Anna Paquin’s Rogue Gets Cut From ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ [Debunked]

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X Men 3 Anna Paquin Rogue Wallpaper Anna Paquins Rogue Gets Cut From X Men: Days of Future Past [Debunked]

DEBUNKED: Rogue DOES Show up in the movie.


It was back in January when X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer revealed that the growing cast of the X-Men: First Class sequel would also see the return of familiar faces Iceman, Kitty Pryde and Rogue, played by Shawn Ashmore, Ellen Page and Anna Paquin, respectively. They, along with most of the franchise staples from the original X-Men movie trilogy return for the sections of the Days of Future Past story that take place in a post-apocalyptic future – in an alternate timeline.

With so many mutant characters vying for screen time in the ensemble(s), we knew many major characters from Marvel Comics wouldn’t get much to do, especially with star Hugh Jackman describing the project as three movies in one. It’s so packed in fact, that at least one of the major characters won’t even make it into the theatrical version of the film.

EW spoke with Bryan Singer who confirmed that Anna Paquin’s scenes as the X-Men character Rogue had to be cut.

“Through the editing process, the sequence became extraneous. It’s a really good sequence and it will probably end up on the DVD so people can see it. But like many things in the editing process, it was an embarrassment of riches and it was just one of the things that had to go. Unfortunately, it was the one and only sequence Anna Paquin was in, the Rogue character was in. Even though she’s in the materials and part of the process of making the film, she won’t appear in it.”

Singer continued, explaining that the decision to remove Rogue from the theatrical cut entirely had nothing to do with Paquin’s performance.

“She was awesome in the sequence. She’s a brilliant actress. I would work with her in a heartbeat.”

The scene in question involved Rogue, Iceman, Professor X and Magneto and a rescue mission and parts of that appear in the X-Men: Days of Future Past teaser trailer. We heard that she only had a few scenes but that they were relatively important ones so the fact they she’s cut out entirely could mean there have been some late-stage tweaks to the project.

It’s possible that since X-Men: Apocalype just recently became an official project in the works for a 2016 release – with Singer, Simon Kinberg, Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty working out the story - that Days of Future Past has changed since it finished shooting. Perhaps now it was re-worked a bit with the extra weeks of shooting that occurred this month to lead into and setup Apocalypse but that’s just speculation. We still don’t know who’s returning from Days of Future Past for the next sequel outside of the main stairs of X-Men: First Class who are contracted for three pictures each.

Marvel Cards 1994 Rogue X Men Art Boris Anna Paquins Rogue Gets Cut From X Men: Days of Future Past [Debunked]

As for Rogue, fans disappointed in how the character was underutilized in the X-Men trilogy – and arguably ruined in X3: The Last Stand - are so desensitized to her not getting a fair shake in the film universe that Anna Paquin’s scenes being cut will have no effect. It’s par for the course after all. While promoting X3, Paquin made it abundantly clear that she wasn’t too impressed that after three films she still didn’t get to acquire additional powers and partake in the action. That trend continues here, but in this case, it seems to be in service of polishing the story which we can’t complain about. More reason to pick up X-Men: Days of Future Past on home video?


Watch: X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer


The Wolverine is now available on home video, X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015X-Men: Apocalypse releases May 27, 2016 release.

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Source: EW

Rogue artwork by Boris Vallejo.

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  1. So should I just wait to get it on blu ray?

  2. As much as I disliked how much they changed rouge for these movies, she was growing on me. She had A major part from the first movie so her only having one scene in the first place seems like a bit of an oversight but i guess we will see.

    • They need to reboot Gambit and Rogue. :\

  3. No way

  4. As much as I loved singers first 2 x men movies I’ve always hated what he did with Rogue, especially with Anna Paquin being the great actress she is, this film seems to be continuing the Singer tradition of ruining a great character for no apparent reason.

  5. Obviously I have no idea how this movie is going to play out but as a poster said above, she was a pretty central character fro XMen – X3 so to not have her in the movie cheapens the returning cast a bit.

    From what I know, no Cyclops, Rogue or Jean which is sad. Who is going to be in the future scenes? Colossus, Storm, Iceman and Kitty? Some things can not be controlled, I know, but sounds like a bunch of the B team players will be in the future scenes.

    • Wut? In this timeline Scott and Jean are dead….so yeah, they won’t be in the future scenes. Did you forget original cast members Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Ian Mckellan? Not B players as you put it. Have you seen these movies??

      • Wolverine will be in both future and past scenes so I wasn’t counting him. You ask me if I’ve seen these movies and then you mention Patrick Stewart will be in the future fight scenes. As you would say…wut? Prof. X hasn’t contributed to any of the big action scenes in any of the Xmen movies. Have you even seen these movies?

        My point was I’ll miss not seeing more of the originals in the movie. So yeah, piss off.

