How ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Leads To Apocalypse

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Apocalypse Desert X Men Days of Future Past How X Men: Days of Future Past Leads To Apocalypse

Over a year ago, when director Bryan Singer first confirmed that the X-Men: First Class followup would be based on the much beloved ’90s Days of Future Past storyline from Marvel Comics, the reveal painted an interesting and exciting future for the franchise. The concept of time travel has yet to be explored in the superhero movie genre, and for the X-Men specifically, which has had many films over the last 13 years, it’s a way to bring back everyone and rewrite history, right some wrongs.

Time travel gives storytellers the ultimate plot device to alter continuity, change and bring back characters, etc., but it also lets the X-Men movies do bigger and better things – including introducing one of Marvel’s most dangerous villains in Apocalypse, for instance. Singer confirmed yesterday in an out-of-the-blue announcement on Twitter that another X-Men film is coming 2016 and that it would be all about Apocalypse – it’s becoming increasingly clear that it will be more of a continuation of Days of Future Past than a standalone affair.

We know this partly because there were rumors this summer around Comic-Con time that Apocalypse would be introduced as the next big bad in Days of Future Past and when Bleeding Cool asked Bryan Singer directly about the villain, he danced around the question awkwardly. We now know why. He just couldn’t say so at the time but Apocalypse is coming and it’s a safe bet he’ll be introduced or teased in Days of Future Past. With so many characters being revealed in the fist X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer, Singer and co. must be holding some things back, right?

The second part of this we learned after Singer’s exciting tweet. Co-writer Simon Kinberg, the man who came up with the Days of Future Past movie idea with Matthew Vaughn (who was going to direct and is now producing), just signed a three-year deal with Fox which will essentially let him help write and produce Marvel stories that span multiple films. This involves both the X-Men and Fantastic Four universes, and their inevitable crossovers. Fun fact: Matthew Vaughn and Simon Kinberg are also producing Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Bleeding Cool also claims to have learned early in the year that Apocalypse was always in the cards as not only another sequel, but a direct continuation of the story which brings back everyone – some in reduced roles – while still introducing new characters. It would involve characters from the past and present much like Days of Future Past features both.

But there’s more and be warned, but now we’re entering epic spoilers territory…


Page 2: Spoilers For How X-Men: Days of Future Past Sets Up Apocalypse



The Wolverine is now available on home video, X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015X-Men: Apocalypse releases May 27, 2016 release.

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Sources: Bleeding Cool, First Showing

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  1. My boy Scott Summers needs to be resurrected at the end of DOFP so he can play a cameo role in XFORCE. (Marsden or not at this point) Cable, in Xforce should have his own actor, not Jackman, and whether tthe Summers connection is made on film or not, doesnt really matter. It could even serve as a Shymalan twist in the end of Xforce, “Gasp! Cable is Cyclops’ son!?!?”
    Wolverine 3, imo, should be Old Man Logan, and be released AFTER Xforce; which should feature a team, commissioned by, but not consisting of , Cyclops & Wolverine.
    Apocalypse could have left earth and returned at some point, and Hawkeye/Loki, uses Magneto, as well as Angel, Cable/Strife, and others introduced in DOFP and XForce respectively. Whatevever Apocalypse does prior to the Xmen:Age of Apocalypse film garners the attention of…Fantastic 4our!
    DOFP 2014
    XFORCE 2015
    Wolverine3:OLD MAN LOGAN 2016
    XMEN:Age of Apocalypse 2016

    • I’d shed tears when they kill Cyclops. Bastards. That was after the silent but very big OMGWTF.

      • I feel your pain. Cyke was “the MAN”!

    • Ah, no more solo Wolverine films please…

  2. time will tell if this is bull. just for argument’s sake, en Sabah nur should be en Sabah nur. an ancient Egyptian mutant. hopefully they are just pulling a fast one. that a talent like a david oyelowo or a Michael b Jordan is playing apocalypse and not some cgi machination that is supposed to be an alien, or celestial bacteria, or a telepathic virus.

    • Michael B Jordan? I could kick his ass, they need someone big for the motion capture and I think James Earl Jones would be an excellent choice to provide Apocalypse voice.

