‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Trailer Analysis and Over 100 New Photos

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X Men Days of Future Past Logo X Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Analysis and Over 100 New Photos

After months and months of waiting, as rival studios Marvel and Sony flood headlines with media and news regarding their 2014 comic book movie releases, Twentieth Century Fox is finally stepping up promotion on X-Men: Days of Future Past. Teased for weeks, the second full-length trailer for the time-travel tale released this morning, delving deeper into the action front, showing most, if not, all of the mutant characters – new and old – moving beyond infighting to save the future from a far greater threat.

For Marvel Comics readers, the second Days of Future Past trailer offers the first official look of the mighty mutant-hunting Sentinel robots in action, both in the past and future, along with some of the more spectacular mutant powers in action.

Now that you’ve seen the new trailer and poster, we’re going to break it down in detail for a closer look at the characters, and to piece together what we can from the story of the film that director Bryan Singer claims will attempt to “fix” the continuity of the long-running X-Men film series.


Dystopian Future 

In the X-Men: Days of Future Past teaser we got a look at the mutant characters of the future, and an interesting temple where key events of the film take place, but little of the actual world of the future where chaos and destruction took over and cities are now seemingly lifeless.

The purple lights highlighting the center of this city could be mutant internment camps and could tie into Bishop’s origins and role in the film as a time-travelling mutant – or it could be a Sentinel base and home to their ships. Could we meet Master Mold, leader (and constructor) of the Sentinels?


X-Men 4

After X-Men: The Last Stand, producer Lauren Shuler Donner spoke repeatedly over the years about her desire to develop X-Men 4 and continue the series. Days of Future Past is the closest thing to that, serving as a followup to the original X-Men trilogy and 2011′s X-Men: First Class. Here are the returning characters from the old X-Men.

Despite having her name show up in the credits at the end, no Rogue (Anna Paquin) is present in the trailer since her scenes were removed from the theatrical cut. The character still might play into the background of the film and the sequence will come as a feature on the home video release.


X-Men: First Class

The core cast of Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class ’60s era prequel returns for the ’70s portion, but not all of them may have survived over the years. More on that down below.


The X-Jet

The X-Jet has been a part of all of the team-based X-Men films to date, first appearing in Bryan Singer’s original film in 2000. We saw the first X-Jet in X-Men: First Class, a highly advanced prototype Lockheed SR-71 that was modified by young Hank McCoy. It was destroyed. The new one looks similar to the X-Trilogy design with a little TRON flare for good measure.


The X-Mansion

The X-Mansion hasn’t been in use for quite some time when we pick up with young Charles Xavier, who’s lost his way since the events of X-Men: First Class. But when Wolverine comes to meet him in the ’70s on a mission from the future, they power up the hidden base beneath the X-Mansion. It must have been built sometime after First Class but before the X-Men parted ways. Beast’s Cerebro device is activated by young Charles, presumably to locate Magneto so they can plan his rescue.


The Escape

The viral marketing for X-Men: Days of Future Past has explored the creation of the Sentinels, the history of Bolivar Trask and his tech company, and even “The Bent Bullet” conspiracy which had young Erik Lehnsherr - aka Magneto – responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. After a secret trial and several destroyed prison cells, Trask Industries was commissioned in 1971 to create the ultimate containment unit for Magneto – over 1,000 feet underground. You can check out the 3D display of it at the viral site here.

For now, all you need to know is that Magneto is housed there and part of the film involves breaking him out, with the help of his super-fast son, Quicksilver (Evan Peters).


Magneto’s Helm

We’ve seen from some of the earliest imagery of Days of Future Past that Magneto retrieves his iconic anti-telepathy helmet – and here it looks like he’s going for it (after he’s free, of course), using metallic balls to take out two guards in a structure which may house a few items from mutants we met in X-Men: First Class. The below image was tweeted by director Bryan Singer last August.

While the trailer is intentionally cut in a non-chronological order, judging by the clothing and aesthetic, these items might be kept under lock and key by the Department of Defense. Young Magneto walks in, sporting a dark trench coat and hat, performs a little metal magic and takes his helm. Why would he need that? Presumably because after he escapes prison, he’s not too keen on following Xavier and Wolverine’s plans to save the future – at least not at first, or for the entirety of the film.


Anti-Mutant Hysteria

In the seemingly altered 1960-70s timeline explored in Days of Future Past, mutants were not public knowledge until the assassination of JFK. In a secret trial, young Erik Lehnsherr was asked to showcase his abilities, bending a metal crowbar to the shock and awe of attendees. There were rumors however, of their existence before that because of the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis as depicted in the final act of X-Men: First Class, resulting in the murders of several mutants by the CIA.

