‘Days of Future Past’ Timeline: Wolverine & The X-Men’s Future

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The Wolverine Claws Bloody Days of Future Past Timeline: Wolverine & The X Mens Future

James Mangold’s The Wolverine takes place “a few years” (according to Hugh Jackman) after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand as it’s not a spoiler to reveal that Logan’s in a pretty bad place at the beginning of the film. The Wolverine deals with the consequences of the character being near-immortal and having everyone he loves eventually die as he lives on alone. That’s the theme the film explores and by the end of it, Logan’s a changed man, setting the stage for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Where do The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past take place in the movie timeline relative to each other, and to previous events from X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: First Class? And how will the upcoming X-Force film fit into the continuity?

Warning: Going forward, we are going to spoil The Wolverine (and all X-Men films released to date). If you don’t wish to be spoiled, all you need to know is that (the future part of) X-Men: Days of Future Past takes place 10 years after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand.








Despite being labeled a “standalone” film, The Wolverine very much honors the established continuity of the previous X-Men films. Its story takes place over the span of just a few days but at the end, there’s a mid-credits button sequence that takes place another two years after the events of The Wolverine where Ian McKellan’s Magneto and Patrick Stewart’s Professor X confront Logan and ask for his help. How this moment factors into the storyline of Days of Future Past – especially the resurrection of Charles Xavier – we don’t yet know but we do know when in the cinematic timeline the core story for X-Men: Days of Future Past takes place.

X Men Days of Future Past Posters Days of Future Past Timeline: Wolverine & The X Mens Future

X-Men: First Class is a prequel to the entire series and it takes place in the early ’60s. We already knew that Days of Future Past is a story of time travel and multiple time periods and that the First Class crew is returning, with a story set eleven years later – 1973 to be specific. As for the post-apocalyptic future that’ll see the return of the original X-Men trilogy stars, Bryan Singer revealed to Empire that the future element of the story takes place approximately a decade after X-Men: The Last Stand.

That means we have a two-year gap for another Wolverine story to be told between when he accepts that he’s a “soldier” at the end of The Wolverine and jets off with his new partner Yukio to be a hero, and when he’s re-recruited by Magneto & Prof X. There’s also another 4-6 years between that mid-credits scene and the state of the world we saw in the X-Men: Days of Future Past footage played at Comic-Con, where another story could be told.

We expect much of what happens to the world in those 4-6 years to be explained in Days of Future Past, where some event creates a massive rift between humanity and mutantkind on the political theater and the government/military greenlights the Sentinel program, sending out towering, mutant-hunting killing machines – built by Trask Industries – to throw the world into a war.

X Men Days of Future Past Future Wolverine Thumbnail Days of Future Past Timeline: Wolverine & The X Mens Future

What’s interesting about the Days of Future Past teaser screened at Comic-Con and the leaked image (see above) of older Wolverine is that both emphasize how Logan is now aging, clearly a result of the events of The Wolverine where the character not only loses his adamantium claws, but part of his ability to heal, meaning he now ages at a much faster rate. Where does that leave the character going forward?

The story of Days of Future Past will see old Logan sent back in time (as if he were the live-action version of Cable from the Ultimate X-Men comics which so happens to be written by Fox’s Marvel consultant Mark Millar) and into the body of ’70s Logan, meaning time-travel could theoretically be used to reset the entire franchise – correcting the timeline and potentially paving the way for Fox to reboot (where Jackman can still be involved) down the road. We at Screen Rant believe that X-Men: DOFP could be the final chapter for the original X-Men cast with Jackman being the exception and that future films will continue in a different direction via spinoffs or simply round out the First Class trilogy with the cast led by James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender.

