so because it’s all they have the rights to.

    • There was one mini-series where the X-Men went to Mr. Fantastic and then Dr. Doom to try and get Kitty Pryde’s body to become tangible again after the Mutant Massacre and the often overblown connection of the adult version of Franklin Richards being involved Days of Future Present. Other than that the only reason they are talking about this cross-over concept is because that is what Disney/Marvel are doing.

      There is no established Fantastic Four narrative to use at this point if they are going to call a Mulligan on the two they already released, and the X-movies have run for so long and are so convoluted adding another group of core characters with a different background story would be a mess.

      Fox, the production company and Millar are just blowing smoke at this point and trying to gauge interest in these projects and probably raise capital. The whole idea of a movie “universe” is a nice new marketing gimmick that Marvel figured out how to play with some smart planning, but at this point Fox has invested too much time and money moving in one direction and unless they break down and start over with everything all they are going to be doing is piling bricks onto a foundation made of sticks.

  22. which is why fox and sony need to get the freak out of making more spiderman,ff and xmen movies. fox and sony are at a horrible disadvantage..
    dc and marvel will be top 2 for a very long time.

  23. Considering their casting choices for the FF reboot are total crap, I hope this doesn’t happen, instead I hope the FF reboot flops big time and the rights revert back to Marvel.

  24. This is pretty big news IMO. I figure if any studio has a chance of holding on to a property of a long long time, it’s Fox with X-men. It’s such a big Universe all it’s own.

    If they tie in FF they could hold them for a long time. Honestly, I don’t see Sony holding Spider-man beyond this current run of films they are planning. I give them four films tops, but probably only three.

    It would be weird to basically have a universe with mutants as the explanation for super-powered beings, and then a team of four who get their powers otherwise.

  25. he tweeted NO CROSSOVER PLANNED but they still want to do it from what ive read…..i doubt VERY MUCH that DOFP will have a mid credit scene about a FF/XMEN crossover since the story hasnt even been written yet …. more then likley the mid credit scene will be about x-force

  26. I get what he’s talking about. He’s talking about a minor cameo in the background to let you know that they share the same universe.

    So that means is something like a News Report talking about Mutants on a TV in the background or something.

    In the future X-Men movies, when they go to Manhattan, we might see the Baxter Building as apart of the skyline. Little somethings like that is prob what he means.

  27. Bryan Singer is the perfect director to turn X-Men into a snooze fest. He has no idea how to utilize the mutant powers on screen. I’m feeling a little sleepy just writing about it…

  28. I know I will never see a Hulk and Thing fight now but I hope I can at least get a Thing and Namor the Submariner fight on the big screen.

  29. Okay, first off, do not strike against the X-Men films. Many say that Nolan’s Batman have introduced to the consumer that a comic book movie can have a serious tone to it instead of the corny cliche, but in reality, it all started with Singer’s X-Men. Yes, it does have bad effects, but that movie was great. X-Men 2 was excellent and one of the finest comic book movies I have ever seen. X-Men 3 did alright, and I did like it, but it could have been better. Origins received less credit than it actually deserves, and I am confident that the Wolverine was a great film (although real life prevents me from seeing it).

    Fellow nerds, please do not stoop into the levels of those fools they call “hipsters” nor overreact as you guys usually do. Not every movie is perfect nor can it be. The X-Men franchise might not be a masterpiece, but you bet your two nuts that it reaches excellency.