Reading through the viral media Fox published for X-Men: Days of Future Past, two anti-mutant groups from Marvel Comics are alive in this film universe – the Friends of Humanity and the Purifiers (the latter of which could potentially be a part of the X-Force movie in development). The biggest player in the anti-mutant movement however is Bolivar Trask, who founded Trask Industries in 1967, later launching the Sentinel program in 1973 – an event, we can see from the trailer, is interrupted by Magneto who previously escaped Trask’s custom-made prison.

Above we can see Trask and the U.S. Government (Nixon era) unveiling the Mark I sentinel to the public and Magneto interrupts the event. Xavier is seemingly in the crowd, shouting at him to stop. Below we have more shots of Magneto suited up with armor and his helmet, this time in a stadium, also with political decor; we don’t know how they’re related, but the stadium is in rough shape.

How does Magneto attack? During his armored adventures he takes control of a squad of the Sentinels. Does he throw them at his enemies to make a point? Expect future iterations of the Sentinels to avoid metal components.


The Sentinels

The few surviving mutants of the future, the most powerful of a dying species, are under attack around the world by the evolved, shape-shifting Sentinels. We know part of the story involves the X-Men protecting Wolverine’s body as Kitty Pryde sends his mind back into the past (we can’t explain how that works just yet considering her ability is to phase through physical objects). With the X-Men using that temple we’ve seen in the photos and teaser trailer as a base of operations, we see what may be Sentinels launching from those carrier ships first revealed in the character posters, presumably en route to attack.

All of the Sentinel fleet sequences so far are strictly at night and are very dark, masking the already dark designs of the weaponized robots. The next few stills, that happen to mostly match a leaked scene description, feature Colossus in metal form going hand-to-hand against one of the future Sentinels. We also get to see how Sentinels fire their ranged attacks and it looks quite similar to The Destroyer unit featured in Thor.


New Mutants & Powers

The Sentinel program evolved over the years since its inception in the early ’70s, and so have the mutants they were designed to hunt. The mutants of the future are more powerful (and they need to be) to survive in the post-apocalyptic future introduced in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The returning characters have mastered their abilities over the years and that couldn’t be more evident than with the ice slide showcase by Bobby Drake aka Iceman (Shawn Ashmore). Storm’s back with her powerful lightning and weather control abilities, along with the other core characters from the original X-Men trilogy.

As for the new mutants, Roberto da Costa aka Sunspot (Adan Canto) steals the spotlight as we see his powers on display. In the books, Sunspot’s powers make him look as if he’s a black hole on fire, as the use of his abilities absorbs the light around him. From the trailer, it looks like he’s simply turning into the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch, blasting fire into one of the attacking Sentinels.

The above scene features Colossus alongside new characters Blink, Warpath and Sunspot in an underground bunker of sorts when the Sentinels attack. We assume they team-up with the core X-Men team on the mission to change the past. Below are some shots of new character Bishop (Omar Sy) phasing through obstacles with the help of Kitty Pryde’s ability, and Blink throwing a projectile (seemingly through ice, in order for Iceman to slide through),


Stryker’s Team

Much like we saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where William Stryker commands a team of mutant mercenaries including Wolverine, Bolt, Wade Wilson, Sabretooth, Fred Dukes & Agent Zero – an even younger Stryker (Josh Helman) has his own special mutant unit earlier in his career, in Vietnam to be specific. This team features a younger Toad and Havok and from the sequence it appears that Mystique is attacking them, perhaps because the mutants work for the human government? Refer back to “The Bent Bullet” viral for more on that.

Havok prepares to fire a blast of energy and knocks someone flying. This may be the only part of the film the character is part of. Is there any room to explain the connection between him and Scott Summers aka Cyclops (James Marsden) who are brothers in the comics? Is he working with or against Mystique?

Looking back months ago to when Bryan Singer confirmed Lucas Till’s return as Havok, we can see a lot more in the first official photo of him. Note the mutant with the funky hair design right behind him, and in the far back right, young Toad with his head-mounted binoculars attached.


Mystique’s Mission

Whatever changed the timeline and ruined the future – and this dates back to the JFK assassination – it revolves around Mystique. From the trailer, it’s rather evident that she’s chosen a side (us or them) in what she perceives as a war between Homo sapiens and Homo sapiens superior. We see her above either working for or against Stryker’s mutant strike team and we see below, her on the run (from Magneto according to the first teaser) in Paris.

