‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Trailer Analysis and Over 100 New Photos

Published 1 year ago by , Updated March 26th, 2014 at 8:09 pm,

For fun, here are a few more shots from the second X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer. Enjoy!

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  1. Am I the only one who noticed Bryan Singer is actually in the film? In the shot where the crowd disperses in France- he is on the right holding, wait for it, a film camera. Awww, Cute.

    • He´s in all of his X-Men films. In the first one, he´s standing on the beach when Senator Kelly comes out of the water and in X2, he´s one of Stryker´s soldiers who raid the mansion.

  2. I have one thing to say. What the flying f**k were they thinking with Quicksilvers look? In what universe does QS look like THAT. Just. What. How is it so hard for fox and disney to get his look right. HOW HARD. And i didn’t realize they decided to skip to the future future. Whats with the robots? I thought this was xmen not irobot. After seeing the new trailer, makes me not want to see this.

    • Universe 723 where Gloria Gainer became president and declared that a new Disco cabinent was part of the government now. Quicksilver is fabulous and retro now!

    • Before “I, Robot” was ever thought of or even “The Matrix” was created, an X-MEN comic was written that dealt with mutant hunting robots evolving and killing mutants, thus creating a dystopian future where humans are extinct and only mutants have survived where they are fighting for survival. Hence the name “Days Of Future Past”. Not trying to convince you to see the movie, but you seem clueless as to what the storyline is or else you wouldn’t be confused based off of your second question!

      • “I Robot” was probably written before the first X Men comic…could be wrong but it is a pretty old book.

        • I think he was referring to the movie, not the Isaac Asimov novel it was (very loosely) based on.

          The trailer doesn’t look anything like Asimov’s novel.

      • You seem to be implying that this movie will follow the original comic faithfully. Watch the trailer. It doesn’t look that way.

    • You want him in a spandex one piece? It doesn’t look that bad to me. It’s the 1970s and he’s wearing a jacket with a Pink Floyd t shirt…not so bad.

    • Actual 1970s glam kids had some pretty weird style. If you subtract that it’s a known comic character, and look at him as a 1970s KISS fan, it’s not that weird.

  3. After reading the release date section at the end, i got the image of Rob typing the final letter of this article and then grabbing a nearby microphone and SLAMMING it on his on desk

    • Close! I passed out as my eyes bled at 2am, lol. I was super sick yesterday and this took me most of the day and my entire evening :(

      I apologize for any errors.

    • Just out of curiosity, why do you think Ellen Page wouldn’t be capable of being lead material for this? And why that was up for discussion, anyway?

  4. I must admit, I am one of the people who goes back and forth with Fox/Singer’s version of X-Men. I get excited knowing another movie is coming out, I enjoy it for what it is but then as time passes I get disappointed knowing it could have been way better than it could have been. I am also one of the people who believes that Fox should reboot the entire series, find a new director and a hire a consultant from Marvel to help build their X-Men Universe from the ground up. Not saying people should copy Marvel but every studio who owns any rights to comic-book properties should take note at how Marvel has constructed their universe. Detail, connection and continuity is probably their most important aspect.

    Now I won’t lie, despite my feelings of Fox, Singer and the hit and miss of this franchise, this trailer has me excited and I’m excited to see it when it finally comes out. It could be a great movie or it could suck major “balls” but I’ve learned to just accept it for what it is and it will help me enjoy it all the more. I know filmmakers like to take creative liberties because they are artists themselves (and sometimes you just have to make changes because it’s necessary), but I won’t write them movie off completely. I will be going to see it and I most likely will enjoy what has been presented to me. BUT….I won’t deny that Fox’s, X-Men franchise is the most inferior comic book franchise and the worse thing to happen to the movies are Bryan Singer, Brett Ratner, and Lauren Shuler-Donner. I can’t be “that guy” who goes to the movies to complain about everything that isn’t EXACTLY the same as the comics because that would just be stupid. After seven X-Men related movies, I would think movie-goers would have learned by now. I know I have!

