Why Is It Wolverine Who Time Travels in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’?

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Hugh Jackman Time Travel X Men Days of Future Past Wolverine Why Is It Wolverine Who Time Travels in X Men: Days of Future Past?

The sequel to X-Men: First Class, a film that was initially going to be helmed by Matthew Vaughn before having to hand over the director’s chair to Bryan Singer due to scheduling conflicts, was always going to focus on young Charles Xavier. And like its predecessor, be another period piece, but this time set in the ’70s.

The first time around, the situation was reversed and Singer was initially tapped to direct the prequel before handing over the reins to Vaughn. Now, the pair alongside writers Simon Kinberg and Jane Goldman, have devised a way to not only deliver a sequel to First Class that meets the studio’s desire to include Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart in some capacity, but to circle around to the original X-Men trilogy with a story involving everyone we’ve met in the franchise so far, while still introducing new faces.

When brainstorming the story for First Class 2, Kinberg pitched to Vaughn an idea based on the ’80s X-Men comics mini-series Days of Future Past, a plot that involves Kitty Pryde having to go back in time from a post-apocalyptic future to prevent a political event from occurring in the past which set the world against mutantkind and gave rise to devastating mutant-hunting killer robots known as the Sentinels.

In the film adaptation – at least, according to Uncanny X-Men comics writer Chris Claremeont – the core story remains intact and faithful to the source material but we know there’s at least one major difference. In the movie, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is the mutant that travels back in time instead of Ellen Page’s Kitty Pryde. For some comic readers, this deviation is a point of contention in a series that’s often deviated from the books, for others, more Hugh Jackman the better. As for the creative team’s reasoning, Simon Kinberg explains to Total Film:

“We made the decision for a lot of reasons, some of them obvious and some of them more nuanced, to make it Wolverine who goes back in time. One reason is that he’s the protagonist of the franchise, and probably the most beloved character to a mass audience. Probably the bigger reason is that when we started thinking about the logistical realities of Kitty’s consciousness being sent back in time, to her younger self, as opposed to her physical body being sent back… it was impossible.

Obviously in the book it’s Kitty that’s sent back, but because we cast Ellen Page in X-Men: The Last Stand, you’re talking about an actress who, in the age of Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, would have been negative 20 years old. So we started thinking again. The first reflex response to that was a character who doesn’t age. Wolverine is the only character who would looks the same in 1973 as he does in the future.”

Keeping Jackman in front of the camera as much as possible is logical for the obvious marketing benefits and like Kinberg says, he has mass appeal outside of X-Men fans. His latest mutant adventure in James Mangold’s The Wolverine – which hits home video tomorrow – proved to be the second most successful X-Men film at the box office thanks to the boost from 3D ticket prices and a followup is already in the works. Plus, it’s hard to deny the onscreen joy of seeing Jackman share the screen with the likes of James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michael Fassbender.

X Men First Class Hugh Jackman Wolverine Cameo Why Is It Wolverine Who Time Travels in X Men: Days of Future Past?

The time travel rules for the X-Men film universe devised by Singer involve a character’s consciousness being sent back in time, so putting old Logan into the mind of ’70s Logan makes sense by the film logic. The time travel rules, as explained by Singer, mean that changes in the past don’t affect the future, or launch an alternate reality, until the character that alters the past (in this case, Logan) returns to the future.

Depending on how Singer and co. use their time travel plot device as a means to “fix” some continuity errors in the series and potentially relaunch it in a new direction, having Jackman involved in the past and present of the X-Men allows Fox to keep him around for other X-Men related projects in development, namely X-Force – a film that Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) is writing – and whatever third installment Kinberg and co. potentially write next as a direct followup to Days of Future Past.

Are you excited at seeing more Hugh Jackman and seeing him in the ’70s and does it make sense to give him more screen time over Ellen Page?


The Wolverine releases hits home video December 3, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015.

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Source: Total Film (via Scribd)

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  1. Because he’s the poster boy of the franchise and hardly anybody outside of the comic book community probably cares or remembers Kitty Pryde from X3.

    • Ironically they used the character in two Easter Eggs in the first two movies, but even when they cast Page in a speaking part they just used the character as a set-piece for that last gag with the Juggernaut.

      • A gag that didn’t work for me and also proof that Youtube videos shouldn’t influence the actual movies.