For whatever reason, Mystique is in Paris during a rally. It seems to be during the 1973 Paris Peace Accord which put an end to the U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

We know from the previous assets that Magneto shows up during these scenes and pulls Mystique towards her. From the image of him wearing the same clothes while soaked, Beast must show up here and tackle him into the water.


Storm’s Limited Screen Time

Much like Rogue (Anna Paquin) had all of  her scenes cut from the theatrical version of the film, Storm’s part in X-Men: Days of Future Past has been reportedly reduced as well, although Singer denies that it was dwindled down much. Her action and stunt work had already been altered due to Halle Berry’s pregnancy, and from this brief scene it appears one of the future Sentinels is about to stab her.


Time Travel

A relatively common plot device used in several Marvel Comics series, X-Men: Days of Future Past is the first adaptation to use it on-screen. Director Bryan Singer claims that Days of Future Past will both broaden out the X-Men cinematic universe and at the same time, “fix” some of the continuity errors the series has suffered from over the years. In a slight twist on the 1980 miniseries from Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Terry Austin, the film version sees Kittry Pryde inexplicably sending the mind of Wolverine back into his younger self, in order to warn Charles Xavier and convince him to forge a new alliance with Magneto to save the future.



We’ve heard hints and partial explanations from those involved with the production, but several key characters have been inexplicably altered – or at the very least, all-too-conveniently altered during parts of the film. Young Charles Xavier, after taking a bullet at the end of X-Men: First Class, can walk for part of the movie. Blue beast (Nicholas Hoult) can return to his human form, Kitty Pryde can send people’s minds through time and future Wolverine got his adamantium claws back. Magneto might have helped with the latter according to Singer, and young Beast might have crafted something with his genius mind to help with his blue fur issues and Xavier’s ability to walk – but all of these seem contrived and unnecessary at first glance. We’ll have to wait and see how they play out onscreen.

Share your thoughts on what we’ve seen from the film so far in the comments below!


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Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, Evan Jonigkeit along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.

X-Men: Days of Future Past arrives in U.S. theaters on May 23rd, 2014, followed by Fantastic Four on June 19th, 2015, X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27th, 2016, The Wolverine 3 (not the official title) on March 3rd, 2017, Fantastic Four 2 on July 14th, 2017, and an unspecified Marvel film on July 13th, 2018.

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Sources: The Bent Bullet, Trask Industries

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  1. I’m excited to see Colossus kick some butt. He’s had very little screen time prior to this film.

  2. Holy crap that’s a awesome write up!! Great job!

    The most important scene to me from that trailer is

    Icemans ice slide!!
    I can’t wait to see that! Been waiting to see that since x-men.

    Iceman a has always been one of my favorite characters.

    This movie could be awesome! Or a giant clusterf**k.
    Here’s hoping it’s great. The trailer looks awesome but there’s a lot of hole and continuity errors this franchise have suffered.

  3. Why did the article say Beak was on Stryker’s team in Origins, Are you trying to get some peoples hopes up on here?

    And I know it is supposed to be a dystopian future where mutants are hunted, but the way the city looks it seems like normal humans might not be living so well either. Almost looks like the Sentinels made things worse, or caused a ton of collateral damage.

    • The dude with the ‘tech’ powers in Origins, who was working at the carnival, played by Dominic Monaghan, that was supposed to be Beak. Just altered for the film.

      • My mistake, he was playing Bolt. Chris Bradley. Not Beak. Not sure why I always thought he was Beak (who’s name is Barnell Bohusk)

        • the actor playing bolt was actually originally going to play beak in that movie but it got changed to bolt so maybe that’s why you thought that

  4. I never understand what happened to the older self of Mystique…

    • She got the cure in X-Men 3 and lost her powers.

      • I remember Magneto being able to nearly move a metal chess piece at the end of X3, which suggested the cure was only temporary. If thats the case then Mystique could easily have regained her powers but ended up getting killed by the Sentinels before DOFP. Unless of course they shock us all and she gets killed in the 70s instead.

        • You also have to remember that Magneto is a far much stronger mutant than Mystique so the level/categories of mutants plays a part in that.

  5. Magneto in the coat with a hat is the most badass representation of the character on screen since the first X-men.

    • Magneto in Argentina in First Class is quite possibly the most badass scene from any comic book film.

