‘Days of Future Past’ Timeline: Wolverine & The X-Men’s Future

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The Wolverine Claws Bloody Days of Future Past Timeline: Wolverine & The X Mens Future

James Mangold’s The Wolverine takes place “a few years” (according to Hugh Jackman) after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand as it’s not a spoiler to reveal that Logan’s in a pretty bad place at the beginning of the film. The Wolverine deals with the consequences of the character being near-immortal and having everyone he loves eventually die as he lives on alone. That’s the theme the film explores and by the end of it, Logan’s a changed man, setting the stage for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Where do The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past take place in the movie timeline relative to each other, and to previous events from X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: First Class? And how will the upcoming X-Force film fit into the continuity?

Warning: Going forward, we are going to spoil The Wolverine (and all X-Men films released to date). If you don’t wish to be spoiled, all you need to know is that (the future part of) X-Men: Days of Future Past takes place 10 years after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand.








Despite being labeled a “standalone” film, The Wolverine very much honors the established continuity of the previous X-Men films. Its story takes place over the span of just a few days but at the end, there’s a mid-credits button sequence that takes place another two years after the events of The Wolverine where Ian McKellan’s Magneto and Patrick Stewart’s Professor X confront Logan and ask for his help. How this moment factors into the storyline of Days of Future Past – especially the resurrection of Charles Xavier – we don’t yet know but we do know when in the cinematic timeline the core story for X-Men: Days of Future Past takes place.

X Men Days of Future Past Posters Days of Future Past Timeline: Wolverine & The X Mens Future

X-Men: First Class is a prequel to the entire series and it takes place in the early ’60s. We already knew that Days of Future Past is a story of time travel and multiple time periods and that the First Class crew is returning, with a story set eleven years later – 1973 to be specific. As for the post-apocalyptic future that’ll see the return of the original X-Men trilogy stars, Bryan Singer revealed to Empire that the future element of the story takes place approximately a decade after X-Men: The Last Stand.

That means we have a two-year gap for another Wolverine story to be told between when he accepts that he’s a “soldier” at the end of The Wolverine and jets off with his new partner Yukio to be a hero, and when he’s re-recruited by Magneto & Prof X. There’s also another 4-6 years between that mid-credits scene and the state of the world we saw in the X-Men: Days of Future Past footage played at Comic-Con, where another story could be told.

We expect much of what happens to the world in those 4-6 years to be explained in Days of Future Past, where some event creates a massive rift between humanity and mutantkind on the political theater and the government/military greenlights the Sentinel program, sending out towering, mutant-hunting killing machines – built by Trask Industries – to throw the world into a war.

X Men Days of Future Past Future Wolverine Thumbnail Days of Future Past Timeline: Wolverine & The X Mens Future

What’s interesting about the Days of Future Past teaser screened at Comic-Con and the leaked image (see above) of older Wolverine is that both emphasize how Logan is now aging, clearly a result of the events of The Wolverine where the character not only loses his adamantium claws, but part of his ability to heal, meaning he now ages at a much faster rate. Where does that leave the character going forward?

The story of Days of Future Past will see old Logan sent back in time (as if he were the live-action version of Cable from the Ultimate X-Men comics which so happens to be written by Fox’s Marvel consultant Mark Millar) and into the body of ’70s Logan, meaning time-travel could theoretically be used to reset the entire franchise – correcting the timeline and potentially paving the way for Fox to reboot (where Jackman can still be involved) down the road. We at Screen Rant believe that X-Men: DOFP could be the final chapter for the original X-Men cast with Jackman being the exception and that future films will continue in a different direction via spinoffs or simply round out the First Class trilogy with the cast led by James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender.

We know that after X-Men: Days of Future Past, the next X-Men film Fox is eyeing is X-Force, which will be written (and possibly directed) by Kick-Ass 2′s Jeff Wadlow. That story has a lot of differing source material to draw from but since we expect it to feature a five-character roster with at least a few characters from X:DOFP, that story could take place in the two-year gap before The Wolverine mid-credits scene, where Logan – and this is just our speculation – may recruit his own squad of mutants in the two-year gap before encountering Professor X and Magneto. That could pave the way for the fleshed out introduction for characters like Warpath, an essential part of the old and new X-Force from the comics. It could even take place after the mid-credits scene and have Wolverine forming his own new team based on what Magneto and Professor X told him.

