Count on Patrick Stewart Returning For ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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Patrick Stewart X Men Days of Future Past Count on Patrick Stewart Returning For X Men: Days of Future Past

[Update: Mark Millar will oversee Fox’s Marvel cinematic universe.]

After the X-Men film trilogy concluded on a sour note for fans and critics with 2006’s The Last Stand, Twentieth Century Fox looked to Marvel Comics’ past to continue the franchise with prequels. The next set of films began with the origin story of Wolverine with franchise star Hugh Jackman returning to star. This was followed by Matthew Vaughn’s team-up prequel in X-Men: First Class.

While First Class and the return of Bryan Singer to the franchise made up for the last two franchise films – critically speaking – both it and X-Men Origins: Wolverine were continuity error-laden and seemingly disconnected from the core trilogy.

At this point, the future of the core franchise is hindered with how the story and character arcs played out in X-Men 3 and the prequels can’t connect to X-Men 1 because they don’t fully follow the same continuity. To fix this and to do something bigger and more ambitious with the franchise – taking a page out of Marvel Studios’ handbook – Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn are turning X-Men: First Class 2 into a time travel film that can connect all of the films together and (hopefully) make sense of all the stories presented so far.

X Men Days of Future Past Art Daniel Govar 570x398 Count on Patrick Stewart Returning For X Men: Days of Future Past

As we speak, The Wolverine is in principal photography (first official photo of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was just released) for a release next summer and up next on the docket is X-Men: Days of Future Past which will begin shooting in the new year for a summer 2014 release date. Outside of Bryan Singer confirming the title of the film and teasing the idea of seeing older characters return and exploring multiple timelines, no additional details or confirmations have been released, except one by Patrick Stewart.

While appearing at Montreal Comic-Con 2012 (Comiccon de Montréal), Stewart helped close out the event with a Q&A session where he was asked about whether or not he’d be returning as Professor X in the upcoming film(s). He smiled, said “I think there is every possibility,” and proceeded to namedrop his female costars from the trilogy. He then began to flat out confirm his return by saying “Yes, I’ll be reprising…” before his son Daniel cut him off to namedrop his father’s male costars.

Stewart plays Charles Xavier in the series aka Professor X and was (sort of) killed off in X-Men: The Last Stand before it’s revealed in the post-credits sequence that he transferred his consciousness to the body of a comatose patient (who may be his twin brother). He also cameo’d in X-Men Origins: Wolverine before X-Men: First Class introduced James McAvoy’s younger version of the character.

For years now, X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner has name-dropped X-Men 4 (& 5) as a movie she had in development. X-Men: Day of Future Past could essentially be that very same movie, or potentially even lead into X-Men 4 (something Singer teased he’d be interested in directing) or a different take on X-Men 3, one that represents what Bryan Singer would have done with it had he not left the series to direct Superman Returns.

The Wolverine 2 Hugh Jackman Official Count on Patrick Stewart Returning For X Men: Days of Future Past

James Mangold and Hugh Jackman have emphasized all along that The Wolverine isn’t a direct sequel to Origins and that it’s more of a standalone story. With Days of Future Past on the horizon however, we’re not too sure how much of that will hold true and we’d expect a reference, even a post-credits scene that will tease the next film in the series, especially since it’s practically a given that Hugh Jackman will have a role in X-Men: Days of Future Past as well.

Do you expect everyone to return for the next X-Men team-up? Can Fox pull of a film that features the X-Men: First Class cast along with the cast of the original X-Men trilogy?

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.

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  1. They need to give up one on. Either stick with the X men: First Class and keep it going from there or stick with X-men 4 and on because things are getting too crazy

    • If Origins: Wolverine if left out of the equation can someone please point out to me the continuity errors between First Class and the original trilogy? It may not follow what the comics laid out but it seems to follow its own pattern pretty well. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Cyclops, Jean, Iceman and Angel were left out of First Class due to them being too young back in the 60’s if they are to be somewhere between 20 and 40 years old around the late 90’s early 2000’s.