      • X-Men 3 sucks ass but I could have forgiven it all if there was a f*cking fight scene between Juggernaut and Colossus. Both those characters in a movie together, why the hell do you not make them fight!? Geez, Fox.

        • Honestly, the only thing I remember from the original trilogy is Rebecca Romijn naked in the back of that truck when she lost her powers, otherwise, completely forgettable.

          • …”back of *MY* truck….!”

          • Completely forgettable? Wow. X3, I can see being so. The first two, not so much…

    • I think people would care if they wrote a decent version of Kitty Pryde in the movie. Of course no one will care if she was written to be a whack character.

      • “Wack” not “whack.” A “whack” is a hit or slap etc.

        • Which version do you combine with the word OFF?

          • Is that like the Af-whack duck?!

      • good point, and this could be said for ALL the other X-Men.

        If they keep writing the best role for Wolverine and a poor one for the rest of the team, they wont ever make them beloved movie characters.

        so much wasted potential on this franchise, all those awesome characters and actors, and all the spotlight for the same guy, how cheap and uninspired

        • Exactly. The entire franchise has been plagued by this problem. Makes you appreciate Avengers that much more when you consider how deftly each character’s story is handled. None of the X-men movies for me felt like true ensemble films. Obviously just my opinion, but the franchise stinks of money grab since they keep popping the ball back to Hugh Jackmin–who is awesome as Wolverine, admittedly–it’s just that he’s not really the quintessential X-man. He’s always been the odd peg of the group.

          Correction: X-men First Class was a good ensemble film.

          • The Avengers did not handle or add any to the development of any of the characters, they were already established in the stand alone movies. Avengers by itself without the lead-ins would have pretty much been similar to most of the X films. Fox does not and will not ever have the luxury of building the majority of the X-Men characters in individual stories like Marvel was able to do.

            • ‘Jackman is awesome as Wolverine’ (sorry I’m replying to above comments as well) – I think this Wolverine is a watered down version of the original character; no one at FOX actually understands what ‘Berserker rage’ means. First Class was okay,accept for the fact that they totally just picked a bunch of mutants randomly to fill the 1st class (and Beast was so puny in that Halloween costume). FOX may not have the luxury of a making a bunch of stand-alone character films like Marvel (nor would I want them to – they’d ruin them anyway) but they could’ve at least done the characters justice. The rest of the Xmen are portrayed as weak and clueless (Cyclops and Wolverine weeping and consoling each other, Really!) cardboard cutouts. You don’t need an entire film to flesh out a character – you just need good writing; generally I’ve seen it done quite often in films where writers write the characters and make them interesting and entertaining with just a few lines (combined of course with a capable and strong actor) – but FOX don’t seem to adhere to these basics. Hence I’ve dismissed this Xmen franchise completely. One day when I’m old and grey and the Xmen return to Marvel – then we can smile!

              • This version of Wolverine is very toned down because they want to market to as wide an audience as possible and they are not going to jeopardize any ticket sales to do anything nearly as violent as some of comics. As for character building it is really not possible to build a character that has been around for decades in one movie because they were not developed in one comic book. And using the Avengers model worked because it got two hours of exposition out of the way with solo films while the actual team movie was just set pieces with dialog in the middle without any need (or attempt) to add depth to any character. They even went with an established villain to interact with the protagonists while they fought nondescript aliens for the finale.

                The one thing people never seem to bring up when complaining about a lack of build for the rest of the X-Men in favor of Wolverine is the total short change job they do on the majority of the antagonists. Magneto has been played up just as much as Wolverine and nobody can explain how or why Mystique somehow became such a major part of the story.

          • And the only one that didn’t feature Wolverine (excluding the cameo, of course).

        • @A, I agree.

    • Exactly what i was thinking.

    • I never liked wolverine in the movies. The wolverine in comics is a loner never a leader. He’d come and go as he pleased from the xmen. Most of the time he’d be introduced with the usual… lights go out, snikt, lights go on and bad guys are dead. That’d be wolverines panels & then he’d be in the background mostly.

  2. Makes sense and I’m glad they explained it for those still skeptical.

    • OK, I understand the age issue with Kitty Pryde/Ellen Page…I get that as a valid reason. I still think the number one reason with why it was Wolverine is MONEY, though. They are obsessed with forcing Wolverine down our throats…and Magneto too, whether we have had enough of them or not. Good in their place, but enough is enough. Sure I will watch this, but I am not sure it will be any good (I am hoping, though). Anyone else notice that after everyone raved about the franchise being The Wolverine Show at first, more and more there are a few tiny trickles of people like me coming out of the woodwork saying they are getting tired of nebulous Wolverine appearances (like, “I know Wolverine was in it; I just can’t remember who else or what it was about.”).