    • You’re right, they could’ve been better. Remember, X-men movies were pioneers together with Spiderman. Spidey’s films look horrible now(Green Goblin is horrific by today’s standards). I saw all 3 of them before Amazing Spidey, and it really needed a reboot.

      I like how X-men are evolving their universe; through various teams(X-force? SURE!). They need to be different, that’s the whole point. Not many mutants could carry a movie by themselves. Also, Fox has Frank Miller as their consultant.

      And as for Marvel(the studio,), I really do believe that from Phase 3 or at least Phase 4 they need to group some heroes up. Not in an Avengers style, but in a more Hulk vs Thor way(it has been animated in a direct-to-tv way, just pointing out as an example). It could be a great way to introduce great characters which are largely unknown(Looking at Taskmaster #1-4, which saw him rob Tony Stark for Hydra). Banner and Stark have a broshanship developing, so that could be a start. Cap hangs out with BW in his movie etc.

    • “balls”

  5. Can someone explain how Patrick Stewart’s Professor X makes it into this film? The mind boggling way of piecing all these time strands together is getting to me

    • Have you not seen the Wolverine? Watch it. You’ll find out.

      • @ JacksDrinkingProblem – I think that he was talking about how he came back to life after Xmen 3… Wolverine did not have the answer.

        @ Movie Ramblings – Watch after the credits on Xmen 3, he switched bodies with a vegetable that was shown briefly during one of Professor X’s classes earlier in the film, but that does not explain how looks like he used to and can still no longer walk. It’s Fox.

        Sorry I am not more helpful. :(

        • According to the screenwriters of X-Men 3, that “vegetable” is Xavier´s twin brother.

        • The beginning of X-3 and the post credits scene explains all of that.

  6. It is because you missed the last scene at the end of The Last Stand. Check it out and it will make sense. I look forward to watching this film. Looks awesome.

    • The mutant who was born with no brain activity was Xavier’s twin brother.

  7. Great article, Rob!

    only tidbit is that I think you should have included LucasTill/Havok as part of the returning First Class cast, although you mentioned him later with the Striker team. But cool read. And the movie looks impressive. May comes fast!

  8. In regards to the Beast being able to look human, in the comics Hank McCoy created a device that enabled him to appear human when he wore it. Nightcrawler also used one for awhile to help him fit in.

  9. I can sort of understand not totally sticking to the books, if it serves the purpose of making a really good film with plot and characters that work in that medium. My problem with the majority of the X-Men films, including this one, is that they don’t really stick with the books, and we end up with mediocre films that have some cool parts.

    I will still see this, I will hope it’s good as I’m going in, but the “let’s disregard the comics” is only acceptable if you end up with a good end-result. It’s just getting messier and more convoluted as we go along, because they’re not paying attention to the blueprints.

  10. What if Beast is able to look human because either he or young Xavier created an appearance altering device like Nightcrawler had in in X-Men: Evolution? That would explain how he can look like his old self again. And young Xavier might be able to walk again because maybe he has something to help him walk like future Xavier had in the cartoon as well.

  11. One other thing about Quicksilver, he is wearing a Pink Floyd shirt for a concert that as of yet hasn’t occurred. This movie must be going on during January 1973, when the US was about to pull out of Vietnam (thus the Paris Peace Accord scenes). The original Darkside tour happened in 1972 under the name “Eclipse” because another band Medicine Head had just released an album called “Darkside of the Moon,” and the name wasn’t used until the failure of Medicine Head’s album. So in March 1973 the iconic album cover became known as it premiered on the album, not the tour that had been done before (they toured the music before they recorded it) the tour eventually called Darkside of the Moon: A Piece for Assorted Lunatics did not use the famous album cover image.

    That wouldn’t be used until June 1973 (in the US) which by then had become a massive hit and their first single to ever reach the top 10 in the US (#2 to be exact) made it so the band had to tour large stadiums vs. the smaller venues they were accustomed to touring in the states.

