How ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Leads To Apocalypse

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Apocalypse Desert X Men Days of Future Past How X Men: Days of Future Past Leads To Apocalypse

Over a year ago, when director Bryan Singer first confirmed that the X-Men: First Class followup would be based on the much beloved ’90s Days of Future Past storyline from Marvel Comics, the reveal painted an interesting and exciting future for the franchise. The concept of time travel has yet to be explored in the superhero movie genre, and for the X-Men specifically, which has had many films over the last 13 years, it’s a way to bring back everyone and rewrite history, right some wrongs.

Time travel gives storytellers the ultimate plot device to alter continuity, change and bring back characters, etc., but it also lets the X-Men movies do bigger and better things – including introducing one of Marvel’s most dangerous villains in Apocalypse, for instance. Singer confirmed yesterday in an out-of-the-blue announcement on Twitter that another X-Men film is coming 2016 and that it would be all about Apocalypse – it’s becoming increasingly clear that it will be more of a continuation of Days of Future Past than a standalone affair.

We know this partly because there were rumors this summer around Comic-Con time that Apocalypse would be introduced as the next big bad in Days of Future Past and when Bleeding Cool asked Bryan Singer directly about the villain, he danced around the question awkwardly. We now know why. He just couldn’t say so at the time but Apocalypse is coming and it’s a safe bet he’ll be introduced or teased in Days of Future Past. With so many characters being revealed in the fist X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer, Singer and co. must be holding some things back, right?

The second part of this we learned after Singer’s exciting tweet. Co-writer Simon Kinberg, the man who came up with the Days of Future Past movie idea with Matthew Vaughn (who was going to direct and is now producing), just signed a three-year deal with Fox which will essentially let him help write and produce Marvel stories that span multiple films. This involves both the X-Men and Fantastic Four universes, and their inevitable crossovers. Fun fact: Matthew Vaughn and Simon Kinberg are also producing Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Bleeding Cool also claims to have learned early in the year that Apocalypse was always in the cards as not only another sequel, but a direct continuation of the story which brings back everyone – some in reduced roles – while still introducing new characters. It would involve characters from the past and present much like Days of Future Past features both.

But there’s more and be warned, but now we’re entering epic spoilers territory…


Page 2: Spoilers For How X-Men: Days of Future Past Sets Up Apocalypse



The Wolverine is now available on home video, X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015X-Men: Apocalypse releases May 27, 2016 release.

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Sources: Bleeding Cool, First Showing

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  1. If you look at how insanely convoluted it’s all become, it makes you want to travel back in time and convince Singer and/or other people involved with the X-Men films to be more straightforward “from the comics” instead of taking a few things here and there and blending them into this crazy sludge they’ve ended up with.

    • THAT is EXACTLY what they are: SLUDGE. We have not actually seen The Uncanny X-Men movie, yet. We haven’t.

      • To true

  2. I could live with Magneto being one of Apocalypse’s 4 Horseman, but they better not do that BS merging thing

    • Justin, aren’t they already?

      Whatever the case may be, with director Bryan Singer and The Studio, you better bring a handkerchief with you. I made up my mind, based on the X-Men movies, that they’ll do these changes with the reasoning to appeal to the young audiences.

  3. A longshot but here goes, maybe the Egyptians encased him in a tomb, and he’s using mags body as a way to recruit the rest of the horsemen, and get back to the tomb to unearth n resurrect his body…

  4. Whhhaaattt?

  5. So they basically screwed this character before it was even releases… I thought FOX might have learned something, I was mistaken. Hoping that they do not do this. I hope that they make magneto and apocalypse two different characters, because in the comics… THEY WERE TWO DIFFERENT CHARACTERS!!!

    This is gonna end up being like Darkseid on Smallville, mark my words.

    • Fox don’t respect the source material enough.

      • It’s not even just about the source material.Magneto has been done way too much. I love him and the actors who play him, but Apocalypse is the ultimate. The world should get the experience the comics gave us. (And also the old cartoons.)

        • The cartoons?!?

          Good grief.

          • The X-Men cartoon from the 90′s was pretty good. It stayed close to source material.

            And, dude, no need to comment on every comment. Last I checked there isn’t an award for the most comments or anything. But to each his own I guess.

