‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Trailer Teases Doom & Gloom

Published 1 year ago by , Updated March 29th, 2014 at 4:31 pm,

There are four Marvel movies hitting theaters in 2014, and the first of the group, Captain America: The Winter Soldier released its first full-length trailer last week, taking advantage of the Marvel movie buzz surrounding the press junket for Thor: The Dark World and its worldwide theatrical release beginning this week in the UK.

The third of the bunch, joining The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters next May is X-Men: Days of Future Past, and its studio Twentieth Century Fox took advantage of last week’s buzz to let fans know that its first trailer was on the way as well. Fox kicked off its official marketing campaign with an Instagram teaser, a series of photos from cover stories in print magazines and a Twitter livechat with director Bryan Singer yesterday where he hinted at what was to come from the first Days of Future Past trailer.

With principal photography wrapping in August and lots of post-production special effects work still required, Singer explained during his Twitter Q&A that today’s first teaser trailer for the biggest X-Men team-up yet is focused squarely on the characters, much like the rough footage was that played at San Diego Comic-Con back in July. And of course, there are a lot of them.

X Men Days of Future Past cast by Gage Skidmore 1024x577 X Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Teases Doom & Gloom

As it turns out the trailer is nearly identical to the Comic-Con footage, featuring interesting shots in the past (1973) and future, the latter of which we see returning characters from the original X-Men trilogy with new, combat-appropriate costumes. The major change from the Days of Future Past comics is that instead of sending Kitty Pryde back in time, the movie will send film franchise poster boy Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) – or more specifically, his conscience – back in time to his younger, ’70s self to reunite Professor X, Magneto and other old school X-Men to prevent a certain event in the past from happening to save their future.

Singer revealed that about 70% of the film takes place in the past so it does serve more as a sequel to X-Men: First Class, and as for the new characters including Bishop, Sunspot, Warpath and Blink, who show up only in the future – They’re teased but are given no dialogue in the trailer. Some of these characters will have important roles to play since they’re the most likely to live on into sequels and spinoffs (see: X-Force).

X Men Days of Future Past Bishop Magneto Xavier Test X Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Teases Doom & Gloom

X-Men: Days of Future Past is the first film in the long-running series to introduce time travel, a major plot device in Marvel Comics, and has the potential to redefine the franchise, correcting continuity errors of the past and laying the groundwork for the future. Does the trailer and its vastly different style and mood hold up against the action-packed first look at Captain America 2 and can its ambitious use of two casts and two time periods help Days of Future Past see big numbers at the box office?

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.


X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014.

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  1. i am looking forward to the inevitable scene where the future X-Men are brutally murdered by the Sentinels before Wolverine is sent back into the past. Also, I think younger Prof. X is going to wipe Wolverine’s memory in the end to preserve the new timeline if they save the day.

  2. This is the new format for comic movie trailers now. Trailer one has a serious tone and trailer 2 has action and if it’s a big time movie like MOS than the 3rd trailer shows you the best part of everything and is better than the movie itself. At least it looks like Singer is back in his wheel house and we are going to get a great Xmen movie!

  3. but but …I wantet SENTINELS!!

  4. That was one badly edited trailer.

  5. I hope there is a lot of jaw dropping actions and mutants using their powers. If there is one thing I don’t appreciate about any of the X Men films is there is so much story and very little action. I mean yes there is action but it’s so saturated. I want to bad ass fights that I’m going to leave the theater thinking about for a while after. The Xmen movies need better fights!

    • Singer is not really known for jar dropping action, sadly !
      It always feels more TV like in my opinion !

      • What’s wrong with TV? There are dozens of television shows with awesome action scenes, or are you just being pretentious?

      • The white house nightcrawler scene is one of the best scenes in any superhero fil.. he is capable to do action well

        • Absolutely right. Hands down that was my favorite comic action scene (until the Avengers’ 45 minute awesome-spasm) and it remains the greatest opening action sequence of any comic book movie

      • +1

  6. Its looks good for a FIRST trailer, I dont know why some are so nit picky about it? oh the set looks cheap! Halle Berrys hair! the music is wrong! etc etc. people are so quick to shred things to pieces. give it a chance, we might be surprised

  7. Not one sentinel….

  8. This trailer showed me and what I think Bryan Singer was trying to show was that there is going to be a good story behind everything. It wont just be mindless action.

