‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Is More Than A Time-Travel Reunion

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X Men Sentinels X Men: Days of Future Past Is More Than A Time Travel Reunion

Bryan Singer tossed X-Men: Days of Future Past back into the spotlight yesterday, announcing via Twitter that he and studio Twentieth Century Fox have cast yet another key mutant character after the film had already begun shooting in Montreal.

Evan Peters of American Horror Story fame is playing the super-fast son of Magneto known as Quicksilver, a character that Joss Whedon is also currently planning to introduce into the Marvel Cinematic Universe via The Avengers 2. While we don’t quite yet know the implications of Singer’s latest roster addition when it comes to the two studios using the character, he does have bigger plans for Days of Future Past than fans may assume.

Like the story in Marvel Comics, X-Men: Days of Future Past is a tale of time-travel and alternate futures. With the complex plot device, Singer and Fox are able to bring back not only the cast of Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class, headlined by James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence, but the stars of the original X-Men trilogy. That doesn’t necessarily mean the film is simply a bridge or dual-purpose-sequel to First Class and The Last Stand, as Singer points out in his conversation with SFX:

“It’s not just another X-Men film; it’s not just about the combined cast as there will be certain technologies and other stuff that we haven’t seen before in the X-Men films.”

“There are also issues of time and we’re messing about with that. I think we’ve got it figured out. I pitched it to James Cameron when I was in New Zealand last year and he said, ‘Yes, that makes sense.'”

This isn’t the first time the director has directly referenced “certain technologies” but we assume he’s referring to the ability to time travel (see: mutant character known as Bishop) and the inclusion of giant mutant-hunting Sentinel robots – the latter of which were teased in the intro of X-Men: The Last Stand.

X Men The Last Stand Sentinel X Men: Days of Future Past Is More Than A Time Travel Reunion

In the source material, Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) travels back in time to warn the early X-Men of an assassination that led to the world becoming a mutant vs. human warzone. While only some elements from these story points from Marvel Comics will be used, we only know for certain that the First Class characters will have their segment of the story taking place in the ’70s, while the original cast will be in some sort of post-apocalyptic future, likely in a different timeline where mutants thought dead can return.

Speaking of the source material, Comicbook.com shared an interesting tidbit about the first X-Men, arguably the film that launched the comic book movie genre to the mainstream a year before Spider-Man took it to the next level. As it turns out, Bryan Singer banned comics on set with the hope that actors wouldn’t be reading them and potentially conflicting with what’s on the script. Apparently, this lead to there being even more comics on set and Hugh Jackman had comics delivered to his trailer. It’s there, during that shoot that he read up on all things Wolverine, falling in love with the Chris Claremont and Frank Miller stories of the ’80s, namely Wolverine’s adventures in Japan – the source material being explored in this summer’s The Wolverine.

Having James Cameron’s seal of sci-fi approval is a good thing and we previously chatted about Bryan Singer’s trip to New Zealand for the premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey where he chatted with Cameron about 3D technologies. That resulted in the official confirmation that Singer is actually shooting X-Men: Days of Future Past in 3D using Cameron’s Simul-Cam technology. By comparison, The Wolverine is being post-converted.

The most interesting and differentiating factor of this particular installment in the long-running series is what it means for the future of the franchise. X-Men and Marvel are a big part of Fox’s future tentpole movie plans and regardless of the age of the original X-Men cast, the franchise is not going away. Is this the last time we see the original cast together or is there still room for X-Men 4, a film that could essentially write off any issues from X-Men: The Last Stand thanks to the Days of Future Past timelines? Could it also be used to “reset” the series, leading to a quasi-reboot for release after the Fantastic Four reboot? Will the First Class cast get a third movie all to themselves, rounding out their own trilogy?

Avengers Spider Man X Men Movie Crossover 570x227 X Men: Days of Future Past Is More Than A Time Travel Reunion

At this point there are a lot of people out there hoping the “and other stuff” Singer is referring to is some sort of agreement with Marvel Studios to bridge continuities, an idea that Fox consultant Mark Millar would love to do:

“…And maybe at some point, I don’t know maybe give years down the line – and this is me speaking very unofficial here – but maybe you’ll get studios doing deals with each other and crossing certain characters over.”

Share your thoughts on the future of the X-Men in the comments below!

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Daniel Cudmore.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on July 18, 2014.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes when you think X-Men should be rebooted!

Source: SFX, Comicbook.com

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  1. Haha cause james cameron is the guy to talk to about time travel… the terminator is hella messed up

    • But he only did Terminator 1 & 2 – the awesome ones.

      T3 and Salvation were other people’s sloppiness :(

      • Rob

        Haha yeah 3 was terrible but I actually like salvation. It was a fun popcorn movie

        • Me and my wife were so bored in the theatre watching salvation. 2nd go round we both loved it! How does that work?