            • It’s a forum, there’s no sanctions or limitations. Chill.

            • Very strange thing to even think, much less post. People respond to whatever things they have a thought about. It’s none of your business what he does on the site. Would you run around telling people “hey you go to the gym too much” or “hey you bought too many bottles of mustard last year?” People would laugh at you for trying to dictate other people’s lives.

              • Big thanks, Ken. : )

          • Yes, I watched the cartoons when I was a kid. They were almost the same as the comics. What’s the big deal? Who says good grief anymore except Charley Brown, who also happens to be a cartoon??

            • Tchunka, I’ll regard you as an ignoramus. Have a good day.

              • PencilPusher, you are quite the rapscallion. Your pecksniffian commentary is preposterous. Good grief!!!

                • [BLUSHING]

            • Hey, I say good grief and I’m not a cartoon.

              But yeah, the X-Men cartoon was great.

              • How do we know for sure that you’re not a cartoon???

                • The artist that created me said I was real so I’ll believe him.

            • Oh, really? The same as the comic books. You ARE an ignoramus. Have a good day.

              • Attacking a fellow poster … multiple times. I hope Vic bans you.

                • You’re unusually sensitive. You would never survive as an artist or get anything created with an attitude such as yours, that’s for sure.

      • Too true!!!

  6. I’d be excited for this if the people in charge of making the X-men movies weren’t so obviously embarrassed by the source material and would do it justice on screen. I’m just generally disappointed and tired of hearing about anything to do with the X-men b/c of Fox and Singer. All the X-men films are overrated, especially X2 and First Class, imo.

    • National Essex, you just voiced a common sentiment for all.

      • ‘Nathaniel Essex’

    • I completely agree the first two X-Men movies made the XMEN team seem like they were the most incompetent, weak, pathetic, dramatic group of super humans I have ever seen. X-Men one made me not call them superheroes at all. It is the complete opposite in the comics. It just shows how far away from the source material the directors and studio strayed.

      • The only two I liked were X-Men and X2. After that it was just special effects without much of a plot. Even Lucas knows that’s a shoddy way to make a movie.

        • Lucas lost his sensibilities. Recognize it.

  7. Anyone think The Rock would be a good choice for Apolcalypse? He’d have the build for the role. Imo he’s a good choice.

    • Sure, I have no problem with it, as of this moment, no one in the United States of America has seen an actual The Uncanny X-Men movie. No one. No thanks to Fox Studios and Bryan Singer.

  8. The Age of Aposcalypse is amazing storyline and I say go for it!!! Have the young Xavier killed off at the end of X-Men Days of Future Past. Age of Apocalypse would be the perfect way to end the Trilogy.

  9. I think people are getting a little worked up about Magneto being Apacolypse. I think the credit scene described (in the desert) shows that Magneto is possesed during all or part of DoFP. I don’t think Wolverine is going back in time to stop JFK’s assasination but stop whatever a “possessed” Magneto does after that (killing Trask?) leading to an “Apocolyptic” future. DoFP could be about stopping/unpossesing Magneto leading to an all out battle against a reborn Apocalypse in 2016.

  10. I’m sorry but I just can’t get excited for a Fox cbm. They’ve ruined them all so far, especially when it pertains to the villain. God somebody put that dog down

  11. Hmmmmm. I do not think I’m going to see Days of Future Past, now. As others have already said, Fox just does not get it. It makes sense to have Magneto and Apocalypse as separate individuals, but they are going to make them one in the same??? Say what???? (Sighs) Ever since Fox messed up the Dark Phoenix storyline with X-Men: The Last Stand, I have refused to go to the movies theaters to watch any Wolverine or X-men films. I was starting to get real pumped to seeing DOFP, but as I have mentioned earlier, I just do not see myself going to see this film. SMDH. Darn it Fox!

  12. I heard that Apocalypse will merge with Magneto at the end of Days of future Past so that’s awesome

  13. Listen up people. apocalypse is first and perfect mutant. He is more or less a god among men. His powers are redefined often. To get angry over these things is petty. Movies will change our source material, for good or ill. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us… Whoops.. Channeled Gandalf for a moment… All we have to decide, at the end of the day is whether or not each of us is going to take the time an money to watch. I will be watching and hoping that angel and gambit are the horsemen of the apocalypse. (They were my personal favorites, and lead to archangel, who is infinitely more b.a. Than angel ever was)

  14. And I suppose we’ll find out that Loki was actually Thanos all along, right? Oh no wait…. Marvel makes good movies. Nevermind.

