First Look At Sentinel Designs From ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ [Updated]

Published 2 years ago by , Updated July 24th, 2013 at 11:48 am,

Trask Industries Mark I Sentinel Teaser X Men Days of Future Past First Look At Sentinel Designs From X Men: Days of Future Past [Updated]

UPDATE: Check out more images of the Sentinel Head!

Although it’s not official we can safely say that Bryan Singer and Twentieth Century Fox are using a significant portion of their 90-minute Comic-Con presentation this Saturday to offer the first ever real look at X-Men: Days of Future Past. The rest of the panel will be for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and The Wolverine.

Teasing the imminent unveiling, Fox is holding a neat viral marketing setup for Trask Industries – the company run by Peter Dinklage’s character (Bolivar Trask) that creates the giant mutant-hunting Sentinel robots that’ll play a big role in Days of Future Past.

In Marvel Comics and in the X-Men cartoons, the traditional Sentinel designs feature a pink and purple color scheme and from the images below featuring two propaganda posters and a bust of a Sentinel head, that remains true in the film, at least for the Mark I unit:

The viral site is now live with a hidden-in-darkness teaser image of the Sentinel head, with an interesting tagline asking Comic-Con attendees to join them near the San Diego Convention Center “to celebrate 50 years of human progress,” teasing the near-future anti-mutant world where we expect much of the film to take place.

The display is labeled with information on the Mark I design, indicating that there will be more designs and if the head is to scale, certainly larger designs. It seems to be a prototype (potentially 50 years old) of what Trask crafts to battle the X-Men and all of mutantkind.

Sentinel Mark I Anniversary Display

Bring your friends and family to see Bolivar Trask’s crowning achievement, the original Sentinel Mark I production model. Show your support by photographing youself at the Sentinel display and tagging your photo with #DOFP and #XMEN.

50th Anniversary Announcement

For 50 years, we have been advancing the cause of humanity. Help us celebrate five decades of safety and security by visiting for a special reveal.

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Lucas Till, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, and Daniel Cudmore. James Marsden may be involved if witness reports are true.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014.


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  1. Anticipation level for this just went up a few notches.

    • Ditto

  2. Still pessimistic about this movie BUT … those posters and the sentinel look sweet

  3. Well, it will have 3 academy award winners in it.

    • One for Cyclops, and the rest for…uh, Cyclops is in it, isn’t he? Well, isn’t he? You don’t mean….!? Aarrgghh! Where is Cyclops??!!??!!

      • The two biggest questions in the world: Who is John Galt? And Where is Cyclops??!??!!

  4. I have high expectations for this movie even though the majority of people want to see it fail. If Fox can pull this off Im sure they can give The Avengers a run for thier money.

      • yes, this may be true but and I am certain that they can indeed pull it off. I am a fan of Fox’s X Men movies and I want them to succeed.

      • I prefer to see the new Spider-Man films fail, because that reboot was HORRIBLE!!!

        • I completely agree!, the first trilogy were my preferred way to take on Spiderman

      • I thought The Avengers did well to overcome its own previous crap. Captain America, Thor and Iron Man 2 are not great.

      • Seriously? I assume your just talking about yourself, but a large portion of the fan boy community are actively hoping for this franchise to fail. How many other movie series get boycotted due to how close its based on the source material?

        400mil? I’d say at least 500 mil. Even 6 wouldn’t surprise me. FC was well recieved critically, most people who saw it liked it. It’s not like the franchise has to battle against the memory of X3 anymore, as the last entry was enjoyed by most who saw it. And after the success of The Avengers, I’d say a lot of people will turn out to see another special effects driven, many super-hero on screen battle.

        Not to disparage IM3, but it did have its flaws, and it made major dollars. A big part of that was The Avengers, plus star power. Hugh as Wolverine may not be a big a draw as Rob as Tony or Christian as Bruce, but I can pretty much gaurentee that Wolverine will be front and centre during the ad campaign. That will add butts to seats.

