‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ End Credits Scene Explained

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X Men Days of Future Past Post Credits Scene Explained X Men: Days of Future Past End Credits Scene Explained

After years of waiting, and months of speculation on how X-Men: Days of Future Past would fix X-Men movie universe continuity, Bryan Singer’s ambitious time travel team-up is now in theaters – complete with a post-credits button scene. As per usual, those outside of comic book fan circles may be confused by what they saw after sitting through all those end credits, but we’re here to help explain. Just as The Wolverine helped set the stage for what to expect in Days of Future Past with a buzz-worthy button clip, a post-credits tease in DoFP prepares the way for the next film, X-Men Apocalypse.

Our discussion is going to be full of SPOILERS from here on out – not just for Days of Future Past, but every X-Men movie that has come so far – along with select X-Men comic book story lines. READ NO FURTHER unless you’re all caught up. Even though most of our discussion will be speculation, a lot of it could be considered FUTURE SPOILERS for X-Men: Apocalypse. You have been warned.







Post-Credits Scene – Enter En Sabah Nur

Apocalypse X Men Days of Future Past X Men: Days of Future Past End Credits Scene Explained

Unlike a lot of post-credits scenes, which build-upon the aftermath of the current film in order to tease what is to come next, the X-Men: Days of Future Past button clip takes moviegoers nearly 5,000 years back in time to ancient Egypt. While casual filmgoers might lack the requisite context, comic book fans who have been following the development of X-Men: Days of Future Past and its upcoming sequel, X-Men: Apocalypse, should have a pretty clear idea of what is being depicted; however, before we dig into what the scene hints at, let’s start with the basics.

The scene opens on a desert environment, revealed to be ancient Egypt, where a hooded figure stands on a sandy hillside, arms outstretched. The camera aims down, where thousands of Egyptian men and women bow in reference, chanting “En Sabah Nur,” as the cloaked boy waves his arms and begins assembling the Great Pyramids by moving massive stone chunks into place through telekinesis. The camera then pans to his face – grey skin, blue lips, with red eyes – before circling around to four mysterious figures on horseback perched on a cliffside to the boy’s left.


Who is En Sabah Nur?

Apocalypse X Men Comic Books X Men: Days of Future Past End Credits Scene Explained

While this young and slender version of super villain Apocalypse, aka En Sabah Nur (a name which means “The First One”), might not be immediately recognizable to comic book readers that are only familiar with his augmented and armored form, the character’s backstory actually begins in ancient Egypt. As the first mutant, Nur was born and subsequently orphaned in Akkaba, an ancient settlement on the outskirts of the Egyptian Empire. After facing rejection by society and the destruction of his people at the hands of Pharaoh Rama-Tut (who was actually the 30th century time-traveler Kang the Conqueror), along with his warlord Ozymandias, Apocalypse used his powers to overthrow the Pharaoh, enslave Ozymandias, and take control of Egypt – where the people worshiped him as a God.

Through the ages, Apocalypse acquired alien tech (from a group of cosmic beings known as the Celestials) that enhanced his appearance and existing powers – providing him with a host of additional  (and menacing) abilities. Beyond standard super villain characteristics like increased intelligence and strength, Apocalypse can control his body at the molecular level, allowing him to form weapons from his own limbs, suspend aging, as well as heal fatal wounds – while also controlling objects in the outside world through telekinesis, and networking with technology. He also is a master of genetic enhancement, able to radically alter mutant and human physiology.

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  1. button scene or button clip sounds too cutesy… i prefer to call them stingers

    • Stingers sounds like something someone in San Francisco would say. Not judging you.

      • I’ve NEVER heard them called “button scenes” of “button clips” before. Quit making s*** up. They’ve ALWAYS been called “Credit Cookies”, or “Cookies” for short.

  2. I left like an asssssshole…the lights turnt on and I was tricked.

    • Never ever leave a marvel movie until the usher tells you to rookie.