  15. Uh did ya see Iron Man 3?

    • I did. It was brilliant.

      The only bad movies Marvel have made IMO are Man-Thing and The Avengers.

    • Yes, and it was a disaster. While Ben Kingsley is a great actor, and Guy pierce is mediocre, they never should have touched the film the way it was written. I didn’t buy their “performances” for one second. But I don’t know if the blame falls solely on them, or on the writers. Out of all the Marvel films so far, which for the most part I have enjoyed immensely, IM3 was the absolute disappointment in the entire franchise, and the only one I regretted shelling out money to see.

      • I still feel IM2 is the weakest and IM3 is confounding.

  16. A large portion of their target audience are casual fans who were first introduced to the X-Men by the cartoon. A cartoon owned by fox and did a lot of the same things that have made Disney Marvel (and the latest Batman trilogy) movies so succesful. That is taking multiple comic storylines and reimagining/simplifying them for the screen. Had they done that with the first 3 movies we may not be so concerned right now.

    • @ Russ:

      ‘A large portion of their target audience are casual fans who were first introduced to the X-Men by the cartoon.’

      On the nose. I was introduced to the X-Men in 1978 with issue no. 112. I’ll never forget it. Nanny is horrendous.

    • At this point many of the people going to see these movies might be too young to really even remember the Fox cartoon series. There is certainly a disconnect between fans of the comics in the 80′s and 90′s and newer fans, with the movie producers being equally confused with which version of events and characters they want to go with.

      One thing I have noticed is that most comic book films have always gone with the same simple story arcs for most characters. The first Spider-Man film and the Amazing Spider-Man are so similar in story theme and structure that it almost seems redundant. This X-Men series never tried to use established story arcs, nor did they really keep track of what they were doing from one film to the next. All of these characters and elements they are adding on sound pretty shaky on paper and these next films could be worse than X-3.

      • Slayer’s quote: ‘There is certainly a disconnect between fans of the comics in the 80′s and 90′s and newer fans, WITH THE MOVIE PRODUCERS EQUALLY CONFUSED WITH WHICH VERSION OF EVENTS AND CHARACTERS THEY WANT TO GO WITH.’

        There it is.

      • Slayers commentary observation is so beautifully expressed, because, imo, it is what is at the root of the problem, I almost cried tears.

  17. This is stupid, i’m done with this franchise until they reboot

  18. killing cyclops makes it so weird. so does having his little brother exist as a 20 something in the 60s, while he’s in his 30s in 2000

    • I suspect that time-travel is involved. Either an older Alex Summers going backward, or a younger Scott going forward. And considering the latter’s already established travelling through time (via Askani), this doesn’t seem too big a stretch.

  19. Why why why why why must Singer attempt these weird twists. Just have Apoc in a cameo, and have plenty more Apoc (and hopefully Cable) in the next sequel. I can forgive the mess that has been all of the previous x-men movies, but now we are getting into some sacred characters. Characters that I have a terrible feeling Singer and Fox are going to under use or just straight up ruin all together. Pleeaase do not have an entire movie with a possessed Magneto…… I want big bad Apoc with all his ridiculous powers at play!!! On top of that I want Cable with a ridiculous gun chasing after trying to blow him up. It can’t be that hard to do in a movie for christ sake!!! Doesn’t matter which story-line they use, just make them appear on the damn screen!!

    • And there you go, Wstage, that’s the bewilderingly nagging question, isn’t it? Why must Singer go do these weird twists that go all the way back to his ideas and premises on the first movie.

      Again, I say, no one has yet seen an actual Uncanny X-Men movie. He continued this with Superman, honestly, he’s not a horrendous director like say, Shumacher, but I’m telling you Singer has cleared away a category for himself, but I also lay blame to Fox Studios, as well.

    • 100% Agree

  20. Apocalypse possessing Magneto sounds wack!!!! I want to see Apocalypse in action – not Magneto trying to act like him because hes possesssed. They should stick to the comic story lines more closely.

