‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Viral Site: Learn About Sentinels & Trask

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At Comic-Con International 2013, Twentieth Century Fox brought attendees their first taste at the future (and past) of their most ambitious Marvel move to date, X-Men: Days of Future Past. Along with earning big buzz from debuting the first Days of Future Past footage on stage, with the help of the film’s vast star-studded cast, the studio did a little public viral marketing by having an anniversary showcase outside the convention center.

On display across the street from the main building Fox had the head of a Sentinel robot on display, with employees of Trask Industries handing out anti-mutant propaganda posters.

Trask Industries – in the fiction of the X-Men film universe – is a massive international corporation founded by Bolivar Trask (played by Peter Dinklage in the film) and a leader in genetics and technology, specializing in “advancing human progress” and protecting humanity against the “mutant threat.” Their website www.trask-industries.com has launched in full and features a plethora of interesting lore and imagery from the timeline explored in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Just remember, if you’re reading that site, you’re in the year 2023 – the approximate time the film may take place, according to director Bryan Singer.

Pretending we’re in the year 2023, it’s now 50 years after Trask Industries released the first Sentinels. It’s that era where the ‘past’ part of X-Men: Days of Future Past takes place (with James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, etc.) and it’s the 2023 (Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Halle Berry, etc.) era where the other part of the story occurs. The imagery on the site tells an interesting, albeit different history than the one we’re used to:

A little info on Trask Industries:

As the world’s leading full-spectrum genetic security and containment company, Trask Industries continues to uncover new ways to control the mounting X-gene threat. We are proud to bring decades of experience, along with 118,000 innovative minds as we continue to secure human freedoms in every nation on Earth. Our goal is to solve tomorrow’s problems, today.

On the About page, it’s clear that something terrible relating to mutants occurred in the ’60s which changed the mindset of the world’s governments, so much so that they accept lethal robotic centurions as a normal element of emergency response.

Founded by Bolivar Trask in 1967, Trask Industries was built on the philosophy of advancing human progress through technology and genetics. Our early research led to the revolutionary development of DNA-Generated Prosthetics. Since then, Trask Industries has taken the lead in genetics-based defense technology with our Mutant Detection Device and Sentinel program. We’ve partnered with international governments to ensure that any threat to human extinction is preemptively neutralized. With Trask Industries, you can rest assured that the future of humanity is in safe hands.

Informational highlights:

  • Trask Industries was founded by Bolivar Trask in 1967.
  • The first Sentinels (Mark I model) released in 1973. A year later the government allowed them to be deployed in highly populated cities and to serve as part of the President’s security attache (beginning with Nixon).
  • Between 1973 and 1996, Trask produced 8732 Sentinel Mark Is for the governments of the United States, China, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, France, India and the United Kingdom.
  • Production on the Mark I has shifted to the new Mark X: “These highly anticipated units will combine next-generation nanotechnology and bioweapon breakthroughs, promising an even brighter future for the human race.”
  • Trask Industries is also responsible for the development of Mutant Detection Devices (featured in all Sentinels) and Inhibitor Collars (see images below).
  • If not for the 50 years of work by Trask Industries, 50% of the world’s population would have the X-Gene and by 2030 the homo sapien species would be “eradicated.”

The Mark Is stand at 18 feet tall, feature dual “Trask 873K energy blasters” and can fly with a ceiling of 45,000 feet. Just as we suspected, that design (featured in the images below) is from the ’70s and not the potentially-even-larger Mark X units we will see fighting the future X-Men. Those newer designs may be closer to the massive machines from the comics, cartoons and teased with a head in the intro of X-Men: The Last Stand.

X Men The Last Stand Sentinel X Men: Days of Future Past Viral Site: Learn About Sentinels & Trask

Remember This? Mark X?

The most glaring highlight we can draw from this fascinating history on Trask and the research and breakthroughs his company is responsible for is that none of it has played into the film series as we know it, outside of the teaser image above of the head from X-Men 3. That leads us to believe that the events in X-Men: Days of Future Past are taking place in a different timeline, one where something changed the course of industry and changed the world to fear the mutants (even more than normal). Perhaps that alternate reality may help explain the return of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X?

Check out the site yourself at www.trask-industries.com and let us know your thoughts and theories!

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore. James Marsden may be involved if witness reports are true.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014.