        • I agree. I am just starting to get a bad feeling about this film. I want it to be good but right now, based on articles around the web, I am having my doubts

    • You consider Storm B-Team? Then what would that make Cyclops? Honestly, I could see it being Storm, Beast, Iceman, and Shadowcat, which isn’t all that bad a lineup, I’d say. Drake always struck me as a character that could replace Cyclops leading the team in the future, and having Storm to back him up would be an awesome choice. Shadowcat, I found an enjoyable character, and Beast was always a favorite of mine.

      • @VaShaun – I don’t consider Storm B team at all but I think Berry was only on set for a day and was pregnant so I doubt she’ll have more than a quick cut.

        • Based on some articles I’ve read people close to “the source” have said she’s only in a couple of scenes.

      • Cyclops is, by Marvel standards, a SUPER superhero. Marvel has chosen a few to be those who can lead others. Cap, Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Doc Strange, maybe, and Cyclops. Cyclops has been, as long as I can remember, painted as a humourless jerk who is good at leading. I HATE Cyclops as a character…and love that Marvel has him. He’s a jerk because he’s a jerk. He’s honourable and upright and a hero, but he’s a dick….That’s just hard to transfer into the films….and, in my opinion, the films didn’t do well by either the casting or the portrayal of the character…..But Cyclops has always been above Storm as a leader in this universe…and Storm needs to get a mohawk to even START to be that leader.

        • Cyclops is not a d**k, just business-like..there is a difference (if you want to see more d**ks than at a nudist colony, you should see some of my bosses at Wal-Mart! Cyke is a great leader, and I do agree with your choices above for those who have ring-general leadership abilities. No mohawk for Storm, tho, please, and no punk-rock looks for anyone else, be it ravaged hair, piercings, tats, or anything else. And altho I like storm, Cyke is defnitely heads and shoulders above her as a leader! The first two X-Men movies were good (although I would have preferred sticking to canon, and less Wolverine). Afterwards, tho, they all got worse until this has become one franchise that possibly might benefit by a reboot, with the new series featuring canon, and especially Cyclops as leader!

          • Oh, I agree. I have no interest in Punk Rock Storm either. But that was the Storm who had leadership abilities(such as they were. She really did nothing other than to tell Wolvie to relax)
            Cyclops was perceived, even by his girlfriend, as sort of No Fun. A huge stick wedged in his alimentary canal. He remains that way to this day, in the books….(though now with the world’s stupidest mask)
            But the movies never painted him as ANY kind of leader. They decided they would focus on Wolvie. And that was a mistake from a franchise point of view, if you ask me. They should have made Cyke tough as nails and given him that clear leadership skill. There had to be some reason Marvel Girl wanted him.

  6. Womp womp, so the film is so bloated with characters some basically get one scene and if its cut theyre not even in the film. Ha.

  7. I am a supporter of Singer’s X-Men universe but I never liked the treatment of Rogue. She has always been one of my favorite mutants. The Rogue from the 90′s cartoon got it right. Removing Rogue from this movie doesn’t bother me. It is not the Rogue anyone really wants to see anyway.

  8. Good. Her absence can only help the film.

  9. To say Im hugely dissapointed and pissed is an understatement

    How they have treated this character is such a huge insult to the comics and fans, that I cant even believe it

    after X3 role, they do this?? seriously?? Dont they ever learn??

    • Fox doesn’t know how to handle the franchise, especially X men, which is more suited to be in Marvel, and handled for a Mature audience.

  10. Really..? i mean..cmon… I was always a bit skeptical about this whole thing…but this is just downright disappointing… Rouge is a brilliant character…Kitty Pryde is a brilliant character… So, in this movie, we have no rouge..and kitty pryde isn’t central becuz Huge Jackman gets to go bak in time..
    It might end up being an average success..with this kind of handling, x-men movies will never be the success that Marvel has had with the avengers or iron man or even thor in terms of ticket sales as well as critical acclaim…It’s like they’re trying to aim for meritocracy…
    Its such a cool storyline…Such a great plot…you have brilliant actors…But they keep finding ways to disappoint..
    I might just wait fr the dvd….

    • * mediocrity

  11. So they will cut like 10-15 minutes from the movie. If the was 130 minutes long, it’s now 120-115

    • *he

  12. I think the reason why rogue only appears in one scene is because she dies in the scene she appeared in. If you watch the trailer, you can see rogue, magneto, and iceman running down a hallway with rogue needing help walking from iceman. It’s possible she was shot during the rescue mission/escape and dies before the three can escape

  13. *sighs*

    Well, there go my hopes of Singer making up for 3 terrible Rogue adaptations with a quick alternate time-line scene that depicts her flying and using super-strength and being the all around bad-@ss that she is supposed to be.