      • I nominate Peter Weller as the voice of Apocolypse. His voice is unsettling as it gets.

    • I keep saying and I will continue to say it…..IDRIS ELBA is the perfect actor to play En Sabah Nur

      • No. But, someone say, like Arnold Vosloo. imo, an unknown that matches this tyrant character in charisma and terrible villainy.

      • At the rate this Idris obsession is going, I half expect someone to propose a superhero team movie where Idris plays all the heroes, Orphan Black style, even the formerly female ones… and all of the villains.

  3. X-Force
    Lead by Wolverine&Cyclops
    4Psylocke or Domino
    WArpath, as introduced in DOFP could also feature

  4. If they chose this origin for Apocalypse then they are essentially just ripping off Darkseid. Keep his original origin as the first ever Mutant and bring something fresh to the story. Im sick of seeing Magneto as the primary antagonist now and having him possessed by Apocalypse sounds worse then when Darkseid possessed Lionel Luthor in Smallville

  5. Um, how about no. Apoc must have his own body.

    • Yeah. I really hope they don’t do the smoke monsters thing like darkseid in smallville. Complete turn off.

    • Hell yea I waited too long just to see fassbender be Apocalypse. No offense to him.

  6. Sounds exciting, at least potentially. Instead of a CGI with a voice, this plot would allow Fassbender to create a separate Apocalypse character as a living, breathing being. Further, it would set up more McAvoy and Fassbender in the film, which I support even more enthusiastically!

    • You’re not a real fan if you support this garbage. You don’t rape a perfectly EPIC storyline and character just so you can play googly eyes over Mcavoy and Fassbender.

      • lol

      • EPIC!!!!!!!! LOL. Relax, Champ, and don’t use the word “rape” for differences over story lines. I like Fassbender and McAvoy for the same reason I like Stewart, Jackman, McKellan and a few others. They can act.

  7. No ….make Apocalypse his own character! It’s right there in the source material!God,I love wolverine and magneto,but they are killing this franchise by continually jacking up the continuity and all. And making Wolverine Cable is absurd !

  8. ive been thinking cyclops would be resurrected as one of the horsemen.

  9. also it sounds like darkseid from smallville hahaha

  10. So Apocalypse isn’t going to be Apocalypse, he’s going to be Magneto?

  11. No! Make Apocalypse himself and not possessing Magneto! If they go this route, it will be like the way they did Galactus in FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer…a flop! I want a real Apocalypse as major threat and villain!

    • Ha ha ha, oh God, they made fools out of us with that damned Fantastic Four and then the studio insults and spits in our face by not only showing GalackDust, but then it is announced they’re going to reboot the damned thing and start all over. LOL

  12. head just exploded!! chimichangas anyone?

  13. ohhhh deadpools coming!! yesssssss sir hes coming

  14. So y’all don’t like the idea because it’s not from the original comic is one thing but it said that if they so apocalypse it would be like for the ultimate version where he was introduced by using mr sinister as a host so what are y’all just complaint about the director or the plot

    • I’d say that there’s a super obvious difference of using Mr. Sinister as a host and using Magneto as one. Apocalypse using Mr. Sinister as a host makes sense because he is a geneticist and shares similar views as Apocalyse. Apocalypse and Magneto don’t share similar views, as the former only thinks the strong mutants should live (and just about every human perish).

  15. I couldn’t care less….GO THANOS! hahahaha Just make a Deadpool movie already.

    • You all can quit with the deadpool movies no one would go see it. One, deadpool is corny and two, he is not interesting enough to have a stand alone anything. His comics are not even interesting, he seems like a class clown that wants and tries so hard to make everyone laugh but he is never funny.

  16. No thanks, I really don’t like that idea. Besides anything else, Fox are really taking the risk of time travel being the Get Out Of Jail Free card. The more I hear about the Ultimates universe the less I like it, too many changes that don’t really work.

