‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Will Explain Patrick Stewart’s Return

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Patrick Stewart flew straight from the Montreal set of X-Men: Days of Future Past to Texas for Comicpalooza this weekend where he was the star of his own panel Saturday. Here he spoke about his life and returning as Professor Charles Xavier for the next X-Men team-up film, a role he thought he may never get to play again after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand.

Not only did Stewart label Days of Future Past “the blockbuster of 2014″ and joke about “what’s her name” (Jean Grey) killing him off in X-Men 3, but he teases returning to life and time travel, confirming that the movie will fully explain how it is he’s back from the dead.

Even if time travel were not the plot device of X-Men: Days of Future Past, the post-credits scene attached to X-Men 3 gave a way out for Fox to bring back Stewart by way of him transferring his mind into another body, one that could be explained to be his braindead twin. But with alternate realities and different time periods at play, Singer has a lot of leeway with what direction he can take the ambitious story, one that aims to be more than just a massive cast reunion.

“I think it is certainly going to be the X-Men of all X-Men pictures.”

In the video above, Stewart also addresses the issue of the massive ensemble – with the casts of the original trilogy and X-Men: First Class all returning – and the complications of making the production work with conflicting schedules. He explains he was on set for four-five weeks so his role is more than just a few scenes, unlike Halle Berry and another special guest who may have only been on set for a very limited time.

Patrick Stewart X Men Days of Future Past Coat Shoulders X Men: Days of Future Past Will Explain Patrick Stewarts Return

Another highlight from Stewart’s words is the fact that Hugh Jackman is there for the entire shoot, seemingly indicating that as the poster boy of the X-Men film franchise since Singer first brought the mutants to the big screen in 2000, he remains the star. It also means he’s crucial to both time periods. We already saw a pic of Jackman in ’70s duds and he’s certainly part of the post-apocalyptic Sentinel-filled future. And as Marvel Comics readers know, there’s even a chance there’s another version of the Wolverine from further into the future.

For more on that, read our The Wolverine set visit report and interview with Hugh Jackman.

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Daniel Cudmore.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on July 18, 2014.


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Sources: Comicpalooza, X-Men Films

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  1. If there is time travel in this film they had better bring back Cyclops the perfect way to bring him back in. Archangel,Cyclops,Rogue,Gambit,Nightcrawler,Colossus,Juggernaught,Emma Frost,Mystique,Sinister,BEAK,Husk, and Apocalypse should all be main characters in the next film.Not one left out.Still upset Juggernaught and Collossus never even had one punch throwne at each other in last stand???The rest are really great characters.

    • If I were writing this (being a Cyclops fan), I would say that just before Jean was about to zap Cyke in X-men 3, Bishop and Cable popped back from the future and snatched Cyke away (since Cable and Bishop have both time-traveled in the past, this would not be so far out). They spirit Cyke to the future, he sees what will possibly happen (Terminator-style) with the Sentinels, and is there to save the day in Days of Future Past. Imagine Kitty Pryde and/or Wolverine flying out of their lacies in surprise at discovering Cyke standing there fighting Sentinels in the future! Besides, if Cyke were saved by Cable and Bishop, it would assure Cable’s existance as well. After all, do I not remember correctly that in the comics I read somewhere that Cable is actually Cyke’s grown son? They could always return Cyke to the present (his own time) after Days of Fure past were over, at the end of the movie. Shades of John Conner!! This idea just might work!

      • Sounds alright to me. Cable is Scott Summers’s son but I think the flaw in your plan is where you’ve said “if Cyke were saved by Cable and Bishop, it would assure Cable’s existance as well.” Cable would have had to have been born before he died, unless he was from another timeline. If he was already dead, how would Cable ever be born?

        • Add to that the fact that Cable’s mother was Madeline Pryor who they never introduced. Even if they swapped Jean is as his mother she is technically dead in this narrative too. They just need to stop piling more characters onto a shaky foundation.