        • Seriously, yes and who else am I going to speak for? I don’t make a habit of talking for others, so that’s how I feel about it.

          And my numbers come from direct empirical evidence based on how previous X-men related movies have done. This movie is a sequel to XMFC (which had modest numbers) and has zero ties to Avengers so to suppose it be the highest grossing X-Men film is, again as I said previously, being unrealistic.

          (Just so you don’t think I’m some blinded Marvel Fanboy…..I disliked IM3 but I also disliked XMFC for how far it strayed from the source material. So I guess I’m an equal opportunity hater)

          • DoFP becoming the highest grossing X-Men film wouldn’t surprise me one bit: despite its ever-growing cast that endangers it of suffering from the X3 syndrome, the franchise has gained momentum recently with the casting of Dinklage, Singer’s constant twit-tease and the new Wolverine flick which is shaping to be pretty awesome.

          • Mongoose, gotta side with you on the fact that First Class flunked in my book also, and while IM3 looks like it has some good moments in the trailer, I am gonna be steaming a long time about the Mandarin thing. Have not seen IM3 in it’s entirety yet, waiting to buy the DVD when it comes out, but will buy it, gotta keep the whole collection going.

            • I’m a long-time fan of ol’ Buckethead but I never liked the Mandarin in the classic comics. I’ve always found him quite ridiculous, with his grandiloquent manners and his magical powers in an otherwise pretty technological comic book. Granted, they later explained his powers as actual alien tech but the damage was done for me. I started skipping the Iron Man stories involving the Mandarin and I didn’t read about his origin story until IM3′s production phase, on this very site.

              So “the Mandarin thing” really didn’t bother me one bit and I loved what they did with the character, even if I first frowned about him not being Chinese. I thought Kingsley’s performance was great and I loved the twist that *SPOILER ALERT* he was just a facade and that the real Mandarin was Killian all along, scheming in the shadows while the fake Osama-wannabe stole the spotlights. If they ever do an IM4, I’d love Killian to return (we never saw him actually being dead) as a full-fledged Mandarin with functional rings this time. *END SPOILER*

              You should definitely watch IM3 to the end someday. I’m not happy with everything in it but overall, it’s a better movie than IM2 and there are some pure geek moments like the Iron Legion sequence when all of Tony’s remote-controlled armors are brought into action at once.

      • are you talking about quality or about money?

        if you only care about what this movie will make, then I dont get the point to follow and enjoy this movie’s journey

    • I don’t want to see it fail, I want it to be the best it can be. I think it wil probably be a messed-up mish-mash, based on previous track-records, but I am hoping I am wrong. I want to see Cyclops in it, so I hope he appears. In the meantime, Sentinels are a definite plus. But why does Wolverine have toi stick his snoot in, take over, run the show, and save the day? Put him to bed with milk and cookies, and let someone else pull the weight and be the hero for a change.

      • The Wolverine character is possibly the most recognizable to a wider range or people and at this point Jackman has been the most consistently involved in the franchise. First Class was an attempt at something different I guess, but less popular characters played by up and coming actors did not draw the kind of money domestically the studio probably wanted.

        If the early reports of wanting to focus this next movie on a young Xavier or Magneto were true, I am guessing the financial backing was not very forthcoming which prompted this mix up of the original cast with newer players.

      • For a time-jumping feature he can be very very useful, if not vital; he’s essentially the same recognizable character in both times, what with his near-agelessness and immortality.

        What makes you think he’s supposed to carry the film though? I might have skipped a synopsis article somewhere.

        • They wrote themselves in a corner by setting the story in 1973 if they are going to use the consciousness transfer angle. Kitty would not be born in the movie time line & the only characters with counterparts in both time periods are Xavier, Magneto, Beast & Mystique. And who knows how long they live in the future portion of the story.

      • Umm, because Wolverine is THE star of the X comics, maybe? Even if movie-Wolvie is a toned down version of the original character, he’s still the most interesting character in the franchise and personally, I can’t get enough of him and I was disappointed that he had just a short cameo in First Class.