  17. Yeah Apocalypse has to have his own body, be a mutant and have his origins tied to Egypt. I am excited for this news and am hoping for Archangel, Cyclops, and Nightcrawler. I also want to see Gambit, and Rogue get together they had a huge connection in the Fox cartoons and in comics. having Apocalypse, Sinister, and Archangel as villains would allow All the X-Men some storyline, great action, and some emotional story telling for Angel and the other X-men. I know he is not a fan favorite but I want to see Beak, and Husk.

  18. Honestly I think this kills about 6 birds with one stone.
    1. You keep Fassenbender and the first class people relevant.
    2. A big villain which calls for the fantastic four to be needed to help defeat them.
    3. Sooner or later Xavier would go in magneto/apocalypses mind and you can tease Onslaught for the next team up.
    4. Bring back archangel from last stand, he was awesome.
    5. Sets up bringing back jean gray and cyclops which sets up cable as he should be.
    6 takes attention off wolverine to help keep him from being totally over used. We need a break from wolverine, even putting him off to the side for a movie.

  19. 4 Horsemen should be Havok, Cyclops, Rogue and Angel. Those would be epic minions of Apocalypse

    Get sinister to be hired by Apocalypse to do the genetic alterations making them so. Have Sinister obtain Gambit’s services to track down and help capture those mutants.

    Rogue- Gambit tricks her into liking him which is how he gets her to Sinister (but ends up falling in love with her later)
    Angel- is caught after spying on Sinister.
    Havok- After looking for his brother, he is knocked out after a fight with Gambit

    • Get Jean and Nightcrawler back to help fight.

  20. I won’t read the spoilers in this article, but I just want to say if anyone needs to come back into the X-Men movie universe due to time travel, it’s Cyclops. The movies never did him justice as the commander & expert tactician of the X-Men. Even his death was extremely cheap. Remember in Astonishing X-Men when he basically unleashed hell on that sentinel & Wolverine says “Every now & then Summers, I remember why you’re still in charge”? That’s the Cyclops we need.

    • They’ve been wrong ever since Bryan Singer got involved. Damn, what a disastrous mess they’ve done to The Uncanny X-Men.

    • Amen brother

      • From the rearrangement of key characters, namely: Bobby Drake, now cast away from the original team and reincarnated as a teenager.

        Warren Worthington III cast away from the original team.

        Hank McCoy, cast away from the original team and terrible issue with just depicting this agile and muscular intellectual.

        Miscasting of the oh,so gorgeous earth goddess mutant Ororo ‘Storm’ Munroe by the beautiful Halle Berre (not the right role).

        Miscasting of another beauty, Jean Grey by beautiful actress, Famke Janssen, again, the WRONG ROLE.

        Do you realize that the Dark Phoenix saga involved a crisis beyond planet Earth?

        This involved The Shi’ar Empire, Queen Lilandra Neramani and her Imperial Guards and more.

      • I think that Fox needs to let go of the marvel rights and let the Avengers know what a mutant is for crying out loud. Hogging priorities to squeeze blood from a financial stone is the peak of stupid. Let Wheden get hold of this stuff and I bet he could do something cool with it. As it is, this series is starting to stink when it used to be refreshing and new.

        • I am in agreement with you, Tiffany, and I just bet, there are a lot of folks that would agree, as well. It’s so alarming what has happened with the Marvel characters being split up by rival studios, it is incredible.

        • As much as I disliked them. Whedon’s X-Men comic books were the best writing the guy’s ever done.

          • I never was a fan of Buffy, Firefly and so on, but I turned around when he did The Avengeres, now he’s pissed me off again and I’ve balked at him for this 49 year old fool’s incredibly ego-maniacal and callow criticism of Irvin Kershner’s Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The moron.

        • Wasnt Marvel the studio that butchered the Mandarin? There not a perfect studio. And does everyone really think Apocalypse will be in Magneto the whole time? Nope. Dont assume before they even filmed a single scene for this movie.

    • Well put.

  21. This sounds terrible. Turn off.

  22. Yeah when I first heard this I was upset, but now that I’ve been thinking it makes sense that Magneto isn’t being possessed, but is one of the Horsemen. That would be awesome. and like others said, Cyclops can be resurrected that way. I hope it plays out that way.

