Iceman, Kitty Pryde & Rogue Return For ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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After Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan signed on to return as (older) Professor X and Magneto, respectively, for X-Men: Days of Future Past, it was a given that franchise poster boy Hugh Jackman would soon follow. Director Bryan Singer made that so and informed the world via Twitter, where he’s been slowly dropping hints and teases of what fans should expect from the X-Men: First Class sequel.

While the likes of Famke Janssen and January Jones remain unsure of their return, Singer announced today that three more X-Men trilogy mutants will be back for Days of Future Past.

Thanks to this tweet, X-Men fans can look forward to seeing Iceman, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat and Rogue back on the big screen. Hugh wasn’t kidding when he teased an X-Men trilogy cast reunion.

Did Singer just take a shot at Brett Ratner for killing off Cyclops and Phoenix? Is this a subtle hint that there’s no chance of James Marsden returning? At least these black leather costumes won’t be returning either:

X Men trilogy black leather costumes 570x378 Iceman, Kitty Pryde & Rogue Return For X Men: Days of Future Past

It took three films for Bobby Drake (Ashmore) to actually become Iceman (just for a moment) and three films for Marie D’ancanto to not become Rogue. It’s a safe bet that Anna Paquin’s character will finally have some mutant powers (outside of temporarily absorbing them) this time around as she was vocal about not ever evolving to participate in the action while doing press for X-Men: The Last Stand.

As for Kitty Pryde, she was a must-include for fans of Marvel Comics since the Days of Future Past storyline revolves around her character. In the books, an aged Kitty Pryde is able to transfer her consciousness back to her younger self (in the present) in order to prevent the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly which began a war where the giant anti-mutant Sentinel robots scour the land, hunting down the X-Men and all other mutants.

Since First Class took place in the ’60s, it’s possible that the ‘present’ in the film follows the younger X-Men led by James McAvoy’s  Xavier and the ‘future’ is the original X-Men team who could be residing in an alternate timeline where some event in the ’60s or ’70s is the new cause for the mutant hysteria – due to some other anomaly in the timeline. Could this be used to introduce one of the fan-favorite time-travelling characters such as Bishop or Cable? Will Senator Robert Kelly be involved?

Singer aims to make sense of the continuity of the films while also broadening out the X-Men universe to compete with Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, and it’ll be interesting to see what comes of his ambitious ideas.

Who else would you like to see return for the next X-Men team-up?

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.


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  1. I REALLY want to like this, with Singer back and all, but something tells me this is gonna become too convoluted with so many characters. hopefully it comes out great.

    • That was the problem in Ratner’s movie. Too many mutants. Hopefully they’ll have learned from the past. I still am a little grumbly about downplaying the Fastball Special and NOT having Colossus and Juggernaut go toe to toe.

      • why u complaining about too many mutants u do realise its X-Men. the whole story is about mutants and humans trying to work together. Ratner X-Men did not work cause it was just an awful movie.

        • Y u no type well? Ratner’s movie WAS poor, I agree. But you can’t pile a bunch of costumes into a movie without giving those costumes time to show who and what they are. THAT was the issue. The books have had YEARS to introduce and develop all these characters so that the readers know who they are. The movie just tried to cram them all in all of a sudden. No go.

          • Well wasn’t Rogue, Ice Man, and a lot of the others returning for Days of Future Past developed already in X-Men 1-3? It’s not like their stuffing in a bunch of NEW characters, because these characters were already introduced and most of them developed.

          • all the x-men movies had loads of characters. how the hell is this any different. plus all the casting for this movie are people who already starred in the previous X-Men movies so we already know their story and background. i guess you have not even watched the movies then?

    • Couldn’t agree more with you,this has disaster written all over it !
      Seems Singer is so eager to get back to X-men that he is trying to cram in all those years of waiting into one movie ! :(

      This Movie will fail big time with him at the helm and all the changes he is doing ! They should have kept Vaughn and continue with the first class group.
      Its a shame what happens here!

      But please,prove me wrong,please !!!!!

