Iceman, Kitty Pryde & Rogue Return For ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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After Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan signed on to return as (older) Professor X and Magneto, respectively, for X-Men: Days of Future Past, it was a given that franchise poster boy Hugh Jackman would soon follow. Director Bryan Singer made that so and informed the world via Twitter, where he’s been slowly dropping hints and teases of what fans should expect from the X-Men: First Class sequel.

While the likes of Famke Janssen and January Jones remain unsure of their return, Singer announced today that three more X-Men trilogy mutants will be back for Days of Future Past.

Thanks to this tweet, X-Men fans can look forward to seeing Iceman, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat and Rogue back on the big screen. Hugh wasn’t kidding when he teased an X-Men trilogy cast reunion.

Did Singer just take a shot at Brett Ratner for killing off Cyclops and Phoenix? Is this a subtle hint that there’s no chance of James Marsden returning? At least these black leather costumes won’t be returning either:

X Men trilogy black leather costumes 570x378 Iceman, Kitty Pryde & Rogue Return For X Men: Days of Future Past

It took three films for Bobby Drake (Ashmore) to actually become Iceman (just for a moment) and three films for Marie D’ancanto to not become Rogue. It’s a safe bet that Anna Paquin’s character will finally have some mutant powers (outside of temporarily absorbing them) this time around as she was vocal about not ever evolving to participate in the action while doing press for X-Men: The Last Stand.

As for Kitty Pryde, she was a must-include for fans of Marvel Comics since the Days of Future Past storyline revolves around her character. In the books, an aged Kitty Pryde is able to transfer her consciousness back to her younger self (in the present) in order to prevent the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly which began a war where the giant anti-mutant Sentinel robots scour the land, hunting down the X-Men and all other mutants.

Since First Class took place in the ’60s, it’s possible that the ‘present’ in the film follows the younger X-Men led by James McAvoy’s  Xavier and the ‘future’ is the original X-Men team who could be residing in an alternate timeline where some event in the ’60s or ’70s is the new cause for the mutant hysteria – due to some other anomaly in the timeline. Could this be used to introduce one of the fan-favorite time-travelling characters such as Bishop or Cable? Will Senator Robert Kelly be involved?

Singer aims to make sense of the continuity of the films while also broadening out the X-Men universe to compete with Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, and it’ll be interesting to see what comes of his ambitious ideas.

Who else would you like to see return for the next X-Men team-up?

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.

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  1. And to the guy who said that X-Men: days of future past is trying to cash in on the success of the avengers & TDKR, there are so many things wrong with that statement, very pathetic

    • And whats wrong with the statement? I didn’t say as if it was a pure fact, it was my opinion.

      From everything Matthew Vaughn was talking about for the sequel when he was signed on to direct it, it was clear that he didn’t have this Days Of Future’s Past storyline in mind. Maybe it was Mark Millar’s involvement, but I still believe its because of the reason I stated earlier.

      • It’s just a little out there, that statement.

    • That’s sort of what Singer said when he confirmed in an interview that this film would be called Days of Future Past.

      He said because of The Avengers, they need to broaden out the X-Men universe and take advantage of its own crazy lore. Hence time travel.

  2. Honestly X-Men is my favorite super hero team, IMHO they have a way cooler back story then the Justice League and The Avengers. I hope the movie turns out well, Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen Page <3 :)

  3. You people just want X-Men to be bad, people have been brainwashed by the avengers it seems

    • Not me.

      I can’t be brainwashed by The Avengers when I didn’t think The Avengers was that good upon second and third viewing.

    • How do you get brainwashed by a movie? Oh right, forgot about dark knight purists…

      • You missed the whole point, people act as if the avengers was the greatest superhero movie of all time. Did that simplify it for you, because i know that the new generation has a short attention span.

        • Oh, no I’m not part of any type of “new generation” at all. Just don’t get when some people can’t seem to get that other people are gonna like stuff that they themselves just arn’t into. That form of short sightedness seems to be a hallmark of you’re generation…or possibly just general inexperiance (or incompetency?).

