‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Trailer Teases Doom & Gloom

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There are four Marvel movies hitting theaters in 2014, and the first of the group, Captain America: The Winter Soldier released its first full-length trailer last week, taking advantage of the Marvel movie buzz surrounding the press junket for Thor: The Dark World and its worldwide theatrical release beginning this week in the UK.

The third of the bunch, joining The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters next May is X-Men: Days of Future Past, and its studio Twentieth Century Fox took advantage of last week’s buzz to let fans know that its first trailer was on the way as well. Fox kicked off its official marketing campaign with an Instagram teaser, a series of photos from cover stories in print magazines and a Twitter livechat with director Bryan Singer yesterday where he hinted at what was to come from the first Days of Future Past trailer.

With principal photography wrapping in August and lots of post-production special effects work still required, Singer explained during his Twitter Q&A that today’s first teaser trailer for the biggest X-Men team-up yet is focused squarely on the characters, much like the rough footage was that played at San Diego Comic-Con back in July. And of course, there are a lot of them.

X Men Days of Future Past cast by Gage Skidmore 1024x577 X Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Teases Doom & Gloom

As it turns out the trailer is nearly identical to the Comic-Con footage, featuring interesting shots in the past (1973) and future, the latter of which we see returning characters from the original X-Men trilogy with new, combat-appropriate costumes. The major change from the Days of Future Past comics is that instead of sending Kitty Pryde back in time, the movie will send film franchise poster boy Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) – or more specifically, his conscience – back in time to his younger, ’70s self to reunite Professor X, Magneto and other old school X-Men to prevent a certain event in the past from happening to save their future.

Singer revealed that about 70% of the film takes place in the past so it does serve more as a sequel to X-Men: First Class, and as for the new characters including Bishop, Sunspot, Warpath and Blink, who show up only in the future – They’re teased but are given no dialogue in the trailer. Some of these characters will have important roles to play since they’re the most likely to live on into sequels and spinoffs (see: X-Force).

X Men Days of Future Past Bishop Magneto Xavier Test X Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Teases Doom & Gloom

X-Men: Days of Future Past is the first film in the long-running series to introduce time travel, a major plot device in Marvel Comics, and has the potential to redefine the franchise, correcting continuity errors of the past and laying the groundwork for the future. Does the trailer and its vastly different style and mood hold up against the action-packed first look at Captain America 2 and can its ambitious use of two casts and two time periods help Days of Future Past see big numbers at the box office?

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.


X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014.

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  1. just sell xmen to marvel/disney franchise for a better comic referenced movie.

  2. Lame movie looks lame.

    • I’m guessing you’re trolling, cuz this trailer makes me think this movie’s gonna be sick.

      • nope. bryan singer is a terrible director. you can get your hopes up like i always do but it’s guaranteed to disappoint.

        • eeeeh, Bryan Singer is hit or miss. He did the Usual Suspects which is one of my top 10 movies but he also did Superman Returns which wasn’t badly directed but rather just dated I think in style. He’s done some good stuff like Valkyrie . I think this movie will be fun.

  3. I get some kind of weird entertainment value when someone shows they’ve never heard of a thing that’s been known for months or a year by everyone else.

    That sentence was convoluted so I’ll provide an example…

    I’ve known Loki was in Thor 2 for months…not even sure how long. When I see someone online comment “OMG Loki is in this? WTF THAT IS SOOO AMAZING!” on the trailer @ Youtube, I get some kinda warm giggle inside, like “what? what rock have you been under?” Especially when it’s on a film enthusiast site like this one.

    • I hear ya.

      I miss the times I could get excited about movies as the person you described above. Nowadays it is pretty difficult to avoid spoilers, reviews and rants on the internet.

      The closest I have been to excited about a movie has been the news of a new Clive Barker, Doug Bradley -Hellraiser.

  4. Underwhelmed, to say the least. The first Captain America movie was uninspiring so I wasn’t looking forward to thee second movie but the trailer got me a little more excited. I disliked the first three Xmen movies but enjoyed First Class so I was looking forward to Days of Future Past but this trailer seems to indicate it’s gone back to the “old” Xmen and not the style from First Class :|

    • Wow. That is exactly how I feel on the Xmen movies.

  5. If you think the tone being set is “emo” or “melodramtic”, hear me out. Most of us know that quite a few graphic novels have depth to them (in terms of story and character development. Many of us are angered by the popular misconception that comic books are nothing more than superficial, glorified picture books and when we get a movie that tries to prove otherwise, it’s met with ire.