We know that after X-Men: Days of Future Past, the next X-Men film Fox is eyeing is X-Force, which will be written (and possibly directed) by Kick-Ass 2′s Jeff Wadlow. That story has a lot of differing source material to draw from but since we expect it to feature a five-character roster with at least a few characters from X:DOFP, that story could take place in the two-year gap before The Wolverine mid-credits scene, where Logan – and this is just our speculation – may recruit his own squad of mutants in the two-year gap before encountering Professor X and Magneto. That could pave the way for the fleshed out introduction for characters like Warpath, an essential part of the old and new X-Force from the comics. It could even take place after the mid-credits scene and have Wolverine forming his own new team based on what Magneto and Professor X told him.

Where would you like the series to go from here and would you like Jackman to still be involved?

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman,  along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore. James Marsden may be involved if witness reports are true.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014.

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Source: Empire (via CBM)

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  1. Hugh Jackman will always be Wolverine in my book.

    • Really? Interesting. I think I’ll burn your book.

      • Lol. Silly boy…it’s an e-book.

        • Then I will pee on your microchips.

      • You don’t like Jackman as Wolverine?! Who would your choice be?

        • Did you know Dougray Scott was the original Wolverine? Until Timbo Cruise demanded reshooting thousands of his close-ups on IM2, which meant Dougray was still under contract and 20th Century Foxed screened tested a singing, dancing drama school graduate who would go on to bring Peter Allen to life.

          To directly answer your question, at this point I’d go with Sean Penn as long as they get the character right. A short, squat dude with a bad temper. All Jackman does is knit his eyebrows together and huff. Who cares if he ate 6,000 calories everyday to bench press 300 pounds. I don’t like his portrayal of the character and at 6 movies and counting, he’s effectively hijacked it. Because he loves playing the character? Bologna. He loves the 25 million paycheck. But those won’t be forthcoming much longer when each following movie does less business then the one before it..

          Hugh… hang it up. You’re old. Accept it. Move on.

          • Sean Penn as Wolverine? That would never happen. He’s a drama guy, not an action movie guy.

          • Sean Penn is older than Hugh Jackman.

          • Sean Penn as Wolvie?! Damn!
            That sounds a GREAT idea!!!

    • I think that dude who plays JOHN SNOW in Game of Thrones would make an awesome wolverine….

  2. I’m all good with the idea..but if they keep jumping from past to present to future to present to past then I think that it would just generate more confusion..I say keep moving forward after DOFP, avoid stupid ideas and keep doing these excellent movies :D

  3. If this is a reset I hope it works. Being a huge X-Men fan for a long time now and would love to see it done right.

  4. Once the reset is complete, and the timeline for the X-Men “cleaned up”, so to speak, I wouldn’t have a problem with Jackman continuing as Wolverine while he still can. I’d love to see the series done right, more “Marvel Style”.

  5. …so i guess you cant really put a number to the films anymore or say first class is reboot of any sort? …this is funny because its going to confuse the heck out of people who dont know DOFP…is it x-men first class 2 of is it x-men 4: DOFP or could it be just x-men 5? …i think its brilliant to go with this storyline to reset the story for a third first class film hopefully with gambit?

  6. I enjoyed The Wolverine, loved the mid-credits scene. DOFP has a serious amount of potential to be what we deem an “epic” film. They’ve essentially followed the MCU formula, albeit unintentionally, with 5 films that built the world and have led up to DOFP. Let’s see if Singer and FOX are up for the task. I hope so but I highly doubt it.


    • Yeap. Although I’d add that DOFP’s potential to be ‘epic’ is a little different from how The Avengers was ‘epic’ – with the Avengers it was the sheer awesomeness of seeing all the characters together onscreen, tying up all their solo film journeys together – but with DOFP it’s more of the core plotline that makes it potentially epic. Sure there’s also a lot of bringing characters together, but for me at least it’s the whole tying together of timelines and the potential wider implications it may have for the X-Men movie universe that has me anticipating it.

      Although, with such a huge cast and a big story set in two different time periods, I don’t really dare to hope that it’ll be pulled off that well. BUT, I do think it can be done. If they don’t skimp on the runtime (I don’t mind a 3-hour movie a la Return of the King – better than a rushed movie that can’t breathe) and keep non-essential character subplots to a minimum I think it could turn out great. They’ve already got a pretty good cast.