          • If you say so, i’m not going to argue with some guy or girl over something stupid. I already said what i had to say, i’m done. People on SR can’t handle one’s own opinion.

            • You’re a troll

        • @Hush Johnson, Even with it’s flaws and simple plot, Avengers IS the greatest superhero movie of all time.

    • I think we,those people just want X-Men to be Great !
      So we Criticize !

      As said before,Vaughn did not intend this story line !
      He wrote a script …and it was all thrown over board when singer came in..he is making this his comeback show ! But from the poluted cast its clear that will fail !

      Less characters,concentrate as Vaughn did on Xavier and Magnetos back story,let it play in the late 60’s again,not in some Future(now time),as Vaughn already planned it !

      Who ever took over,Millar and Singer I am sorry..but both are not very competent ! Singer going back into the past and making his old x men all over again,with same people,with same TV Show feel to it !
      He just has no feeling for epic scoop and good fight scenes and how to film them !

      And Millar,i always wonder how he ever got the job,don’t think he is that good in his comics or movies ! Besides talking big !

      Sadly !

  4. CYCLOPS!!!!

  5. I <3 Ellen Page. That is all.

    Also, cautiously optimistic about this movie. Never forgave singer for causing x3 to happen and effectively messing up two franchises.. and I don't think he should stick his foot in again, but just gonna hope for the best now.

    • Aren’t you supposed to END your comment with “That is all.”? lol

      • I was going to, but then there was more

  6. *grumbles* very much not a fan of Ellen Page as Kitty. This is not exciting news. That is all.

  7. Bryan Singer directing xmex is like joel Schumacher directing batman not good

    • Ok i’m going to assume that this was a joke b/c both movies/directors aren’t in the same league.

      • I know joels movies are better

  8. Completely okay with all of this except for Anna Paquin returning as Rogue. I’m all about having Rogue come back but I would, personally, love to see an actress that can actually portray the character correctly. She’s awful in “True Blood” and she was awful in the X-Men “trilogy” (its in quotes because let’s be honest, there’s only one trilogy).

    • Okay, genius, who would you have replace her? Sorta lazy just saying she shouldn’t be in it without offering an alternative, don’t you think? Paquin’s good in True Blood, considering the context of the story. Her portrayal of Rogue was completely in line with how the character was written for those films. If you didn’t like the character, blame the writer(s).

  9. IMO the only good casting choices in ‘X-Men’ was Patrick Stewart as Professor X and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Ian McKellen was good too, but I always felt he was too old to play Magneto.

    I like Ellen Page and Shawn Ashmore as actors (Anna Paquin… not so much), but holy crap were they miscast! Needless to say I’m not really happy that they’re returning.

    • Why was he too old to play Magneto? He´s a holocaust survivor, he needs to be old.

      • But in the comics (and animated shows) he has always been portrayed as older but yet very much still in his prime… know, the typical superhero look; imposing, 6’3″, built like Schwarzenegger in his prime.

        This is one of the problems characters run into if they are tied to a particular historical event but real time marches forward. Eventually the characters history doesn’t mesh anymore with current time.

        So for the movie, to keep that pivotal moment in time for Magneto, Sir Ian McKellen was the right age for the role. If we wanted to match the comics we would have to either lose his holocaust past or come up with some explanation like his powers have given him a longer lifespan.

        • At some point back in the 80’s Magneto turned young again for some reason, so that is why he always looked so fit. Like everyone always says not everything they do in comics will translate well into live action media. They made the choice to have Magneto and Xavier play the elder mentor/leader roles in these films so that can of worms has been opened. There is also the reality that when making movies over the course of a decade the actors will age so trying to make them seem immortal on film won’t always work.

          As for saying Magneto didn’t age due to his powers at this point it would look like more hack writing since Wolverine and Sabertooth already did not age due to their healing factor and they pulled that trick out of their hat for Shaw and Mystique for some reason in First Class.

