How ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Leads To Apocalypse

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Apocalypse Desert X Men Days of Future Past How X Men: Days of Future Past Leads To Apocalypse

Over a year ago, when director Bryan Singer first confirmed that the X-Men: First Class followup would be based on the much beloved ’90s Days of Future Past storyline from Marvel Comics, the reveal painted an interesting and exciting future for the franchise. The concept of time travel has yet to be explored in the superhero movie genre, and for the X-Men specifically, which has had many films over the last 13 years, it’s a way to bring back everyone and rewrite history, right some wrongs.

Time travel gives storytellers the ultimate plot device to alter continuity, change and bring back characters, etc., but it also lets the X-Men movies do bigger and better things – including introducing one of Marvel’s most dangerous villains in Apocalypse, for instance. Singer confirmed yesterday in an out-of-the-blue announcement on Twitter that another X-Men film is coming 2016 and that it would be all about Apocalypse – it’s becoming increasingly clear that it will be more of a continuation of Days of Future Past than a standalone affair.

We know this partly because there were rumors this summer around Comic-Con time that Apocalypse would be introduced as the next big bad in Days of Future Past and when Bleeding Cool asked Bryan Singer directly about the villain, he danced around the question awkwardly. We now know why. He just couldn’t say so at the time but Apocalypse is coming and it’s a safe bet he’ll be introduced or teased in Days of Future Past. With so many characters being revealed in the fist X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer, Singer and co. must be holding some things back, right?

The second part of this we learned after Singer’s exciting tweet. Co-writer Simon Kinberg, the man who came up with the Days of Future Past movie idea with Matthew Vaughn (who was going to direct and is now producing), just signed a three-year deal with Fox which will essentially let him help write and produce Marvel stories that span multiple films. This involves both the X-Men and Fantastic Four universes, and their inevitable crossovers. Fun fact: Matthew Vaughn and Simon Kinberg are also producing Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Bleeding Cool also claims to have learned early in the year that Apocalypse was always in the cards as not only another sequel, but a direct continuation of the story which brings back everyone – some in reduced roles – while still introducing new characters. It would involve characters from the past and present much like Days of Future Past features both.

But there’s more and be warned, but now we’re entering epic spoilers territory…


Page 2: Spoilers For How X-Men: Days of Future Past Sets Up Apocalypse



The Wolverine is now available on home video, X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015X-Men: Apocalypse releases May 27, 2016 release.

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Sources: Bleeding Cool, First Showing

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  1. This does indeed sound like a legitimate way to end DOFP.. last time I read the potential ending to a film, it was when Tony Stark supposedly flies into deep space saying “This time I’m ready” or something.. so I’ll take this with a grain of salt!

  2. poor magneto, sucks because fassbender is great as mag.

  3. As a skeptic on Fox and their superhero franchise, this kinda excites me. I must say.

  4. I don’t wanna see Magneto possessed,No Thank You!

  5. Sounds more like Onslaught to me. No way Apocalypse needs anyone for anything other than pawns.

    • I thought Onslaught as well tbh. Instead they are butchering another classic X-Men villain in favour of another film with Magneto as the antagonist.

  6. My only beef with this would be if Cable is indeed just another version of Wolverine. I thinkwe can all agree it would be cooler to have Cable be the son of Jean and Scott.

    • Why is Bishop in this?!?

  7. Is there a possibility that Cyclops and Jean Grey may return? Oooooh snap.

    • Well, Famke did return for The Wolverine and rumor has it James Marsden was spotted on a plane leaving Montreal alongside Halle Berry.

      • Here’s hoping.

  8. Cable as Cyclops’ son I could accept. Cable as Wolverine, no way!~ Stop with the Wolverine mery-go-round, already…everyone is sick of it!
    What Singer needs to be planning if he is keeping secrets is that we are finally going to see Cyclops back. Also want to see Omega Red and Mr. Sinister.

  9. Sounds neat-o Magneto!

  10. I dont want magneto to turn into apocalpye i want Apocalypse 2 be his own charecter…..!!!!!!!

    • I was driving along in the car with my girlfriend the other night, and told her I could do magic. She asked me to prove it, so I turned into a motel!

  11. Nice to see a ripoff of DC being used in a marvel movie.

  12. Fox need to be stopped, and whoever told Singer this was a good idea should be shot.

    • Agree, but, it’s too late.

  13. I’m in the mood to post a wall of text. I don’t know why I keep picturing Ving Rhames as Apocalypse, even though En Sabah Nur is Egyptian (lighter skin color). What am I saying, it shouldn’t even be a matter of the race of the actor, it’s the talent that counts here. Either way, I think an Origin film (or films)would be awesome; Apocalypse’s story is interesting.

    I really don’t want Hugh Jackman to play Cable. Even though he’s an awesome character, I’m tired of seeing Wolverine as lead. Stephen Lang needs to play Cable and they should go the Nathan Summers route. This way, they could incorporate Stryfe (Cable’s clone)in another X-Men sequel/spinoff.

    • If Wolverine and Cable are part of the X-Force movie, chances are the movie version of Cable isn’t Wolverine.

      • I forgot about that. Point taken!