    Still though, better no adaptation then another terrible one, I suppose…

    I guess the general audience won’t even notice or know the difference.

    • +1

      Like you said better no appearance than a crappy one. Still disappointed though.

    • well for her other power she get them by stealing it from ms.marvel and i think she belongs to marvel so they could not do it but if i am wrong fox is stupide not have use it

  14. I thought The mutants from X-3 where going to come back and show that the cure actually makes them stronger once the mutants powers return and Rogue would have had her Flight and strength. This Blows now I know we will be seeing mainly Wolverine and Magneto fighting Sentinels, Without Cyclops, Rogue, Gambit, Archangel, Nightcrawler, Iceman, and Colossus so what is the point in continuing this franchise really? AS a fan I am so sick of Wolverine and Magneto I have had six films of them and three more on the way, come on and get to the real X-men team already. We already know the real villain of X-men Apocalypse is Magneto yet again. Please enough Wolverine and Magneto already. If they wanted Kitty to be in DOFP more they could have simply had her Time travel/Phase through time but they wanted to have Wolverine crammed in there again. If they wanted to have Cyclops return they could have simply time travelled to X-3 timeline and saved him simple you have mutants who can do anything and they say it is very difficult to make things happen. Sorry but the way they over use these two Mutants and never any of the really interesting mutants has me a bit ticked.

    • Yes! Way too much magneto and Wolverine. And pantywaist piddling characters. I would say that for future movies, it turns out that Cable and Bishop time-travelled in X-Men 3 and snatched Cyke just before dark Phoenix/Jean had a chance to zap him, and took Cyke back to the future with them (kinda like a John Conner thing in Terminator) and thereby preserved Cable’s life, as he is the offspring of Madelaine Pryor and Cyke. While in the future, Cyke helps defeat the Sentinels, thereby saving the future (so who needs Wolverine and Magneto in DOFP, anyways, if this would be the case). Then Cable and Bishop return Cyke to the present time, and now he is alive, because he has altered and preserved the future and his own past. That solves alot of problems, revives fan fave Cyke, introduces Bishopp and cable, clobbers Sentinels in the future….lots better than what i have a hunch is coming up in DOFP. And then we are ready after that for Apocalypse, and guys like Mr. Sinister and Omega Red. Maybe I should write these movies???

  15. Maybe they cut her because she was just killed in the comics. Any way this version of Rogue sucked. The movie will be fine without her.

  16. Were they even legally able to portray Rogue “correctly”? I mean, she stole her powers from Carol Danvers, who I’m pretty sure Fox doesn’t have the rights to…

  17. No Cyclops, no Rogue, no Cable, very little Storm, no Kitty Pryde going back to the future, big stars are gonna be either relatively insignificant people as far as canon is concerned, or else the blah-blahs from First Class, it’s just gonna be a disjointed Wolverine and Magneto show again….are there a group of peop[le out there determined to destroy this franchise and make mediocre movies? Nothing resembles what made the comic characters famous in the first place. Time to go back to the early 60s and 70s comics and the drawing board!

  18. *Sigh* Not that I’m super upset about Rogue; she wasn’t much in any of the movies up til now, I’m just kind of bitter that we never actually got a proper X-MEN team movie.

    Even the good ones were mostly about Wolverine. When X-MEN works best is usually when that team dynamic is emphasized in the way they interact with each other or their rivals/enemies. First Class came closest to that magic but I think we can all agree that, for everything it gets right, it’s not without its problems.

    Now with most of the core cast missing, I’m not going to get my hopes up that this movie is going to “fix” the problems currently inherent in the cinematic franchise, so what’s the loss of one Rogue, more or less? But hey, here’s hoping I’m wrong and it rocks. Sometimes I prefer to be wrong.

  19. No major loss, it’s not like it was rogue from the comics; just some girl with white striped hair.

    • the sad thing is you can say that for majority of the characters in this adaptation

      • I agree. The characters in the movie world I’ve always thought they were okay but were nothing like the character in the comics

  20. They cut a few scenes! Everyone hop on the doom wagon! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!

    But seriously, Rogue was pretty meh in the initial trilogy so I’m not really sure what the problem is. They had a tiny amount of scenes that would not do her comic character justice and removed them entirely. Way I see it is that they don’t want to ruin the character with cheap scenes meant likely only to show she’s around.

  21. Thanks Obama

    • Even Obama knows Rogue was a failed character in the Movie.. yes Thank you very much

  22. Rouge was not “ruined” in X-Men 3. I’m so sick of people complaining about that when it made sense for the character to make that choice. Her choosing otherwise in the “alternate ending” felt so false. Seriously, Rouge’s a non-violent person who NEVER used her “superpower” for anything, and it was preventing her from having a physical relationship of ANY sort. What other choice WOULD she make, really??

    • Well in the comics, Professor X taught Rogue how to control her power so she was able to continue a relationship with Gambit.