          • Yes, it’s a commonly used trope in comics now a days to help explain why these characters that came out so long ago are still alive and kicking.

            There are some things that, because of their complexity, just wouldn’t work in the movies like trying to explain why Magneto looks so young when he’s supposed to be old. So they went with the easier explanation thus bypassing that little can of worms.

            The thing is, in 20 years they will have a difficult time using the holocaust history if they reboot the X-Men again so they will either have ot change Magneto’s background or resort to a longer lifespan.

            • If and when they decide to do another set of X-Men movies whoever is involved will have to decide how they want to frame the narrative. Magneto’s past has been used by these movie makers as part of the basis for the overall story arc (which some people love and others not so much), so now they are bound by timelines they established. They actually made things more complicated by using other historical events in Wolverine:Origins and First Class, but that was their creative choice. Like you said the Holocaust basis and Magneto’s story might not even play well in the future without some alterations or creative writing. Iron Man slightly shifted Stark’s prisoner of war origin to fit in with the times, so it is possible with the X-Men.

              At this point though Singer and the producers inability to use many of the other major X-Men villains and tell a broader story might be part of the problem. The whole mutants vs. humans angle is a major part of the mythology, but it’s not the only aspect of the property that can be used on screen.

        • “If we wanted to match the comics we would have to either lose his holocaust past…”

          Then his whole doing would not make sense, since the holocaust is his main motivation.

          • I agree with you. Removing his holocaust experience would gut the original concept. (see my reply to Slayer above)

            I’m not on anyone’s side in this and can see both sides. I don’t have a personal choice as to which would be better because both have their good points and pitfalls.

      • @Scape: Very true, but in the comics, he looks a lot younger – and if he looked a little younger in X-Men, I would have taken him more seriously (he’d have been more intimidating and LOOK like a serious threat).
        I’m not saying old persons can’t play proper villains or be intimidating (my grandfather still scares the hell out of me sometimes ;)), but in this case I think a slightly younger actor would have worked better… or maybe just some more make-up to make Sir Ian look younger.

        It’s easy enough to explain why he appears younger than he’s supposed to be – they did it in the comics with relative ease…

        I dunno, to be honest, I have a problem with the whole movie. Sir Ian’s Magneto (while not the way I’d have wanted him to be) was still one of the few highlights of X-Men.

        • He looked younger back in the days, because when the comic books started, WWII was only 25 years ago. Then in the late 80s, he created a mutant who turned Magneto back to infancy. They could adapt that story some time when it´s clear that McKellen is too old for the role, so they can have Fassbender play him in the present set movies.

    • I always thought Rutger Hauer would have been the perfect Magneto. Can’t say I’ve seen him in the last few years, but in 2001 he would have been perfect – both physically and in demeanor.

      • He would have been an excellent choice.

  10. Ok to recap: We have Kitty, Iceman, Prof. X, Magneto, Wolverine, Young Prof. X, and Young Magneto confirmed to return. Am I forgetting anyone else who has been announced?

    • Well, you forgot Rogue (as per Singer’s tweet).

    • I’m 100% sure Mystique (Jenifer Laurence) and Beast (Nicholas Hoult) will be in it too (along with some other cast members from XMFC), although they haven’t officially been announced yet.

      • Jennifer Lawrence is definite return. Remember the thing about Catching Fire having to be finished by January because of DOFP?

  11. I don’t see why people are complaining about having “too many characters”. As far as we know, there are only as many (less even) than the first two movies. As far as I know, six from the original trilogy have been officially cast, and some of the First Class cast. I wouldn’t be so worried about amount of mutants as to how they will bridge between movies (like young and old Professor X and Magneto being in the same storyline). Plus they better have the Sentinels.