          • Expectations probably had it’s part when first watching it.

            • Very true. Up til a couple of months ago I hadn’t watched Hangover 2 since it was in the theaters. It was on late one night and me and the girl I was hanging with decided to watch it. I actually laughed my butt off at it second go around.

        • Wow, I didn’t know people like you actually exist. I thought I was the only one that liked Salvation lol

          • Yeah, I liked Salvation too.

      • I say if you are going to turn to the 1980’s for time travel advice, your go to guy would be Doc Brown.

  2. As much as I want a complete MCU, I’d rather they stay separated to avoid the screwed up Fox characters.

    • Amen.

    • I think I would like it if they stayed apart to man

    • id only like to see them come together once in one giant nerdgasam marvel movie then give the characters back to the different studios

    • I’d prefer they stay separate so that Fox can do some of the darker storylines such as *cross fingers* Deadpool. I have zero expectations for Disney to be able to run a proper Deadpool storyline, just like I have no hopes for them to pull off Punisher. There’s just some Marvel comic characters that aren’t meant for Disney.

  3. its just Fox’s way of pissing off Marvel/Disney “we did it 1st”

  4. Hopefully we are all pleasantly surprised by this. I would love to see an X-men movie that does it right.


      • I’m pretty sure that was not time travel, more like an interdimensional phone call.

      • I’m not following, how is that scene related to time travel?

      • Looks more like astral projection to me. Being in 2 places at once is hardly time travel.

  5. Train wreck. The end.

  6. So he banned comics on set… What was he gonna do if the actors got caught? He couldn’t actually fire them once production got started. it would’ve cost the studio too much $$$ to replace someone & do reshoots with that actor. So what was the point of that, when the director is actually powerless to do anything about it?

    • You’re dumb.

    • It was probably because the comics had almost NOTHING to do with the movie he was making. That’s apparent as soon as you watch them if you’re familiar with the comics.

    • @Demond. This might shock you to know, but most of the time, actors respect the demands of their director.

  7. To those X-Men Comic fanboys who’ve hated X-Men films from the beginning, Bryan Singer wasn’t talking to you.


    These next two…. I have a feeling they’ll be awesome. Have faith people!

    @FILTHPIG. You’ve always got the animated series! Which is amazing too.

    • Yeah, that’s a good one (cartoon).

      I wouldn’t call those movies “great” whatsoever, but to each their own.

  9. After hearing about all this paycheck bullsh*t from Marvel and the fact that Fox/Bryan Singer acknowledge that the third X-Men and Origins: Wolverine were awful has led me to losing a sh*t load of respect for Marvel with a lot of respect going to Fox instead. I’m also much more excited for Wolverine this summer than Iron Man 3 and/or Thor 2. DOFP will be incredible, I know it. The only thing that has me concerned is the huge talent involved and how Bryan Singer is able to balance it out.

  10. What if….. Quicksilver was the character they are going to use to introduce the bridging of the movies? They just don’t want to tell us thats what is going on. If it’s all ready an idea floating around whats to say they won’t use Pietro and his speed to connect all the movies?

  11. This film will suck like Superman Returns and Jack The Giant Slayer.

    • Superman returns has a fresh rating on RT its not nearly as bad as people make it out to be.

      • @Trey, turns out we agree on loads of stuff! Enjoyed your blog BTW

      • I really, REALLY wanted to like Superman Returns; I thought Kevin Spacey was a fantastic Luthor. The beginning was actually good, but it went kind of downhill from there…

        • I walked out of Superman Returns. 1st and only movie I have ever walked out of. So that give u an idea of what I thought of it. Recently I watched it for the first time since then and I must say it was not nearly as bad as I remembered it. Basically it is taking the themes, the visual style, the score, the tone etc. of the original Superman and recreating it for modern times. SR is essentially one big homage, paying tribute to what came before it. It doesn’t take itself for too seriously as it embraces the cheesy elements of superman and although it has some pretty decent action pieces, there was never any Superman kicking ass. At the time I think what I was expecting out of a modern day Superman movie is what we will be getting now with Man of Steel. SR was never that kind of Superman movie. For what it is, it was done well.

      • Agreed. The more time goes by I feel like the more respect Superman Returns gets. It was not what a lot of people expected, but it stands on its own merit as a good (not great, but good) film.

      • I enjoyed RT, but my biggest problem was very few chances for Superman to show his stuff. I wanted some combat or something like that. Sure Lex is a brainy character but he could’ve had something to through at Supes…

    • both of those movies are actually very good imo.

      I watched Superman Returns recently and It really holds up. I say this as somebody who didn’t enjoy it much the first time.