  23. -_- why is everyone bitching about a supposed rumor? Like honestly and I have yet to see why Brain Singer is NOT allowed to do comic book movies when he DOES a good job its irritating having to come in and see the same freaking compliant day in and day out and then have the nerve to not offer up an idea on how to make it better you give a negative , why don’t you give a solution sheeesh

  24. I honestly don’t think this is real. But this is Bryan Singer and Fox we’re talking about. The same people who told Halle Berry that she didn’t have to use an african accent anymore. They also told Daniel Cudmore that he didn’t have to be russian. They also put Havok in First Class which would make him NOT Cyclops little brother. They also killed Cyclops, sent Wolverine to the past, made Phoenix and “multiple personality”, made Mystique and Xavier brother and sister, had a terrible rapport with Alan Cumming causing him to not want to reprise his role as Nightcrawler, they changed the entire First Class storyline, they made Rogue a weak and laughable character, and sooo much more. I was actually getting REALLY excited and anxious for DOFP but if this news is true…I will NEVER see an X-Men film in theaters again as long as Bryan Singer and 20th Century Fox is involved.

    • I dislike First Class, but I agree with the following sentiments.

  25. But if this is true…..I just hope Apocalypse was traveling from the future, was turning Magneto into one of his Horsemen and his other three Horsemen are right behind him, Gambit, Archangel and Cyclops (from the future as well). That way Apocalypse can just wreak havoc in the 1970s and it will disrupt the present timeline causing an Age of Apocalypse two film deal! That would be dope! But who knows……everyone X-Men fan has their take on how the X-Men films should be. All we can do is except how they make the films and choose to see them or not! Only time will tell!

  26. I will have to wait till next year, but is the movie going to be set in the 70′s? Am I the only one that is bothered by this? This is their chance to reboot the movie in present time and keep Mcavoy and Fassbender. Also, smart to intro big A through Magneto but they better have him in physical form. I don’t know why people keep saying comic book themes don’t work because they do so. The filmmakers just need to set the stage on what is and isn’t possible in the story.

    And, if this is their chance to right their wrongs and start with a clean slate, wouldn’t it be smart to recast younger (Late 20′s/early 30′s) actors for key members of the X-Men (Storm, Cyke, etc…) for future movies? I don’t mind Hugh Jackman as logan but I am getting very tired of him calling the shots.

    • This is how so messed up these adaptations have been. Kitty Pryde is the one who goes from the future, 2013, to the present, 1980.

      But, as evidence, these movie adaptation are just that, DISASTERS.

      • They really painted themselves into a corner with that. Because they used the method of “sending the mind back in time to its younger body,” which is how they wrote it, they had to use a character that was a capable adult back then. If they sent Kitty Pryde’s mind back, it would have nowhere to go because she would be -15 years old or whatever. They had to use wolverine because they decided to not use physical time travel of the character’s body, just the mind.

        • True, Ken, they really did.

        • Although, since they’ve clearly been playing the “jackman/wolverine is the main character” card for many movies now, I’m not surprised they wrote it as Wolverine going back in time and being the pivot, and not someone else.

          • Yeah, I don’t know which one who is really to blame, the studio or the director.

  27. Well that right there exemplifies everything I dislike about the Fox X-Men movie universe. All of the cool stuff about the X-Men that I really dig like the sweet outfits, exotic locations (Savage Land, Genosha, Asteroid M) and the diverse rouges gallery gets ignored outright or downplayed to some very lame ‘grounded’ version. Apocalypse as a space virus possessing Erik’s mind for yet another Magneto vs X-Men story isn’t exactly what I had in mind when Singer announced that the 5,000 year old mutant conqueror bamf was going to show up in the next film. I hope this is just a rumor.

    • I totally agree with ya, Wiseman.

  28. If this is true I hope Apocalypse gets his on body. I don’t think I want a posessed Magneto the entire time. Defeats the purpose of that villain. Magnetic as one of the horseman would be better. Exciting news though.

  29. hm

    I’d rather have En Sabah Nur in the desert, 5000 years ago… do a live-action version of his origin story comic, as the opening scenes or as flashbacks somewhere in the film. The object crashing to earth could be the Celestial ship that amplifies his powers from that comic.