      • One of the main things was the scene when Charles and Erik were recruiting mutants. They met up with Logan in a bar and before they could even ask, he told them to “go f@&$ yourselves”. In X-Men, when Cyclops, Storm, and Jean bring Logan to the mansion, Charles has never met Logan before. I’m pretty sure a mutant as powerful as Charles Xavier would have remembered even a brief encounter with someone as special as Logan.

        • And isn’t havoc Cyclops younger brother?

          • Yes and it was annoying they even put him in there destroying any sort of continuity anywhere. Completely ridiculous, they had another 100 characters to choose from and decided to choose one that is a younger brother of a mutant that isnt born yet. Whatever writers… not even Days of Future Past can explain that one. That was just another example of the thoughtlessness & uncaring hand we’ve seen over and over again with FOX. Quit screwing around and fix X-Men!!

            • The movie was good anyway.

              • Thats just it. For fans, those things made the movie BAD.

                • James McAvoy is shot in First Class and paralyzed yet Patrick Stewart it walking around with Magneto at the beginning of Last Stand.

                  • Yeah, my point was merely that the movies themselves make sense, not following the comics exactly is not a concern of mine. Plus, there is a comic where Havoc is the older brother, so Fox isn’t the first to mess that one up.

                    • No, it is a continuity error of the films (my point that is), nothing to do with the comics.

                      Basically FC has Charles paralyzed in his 30’s while Last Stand has X paralyzed in his late forties? That make any sense to you?

                • Hear, hear!

          • @ trey

            In Ultimate X-Men, Havok is the older brother.

            • That’s one hell of an older brother if we look at First Class. What is Havok meant to be like 20 years older than Scott in the comics?

              • All depends on the age of their father doesnt it? Besides, I was only replying to Clance who was saying Havok is the younger brother in the comics. There are a few offical Marvel Comic Universes.

        • He did know him in the first X-Men movie! He said Logan its been a long time or good to see you, but i dont remember exactly word for word.

          • I dont remember that but I’ll check it out. But, it doesnt make sense that happened since the writers had no idea where they would go with sequels.

      • Some other things that didn’t line up were Hank McCoy actually building Cerebro when Xavier said Magneto helped him build it, Mystique basically growing up with Xavier and the two of them pretty much never crossing paths in the original, Moria McTaggart not aging. The oversights by themselves are small I guess, but overall it just always looks like they don’t even pay attention to their own films when writing the follow-ups or prequels.

        • Or that Charles’s half brother Cain Marko and his backstory is nowhere in ‘First Class’ and runs counter to what was presented in ‘X3.’ These little annoyances will continue to mount until the whole thing falls like a stack of cards. Yeah, they’re going to need Mark Miller…

          • OOPS “Millar” I mean, darn it…

          • In Ultimate X-Men, Juggernaut is a mutant and not related to Charles.

            • But the First Class series wasn’t part of the Ultimate series. Look they’re fracturing the whole even further than what it is instead of making something that has a consistent continuity. They can’t even make an effective use of the Ultimate storyline because they don’t have the rights to use all the Marvel characters that advanced the stories in the series. So to pick up something random like Cain Marko’s background from the Ultimates is cop out, not a well thought out strategy for bringing the X-Men story to the screen.

              As you well know Millar wrote a number of the Ultimate X-Men stories so be prepared for more mixed up gorp as he tries to renormalize the past films with something that can “further the franchise” in the cinema world…

              • So Fox is only limited to the main universe? People complain that the choices they make have nothing to do with the comics. But for better or worse, alot of what fox does is taken from the comics. Marvel Studios and Nolan are allowed to pick and mix continuities, why isnt Fox?

                • Well it’s because you have to know what you’re doing to make changes. Marvel has the advantage knowing what they’ve done in the past and the consequences of story decisions. Marvel has a much better chance to make a superior X-Men movie than anyone. How people like yourself feel, “I’d rather have an X-Men movie today than a superior one 10 years down the road” is driving the franchise into the ground.