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  1. I have the utmost faith in Fox that they will indeed knock this out of the park. This is the perfect stepping stone to launch the new X universe. Oh, & the Sentinels are the optimal size. They aren’t too small but they aren’t gargantuan either. Kudos to them.

    • Totally agree!
      That video and the images are SUPERRR AMAZING!
      I’m not even an X-Men fan and that got me all excited

      • Website was interesting different kind of advertising concept. Sentinels still look like my tinker-toy erector set projects when I was a kid. Hopefully look better in the flick.

    • Original comics Sentinels looked better. Why does this one have a dryer vent in his chest? Was he made from a washing machine (no, they aren’t that bad…could be better, tho. Glad we have Sentinels, tho, much-needed.)?

      • The ones that you see (as stated above) are Mark Is. Everything in the 60′s looks horrible to use in the present day but back then it probably looked amazing. Just wait a few more months until more Sentinel designs (hopefully from the future) are released.

      • That’s the ’70s version, remember. There’s been 50 years of advancements from then until 2023 when the Mark Xs come out and I expect those will look closer to what you expect.

    • Yes, because Fox has proven time and time again that they can churn out great superhero movies……oh wait.

  2. The video was awesome, the website is awesome, the storyline is starting to make more sense, and Trask sounds deviously evil, which is so cool.

    Question though; I wonder how Xavier never knew about the Sentinels if they had been existing since 1973. or if he forgot them, or ignored them. Obiously they fight them together on a mission in 1973 in this movie, so afterwards does he just consider them no threat? Idk, doesn’t really matter, It’ll probably be awesome.

    • I’m gonna assume he didn’t think they’d be much of a threat and that he could work peacefully with them and Trask Industries until something went wrong and the future got screwed up to the point that he saw what would happen, teamed with Magneto and then both found Wolverine to try and get the band back together and protect both mutants and humans alike.

      We know the incident that starts it is Senator Kelly’s assassination so how would it escalate into all out war?

      • Senator Kelly is already dead, they’re going to do something different man.

        • Crap, I thought they were killing him again, oops.

          The sooner this continuity crap is sorted, the better then.

          • And. Where’s. Cyclops?!

            • He’s dead man. Jean Grey killed him.

            • I’d say. They gotta bring him back. End of story :).

        • Perhaps they can have in the timeline of the trilogy that the government discover Magneto has killed Senator Kelly and had someone impersonating him on the inside as an undercover agent (Mystique) leading to the events of X2- the mental attack on humans- and compromising the news of the cure in X3.

          They are different timelines. So perhaps there is two triggers?
          One in the original film trilogy that would set up the arrival Sentinels into that timeline, and another in the First Class timeline?

          The First Class timeline trigger if stopped only delays the appearance of the Sentinels but minimizes damage to the future (original timeline). Have a headache yet?

          • what about Dark Phoenix’s destruction of Alcatraz? Granted the humans knew there were dangerously powerful mutants out there, but never on the scale of Jean Grey. Remember, in “Last Stand” (horrid movie that it was) they stated that Jean Grey was the only class 5 mutant they’ve met, so arguably the government could’ve assessed that there are mutants out there that can wipe out hundreds of people in a matter of seconds and are either willing or bat-$h!t cray cray enough to do it. Plus Magneto assembled an army of pissed off mutants. The humans lost the cure and have no way of fighting against them. So I’m assuming the events of “Last Stand” led to the rise of the already in development Sentinels (Project: Wide Awake in X2 when mystique is in Strykers computer). Plus the events of X2 and Last Stand take place less than a year apart, meaning the psychic attack on all humans lead to the development of a cure which lead to Magnetos army and the Dark Phoenix attack all happen in a short time span. This is just my theory as to why we haven’t seen the sentinels just yet because they probably were the governments last resort. Also, I am stoked by the inhibitor collars.

      • I dont think this is the timeline we know, first class is set in 1963 so im guessing something timey wimey will happen that changes the course of history (possibly bishop?) and leads to the sentinels being implemented in 73. theres no way they can expect us to believe that there was sentinels in the original movies that werent implemented during magnetos attack on alcatraz.

        • Yeah that’s another thing, if the Sentinel in the Danger Room was a simulation, how did they know of the Sentinels if they didn’t show up any other time in the trilogy?

          • They’re probably ignoring that as being part of a danger room sequence and not completely relating to these Sentinels. so one could say the head doesn’t count.

