‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ End Credits Scene Explained

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Who are the Four Horsemen?

Apocalypse 4 Horsemen X Men Comic Books X Men: Days of Future Past End Credits Scene Explained

Apocalypse’s  ability to modify mutant and human genetics is especially important and instrumental in the presence of the Four Horsemen – a super villain team enslaved to the will of Apocalypse. While the identities of the four characters cannot be determined based solely on the clip, various well-known and obscure mutants have been indoctrinated (and augmented) by Apocalypse over the years to fill the roles of Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War. (In the comics, horsemen have been made by transforming characters like Angel, Mister Sinister, Sunfire, and even the Hulk, into deadly heralds of Apocalypse.) As a result, the specific (albeit nondescript) Horsemen briefly shown in the post-credits scene might not even appear in the Days of Future Past sequel at all; instead, a major story point could be Apocalypse using characters like Magneto as members of a new Horsemen team.

It is also unclear whether the version of Apocalypse shown in the Days of Future Past post-credits scene has yet to harness Celestial tech upgrades. The presence of the Four Horsemen as well as the use of telekinesis would suggest that Apocalypse could be using some alien technology at this point – though he has yet to fully augment his own physique. That said, it’s possible that Singer intends to bypass the Celestial technology aspect of the Apocalypse story altogether and simply credit any change in the character’s abilities or appearance to longterm honing/evolution of his powers. The director has previously indicated that Apocalypse would not be an alien in the upcoming film, meaning he’ll stick to the traditional mutant origin, but that doesn’t mean the character couldn’t still have encountered alien technology.


Prepare for Apocalypse in the X-Men Movie Universe

Apocalypse X Men Movie X Men: Days of Future Past End Credits Scene Explained

So how do the Days of Future Past events connect to Apocalypse and how will the villain fit into the existing First Class-centric storyline? Thematically, Apocalypse is a smart escalation of the conflict between Professor Xavier (living in harmony with humanity) and Magneto (who champions mutant superiority). In his early days, En Sabah Nur was raised inside the Sandstormers clan, an ancient people who believed that only the fittest are worthy of survival – a philosophy that Apocalypse in turn applied to mutants. Despite his malevolent actions, Apocalypse sees himself as a tool of evolutionary progress – ridding the universe of the weak and recruiting the strong and pitiless to his side. The character could offer an especially smart juxtaposition for Magneto (who wishes to unite mutant kind against humans) by revealing a flaw in the Master of Magnet’s thinking – specifically that not all mutants are created equal.

As for how Singer intends to explain the sudden appearance of Apocalypse in the new continuity (during the 1980s) without ever mentioning him in the original trilogy, there’s actually a comic book precedent that could be used. While X-Men: Days of Future Past undoes certain original trilogy developments, such as bringing back long-dead characters like Cyclops and Jean Grey, the post-credits Apocalypse scene pre-dates the altered timeline change-up by around 5,000 years – meaning that Apocalypse isn’t a product of the new continuity. He was already alive somewhere during the events of the original trilogy, but for whatever reason did not come face to face with the X-Men.

X Men Legends Rise of Apocalypse X Men: Days of Future Past End Credits Scene Explained

As a result, we can presume that Apocalypse is awakened by (or attracted to) Logan’s trip through time and the subsequent change in reality. As mentioned, that idea has been explored before in the comics – when a hibernating Apocalypse is awakened 100 years ahead of schedule by time-traveling mutant Cable. At this point, we don’t know for sure how Singer intends to explain why Apocalypse never appeared during the original 1980s (the time period that X-Men: Apocalypse will feature) but if the director chooses to borrow from the comics, a hibernating Apocalypse awakened 100 years ahead of schedule by time-traveling Wolverine would make sense – and adhere to movie continuity. To be clear: In that case, had Wolverine not traveled back in time, Apocalypse could have slept until his pre-determined date – waking up long after the extermination of mutants by the future Mark X Sentinels in the original timeline.

Of course, that’s just speculation at this point, and we’ll have to wait for X-Men: Apocalypse to hit theaters before we know exactly what happened to En Sabah Nur between the Egypt post-credits scene and his reemergence as Apocalypse in the new 1980s continuity.


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X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in now playing in theaters. X-Men: Apocalypse is scheduled to release on May 27th, 2016.