  6. Why does Magneto’s helmet look different than the one he’s seen wearing all shiny in First class? This new helmet looks like its made outta dry pottery or stone or something.

    • It’s called paint.

    • It’s called “We Fox people don’t care about continuity”.

  7. Great article Rob!
    In-depth analysis. Keep it up.

  8. Great break down Rob! I have a few thoughts about a few of your points.

    You point out a couple times that we don’t have an explanation of how Kitty is able to send Wolverine back in time, but I don’t think it was really ever explained in the original comic how she traveled back to her younger self. I assume it will probably be a combination of Prof X and Kitty using their powers to send him to the past, (In the trailer there is a quick shot when Wolverine is screaming, that looks a lot like the cerebro interface from the first X-films) but I don’t think the specifics on that are all that important.

    Regarding Sunspot simply turning into FF’s Human torch, his skin is mostly dark and there are flames coming off of him. It doesn’t seem that far off from his comic appearance to me. Also its mentioned that Blink is throwing projectiles, I’m pretty sure she is opening portals to teleport through.

    Overall I think the trailer looks great, and I think they have done a good job with the marketing for this film. In the last few years I think far too many trailers show too much. So far we have 2 trailers and a big magazine article, most people don’t follow along the production of these films like we do. Some times I really think we should stop trying to find out every little detail about up-coming films, but curiosity is a powerful thing…

    • “…but I don’t think it was really ever explained in the original comic how she traveled back to her younger self.”

      They did. Rachel Grey sent her back.

      • If they wanted to use the same line as the comics, they could, but honestly, they want Hugh Jackman as the central focus point instead of Ellen Page. It is what it is.

        • Since it´s only the mind that travels back to the past, where would they send Kitty to? Her dad´s nut sack?

          • in the comic it was set further in the future, so it was the mind of the 40 y/o Kate going back to the 14 y/o body

          • Yeah, overall this rationale and the idea that Wolverine should remain a main character are prime reasons for the decision to swap Kitty/Wolverine. It’s not a bad decision at all.

            And yes, it was actually explained in the comics. It was Rachel. Who is not only a powerful telepath, she also has a link to the Phoenix Force.

        • Of course

      • I know about Rachel, I should have phrased my comment better. What I was getting at was that the specifics of how a telepath could send someone back, wasn’t really explained.

        My point was I don’t think its necessarily something to dwell on, there will be an explanation of some sorts in the film, most likely just another telepath (Prof X) will be send Wolverine back.

    • In the original story it was Rachel Summers, daughter of Scott and Jean Gray, who sent the older Kate Pryde’s mind back into her younger body, as she was an uber telepath. This story bears very little reemblance to the original and I’m just going to have to forget it and watch the film for it’s own sake.

  9. My thoughts after seeing the trailer:
    1. I’m really glad we finally see Iceman doing his loooong awaited Ice Slide in ice form.
    2. And Collosus… aaah, the guy who always got treated underwhelmingly. I hope he has more screentime than his in the first trilogy.
    3. And as for Prof X walking… after rewatching First Class, I think the whole walking thing is gonna be him messing around with people’s head to make it LOOK like he is. Kinda like Loki inside his cell on Thor: The Dark World.
    4. Magneto’s 70s helmet is definitely different to his First Class one, and I’m still not sure if Pietro will be his son… though it’s still possible if the age count is correct (but how old is Erik in the future, then? 80 yo?)
    5. Blink is showing her power to transport Iceman to the battlefield, I thiink
    6. Looks like the future part is gonna look awesome, if just by it’s visual, considering this is where we have the X-Avengers team (that circle shot *sigh*). Plus the ones with diverse abilities are available there.
    7. I just hope noone will have the Riptide (of First Class) treatment, showing awesome power but basically mute the entire movie *sigh*. Let’s hope Warpath is not taking his place here… he doesn’t seem to do anything in the trailer
    8. We will soon find Storm’s demise… even when Singer said she will not only have 1 shot.
    9. Totally NOT liking the future Sentinels, or whatever it will be called. Looks more like Terminator than Sentinels…

    Great article Rob, even when it seems that you’re having a cough/cold, you still manage to write a splendid analysis/breakdown. If you’re really unwell, get well soon okay!

    • Thanks! You should see my watery, red eyes – looks like I have double pinkeye :|

      • Rob I wanted to point out that in the image where we see Havok there is a bald guy with some tattoos, could that be Ink? I read somewhere that he was going to appear in the movie.

      • Looks like I was right, it is Ink.