  12. If people are cautious of the new sequel, then I think people have every right to be considering that they’ve certainly had some missteps along the way in building this franchise whether it’s in continuity, story, or success. I would love for this sequel to do well and I hope it would, but an amount of caution from fans is not an insult or wrong – it is expected when there is a lot of hype to live up to and the writers/directors plot with so much ambition. After all, talk is one thing and the casting is great, but if they can pull it off and execute it the way it should be done is the question. I hope they will but not setting too high standards of expectation and being cautious is okay to do.

    And as for all this comparison to Avengers, whether you like the movie or not, Avengers was ultimately a big success and one that many comic book movies henceforth will have to try to live up to. Marvel’s ability to plan ahead and build a working comprehensive world paid off for them, whatever your personal views may be on the film, it was critically and commercially a success in box office revenues and bringing in new fans. And even Avengers wasn’t a film that didn’t start without some cautious judgment either.

  13. People are forgetting two key things: (1) “X-Men” is a comic book franchise and (2) “X-Men” is in the science-fiction genre. Anything can and most likely will happen. If you are familiar with the “X-Men” comic book franchise, (also science-fiction in general), the dead never-ever stay permanently dead. Leaving key characters dead is financial suicide. Unless someone had suddenly changed the original story arch, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” was all about ‘saving the future of the X-Men’. Other words, everyone in “X-Men I”, “X-Men II”, and “X-Men III” is coming back. Regardless about if you like it or not, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” is “X-Men IV” and “X-Men: First Class” combined. Its a very creative way to revive the old cast and characters.

    • Second, since “Days of Future Past” will carry true to previous formats, the number of characters will still be conservative. You will just experience a duality in characters. Two Professor Xaviers, two Magnetos, two Cyclops, etc… Its just two people playing the same character. Not a big deal.

    • Bryan Singer is going to uses “Days of Future Past” to creatively erase “X-Men II” and “X-Men III” from history. I call that win-win. Why?

      We get two “X-Men” movie franchises, which will run concurrent to one and other. Other words, “X-Men: First Class” will tell about the past, and “X-Men: IV, V, VI, etc…” will tell about the future. It will be great.

      • Erasing X-Men 2 from history is a win? How so?

        • I personally hated XM2, it ended on such a down note. The plot was okay.

          • I thought X2 was incredible, in fact its brilliance is part of what made X3 look so bad by comparison.

            theres just so many classic scenes, the attempted pres assassination, the swat team invasion of xaviers school, pyro roasting all the cops, magnetos prison break, nightcrawler saving rogue after she falls out of the x-jet, death strike vs wolverine, jean vs cyclops, and jean psychicing the water out of the way to save everyone. It was incredible start to finish imo.

  14. I’ll say hurray when we hear more about what’s happening with Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm. These characters must be included if we are to bridge the gap and permanently correct the mistakes made in X3. They are as much icons in the x-men franchise as Wolverine. And speaking of which, here’s hoping that X-men DOFP won’t center around Wolverine as much as X1 and X2; there’s enough glory and action to go around, especially with (gulp) Sentinels.
    Speaking of those too, I can’t wait to see Mastermold.

  15. I psyched for the movie and the possibilities. But the story arc DOFP, is a bit dated. I tried rereading it and to me, it doesn’t hold up.

    • That’s the great thing about a medium like TV or movies, you can take a classic story that doesn’t hold up much in today’s world, take out a lot of the pointless crap and condense it into a 2 hour visual experience.

      I read the Dark Phoenix Saga for the first time last year and honestly felt bored, found it a chore to read and once I got to the end, I was left wanting because while the basics were good, most of it was just filler in my opinion but a movie version (or the 90s cartoon version) could be/was a lot more exciting.

      I’m reading Secret Wars currently, got through the first 6 issues but again, it just seems disjointed and difficult to get through in one sitting like I’ve managed with other Marvel stories but if it was a movie, it might be a little more appealing.

      • I’ve been reading a book about the history of Marvel. I never liked the Secret Wars saga and so wasn’t surprised to discover that it was all made to sell toys and the plot line was dictated by the toy company, not the comic book company. The toy company set it up that way to teach kids how to play with the action figures. Blecccch.

