Anna Paquin’s Rogue Gets Cut From ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ [Debunked]

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X Men 3 Anna Paquin Rogue Wallpaper Anna Paquins Rogue Gets Cut From X Men: Days of Future Past [Debunked]

DEBUNKED: Rogue DOES Show up in the movie.

It was back in January when X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer revealed that the growing cast of the X-Men: First Class sequel would also see the return of familiar faces Iceman, Kitty Pryde and Rogue, played by Shawn Ashmore, Ellen Page and Anna Paquin, respectively. They, along with most of the franchise staples from the original X-Men movie trilogy return for the sections of the Days of Future Past story that take place in a post-apocalyptic future – in an alternate timeline.

With so many mutant characters vying for screen time in the ensemble(s), we knew many major characters from Marvel Comics wouldn’t get much to do, especially with star Hugh Jackman describing the project as three movies in one. It’s so packed in fact, that at least one of the major characters won’t even make it into the theatrical version of the film.

EW spoke with Bryan Singer who confirmed that Anna Paquin’s scenes as the X-Men character Rogue had to be cut.

“Through the editing process, the sequence became extraneous. It’s a really good sequence and it will probably end up on the DVD so people can see it. But like many things in the editing process, it was an embarrassment of riches and it was just one of the things that had to go. Unfortunately, it was the one and only sequence Anna Paquin was in, the Rogue character was in. Even though she’s in the materials and part of the process of making the film, she won’t appear in it.”

Singer continued, explaining that the decision to remove Rogue from the theatrical cut entirely had nothing to do with Paquin’s performance.

“She was awesome in the sequence. She’s a brilliant actress. I would work with her in a heartbeat.”

The scene in question involved Rogue, Iceman, Professor X and Magneto and a rescue mission and parts of that appear in the X-Men: Days of Future Past teaser trailer. We heard that she only had a few scenes but that they were relatively important ones so the fact they she’s cut out entirely could mean there have been some late-stage tweaks to the project.

It’s possible that since X-Men: Apocalype just recently became an official project in the works for a 2016 release – with Singer, Simon Kinberg, Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty working out the story – that Days of Future Past has changed since it finished shooting. Perhaps now it was re-worked a bit with the extra weeks of shooting that occurred this month to lead into and setup Apocalypse but that’s just speculation. We still don’t know who’s returning from Days of Future Past for the next sequel outside of the main stairs of X-Men: First Class who are contracted for three pictures each.

Marvel Cards 1994 Rogue X Men Art Boris Anna Paquins Rogue Gets Cut From X Men: Days of Future Past [Debunked]

As for Rogue, fans disappointed in how the character was underutilized in the X-Men trilogy – and arguably ruined in X3: The Last Stand – are so desensitized to her not getting a fair shake in the film universe that Anna Paquin’s scenes being cut will have no effect. It’s par for the course after all. While promoting X3, Paquin made it abundantly clear that she wasn’t too impressed that after three films she still didn’t get to acquire additional powers and partake in the action. That trend continues here, but in this case, it seems to be in service of polishing the story which we can’t complain about. More reason to pick up X-Men: Days of Future Past on home video?


Watch: X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer


The Wolverine is now available on home video, X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015X-Men: Apocalypse releases May 27, 2016 release.

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Source: EW

Rogue artwork by Boris Vallejo.

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  1. First, no rebecca romjin as mystique now no rogue. well losing powers will get you lose part in the x-men films…

    • parts*

  2. I can keep things compartmentalised with regards to this film. On one hand, it’s bitterly disappointing to lose Rogue, have no Cyclops and have Kitty written out of the time travel in favor of the overexposed Wolverine. Bummers.

    However on the other hand, I have no reason to complain about what I’ve seen of what this film WILL be. It still looks very promising in spite of the afford mentioned bummers. Fox is pouring a ton of resources into it and I genuinely expect something good.

    Plus, we’ll probably get deleted scenes on the video release, and then someone can make a “fan cut” with Rogue.

  3. Does anybody really care about this earth shattering announcement? We already have about 20 mutants running around in this picture, one less pouty angst ridden girl isn’t going to make or break the production. That being said I can’t wait to see this…

    • She’s only pouty and etcetera in X-Men evolution the cartoon and the previous movies. Considering she’ll obviously be older I’d think she wouldn’t act the same way. I myself am pretty dissapointed because Rogue is the reason i ever got in to Marvel anything.