      • Agreed. The potential is in the plot and sheer magnitude of the film. I too hope they don’t skimp on the runtime as well as the Sentinels. I fear they’ll shrink them down because having Jaeger-sized robots like Pacific Rim will be too expensive. They’ll probably be comparable in size to the Silver Samurai.

        • Might be a bit bigger than that….there’s alot of room between the ten foot silver samurai and the 150 ft Jaegers.

          • It’ll probably be closer to 10 ft than 150 ft.

    • 6 films.

      X-Men (2000)
      X2 (2003)
      X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
      X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
      X-Men: First Class (2011)
      The Wolverine (2013)

      Six movies.

      • I don’t count Origins, that was no film.

        • But it does still count as building up their current universe, in continuity it still applies.

  7. As long as Yukio returns in a film, she is awesome and has good chemistry with Wolverine with this whole, I’m your bodyguard thing.

  8. Actually what i like to see is this franchise going back to marvel. Fox and singer have drained 80 percent of this franchise’s life and without rest of MCU to expand on stories we can stick a fork in fox and singer’s ridiculous universe.

    • It’s not going back to Marvel, and if it did, that would mean LESS X-Men movies and X-Men movies instead of projects like Guardians of the Galaxy.

      • +1. It’s a good thing that Fox has X-Men and Sony has Spiderman. If Marvel had all of its characters under one roof we would have never seen a Thor or Iron Man film….you definitely wouldn’t see a Doctor Strange or Ant Man movie. There’s only so much one studio can do and they’ll usually do what they know will bring in enough money. Marvel not having Xmen or Spider Man allowed them to develop a lot of lesser known characters to the general public.

      • +1

        Why do people assume everything is pitch perfect at Marvel and believe they should do every single comic book movie? Marvel’s doing great but I’m not sure I’d want the same tone and style they use for all the superhero movies. That would just be boring, I’d rather have variety, it makes it more interesting. X-Men, even Spider-Man has the potential to expand into their own series of movies. It’d be fleshing the mythos out to the the fullest, getting secondary characters to shine and bringing lesser known villains to light. Do you think we’d be seeing any of that if Marvel had all the rights?

        • bring*

        • Interesting,if Marvel didn’t have to sell their characters to avoid bankruptcy. I wonder which characters would they developed into a movie 1st and what order?

          -FF or Spidey?

      • I feel like Marvel aka Disney should use multiple studios to their advantage. Why not send off people like Ghost Rider, Dare Devil, etc. To other studios but still keep some creative control. They could just share the profit depending on funding and screen time for certain characters. Then cros overs with Spiderman and Tony Stark (just an example because of the iron spider) or Doctor Strange with Blade, or even send some characters on loan to Fox so they could make a Deffenders movie while Disney focuses on the Avengers. Plus, we aren’t going to get good Disney movies of properties that need an R rating.

    • Yep not ever going to happen. I met Stan Lee at a meet and greet Saturday night at Fandom Fest in Louisville and someone asked him the question if the rights were ever going to reverted. Stan said it’s not going to happen because there is so much money involved there. Fox and Sony are going to continue to own the properties they have from Marvel that make them the most money.

  9. Love the idea of another Wolverine solo film where maybe he does recruit his own team of soldiers with his body guard Yukio maybe setting it up in Russia, using Omega Red. I think the Time travel thing would completely alter the other X-men films, so we would actually see things from X-men first class and up change like how Dead pool became dead pool, and how Wolverine lost his memories Blob, Juggernaught, Gambit might join earlier, Night crawler Joins the team, Cyclops death, (ETC) and that is a good thing. Also they could use the original team after the changes in the past to show what is new with the Team of X-men including Anna Paquinne Rogue, James Marsdens Cyclops, Halleys Strom, Daniel Cudmores Colossus, Ben Fosters Angel (ETC)and that could be great too we would have to versions of X-men movies going forward as long as they keep an eye on continuity while writing the stories. Anyways I am looking forward to seeing what’s next.