  5. who else almost thought they saw “stark industries” at the bottom of the posters?

  6. here is a sign fox should create for this movie:

    “watch this movie at the dollar theater or wait for it
    to come out on dvd”

  7. I like the purple now that I see the Sentinel for the second time. Looks pretty different from Singer’s designs for previous X-men films. Hopefully this film will be a bit more coloured, like Marvel’s properties often are.

    • The Sentinels should look like and be like exactly in the early X-Men comics.

      • Ugh, no!

  8. I hope the robots are giants like in X3.

    • Oh if they’re not I’m going to walk out of the theatre. I can’t stand anymore X-Men butchering.

      • The first Sentinels were human sized though weren’t they?

        This article shows us the head of a Mk I and it looks human sized so it’s pretty accurate to scale as far as staying true to the comics.

  9. I want one of those posters!!!

    • If Booger doesn’t get what Booger wants, I just “nose” (knows) he’s gonna “pick it” (picket)!

      • I suppose a few of you will say that’s “snot” funny…!

        • Take cover…. Goldilocks has been on the caffeine.

          God “bless you” Goldilocks, one of the few with a sense of humour around here.

          • Hee-hee, thanx, Jonathan. Good to be appreciated. Usually I am only wanted by the IRS, CIA, & FBI! Gotta keep the grins coming (and I know a few of you do snicker; you just don’t have to admit it cuz I can’t see you….!)

      • I think you “sneezed” some sleep bud.

        That’d make two.

  10. Looks cool, but are the Sentinal’s going to be giant or not? I didn’t get that from reading this article.

    Still have my doubts though… solely Fox/Singer related.

    • I think it’s going towards an MK I. I thought the first Sentinals were human size which would explain why it’s soo small in keeping with a human type of diagram.
      All in all though I still need to see a trailer to really see if I will like it or not because right now it’s just eh.

      • Yeah they were human-sized in the beginning. I just want to know which version or versions will be showing up.

        • Mark 1 Sentinels were around 20 feet tall. The poster Sentinel looks good but the bust looks too much like I Robot.

            • Ah, okay, I thought they were a bit shorter. Good info!

            • Yes, thanx for the support pics. As Thor said, “I’ve fought bigger”. They were just as in the picture from your link at first, but later some were made that were huge by comparison. Which leads me off on a tangent…when are we gonna see Goliath/Giant-Man (Hank Pym) in The Avengers? I am really anxious for that!

              • Obviously not before Ant-Man.

                • Yeah, I know. But I still like to fantasize, dream, and speculate.

    • I like to believe some directors/producers like to toy around with what they discover they have in therms of special effects when making a movie. Just as I like to think that “Jack the Giant killer” was Bryan Singer’s *test run* for CGI giants interacting with human-sized actors.

  11. That Sentinel looks an awful lot like a Michael Bay Transformer.

  12. Its a cool design.

    I think it will look more badass once we see them on the movie and their real size and in the middle of the night, in the dark future and all

  13. Who spray painted bumble bee purple??

    • Bet it gave them a buzz!
      Acvtually, since the X-men folks like to swipe Avengers characters (Quicksilver), the bumble-bee purple is probably the work of Yellowjacket (hey, I found a cameo by Hank Pym!).

    • Sentinel Prime hu-huh Get it??


  15. It’s amazing how butt hurt some fan boys can get. QUIT CRYING ABOUT EVERYTHING. Be thankful this movie is even getting made.

  16. This is looking frantically cool. I don’t know that it’s realistic for this film to compete with The Avengers 2 (hype-master) dollar-for-dollar at the box office, unless it is extremely good as in The Dark Knight. However, I have no connection to people who “want to see this fail,” or hate the way Fox handles the X-Men. Sure, X3 and XMO:Wolverine sucked (especially the latter), but X1, X2 and XM:FC were all terrific films in my estimation, and with Brian Singer back on board, I have high hopes moving forward. Days of Future Past looks like it can be genuinely epic.