    • Magneto would be in his late 80s early 90s by the time Sentinels have taken over. He was a young boy (12?) in Auschwitz during X-Men and First Class and the first X-Men film took place in the near future so around 2010? Makes him pretty f*cking old by DOFP.

      • Well, Ian McKellan is 74 so not so crazy to have Magneto that old in the future

  10. Well, it looks like Havok will be in this after all–I was not sure. And Storm is getting her part whittled down as well? Good thing we have Cyclops, Rogue, Banshee, and Nightcrawler there to save the day! And…what’s that? They aren’t in this? Ooohhh, moan; looks like the future of Earth and Mutanthood is doomed!!

  11. Looks pretty good..I just have a few questions..

    Was First Class a prequel to the original trilogy or was it an alternate timeline? Because if it was a prequel I would think the Sentinels would have already taken over by the time X1 took place. Is the future timeline in DoFP the future of the original timeline or is it the future for First Class’s timeline? At the end of “The Wolverine” Xavier and Magneto come to Wolverine to tell him about the future so had they already time traveled? Because “The Wolverine” takes place in the same timeline as the original trilogy but there had been no Sentinels yet. This is all confusing and hopefully the movie sorts it out, because right now it is very jumbled up. This is supposedly a sequel to both the original trilogy and First class but I can’t see how it can be anything but a sequel to First Class alone.

    • “At the end of “The Wolverine” Xavier and Magneto come to Wolverine to tell him about the future so had they already time traveled? Because “The Wolverine” takes place in the same timeline as the original trilogy but there had been no Sentinels yet.”

      If you pay close attention to that scene, Magneto says “They´re are building a weapon to end our kind.” So what if that weapon is a time machine? So the humans can go back in time and tell Trask about the mutant threat. That would also explain all the continuity errors.

      • My theory has been that the mutants went “off the grid” after the 70s and the Sentinel program was mothballed. Think about the first Xmen movie – when the light show started at the Statue of Liberty they would have sent Sentinels in instead of the coast guard. Mutants were out of the spotlight until the late 90s. In the early 2000s Nightcrawler attacks the White House and the “threat” of mutants is reestablished.

      • Well, The Wolverine takes place after X3. Jean Grey is dead. And Days of Future Past takes place many years after the end scene of The Wolverine considering that Logan has aged. The Sentinels creating themselves to stop the mutant threat before it started could be part of the plot, similar to Looper

    • There are few definitive answers about this series, and unless there is going to be tons of exposition in this film I do not think there will many questions answered regarding the timeline and all the hiccups in the films.

      Another poster mentioned Looper and I think one thing from that movie applies here, they don’t want to talk about time travel because it will just lead to bunch of confusing charts and graphs.

  12. I cant wait for this film to kick the ass out of all the little people so gun ho about sticking to the source material . I like when directors take liberties and basically tell ner- I meant fanboys to stfu this is MY vision of the movie that takes balls , also being so … er .. um .. “vocal” about the Sentinel designs come on its a movie bout fictional people it does not require you shooting down people that happen to enjoy the movie. Like I understand that you like the comics and every thing but damn there is other ways to tell a story and this happens to just be Singers way of telling a story. And may-be someday Disney can buy out fox which might become a reality and a new director can do something else with the story until then just enjoy the story.

    • Mr. Singer?

      • Oh no lol but Im just as fab does that count? xoxo

      • Did I ruffle your feathers dear? (Sorry Hun) In any case you just proved my point I honestly could care less about wat is supposed to be and what is not supposed to be its just something that doesnt seem important and yes I say nerds becasue its seems that only nerds are the only ones who are blowing a gasket over stuff that just really dont seem like you should get all hot and bothered about these kind of things if it sucks then let it suck for being a trashy and tacky mess , not because a movie doesnt follow a comic book to a T.

        • No, I am not really bent and bothered, I just find it funny that people get on here and yell and scream about the fact that people have opinions…but if I was bent and bothered I would probably be aggressively attacking you and calling you names and screaming about anti-nerds blowing gaskets.

          And just a point of note, if you don’t care what is suppose to be and not to be…then why are you posting at all. Let those with opinions voice them and those who seems have no skin in the game leave well enough alone perhaps?

          But saying that, it would strike me that if you don’t have any invested interest in it being what it is suppose to be or not suppose to be, then your argument that it should only be what Singer says it can be seems like a very odd argument to present initially.

          And if only “nerds” blow gaskets…then I would have to say you have just officially become a nerd. Congrats and welcome to the club “Hun”!!!