  21. Over the years of watching comic book Films/TV shows, I’ve come to the conclusion that Hollywood producers will never go 100% by the book…comic book that is (the same goes for video game films).
    All we can do, as fans, is make suggestions on sites like this. Whether they are read, considered and regarded by the Hollywood producers is probably very unlikely, nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to speak your mind on what YOU want to see in the next upcoming films.
    It’s my prediction that the X-MEN series of films will be set up as a crossover storyline (like seen with the AVENGERS), and may introduce individual character films (like THE BEAST) to first set up the X-MEN movie storyline, and then, eventually crossover to AVENGERS 4 (members of the X-Men have become Avengers, and both teams fight ONSLAUGHT).

    • Well, isn’t that odd? After all the relatively recent films that broke the studio system rules/cultures: Star Wars, ‘alien’, Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi.

      What are they looking for??? The blueprint is right there in front of their faces.

  22. Reading thru this, I am torn. There are some intriguing elements, which would be nice to see explored on film… but not at the cost of the integrity of the IP’s we have come to love.

    Mainly, I see several problems of this type:

    1) Apocalypse is NOT an alien. He is the Marvel Universe’s First Mutant (as was stated in the comics). Which means he is of Earth… nowhere else. And he is the peak of Earth’s Evolution (as it also stated in the comics, I think). To have him be an alien betrays the very principle upon which X-Men is based… Evolution. One of the things that made the X-Men so special, was the idea of mutation and growing as a species, and the conflict between those who have grown–or are growing–and those who cannot, and are afraid of those who can–or are. An alien is from a completely different genetic pool, and takes away from the emphasis of our own Earthly development. It’s not about “us” vs “them”. It’s about “us” vs “us”. So this Xenophobic (or perhaps Xenotrophic) path that Fox and Singer are proposing would be an extremely poor choice.

    2) Wolverine and Cable are NOT the same character. If they are intending to tweak the storyline to have one character fulfilling the role of the other, that’s one thing (considering parallel universes, and all that), but if they’re intending to rewrite them as being the same character in the same universe, that’s unacceptable. While I don’t particularly have any warm fuzzies for Cable, I do recognize the critically important cyclic role he has in the MU. To be the son of those who opposed Apocalypse, to be taken to the future to be healed and protected against A, to be taught how to oppose A, to have and teach his own son to oppose A, to return to the past and teach his “parents” and their friends how to oppose A, so that he may even be born… completes a full circle equation. W has his own critically important role in the MU… but this isn’t it. Even in C’s future timeline, W was still W, and C was still C. To suggest that W and C are the same character is, at best, problematic, and at worst, paradoxical… not to mention a travesty to fans of either character.

    3) While I like Magneto as a villain, I have been dying to see Mr Sinister and A ever since X1 came out, having envisioned them as the antagonists for X2 & X3 resp (which never materialized that way). One thing I liked about Mr S is that he was not just a lackey of A’s, but a serious villain to contend with, and a longtime pain in the *. Yes, he was endowed by A, and served him periodically, but he was often left to his own personal machinations, to the constant frustration of Summers & Grey. To be taken over like with some weak-minded jedi trick, he’d be no better than Bib Fortuna. But he’s better than that… He’s the Shockwave or Dr Mindbender of the MU… but better.

    If it sounds like I’m a Classic or Uncanny fan, and not an Ultimate fan, you’re only partly right; I do prefer the former, especially where characters getting screen-time are concerned (and I’m sure I’m far from alone in that sentiment), but I have read/seen some of the latter, and it has its merits too. It’s just that the original character dynamics will work better, and satisfy fans more completely. And satisfaction means ka-ching ka-ching at the box office. Hopefully, the PTB will recognize that before it’s too late.

    But then, it’s still early in the process, and if we have learned anything, half of what we read now either never comes to fruition, or it plays out in a different way anyway. Sometimes alot of what gets revealed is just deflection to build excitement and preserve the surprises. Time will tell if we are right about anything. Until then, I hope & pray.

    • Your view is appreciated, Jared.

    • Just a thought, since it does say that Apocalypse come crashing down and when he speaks to Magneto, he says he’s his future, could it be that he come crashing down cuz he time traveled?