        • I brought this up above, but will repeat it here:

          What if there is two triggers? One for each timeline?

          Think of it as the Terminator series (I know, I know) in which the events of T2 was the original trigger yet when it was prevented at the end of the film, it only delayed the overall event until the events of T3.

          I think someone brought it up on another article: what if the events of Days of Future Past need to occur in order for the events of the trilogy to even occur? A paradox.

          Perhaps Xavier have loose memory of preventing the original trigger, thus explaining the training simulation, fearing that they may have only delayed the event.

          • I understand your theory, and it’s incredibly well thought out, but consider that maybe nobody in hollywood is thinking that deeply about this. They really don’t care, Bryan Singer is just trying to make the best movie possible out of Days of Future Past, I wouldn’t think into it too much. Also, they wouldn’t take the time to explain something that complicated to Audiences. It only worked in Star Trek because it was the first installment of a new series, this isn’t, and people remember all the others and will be VERY confused. So I’m pretty positive your theory does not apply, and it’s only one universe. In fact I’d be willing to bet on it.

            • I don’t think people would be too confused. All that’s *really* required is your basic “this is an alternate reality/timeline” speech at some point, and the average audience is sold.

    • I think this may be a different timeline. There are THOUSANDS of Sentinels deployed over the years according to the site and in major U.S. cities. That’s not the case in the X-Men trilogy so it’s different.

      • Rob, what if there is multiple triggers similar to what occurred in the Terminator series? One for each timeline?

        The event in Days of Future Past must occur in the First Class timeline in order to lead into the original trilogy, or vice versa.

        Preventing the earlier trigger (earlier being a very relative term here) only delays the second trigger or event that lead into the Days of Future Past…

        Thus, explaining the absence (or delayed presence) of Sentinels in one timeline but the multitudes of others in another. It can also explain Xavier designing the simulation against a Sentinel due to having some vague memories of such events occurring.

        I also think the original comics end that while the X-Men successively prevented the assassination Xavier now knows that the possibility of such a dangerous future- which affects his outlook and perception of his dream. Plus addresses the idea of it being a paradox, that something must occur in order for that story to take place.

        In the comics there is multiple alternate timelines: Days of Future Past and Age of Apocalypse being two major ones. Maybe they prevent one future in one timeline (the present or the past) but cause the other future to occur…

        • You guys are thinking too hard. I have yet to see Wolverine, so maybe that will change my mind, but here’s my current theory: Days is only a sequel to First Class, not the original trilogy. The future we see here never happened because Wolverine went back and prevented it,thus resulting in the original continuity. The Sentinels were in X3 because either a) Xavier totally remembers fighting them and fought they were good things to add to the training room or b) never actually met a Sentinel but heard about them from Logan, inspiring a combat simulation with giant, purple mutant-killing robots.

      • this may sound stupid but what if Trask is from the future or some time traveler is inhabiting his body or whatever, but what if someone in the future (the original trilogy) hopped back to the past (first class) and implemented the Sentinels to change the future in to what we see when Mag’s and Prof.X working together again due to mutants being hunted? Given Hollywoods penchant lately for fake out villains i totally can see them going with someone from the future is effing up the past and posing as Bolivar Trask or he’s in cahoots with someone from the future.

  3. Hopefully the alternate time will explain why Trask is Bill Duke in one movie and Peter Dinklage in the other. I know its a stupid thing to b**** about but all these stupid continuity things absolutely kill me.

    • Maybe in that timeline, Trask eats too much red meat?

      • He’s at the right level for it. If they wanted someone small, why not use Ant-man or The Atom, and give us a movie within a movie? (hee-hee, just being obnoxious….).

        • Haha.

          Although I was quoting a line from a fight scene between Bill Duke and Arnold Schwazenegger in Commando when Rae Dawn Chong cowers behind a wall and says “these guys eat too much red meat”.

          Such a highly quotable movie.

        • I would love it if he was just a little person, and the movie just didn’t draw attention to it.

      • +100 for the Commando reference.

        • My girlfriend goes commando….

  4. I’m loving what they are doing. Most anticipated CBM 2014 for me.

  5. Haha, Peter Dinklage looks awesome with that porn mustache. :D

    • haha Also Peter Dinklage is gonna be a pretty awesome villain his great in game of thrones gonna love seeing him in this one

      • He was brilliant in Elf too.