      • I think if Rogue was the character she *should* have been and not the wet-noodled Kitty Pryde version Fox engineered from the get go, she wouldn’t have been been cut because she would likely have been used differently.

  4. It’s probably way out in left field but I’ve always enjoyed Rogue and Gambit. His character in wolverine could have been more. Maybe somewhere in the X-Men universe this can happen

    • I agree Gambit should really be in this one as well as Rogue. They probably cut her because of her exposed character on True Blood. With that being said, I’m glad they are giving Iceman some attention judging by the newest preview. I hope that isn’t the only scene for him as well.

  5. BOOOOOOO i wanted to see rogue :'(

  6. I’m fine with this. As they said in the article, Rogue’s character was awful in the first trilogy, and was completely ruined by the 3rd movie. They should’ve went for the Brotherhood of Mutants storyline, but too late now. I hope there is a future X-Men film with Rogue AND Gambit.

  7. Thank god she was awful in these films and her scenes make it look like a cheesy chic flik thank you Singer. Now just keep making it and it will be the best film of the year!

  8. As long as it gives me a lot of Blink.

  9. So unfortunate for the Rogue character…
    But Im glad as well since I never liked Paquin as Rogue.

    • ^This!

  10. If SInger would have thrown in a Ms Marvel-like mutant for Rogue to absorb in like 2 or even just start her with those powers it would have been great and Anna Paquin is amazing and underutilized. She should have gotten Haley Berry(i dont care if thats not how its spelled honestly) type screen time with her just being SO wrong in the role it would be even better. Infact can she be cut like a white wig taped to a broom would be closer. Anyways itss the Wolverine and guests movies anyways so surprised everyone isnt cut

  11. Not too bothered by this. We all thought the character roster was looking a little crowded anyway and sort of thrown together like the third movie just to have mutants appearing on screen for the first time with little to no sense.

    If she was in one scene, that can be forgiven. I’m sure people who go and watch it at the cinema won’t notice her absence.

    Not sure about the hate for Jackman though since he’s the most bankable star the X-Men movies have. It’d be like complaining that there’s too much Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies, despite him being the most popular character in the franchise.

    Same for Magneto too actually. Sure, the “Magneto as Apocalypse” rumour helped me decide not to watch DOFP until it airs on TV in 2015 but lets face it, Magneto has always been the major X-Men villain in mainstream media and the one casual audiences recognise due to the 90s cartoon and the movies to date since 2000.

    Fox are just going with what those casual audiences know rather than take the risk with major villains like Apocalypse that nobody outside of the comic book community will recognise.

    • I don’t think it’s so much people hate Hugh Jackman. It’s more, we’ve seen enough of Huge Jackman. All the X-Men and solo titles he’s had, it’s wearing a bit thin on some people this long into the X-Men Franchise.

      Honestly, you’re right. He’s the most profitable and most popular X-Man, no doubt about that. All the same, people are going to get tired of it. It’s like eating too much of your favorite ice cream. You enjoy it for a good while, but sooner or later you want something else, and there are fans out there that want something else.

      • I think most people still love Jackman as Wolverine. I know I do. It’s obvious he loves the character and it shows with the way he portrays him. If anything, I’d rather see more Wolverine solo stories. I thought The Wolverine was one of the best CBM’s this past year. I’d also be totally ok with Wolverine having solo films and not having him in the X-Men films as to flesh out more characters in the X-Men universe. Aside from X-Men 3, I have really enjoyed the X-Men films (although I hated what they did to Deadpool in Origins). I am a fan of the Rogue character from the animated shows, so I would really like to see her character rebooted in Apocalypse and show what a real bada$$ she could be.

      • I have to respectively disagree, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is probably what kept the series alive. I couldn’t imagine another actor portraying Wolverine, just like Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man. I’m glad that we will see more of Magneto and Professor X in the action. The first three Xmen films were good, but I personally think that it was directed to it’s potential. I hope Bryan Singer can amp up this one. It’s XMEN, let’s see their powers more not just a couple scenes! LOL

        • I meant that it WASN’T directed to it’s potential, where is the edit button on this forum. Ha Ha

    • “We all thought”? No, in fact, we all don’t think the same thing. Speaking for myself, I am very excited for this movie, and I was looking forward to seeing Anna as Rogue again.