    Young Xavier just lost the ability to walk and he’s not in the proper mental state to lead the X-Men in a time of civil unrest. It makes perfect sense for him to need someone to guide him and pull him out of the rut he’s in. The mutants of the future are being obliterated and I’m certain the remaining few have lost loved ones and have little to no hope. That’s not “emo”, that’s responding to a series of traumatic events and the looming inevitability of doom. These seem like legitimate reasons to be upset and sounds much better than having every mutant be an unemotional mouth-breather like Kristen Stewart or something.

    • Thanks, well said. I just hope they’ve become somewhat better at showing the importance of each character, the role they play in the greater story as in relation to their friends and foes. So that we get the core parsonality of each, especially new, character. And of course I hope to see both more teamwork ie. how they use their powers to support each other (as they did quite all right in First Class) and that each has a nice show off of their powers. They chose to put al these characters in the movie, so I just hope we feel the intensity and importance of each one.

      • That is one of the biggest things I’m worried about. I think it’s bound to happen, simply because there are so many characters in this film spread out in 2 different timelines.

  6. I thought the trailer was fantastic! Grew up with the original X-Men movies, this one looks like it has the best of both worlds from the original and First Class. Looking forward to this :)

  7. More black uniforms and blue people.


    • But…but…but…you don’t love black uniforms and blue people? You men not in black smurf hatin antiamerican you! LOL

      I don’t get why we can’t get more accurate costumes and real actors who want to portray the X-men the way they should be portrayed instead of a bunch of high profile actors showing up to phone in there lines so they can get a big paycheck.

      • well for one the Blue and Gold ain’t coming to the screen for Logan . No Canadian references possible
        two high profile actors have fans that come to and PAY for their movies . NO Blockbuster movies are made now without VERY familiar faces . Hopefully they happen to be good actors too as I would say all those on the Comic-Con panel are
        for ex. ‘Ender’s Game ‘ ? the kids are the stars but does it get MADE without Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley ? They changed Ford’s character to keep him in all the way , as Graf actually is arrested and taken from Battle School after Bonko’s death

  8. The trailer was.. uhmm… okay, I guess?
    Didn’t really upped my interest and I’m sure people who hasn’t seen the previous movies would be confused. So basically this is made for fans…

  9. no sentinals so im a little scared there wont be much of them but im very excited for the movie…its gunna be awesome(hopefully)

    no cyclops????

    • The movie doesn’t come out for a year, wasn’t really surprised to not see any big effects in the trailer. That being said, I do hope they are pretty prominent in the movie, and not just saved for the very end (like the Venom fight in Spiderman 3).

  10. I know that the trailer is Wolverine, but if you’ve read the comics you know this whole story is focused on Logan. While I’ve never been the biggest fan of Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the character, there really wasn’t any way to work around it on this one.

  11. Better comic referenced movie, sure
    Although I’m not that bothered by fox’s latest stuff, first class was good – the wolverine was another step in the right direction

    But I can see the marvel/Disney X-men movie now…
    Magneto does not have the power to move metal but is prof Xs’ overweight college roommate with no powers who stays at the mansion, breaking things in the danger room and cerebro and then makes a quick one liner before leaving the scene
    Wolverine would never use his claws for fighting either, and they wouldn’t even be sharp
    Probably end up with another Taylor kitsch fiasco as gambit
    Coming to a cinema near you in 2025

    To be clear I do really like marvel phase 1 and wanted them to kick on and improve from the avengers on – but phase 2 (IM3 and AoS) has been quite disappointing thus far and I’m finding they are over focusing on the humour at the moment and it makes nothing seem at all serious, which makes the impact of events seem very small, plus the humour itself comes across as quite forced to me rather than actually being funny
    Now I’m not saying they should strive to be really serious movies just don’t turn the whole thing into a joke

    The variety in marvel properties as a result of the different studies is a strength in my view – we get up to 4 marvel films per year instead of just 2 and the movies we get cover various tones and more of the characters

    • Was meant to be a reply to carnages’ comment

  12. I am completely unsure!

    This movie could be absolutely earth shattering or dull and monotonous.

    Earth Shattering:
    Trailer emphasizes character development.
    Thought provoking.
    Stakes are raised.
    98% of actual story not shown in trailer (Apocalypse/Sentinels)

    Dull and Monotonous:
    This IS the movie.

    I like it. If this film delivers on the tone the trailer gives but is basically OMITTING everything, holy s***.

    If not, Fox will be forced to sell X-Men franchise to highest bidder, because there will be no walking away from this shame.