                  People are being conditioned to think of yesterdays film no matter how good or trashy as equally disposable. Comics, like the ultimate series are much easier to finance and produce than a blockbuster movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if the changes you mention weren’t done to make the movies align with the comics! Now you have the tail wagging the dog, because the movie industry is too lazy to look into or stick with any kind of consistency. It’s corrupting the industry. Look what has happened to ‘Watchmen’. We have ‘Before Watchmen’ now and are movies or Anime far behind? ‘Watchmen’ put the comic/graphic novel into the class of literature but industry would happily drag it into the gutter if it meant making a buck…

            • That has been the reasoning behind that choice, which is valid. But the movie series started before the Ultimates version, and assuming people who used to read the comics even knew about that incarnation of the Juggernaut helped cause some of the confusion.

              Beyond that the question has to be asked did they even need the character at all? He was used as a special effects set piece to fight Wolverine and then do the running through the walls gag at the end. For that whole end sequence to work, he had to be a mutant for the kids power leeching to work. The funny part is that when they rescued him and Multiple Man (another character they used as an excuse to do a special effects shot later), why didn’t the government just use the “cure” on them instead of trying to transport them with their powers?

              Again it just comes down to bad writing, no matter what source material they want to claim they are using. Another unneeded moment in First Class was using Stryker’s dad in the War Room scene just to bring up that character, as if he was important to the story at hand. That just reminds people of the Wolverine movie and X-2 (causing the confusion of whether it was reboot or prequel), and if it was the early 60’s how would he still be living at home when he looked like he was in his 30’s or 40’s and a high ranking military official during the Viet Nam war? I guess he just didn’t want to move out because the rent was cheap.

              • It’s funny that you mention that. Cause a lot of the Ultimate X-Men was based around what Fox did. If its good enough for Marvel, should be good enough for the fans, right?

                As for the cure, wasnt it established in the movie that the goverment wasnt going to use the cure against unwilling mutants unless they had too? I remember some sort of converstion between Beast and the president that went along those lines.

                • There is a disconnect between someone like myself who used to collect, and newer collectors of the books. I will probably never buy comics regularly again, and I really have not interest in keeping up with the changes they seem to make every few years. Disposable comic book stories running in line with disposable films is a good way to make money, but it won’t mean anything in ten years when everything you are talking about is just as irrelevant as the original stuff I read back in the 80’s and 90’s.

                  The use of the “cure” in X-3 still was not used in a logical way. If the core of this series was humans trying to combat the growing tide of mutants, then wouldn’t it be more along the lines of the narrative to have them use the weapon as a weapon? And one has to assume Multiple Man and Juggernaut didn’t turn themselves in, the whole final battle scene revolved around the cure being used against hostile mutants. Why wouldn’t they de-power mutant criminals they plan on locking up?

      • For one, Hank McCoy was shown as looking like a normal human in X2, but has already changed in FC. As someone already mentioned, Moira MacTaggert hasn’t aged from FC to X3. And someone else also explained, in X3, Xavier was walking with Magneto when they found Jean but he lost the use of his legs and Magneto had become his enemy in FC. I enjoyed FC but I can’t ignore the problems.

      • I Agree… both movies were confusing.. In X-Men first class, we saw how Professor X ended up in a Wheel Chair, but in Wolverine Origins, at the end when he gets all the mutants, he is standing… very odd.

    • Who cares what they do, they’re movies, whether people complain about this or that, obviously they can’t do anything about it. this looks like a good idea, and am anxious to see what they do.

      • Let someone rip apart a property you like then come back and see me. :)

      • You’re right. Can someone call Will Smith to play Superman?! 😀

  2. It would be great if this gets done, and done right, easily one of the best, x-men stories, after the dark phoenix saga.

  3. This is going to be one hell of a movie!

  4. The franchise is all over the place, and when compared to Marvel’s execution of Phase One, it looks like a mess. Here’s to hoping Days of Future Past can retcon everything together, much like how the Star Trek reboot did, although with some of the same people at the helm again, I’m not holding out hope, which is a shame because I think the X-Men have always been much more interesting than the Avengers.