        • Secret Wars did pave the way for what would be a running marketing ploy of comic book storyline crossovers like Atlantis Attacks, Evolutionary War, the Infinity Gauntlet and Onslaught. At this point though all the comics have become are a means to push movies, video games, cartoons and other media, so as cynical and money driven as some things are they were just using the model that Star Wars helped create in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

          • Well. I don’t think Star Wars started as a toy commercial. Lucas was just savvy enough to see there was potential there.

            I also don’t think that all comics are just platforms for other sales. There are literally hundreds of heroes with no chance of selling a toy or getting a movie. That company’s see the value of selling the toy is not, in itself, bad. They are providing something that comic nerds truly want any way.

            And I think the comic book movie will die soon enough. It’s a cycle.

            • No the first Star Wars didn’t start out as a massive marketing success, it just kind of happened and it paved the way for the trend that started in the 80’s with Hasbro and other companies. At this point with Marvel and DC being owned by two major media companies, the actual publishing end of the business is not the major money maker. Even Comic-Con is pretty light on actual comic book fare, with few companies outside of the big two even being visible. And the few smaller companies that are left want to branch out and mass market their products just as much as Marvel and DC have because that is where the money is.

              As for the comic book movie trend dying, well I don’t see there being too many cash bonanzas like the Avengers and Batman down the road. But as long as there is some content out there to be explored somebody will still make comic based movies. Whether they will be massive blockbusters or even make it on the radar of the general public is another story.

      • I’m glad others agree. I know some older purists find that to be blasphemy. I agree with the Phoenix stuff too, lil dull. I really wanna read all of Claremonts X stuff but, dull, to me

  16. Cast is growing and looking super cant wait for this one. I do hope they find a way to bring cyclops back because I like many others I’m sure didn’t want him to die in x-Men 3 same with professor x and they just brought him back for the movie so i don’t see much of a reason why cyclops can’t come back. If this is taking place in the present with McAvoy’s team and Stewart’s team will be in an alternate reality I guess that could work just fine. Hopefully we get to see more iceman because even though bobby was always fun we only saw him once for a few seconds in the original trilogy and kitty pride is really a must have for this movie and I hope rouge can do some real action in this one because she as cool in the originals but she never had any big fight in them. Maybe instead of senator Kelly they could make it about the JFK assassination or something like that, time travel can go in so many directions I’m interested to see what they bring.

  17. The more and more I hear about this movie,the more I worry about it.I liked Vaughn at the helm.It seemed to have more direction with him involved.

    I just can’t put any real trust into Singer at this point.First Class looked like it was a preboot to basically tell the story from the beginning,while re-establishing the X-Men universe,but now Singer looks like he’s just moving into a path of making the same mistakes from the first three movies.

    IDK,this thing has great potential to be a total trainwreck.

  18. X3 was truely a dreadful movie, casting was wrong all the way through and juggernaut was underused and not even prof X’s step bro! That part of the cartoon was always a good for me. Omega red needs to be in one of these bit we know cable must be in this. It’s going to be very messy this movie and there will be lots of mistakes & questions arising but I for one am willing to take the risk as X3 ruined this franchise! One question, is DOFP going to effectively mean there is no point watching the upcoming wolverine movie? Erasing it for existence, might as well save my money :)

    • And just what “risk” will YOU be taking with this, besides the price of admission?

      • Time, over 2 hours of life, overinflated snack prices, eye cancer, multiple erections each time January jones is on screen, the drive to the cinema and petrol, finding a parking space, fire, floods, the weather, hating Patrick Stewart (which I don’t now), experiencing the same high blood pressure that I got watching X3, missing an episode of top gear etc. I think you get the idea, was a stupid question.

        • Oh, and leave CAPS LOCK off, makes YOU look even worse

  19. they need to add jean gray!! and get cyclops back!! and storm of course

  20. I wonder if Franklin Richards will be in it. You know, since he had a part in the original storyline. This could be a good starting point for the shared X-Men/Fantastic Four universe.