      • Yes, yes, yes. All this. Thank you.

  3. Days of Future Past was not a mini-series, it was just a two issue arc in 1981. The fact that people always seem to mix the cartoon episodes and the cross-over in the 90′s in with this story is one reason why this adaption is not going to resemble what a lot of people think it should.

    This movie is going to be like everything else in the series, very loosely based on concepts from several sources done over the years.

    • True but the official Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection I’ve been reading since 2011 has the DOFP book longer than two issues because they include issues leading up to it and following it.

      I imagine that’s what the studio has in mind, mixing in not just the main story from various sources but also pre-cursors and such.

      • I am sure they threw everything remotely connected to the story into a collected text, but the addition of Bishop (who was featured in the cartoon version), Blink (who was introduced in Age of Apocalypse) and Warpath (who was not in any of the comics) points to how loose they are playing this versus the source material. I just see this as another potential situation for a lot of griping later from fans who unrealistically expect this to be faithful to the source material.

    • Those two comics blew our minds back then. I really didn’t like it when they started expanding on it.

      • But, I do see the sense of using Wolverine. Although back when the issue 141 and 142 came out he was just beginning to be popular character he would become. Anyway, the comics are for a small niche audience, movies have to appeal to a wider audience.

      • I never liked how they would dredge up the time travel storyline whenever things got slow and completely screwed things up with too many characters from the future. Bishop and Cable aside how many of those other characters were not just total filler and never caught on.

        • I can’t even remember any except Bishop and Cable. Those two I did not mind.

          • I do not mind blink actually because she was my favorite character from Generation X. I am interested how they are going to power her up so to speak….she can basicly blink a person in too pieces…

            I guess they are going to make her less powerfull then in the comics….

            And if they are going to do Spin off movies i would suggest doing an X-men Movie with the Phalanx. That could jump start a Generation X spin off movie. Or just do a Generation X movie en tie it in with the X-men universe by having a few X-men (like adult Banshee) star in the movie. I would be so excited to see a Generation X movie.

    • I still call it a mini-series because it was very standalone. Even earned its own title :)

  4. I hope this reboots everything, if wolverine is sent back and his old self pals around with the xmen after he comes back(or not) he would become happier and more of a teammate and hopefully begin wearing his team costume.

    • Wolverine does wear the movie version of the team costume most of the time.

      • the real one.

        • There is no “real” version of Wolverine’s costume since there are about 20 different variations of it depending on the era and who was the artist at that time. And hardly nobody else wears the same get-up from the comics so Wolverine really does not stand out as being out of costume if he is wearing what everyone else on the team is wearing. In the movie universe it does not seem like these characters go out and buy super hero costumes on their own volition.

        • Did you like the Green Lantern costume that much? Being the comic book version of the costume doesn’t automatically make it good. Have you see the 80′s Captain America live action movie?

          • Green lantern costume was cg crap, but the wolv costume theyve shown is real and cool.
            Also 80s? really of course it was crap.

            • They have not shown a whole costume, it is just the mask and gloves. The material looks to be a thinner version of leather, but everyone who is going crazy over the Easter Egg images of a costume are just putting their own imagination into something they think they see.

              • Because it looks cool yo, a tease of possibility.
                Anythings better than the nothing that is the plain white tank top and leather jacket.

  5. I disagree with their reasoning for the simple fact that Wolverine is only a box office hit because they market him that way. Every X-Men movie has made Wolverine the hero so that’s why non X-Men fans love him so much. He’s always the one who thinks logically, he’s always the won saving everyone, he’s always the strongest, the fastest, the one with the most courage and the one to take most of the risks. The movies make the X-Men seem really weak and clueless, while as Wolverine is written to be the answer to an unsolved equation (if that makes sense). Yes, Logan is probably one of the most popular characters in the franchise but to say he’s the main reason why the X-Men movies are so successful is a total lie. There is no point in making a comic book movie about a super hero team, if the team is just there as decoration for Wolverine to kick butt in every movie. It’s very possible for X-Men to be just as successful or even more successful if they give Wolverine less screen time and make someone else the protagonist. You just have to find the RIGHT writer’s (Joss Whedon) to bring that story to life. But clearly the producers are running the show.