  10. The characters I really want to see on the big screen are Archangel for sure, Cyclops as a real leader, More Night crawler, and a darker grittier version of Gambit, Juggernaught, Sabre tooth, and Blob. as for new characters they have got to use Sinister, and Apocalypse and maybe The nasty boys or some other popular villains to team up with these guys. Also as just a X-Fan I want to see Beak start out as a weak character with a lot of pity because of how he looks and not really having a great mutant power but he would grow into a bigger character, maybe merge the first beak with the second beak and it would work great. Also Husk would be a cool Character, and Chamber. It seems we need some more female X-men too so I would say the strongest characters would be Psylocke, Scarlett Witch, X-23, and Domino. Did anyone think that after The Wolverine Mariko might be pregnant with twins X-23, and Daken?

    • +1 on got to use Sinister.

    • I agree 100% with incorporating Archangel and Apocalypse in the franchise, the X-men (as a team) need a different nemesis other than Magneto. Get everyone hungry with Mr. Sinister in one movie just to lead to Apocalypse. Angel is(was) a waste of time, Archangel would work perfectly in a sequel with the main villain being Apocalypse.

  11. I believe DOFP will reveal the ‘First Class’ timeline is actually a alternative reality from the original one (starting to Origins: Wolverine and going to DOPF), and the changes what Logan will do in the 70′s will affect the rest of the timeline, “rebooting” the franchise. And i believe we will see more than one time-traveller on DOFP and that person will be Apocalypse. That’s is the one solution i can see, because the mid-credit scene on ‘The Wolverine’ gave a undestanding about the Sentinels been build on these days, not in the 70′s. If some time-traveller threat trying change the past, have a big possibility of the Sentinels come earlier. As i said, i just can see this happening, and if thy dont find a way to fix it, the main audience will ost the interest in the X-Franchise trying to undestand what the hell was going on.

    And yes, i and a Walverine & Yukio spin-off.

  12. My head hurts

    • haha yah all this time travel might get pretty confusing

  13. Y’know, the Wolverine shows continuity in all X-films… except his own origin movie.

    If it was perfect… Sabertooth should have been in those WWII flashbacks in some capacity… following what the last Wolvie movie established.

    ^^ But I suppose that’s serious nitpickery.

    I hope all the time travel stuff is able to change the moment Xaiver tries to establish “psychic blocks” or whatever nonsense to describe what created “alter-ego” Phoenix.

  14. So Gambit doesn’t exist because X-Men Origins isn’t canon right?

    • Origins isn’t canon?

      • Not anymore.

      • Origins actually is canon. it doesn’t mess up anything. Up until First Class, all the movies made sense. As great as first class was, they screwed up the story, and it looks like DOFP the past part will be messy too. Number one, in Origins, Wolverine got his claws in 1979. Also, Stryker’s wife was murdered and his son frozen, so he presumably already went to Xavier and gave him his son, and he returned and he all that stuff, meaning the school already existed. That was canon. also canon was the flashback in x3 with Jean Grey. Magneto and Xavier were friends, and Xavier was bald and walking. in Origins, Xavier shows up bald and walking. First Class changes the majority of that. They keep William Stryker’s personal timeline right, with William’s father thinking about him in the CIA meeting room, presumably young in the early 60′s, which makes sense since we know he went off to fight in the Vietnam war shortly afterward. But by the end of the movie, Magneto is evil, His helmet looks completely different, Emma Frost is in her mid thirties and in Origins she’s in her teens. The only way that would work is if the young one (sister to Kayla Silverfox), is the daughter of the older one.
        Beast was done properly, as was Mystique, but Xavier gets paralyzed at the end and still has hair, which doesn’t make sense considering how in Origins and X3 he is bald and walking. Another thing that makes me cautious is Bryan Singer casting Josh Helman as William Stryker in X-Men Days of Future Past, which takes place 5 years prior to the Weapon X project. Presumably this would be when Logan is still a member of Team X, before they search for the Adamantium in Africa. Unfortunately that would mean Logan still has his bone claws which would be depressing to watch. But my fear is that he will have his claws and Bryan Singer will ignore X-Men Origins entirely, where Stryker will bring Jason to Xavier in the film. this is highly possible. I really wish they didn’t do Stryker at all and kept Trask as the villain. Ultimately, I’m excited for Days of Future Past, but I’m pretty sure the contiuity is still going to be screwed up.