  23. Correct me if I’m wrong but cyclops’ body was not found in x3, just his glasses,right? (It’s been a long time. I should rewatch)

    If that is the case, the writers should have cyclops be the one who goes back into time, being taken from alkali lake, making him look like he died, but was really removed from that timeline. That way, he isn’t dead, and you can still have a future version of wolverine come back too, if wolverine is necessary for the story.

    • Yep, everyone (including the characters) assumed because they found his protective glasses he was dead.

      Phoenix could just as easily KOed him and then he could have been captured by someone like Mr. Sinister

    • Go up a few names and read my comments on Cyke and the future…I have my own idea of how Cyke could save the day; not quite the same as yours, but I think we are both in the “I like Cyke” club!

  24. Not only did they destroy her character, they also cut her out of this one too…

    If that wasn’t bad enough, they made Apocalypse into a “guy with a metal face” who came from outer space and takes control over Magneto…

    Maybe ScreenRant should instead talk about how FOX is destroying the franchise and does not care about the source material. For example, Gambit, Deadpool, Silver Samurai and Apocalypse.

  25. What made me dislike about Singer lately, is because he:
    1. Keep on stealing spotlight, like he needs all attention to his work. Just think about it. Whenever other competitors had a breakthrough news, he suddenly shows up with his news that distract people. This time, he’s trying to hog the attention that people are giving to Paul Rudd’s casting and the Baron von Strucker rumor.
    2. Too ambitious by trying to make this his Avengers movie, simply by gathering a cast that is too crowded… though in the end, we knew that Storm will have very short appearance, and now Rogue is cut off. So what’s the point of adding Quicksilver in the fray? Now we know that Rogue is basically in just that one scene? Really, I’m starting to worry some other cast like Bishop, Sunfire and others are simply cannon fodders… :(
    3. Released a trailer that is half-baked, meaning it’s still not done with any CG yet but he insisted on releasing it anyway… to then simply posted an interview to explain scene by scene literally. Why not wait until everything is done with all it’s supposed glory? You know, like TASM or Winter Soldier?
    4. And now one character that he deliberately showed on that trailer didn’t make the cut, which for me… made the whole trailer felt ‘wrong’…

    That’s just how I personally think, feel free to disagree cause this is a free world after all… but I won’t argue with anyone. Just stating my thoughts. I mean I like his work on the first 2 X-Men movie, but seriously his attitude annoys me.

    • I agree with you. Bryan Singer is definitely an attention whore. I hope he doesn’t bite off more than he can chew. I guess we’ll see!

    • I don’t think Singer has much of a say in the trailer, and certainly not when it’s released, making points 3 and 4 invalid. As for your first point, all the studios are trying to one-up each other with every bit of news, if your going to blame Singer blame them all. As for 2, I’ll wait until the films out.

  26. Maybe we’ll see Rogue in X-Men: Apocalypse?

    • If we lose a Magneto and Xavier and/or very high paid Wolverine while avoiding too much Mystique the actor budget should balance itself out. I think Jackman will probably stay through Apocalypse though. Storm could be easily recast.

  27. So we have days of future past next year, then 2016 age of apocalypse. So that means I’m going to have to wait till 2019 at least to wait for the reboot, where they can start again and hopefully do the x-men justice. Why didn’t they reboot after x3? These films have never felt right. Only 6 more years till the slim possibility of new and fresh x-men films. Also who at fox is Hugh jackman sleeping with? I feel a big reason they haven’t rebooted is that they don’t want to lose Hugh jackman, but you can’t polish a turd, reboot, come on, please.

    • Well I’m confident the rights will revert to Marvel before it’s reboot. FOX has butchered too much. The wire for FF’s pretty thin too.

      • Fox has used wording similar to, “you will have to pry it from our cold dead hands”. In other words, they have no intention of letting the rights lapse. Worst case scenario, they will put out a crappy, direct to video X-Men production of some sort just to fulfill the terms of the contract.

        No, Fox will be milking their franchise until they close their doors (or until Disney offers them an obscene amount of money to buy the rights back)

  28. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions but this type of news makes me kind of wish that this was just a sequel to First Class and he left the original cast out of it. I was hopeful that Rogue returning would mean she would be the strong character portrayed in the comics and the 90s cartoon (i.e. Super Strength, Flight) but to learn that she was being rescued just showcases the fact she was still the weak character Bryan Singer wrote her to be. ONLY ONE SCENE TOO?! Makes me question how other returning characters and new characters will be used in the film? DOFP should have been put on the back burner so they could allow Matthew Vaughn to finish the First Class trilogy. Mutants from 2033 returning to 2013 would have been more epic!!!!! I think we all can agree to that!

  29. Better #$!^ put in the extended cut or deleted scenes so I can put it in.