    • I dont care at all about a few characters you mention…. but if Fox and Singer bring on the next movie fan favourites like:

      more Rogue, Colossus and co.

      oh man, that would be the f*** X-Men movie Ive been waiting since X3. I need to see those characters back in the biggest way. They can easily pull it off, with a good budget and great story, so……. fingers crossed Days of future past surpass 700m at least. (hopefully more)

      • I think they should just disregard the original timeline. Most people watched the original trilogy, so you have the origins of the characters. Then you have Wolverine Origins, where a different timeline was introduced, but I have no clue if that would work with the First Class timeline because I never even thought about it. So if you keep the First Class timeline and bring in a timeline close to the original, but where Cyclops and the Elf didn’t die, and where Gambit and Angel are actually cool characters like in the books, the story would have more potential.

        There are so many possibilities with time travel but you have to keep it to where people can actually understand what the hell is going on. My guess is that you would have one of the time travelers (Bishop or Cable) be almost like a narrator telling a story of how the problems started or use dialouge to explain. It’s a jumblefunk that will be very easy to mess up, but will be amazing if done right.

        • but would you continue the franchise with original cast? or do you mean to cast new actors for Gambit and Angel and the rest too?

          • If it was me I would only recast Gambit and Angel. Gambit needs that hardcore Cajun accent at least. The originals were mostly pretty good and it is reasonable to think that people look the same in alternate timelines.

        • What makes you think Wolverine Origins is a different timeline? It’s never been said so. They just stupidly retconned Sabretooth just like they do in the comics on a regular basis. What they didn’t think of was that what’s already hardly accepted in comics form would be booed by moviegoers.

          • To tell you the truth, I really can’t think of any other major continuity errors in the trilogy & Wolverine Origins besides Sabertooth not knowing Logan when they met in X1. But things got so far out of hand that I stopped trying to connect the dots. I guess you’re right, it may very well be the original timeline. It’s all a jumblef***

            • I hear ya. My stance on the whole X franchise is to enjoy what is enjoyable and not care anymore about everything else.

              • Perhaps they will explain why saber tooth does not remember wolverine. We know why Wolverine lost his memory, perhaps it is from similar experiences. Either way, all of the movies so far have been on the same time line. They will create a 2nd time line when they send Wolverine back to change the future ( same as they did in Back to the Future 2, DBZ with Trunks and the androids, terminator (which didn’t work lol), and basically any other time travel based movie.

  2. He fell through time. Or comes from a parallel universe AND fell through time.

    Time traveling is the new dead horse. I wish people would stop beating it.

    • “I AM MR. ED!!”

  3. It seems this movie has a LOT of explaining to do.

    • In a way, yes. Specifically, Bryan Singer has A LOT of explaining to do.

      He has managed to direct 3 flops in a row.

      If “Days Of Future Past” doesn’t live up to his own hype, he’ll be living with M Night Shyamalan in a one bed room apartment.

      • From “Superman Returns” and what I’ve seen of “Jack the Giant Slayer”, “Man Of Steel” just looks so epic. Singer’s going to have to raise the game to keep up with how CBM are going.

        • You got that right. Singer hasn’t had a hit flick in ten years! That was “X Men 2.”

          He should have stuck to making X Men 3 instead of bailing so he could direct Superman Returns.

          Zack’s MOS Trailer pulverizes Superman Returns all by itself.

          BAMMMMMM !!!

          • To be honest Kryptonic, the Green Lantern trailerS blew the Superman Returns trailers away, and look what we got there.

            Just say’n……………..

            • You can’t defeat me Tony (Stark) !!!

        • The Man of Steel trailers make it look like an explosion-filled action movie that lacks any of the social commentary or moral complexity inherent to the X-Men films. Singer should hardly be trying to emulate it.

          • “…social commentary or moral complexity…”


            • Did you just “LOL” me for saying that X-Men contains SOCIAL COMMENTARY? Like I’m making that up or something? Wow.