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  1. Why does everyone keep saying that the Apocalypse scene was in the 80s? Did it say that somewhere. I may have missed it. Let me know if I did. He was building a pyramid, I would think that this was a scene in ancient Egypt,showing Apocalypses beginning, just letting us in on the threat that is to come.

    • Yes, The scene was in Ancient Egypt.
      But the actual X-Men – Apocalyps movie will be set in 1980
      Probably for the only reason so they can use the First Class Cast :)

    • Nobody said this scene was in the 80′s, the next movie may be set in the 1980′s. The clip is obviously set in ancient Egypt when he was still young.

  2. If age of apocalypse doesn’t have Archangel & Cable I will seriously be pissed.

    • Notice:
      Brian Singer HAD to use an alternate mutant to send Wolverine back in time to thwart the sentinels. This is because Jean and Scott were killed before they could have Nathan Summers (Cable) or Rachel Summers (the next Phoenix and the one who sent Wolverine back in time in the comics). Now that Jean and Scott were saved from their deaths in the alternate timeline I see no reason why Brian Singer won’t use Cable as the introduction to Apocalypse like in the comics. Also noteworthy: At the end of Days of Future Paste Jean Grey/Famke Jansen was wearing a red outfit and had the flaming red hair of Phoenix that she didn’t have in X1 or X2 where she was still a brunette and hadn’t yet been through the Phoenix transformation. This shows that she still goes through the Phoenix transformation in the new timeline and we could in fact get a new Phoenix saga that is actually entertaining and hopefully similar to the comics. (I say similar because I don’t have the unrealistic expectation that everything will be exactly the same. Even just within the comics themselves there are so many side-stories, alternate timelines, alternate dimensions and worlds and even alternate reality teams of superheroes that go through completely different adventures from the beginning teams that I can’t blame the moviemakers for making things slightly different and inventing their own “alternate story”. )

      • And whatevs on the part about Nathan being Jean’s clone’s baby. It’s still Jean’s DNA so I guess I still see him as their son.

      • Let’s not forget that they are developing an X-Factor script right now so it is quite possible that Cable does come in to play in the new X-Men, with a lead/tie in to starting up X-Factor somehow?

  3. I want cable and nightcraweer and archangel and the for horsemen

    • “I want”, you sound like a child. You’ll get what your given so stop being such a petulant little douch.

      • And you stop being a pretentious ass. He’s a fan and he’d like the next movie to include Cable and Nightcrawler, is that a better phrasing for you? Little punk, throwing around big words and acting tough. Grow up.

      • Wow…Could you be any more of a dick?

        Good grief.

  4. So when Wolverine wakes up in the future (in Xavier’s school, presumably 2023) after Mystique prevented the creation of the future Sentinels (1973), the events of X-Men: Apocalypse already happened (1980s)? This is what confused me about the ending of DOFP. So when they find Wolverine in the water with Mystique as Stryker, is it saying that what happens after this are the events that transpire until Wolverine wakes up in Xavier’s school? Or are we looking at two separate time lines?

    • My guess it is the same timeline. Remember how Prof. X told Logan that there is a lot of history to catch up on? I’m guessing this is some of the history that he is going to reveal.

    • My bet is it follows along the lines of the Xmen Legends 2 video game. In that one, wolverine accidentally awoke apocalypse up after magneto led an assault with the sentinels on Washington, D.C. And New York City. The end of the first game had magneto giving up and disappearing after the assault. Maybe because we don’t see mystique again in the new future of 2023, that means the future isn’t entirely saved after all? Part of it may still be in limbo. I recall in Xmen Legends 2, mystique appears in a military installation in the year 2023. There must be a reason for that. Maybe apocalypse did indeed wake up, maybe in the sequel we will see wolverine meet mystique again. They did say some of the original cast is also in the next film after all. Perhaps Apocalypse kidnaps someone?

    • Pardon me, but I have been reading all of these posts and after well over 30 years of following the xmen and the wolverine and every other x book, and marvel title it is all of these changes that really get to me. I don’t know how many people on here remember chris Claremont but he was probably the best writer of xmen books that their ever was. He brought us not just into the battles but into their personal lives almost like a soap opera I hate to admit. We fell in love with each and every member and villain of the xmen universe and then out of no where just to keep the books up to todays style everything changed. I understand that it is just marketing. But It ruins the reality that we all grew up with. A kid today tells you all these stories of what he calls the real xmen background, and in no way does it match the original. But they are rite as far as the new books go. that’s cool and I understand that progress is progress but just once can we go back in time and follow the original stories and characters. make mine marvel but dam why did it al have to change. How about a good story like when the xmen were outlaws and hiding from everyone in Australia, and hello reavers, or maybe the marauders storyline, or inferno, extinction agenda etc…. etc… don’t let the marvel we grew up with die.