    • X1, X2 and XMFC were terrific movies… You’re really not hard to please :)

      • You insinuate that I have low standards? That’s insulting. I consider myself very discriminating about films, which is to say that I am very hard to please, but ultimately it’s all subjective. What pleases me may not be what pleases you.

        If this is about “departures from comic book canon,” while I like comic books, I haven’t really read many. So I approach the X-Men films based on how well they work as films in their own right. While I fully support adherence to the source material all things being equal, a good film trumps most everything else. That is my opinion.

    • X-Men #1 & #2 were good, despite alot of things I would have done more traditional, and with Cyclops as the hero (not Wolverine). The rest of the X-films, spin-offs, etc. got progressively worse, and First Class pretty much outright flunked. I hope they get better…they sure can’t degenerate more, I am sorry to say, as I loved the early X-men comics of the 60s and 70s.

      • Not to disparage your opinion as it’s doesn’t effect me in the slightest, it’s yours and your entitled to have it and express it.

        Only problem here on SR is the tendency for people to shout others down for expressing an opinion. There are some that enter in a nice debate but not many. Anyways enough about etiquette, the question.

        I’ve noticed a trend and was wondering how much that trend has coloured your opinion.

        X1 & 2 – “were good” – Cyclops in them
        X3 & Wolverine (rest of X films & spin offs) – “progressively worse” – Very little Cyclops (dead in 1st 30mins / kid for last 30/45mins)
        FC “Flunked” – No Cyclops AT ALL

        Now your actual opinion of these films is irrelevant, I’m genuinely interested in the thoughts behind those opinions. I’m very interested in WHY’s not really bothered about WHAT’s

        • Cyclops has never really been my favourite character but optic blasts will always be cool so I’d like him to be in the movies. But I don’t think him being absent or only having a small role has anything to do with the quality of the film.

          Anyway, I’m just happy to see movies based on the X-Men and I don’t get why wolverine being in all of them is a bad thing. He is awesome.

        • Things that bothered me in the various films were killing off Cyclops, jean, and Prof. X, as they were some of the original pillars of the X-men in the comics. especially in yke’s case since they never really developed him as field leader and could have done more with his rimance with jean. They just kind of stated he was team-leader, while practically splitting those actual duties at times between Storm and jean, and let it wither there. He needed to just zap Wolvie sometimes as well. Magneto and Wolverine are plastered up on the screen almost every time you look up there, and i think other characters should have been developed as well. I don’t dislike Ian M. as Magneto, he was very good, but overkill on him and Wolvie tends to overshadow everything else. later films did not seem to have their plots as well developed as X-Men #1 & #2, and at times a couple movies seemed to give 2-second teases to characters who before you even knew who they were, were gone again, and you could not even remember the scenes they were in. I tend to favor the 60′s/70′s comics, the early sources and stories that made them famous enough to get movies in the first place, so would prefer to see the movies concentrate there with great respect for the source material. I work for Wal-Mart, for instance, in real life, and have been with them over 19 years. They were once an excellent company, fairly-intelligently run with a big concentration on customer service, low prices, good selection, high value, and team-work and mutual support among all the associates. We actually earned respect, despite some nay-sayers (there are always trolls….). However, unfortunately running a neat, competent family-oriented and teamwork for the greater good-oriented store has fallen by the wayside. Now it’s all political lobbyiong, doing everything on the cheap, power-pulverizing the guys below you until someone higher than you does it to you insteasd, the big *uck-buck, the bottom line, and racing around in 14 directions at once chasing the tail, hiding behind big money & PR, beating down dissent, and there is no quality control anymore. Too bad, as their size and money and PR protects them, but they had such a wonderful philosophy and direction at one time, and helped take care of the community through charity donations to everything from food pantries to animal shelters to aid for battered women to education and charity causes to children’s hospitals for the critically-ill to…well, you get the picture. Now it’s incompetent screaming supervisors, cut-throat politics, and no two people doing anything in unison. Oh sure, we still donate a tiny bit of money, just enough to say we did, but our store won’t even let us be in community parades anymore (too expensive, no time. Really? No time or money to help support veterans, local commerce, visibility in the community? Shocking.). I guess this blathering on supporting customer service even tho the company doesn’t is not actually about WM, but the point is, we must respect our roots, our “source material”, not change all the comic book stories around so much on the screen that the resultant mish-mash is not hardly identifiable as to what originally made it famous and great. I love wal-mart’s customers (they have treated me really well, and deserve the best customer service I can give them; they are my true bosses, who I really work for. The corporation just signs my check and decides whether I live or die employment-wise tomorrow). But I see this traying away from it’s roots as very counter-productive, and so it is with alot of comic book movies. Let’s get back to recognizable basics, our comic-book roots. We can only benefit.