      • I was a bit worried too, but I think Vaughn is still attached, he’s one of the writers. Wish they kept him as director though, but thankfully Bryan Singer is the one to step into the Director’s shoes instead of someone unfamiliar with the X-Men.

  2. Paquin’s power IS to absorb other powers, chuckles. Is she going to meet a hitherto unmentioned Ms. Marvel and get her current power set or something?

    • probably not, It doubtful fox can’t use Ms Marvel as she’s technically part of the Avengers and fox doesn’t have the rights to her.

  3. I think they’re adding too many characters to the sequel. I had hope when Vaughn was directing and still when Singer took his place. But with every new news that comes out about it, the more I think it’ll be a Die Hard 2 situation. Great first movie, awful sequel.

    • Whats wrong with Die Hard 2 ? If you said Back to the Future 2 I would agree but Die Hard 2 is a great movie.

  4. Dude, I hope Cable is included in this new X-Men movie because he’s one of the best X-Men characters and he’s gotta show up in one of the movies.

    • No. He doesn’t have to show up. He has nothing to do with Days of Future Past. Best is subjective, and I think he’s okay myself, but there’s already too many men on the ice.

    • Cable and maybe Bishop might be OK, but I must see a whole lot of Cyclops, that is a “for flaming certain”!!

      • Agreed. No matter what else happens, one of there primary objectives needs to be putting Cyclops back into play. I don’t know what they were thinking killing him off in the first place… Insane. I’m sure it’s all fixable though

  5. Agreed. Way TOO MANY characters. It would have been great with the elder Magneto and Xavier. Now, I think it is bordering on the ridiculous.

  6. This whole Days Of Future Past seems like it’s sole purpose is to cash in on the Avengers and Dark Knight Rises success. I can’t believe that this film with everyone coming back and what’s it’s trying to do was planned as a sequel to the first film. I’m not trying to sound too negative; I hope it turns out great, but I’m not gonna ride the bandwagon yet.

    • I disagree. That story line was great on it’s own. Time travel to a dystopian future? Trying to fix things in the past, while trying to survive in the future? Sentinels? Wolvie in a cool bomber jacket? That’s a movie that’s just BEGGING to be made. Dark Knight Rises, by the way, can suck it. It was a lousy movie.

      • It’s a great storyline and all, but I just don’t believe this is what they had in mind for a sequel after First Class came out.

        • @Tay, I’m pretty sure you’re right. I doubt that they had this in mind either but after the Avenger’s success they are trying to follow the leader and make the same money. I hope it fails.

        • No they didn’t !
          Vaughn already gave some hints back then about some JFK stuff and some other ideas settled in the 70′s !

          This massacre here is all Singer ! Really feels like he wants to make up all for all his years of absence from the franchise !
          With so many characters on screen…stuffed in a 2h movie,there is no chance to make them all right ! Maybe they plan a new Trilogy based on Future days !!

        • Just click back on the X-Men articles on this site about their plans for the next movie and it doesn’t seem like this was even a thought a year ago. Unless of course all those other pieces were just utter speculation. And if history is any indication as far as these movies scripts go, this film will be loosely based on the comic version and may not “fix” anything they have already put on the screen.

          • @Slayer, Your right, the only plans they had were to continue with X-Men Fart Class and The Wolverine. The Deadpool project is dead in the pool and the Magneto Origins film was scrapped and just merged into Fart Class. Now after Avenger’s success, Fox became even MORE anxious to reboot Fanastic Four and cross them over with X-Men especially when Marvel Studios showed interest in using Galactus and Silver Surfer to which Fox could have shared those characters which would have benefited both studios but Fox refused.

      • @Derek TDKR was an awesome movie

        I think this movie could work but since I look back and have to admit that the previous X-Men movies haven’t actually been all that great, I’m not so excited. I hope it surprises me though.

        • The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t lousy, but it was LOADED with flaws and did not live up to it’s hype, but was still a rather good film.