    But I think X1 and X2 lacked in quality mutan action with them using their powers in a good ole’ fight. So I hope the next trailer shows more action.

    Either way I’m feeling better about this movie already. Looks like its on the right path… I just hope the Story is enhanced with kick ass fight scenes.

  9. umm yeah not sure if this going good movie may have to see some more trailers to make judgement call.

  10. The trailer looks great. It has that same feeling I got when I saw the first X Men film trailers’. The hype was great among x men fans. I expect the movie to be awesome.

  11. I kept waiting for the young Xavier, at the end to say, “OK, I’ll help….but I’m not shaving my head, no way, no how.”

  12. Looks great. Now I want to see the Wes Anderson version of this.

  13. Ok why is Magneto pointing a gun at someone?

  14. stop with the sentinels already…

    did you not read the article?…they just wrapped filming in August. All the CGI effects and scenes are months away from being completed…


    • Patience indeed. Someone should have had the patience to wait until they had enough completed material to make a trailer. It’s no excuse to say “well what do you expect, we haven’t done any post production yet!”

      • I still dont get why people are complaining, this is easily one of the best superhero trailers Ive ever see thats for sure. Looks fantastic, and I kinda hooe they dont show sentinels in the trailer. Maybe show a bunch in the dark lined up as a huge army but thats it.

  15. I’m confused — wasn’t Sunspot part of the New Mutants? Or did you mean that Sunspot only appears in the future in the trailer?

  16. If they had shown more material, there would be people complaining that they gave too much story away. Be patient, the time for the Sentinels to appear will come.

  17. Never any pleasing “The fans.”

    You’ll see the big robots – you know you’ll be seeing them – so what’s wrong with laying down some premise foundation first?

    To me this was probably the most interesting X-Men trailer yet.

    • I don’t consider a bunch of people who are more concerned with seeing “big robots” than the actual characters the film revolved around “fans”, but hey that’s me. It’s funny but just about every thread I have seen for DOFP is mostly people scrabbling over themselves to slate a movie that hasn’t finished filming yet? Dubious intention indeed.

      Still 144 comments and counting cant be a bad thing for Screenrant?

      • You keep saying “slate” in a weird context. “Slate” means “start production” as in the clapperboard (also known as a slate) they use at the beginning of a take. Do you mean “slag?”

        • I’m not using it in a weird context at all, I’m English therefore to slate means to attack by criticizing; to write or say that something is very bad.

          Slag in English means waste material produced from refining ore however you can “slag someone off” meaning to criticize someone/something in an abusive manner. You could also use it describe a male or female who has many different sexual partners.

          • I’ve heard all kinds of Britishisms and have never heard that one. I have however heard people say “slag” as in criticizing something to the point of melting it down into slag. That’s why I asked.

            There are a couple other people on this site who think they’ve heard of some phrase and start to use that phrase themselves, and they heard it wrong or use it wrong. It’s always entertaining when it happens but I wanted to check with you first before I started laughing at you.

            If you’re using “slate” as an existent, obscure-but-correct phrase then that’s fine. If you were using it because thought that’s what the phrase was, but it’s really “Slag” then I was going to get a chuckle out of it. Don’t worry you’re safe.

            My girlfriend’s best friend used to think “ham” meant “cute” as in “my kid is such a ham.” There’s nothing in the context to indicate it *didn’t* mean “cute” so she never knew it meant “attention whore” until recently. I always thought that was funny.

          • Oh, by the way, when a person says “in a weird context,” they are not talking about your experience. They are talking about “that is weird to me, I haven’t encountered that before.” So yep. It’s a weird context by that definition.

            • Its alright I can see where your coming from, the fact that both terms are using Slate as slang there really is no right or wrong.

              Once again I wasn’t using “Slate” in a weird context, you took my comment out of context which is why it was “weird” for you.

              • Well, I explained what “weird context” means in my usage, which makes what I’m saying correct.