  13. Very very bad trailer.. It looks like continuation of last stand.. instead of showing glimpse of chilling scene of mutant being hunted by sentinel… while barely showing sentinel.. oh wells.. I would have done that..
    and wrap it up w/ wolverine going into time machine.. oh well.. what do i know

  14. the other complaint? Looks like this was made with TV budget.. not for movie

  15. Its another Wolverine movie. grrr…

  16. Well that looks better than I thought it would! But I would still like to see the rights revert back to Marvel!

  17. I had my doubts. This trailer removes those doubts. It looks like Singer has done it again.

  18. the new characters all look like teenagers in cheap halloween costumes.

  19. Bishop! Psyloche!! I’m so stoked for this movie, they essentially showed none of the plot in the trailer (which is good, it has to be a ruthless surprise for best effect). I wish someone besides Anna Paquin plaayed Rogue though, I hate her portrayal. Not a big fan of Sean Ashmore as Iceman either, but at least we saw Colossus in the trailer as well; now if only they got him together with Kitty. I like the comic relationships so much more. And where’s Gambit at?

  20. like it but I always hated the X-MEN custom all black was hoping for Wolverine to finally wear yellow. smh

    • I don’t think that’ll ever happen. For the comic book fans, it’ll be pretty cool but to the general audience, it’s “Scruffy Wolverine man wearing yellow.” lol.

      • Doesn’t have to be bright yellow like in the comics, prefered kind of like a gold dark just different from the others for this “Final” Logan/Wolverine performance, oh well looking forward for the next trailer this one was alright

  21. To all those crying about the sound music etc.. ITS DAMN TEASER TRAILER FOLKS GET OVER BE PATIENT WAIT FUR FULL TRAILER!

  22. This teaser is so lame. I don’t know why they rehire Bryan Singer as director after Superman Returns.

  23. Just make a straightforward X-MEN movie, don’t complicate things. Is that so hard. Simplicity of execution is the key.

  24. Maybe Bryan Singer should have let Jack and the Giants crossover with this one too.

  25. This will be epic.
    But I dont think we´ll ever see Hugh Jackman in a mask.

    • If we’re lucky they’ll force him in a mask in the 1973 setting..

    • I seen a mask with the costume & gloves he wears in the film in a suitcase behind the scenes pictures so unless its a fake he just might. The mask looked awesome too, more like a helmet, kinda looked like Bale’s Batman cowl from TDK but it’s Wolverine.

  26. cannot wait to see the time travel play out damn that was an epic trailer

  27. I believe I haven’t seen anyone adress the issue of Bishop yet..? Of course they might’ve remade him into being from the X3+ timeframe, but I sincerely hope he is still his usual self from a future even further ahead. His whole story revolves around coming back in time and suddenly fighting side by side with the X-Men, who he grew up with as legends. A hope from me is that he is still hunting someone from his own time, who jumps backwards and have him meet the X3 folks. Maybe who he is hunting jumps all the way back to the 1960/70′s to change major events. That could also be a way to explain the fact that we haven’t seen sentinels yet, allthough they are seemnigly invented in the 70′s. Maybe Bolivar is time-jumping, as he has transformed from Bill Duke into Peter Dinklage ;). Maybe not..

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s Blink who’s messing with Wolverines head in the trailer? At least Iv’e never seen Kitty’s hands glow before..

  28. Both movies have incredible potential, but I think the stakes are much higher with X-Men DOFP. So, if Singer goes for broke and achieves his goal, DOFP could be the top CBM in terms of both drama and action in 2014.

    Aside from the first Iron Man, the Marvel brand (under Disney) tends to play it safe. Being satisfied with “very good” instead of “great”. I’ve enjoyed all of Marvel’s films to date, but optimistic as I may be, I can’t continue to ignore the mounting evidence of Marvel’s approach to films. Kevin Feige just said in an interview with Collider that most of the time, when people ask if their new projects are going to be darker, the answer is no. Darker doesn’t equate to better, but really, more and more people are complaining that the humor in Marvel films supplants the drama in scenes where the drama is actually working. That’s something that shouldn’t be happening; if a serious moment actually has impact, it should be allowed to have impact.

    On a different note, I’m excited to see what Marc Webb comes up with. His cast is promising, and as a character centered film, it has the potential to be one of the better representations of a superhero character to come out in recent years. In terms of scope, this big Spider-man movie still will not come close to what happens in the latter two. We’re talking epic destruction in just 1 city vs. the fate of an entire time line, and the shenanigans of an international peace keeping organization.

  29. The music is so over used lol, Sunshine, kick ass, Samsung ad, now x men