      P.S. please let it be the original hoursmen. tie angel into the story the way it really happened it was a great story, and was a great time watching him turn to his own demons. absolutely loved watching arch angel gut sabertooth in the old books for the first time.

      • It all has to change to match current demographics and to dra in new readers. If They don’t seek out changes then the comic becomes stagnant, like the Fantastic Four. The fantastic Four had some great opportunities over the years but always fell back on tried and true themes really limiting the characters personal development in the current era. It drastically lost readership. This is (hopefully) never going to happen with X-Men because they are keeping up with change. They are actively working to draw in new readers.

      • It all has to change to match current demographics and to draw in new readers. If They don’t seek out changes then the comic becomes stagnant, like the Fantastic Four. The fantastic Four had some great opportunities over the years but always fell back on tried and true themes really limiting the characters personal development in the current era. It drastically lost readership. This is (hopefully) never going to happen with X-Men because they are keeping up with change. They are actively working to draw in new readers.

  5. My guess is that in DOFP, the new future is set. Everybody happy flappy. But a lot has happened, just like someone pointed out that Prof. X said “You have a lot of catching up to do.” The events of Apocalypse probably have already happened in that timeline, because of Wolfie tearing the space/time continuum a new one and waking up Apocalypse early. Hopefully young Jean and Cyclops come into play in Apocalypse, and maybe the big guy boosts Jean’s powers before he is defeated, giving us a set up for a new Dark Phoenix movie. Done well this time. This will end good as well I guess, because in the future everyone and everything is well, including Jean.

    • The young professor X did say that future is never truly set.

      • True. But then there’d have to be more time traveling involved, because the events of Apocalypse have already happened in this new future, right?

      • Nah I think it was Master Yoda. Always in movement the future is.. :p

  6. ben where do you keep getting 1980′s continuity from?

  7. My only issue with the movie was having it end in the future. That could cause issues with age of apocalypse because if in that timeline the events of apocalypse have already happened I am going to be truly pissed because that kind of negates the whole point of the movie. Also, if apocalypse is one bad mother, a few of the x-men are going to have to die in that movie. It’s time for things to get even darker if this is truly going to be even more epic than DOFP.

    I think what we saw was essentially an alternate timeline of what would have happened, but not necessarily what did/is going to happen. I have faith though that everything will work itself out.

    • My sentiments exactly! I also think having Mystique as Stryker was unnecessary because it was just WTF? The shoulda just let Stryker be Stryker

  8. I think the next movie will be a 2 parter

    PART 1 – 80′s period with Mr. Sinister as main villain and resurrecting Apocalypse. Mr. Sinister manipulating Gambit and Mystique OR Magneto. Could involve Sinister manipulating DNA to empower Apocalypse. We will see the X-Men take Sinister down in the 80′s but it will be too late as this movie will lead to Part 2.

    PART 2 – The present day picking up where the end of DOFP left off. The X-Men of present day (that we saw at the end of DOFP) and things are great.However, the present day part of the movie will be Apocalypse rising up. The movie will focus on Apocalypse and his 4 horsemen.

    • Exactly thats what I am saying that it should be in two parts Mr sinister vs younger in part 1 then part 2 is with the older cast fighting with apocalypse

  9. So the kid from Powder is going to be the villain in the next movie ?

  10. If I remember correctly from the animated series, didn’t Cable’s time exist BECAUSE the timeline was altered? So maybe, since the timeline was changed, that could be what ultimately causes Cable to have to come back. And if he does, that could negate the timeline that Wolverine woke up in at the end of DoFP – meaning – when he woke up, the Apocalypse event hadn’t heppened yet, because Cable in the future hadn’t gone back to alter the time line yet.

    • Yes i remember that as well..

      Yes because they stopped the terrible future from happening in Days of Future Past..
      He could come back in time and try to fix things so that him and his son can exist and make the future good for everyone. It could happen but who knows.. His is alot like Wolverine, a loner, and that would make the script a real challenge i’ll bet..