      It’s not an action-packed summer block-buster…. but it is a love-letter to Richard Donner, managing to be sweepingly romantic, funny, inspiring and VERY cinematic. Brandon Routh is pitch-perfect as is Kevin Spacey. It’s basically a very high calibre chick-flick starring Superman.

      Everybody go back and give it a critical reassessment please.

      Jack the Giant Slayer is just loads of fun. Shame it bombed… Didn’t deserve it at all.

      • Thanks mark and i agree, if anything superman returns was ill timed, it came out before superhero films were really gaining momentum (2008). It may not be the superhero film everyone wanted cause it wasnt an action blockbuster, and it did have some ehh moments but its not a bad film at all

      • Yeah I agree. People remember Superman Returns badly because it wasn’t the sort of movie you’d expect of Superman at this time – so maybe the concept was a bit dated, but that doesn’t make it a bad movie. For what it was, it was a nice movie, and I believe it’s the movie that Bryan Singer intended to make – it just wasn’t the movie everyone else necessarily wanted to watch. That said, I really AM looking forward to seeing a more kickass Superman flick for the first time.

        I’ve got quite a lot of faith that DOFP will be good. I’m not sure if it’ll be *great*, or if it’ll bring together such a huge ensemble of characters so well (imagine, in terms of core characters they’ve got at least twice the number compared to the Avengers) but I at least think the story will be cool and interesting, and that it’ll be fun.

        Although, if Singer is *still* casting new people by next month, I might start sweating a little…

      • Upon revisiting Superman Returns I have to admit… it’s still a piece of crap. It didn’t magically get better over time. It’s overly reverent to the Donner films which weren’t that good to begin with, it lacks even a single memorable action set piece, and worse it suffers from tonal inconsistency combining high camp with the weird almost deconstructionist “deadbeat dad” storyline.

        • Here’s hoping MOS gives you what you’re looking for… It looks amazing. But there is room for other interpretations. If you didn’t like the Donner/Lester films then it stands to reason you wouldn’t like returns… It’s very nostalgic.

        • You don’t think that the airline jet rescue is a memorable action set piece? I considered that a great sequence.

          For me, Superman Returns is not a horrible film, but neither is it great. It’s rather classy in a lot of ways, but also feels pretty mundane, which is not what one expects from a Superman film. I think that a lot of its finer points were unappreciated.

          The biggest problem that I have with SR is that I cannot buy Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. He’s a fine actor, but that is the most egregious example of miscasting in a comic book movie that I can think of (well, other than Reed and Sue in the FF films). That, and the Lex plot was far, far too similar to the 1978 Superman film. Redundant.

          • The airliner sequence was great…but set the view up for a big letdown as you realize it doesn’t get more intense from there , it goes downhill.

        • @Thracian


          BBC One aired Superman Returns last year and I watched it again for maybe the 5th time in total and found myself tuning out a lot because it seemed to go on for far too long with absolutely nothing going on a lot of the time.

          I liked the slow motion close up of the bullet crumpling against Superman’s eye and Spacey’s portrayal of Luthor but that’s about it, the rest of the movie was absolute crap.

          It’s almost a shame that James Marsden chose to play Lois’ husband in that movie instead of returning as Cyclops in X-Men: The Last Stand due to a scheduling clash because honestly, TLS was the better movie of the two and even that was terrible. Only things I enjoyed in TLS were Kelsey Grammar’s Beast and Rebecca Romijn’s nude scene when Mystique lost her powers.

          Then again, I never much liked the first two X-Men movies, didn’t like Origins or FC much and as much as I liked the first Spiderman movie, that whole Raimi trilogy hasn’t stood the test of time a decade on because they’re too campy and cheesy and poorly acted/written.

          I don’t have much hope in DOFP being that good but I’m open to being surprised. I wasn’t that keen on The Amazing Spider-Man or Dredd due to the trailers but gut feeling made me go see them on release and I loved them both a lot so who knows, maybe DOFP will have the same effect?

  12. Things are gonna go downhill from here… [crazy old man voice] “I can feel it in my bones!!!!!”

  13. Too FEW Jacobs in a world overflowing with Esaus…

  14. X-men haters

    • No, I LOVE the X-Men. It’s the Fox X-Men movies that I have a problem with.

  15. Bryan Singer better not let his ego get the best of him, or this will be a superhero version of “North” remember that film, Rob Reiner hasn’t recover from his career since. The same might be for Signer.

  16. Now Whedon can one up Singer by having Quicksilver appear in the Shield TV series before he makes an appearance in the new X-Men movie.

  17. I think they should split this movie into two parts so they can make the most of all the characters and mini story arcs. It feels like there trying to squeeze into too much!