          • Avengers was loaded with flaws, prometheseus was loaded with flaws all movies have flaws if you wanna sit there and break them apart. The dark knight rises had a lot of quencidental moments, time jumps and just all around to much going on

      • There is no Wolvie in a cool bomber jacket !!!! :( Sadly Singer will change him nicely !

      • Agree with first point. Massively disagree with second. I didn’t enjoy it that much first time out but it gets better with each viewing

      • You can suck the proverbial big one, because you are lousy human being. Then again sucking is what you have done your whole life lol.

        • Stinging.

  7. Nightcrawler is a must for a return

    • Hope so!

    • I think they’ll have to recast. But I hope so myself. I thought Alan Cummings was great as Nightcrawler, but I can’t believe he’d still look like a circus performer.

      • Cumming voluntarily bowed out of doing X-Men3 because he absolutely hated the full make-up/prosthetic thing. So I highly doubt he will return.

        This isn’t a unique thing as John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) nearly quit doing the LotR trilogy over the same thing and even started having allergic reactions to the application.

        • Yes. The guy who played Rev Bem did the samething.

        • Cumming indicated in an interview with ComingSoon (in December IIRC) that he was up for reprising his role as Nightcrawler.

      • It doesn’t really matter who is playing Nightcrawler, all the make-up would render him unrecognisable. He just needs a passable German accent.

        • In the end this is the best answer if Cumming won’t reprise his role and they still want the character.

  8. Fellas calm down. Clearly you’re probably gonna see these guys in the future going toe to toe with some sentinels.

    I don’t think they’ll all be in the movie at once trying to stop the villain. IMO

    Loved first class. Can’t wait for the sequel.

  9. All you need is storm and beast and you got the whole cast lol….

  10. I’m both glad and nervous about this. This is going to be Spider-Man 3 and Iron Man 2 to the MAX! But hopefully this means that these characters will actually develop and be important instead of hollow people standing around. I want Iceman in full ice and sliding around, more Kitty and actually have Rogue wanting to use her powers. She only used her powers once purposely and that was in X2 to stop Pyro. Oh and how about Colossus. I want Colossus. And put Angel to use. AND WHAT THE F#&K HAPPENED TO NIGHTCRAWLER!!!!!!!

    • “This is going to be Spider-Man 3 and Iron Man 2 to the MAX!”

      So its gonna be astonishingly bad and stalwartly great at the same time? I wanna see how that goes down.

      • Y’know. I love iron man 2. I don’t care, it’s better than the first one. Sam Rockwell makes everything amazing, FACT

        • This is true.

  11. I’d be surprised if Cyclops doesn’t return.

  12. Nightcrawler. He was forgotten when the third film came out. He definitely needs to make a return.

    • Cyclops in the movies was largely wasted…And Cyclops in the comics is a frakkin’ killjoy mopey pill. The guy most likely to be avoided at parties and about the least expressive person in the entirety of the Marvel Universe, and that includes Giant Babyhead Watcher.

    • I reckon they’ll snag him from the time stream just before he dies or sumthin

  13. Hmmmm

  14. we never see James Marsden Cyclops get killed so he could be still alive

    • Cyclops could be completely dead and rotting in the ground…U do know it’s X-Men, right? They could bring him back from anything with just a couple of lines and one mutant. We could have SEEN him die onscreen. Wouldn’t matter.

  15. Oh…that’s unfortunate news.

  16. Just sign up Famke Janssen and get it over with.

    The Phoenix cannot ever die!

  17. No, no, no ,no, no. Singer is rehashing the same old vibes and aesthetic of his and Ratners X-men films. Rogue Kitty Pride and Iceman sucked. Singer is ruining everything that was fixed by X-men: First Class, and bringing back his same visual conceprs and characters that all need to be RE-booted or recast. Singer taking over was a mistake, thinking of his movies and their score make me sick.

  18. Looks like “X-Men 4″ is right around the corner. Cable or Bishop is about to fix history.

  19. Out of the ones revealed, the only characters left I think need to come back are Storm and Cyclops. Since Storm was such a prominent character in the trilogy, she has to come back for this to work.