      I have to ask though, a rumor about the next movie has made you decide not too see this one? Really? Maybe wait for the next trailer to see if this movie is for you instead of letting a unsubstantiated internet rumor decide for you.

  12. I cant with the close minded fans that think that Wolverine and Magneto have to be the leads because they are the most popular.

    Yes, so you have a huge universe with awesome characters, but you just waste them all and put the focus on only two. Smart decision, without doubt.

    There are some reasons the X-Men movies havent reached all their potential in terms of boxoffice, and one of the most important is that right decision.

    • How are people close-minded for using logic and common sense?

      Honestly, I’d love a proper team to be shown but since Wolverine was the standout early on and became the most popular, it’s only right they have him as the main character.

      If the writing for the first few X-Men movies was actually good, you wouldn’t be complaining about Wolverine stealing the show because others would’ve had more prominence and – just like with the comics – everyone would have their own favourite character, whether it be Wolverine, Cyclops or whoever.

      • Wolverine is vastly more popular than any of the other X-Men characters, even among comics fans. Wolverine has been shown to be capable of supporting multiple concurrent solo titles while the other X-Men aren’t even really able to support 1. Don’t blame the movie writers for all of the other X-Men’s perennial lack of popularity.

        • I always wanted Wolverine to leave the team for a team in the comics during the 80’s and 90’s just because I thought it would make the character grow and change the dynamic of the team. The films have ended up being centered on Wolverine because he was the most popular character from the start and the actor who played him ended up being a bankable movie star. There is no way the studio was not going to ride that as far as it would go.

          The Wolverine movie was probably my favorite X-Men movie thus far and would have been even better without the addition of Viper and Silver Samurai because Wolverine really does not need a parade of side characters to carry a story. First Class on the other hand did not fare much better by focusing on low tier characters that some people might not have even heard of.

          • I do blame the scripts and the dollar-chasing for the continuation of bad scripts and character direction/decisions. Most characters form teams because they NEED to in order to succeed.

            Based on that alone, Wolverine should have left after the first movie, leaving the team to focus on being a TEAM and doing his solo movies. Of course a great big green dollar bill was blocking the exit for him.

  13. I’m out here in Afghanistan and wanting to to see Rogue in the next movie was gonna be one of the ways I of celebrating leaving. D’OH! Thanks, Singer, thanks.

  14. I’ve detected an error in your article. When you say Rogue was “arguably ruined in X3: The Last Stand” it should say she was “made interesting for the first time ever in X3: The Last Stand”

    • Nah, I disagree. A woman trying to change herself to appease a man is not interesting in an X-Men movie. The movies stand for more than that with bigger, legit themes to hit and it poops all over what Rogue is about and how she was depicted in the previous films.

      From Dougherty, one of the X2 writers:

      “The whole point of Rogue’s character is that she is supposed to come to terms with who she is and also I don’t think it’s good to tell girls ‘Yeah you should change yourselves so you can get a guy.'”

      • The female characters in the X-Men films were not only portrayed in a weaker than their comic book versions, they were not shown in a strong light at all. Mariko and Yukio in the Wolverine were two of the tougher women in any of the X-films, which says a lot. Rogue was essentially made into a Kitty Pryde type character, which made her redundant in X-3 and probably carried over into this film (unless they actually toughed her up and gave her the rest of her powers).

        • I totally agree, Fox essentially screwed the pooch in X-Men by trying to combine elements of different characters and making changes. To me, it indicates either a great short-sightedness on their part (as if they never intended to have a successful film to begin with, i.e. “we won’t ever be using characters like Kitty anwyay”) or a lack of any real respect for its source (which I still feel exists since they felt the need to add things like the spandex comment in it).

      • Um… did we see the same movie? I seem to recall Bobby and everyone else trying to stop her for the entire movie. When she finally makes the choice, Bobby tells her that it wasn’t what he wanted. She responds by saying, “No, it’s what I wanted.”

        How is that changing for a man again? Isn’t that the opposite? Or is she not able to have agency for her own decisions, being a woman and all?