    • It would be a great idea to have Franklin Richards in it. It would be some connective tissue to another franschise and that’s what everyone is after these days.

  21. I’m getting a little tired of all the time travel in movies these days. It’s a massively overused plot device. I just wish they could think of something different. Time travel is seriously getting old and going stale.

    • At this point though it’s really the only way to tie up all the lose strings (or remove them) the X-Men movies created. It will no doubt be a messy and convoluted disaster but the only way other than wiping the slate truly clean and starting over at the beginning the correct way.

    • DOFP is a well plotted comics arc. I disagree about time travel movies. I think they can be good movies, if the creator actually maps out how time travel works in their movies. Time travel debacles like LOOPER (however you feel about that film) make a mess of it, but it’s cool to follow a time travel movie that makes rules and sticks to them.

  22. I’m personally thrilled Ice Man Bobby Drake is coming back. I then he is one of the most underrated X-men of all time & actually deserves a solo movie.

  23. In all seriousness how do you folks feel about a Iceman solo movie?

    • In all seriousness, I think it would be awful. If they used Ashmore, it would be a disaster. I think the guy is an all right actor, but I’ve never seen any indication he could carry a movie.
      I think the character has been the Comedy Relief character for his entire comic book history. He’s X-Men’s Human Torch. He has not enough backstory to carry an Origin movie, and, though his powers are very interesting, in a group, not that Spectacular in a standalone.
      So, my feelings are pessimistic

      • Yes, I agree. I didn’t like the fact that Iceman was all serious. I think Dazzler should have a solo movie, even though she’s with Marvel Studios & Paramount. She has a interesting history before the X-Men.

      • I enjoy the character but i have to agree.

  24. The only good thing about The Last Stand was Ice-man actually becoming Ice-man!! What about Collosus? I enjoyed First Class, it really brought new life to the X-men Franchise, only complaint was with Havok. Hes such a badass in the comics but he wasnt so much in the movie.

  25. I think this storyline can work. all you have to do to is bring Bishop in the mix. Bishop can put the story together because he is a time traveler. you can even bring Cable, because cyclops is cable father so cyclops has to live. besides bishop can change things in time so he can warn them and prevent the deaths of professor x and cyclops death that took place in Xmen last stand. I have the perfect actors to play them, the rock can play cable because he has the build. bruce willis can play cable because he has that natural combat experience from die hard movies

    • There’s no reason to bring Bishop into anything. Or Cable…I’m not against it (Willis would be better than The Rock) it’s just that the story already has a plausible reason to happen. More plausible than Looper’s nonsense, for sure.
      All the characters that everyone is clamouring for can co exist with no trouble. You’d have to pretend that Havok and Cyclops aren’t brothers, but that’s the only issue I can see. The movies have frakked up the timeline so bad anyway that it doesn’t really matter who is what to who and why.

  26. “Will Senator Robert Kelly be involved?” Probably not, since he died in the first movie. And his death didn´t seem to have an effect on mutant affairs.

  27. This news just made my day.

    Now announce Marsden as Cyclops and I’ll be happy.

  28. all I know is this movie has a lot of sh*t to clear up. Can they just time travel back before X3 and stop it from happening? lol.

    • I thought XMFC kinda did that by ignoring the entire intro of X3. At the least they may have to explain Jean and Scott though, or else some would be confused.

      they should just make the opening of an X4 with all of X3 an illusion created by Jason Stryker – that’d bridge X2 and X4 nicely :)

  29. Actually one of my favorite X-Men characters is the Angel I hope they bring him back but the thing is I’d like it if they recasted him because I just didn’t care for the actor who played him in last stand and nor did I like his role in the movie that much, he had at the least 4 scenes where you saw his actual wings and he didn’t always use them and the actor I found wimpy for the role, not sure who’s would cast maybe Jack Reynor but I’m not so sure. Hope they bring a better version of him to the movie