  11. Why do they call him “The First One”??? There aren’t any other mutants so how do they know there are going to be more?

    • That’s what I don’t get too. Along with the fact that wolverine came before him. Unless you’re using the version in which Logan is an alien. But even still the alien had to come from SOMEWHERE.

      I’m guessing that the name is tied to some Egyptian prophecy that Apocalypse must have fulfilled.

  12. I can’t stand this. I have been reading comics for over 30 years, watched all the animated versions, played the video games, and have learned to accept that no movie/tv show/animated series will be true to the comics I love. That being said, I love the movies for what they are, and that’s a wholly separate universe that we cannot hope to predict what’s coming. Fox’s X-Universe won’t compete with the Marvel U that being established with the Avengers centric movies, due to their wanting to kill characters, have the completely wrong character continuity, and “oh, well just time travel to fix it!”.
    They are pretty much negating the Apocalypse movie due to the fact that when Wolverine comes back in DOFP, everyone is there and the world is fine. So, the threat of Apocalypse is not a big deal since it was obviously dealt with easily and without casualty. Worst movie flaw ever.

    • So you’re saying it’s a spoiler that you know good guys will deafeat the bad guy in the next movie? Gee that’s so unlike every other comic book movie…

    • Well everyone seems to be forgetting that they dont show all the mutants in the future timeline. Magneto or Mystique or any number of the yet to be introduced mutants could die in the X-men Apocalypse movie making the threat of Apocalypse greater.

  13. My take would be to build him up as a menace through the film, we know he can possess or astral project himself vast distances so why not make him initially some essence that possesses mutants and in the process enhances their power, or having a gradual revitalization through his horsemen. Like if the story goes that to be awakened 4 celestial elements at different points on earth hidden for centuries when combined are an activation key for his revitalization chamber that is a machine that would evolve all mutants on earth to their peak but kill every human (even if it is similar to the X-men 1 idea, but this seems a different trilogy so I think it’s OK). We have Apocalypse possess and work through first one horseman retrieving a component element/key and then another and at every point we can have him battle a new mutant group, through taking over a new host .Then with the movie progressing we can say first the Acolytes of Sinister are defeated by him, to get the first key, then perhaps the Brotherhood of Mutants and Magneto are defeated to get the 2nd key and X-men get defeated as he takes the 3rd key. Each horseman would grow in power set as he transfers his essence to the next, so that the next from retains the powers of the preceding host and also gets new abilities of the current host. To make the film dark maybe each horseman dies when his essence leaves and that is why he needs to find his revitalisation pod to keep his body permanent without needing hosts. he is finally stopped when the 4th horseman is defeated by all the groups combined so that his full power or form is not complete and the master revitalization pod is destroyed before he can enter it.
    Anyway I was just thinking what would make the story engaging and almost mystical in a way. I mentioned on here before that I don’t want Apocalypse to mimic Kang the Conqueror where we have all emphasis on celestial technology and robots, it would be too much like Avengers. I think he should be shown as an essence that when he possesses a mutant maybe some glowing circuitry (almost tattoo like) is shown on their face or body and they turn dark grey in colour and their eyes glow red .Once his in a mutant’s body he exhibits his own powers like shape shifting, morphing his body into blades or even power mimicry i.e able to duplicate powers of mutants he fights against while in his host as well as rendering his hosts temporarily(while he inhabits them) indestructible in a much more potent way than even wolverine enabling him to regenerate blown off body parts if he is facing an army or heavy weaponry. As the movie progresses and he gets a new host the newer host has a bigger form and becomes a more and more powerful Apocalypse , his body also evolves in every host such that on top of more powers the celestial tech also is shown to be evolving into a more dangerous weapon system enabling him to morph his body into weapons that can even shoot projectiles or split into autonomous smaller duplicate entities.
    Obviously with each essence combining into another, every succeeding body of the horseman host would grow in size and so by the end of the movie we can have a larger Apocalypse that is closer to his comic form and by the end of the 3 horsemen combining he has an awesome power set. We can actually say he selectively picks his horsemen for their power sets that he enhances with his celestial technology that is part of his being, perhaps first horseman could be Sinister who is effectively immortal, the next horseman could be a cyborg like Spiral, the 3rd a telepath maybe Exodus, the 4th a reality-jumper like Mikhail Rasputin. So you get the idea the movie builds up as it goes to an awesome climax. At the end in fact we can have the host/4th horseman that was defeated retain the apocalypse essence so that while Apocalypse’s scheme is defeated one of the ‘cogs’ is still present and so Apocalypse is free to be a threat another day even if this is a concluding chapter to the trilogy.