    I’m a huge X-Men fan, but I know that the movies are not going to be exactly like the comics or the cartoons. But the reason why I love X-Men is for the team aspect of it. There are so many characters and with so many stories. That’s what intrigues me. All I want Fox to do is to stop being scared to take risks, stop relying on Wolverine to always be the hero and give other iconic characters the chance to shine. Marvel did it! No, Captain America, the first Hulk, and the first Thor weren’t the BEST movies, but it built anticipation for a bigger picture. Fox take note and stop relying on the animal with claws.

    • To be honest, from the early 90s onwards, myself and my friends thought Wolverine was the best character and there weren’t many who disagreed. That’s why the late 90s cartoon had him as the main focus and another was called “Wolverine & The X-Men” and why he had solo novels written about him (one I remember in the mid 90s described his early life years before the comics showed an official origin story for him).

      He became the most popular X-Man years before the movies made him so.

      • You think so? I still can’t agree only because when I watched the cartoon, Wolverine’s character irritated me a lot LOL. My brother LOVED Logan but I was fascinated with other characters who had more God-like abilities. But I can understand his appeal to many fans. I’m just saying that even though Wolverine has a huge fan base, there are many other characters that have a huge fan base as well that are being neglected because the filmmakers and story writers (per your last comment) are Wolverine lovers. But, in the end, it is a business so you have use what going to make you the most money. I guess the reality is that no one is going to g get the X-Men movie they really want, so we just have to enjoy the movies we have for what they are.

        • Wolverine was and is one of the most popular characters in Marvel, let alone the X-Men so he has been used to sell anything X related for the past thirty years. They probably got lucky with Jackman actually turning into a bankable movie star playing an already bankable character. The guy was a walk-on at the last minute and is now pretty much the face of the franchise, and to be honest aside from McKellan and Stewart none of the others actors seemed like they could step up and get similar results. Whether that is the fault of the writing or not, it is just where things are now.

          • As Halle Berry won an oscar, and Ellen Page has been nominated, and Anna Paquin had one already, to go with the two knights of the realm, I’d say the actors can act better with more Dark Knight like material.

            • Oscar wins aside the portrayals of Storm and Rogue were always considered off, but if the writing was sub-par all around then what the individual actors made of it might have something to do with who people perceived got the “better lines”. Page was hardly used in X-3 so there is not much to even rate her Kitty Pryde on until we see what they do with the character in this next film.

      • Have to agree with Dazz. Wolverine has been the go to X-Man since the early 90′s and even though he hasn’t really been in the movies Gambit was probably number 2 back then.

    • For the mass audience Wolverine is the draw. Without him the franchise could still be really good but ticket sales would drop due to general audiences wondering why he isn’t there. Hell, there are people out there that don’t know that The Dark Knight is a sequl to batman Begins because the title is different.

      • They studio should retitle the movie for future DVD/BD releases as “Dark Knight Begins” or “The Dark Knight: Batman Begins”

    • I really enjoyed the first Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor (Hulk did not quite do it for me, but I was never a big Hulk fan). However, you hit the nail right on the head about X-Men and Wolverine, Champ! What-he-said!!

  6. They can’t use Kitty. She wouldn’t be alive in the 1960′s-70′s.

    It’s kind of a good idea to use Wolverine, since he doesn’t age the same. His aging hadn’t been used and exploited by the time the original DOFP stories came out. Kitty was used because she had only been with them for a few issues, so they reasoned that she wouldn’t have been trained in psychic defenses, and therefore wouldn’t block the attempt.

  7. No one’s saying Wolverine can’t take the lead, it’s just the degree to which he takes it. When there is no development for Cyclops, Storm or any other interesting character (minus Proffessor X and Magneto) then it becomes a problem

    Tony Stark still shined above everyone else in the Avengers, and that was after having 2 whole movies to himself. But that still didn’t stop Whedon from giving Cap, Thor, Hulk, Widow and even Hawkeye a couple scene stealing moments. Heck, Hulk pretty much stole the whole movie.

    It’s all in how you utilize and balance the characters

  8. this movie is going to kick ass…because Jennifer Lawrence is in it. She can make anything enjoyable to watch…maybe she should time travel back and save X-Men Last Stand. that would be a great plot

  9. Here is my problem with the explanation. The story is about sending Wolverine’s mind back in time into his past self. Why couldn’t they write the story so someone’s entire body could get sent back. They still could have used Kitty by sending her actual body back in time. They could have put Forge’s character in the movie and had him and Beast make a time travel device powered by Quicksilver. Writers didn’t have to write this story as sending the mind back over sending of the entire person back.