        • Elf is the first time I saw him. While the film is just okay for me, that scene was hilarious!!!

          Been a fan since and have grown more of a fan due to Game of Thrones.

          • I saw him for the first time in that short-lived sci-fi show “Threshold” with Carla Gugino and Brent Spiner, where he basically played a shorter version of Tony Stark. He was awesome in that.

          • He’s awesome in the Station Agent, he gets drunk and shoved by a little kid. good movie too.

            • +1 :)

      • Pretty small, hard to see. Will the X-men engage in midget-tossing?

  6. He looks like Kip Dynamite

    • Could be worse..I look like Napoleon Dynamite!

  7. Awwww man so cool. So I guess the Mark 1 is a bit smaller like 10 footish. Then the Mark X might be closer to the 3 story monster we are used to seeing. I hope like hell we see Nimrod and Mastermold in the future. I hope the sentinel robot voice is similar to the 90′s cartoon version.

    • I mentioned in the post that the Mark 1 stands 18 feet exactly, because I find that interesting in comparing to what will be the bigger Mark X :)

    • I rather it be more similar to the X-Men Evolution depiction ;)

  8. I wish the sentinels were a little bit taller I wish they were ballers I wish they had mutant a girl so they can call her

    • So they can call her maybe?

    • Wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a 6-4 impala

  9. Why is Trask being played by a midget? This ain’t Lilliput, and that ain’t canon…again!

    • Maybe this Trask got so many insults about his height during childhood that he decided to prove himself better than them by building his own company, including the Sentinels?

      Nothing like a diminuitive but brilliant actor to hammer home that this is a guy overcoming the odds to become a giant in the business world.

      • Oh, whew. Now I understand it. I was worried for a minute there that it was Big and Rich and their freak parade doing a reboot of “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”!

        • Fun fact about Dinklage I didn’t know until recently.

          He played the same character in Death At A Funeral and the Chris Rock remake.

          • The original “Death at a funeral” was really funny. There was absolutely no need to remake it. The trailer for the Chris Rock one looked terrible. It didn’t look funny at all. Like an Adam Sandler movie.

            • @motoko

              That’s why I haven’t seen the Rock version and refuse to do so.

            • I agree with you on that. That movie made me want to scream at the screen. Though naked james marsden i was fine with, other than that the remake was utter dreck.

          • Oh, kinda like all Tom Cruise’s characters that he plays are pretty much the same?

      • I thought it was an interesting direction from its inception.

        Bolivar Trask directing his inferiority complex into the business world but also become the savior and protector of human kind against the mutant threat? Genius.

        Trask ultimately jealous that mutant kind are full of people with gifts that seemingly give them an advantage over normal humans, while his evolutionary trait makes him seemingly inferior? Brilliant.

        I love it and support it. Plus Peter Dinklage is an excellent casting choice.

        • But isnt being a midget, in theory, a mutation in itself? Wouldnt the sentinels then hunt Trask?

  10. The Sentinel in X-Men Evolution were more lethal & powerful, even Wolverine couldn’t take the first one down by himself. I did like how the Sentinels talked in the 90′s X-Men animated series aswell. Maybe have them speak more like Master Mold first spoke like on Slave Island. By which I hope they make a film like that by enslaving mutants that involves in the development of Master Mold & another time traveling film involving Nimrod down the road.

    • You know what I’d love to see?


      Getting nuked.

      16 (or was it 60?) million mutants dead after a Sentinel attack.

      Survivors fight back. Back to the past you go, Logan,

      • No, Kitty. And where’s Cyclops?

        • Nope, they changed it to Wolverine now.


          He’s probably still raising Superman’s son with Lois.

          • +1 Ahh Superman Returns lol.

            Seriously I would love it if Jean Grey actually transported Cyclops somewhere else. Somewhen else ;)

      • Genosha would be kick-ass to see onscreen

    • Some of the designs actually remind me of the Sentinels in X-Men Evolution!
      I hope that is the main inspiration for the Sentinels in the film.

      The combined strength of the X-Men, The Brotherhood, and Magneto’s Acolytes could not have handled just one large Sentinel released.

      Those Sentinels looked more menacing, and definitely has the firepower to match. That would be the Sentinel I would want to watch haha

  11. I am loving this!
    Several questions come into my mind though:

    -How will they explain the difference between this Bolivar Trask and the other version seen in “X-Men: The Last Stand”?