          You will find its not all that bad a group to hang out with over time….

          • Ha ha ha Cute deary but its going to take more then a little sarcasm (half – assed sarcasm at that lol smh) to get me hot and bothered but nice try love. ;)

            • Fairly certain the primary motive wasn’t to get you hot and bothered. The primary motive was to point out that, out of the two of you, you’re the one being unnecessarily aggressive and condescending.

            • @Blondie, you’re so transparent you might as well say “U mad bro?”

              Desperate troll is desperate lol.

        • @Blondie – It’s one thing to talk about “nerds” and another thing to call someone a “nerd”. I’m sure you can make your point without stooping subtle name calling.


          Paul Young

        • Can you name one comic based movie where a director/writer went totally off the grid that was a mega-hit?

          I can’t. The top 10 superhero movies are: The Avengers, Dark Knight, Spider-Man, Batman (1989), Spider-Man 2, Superman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Iron Man 1&3, and Spider-Man 3. That is according to the domestic box office (with inflation considered). You can argue that Nolan went realistic (but you can counter that argument with it being based on Batman Year 1) and having it happen in a world without super powered people. Spider-Man 3 was poorly adapted in regards to Venom, but Sandman was well adapted, and it followed 2 movies that were pretty faithful. Spider-Man made his webs part of him vs. a wrist shooter but that was due to Sony being in love with the James Cameron script. Raimi kept it. Iron Man 3′s take on Mandarin has been pointed out IT WASN’T MANDARIN.

          So really where is this great popular movie that wasn’t a good adaptation of the comics? X-Men and all it’s sequels and spin offs have been disappointing in the box office in comparison to the movies I mentioned. Only X2 was even a real box office hit. The others were just successful. So right now Bryan Singer isn’t looking capable as he has had 3 movies to try: X-Men, X2, and Superman Returns.

          I saw the trailer for this crap and shook my head. Iceman is in pure ice form, but his clothes remain ok? Yeah, whatever. It not only doesn’t follow the comics, but it looks stupid and makes no scientific sense at all. If anything, THAT hurts my ability to believe in what is on the screen. That is what director’s fight in Super-Hero movies The suspension of disbelief.

          You can create a fantasy world with super-heroes and win them over, The Avengers pretty much proved it. They even showed The Hulk could be in a mega-hit movie.

          Bryan Singer isn’t even a fan. They need to turn these movies and IP over to some successful film maker who actually read the comics as a kid. Spider-Man was successful because Sam Raimi read them (and he fought the studios often and lost way way way too much, Spider-Man 3 was just too much losing the fight so he didn’t fight hard for a Spider-Man 4).

          With the Avenger’s success and The Joker earning an academy award… the time is right for better adaptations to make it to the BIG and SMALL screen (sadly, Marvel sucks at TV). I’m all for little changes. Watchmen was for the better by the changed ending. I never got the giant octopus/squid thing.

      • Exactly what part of The Avengers movie was anything like the comic books or their characters? So much is different about all of those movies, it’s a moot point.

        • Loki brought the avengers together in the book and movie.

        • Seriously? For one: Their costumes.

          Iron Man looks like Iron Man. Captain America looks like Captain America. The Hulk even has purple pants. Thor looks like Thor and talks like Thor, and is an actual God. The Black Widow looks like Black Widow. The only person who doesn’t look like their comic counterpart is Hawkeye.

          For another their origins: The only change in origins was The Hulk and again, Hawkeye and they were given their Ultimates origins, so yes, faithful to the comics.

          The only thing that seems to not follow the comics is Iron Man going public so quickly, Iron Man never fighting alcoholism (although maybe that’s too close to home for RDJ), and other just as small nit picks.

          Making a certain God black and other types of casting don’t really count in my mind. Every time a black actor has taken a white role in the Marvel cinematic universe has been successful. They’ve made the parts their own and captured the spirit of the comic character they’re portraying.

          I don’t really get what’s different. No Ant-Man and Wasp? They can come later, I don’t mind that.

          • They did alter the Norse Gods myth by making them beings with advanced technology that appeared to be magic from another dimension that had traveled to Earth and were worshiped as gods, which is a widely used theme in the genre. That along with making the Nine Worlds a different concept is why people accepted the odd addition of non-White characters in the Asgard/Nine Worlds setting and the whole Dark Elves in T.I.E. fighters concept.

  13. Is it just me or does Mystique’s costume/paint look cheap and nasty compared to the original?

    • So Rebecca Stamos looks less cheap and nasty in a blue textured body suit wearing no clothes than Jennifer Lawerence in a blue textured body suit wearing no clothes?