      • It always amazes me when people leave Marvel movies early, unless they’re the type of person who doesn’t know anything about them, hasn’t seen any or many others, and just sees them because they simply look good. I have to imagine that type of person is extremely rare though, so when people walk out right when the credits roll for a Marvel movie, I’m just stunned.

        • I have started waiting for the after-credit scene, with Captain America 2 being the first one I did it for. I was going to do it for this too, but had to catch the bus, so missed it…

        • But its not technically a marvel movie. Its a fox movie based on a marvel comic. Huge difference.

  3. I am very happy that they fixed the mess that was The Last Stand. It was good to see every one back and give a little more justice to those characters. Albeit, 14 yrs and seven movies later. The Apocalypse scene was EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED IT TO BE.
    Seriously, having apocalypse build the pyramids was better than my imagination. Bravo on fixing this.
    I have no choice but to give Channing Tatum the benefit of the doubt with playing Gambit in the next one. I had no issue with Taylor Kitsch. Thought he did it well actually, given the terrible writing. I guess it’s the producers hard on for Channing that bothers me. No, he doesn’t really seem like a “scoundrel” and a cajun accent is different from a southern one… IDK… Remy is described always as quite agile and acrobatic, and now I guess, clunky tatum is gonna do flips with a bow? Ok. They are finally are getting this right… please dont blow it… that casting really throws me off.

    • But if it comes out like his Spanish accent in 22 Jump Street I’ll cry…

      • Or laugh heartily?

    • He’s not really clunky…he was a dancer and did those dance movies so he won’t be that bad

      • Yup. Just watch the movie Step Up and you will see Channing’s awesome dancing. That dude can really move.

  4. The one we saw the new future (new continuity) in the end of days of the past movie. At that timeline, do we assume that Apocalypse already happened in that timeline? Or is it possible that they could kill that new future/continuity off due to Apocalypse popping up in 80s??? BUT the new future we saw ALREADY happened…

    Help a bro out please.

    • Temporal mechanics give me a headache.

    • *Spoilers*

      I have the same question. Technically, Apocalypse should have happened by then and thus, we already know that most X-Men survive him.

      But at the same time, Fox could either ignore its own continuity (again) or go with an explanation such that the future we saw at the end is the “current” future, based only on what has happened and changed in DOFP. It doesn’t make much sense but it at least gives them more room to play with in future movies. Otherwise, they’ll have the prequel syndrom all over again.

  5. The real question is : will Bryan Singer return to direct X-Men: Apocalypse ?

    • It’s very likely that he would return.

      I hope so cos I don’t want anybody to mess this fixed continuity up again!

    • That will all depend on whether he’s a convicted pedophile or not.

      • The case is in civil court, IE he is being sued. If Singer and his legal team lose the case, the punishment is a payment for damages to the plaintiff. This is not the same as being convicted of a crime in a court of law.

        • @VJ- I appreciate the clarity. Though, It would be a nasty image to have him direct future X-Men movies if he does lose.

          • True.. Let’s hope a new director knows what they are doingif Byran ever get replaced

    • Come on…of course he will.

  6. Channing Tatum just left Cannes along with Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo as contenders for an Academy Award for “Foxcatcher.” Saw the movie and I’m now convinced that Channing can f***ing act. He will make a great Gambit and this movie just made him elite in terms of his acting ability.

    • To be fair, I never thought Tatum was THAT bad of an actor. Yeah, there were some roles he didn’t perform too well, but I noticed he got better and better with each movie. He’s definitely best at comedic roles, but I thought he was okay/good in Magic Mike and Side Effects.

      • Have to agree with sentiment. I usually just thought of him as the meathead comedy guy (which isn’t bad, I liked him in 21 Jump Street), but I watched The Vow over the weekend and he was actually really good in it.

  7. Why does Ice-Man wear a jacket? Does he get cold?….

    • Yeah. Iceman wearing a jacket is dumb. In the comics he just wears shorts. Which makes more sense.