              • LOL

                • LOL to your LOL. Singers first 2 X films were critical and financial successes for a reason. Didn’t like em? Too bad for you. But plenty of other people did. DOFP has a very good chance of being THE comic book movie year.

                  I will point out that most people complaining that this movie will flop because of the large number of characters also want Marvel to get all their characters back so they can do a civil war movie.

                  • What’s the big deal??

                    Actually, I’m looking forward to “Days Of Future Past.”

                    I really enjoyed X Men First Class. Even have it on Blu Ray. I’m partial to Jennifer Lawrence but I also loved January Jones/Emma Frost. Also liked the very under rated Rose Byrne.

                    It’s good that Singer is back doing what he’s best known for. He seems pretty excited about the whole project.

                    I agree with you about the first two X Men flicks. As a matter of fact, X2 is probably my favorite Marvel Character based movie. Well, second, after Spiderman 2.
                    ( Avengers is third place for me )

                    It will be interesting to see this and then see GOTG.

      • Hee-hee, kinda funny, Krypt!

        • One bedroom apartment, I mean…that could be the next tra-la-tra team-up characters to come out of the closet, M. Night & Singer!

  4. Meh….

    I just can’t get excited about this movie. It just seems bloated to me and it’s direction is unclear. I highly doubt it will be the ” Blockbuster of the year.” as Capt. Picard stated. Certainly not with Cap2, Guardians of the Galaxy, among others coming in 2014.
    We’ll see……….

    • the movie deals with a dark future with Original cast, and a 70′s time period with FC main actors that have to prevent the dark future.

      What’s ‘unclear’ at all on this direction? ¿? Lol

    • Cap was OK in Avengers but his first movie was a joke almost as bad as Fantastic Four (which coincidentally already starred Chris Evans). GotG is a huge bet for Marvel and certainly not to be taken for granted. At any rate, even considering all the things I dislike in the X franchise, I’m looking forward to DoFP a whole lot more than Cap 2 and GotG.

  5. Wow. So this flick is going to be the biggest in 2014?

    That’s a heavy declaration, man….

    • Cant wait for the eventual trailer in the fall. If they pull it off, it will be epic. I’m thinking alot of people might get mad that alot of the many many mutants in the film will prob end up as glorified cameos in large scale battles or very much underused. Only time will tell.

      • If it turns out that this IS epic, it’ll be the first in the series that will actually fit that description. Lackluster, disappointing and subpar are more fitting adjectives for the previous movies IMO.

        • the good thing about it is that, if the movie is really good and the action is really epic and badass, the audience and most fans will leave the theatre wanting to see more of all those characters, so the hype for the next sequel will be bigger than back in 2006, when X3 was released and many viewers thought that was the last movie and the end of the franchise.

          Personally, I have a strong feeling that Iceman, Kitty, Rogue and Colossus will shine much more than ever before, so if Singer achieves that, the franchise will be in a better place for next movies.

          • More like if the movie is really good and gets good reviews (X-men FC) people will still hate it cause marvel didnt make it and fox did

            • Let’s be fair- fans didn’t just hate it because Marvel didn’t produce it; they also hated it because it didn’t slavishly emulate the canon established in the comics.

              • It also didn’t improve on the canon… or even equal it. It was just meh. AND they’ve pretty much painted themselves into a corner plot wise with the horrible X3.

                It’s a convoluted mess because they threw the “canon” out of the window in the first movie. Different or not, it would’ve been nice to at least plan it out a little, don’t you think?

                These movies just wander aimlessly as they pretty much butcher 90% of the characters along the way. I hate Fox.

                • Watch X1, than X2. There is most certainly a clear and planned path that Singers had for some of the characters. Wolverine and Jean were pretty obvious. I’m surprised you missed those. Too busy hating?

                  How closely a movie ties into the source material has nothing to do with the end quality of a movie. If you want to complain about how good an adaption it was, go right ahead, they are bad adaptions. But Singers X films have good returns and good reviews. As movies, they are good. They made money and the majority of viewers liked them. Give a good reason why Fox should change what obviously works and risk something new just to please fans like yourself?