  14. An important point if I may add was that in one of the iterations of the Four Horseman, Gambit was one of the four. I speculate to believe that’s how they may tie him into the movie or …just as one of the X-men…Idk but that’s my take on it.

  15. What I really want to see is Rogue finally have her run-in with Carol Danvers and get her Flight, Superstrength, and invulnerability powers. She’s been third string long enough, dangit!

    • OMG, I have yet to run across anyone else who thinks that. All Marvel movies focus too much on the “ground game” of the heroes, Cap 2 was as close as I have seen to what he is capabable of. where are all of the wolverine flips, spins, jumps, etc? why is storm’s only power shown is lightning? all cyclops does is touch the button on visor? rogue’s film portrayal has to be one of the most disappointing parts of the xmen series…

  16. I thought this latest incarnation of the X-Men was brilliant, didn’t mind any plot-holes as much as I might otherwise have, had the movie been weaker.
    One thing hat bothered me, amid all that running around in the future, was at the beginning where I’m pretty sure I saw Iceman being decapitated by a Sentinel; yet later, he reappears intact and ready to rumble. Bad continuity? Or did I miss some sort of localised time travelling event?
    On another note, I’m not sure how the rights to characters thing goes with Fox / Marvel / Disney, but it seems that we’re going to be seeing Wanda and Pietro turn up in either Captain America or the Avengers at some point, based on the end-credit sequence in Winter Soldier. Are characters allowed to even mention other non- franchised characters in these films? Eg, could Logan off-handedly mention Steve Rogers/Captain America? And if Fox has rights to the FF, is it possible to feature them with X-Men and Spider-Man? The rights to Galactus, Silver Surfer seem to be in Fox’s court as well. What about the Celestials? Having all these star-spanning characters interacting could lead to a mind-boggling series of films, especially if Kang and Apocalypse were in the mix, which they would probably have to be. Of course, as we saw with the FF, all that could turn to custard!

    • Wanted to answer both your questions so MAJOR SPOILER for DOFP if you haven’t seen it yet.

      Okay, you’ve been warned….In the opening scene, Iceman was decapitated. Warpath was murdered, blink and Colosus both died as well. Kitty sent Bishop back in time a few days to warn the X men that they where gonna be attacked so they ran and found a new base so that they wouldn’t be there when the sentinals showed up. The way kitty explained it, Bishop has watched the X men be murdered over and over. This tactic is what gave Xavier the time travel to the 70′s plan to begin with.

      As far as the rights go… Fox has film rights to what is essentially every mutant in the Marvel U. Quicksilver and Scarlet which both served on the Avengers so because of some loop hole I’m not 100% sure on, The Avengers movie can use the characters but CAN NOT use their given names, refer to them as mutants or reference Magneto as their father. Fox cannot use the names quicksilver or Scarlett witch. So both studios have rights to different aspects of the characters. Hope that cleared it up for ya!!

  17. They future Wolverine came from that time line isn’t there now. Scot and Jean are alive. And the time line from DOFP starts from there.

  18. There are a lot of comments saying that leaving off in the future was a mistake because it downplays what will happen in Apocalypse (80′s) but I disagree.

    Kitty, Iceman and Colossus would be just born in the 80′s, so showing them in future affect nothing. Cyclops, Jean and Storm may be introduced as young characters in the next installment. Showing them alive in the future shouldn’t ruin anything unless you want them killed as soon as they’re brought back. We still don’t know the future whereabouts of Magneto or Mystique. Mystique should have her powers back as everyone else from Last Stand does.

    We also will have returning (Quicksilver) and new (Gambit, etc) characters that we don’t know the future whereabouts of. The future scene basically undid Last Stand and I have no problem with that.

  19. My 3-D glasses must have been skewed, I thought the person waving their hands around was a female, it’s time for androgyny, it’s Apocalypse!
    Whatever, when are they gonna get to the schooling part of the School for Gifted Youngsters? A new Mutants movie would let the old cast go to pasture properly. Do the Wolverine and the X-Men movie where he is a professor, or ‘New X-Men’.