      • You have a point there. I prefer the “Cable is the son of Cyclops ” line of thought, myself. I am really getting a bit tired of Wolverine dominating the movies, the comics, etc., so I hope he is not in X-Force. They need to be their own thing, distanced from the X-Men. Cable would be OK for that, though, and while I am sure the world at6 large will insist on Deadpool, I wonder if Sunspot, Polaris, Havok, or Cannonball will have a seat at the table?

    • Stephen Lang would be perfect for Cable

  14. Sounds like a continuation of the clusterf*ck they made out of the original X-Men franchise with the 3rd installment, The Last Stand. That movie was just horribly bad.

    • I hate to admit it, but I agree. If they decide to continue with Magneto as the main bad and Wolverine the main hero there’s no point in even rebooting. Both are great, but at some point enough is enough.

      Cable is an all time favorite of mine. I would give anything to see the character get proper treatment.

    • The first X-Men movie was as well. You know a movie did not do the main heroes justice if you walked out of the movie theater thinking the villains were cooler than the heroes themselves. I could not wash the bad taste of how easily the X-Men got tossed around by the Magneto and his mutants out of mouth. To do any more movies with singer and company in charge would be a disservice to the X-Men because they will all just get mopped up by the villain(S) and then saved by wolverine….such bs

  15. Apocalypse could always posses other beings, I just hope he is a mutant and they do not make him an alien. Also Cyclops, Archangel, Sinister, Gambit, and Rogue had better be in this as well as others. Excited!!!!

  16. I guess the directors have been watching Once Upon A Time. Everyone is everyone.

  17. Not excited about this, I would rather him be his own character, if magneto becomes him we are destined to hear the same ol “This is not the real you!” speech and see magnito struggling to fight the evil with in

  18. It’s the Age of Apocalypse.

    Come on everybody!

  19. Well now I’m sad. Got excited at the possibility of Apocolypse, but it’s not really Apocolypse. Apocolypse is a mutant, the oldest one in fact. He is Egyptian. He’s not an alien. He doesn’t posses people. Why are they doing this?? ENOUGH MAGNETO ALREADY!!!!! Wow I’m pissed. I wanna punch something!

  20. Im just excited to see Apocalypse in the film. Hopefully they do him right and dont use alot of crappy CGI

  21. Maybe Magneto is one of his Horsemen?….

    • I am Mr. Ed! (No wait, that’s something else…)

  22. Um…Days of Future Past was written in ’81. Not the 90′s. Just saying.

    • They must of have gotten it mixed up with the 1990′s crossover, it seems to happen a lot when talking about these films. I think Singer and company tend to do the same when writing these stories.

    • Thank you! BTW as a lifelong X-fanatic, Cable is the son of Scott and Jean, Apocalypse never possesses anyone (doesn’t fit his idea of survival of the fittest. According to him, he is the ULTIMATE mutant and wouldn’t demean himself by possessing a lesser mutant)And I’ve always hated how movie makers take liberties to change Marvel history to fit their needs!

  23. Holy cats. This sounds really complicated. I’m not a comics expert, but it seems like it would be a shame to throw away Apocalypse’s backstory as a mutant. And the less Wolverine-centric, the better IMO.

    At the same time, a storytelling device that allows Fassbender and McAvoy to be further utilized seems attractive, even if it is time travel. Stewart and McKellan are both pretty old at this point.

    More Cyclops!

    • “More Cyclops?!” Did you say “More Cyclops?!” OK, I’m right in there with you on that one–you’ve got my vote!!

  24. If they make Magneto Apocalypse then it will make the complaints about Wolverine being shoe-horned into everything irrelevant…..unless they go ahead with the ridiculous idea of Wolverine being Cable.

    If this is really what they have been doing in the books lately I can see why people don’t take them seriously. I do not see why they feel the need to gimmick comic books when they are gimmick enough.

  25. Lol. Thank you Alexx. I was thinking the same thing. See ppl are just making mistakes all over the place.

  26. 1) They need to reboot the franchise & have CYCLOPS be the main character instead of WOLVERINE. But I have my fingers crossed for DOFP
    2) also last couple movies of SINGER have sucked……
    3) They need to do ANGEL justice as well, favorite character of all time.

    • Diego, you took the words in point one re: Cyclops right out of my mouth, flung them on the wall, and they stuck and looked beautiful there! I thoroughly agree: let’s reboot and see Cyke be the main man, for any myriad of reason (team field leader, best back-stories, original X-Man before any others were recruited by Prof. X….just to name a few).

  27. I guess FOX is going with the more Wolverine as the key to all problems. If Wolverine is playing a major role in DOFP, then Wolverine 3, THEN more than likely this X-Force movie (which im really not feeling) They will streatch this character thi till he i nothing. Cable should be played by a different character and introduced as Scotts Summers child form the future period. Its bad enough that he is taking over Kitty’s story. FOX you are doing soooooo good (better than I thought you would) dont mess it up.

  28. Rob, release date for X-Men : Apocalpyse has been set to May 27th, 2016. You may add that now to this article.

    Source =

  29. This sounds so horrible! Singer needs to be locked away and never allowed to make a comic book movie again!

    • @ Browntaku:

      Fox Studios and Bryan Singer need to be released from this franchise, these two entities have ran to town with it in the most horrendous manner yet.