                  • What was planned and what has happened is two different things. And the notion that Singer had a plan to begin with may not be completely accurate, and much of the criticism he gets may come from the over abundance of praise and hype he got from X-1 & 2. One thing I never realized until reading Jackman’s interview recently that when X-1 & 2 were produced Kevin Feige was involved in some capacity. That might have something to do with certain aspects not being completely off the rails with those two films, even though they had their issues as well.

                    What Singer was going to do ceased to matter when he left to go do Superman, the lack of vision of the studio then went on to put out the film that it did. Since Singer came back on board with First Class it appears that he changes plans as the wind blows, and either this movie will work or have some or all of the deficiencies that have been making the series look weak as time goes on.

                    As for the studio and what they should or should not change, well X-3 made money and that seems to have just encouraged Fox to not try to improve certain things which has lead to a drop-off in interest and revenue for these films. If the Wolverine and this next X-Men installment do not reverse the trend money-wise then they will have plenty of reasons to look at what they are doing.

                    • Yes, Feige is such a skilled shepherd for superhero franchises that Marvel’s movie universe has already become chock full of plot-holes, several characters have been recast, directors are allowed to put out sub-par films like Avengers, supposedly canonical films are ignored whenever it’s convenient(Hulk 2008 anyone?) and characters are being brought back to life left and right like a soap opera (hello Agent Coulson). If only we could get this guy to produce ALL the superhero movies.

                    • @Thracian,

                      I’m only aware of TWO characters that were recast, not several. I’m not sure The Avengers was “sub-par” since critics and fans alike both enjoyed it. Also, the Hulk film is considered the first movie in Phase 1. The only thing different as far as the overall story arc was a different actor which pretty much everyone agrees was an improvement. Characters are being brought back left and right? Um, I can only think of one, and if you’ve ever read a comic you’d know stuff like that happens literally all of the time.

                      So, yeah, I’d definitely take Feige/Whedon over anybody Fox has to offer.

                  • I’ve already told you this acathla, because they’d make more money if Fox did things even half right.

                    Although, there’s been a steady decline in ticket sales for these movies if you look at the numbers. Maybe the general public is finally realizing these movies are disappointing?

                    Also, since they aren’t following the comics, I’d like to know who’s story they’re actually following. I personally doubt there is one. Seems to me Singer and Fox just put out whatever, and because of that, have to duct tape and bubble gum some flimsy time travel plot together.

                    • @Thracian- The way Singer is talked about in regards to the first two X-Men movies makes it sound like he has been solely responsible for everything that worked while the things that did not are just ignored. And the whole plot and set-up for this next movie has nothing to do with the last film he helped make, which makes it look like they are just piecing things together without any forethought at all.

                      I am not one of those Whedon/Avengers fanatics, but despite the many alterations Marvel made to get their movies to fit together there has been an effort to tell some cohesive story. The fact they shifted so drastically from what they did in First Class to attempt to do an adaption of Days of Future Past just makes it look like they are winging it.

                  • Wolverine is over-used, and so is Magneto. Good in their place, but give someone else a turn.

                    • Most of the fans agree on that.

                      Personally, Id put Cyclops/Marsden leading the next movie, with Kitty, Rogue, Nightcrawler and Gambit having bigger and better roles. Of course keeping Wolverine, Storm and the rest, but the above x-men NEED a better treatment and more respect.

                      They have a really talented cast, the only thing they have to do is work hard on a solid script with really good roles for those x-men. If Singer and upcoming writers of the franchise do that, they wiil finally please most fans, haters and critics all at once.

                      Next sequel just need that, a bit less Wolverine and more quality and bigger roles for the other x-men. Its not that hard, at the end of the day.

  6. GOTG will be the biggest movie of 2014… for me anyway.

  7. I get the transferring of the mind. But if the mutation that he carries was in his body/DNA that the Pheonix/Jean totally destroyed, how will he still have the ability to read and control minds if, that mutant DNA is not in the body that he transferred his mind to?