      • Maybe the actor that plays Iceman does not have the physique required to walk around in shorts all the time or maybe the producers just thought this was dumb.

      • Well in the far off future, Iceman wears a robe kinda of like an Ice Wizard.

  8. If he turned Angel into Archangel in the films I would not be able to contain the excitement.

  9. Can Fox use the Celestials part of Apocalypse’s story though? Knowhere is apparently featured in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” trailer, so who owns the rights? Or is there some kind of Quicksilver loophole going on here?

    • Very doubtful, think marvel has claim on this. Celestials in the xmen verse wouldnt add anything. Seems apocalypse will be what the dark phenix should have been in last stand.

  10. If Apocalypse turns up in the 1980′s, then how does this explain the “happy ending” to Days of Future Past? Does it mean we already know all the X-Men featured in the final happy scene survive whatever happens Apocalypse does in the new movie?

    • What we see in the future is only a result of what occurred in DOFP. Any subsequent actions in Apocalypse and so forth will alter the future timeline again. Time is not linear, so essentially the events of DOFP created a ripple, in which the dystopian future was not realized, but there is another ripple where that future does happen. So any events in Apocalypse will create a new ripple in the timeline, thus creating a new set of possible timelines. Lol. I’m no scientist, s*** I dropped out of college, but I think that’s how time travel works. There’s parallel universes running concurrently through time and space.

      • Unless the happy ending was true. Perhaps the next movie starts off with xavier telling wolverine what he missed out on, ie the fight with apocalypse.

      • I see it this way as well, although I’m not sure it makes sense. But hey, it’s not like time travel is an exact science or anything (at least not yet).

        If they go that route, then we already know Apocalypse didn’t do much damage to the X-Men.

    • The way i see it, you have to look at that happy ending scene as just that — a happy ending. That scene is set somewhere after the chronological year of The Last Stand (2006). The next film will be set in the 1980′s before most of the characters from the Original trilogy were old enough to get their powers. Everything that happens in that film will probably result in things playing out mostly similar to how the original trilogy began. To them though, they have all already experienced or heard of Apocalypse. So the next movie doesn’t change anything about that happy ending scene.

      • To me, that ‘happy ending scene’ means that the event shown in “The Last Stand” never occurred and that the events in X-Men 2 i.e. Stryker trying to kill all the mutants and Jean Grey dying at Alkalai Lake, never happen.

        • Futher, Stryker is somehow changed by Magneto’s speech (near the end of DoFP, where he says that he has seen the future and that if the humans try to kill all the mutants, the result will be a war in which all humans are killed) and the fact that Mystique wounds Magneto and seems to prevent him from killing the president and several high level dignitaries. All of this puts Stryker’s life and his attitude on a different course whereby he never tries to kill all the mutants.

          Stryker may in fact be so enlightened as to realize that there are good mutants and bad mutants and that it would actually be counter-productive to his cause to try to eliminate the good mutants.

          One more thing… based on all of this, the events, which occurred in the first Wolverine movie, never happen. Which is great because this means Sabertooth is still alive and Deadpool does not get his mouth sewn up.

        • Or X2 did happen and Jean survived that film because Prof X started forming the team earlier in the new continuity like he promised Wolverine, therefore the X-men were fully trained and ready for the events of x2

  11. Oooooh…Apocalypse. Yeah, still not watching Xmen: DERP. Because I’m a Xmen fan and smart.

  12. I really hope that’s meant to be a joke. Otherwise spinner, if you say: “I’m not watching X-men, because I’m an X-Men fan. I’m so smart.”, you’re pretty much guaranteeing you’re stupid.

  13. Now i want a What If? Movie where Wolverine fails in his time-travel quest, the Sentinels wipe out mutantkind, and Apocalypse wakes up to find out he is the only mutant left. Then it’s all-out war between Apocalypse and Sentinels. Now there is something i’d definitely pay to see!