    -If this is a different timeline than that seen of the original trilogy, what is up with the Sentinel tease mentioned in the article? Can Xavier send his mental state do alternate timelines and thus have already perceived this event to occur?

    -If this is a different timeline, shouldn’t characters like Cyclops and Jean Grey should be alive maybe?

    -Now usually this story in the comic books all begin with the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly- a character who was killed in the original “X-Men” and Mystique continues to portray the Senator in “X2: X-Men United”. So perhaps somewhere along the line the world discovers that Magneto killed Kelly and his associate went undercover inside the US Government pretending to be Kelly and triggers the rise of Sentinels in the “future”? Or would there be something else to trigger the events- especially if there is multiple timelines?

    Ahh I thought time travel alone would be complicated, but introducing time travel into a a series that has continuity errors with the aim to “correct it” may be even more complex. Even if the filmmakers do a great job, it could be that many fans will nitpick and criticize whatever apparent flaws exist.

    I am still excited for the film and I am glad that the filmmakers are going bold and risky with this installment. It captures attention and make fans think about the prospects and thus interested.

    I am looking forward to the marketing big time :)

    • Okay, all of this is overthought man, they’re just making a movie! I’ll answer your questions as best I can.

      - That’s not really Bolivar Trask in X3 despite having a similar name and audiences won’t remember or care.

      - It’s the same timeline.

      - Jean Grey isn’t born yet, and Cyclops’ Dad is in the movie so they’ll probably tie that in somehow, all we know for now is he is in the army at some point, rumored to be in ‘nam. And it’s the same Timeline.

      - Senator Kelly died in X-Men (2000), so they will simply find another reason for the Sentinels to begin to militarize. No problems!

      - They may be “correcting” some continuity errors, but rest assured, this is the same continuity! Bryan Singer said so on twitter as I recall back when they did First Class someone asked if it was a reboot and he adamantly said no, it’s in the same universe with the same characters.

      Hope I helped :D

    • “-How will they explain the difference between this Bolivar Trask and the other version seen in “X-Men: The Last Stand”?”

      The exact same way they explained 3 Kitty Prides who were on screen far longer than Trask.

  12. I remember Vaugn ( i think ) talking about Magneto potentially being responsible for the JFK assasination after first class. Could this be the trigger event?

    • A rogue mutant tries to interrupt the Apollo launch in 69 maybe?

  13. Damn. I was really hoping for Puck

    • Despite the fact we’ve had official confirmation for months that he was Bolivar Trask?

      • Yes. I was also disappointed that it was Khan, though we knew for months that it was John Harrison.

  14. Wow! They are really going all out with this. I’m loving the Trask Industries Official website and TV commercial. However I have a feeling that the hype they build up will be better than the movie.

    In the end, they’ll still get my money.

    Beware Skynet! Beware Mastermold!

    • “What’s that weird shaped mountain?”

      “That ain’t no mountain, bub.”

      *Blackbird flies closer and we see the features of Master Mold with vines and such growing within the cracks and crevices of rusting steel*

      • Ah, Master Mold. I remember that from the early comics. or from a dish in the back of my refridgerater.

      • @Dazz, Badass!!

    • The hype is always better than the movie (see Prometheus etc etc…)

  15. Geez I hope they can pull this off. This looks dope!!! Please don’t mess this up!

  16. Has anyone else noticed that Trask Industries rearranged is Stark Industries?

  17. Must have Nimrod!!

  18. I don’t care how many fanboys b**** about the X-Men franchise, I’m just happy to be getting another fix. I also keep hearing that Iron Man 2 & Wolverine Origins were awful. I loved both of those movies.

    • I thought X-Men Origins, Wolverine & Ironman 2 were good but not great.

      • Of course they weren’t great, but they were good enough to watch when they play them on FX.

  19. So I mentioned this above, so I will repeat here one last time:

    What if “Days of Future Past” sets up a paradox in which this event must occur in order to create the timelines we know of: The Original Trilogy Timeline and The First Class timeline.

    Thus perhaps there is multiple triggers that exist, and no matter what the event must occur in order for the films to take place. One trigger in the First Class timeline that leads into a future of Sentinels everywhere as described above, and another trigger that occurs in the timeline following the Original Trilogy.