        • To be clear I’m not saying X3 or Origins were great movies, (the third was god awful), but they were at least canon. First Class changed way too much of the storyline, especially how Cerebro was invented. In the original series they say “Erik helped me build it.” or something along those lines, thousands of times. hence why Stryker could interrogate Magneto on the location and details of Cerebro, and how Mystique knew how to poison it. in First Class, Hank makes the machine, which actually makes a lot of sense, but isn’t canon with the rest of the story. maybe Erik and Charles built the NEW Cerebro and that’s what they’re talking about, but Erik has become Magneto and turned evil, so how does that make sense?

          • And for the record First Class was still amazing, just sayin.

            • As long as they keep showing these movies and packaging them as DVD sets they will exist. Canon is irrelevant when talking about these movies.

              • I’m not talking about why they’re making them, I know that, I’m only a frustrated film geek who gets annoyed when timelines get screwy, I’m coping because I liked First Class and The Wolverine a lot, but I hope they fix things story-wise, profits aside, it’s just me being hopeful. :)

  15. I hate bone claws… I want his adamantium claws back. Can they confirm that they’re gonna fix that pleez?

    • Second that. Felt good to watch The Wolverine until he lost his claws. And then in the teaser scene he still had bone claws. Those were the dumbest idea in the 90′s and it’s still a dumb idea.

  16. Use this movie to effectively end this series of X Men films and reboot the entire franchise. Ever since JJ Abrams showed you could do that and people will buy into it, I say go for that. Change it all and erase X3 from memory first by correcting all of it. Have Wolverine go away (die? imply he wants to die?) and then begin anew. The best thing this film can do is conclude this series as it really really lost its way and needs to be righted. Then they can take the Marvel route and have tentpole films that culminate in joining the mutants up for X Men films. Have the new Wolverine take on Sabertooth or Omega Red. Have Cyclops and Jean Grey out recruiting and encounter the Morlocks. Have Gambit out there trying to fit into the world or being his slick self in a film like the character of Doc Holiday in Tombstone. Have Professor X in the background like a Nick Fury type of character for all of the standalone films. Then bring it all together where they face off with a big threat. Do Magneto and the Mutant Brotherhood in the first film but allude to Mr. Sinister working on bringing Apocalypse to the world. Then have the next team-up film showing the X Men fighting Mr. Sinister and in a post credits tease Apocalypse. Then in the next series of standalone films you can begin to show various mutants fighting against the government and sentinels while Apocalypse is being resurrected or brought to Earth and various mutants who were good have joined his side. Then in the third film bring out Apocalypse and have everything come together. From that point they could then branch out into future mutants and different mutant factions. Whatever they choose, Marvel laid the ground work for how to do stories like this. When you have a big team of heroes and you want people to invest in them, you need to do establish the main players separately and then bring them all together. Then it is more about how they work together against a massive threat as you have different personalities and egos collide. It creates a much more interesting dynamic. But Fox introduced this series a decade prior to all of the big comic book films. I think this series is ripe for a complete overhaul (the characters, actors, and stories). The way to do this is to give us that first standalone film that we haven’t seen yet (do Gambit first since we really haven’t seen that yet and it could be great if the character is casted correctly). From there we can reintroduce the rest of the X-Men.