Where would you like the series to go from here and would you like Jackman to still be involved?

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman,  along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore. James Marsden may be involved if witness reports are true.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014.

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Source: Empire (via CBM)

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  1. In wolverine…logan had a love affair with the Japanese woman he was protecting. All in all…the introduction of wolverines son Daken. Now that would be a storyline for the big screen.

    • It wasn’t Mariko’s kid, but the movies aren’t exact anyway. But I actually think Daken is annoying, lol.

  2. Someone buy Wolverine some hair. Bring back Cyclops, and speaking of hair, please don’t let Johnny Depp play Warpath…he’ll appear with a Tweety-Bird on his head! (There ya go, Spider-man…bird on Tonto’s head is precursor to battle with Vulture! See how these things roll together?).

    • Isn’t Warpath being played by that guy from The Following? I thought that was confirmed months ago?

  3. Ok all the films are canon you have to start watching from X-men Origins, Then x1, X2, X3,The Wolverine, First class, then Days Of Future Past. In DOFP, when wolverine goes back as soon as he arrives in the past it starts to alter things in previous films that take place in later times such as when and how Wolverine met Stryker, got his Adamantium claws, and even the fact that maybe he decided not to go to war but instead went to help his younger x-men friends. Other things Wolverine could change if he told Xavier to watch out for this and that could be Cyclops death at the hands of Jean, Stryker all together and his plans, The Cure, Mariko’s Father building a huge mecha Samurai. By doing this it alters the future but Wolverine in the future would not change the future instead causing his timeline to be a parallel time line since his past had to happen in order for him to go into the past at all. sequels could be a sequel to the past time line with macavoy, and fastbender and how they recruit mutants, or even a new altered timeline where Gambit is on the team, Night crawler, Cyclops, Angel and the rest have joined Jugernaught is a big threat now, and things are a bit different because how wolverine has changed things from his parallel future time line.

    • You got it :)

    • So X-men Origins: Wolverine takes place before First Class? I figured it would be after if it was canon since Logan & Sabertooth went their own ways at the end. I haven’t seen The Wolverine yet. I just thought if they were gonna make more X-Men film’s I thought they would gonna replace the original cast except for Hugh Jackman & maybe change the team rolster alittle bit & down the road meet the same ones perhaps.

      • Wolverine takes place over time, but primarily takes place in 1975 for the Team X group where htey search for the Adamantium and 1979 for everything after Victor fakes Kayla’s death.

      • Origin runs through Wolverines time in various wars and the last act when he gets the Adamantium is 1979.

      • X:O Wolverine does take place after X-Men First Class. First Class is during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, the first Wolverine movie takes place in 1979 with the three mile island event. So Stryker recruits Wolverine and Sabretooth in Vietnam after the 1973 parts in Days of future past. Although I guess all that may change with the new movie.

  4. maybe I am wrong but I thought since Professor x said he and magneto met at the age of what did he say 18 in x-men 1 and they met at an older age in first class that first class and x-men 1 must be parallel timelines. X-men one had a different past, also he said he and magneto built cerebro when in first class it was Beast, and in x-men 2 you see Beast and Shaw who is dead in first class talking on the t.v. screen in the bar,and x-3 shows Magneto and Professor x still friend recruiting Jean. It must be a parallel timeline right? I am a little confused now, It cannot be the same time line because you cannot completely chnge the future I mean think of this wolverine gets sent back and things start to change maybe kitty dies earlier then what happens to wolverine who was sent back he could have never been sent back and that is something that cannot change right? come on anyone am I right or a spot off?

    • Ya, I think you’re right. There’s no way it couldn’t be an alternate timeline. Or is it alternate past? I just hope DoFP clears things up so people can stop complaining about how bad the X-Men series is.

    • @ X-Fan

      Was Shaw mentioned by full name in X2 on the tv with Hank? I don’t remember. I know Trask wasn’t in X3. He was just mentioned as Trask, not Bolivar Trask. I dunno, I guess we wait till the movie comes out. If Magneto & Prof. X greet Logan at the end of Wolverine, Maybe Cerebro will be built by Prof.X & Mageneto still. Make me can’t wait for DOFP to come out for questions might be answered.