        • she got rid of her powers to be with him because her powers were dangerous. by doing that, they managed to turn one of the most badass women in comics into a whiny teenager who wanted a boyfriend so badly that she was willing to change her dna for him.

  15. There is way too much Wolverine in these movies I’d rather they put Rogue in it instead of him. it’s really a shame she’s a really interesting character in the comics and they’ve gone and ruined her.

    • The Wolverine-Rogue relationship was my favorite part of X1…I enjoyed their common ground as outsiders much more than I ever did the ‘romantic tension’ between Wolverine and Jean. Pity that Rogue maybe left behind…

      • I agree, the escalation of what was, apparently, overwhelming romantic feelings between Wolverine and Jean (that happened over, what, 2-3 days?), coupled with Wolverine’s superior leadership abilities, made Cyclops obsolete right away.

        In the comics, any strong feelings for Wolverine and Jean developed over many many issues/months/years and Wolverine never wanted to be a leader (it was hard enough to get him to join a team, whatless FOLLOW directions).

        What is happening with Rogue is actually very similar to what happened to Cyclops…

  16. Frankly, while I have nothing against Paquin as an actress, I never liked the Rogue character anyway. It never matched the comics version in ANY form, so it’s no great loss to me. I wish they’d reboot just that one character(Okay, her and Juggernaut)

  17. I love watching the cry babies whine about this. They get all upset over a movie these days. Our ancestors, who have faced slavery and war, look upon us in shame!!!!

    • What a pompous load of bollocks. They faced war, so didn’t have an opinion about stories or art? Go sharpen your pike, Douchagorn.

  18. Maybe what they’re really trying to say is that, since she did True Blood, they really don’t want her in this film. Just a thought.

  19. Singer is an idiot. She’s a vital member of the X-Men, never gave her the proper comic style outfit or attitude and we never got to see her in any kind of “action” but distress. She’s supposed to be flying around and stealing people’s power to help her team out. They really dropped the ball on her character and reduced it to a teen soap opera. Thanks a lot Singer, great vision there.

  20. Singer is a bloke. She’s a vital member of the X-Men, never gave her the proper comic style outfit or attitude and we never got to see her in any kind of “action” but distress. She’s supposed to be flying around and stealing people’s power to help her team out. They really dropped the ball on her character and reduced it to a teen soap opera. Thanks a lot Singer, great vision there.

  21. Seriously? She was in one friggin’ scene and you people are complaining it was cut? Big deal. It will be back in the BR release anyway so just chill. At least she’ll actually be in one version of the movie, unlike characters such as Angel and Nightcrawler who completely got the shaft.

    • People are complaining because Rogue is a major character in X-men comics and older cartoon series, I for one grown with X-men the older animated series and comics and I thought that Rogue was overpowered, but seriously they’ve stripped the hell out of Rogue. The producers know from something to nothing about the X-men.
      This is more like Wolverine and friends, but should be a Team-like movie franchise.
      Cyclops killed in Last Stand(at the freaking beginning by the woman he loved)
      Gambit- one of the most cunning X-men out there, but nowhere to be found(liked him the most).
      Jubilee-totally missed.

  22. I have a feeling this movie will be just as bad as the other X-Men movies. They ruined this franchise from the start.

  23. Ugh, I am soo done with this franchise. I am getting a feel that this movies will be Jack The Giant Slayer type of flop. All the news and rumors coming out of this movie is not sounding all that great with Rogue being cut, Strom having just a couple of scenes and the future fight scene isn’t what it’s suppose to be(from comics standards).

  24. Rogue was almost ruined in X-Men 3? She got a great character arc with lots of development in the X-Men trilogy, and her choice to have her powers erased in X-Men 3 fits PERFECTLY with her character. She sees her powers as a curse that keeps her from ever being able to be close to anyone. I too would have liked to have seen THAT scene; you know, the one where she borrows powers from all the X-Men and kicks ass single-handedly, but whatever, the story is bigger than her. As to her being cut from this movie, it doesn’t matter. She was never going to be a major player in this story arc; it’s about Charles Xavier and Magneto, with characters like Trask, Wolverine and Mystique filling in the cracks. No room for Rogue, or any other of a hundred different mutants.

    • It might behoove Mr. Singer to release a new trailer which doesn’t promise Rogue as one of the story’s feature players.

  25. the fantastic four is too extraneous to the X-Men