    • Your number 2 is incorrect, just pointing that out, You may not be an Ultimate fan, however, the Ultimate universe does exist, has canon in the multiverse, and yes in that universe James Howlett, or that Universes Wolverine is Cable.

      Just gunna leave this here.

    • Also, Uhm you’re ideas about Cable are a little Skewed…

      Nathan Summers’ birth was carefully orchestrated by the geneticist Mister Sinister, who had created his mother Madelyne Pryor as a clone of the mutant telepath Jean Grey. Soon after, Pryor was corrupted by demonic influences into using baby Nate as a sacrifice to open a portal between Earth and the demon-infested dimension Limbo, but was opposed by her husband and Nate’s father Cyclops, his teammates in X-Factor, and his former team the X-Men. Sinister planned to use Nate as a weapon against his former master, Apocalypse, but Apocalypse learned of this and had Nate captured and infected with a deadly techno-organic virus. After Apocalypse was defeated by X-Factor, a member of the Clan Askani – a sisterhood dedicated to opposing Apocalypse in the alternate future of Earth-4935- offered to save Nate’s life by taking him to her own era. Desperate, Cyclops agreed, and Nate was taken 2,000 years into the future of Earth-4935, where the Mother Askani, actually his time-displaced half-sister Rachel, had him cloned in case the virus could not be cured.

      and this is coming straight off the Marvel Character Profile, he wasn’t sent into the future so he could learn and come back, he was a sent in hopes that the techno organic virus could be cured, and because Cyclops was desperate to save his son…

      Before you post some super crazy long rant there buddy, do a little more research.

  23. The difficulty with the X-Men is there isn’t a true origin story to take from. I don’t think Singer/Fox were aiming toward a trilogy in 2000 as it hadn’t been done yet and made the movie as a one off. They tried to right the ship with a created origin story in First Class and establish a legitimate trilogy for X-Men while seperating themselves from the 1st three movies. I don’t think it was until after its release and the s*** he caught from fans that Singer had the moment of clarity to use DoFP to connect the movies and expand the universe to compete with Disney Marvel. This obviously means there are going to be gaps and some liberties taken but to get the product on screen we may to cut some slack and hope for a fun movie. The fact alone the they are finally using source material for an X-Men movie is enough for me to be excited, even with changes. As comic book fans we should be used to seeing different interpretations of our favorite storylines. If not, half of our favorite characters may not exist today.

    • @ Russ:

      The difficulty with the X-Men is Fox Studios and then they’re appointing director Bryan Singer for the task, which, I actually like his earlier films, is an coincidence of ignorance and appointing talent not suited to the task.

      ‘As comic book fans’. There are probably 4 or 5 different generations of comic book fans and I don’t think they’re agreeing with each other on this or that.

      For example, most new generation comic book fans seem to be A okay with the near total reassignment of original roles into new bewilderingly new roles, such as:

      Original X-Men:

      Scott Summers alias: Cyclops

      Jean Grey alias Marvel Girl alias Phoenix

      Bobby Drake alias IceMan

      Hank McCoy alias The Beast

      Warren Worthington III alias Angel

      With Fox Studios and appointed director, Bryan Singer you have:

      Scott Summers. Check

      Jean Grey. Check

      Hank McCoy. Check

      Bobby Drake as a teenager in the 2000s and no longer a comrade and peer of Scott, Jean, Hank.

      Warren Worthington III no longer a comrade and peer of Scott, Jean, Hank.

      Just to name one of the most damning changes on a host of problems with this studio.

    • There is no way to follow something as dense as the X-Men films verbatim, but anyone who collected comics knows that it is a set-up designed around story arcs with a lot of filler in-between. The one reason Spider-Man, Superman and Batman have worked relatively well is because they use the same origin story for the hero and residual villain origins/introductions. The X-Men films could have followed some of the major story arcs from the original comic book series using the same amount of characters they already have with a bit more continuity and clarity.

      As you stated though at this point the movies come off as one-offs with the characters being the only thing connecting the films.

  24. Maybe this is the way someone becomes a horseman. Can only hope. Otherwise it is just lazy to say that is apocalypse. Now if magneto is just a horseman and you have a trio of others with apocalypse then you have a huge threat and would need a massive team up with Xmen, xforce, and fantastic four.