      • I think Wolverine origins messed up continuity so much that First Class was made as a sort of reboot, but bryan singer is going to use time travel and the DoFP storyline as a way to mesh all the films together and fix the continuity problems, probably by saying origins and first class are an alternate timeline to the original trilogy :)

        • Origins didn’t mess up any continuity. I’ve studied it closely and its totally canon with what happens in the original trilogy.

          • yes it did, little things like we seen xrays of logans skeleton in xmen and it had sections of adamantium as opposed to completely covered in origins. Sabertooth is in origins even though he’s in xmen, looks completely different and doesnt remember logan. The scenes of logan getting the procedure looks nothing like the flashbacks from x1 and x2 and lastly in the x2 flashbacks we see logan escaping after getting his adamantium claws to a snow covered lake alkali, but in origins theres no snow in sight

            • Dude come on thats serious nitpicking, none of that really changes the story, just little details. Not everything can be perfect, your standards are a little high. As for the Sabretooth, the producers say he did remember wolverine, hence his infatuation with his dog tags. But seriously, all of that in miniscule compared to everything First Class changed. Your talking about stuff we SAW, not events of the lore, which First Class totally altered.

              • Are the things we’re seeing in the movie not important? the film-makers could have made the effort to make the visuals closer to what bryan singer portrayed in his films, instead of just hashing out whatevers easiest at the time to make some money. I suppose it is nitpicking, but should we not want a higher standard from big budget films like this? we are paying to see them after all, and in terms of lore origins was very different from the original comic ( but i think you ment in terms of singers movies). The film was absolutely terrible anyway, and they ruined Deadpool, no forgiveness for what they did to him, ever :P

                • I didn’t find the film to be terrible, in fact I really liked it. They weren’t just doing what was cheaper, as filmmaking is a very complicated process and the director for better or worse wanted to put his own vision to the weapon x program, which very simply put is a different room. Maybe they could’ve used the same tank yeah, but the producers figured nobody cared (WRONG), so they didn’t go that extra mile to be as accurate as possible. What they did to Deadpool as a character I think he worked for the film, but after learning more about him, I would NOT have made those changes to the character. He became almost a joke. They sealed his mouth!!! that was my big issue. the merc with a mouth becomes mute!!? *grumbles. They should’ve just made up a whole different character with those powers or turned Wade into the legit Deadpool. They still could’ve given him regenerative powers, teleportation, and Lazer eyes!!!! I mean come on! Those arm swords???? WHAT! but anyways, I like the movie regardless, although I really hate the editing of the film, it made it look erratic and weird, but overall I think it gets a lot of crap it doesn’t deserve. Origins WAS canon though. First Class?? mmmm NO!

                  • its not the plot of origins i dont like, its everything else, who cares if a comic movie isnt exact canon from the comic, if they were we wouldnt be that entertained cause we’d know whats coming. The problem with origins is poor script writing, shoddy CGI and the slight continuity problems i mentioned before. It was made during the writers strike so that explains the problems but im still not mad about it as a film. First class may have continuity problems but its a damn good movie, romijns and jackmans presence could be looked at as easter eggs, since they never mention his name they just approach him.

                    Who knows, considering the amount of obvious continuity errors in first class maybe fox took a page out of marvels book and planned an expanded series of films connecting back to the previous ones starting with first class :/

                    • I don’t see how changing continuity would accomplish that, but whatevs. and yeah I agree, First Class was a damn good movie, I just personally as a fan, and some may agree, hope they fix any continuity errors because I hate being confused, and I’m not a guy who gets confused easily. I got Inception on the first watch for example.

              • oh and as i said in my original post, i think first class was made as a sort of reboot to the franchise hence starting from the beginning with the younger cast, so i forgive it for the continuity errors.

                • I think originally that’s what Matthew Vaughn was going for, but then he went and put in Nightcrawler’s Dad, nailed the Beat Origin, added Rebecca Romijn and Wolverine, and then it becomes this semi quasi reboot that now isn’t a reboot anymore. Soooo that wasn’t really planned out very well.