  14. Since knowing who Apocalypse was and the fact we know he’s in the next movie, there was nothing wow about the credits to be honest. It didn’t link at all to the film basically meaning that DOFP is it’s own self contained story which is actually a good thing.

    We are kind of in a newer timeline now, so Apocalypse can be it’s own beast without trying to tie up to DOFP.

  15. I think there’s a massive point missed here….. Apocalypse is building a pyramid, to hibernate in perhaps?? Covered in sand, cerebro and Charles will find him and wake him up… Shouldn’t have done that Charles you silly man

  16. I just saw the movie and it was fantastic
    Im happy with Wolverine not being center of the movie.

    But : I have one question

    Does anyone knows why at the end of the Wolverine last year Magneto and Charles Xavier come wolverine
    in present together.
    while in this movie it was totally different ?

    do i miss something ??

    But my compliments for this movie

    grts from the Netherlands :)

  17. Don’t know much about him other than what I read here.

    But maybe they should have shown this scene early in the movie and then after the changes show him again at the end looking evil.


  19. So just saw the movie thought it was apocalypse but to me he looked like a girl his facial structure looked like a female to me does anyone have a picture or confirm apocalypse is a guy cuz that scene he looked like a female to me

    • It was Prometheus Apocalypse lol

    • looked like a little kid to me. I just wish they added on the blue lines that run across his face.

  20. The new men movie. Is there two different ending to the movie with wolverine?

  21. Apocalypse is gonna be one bad ass villain

  22. Ben, just a quick correction, En Sabah Nur doesn’t mean “the first one” it means “the morning light.” I know what the comic history says before you all jump on me, but in Arabic and the Egyptian language that predates Arabic it means “the morning light.”

  23. Justin probably has the right idea,the happy ending is a possible parallel timeline created by the ripple of the dystopian future timeline not occurring, that also means that there are other parallel timelines in which that future exists as well as one with events including Apocalypse,we only got to see the one,like the professor says at the end of the movie,time is not set,so a lot can and can not happen.

    • Thats good, means now this bew reality will not give rise to a future run by sentinels but rather “age of apocalypse” future hehe. Heres hoping anyways

  24. I thought the movie was great. I wish they had more scenes with Quicksilver, but I believe the movie would have been finished faster “no pun intended”.

    • Mark my words “how it should’ve ended” is gonna bring that up a lot.

  25. Nice article
    but my question isnt in it

    They set up DOFP in the end credit scene of The Wolverine.
    but in no way they pick up this in the movie.

    they are in a normal world.
    at a normal functioning airport.
    present time….

    and in the beginning of DOFP they are suddenly in the future in a all destroyed apocalyptic world.
    but still at the beginning of their quest..

    I dont get it

    • I think that in the Wolverine, Charles and Magneto just know that they are building the new sentinels.

    • This movie “begins” at least 10 years after the ending of The Wolverine if I’m not mistaken

      • Yeah, must be something like that…
        But when Xavier and Magneto come together to prepare for this battle and find Logan at the airport.
        and than 10 years nothing ?

        Maybe im overthinking it to much :)

        The movie itself was great.
        My last 5 movies in the theater where
        Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Godzilla and X-Men

        and Captain America and X-Men i enjoyed the most !

        And i don’t mind most inconcistancies but this feels strange
        what happend in those 10 years ?

        Maybe i prefered the DOFP story to be told in 2 movies.
        one in the future and one in the past ..

        Or just stop overthinking this :)

  26. Hope they’re going for the X-Cutioner’s Song Storyline. Where all past and present X-men (Factor & Force) cross each other to hunt down Cable.

    Hence the need to bring back Cyclops and Jean Grey.

    Would love to see Stryfe as the main villain after Apocalypse.

    Fox is expanding the X Universe. At Last.

  27. Can we FINALLY get to CABLE now?!!