  25. Yeah Fox and Singer were in over their head in 2000 and didn’t respect the material. However in their defense they were essentially breaking new ground with those movies (along with spider man) and opened the door for all of the Marvel movies seen today. Those movies movies were a huge success. They didn’t know if fans would accept such a large universe as the X-Men’s so they simplified. The big mistake now is not all together ignoring all of the original 3. That’s Fox trying to bank on the popularity of them. People are familiar with those actors in those roles and they know bringing them back will draw larger box office numbers. They should have just stuck with First Class as the origin and easily reintroduced cyclops jean etc in the sequels.

    • I thought, imo, Blade was the catalyst that ushered in the new era and view of how to approach these comic to big screen adaptations.

      I’m one who has to go back into history to say that Star Wars, as an example, which never had a fan base, yet, drew in a world of instant fans, and inspired, when it was released in May of 1977?

      Why? A number of reasons: A completely new visual take, new conventions, breaking of old rules and the creation of new standards, the realism of this fictional universe, the actors made their characters real because each were properly recognized, and aside from Sir Alex Guiness, all the other actors were, for the most part, not that familiar, although Harrison and Mark may have appeared in television series or one shot movies.

      With the X-Men, perhaps, the same novel convention as approached in the 1977 movie could have been used, not breaking up the original team members, for the supposed reasoning of aging down core characters to appeal to young fans. but introducing the core team as is while introducing a threat event or such.

      • You are correct; Blade was the catalyst. It was well received and started the Marvel Movie engine with its box office success.

  26. I’m all for an Apocalypse: The Fall of the Mutants storyline from xfactor 23 – 26. But first show angel getting his wings amputated by The Right/Cameron Hodge, and then the depression and finally suicide, Apocalypse saves him to make him death.

    And instead of new york getting destroyed by the horsemen, it’s Genosha.

  27. So the rumor is that the Apocalypse storyline will be set in the First Class timeline with McAvoy and Fassbender. I’m a little curious as to how that’s going to play out. The X-Men are still being formed and developed in this timeline and the most powerful mutants aren’t even on the team yet. So how will the X-Men be able to defeat En Sabah Nur when they’re still so green. He’s the most poweful mutant in existence and the their most notorious adversary. I think that’s kind of a loose idea. It makes more sense to have Apocalypse be introduced in the future timeline where all the X-Men are veterans and are more powerful.


    • Fox Studios and Bryan Singer don’t know what they’re doing: money and talent doesn’t mean anything.

  28. Your making a movie based on the comic book because it was good and it worked why change it if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

    • Agree.

  29. They could make Apocalypse into a big dumb cloud like they did in Fantastic Four 2.

    • LOL

    • Hey, don’t knock the cloud! ;)

      Seriously though, I’m not surprised… most people didn’t get it. I got it, but I’m in the minority, apparently.

      It wasn’t just a cloud. It was an Einstein-Rosen bridge… a wormhole, a portal across vast space. Galactus was probably countless light years away, devouring another hapless world. He was just giving us the “finger”, as in “you’re next on the menu”. And for those who weren’t paying attention, he was in there, peering through the maelstrom.

      It’s a common linear mistake to think of space travel as actually “travelling through space”. Especially for a Being of his magnitude. When you’re the “only survivor of the last universe”, you have to have learned how to think beyond 3 dimensions. He’s not going to waste his time (or the precious energy he’s collected from living planets) just puttin’ around the universe in a Worldship, like he’s on a Sunday drive and nowhere to go. He’s going to be the model of efficiency. He knows via his heralds exactly where to be and when and in what order. And he’s mastered the tools of 4th dimension physics (see other examples of this in the comics) to achieve the most result for the least effort. Like E-R bridges.

      Incidentally, if you go back to the dvd, and use the frame advance, you’ll see him… Actually hard to miss.

      I thought it was one of the rare moments of brilliance on Fox’ part, and was one of the more enjoyable offerings of the MU…

      Oh and btw, goooooooooooo Dodge! :D (gotta love it)

      • @ Jared:

        I think you’re right, but the problem is is that THEY ABANDONED THE MOVIE afterwards, which was shaky anyway.