                  • *Beast Origin

                    • i dont know about anyone else but i thought beast looked awesome in first class, and he looks even better for DoFP :D

    • Please send a letter to Marvel and tell them this.
      Even though it’s too late to change anything.

  5. Wolverine must stay

  6. i aslo am confused
    with the movie timeline wolverine origins and x men 1st class screwed up everything they were good movies but screwed up stroyline will someone give me the movie timeline

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if X-Force was the continuation of the original trilogy timeline with new characters (maybe with some original trilogy cameos).

    That way you have X-Men as an ongoing series in the First Class timeline and X-Force as an ongoing series in a separate timeline.

    • That could possibly work, but I doubt they’ll do it that way. Too confusing to people who aren’t nerds like us.

  8. ………or they can pull a DC Crisis and start fresh (which would be easier).

  9. So…

    There is going to be an X Men movie that essentially takes back X3, saying “My bad fans” and then they’re moving on to film X Force?

    There’s alot of stuff that needs to be done to have X Force make any sense.

    I don’t know how this DOFP is going to work out, but with all of the actors, and all they’re trying to get done, it will either be a total mess or a total mind blowing success…

  10. well looking forward to it. I think if First class is a AlterNet time line then they could jump forward too and show X-Force in that time line still using the original x-men.

  11. But… The best villain for Wolverine, is Omega Red. Why would they not make a movie of Wolverine and why him and Omega Red hate eachother, and what happens there. That would be a great movie.

  12. I, personally, would accept DOFP being the last movie with original X-Men cast. They’re all getting older and a bit redundant. Plus, Fox isn’t using most of the character they introduce to their full potential (except Wolverine and maybe Magneto). For the simple fact iconic characters like; Shadowcat, Iceman, Colossus, Storm, Gambit, Deadpool, and more have been underused and under appreciated should be the cue for Fox to just retire those characters and do two things; introduce new ones in new X-Universe films or wait about ten years and reboot the entire X-Men franchise and this time do it right. Also, since it is confirmed that an X-Force movie is in development, I would prefer that they not used Wolverine at all. Hugh Jackman will have played Wolverine seven times in X-Men movies and let’s not forget that in the upcoming future he could make an appearance in the Avengers. So since X-Force is an entirely different world than the regular X-Men, I vote that they use entirely new characters and actors. Cable, Psylocke, Domino, X-23, Deadpool, Warpath, Cannonball are all characters that would do great on the roster for an X-Force. It also has the potential to be a trilogy which would be a great way for Fox to introduce underused characters from the X-Men films that are one the X-Force and develop them more like; Colossus, Nightcrawler and Archangel. I also wouldn’t be opposed to Wolverine making a cameo appearance in a later X-Force film but I need a break from the Adamantium claws. Seriously!

  13. When did wolverine lose his immortality? I thought before the samurai could steal it Mariko killed him with wolverines cut-off adamantium claws

  14. When did wolverine lose his immortality? I thought before the silver samurai could steal it Mariko took wolverines cut-off adamantium claws and killed him

  15. I really love much the wolverine character in the X-man team. And thanks for the share this blog to us which is update my knowledge about the wolverine.

  16. I hope DOFP quiets critics who complain about continuity issues. Different movies have different audiences.

  17. I like to watch a movie that wouldn’t make my brains go fuzzy. Due to some timeline issues i get confused. But still a huge fan of Wolverine, i would like the story to be less confusing.

    I don’t think anyone can outperform Hugh jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine. The pure beast nature of Wolverine. Very much looking forward to X-Men:Days of Future Past

  18. Nick, I agree Hugh Jackson made Wolverine a fan favorite. As far as being confused, all movies have their own twists. Hopefully, Brian Singer can tie up some of the loose ends.

  19. I hope so Gregory. Coz i grew up watching x men animated series, i do agree with others that the directors are highlighting Wolverine & not others as much. But i don’t think other characters can create a hype as Wolverine could, I might me wrong. But even otherwise Wolverine gotta stay !!!

    I liked his affair with Mariko, for the beast he is he needs a calm, innocent & sweet girl. I hope i see her with him in future movies.

  20. i want W/R as a couple in a furture film.