    Loved seeing new characters, watching the powers work, that was the only real joy of the the latest installment. They rebooted the storyline mainly because (IMO), Cyclops is one of the most effective leaders of any team, you’re not gonna get that character dynamic from Storm, Rogue, or Logan. It was Madelyn Pryor, a Mister Sinister clone of Jean Grey that was the mother of Nathan Summers, not Jean Grey. Although Jean and Scott did have a baby, which will never happen the right way, because of the use of Days of Future Past, the sentinels were Rachel Summers, a ‘Hound’ used to hunt mutants. Rachel later became Phoenix herself. I guess The Makers of the latest installment blew their nose at 20 years worth of good continuity, to make up for part three? Really?, I thought the, ‘Let’s stay fixated on Wolverine’ method of storytelling involved with the last 3 or 4 movies was what fueled the entire plot of this one. Well that and Jennifer Lawrence becoming a hit with Hunger Games. That explains almost every reason why this movie is what it is.

    I believe we are seeing the influence Avengers is having on these movies, next we will hear of Darkseid vs. The Justice League. Too bad Spiderman seems to kill every villain because then they can trump all of that with Sinister Six, if that’s not in the works already.

    In a perfect world, Rogue would posses the powers of Ms Marvel. That was the biggest asset completely wasted by the producers, Apocalypse will be another one. And by the way, Ms Marvel is connected to Fantastic Four, Sharon Ventura was Ms Marvel for a stint, and later became She-Thing. This strays from Carol Danvers, but gives the Fantastic Four some reason to be connected other than a huge wanna be Avengers movie. Then Rogue can fly and be the X-Men’s equivalent to Superman.

  20. That was a lot of really lame speculation.

    Anyway, the Age of Apocalypse storyline that originally started when Professor X’s son messes with time is really good. I don’t know if they retconned it in the books, I stopped reading comics when Spider-Man clones popped up and everything became a gimmick.

    However, an interesting aspect of Apocalypse is the survival of the fittest, where he doesn’t care if you’re a mutant or not, he will murder you if you’re “weak.” Also, his taking Angel from the original X-Men and making him his horseman Archangel was a really great development in the 90′s comics. Hopefully this movie is as fun as DOFP was to watch.

  21. Now the only way to make movie make sence is that they do show how the celestials played a role in expanding apocolpsys powers and the time traveling and slowes aging to almost immortality he has

  22. Not making any assumption on the Apocalypse movie so much as, what I think, would make a good teaser for it. Pretty much if they’re going to put Cable in it, which wouldn’t make sense if they didn’t, I’m thinking to segway that into a Deadpool teaser since they already leaked promo posters for it.

  23. You forgot to mention Wolverine was once a horseman too, maybe they will use this in the movie.

  24. “En Sabah Nur” doesn’t mean “The First One”, it’s misspelled arabic for either “the morning light” (eS-Sabah Nur) or “good morning” (Sabah en-Nur).

    Nice explanation otherwise. =)
    Looking forward to the new film.

    • Actually, what you are saying is wrong. The word ‘En Sabah Nur’ does mean THE FIRST ONE in the context of this character. If you read the comics or search the actual Marvel comics website, you will find the storyline that states this fact.

      Now, perhaps in actual LIFE it does not mean that but as far as Marvel’s use of it, for the character development storyline, it means First One.

  25. I know it is being picky, but you did mean they were bowing in “reverence” rather than “reference”, right?

  26. In Arabic, “Sabah” means “morning”, and “Nur” means “light” (as in sun light.)
    Till this day, Egyptians, and other Arabs, use “Sabah Nur” as morning greeting (like good morning in English.)
    Where did you get it means “the first one”? In which language “Sabah Nur” means “the first one”?!

  27. The next movie cant be set in the 80s. The first 3 movies were set in the 2000s. scott and jean arent traveling back in time to have nathen (cable) 20 odd years in the past.

    • Yes, but with a new timeline to play with, since they are both alive, at some point could have banged out a kid or two.

  28. Everyone is worried about how the time lines fit. Who cares. X men has so many story lines that don’t coexist. As long as they pump out quality movies that have a coinciding(somewhat) storyline with the comic books I’m good