‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Spoilers Discussion

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X Men Days of Future Past Spoilers X Men: Days of Future Past Spoilers Discussion

While people are already commenting over in our official X-Men: Days of Future Past review, we don’t want people reading the review to be SPOILED about the many secrets, cameos, and future implications of Days of Future Past and its post-credits scene.

If you’ve seen the movie and want to talk about it (or the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse) in full SPOILERS glory – you’ve come to the right place! Head down to the comments and let’s get talking!


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X-Men: Days of Future Past is now playing in theaters. It is 131 minutes and is Rated PG- 13 for sequences of intense sci-fi violence and action, some suggestive material, nudity and language.

Have questions the film didn’t answer? Read our Days of Future Past continuity Errors article. Confused about that scene at the end of the film? Read our Post-credit Scene Explained article or listen to the editors discussion on the XM:DoFP episode of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast.

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  1. OH AND BTW!

    IMO, X3 The Last Stand was a necessary evil (or necessary ugly) for the story of DOFP to be successful. I think Jean would have saved everyone from the Sentinels given her powerful Phoenix counterpart. Lol.

  2. Seems we all assume this was the only alteration to the time line. A lot of times time travel speeds up the “ripple” in the pond. They could explain it by saying that the original timeline was altered to the past we saw in the beginning of DOFP. The time jump in DOFP was to correct the original jump. It seems wolverine woke up between x1 and x2 since rogue already had the stripe in her hair.

    • no, Logan woke up the same year in the future he left from. how none of the now alive Xmen have not aged 50 years I have no idea

      • Actually, it was 50 years from 1973, so only 9 years “IN THE FUTURE” from our viewpoint. (And nowhere was it stated whether X1 to X3 is contemporary or set “20 minutes into the furure”)

  3. Magneto states that he was trying to save JFK. He curved the bullet but he was attacked before he could finish. But he did indeed curve the bullet then it landed in the skull of JFK. So perhaps if he never did anything it would have missed? Or was he lying? Also I don’t get magneto, he says he’s for mutants and all that but why would he do that crap with the baseball stadium? All he had to do was take over the sentinels and go on a killing spree. Then trask would have been blamed there wouldn’t have even been any evidence that it was caused by magneto (other than the metal but I don’t see trask dodging blame by blaming a mutant in this scenario.) The sentinel program would have been dismissed but I do believe the anti mutant sentimentality would have still existed.

  4. Ok so can someone explain to me that with DOFP ending with everyone alive and well does that mean everyone survives Apocalypse. They have already stated that Apocalypse will happen in the 80′s so showing everyone alive in the bright future basically makes anything that happens before Wolverine wakes up in the future not worth watching because no one dies. There isn’t any danger to the X-Men because we know that everyone lives. Plus can someone explain to me how Rogue still has white in her hair in the bright future. Young Charles Xavier read Logan’s mind from the future and surely would make sure Magneto wouldn’t follow through with the plans he had in the first X-Men movie, that would prevent Rogue from getting the white in her hair. Those are really my only 2 gripes about DOFP. Everything else is either fixed for me or can be worked around.

    • with Logan changing the past. the 1-3 movies are now nothing. the stories in them never happened. they did not happen in the same way in the new changed time line. so Rogue could have had something down to her. just imn a different way or by some other person. think of it as everything changed. maybe some stuff happened very close to the same way, but not close enough for Charels to know when its about to happen from just little tiny glimpses of what he caught from Logans mind

    • I think that the post credit scene intend to show us the origin of Apocalypse, but in some time after that he would be hibernating. That´s why I also think that apocalypse movie would not be on the 80 but in the future that we saw at the end of the movie (before the post credit scene of course). Pardon my english, it´s not my native language.

  5. Right, Charles said something along the lines of… Events will always steer in the same direction I.e. fate. In this instance, Rogues hair would have happened, perhaps magneto would have still attacked new York as human reaction to mutants would not change, in fact it may have happened sooner. There is about ten years between The Wolverine and DoFP therefore there is a whole new set of storylines between The Last Stand, The Wolverine and DoFP so although everyone is rooting for a new franchise, am I the only one who would prefer the old cast filling in the gaps?

    PS Bring back the Gambit from the Wolverine, let’s face it, why ruin the continuity any more and to be honest, I blame the writers for underlying him, he wasn’t bad.

    • I too want the X-Trilogy story to continue, but I don’t mind the X-First story’s continuation, so can we have them both, yes I’m being greedy.

  6. Charles also reads the mind of Wolverine to see if he is telling the truth and sees the future that Wolverine experienced, which includes the timeline from the first movies. So he could have done different things to prevent Scott and Jean from getting going down the same paths.

  7. This movie was awesome.
    Only thing or things i was seriously bummed about was how they did not even bother to show trask’s hidden plans for Master Mold, Nimrod wasn’t even in the movie… where was cable? I could mention a whole bunch of other characters that they seemed to miss out on.
    The apocalypse thing i hope they don’t mess up.
    SO many characters they can add here, hopefully we can see a xmen movie that is properly made.

  8. This overwhelming vote of best ever is a joke. Once again Colossus does zilch ! Gets beat up and doesn’t get to show the fans his brute strength. Mystic gets way too much space on the film reel and we do not even see Wolverine kick a little Sentinel Butt in the future?? Really ?? Best ever is X 2 period !

  9. so at the end of the movie does wolverine have the adamantium in him, or since he altered the future stryker never gets him. and since he knows that stryker would cause him pain, since he still remembers, will wolverine agree, as he did in “x-men: wolverine origins”

  10. in the scene when wolverine accidentally cut kitty with his claw (while he was unconscious), why did he still have his Adamantium claw???? didn’t the sliver samurai cut it off in THE WOLVERINE? shouldn’t it suppose to be just normal bone claw? I am assuming this movie is right after The Wolverine based on it’s ending Credit scene

  11. Does this mean that Wolverine never gets taken and experimented on and therefore never gets his skeletal system covered in adamantium? Also why doesn’t professor x and beast in their new future remember when wolverine came back from the future and told them what the future was like. They must still remember that from their experience in the 70s?