          • Wow, that was some rant! About your professional situation, I only have this to say: heh, that’s capitalism, baby! America has glorified it, now the whole world has to suffer its outcome. Thanks.

  17. Oh this movie is going to suck. They are fighting autobots.

  18. Hope they show the Master Mold!

    • I wanna see me a Nimrod. Or Ahab, that’d be cool.

  19. I’m pretty worried about this movie. Singer is a good director, but there’s no way he’s going to give everyone enough screentime. There are way too many characters, and way too many of them are going to get the short end of the stick. Plus, I’m worried that the plot is going to be too convoluted and ridiculous

    The only thing that has me somewhat excited for this is Dinklage.

    • Some people just haven’t read the comics. About 90% of the mutants cast in this film so far have been in the DoFP comic book storyline.

      • So? What does it have to do with a legitimate concern for possible overcrowdedness?

        • ^This

          I’ve never read the comic. I’m just worried there will be too many characters, and I don’t see what difference it makes whether you’ve read the comics or not.

        • I think it means that if they managed to make it work coherently in the comics, hopefully that clarity should translate onto the screen as well, maybe even plus additional development.

      • Actually, no. The only ones featured in the comic are Kitty Pryde, Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Rachel Summers, Nightcrawler and the professor. All the others (and the other non mutant superheroes) are reported dead even before the beginning of the story, killed by the sentinels.

        • And they’re never even seen.

          • A lot of people are mixing in the 90′s cartoon version, Days of Future Past, and for some reason Age of Apocalypse in their heads, the people making the movie included. This movie is probably going to be very loosely based on the comic, like most of the other movies in the series. I just hope it makes some sense and has better effects than the last two movies.

  20. If the first X-Men film failed, we would not have the superhero movies we have now. Quit your complaining, honestly it is getting ridiculous. Bryan Singer understood how to make X-Men movies (Superman too but people did not want another Christopher Reeve-style hero as comic movies were beginning to get more serious). This will be a great film. Maybe not as good as the Avengers as that film had way more backstory going into it than probably any other film ever made (5 movies of backstory). The cast is filled with many people who know how to act and act well. Singer has made many good films in his career and has not screwed up X-Men. I think that this film will alter the timeline to erase the happenings in X3 because jerk fanboys like most of you have complained incessantly about it.

    • the first xmen movie was great. have to disagree with superman though, singer made supes a stalker and gave him a bastard, and he doesn’t seem to know kryptonite either.

      i’m kind of worried for the film though, but i just want to see a good xmen movie so here’s to hoping they pull it off

    • This is one reason why Singer’s X-Men films are so polarizing. Comic book movies became feasible after the second Star Wars trilogy & the Lord of the Rings demonstrated what could be done with CGI. Spider-Man would have been made without the X-Men movies being done.

    • backstory on Avengers movie?

      the script was one of the most simples Ive even seen, lol.

      The backstory was the previous solo movies, but Avengers script itself didnt have backstory info.

      Days of future past on other hand, or X-Men franchise has much more backstory that Avengers already.

    • I am so happy someone put it into words! I agree completely 100% with what you said. Singer is a great director but I guess since his movies didn’t pull in “Avengers” cash people hate it. I would rather see a Singer failure (not saying that this will be, I’m sure it will be a success) that see a Ratner success.