  5. Just reboot it already.

  6. wouldnt it be awesome and funny if when everyone was meting their older selves that Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) meets Hugh Jackman, since wolverine doesn’t really age haha. Like he looks exactly the same.

  7. Days of Future Past is probably my favorite X-Men story. But anyone who has read the books knows its not in line with the article. Having the original trilogy cast come back is a bit much. Stick with the FC cast and add the characters that are essential to DOFP. We need Bishop, Cable, Jean Grey, and Cyclops for starters. Recast those parts and leave the original trilogy alone. Fox screwed it up and I dont think any story will fix it. I love Patrick Stewart but having him in the movie with McAvoy isnt something that will go over well simply due to the fact they look nothing alike or talk nothing alike. Hell, they dont even ACT alike. McAvoy even stated he was never trying to act like Stewarts version of the character. He made it his own. So, again, just stick with the new cast.

    The crappiest thing about this is since Fox screwed up so bad, I dont think there is any resolution to this.

    • Sadly agree..

    • So where did Fox screw up so bad in the original trilogy? You only listed MacAvoy not looking or sounding like Stewart as an example. To me, that’s trivial and easy to work around. I’m all for ambitious movie concepts and I find it strange that some are so quick to quash them in favour of something more simplistic and generic. Fox may have underwhelmed with Last Stand and totally screwed up with Origins but X-1, X-2 and First Class were all good movies and it seems that Fox is serious about making good movies from this franchise for the foreseeable future. Time will tell but if they do in fact have some good ideas rolling at Fox Studios than I’d like them to get as creative as possible.

      • Honestly I love X-Men 1 and 2. Part 3 and beyond is where things went wrong. They did a lot of disrespect to the comic.

        Here are a few of the errors with the orignal trilogy (mainly X3).

        -The Dark Phoenix arc of X3 was horrible. Jean was NOT the Phoenix her entire life. The whole story line was way off.
        -Wolverine killed The Phoenix – Cant happen. Huge mistake.
        -Scott dies in X3 – are you friggin kidding me!?
        -Professor X dies – big mistake (yes, I saw the end credits scene)
        -Rogue was big letdown in all 3 X-Men movies. No flight. No strength.
        -Callisto was given super speed in X3. Why? It isnt her power.
        -Juggernaut is NOT a mutant. His costume was horrible.

        I could go on and on….

        Here are some continuity errors between the orignal trilogy and FC.

        -Professor X is walking with Magneto in the 80’s in X3. He is paralized in the 60’s in FC.
        -X-Men 1 Professor X states that he met Eric when they were teens. In FC they meet as adults.
        -X-Men 2 shows Hank as a man. In FC he changes to Beast during his teen years.
        -FC states Hank created Cerebro. In X-Men Xavier states that Magneto helped him build Cerebro.
        -FC shows a young Storm cameo which would make her 50+ in The X-Men trilogy.

        I could go on and on…..

        I agree that X-Men 1&2 and FC are all good. I have stated in other posts that we should all forget X3 or Wolverine Origins ever happened. X3 had about 6 different story arcs from the comics, it was just too much and they took way to many liberties with each arc.

        I am a huge fan of X-Men comics and I hate it when FOX screws with characters and stories that I love. I have friends who have not read the books and they dont share the same feelings I do. I do not know if you are a comic reader or not, but if you are interested please read The Dark Phoenix saga for starters. Then you may see what all the complaining is about.

        • I have little faith in them executing this type of story properly, maybe if the Wolverine movie comes off well it might seem more stable for me. The issue seems to be that when they throw out the names of these various story lines from the past forty years they don’t even know which version they are going to draw from for their movies. I suspect this movie will be more like the 90’s cartoon arc of Days of Future Present and have little to do with the comic version.

          And if you read back on the articles on this site about this next X-Men movie the theme, casts and story ideas have changed every few months, so I really don’t know what to expect.