    Plus, now the explanation for what happens to Wolverines past self’s mind is going to have to be explained. Now Im going to ask, “so if his future mind is sent back to his past mind, what happens to his past mind?” Its going to muddy waters even more.

    • That is too complicated for a general audience who is not familiar with the characters to understand. Yeah, us movie and comic book geeks would love it but movies aren’t made for us.

      • Lol! Yeah I hear ya but why is it too complicated. Couldn’t they something to dumb it down? (I know it sucks but just making a point that it could have worked the other way)

        Prof X : (TO Wolverine, Beast, Storm, Iceman, Kitty, Colossus)
        “Meet Forge. He has the mutant ability to create and assemble any piece of technology in a very efficient manner.”

        Wolverine: “So we got ourselves a mutant MaGyver….Interesting…”

        Prof X: “Forge and Beast are going to assemble a machine that can send an individual to the past.

        Iceman: Is it dangerous?

        Professor X: For all of us, yes…Except for her. (Looking at Kitty)

        Kitty: “Me?”

        Beast: “I have theorized that Kitty’s mutant phasing abilities allow her body to phase not only through space but through time as well. Granted we would need a machine to amplify and direct those powers”

        Wolverine: That’s a lot of power that’s gonna be needed.”

        Forge: “With enough consistent flow of electricity, the machine should be able to function as designed.”

        Storm: I guess that is where I come in.”

    • They already jammed enough characters in the movie and putting Forge in for two minutes of exposition would just confuse things even more. And by sending back only the persons mind they are sticking to the main plot point of the original story, but since they hamstrung themselves by using a set chronological timeline they kind of forced themselves to use the only person who was alive and could be played by the same actor.

      • True. They are sticking to the origin with the mind transfer aspect. I am still excited for this movie just wish they found a way to not make everything so Wolverine centric again….and again.

  10. They said it right the first time, the only reason wolverine is going into past is because fox not
    Creative. They could have had wolverine and pryde go back together or his new japanese sidekick.
    Now that thor 2 is closing on 600 million fox is now under tremendous pressure to salvage its
    screwed version of the xmen.

  11. I like their logic with his age and the fact that they’re only sending his consciousness back instead of developing some sort of convoluted time machine plot that if you leave a piece of it in the past, Skynet will develop faster.

    I’m actually very excited for this one…which could be bad news since the last X-men movie I was excited about was X-Men: The Last Stand.

  12. SO T.I.R.E.D of WOLVERINE ! ! ! ! ! !

    Ellen Page is Awesome, this could have been her X-Men movie to really shine, going to the 70′s physically

    The Wolverine and the X-Men formula hasnt ever worked, yet they keep playing it blindly. This is a Ensemble, and thats what the audience wants, not more of the same. WHEN will they learn it?

    • Agree about Ellen Page. What a missed opportunity to let her take the reigns.

    • You could always watch her in “Super”

  13. Alas, how many X-Men movies and yet still no Thunderbird?

    Poor, poor Thunderbird. The Native American character who never made it past a few issues. Poor, poor Thunderbird, who appeared with the international team (Wolverine, Storm, Banshee, Nightcrawler, Colossus), and died in a fiery explosion. Never mentioned or featured in any of the films.

    I feel your pain, man. Poor, poor badass American warrior, cast aside in favor of sucky characters the studio would rather feature on screen.

    And sadly, the trend will continue…

    • His younger brother is in this one, small consolation I guess.

  14. So after all the hype.. there’s no actual team up between the past and future? Wolverine is the only one who works with both? Or am I missing something? No matter what I’m super psyched for this movie, but I was really hoping they’d all be together at some point.. or at least thats what I translated from all the hype.

  15. When was Wolverine supposed to get his metal claws in Origins?? Because I’m pretty sure he should have bone claws in his “Young” body still.

    • Around 1979.

      • I think they are going to have to fudge that a bit and claim he got them just prior to this next movie.