    I don’t mind Pheonix staying dead, but I do feel Cyclops should return somehow. Besides, this film will go over time travel and alternate realities, remember? Bringing him back wouldn’t be an issue. Now, If he died at the end of “Last Stand” in some heroic/awesome way, I wouldn’t care. But, because his death was so stupid and ant-climactic, I do feel like he should come back.

    Also, what’s with the hate toward the leather costumes? I thouht they were fine. They were designed to look similar, so they would look like a team (ya know, like the comics) but each character still had elements of their costumes from the comics. But, that’s just me.

  20. Considering a previous comment about the comic having years to develop characters, and the movies are just dropping people in, wouldn’t that mean you could only have too many characters if they were new characters, but previously introduced characters are fair game? Honestly asking the question. I don’t see it could have too many characters if they all contribute to the story, and they aren’t just there to be a special effect.

    And thank goodness I haven’t heard Halle Berry’s name yet. She never seemed like the Storm I imagined.

    • Yes. You absolutely could have every already decently established character in the movie. YOu could even add a couple of new ones if you spent some honest time giving them a back story. I’m just saying you can’t carpet bomb with random costumes. You win nothing. THe comics fans cry foul because those characters are just standing there doing nothing and the people who just came to the movie are like “Who the hell is that?”

      Yes. They should totally recast Storm. Halle Berry seemed like she was waiting for her main lead role to materialize the whole time she was in the movie.

  21. use the time travel to erase whats wrong with the movies. having a time traveler even show up at all can changes the outcome of events in the future. that way we can have cyclops and jean back bc the event of last stand change, and just wipe out xmen origins by having the new wolverine movie retcon it out of existence and showing diffrent events from logans past. BOOM. new timeline established, continuity issues largely resolved and removed.

  22. I honestly do not understand why everybody is hating on this film? I am extremely excited for this, and to see the X-Men back together. Why is everybody complaining about the cast? That’s the whole point of the X-Men. I hope to see Beast, Storm and Nightcrawler back. I would also love to see Gambit somehow….

    • omg finnaly someone who gets it

    • Because it’s a train wreck waiting to happen?

      Many fans also disliked XMFC for the many *ahem* “liberties” they decided to take with the canon to make that movie work. So we worry what other things they will ruin to get this story to fit their personal vision.

    • He’s not necessarily dead. All we ever saw were a pair of glasses and a lot of assumptions but no body so anything is possible.

      Maybe Mr. Sinister kidnapped him and has been keeping him in stasis all this time?

      • your actually since its future and past related i would say theres a chance he could come back but i just dont know how it would fit with all the action but maybe if not probebly the 5 film

      • That is the perfect idea. Allegedly killing Cyclops was the biggest mistake in the entire series.

    • Storm could never run things in the X-men film universe because she’s awful. Her coming back might be a deal breaker for me. Every time they announced she was returning in the other sequels I wanted to throw something. Because I knew they were going to have to work around the demands of a celebrity who hadn’t realized what everyone else realized years earlier. She was a fluke. She was the biggest star in the first one. Then everyone else’s star went up while hers went down, but no one told her.

  23. YES! ICEMAN IS BACK! Super excited for this film!

  24. Senator R. Kelly huh?

  25. OMG! no not the chick that played Rogue. Couldn’t he find a better person to play her? Gosh not this again. This chick can’t play Rogue for sh!@t.

    • Blame the writers, not her

  26. Anna Paquin, sucked as Rogue big time.

  27. The movie isn’t even out yet & you guys are complaining. I think that Bryan Singer knows exactly what he’s doing. The cast may be big but i’m sure every character will serve their purpose. This is Singer’s baby, so i’m not surprised that he’s taking over. Cut him some slack jeez.

    • That’s the internet, fella. A dollop of incomplete and unsubstantiated news and a torrent of speculation and name calling and shaking fists at the sky. I don’t know, though, why we give Bryan Singer so much belief. He directed two good movies and a slew of average ones.