    • Singer’s grasp of how to make good, serious and socially-relevant X-Men films was a huge step forward for comic book adaptions. However, while some of the intentions for Superman Returns were admirable, I think that it evidences a confused production process. Beyond the Reeve/Donner past-homage tone, SR had some genuine problems.

      I would say that X-Men has more backstory than The Avengers, as there will have been six films leading into DOFP. This seems like the biggest chance the X-Men franchise will have to hit the $B big time.

      • totally agree. I have a strong feeling that this will break the 1 billion mark, as much as some haters and even fans dont expect it.

    • Look, it’s the Metamorpho of comic book movies. Starts out looking good, but changes shape into something devoid of any shape at all.

      Hey, anyone want to see a Legion of Super-heroes film, by the way? That might be interesting.

  21. The Sentinel head on display looks similiar to the ones in the movie I-Robot. Even the eyes have the same striking similiarity. Well giant robots and what not have been done to death so many times it would be hard to make something original.

  22. Looks awesome!! so Trask is in the 70′s past creates the Sentinels and they attack after The Wolverine film in Xavier and Magnetos future? I have high hopes for this film just hope the continuity and stories connect. looking forward to Apocalypse, Sinister, Archangel, Beak,Omega Red, Husk, and more Cyclops, Sabretoothe, Gambit, Nightcrawler.

    • Omega Red, Apocalypse, Mr. Sinester for the baddies. Cyclops, Polaris, a grownHhavok and Banshee for the goodies. And I probably could handle more Nightcrawler. The scene where he fought the Presidential guards was pretty good in the White House.

  23. I don’t know how this movie will work out but i’m sure as hell i couldn’t imagine a better looking sentinel in my wildest dream!

    • I could. Part of it involves the Sentinel not having a face that looks like it’s made out of glass…

      Though admittedly I have warmed up to the design a bit more that I felt at first. Especially if there are a couple of other designs that could show up in the movie. Like how this is the Mark I, they could possibly have Mark II and III Sentinels that look even better.

      • But hey, I liked the glass part. Makes it look more stylish and modern imo. And I genuinely think a Sentinel that looks close to comic book version won’t work on the big screen, but I can be wrong. Perhaps I can’t imagine a better looking Sentinel ’cause I’m not the biggest Sentinel fan at the first place.

        • Maybe the glass could be some sort of HUD? A bit pointless, but cool none the less.

  24. Just saw some head-shot pics of som,e of the DOFP characters on the Blastr site. Patrick Stewart (Prof. X) looks like someone out of “Grumpy Old men”, Beast (younger one) looks like he is wearing lipstick, and Bishop looks like he escaped from Bob Marley and The Wailers’ band. Uh-oh….

    • Saw those too. Beast looks plain awful. Other than that the only thing that kinda bothered me was that their suits looked poor quality but I’m sure they’ll look better on screen.

  25. No Bishop no peace.

    • A little off-subject, but zMonty python did a skit called something like “The Bishop” where a church Bishop was a sort of spy/hero who always arrived a moment too late to save the day. Funny.

      • The Monty Python are geniuses.

        @Greg L: Apparently, Omar Sy indeed plays Bishop. He doesn’t look the part but oh, well…

  26. Sentinels = boring. Knock one down. Another one steps in. This is one aspect of the X-Men universe I really wish the films were not pursuing.

    • The Sentinels serve the same purpose as the Storm Troopers & aliens in the Avengers, amorphous targets that can be killed/destroyed without consequence.

      They also do not have to develop secondary villains, which they have a woeful track record of.

      • With the added advantage that wolverine can go ape on them cutting off heads and arms and whatnot without having to worry about blood and gore

        • Hopefully some other people will get in on the action to curtail all the complaining about too much Wolverine, but yeah they can pretty much have everyone go crazy with their powers on robots without any griping.

          • There can never be too much Wolverine.

  27. They look somewhat OK, but they are missing their key defining feature. The open square mouth. They look lame without it and not as iconic. I can’t believe they left that out.

    • I could do without it. Always found the original design somewhat ridiculous.