    • +1 million

    • This is a surprisingly good idea, despite the fact that I love the current X-Men universe. especially The Wolverine, have you seen that? it’s incredible. But yeah, I like your idea, and if they EVER reboot the X-Men movie-verse, I would love to see a plan like this play out. The two things you said that really hit home was the Mr. Sinister resurrecting Apocalypse. That would be the epitome of AWESOME. Also, the Gambit standalone film. I’m in the minority of people who loved Gambit in X-Men Origins. I thought he was the best part of the film, and also thought he was the one character they didn’t screw up, (Sabretooth was cool too IMO). Also, I thought Taylor Kitsch was perfect playing him, he’s everything I imagined while watching the old X-Men cartoon. The part where jumps in and smashes the nuclear reactor piece and slams into the ground “Did you miss me?” I was like YES. He even charged his cards and had the cane!!!!! Anyways, I want to see an Origins spin-off starring Kitsch as Gambit. I don’t care if he was a side character, he has the potential to be so much more. It would’ve been cool if they brought in Kitsch to join the original X-Men in Days of Future Past, screw whether he knew Wolverine before X-Men Origins, I want to see it!!!! GAMBIT!!!! The only thing that depresses me is that I probably won’t see Kitsch as Gambit again. That’s wasted potential right there.

  17. Other than Wolverine which other X men commodity has STAR blockbuster Power. If X-men Days of future Past doesn’t bring Avengers box office money let alone Iron man money what do FOX have? The Fantastic Four reboot will do less money than their predecessor. Just look at the amazing Spiderman did less money than the first trilogy, an he is the most popular marvel character!

    • The Amazing Spider man still did 800 million world wide.Not a failure by any means

      • +1


  19. I have come to terms that this franchise well never be right and just treat these as indie films.

  20. Keep Hugh Jackman. Go from there and add new characters.

  21. I really liked The Wolverine so I’m a bit sad knowing that they are essentially ending that timeline, and that we won’t get to see more of Wolverine’s adventures there (unless X-Force ends up being in that timeline).

    But DOFP should be pretty great!

  22. As long as a proper timeline is set up and provided to the viewers much like the marvel cinematic universe timeline, anything could be achieved and work as long as Bryan Singer is involved

  23. what an utter embarrassment for the wolverine franchise that took a step
    backwards financially this time around. in the comic book magneto used his
    powers to rip out the metal out of his body and now in this movie much like
    iron man his metal exo-skeleton is frail, LOL. fox will continue to trash
    the xmen universe further because trying to cash grab. worldwide their best
    movie this year is the croods which sits currently at 5th place and domestically the same movie sits currently at 9th place. iam so sure they
    are counting down the days to avatar 2, to the tune of despicable me’s

    • No one other than comic book fan boys cares that Wolverine’s claws were cut instead of Magneto pulling the adamantium out.

  24. When I saw Logan love Marino I thought, babies. He comes back to Japan and finds her with a boy or girl, or both. Then we have Darken and/or Kirika (that would go with the Age of Apocalypse comic timeline) in a second Wolverine movie. They could go on to solo films.

  25. Again with the Singer hate can you people pick something different to talk about I’m sure there is other stuff that can be discussed with out putting down Singer in all bout hating on s*** but you have to spice it up and move on.

  26. But i still don’t believe this is the end for the original cast.. LAUREN SHOULER DONNER said that X4 lead into an X5.. And that the studio like it.. And as it today everything shouller donner wants to do.. It comes to frutuiction.. So what do you think?

  27. It will be interesting to see how they fit it all together….the things that need retconning are Deadpool and a good bit of X3. The things that need explaining are the differences between the Wolverine Origins version of Sabretooth and the X1 version. Also how Xavier got his body back since the after credits scene from X3 showed him basically taking over a different body. I’m interested to see where Wolverine character goes, it would make sense to have him be a major part of X-Force since he’s a recognizable character. I imagine that he’ll get his adamantium claws back at some point in DoFP. There are really only a few continuity errors and most of them are from Origins.

  28. I just wanna see a freakin Age of Apocalypse movie after this!

  29. its not a coincidence that you can rearrange the letters in Trask to make it Stark…right? bothe being titans of industry.(no the titan comment wasnt a funny against Dinklage)