                When a person says that….they are automatically talking about from their point of view. No one runs around saying stuff based on what other people have experienced. I have no way of knowing what your brain & eyes & ears have witnessed so how or why would I talk based on your point of view?

                • Your talking about subjective context which refers to an individual set of beliefs. Your opening reply to my original comment was taken out of context, that right there was your mistake not mine.

                  I really hope your not taking this the wrong way as I’m not trying to argue with you however in your reply you incorrectly tried to correct me, anyway it’s quite obviously a miscommunication.

                  If it helps I have never heard “ham” used in place of “attention Whore” and found it funny your girlfriends friend used that out of context as well.

  18. Not surprised they reused the Comic-Con teaser. The only difference is that they replaced Hans Zimmer’s “Time” with John Murphy’s “Sunshine”.

  19. I want to see sentinels and mutant powers as much as the next fan, but I’m also very aware that this is a FILM we’re talking about, there are characters and story as well as laser beams and metal skin.

    Plus it’s a long-established approach, to show 1st trailer focusing on story, 2nd trailer showing some juicy action. I don’t get why people are so shocked that another new movie is doing the same thing.

  20. I hate… hate… HATE when a movie trailer uses songs from other existing movies (And video games and simply music used in far too many trailers) It always send this message to me that the makers of this movie lacks in thinking creatively.

    They do this not once, but twice in this trailer. The footage looks cool. But by simply adding the music they added made my exceptions drop.

    • *expectations

      • whatever.

    • I thought most films use existing scores for teasers as their particular score hasn’t been finished?

      I could be completely wrong and this is just an assumption.

      • There is a huge variety of music to use out there for a trailer. Heck A little company out there called two steps from hell makes music just for trailers. You can never go long with two steps from hell. (Except Heart of courage. I get it. It’s a motivational powerful song. There is many more songs these guys made that has not been used.) Using a preexisting song from another movie (Not it’s trailer. It’s movie) Just feels so cheap!

    • Well I hate to break it to you, most trailers use existing music from other trailers.

  21. Obviously rushed trailer looks rushed. Did a good job of showcasing the dramatics though. Definitely not better than the Cap 2 trailer. Singer should have waited for more a polished trailer IMO.

    • Way better imo. Cap trailer was great and I cant wait for it but think it went overboard on showing a lot of action. Plus, I dont like that the trailer 1st ending was same as Avengers/IM3, something big falling out the sky (Avengers Hellicarier and IM3 his house, and this time hellicarier again.

  22. I’m not understanding the comparisons to Captain America 2. That trailer looks like a lot of action, electric guitars, and explosions, more akin to typical Michael Bay fare, while this is a much more somber, serious trailer that looks more like an actual “film”.

    Fox seems to be trying to go the Nolan route with the X-Men franchise. Let’s hope it works.

  23. (sigh) People keep asking why isn’t Bishop going back in time or Kitty going back in time let me tell you a secret …. ready? They explained that wolverine was ALIVE way back when xavier and magneto are young tikes … kitty wasn’t there no was bishop so that answer that question mkay. The lovely people who keep going on and on about CGI fall the heck back this isn’t just a nerds movie its a movie for everyone like me ( who could care less about lore if it is good then Im fine with it ) Second some of yall need to cool it with this Bryan Singer hate being a gay male myself its inspirational seeing him get so much respect for producing not 1 or 2 or even 4 but 8 critically acclaimed films is amazing am I kissing his ass abit ? Yes, but at the same time numbers don’t like and I hope he keeps them coming and prove everyone of the comic book nerd wrong again ( like he always does)

  24. Really liked this trailer
    Looks like this film could well end up being the best x-men movie yet, and hopefully puts the franchise back on track

    I hope they don’t show the sentinels in the trailers/tv spots, let them be blow people away on the big screen – after all they are big robots, small screens like YouTube type player will never do them justice

  25. Maybe this won’t be as good as I thought it would be.

  26. Is it me or does this trailer give you a better sense of excitment for this movie then the trailers for IM3 and Thor;TDW….or maybe its because it just came out today????

  27. welp… at least we are one more movie closer to a reboot…

  28. This is the most dramatic trailer to introduce such a film I’m so excited.

  29. Patrick Stewart is back? im in

    • +1000