  16. I love X-men, I do I love the comics, I love the idea of it. I hate that Fox ruined it. The first two x-men films were watchable, and then it just went downhill from there. I’m not even one of those purists who think they should stay closer to the source material. But at least keep some of the characters origins consistent. I can sort of forgive the terrible idea it was to add Juggernaut to the story, and the Kitty Pride situation. But I thought First Class was the reboot. It should have remained as a reboot. There are so many more stories that they could have gone with than the whole Timey Wimey, wibbly wobbly stuff.

    Hell I would have retconed the whole thing and continued on from First Class which was also suffered from people making terrible character and story decisions (ruining the hellfire club). It makes the whole thing confusing as it is as it doesn’t fit with the current timeline of events between X1-3, let alone the original Wolverine movie. Onslaught, Savage Islands, A proper hellfire club. So many villains to choose from. This isn’t Doctor Who. Give the X-men back to Marvel studios same with Fantastic Four and let the expanded universe continue.

    • +1

  17. I am excited for Days of Future Past but I am Wolverined out. Give other characters a chance to do their thing. Cyclops has been horribly misused in the movies and not given his due.

    • They did when they made First Class and gave Wolverine only about 15 seconds. It was good at first but after all this time, First Class is kind of meh save for the cast.

      • First Class was a breath of Wolverine-free fresh air for me, and I still like it. But I agree that it does kind of coast on the charisma of the actors, Cuban Missle Crisis notwithstanding.

        I did/do really love the retro 60s aesthetic of First Class, though. It had a little bit of the 007 superspy feel to it. Hopefully, the 70s-set part of DOFP will be stylin’.

  18. If they didn’t transfer Wolverine’s consciousness back, there would technically be two Wolverines in the same time period — assuming his actual self (body & consciousness) got sent back to the past. That would be weird since they would look the same.

    • Yeah but 2 wolverines fighting villains?….Could be cool. But if they chose not to send his consciousness they could have sent another individual.

      My biggest hope is this will set the franchise back on track so Cyke is alive and a founding member of the X-Men along with Jean, Iceman, Beast and Angel.

      It’s a tall order, but it is MY order.

  19. We all know why it’s Wolverine (well at least I do). Bryan Singer doesn’t know how to make an X-MEN film without him. I get the feeling that Wolverine is the only viable X-Man in Bryan Singer’s very small brain. It probably won’t happen in my lifetime, but I so wish and hope for the day when Marvel gets the rights back for their merry mutants. I loathe Bryan Singer & Fox’s X-Films. Yes I blame him for X-Men: First Class too. He was an executive producer on it and it followed his convulted continuity. When he had the unmitigated gall to find some way to put Wolverine in the movie, I knew all hope was lost. This movie is so meh to me. Before all the flaming starts, take note I said “to me”.

    • I am not of the opinion that the X-Men series and Singer’s films in particular are as great as other people do, but seriously do you think Marvel would not milk Wolverine any less in the movies then they have in the comic books ?

  20. if Wolverine wasn’t in all the X Men movies people would complain they dont use him enough, personally i would rather watch Jackman more then almost all the other actors.

  21. I am very sad that it isn’t Kitty/Ellen Page getting to do the time-traveling. What a missed opportunity. I love Hugh Jackman, but I really would like to see more character development and screen time from entities other than Wolverine.

    The film will probably be good, but man…

  22. wolverine has always been my favorite xmen

  23. I dunno… Bryan Singer + X-Men cast + First Class cast + New mutants spells disaster for comic and film enthusiasts. I’m sorry, but I think Matthew Vaughn would do this adaption justice.

  24. Couldn’t care less about this movie. Screw Fox.

  25. ugh…. What i d i o t thought up this article?? he didn’t time travel!! His healing factor makes him immortal!!

    • are you mental? Perhaps you should read the plot of the upcoming x-men movie before blasting the author of this article.

  26. Want cyclops back!!

  27. bryan singer is a terrible director. too bad vaughn couldn’t do this one.

  28. From the director’s quote: “Wolverine is the protagonist of the franchise…”

    THE protagonist? Of the FRANCHISE? Oh. Okay- so that’s why it’s called the X-MEN (or some form thereof). Hell- even the first Wolvie movie was called X-Men!

    It’s about a team- NOT about a “bad boy” loner who does things his own way! WTF they should just call the series “Wolverine and Friends”.

  29. Ellen Page and Anna Paquin…… Two largely forgettable actresses in two fairly important parts of the X-Men universe… Im with the guy somewhere above me, no Juggernaut vs Colossus and still no Omega Red….