Professor X’s Old & New Wheelchairs of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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Professor X Wheelchair X Men Professor Xs Old & New Wheelchairs of X Men: Days of Future Past

Much of the buzz surrounding X-Men: Days of Future Past, the Bryan Singer’s film that doubles as a sequel to both X-Men: First Class and X-Men: The Last Stand, has centered around the all-star cast signing on to return to the series for this project. Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and others from First Class will partake in a story that also involves the original team of Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart and co. as we see mutants from past and present get caught up in a story involving time travel.

Not only are the key players from the long-running franchise returning, but so too are their props (sans the black leather costumes).

The below image was tweeted from Bryan Singer who’s deep into pre-production on X-Men: Days of Future Past which begins shooting mid-April in Montreal. It came came attached with the caption, “Hello old friends.”

X Men Days of Future Past Professor X Wheelchairs 570x336 Professor Xs Old & New Wheelchairs of X Men: Days of Future Past

The left one is Patrick Stewart’s wheelchair from the X-Men trilogy as keen viewers can tell from the throttle control on the right arm-pad and the heavier, copper colored axle underneath. The big question this image brings mind is whether or not McAvoy and Stewart will share the screen together or whether their (and their teams’) stories remain separated by decades of time. Much of the film follows the returning First Class stars in Nixon-era 1973 and the original X-Men cast will be caught up in what seems to be some sort of alternate future where giant Sentinel robots hunt mutants.

Since Stewart is returning, and seemingly will be back in his wheelchair, we know Days of Future Past must take place in an alternate timeline where he didn’t get torn apart by Jean Grey/The Phoenix and then reincarnated in someone else’s body. By that logic, there’s no reason characters including Cyclops – who also seemingly met his end in Brett Ratner’s film – couldn’t return as well, though he’s not been mentioned among the return cast members yet. Should he be brought back?

Professor X Wheelchair Xmen 570x375 Professor Xs Old & New Wheelchairs of X Men: Days of Future Past

Are we ever going to see the tan-colored hover chair created by Forge from the animated X-Men cartoon and comics?

Bryan Singer will direct X-Men: Days of Future Past starring Peter Dinklage, and returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, and possibly, Alan Cumming. No word yet on Famke Janssen, James Marsden or Halle Berry.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013 and X-Men: Days of Future Past shoots from April to October for a July 18, 2014 release date.

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  1. I would love to see Cyclops return! However, I hope it will be a “new” cyclops in the 70’s group of x-men recruited by his brother Havoc to join the team. Scott then becomes more of a field commander (less of a whiner) much the chagrin of his older more experienced brother (good sibling rivalry fodder for humor and drama if need be.)

    • *[to] the chagrin

  2. Seeing Xavior’s hover chair would be nice to see on film.

      • not nessecarily, they can do the star wars ground-speeder treatment, give it wheels, but add a repulsor lift glow to cover them :p

    • except that Charles can control he’s wheelchair with he’s mind.

      • @James

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but Xavier doesn’t have telekinesis… He can control minds…

        Which means he would have been able to stop that guy from throwing him down the stairs…

        • He would have anticipated this event therefore preventing himself from being thrown down the stairs. , Xavier has the most powerful mental abilities of all the mutants in the X men universe.

        • Not if he had a strong mind and resisted it.

        • The guy in questions power is specifically that hes not affected by xavier, and doesnt show up on camera which is how he sneaks into the mansion.

  3. I love me some mutants lol, bring it on Mr. Singer

  4. Looking forward to this movie a lot i think it will be great

  5. I wonder if Patrick Stewart Xavier will be in that dudes body in the hospital as seen in the X3 post credits scene. That’d be weird.

  6. Bring back James Marsden as Cyclops! He was perfect for the role!

    • He is told old now for the role.

      • He’s younger than Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry so what’s the difference?

    • +1

  7. What do they call you? Wheels?

  8. I’m okay with anything they do now since nothing makes sense anymore and Bryan Singer is just treating this as his X-Men reunion. They can bring back anyone they want as long as Halle Berry never, ever returns to anything comics related. I’d say the same thing about Paquin. Her face scares me, but oh well…

    • This comment made me LOL, especially the Paquin part.

    • Well your wish has come true Berry is back.

  9. I don’t think they need to have an alternate timeline from X-Men 3. That film wasn’t complete garbage as some make it out to be, so we just need to pick up the story with Professor X in a new body. Perhaps he uses his wheelchair out of nostalgia, or maybe there are parts of the film that take place between movies when he did have his wheelchair. It is about time travel, after all.

    • I’m Just Happy The wolverine Is Picking Up Where X3 Left Off

  10. I’ve been a die hard X Men fan since the mid 80’s. I’ve read every single comic that the X men have been in and I was soooo upset at how the first three movies portrayed Cyclops! Cyclops was and is the LEADER of the X Men… Strong, Tough, Smart, Tacticle… not the sniffling wimp they made him out to be. His role in the first three movies was horrid!!! How can you have an X Men movie without Cyclops??? Where is the Cyclops that stood up to Apocalypse? Where is the member of the legendary “12”? He is what Xavier trained him to be… and that is what the next movie should portray him as. Actually, I really hope we see a movie closer to First Class, not the first three… The X Men were ALWAYS Marvels premier team, not the AVENGERS… time to make a movie to show that! We need an EPIC Xmen movie!

    • High 5 Mitch you and i both .

    • Well, Singer’s directing so don’t hold your breath. I’m not sure it’ll necessarily be a bad movie but I know it’s going to be a huge letdown.

      • It’ll be better than anything Brett Ratner craps out. Superman Returns is leagues better than X3. I’m excited Singer is back in the world of the mutants.

    • …wha…?

      • I couldn’t agree more…..

  11. I really wish that The Last Stand would have gotten retconned, aka considered non-canon like Superman III and IV were, because it was just such an awful movie. They could have set the future of this movie with Jean being found alive, possessed by the Phoenix entity, causing widespread chaos on the planet, leading to an all out human/mutant war.

    • @ Josh

      Well Superman Returns ignores Superman 3 & 4 but still it wasn’t enough that it pleased fans.

  12. In the comics Jean Gray and Professor X both died (or so we thought) and came back.

    Professor X had an impersonator mutant impersonating him, and that’s who died.

    Jean Gray didn’t die either it was the Phoenix in her form, just like in the movie.

  13. If professor X is going to be in wheel chair, that thing better be floating in air instead of having X wheels.

    • Well, then that wouldn’t be a very effective use of the word “wheel” chair then would it?

  14. Lame

  15. Should’ve rebooted.

  16. Also… and I truly hate to be the one to bring this up… but they HAVE to give HAVOK a slight makeover. I’m not saying he was horrible in First Class, I actually liked the kid playing him, but please stay true to the comic. So much was based on the fact that Havok and Cyclops are brothers… I don’t know how, but I really feel you have to find a way to show that if you want to stay true. Also… HAVOK’s power in the comic is truly devastating, he could level a city block if he were up to it… I hope they bring that to life as well. Heck… while I’m at it… let me cross my fingers and pray for them to bring Apocalypse in as a man villain on day. It’s not as if the special effect tech doesn’t exist to make him work.

  17. What would I give to see a Archangel story line… Blue skin with deadly razor wings… “SHIP” as home base… MAN… The Xmen universe has so much to offer that most of non comic reading world has no clue off… Too bad Marvel doesn’t own the rights to the Xmen movies… Their studios are the only ones I feel who could do it right.

  18. I expect another Wolverine story and not a X-Men story. These movies really do not do the comics justice. Main characters like Cyclops are given a back seat to poor storytelling.