    Similar to how the apocalypse of the Terminator series must occur in order to have the birth of John Conner take place and the Terminator go back in time. While the original trigger was prevented in T2, another trigger would occur in T3 and begin the delayed apocalypse.

    Perhaps this can explain why there is no Sentinels in the Original Trilogy yet explain why Xavier designed a simulation against one and perceives the threat of the rising Trask Industry in post-Last Stand continuity, whereas an army of thousands of Sentinels have existed since the ’70s.

    Is it possible we may see more than one trigger? Is is possible we may see more timelines than the one we knows so far? Could perhaps the timeline saved only lead to another event such as the Age of Apocalypse?

    I am loving the question this film is making me think of

    • Wow. You actually make sense. I am sure that if this is the way that Fox and co. decide to go that can indeed explain this to the mainstream movie going audience. Kudos to you,

    • Yeah this makes sense to me. Think u got it.

    • Unless they specifically say there are alternate timelines I would not put much stock in that theory. Casual movie goers are not going to put that much thought into what the film makers are trying to do as far as crazy separate timelines, and if the history of the writing on the series is any indication I really do not see them cleverly writing their way out of some of the incongruities they created.

  20. I saw The Wolverine tonight btw. Great movie. The teaser for DOFP has me where I can’t wait for that film to come out. Right now, I feel like watching the complete series of the 90′s X-Men animated show.

  21. Here’s to fox’s universe cheers! About damn time for the Sentinels. Wolverine was a great start for that.

  22. @ will DUDE!!!e a xmen fan!!! are u serious??? how can u not be a xmen fan

  23. ***Addressing the Temporal Order***

    Unlike the story version found in comics, the movie version will be stripped down for simplicity. Bishop will be confronted with a conundrum (Apocalypse, Advanced Sentinels, Fitzroy, etc..), which can only be overcome by specific X-Men. As a result of those X-Men being dead, Bishop will have to go back to change history.

    In order to save Charles Xavier, the key is to stop Jean Gray from becoming the Phoenix. Since Brian Singer is going to ‘fix everything’, (not to mention the Cable and X-Man conundrums), Jean Gray will somehow be stopped. She will not be killed.

    …and, that is all you need to know.

    • Before anyone asks the question… Cable and X-Man are the children of Jean and Scott. Within the comic-book timeline, Cable and X-Man are critical players in the fight against Apocalypse and Onslaught. If Brian Singer saves Charles Xavier, without saving Jean Gray, the entire timeline will become permanently messed up.

      • Wouldnt it be great if in this movie Prof X enters Magneto’s mind at some point and triggers the Onslaught story? I know it will be a different start, but pretty sure they wont yank ALL of the adamantium out of wolverine in the movie to make Prof X flip out on Magneto, but maybe if he went in there to jack up his powers to be able to defeat the major end sentinel (Nimrod or Master Mold) and that was the little bit needed to cause Onslaught to start forming.

        Just a fanboy dream I guess :-)

        • rofl… Seeing Magneto yank Wolverine’s adamantium out would be an epic move. I think the film would be ‘rater r’ for insane gore.

          I would watch it.

        • I would buy a ticket just to see that happen.

  24. as the x-men are the ” breaking bad ” corner of the marvel universe, it figures that obliterating the sentinel run future is bound to lead to something worse ( AOA, sinister, etc. ).

    since this thread started with commando references: ” hey john, how’s your arm john? “.

    • They offered to pay big but when I found out I’d be killing you, I offered to do it for free.

      • swat officer to woman in green vehicle: ” not baaaddd “.

  25. Pumped!

  26. Rob, maybe you know the answer to this: was there any talk during pre-production of this film being split into two parts? Because with all they seem to want to do with this film, it might not have been a bad idea. Now I know that there hasn’t been a spotless record of two-parters in the past, but this is Bryan Singer we’re talking about :)

  27. Here’s to fox’s universe cheers! About damn time for the Sentinels. Wolverine was a great start for that.

  28. Well, it looks like it only took Fox 14 years to get their $h!t together. We’ll see if it’s actually going to make sense or just be as convoluted as the rest of the series.

  29. Why don’t they just stop all this timeline BS and start from scratch? X-Men First Class should’ve been a complete reboot of the franchise. What if DOFP tanks? What will Fox do then?

    • Cry themselves to sleep on their big pilla!!