  14. @Rob
    To explain kitty pryde time travel ability, Bryan Singer uses the scientific description of her mutant abilities: QUANTUM TUNNELING. it’s the probability that a particule can phase through a solid barrier without being altered. physicists are still trying to master this phenomenon. Since that probability in nature is very small, kitty’s mutation allows her to increases it to 100% for her and everything she touches. and according to theoretical physicists, there is a correlation between quantum tunneling and faster-than light travel. Singer will certainly use that, and with the help of some psychobabble, to give some plausibility to her time travel ability (I think she will be helped by Prof X or another telepath that will be introduced. Just my guess)

    • Interesting. I hope they at least offer some sort of explanation beyond ‘oh ya Kitty’s stronger now’

      • Lol. Don’t forget she is the ‘pryde’ of the X-Men

    • Here I was thinking, she was just protecting him by so the Sentinels couldn’t hurt his body while his mind is in the past.

      Quantum Tunneling is an interesting idea though.

  15. can someone explain why Havoc was on Strykers team? im assuming that is after the events of First Class after they all part there own ways? and while Wolverine is back in time with the younger characters, mutants like Blink, Iceman, kitty pride, warpath and older charles and magneto are fighting the sentinels in the future? just a little confused…can someoen pleas explain

  16. I don’t know if the idea has been thrown around yet or not but I think young version of Prof. X that’s walking is a mental projection by him into the minds of the other characters. It’s the only way he can go with them on missions.

    • I think it has something to do with Hank McCoy building something that lets him walk at the expense of his powers. Same goes for the magic plot device serum he has that lets him turn human.

      • Maybe. But Xavier isn’t telekinetic so i don’t know how that would work. Hank is a biologist. It’s not too far fetched to think that he could whip up something to keep his fur and claws at bay for a short time. Aslo, Beast isn’t in the “break out Magneto scene” so I think Xavier has another means of “walking” with them.

  17. The stadium looks a hell of a lot like RFK in Washington DC.

    • That’s exactly what I thought too.

  18. Great stuff! Wish you guys would do a video analysis as well and post to Youtube

  19. That Quicksilver looks atrocious. If that’s what Singer had in mind, he should’ve just left it out.

  20. -Hope is restored.
    -The soundtrack is awesome in some scenes.
    -Fassbender is f*cking awesome as Magneto — and I love the new and improved version of his helmet.
    -SPOILER (maybe?): [01.49] – Wolverine voice over — he has seen many of his friends have die. Storm WILL die (hopefully)! That would be awesome.
    -[01.43] Is Magneto from the future dying? “All those years wasted, fighting each other, Charles.”
    -Did Quicksilver ducktape those guards on the wall? HAHA, lol.

    I have hope in Fox again. I think that they’re doing a great job with the direction they are trying to steer FF into. You guys may not like the idea, but really, Trank has f*cking proven himself with his work on Chronicle. FF comics sails are at a all time low. So the majority of people complaining about it, either are the ones who really buy the comics and read it, or people who think they know how the characters should be and so they should not change.
    I disagree with drastic changes, but if those changes are in the best intrest of the movies, quality wise, then I really don’t see what all the problem is with it.

    Nearly EVERYONE on this site had been condemning this X-Men movie, or Fox, or Singer, before even seeing anything of the final product. It was explicitly mentioned that the first trailer was just a rough cut of the movie that Singer wanted to show the audience — but still everyone kept knocking it for the effects and sets which hadn’t even been polished yet.
    Now everyone has seen the 2nd trailer and we like/love it or still hate it or hate it less.
    The point I’m trying to make is that people shouldn’t judge the product before it is shown. I said in my earlier comments that I’d like this movie to fail, just so Fox could learn a lesson, but it seems clear, from this trailer at least, that they are changing a bit. Hopefully they do change more.

    • Haha I like rational minded people and you seem rational lol I just wanted to say that before I got baned :D

      • ;p

  21. -Past Sentinel looks like a vacuum cleaner
    -Future Sentinel learned its moves from Thor’s Destroyer
    -Sunspot sucks versus his original movie idea
    -Quick still looks stupid
    -Sentinel performs an Iron Man landing
    -Mystique performs a Black Widow landing

      • I’m well aware of what they are doing. Im making joke of this continuity nightmare…

  22. I can only guess that this is some alternate timeline that feeds into the dystopian future. Just Wolverine being with Xavier in the mansion and a young Stryker in the 70′s negates the entire “X-Men origins: Wolverine” movie. Also , Xavier walking (although there is a brief glimpse of him rolling around in a crowd), no Jean Grey, no Cyclops.