    • If they’re going the brain-dead twin route, well, a twin would likely share the same mutation.

  8. Patrick is awesome. Feels great to have him on the X-Men franchise, and playing Charles for a fifth time. Hopefully its not the last one

    • Patrick was about as close to perfect as they could get for the part.

      • I would say the same with Kelsey Grammer.

  9. This just indicates to me that Singer just does not get it.

    No one cares about the last xmen movie with Stewart and no one wants to have have that stuff explained using valuable screen time.

    This looks like they are going to try to fit a ton of square pegs into round holes to please people who are not wanting to see that.

    Just assume that third installment never happened and move forward.

    • Even if X3 was expectedly crappy, there was still cool stuff in it, like more Kitty Pride and finally seeing Colossus in action. It’s not because a story was badly told that we have to dismiss its events. It exists, so be it. Moving on. I, for one, do want an explanation of how someone who gets atomized wakes up in a bed like nothing happened.

  10. I knew there was something up at the end of X3 when the brain dead man became awake and spoke with Charles’ voice. That there was more to the franchise. I can’t wait to see “Days”. Will we see Wolverine get vaporized by the Sentinels like in the comic?

    • If it happened in the comic, it probably won’t make it into the movie.

      • Yeah go watch a Marvel Studios movie if being exactly the same as the comic book is important to you. Ironman 3 is still playing.

        • I don’t expect any CBM to be “exactly the same as the comic”, but it should at least somewhat resemble the original material shouldn’t it? I mean anything close would be an improvement for Fox.

          But Singer is a movie making genius, and he can apparently do no wrong according to you, so I’m probably better off talking to a wall… or my dusty 10-year-old X2 DVD.

  11. I was never worried about professor x not coming back, u know how many times they killed him the comic and he always returned! Granted if ur reading any x titles now u know what’s going on with professor x, but the stinger at the end of last stand basically said he is still alive. Hello he is Charles Xaiver one of the most powerful mutants in the world!

  12. I’m am more intrigued that halle berry and this special guest have a limited part!

  13. Everyone’s clapping and the he says, “And then 20th Century Fox who is behind all the X-Men franchise.” Then no one claps. Haha.

    • Glad I don’t have “the clap”…just sayin’…!

  14. It would be funny if they didn’t try to explain it, some people might not even notice.

  15. Things I wish the address are Sabertooth’s appearance change, and the problem with having Xavier walking when he found Jean, since First Class has him paralyzed way before that. He was also friends with Magneto when he found Jean Grey, walking and already bald. That scene in Last Stand contradicted First Class. And obviously Xavier at the end of Origins: Wolverine.

    • Do you need the concept of alternate realities explained?

      • Exactly. Two realities (at least) will come together, so, even though Xavier is dead, crippled early, or whatever, it can all be explained with these alternate realities. Of course, most people already read the articles and know this. I’m definitely not stoned enough to delve into the alternate dimension theories.

  16. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of Hugh Jackman, but I’m getting tired of Wolverine being the main star of most of the X-MEN films. I’m just tired of it.

    • He’s the main star of the X comics, so why wouldn’t he be in the movies too? But to be fair, he only had a cameo in First Class and from what I’ve read, his role in DoFP will be minor.

  17. ["But Singers X films have good returns and good reviews. As movies, they are good. They made money and the majority of viewers liked them."]

    To be honest, I’m not that impressed with 2000′s “X-MEN”. It’s my least favorite X-MEN movie and I find it ironic that Singer has directed both my favorite and least favorite in the franchise.

  18. As it turns out, this film did the wise thing and that is to pretend that X3 never happened.

    • Not true. It acknowledged everything that happened in X3 except the fate of a certain character … (Not adding not due to a possible spoiler)

  19. Actually the time line was different he changed the course of time witch then stopped him from being killed by Jean Grey.

    • Who the hell are you talking about?! Logan changed the future but Jean had killed Xavier, so pick your choice. Was your comment a reply to a specific post?