  18. I can’t believe Singer. He gave us Superman Returns.

  19. Why waste time connecting FF to X-Men? The FF reboot is doomed already.

    • How is it doomed?

      • It’s more than likely doomed because Fox is in charge, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Much like the X-Men movies, I don’t have very high hopes.

      • It’s being made by Fox, you know the same studio who brought us the first two FF movies.

        • Fox also made X-Men, X2 and First Class, all of which I liked. The FF reboot is, from what I understand, a conscious shift away from the problems with the earlier films. I hope that it turns out well, and have no reason at this point to believe that it is doomed.

        • You need to start applying some basic logic to your comments mongoose. You’re basically saying I can’t watch the dark knight because warners made batman and robin, can’t watch man of Stella because they made green lantern.

          • Man Of Stella sounds pretty cool.

            But I thought he was using a clever pun. You know, FF? Doomed? Doctor Doom?

          • Sorry but my logic is sound.

            The original post was talking about the FF and ONLY the FF but you took my specific statement about Fox and somehow jumped to the conclusion I was talking about ALL studios? Come on.

            The fact is, Fox doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to superhero movies…

        • Yeah, it’s a shame. I have that same problem when I eat too much spicy chili….!

          • PS (My previous comment is to Mongoose…looks like the comments got shuffled out of order…).

  20. This movie is going to turn out to be a hot mess.

  21. Hoping to god this doesn’t become another x3

  22. They have to get the dialogue right between characters there’s so many times in the original trilogy it feels like the actors are held back especially in Last Stand. The writing of First Class flowed so much better I just want to see the actors have something awesome to work with, especially when you have so many awesome ones involved. And Blowing up Sentinels lots of Blowing up Sentinels.

  23. Superman Returns is the first and only movie I have ever walked out of the theater. Asthmatic Super Baby, Stalkerman, outdated set design, Spacy st his worst….. Singer had one good movie, “The Usual Suspects”. Keep him outta comic related properties, please.

  24. … yeah, because Mark Millar always speaks wisely.

  25. Yes xmen should be booted right over to the MCU universe, just dont shane black or drew pierce or jon favreau have any influence over them. Feel badly for xmen franchise that is floundering without disneys support.

    • Agreed, don’t have Black, Pierce or Favreau anywhere near X-Men, they might make another good movie…

  26. Wolverine movie is nothing more then a potential one shot great graphic novel. No appearance by cap, bucky and howling commandos in world war scenes just not right.

  27. At this point, I am far, far more interested in the First Class actors and character incarnations than the original cast. I hope that moving forward, we get at least another film with the younger actors, and that they retire the older cast (which for the most part is great, but just saying). I am pretty excited for XM:DoFP for a lot of reasons.

    On the other hand, while The Wolverine looks to be a fine film, I am just burned out on the character and have no real desire to see it in the theater. Hugh Jackman is great, but overexposure.

    While I loved X1 and X2, having watched a ‘making of’ documentary on Superman Returns, I feel like Brian Singer was a bit delusional when working on that project. I do still trust him with the X-Men for the most part, though.

    • As I have stated in another article, when actors sign on to these roles as characters in superhero franchises, it usually involves multi-picture contract deals, and within those contracts you will surely be able to find a stipulation that said actor cannot take the character and portray him in a film
      Produced by another studio. It would only make sense because otherwise it would give the actor a bargaining chip. If Whedon still decides to move foward with Quicksilver in the Avengers 2, expect him to be a different version than the one appearing in DOFP.

  28. I.

    • Hopefully you’ll get him.

      He was only killed off in The Last Stand because Marsden chose to film Superman Returns instead. Much like Daniel Dae Kim couldn’t voice Johnny Gat in Saints Row The Third due to scheduling conflicts with him filming Hawaii Five-O so his character was “killed” off screen early in the game.

      • I was thinking what if Bishop and Cable zapped him out of harm’s way and back to the future just before Dark Phoenix could fry him? That way Cable, who I believe is Cyclops’ son, could preserve his own existence. They could return him just in time to save the day in Days Of Future Past (what a triumphant odysseus-like return!). As I recall, Cable and Bishop can time-travel and made jumps in the comics. It would be kind of like the John Conner time-travel stuff in Terminator. And while in X-Men #3, they had a tombstone for Cyke, I don’t believe they ever found his body, did they?

        • PS (A gaz-zillion fanboys would thank the screenwriters and producers for this. Feel free to use my idea!).

        • Their timeline makes putting Cable in with his original origin tricky since Cyclops already died, disappeared, or whatever. And they never established the Madeline Pryor character, or even that Jean and Scott had a child. So unless they add some more bad retcon writing to this time travel plot device, having Cable remain related to Scott Summers is going to be tough. But looking at their track record they would just make something up.