    I can only further guess that the point that creates this timeline must occur prior to the events that would have made all these continuity flaws in this movie.

    It will have to be some pretty clever writing to explain the variances. Otherwise, this will be a sticking point to many reviews and fan acceptance.

    It would further prove the laziness and lack of creativity of Hollywood writers and producers these days. I guess the question is, does Sony see the X-Men franchise as merely a tent-pole or are they committed to making a worthy legacy of this intellectual property?

    • THere’s nothing in X-Men 1 that says Xavier doesn’t know who Wolverine is. Only Wolverine is unfamiliar with the X-Men. With this being Old Wolverine in the past, that makes sense. Young Stryker in the 70s also doesn’t contradict Origins which takes place in the 80s. Xavier can appear to be walking, as seen in other X-Men movies, through the use of his powers.

      • So mindreading can make paralyzed people walk again?

        • He puts a picture in people’s minds of him walking instead of rolling.

          • Why would he do that? Doesn´t make any sense.

      • @Sketchee…

        Origins does not take place in the 80′s. The end of the movie takes place during the historical 3 mile island incident which happened in 79. The plot synopsis says after Wolverine left Stryker and his group, that it was 6 years later when he was living with Kayla and working as a lumberjack. So if you go back 6 years from 1979 (counting 79) you would start the movie in about 1974.

        Days of future past takes place in like 1973 ish. This is also about a year before Stryker recruits Logan and Victor and his team in Origins Wolverine. What we may end up seeing is that, in the past of DOFP, Wolverine is already enlisted in the Vietnam war in 1973 which is also when his mind is sent back to. He could ditch Vietnam and meet up with Professor X. That would literaly negate the entire movie of X-Men Origins Wolverine. No meeting with Gambit, no Kayla, no Weapon X for Wolverine, etc.

    • Maybe Magneto got ticked off at him and picked up by his belt buckle to look him in the eye.

  23. I’m excited about this movie! I’ve been waiting for SR to do this breakdown since yesterday! Everything looks great… the only thing I don’t like and the weakest in my opinion is Quicksilver. The guy with his costume look way out of place! Other then that I CANT wait to see this.

  24. It Really Amazes Me How People Talk Trash About Bryan Singers QuickSilver Hello This Is Version From The 70′s Era It looks fitting For The Time Period Man People complain About Dumb Stuff.

  25. My only complaint is your writing skills.

  26. That sentinel looks so much like the Destroyer, heck it even has his powers for christ sakes. Dang, other than that, this movie looking pretty well put together so far, as long as there is no ALTERNATE TIMELINES, or any PLOT HOLES, jebus Fox…

    • *sigh* I hate to tell you but, this will put at least one or two alternate times into the X-men universe. Remember the time continuity from X-men to X-men: First class, going on the The Wolverine is canon to the first three, Yeah IT’S ALL OVER THE PLACE! Now add time travel…Motherfather we’re going to need charts and graphs.

  27. It takes three friggin movies for Iceman to finally do his ice slide.

  28. A couple thoughts

    -the mutant powers look awesome! love having them powered up from past movies and using iconic abilities (finally the Ice Slide! And Colossus looks fantastic)
    -The future Sentinels look great and truly menacing. I’d be scared to fight them even with mutant powers. My only issue is the “face laser”. I didn’t like it with the Destroyer in Thor either, just kind of looks stupid in my opinion. Other than that, they look like some truly scary foes.
    -I really hope Havok isn’t a bad guy that gets killed off in this movie. I’m hoping he’s like behind the scenes playing Stryker and is actually against him. I’ve always loved the Summers bros in the comics, they’re major characters, and with Cyclops getting shafted in the movies I’m hoping Havok doesn’t follow the same path.
    -Gotta say I’m also not a fan of Quicksilver’s outfit and look, but if it ends up looking great in motion, especially with the super slo-mo scenes (which sound AMAZING – can’t wait to see them on screen), then I really won’t care how he looks.

    All in all excited for this movie! And thanks SR for doing an awesome trailer breakdown – I always love it when you do these.

  29. Is undeniable storm’s going to die, however i’d risk saying she’ll be back after Wolverine succeed on his mission to change the past.

    • Perhaps after the timeline is reset she might look and act like Lupita Nyong’o.