    So the shirt didn’t exist in the States until June, even if he got the shirt from the London shows those were in May (also with the iconic prism shirts).

    The Peace Accords happened in January 1973 like I mentioned before. So that shirt doesn’t belong in the movie. Unless in this weird messed up past, the Floyd somehow released Darkside of the Moon before hand.

    Not only can’t they adapt a comic, they can’t check a date for when a concert shirt and the time of their movie is supposed to be happening. Poor costume design there.

  12. Really hope you are wrong about Havoc being in only one scene. He was great in first one and Toad looks awesome. Think this thing might be character overload though.

    • I really liked Havok on FC, and loved Banshee the most of all the characters. so kind of sad he isnt returning, but with Singer teasing Apocalypse as the biggest mass destruction and making a big X-Team…. I think Banshee will be back and Havok will appear again, now that he has appeared in two movies. So will be quite exciting to see young Cyclops meeting Havok. Im sure Singer had some ideas about it since a long time ago, and thats why he kept Havok in this one, to let the audience knows him a bit more on each movie, even with a small role. It was a good decision, better to keep him that droping him just after his first movie.

  13. I think 99% of the X-Men characters we’ve seen in Previous X-Men movies will either die or be ressurrected for X-Men apocalypse…it only makes sense. So in essence if the future was changed Cyclops would not be dead in an alternate timeline…neither would rogue or any of the mutants from Wolverine origins. Basically at the end of days of Future past…when everything is corrected all the mutants should be alive again. including Cyclops & Rogue.

    • Apparently Apocalypse will follow the First Class timeline, so I’m expecting McAvoy’s Xavier, Fassbender’s Magneto, Mystique, Beast and new actors for Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey and the like.

  14. Nice write up!

    There are soooooooooooo many characters in this. I know X-men is inherently an ensemble piece. You of the strong points of First Class (which remember is a soft reboot) is that they focused the drama on 2 strong characters, McAvoy and Fassbender. It is hard to not seeing this flick lose focus. Even with Singer who is good with inter-character dynamics and terrible at staging modern action.. ugg..

  15. This is going to be amazing! I hear Singer is wanting to use Young Night Crawler and Gambit in X-men Apocalypse and that is great but I also really want to see young Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Archangel, Sinister, Juggernaught, Blob, and Sabretoothe return and get some great first class style story . I mainly want to see Cyclops character get built a little bit with storm, and Jean but I also want to see better versions of Juggernaught, Sabretoothe,and Blob. New characters I think would be amazing characters would def be Archangel, and Sinister.

  16. Is it just me or does Blink look like she’s dying in the pic provided?

  17. Watching Halle Berry get killed brought me joy. This movie looks like it might be pretty good. I was hoping it would be garbage!

    • That’s odd, because all I see is a Sentinel readying a back-stab, but it cuts to another scene before we can even verify if it actually hits its target.

      • True, but he wasnt readying a back stab, he all but made contact before the scene cut. And is it me, or did they steal from Thor with the Destroyer/Sentinal face blast thing. And does sunspot all but look like the human torch. Please give this franchise back to marvel so it can be done right!!!

  18. Too many comments to react to, but speaking as a fan that only became a fan due to the movies, and a year or two of the cartoon (lol), I am very excited about this movie! Base your judgment on my lack of history with the X-Men, comic-book wise, but I have been so pleased especially with the Magneto/Professor X casting choices, past and present, and Hugh Jackman made the Wolverine role his own. As a casual fan, the storyline looks great, I am sympathetic to the überfans out there that want accuracy, but movies, and directors, ultimately make choices that are best for the big screen. That being said, this juggernaut better come through as well in the full movie as it does for me in the trailer.

    • ultimately make choices that are best….. Yeah, X3…Not so much. Marvel Studios blends: Source material, direction and fan input the best. I’m not touching this movie.

  19. has anyone watch the Capt America movie yet and the first postcredit trailer is a must see