        • The entire X-Men film franchise is terrible. They are getting worse as the series goes on. Hope Days of Future Past is done well. I hope they take a page out of the original animated series book and have Bishop travel back in time instead of Kitty Pryde sending her mind back in time to her past self. I can see The Rock playing Bishop, especially with his current size. He is massive. Bulking up big time.

        • @alpine

          it is a movie, not the comics. But I suggest you read Marvel’s Ultimate X-Men, if you havent alreay. You might be surprised. Jean was born The Phoenix I believe, the human re-incarnation of a Phoenix God. Juggernaut is a mutant. Prof X dies. As for Rougue. That is her power. In most continuities I believe. She absorbs powers. She doesnt fly or have super strength. I may be mistaken, but she gets those powers when she holds onto Ms Marvel for too long. And in X3, didnt Jean let Wolverine kill her? Thats the impression I got. As I recall, it was a ray gun which killed the Phoenix in the original comics?

          -In the comics, Charles walks and ends up back in a wheel chair a few times. Maybe he gets to walk again and gets re-paralyzed in the time between films?
          -The ages are wrong, I agree on that, but as for Hank, maybe the guy in X2 is a body double? Maybe Hank is using a holographic emiter? Or maybe cause his secondary mutation in the films is caused by a formula based on Mystique, he can change back and forth at some point?
          -Cerebro is destroyed in FC, maybe on one of his many trips back to work with Charles, Magneto helps build the cerebro we see in the original trilogy.
          -I’m not sure, but isnt the Storm cameo a deleted scene? And not canon as part of the film series?

          As far as I’m concerned, they dont need to mess around with time travel to fix these, in my opinion, minor flaws. This story, The Days of Future Past, if they go head with it, will be giving flaws and continuity errors to the film series which cant be explained away. I personally would prefer they just start fresh, using FC as a reboot.

          • THANK YOU! While I have never read the comics, my older brothers both did and they love the X-men films. It’s nice to read that someone realizes that these are films. I think people need to remember that many film makers of comic stories use quite a bit of creative license. Like all the Superman, Batman, Green Lantern….etc. follow the comics EXACTLY. In fact, I know there are major differences in those as well. People need to quit picking them apart so much and enjoy the films. They are fun and entertaining but not all that important in the grand scheme of things. I am VERY excited for any future X-Men films! And I hope Patrick Stewart does return :)

    • I did not care for First Class at all. I thought X-Men 1 & 2 were honest efforts (although I would have written them differently). I think that first X-men 3-film franchise needs to be rebooted (although it will take some doing to come up with new viable characters to represent all the familiar character faces). In any reboot, we need much more Cyclops, much less Wolverine, we need everyone in their comic-book costumes (lots of good choices), we have seen Magneto enough for now, as important as he is to that world, and need to see Sentinels as the villains instead. Replacing Patrick Stewart as professor X would be pretty difficult, as he was pretty near perfect. Meshing the mess of all the X-men-related stuff done so far into a tied-up bow? Yeah, sounds like a good idea, but by golly, I sure can’t think of a way to do it flawlessly without leaving many many other goofs and messes. Days of Future Past is probably the closest one could come, and somehow I doubt it’s very close (“The Once and Future Mess”?!) (Uh, could time-travelling Kang fix this??).

  8. Sigh.. I’ll wait for this to come out on REELZ or something. Watched 1st Class on HBO’s free preview week and i’m very, very glad I didn’t pay for it in any way shape or form.
    Just give the mutants back to Marvel already.

  9. If any franchise needs a reboot, it’s the X-Men franchise. Just forget the rest and begin with either First Class or start over completely. And by “completely” I mean give back to Marvel and let them do it the justice it deserves.

    • As much as some of us want that 2 happen, it ain’t gonna come 2 pass anytime soon. Unless marvel /Disney show up on the fox studio lots with a bunch of “Brink”trucks.

    • I agree that Marvel would do it properly, but if Marvel has the rights to every character…we’ll never see everything we want (as a fan of comics, I prefer seeing something rather than nothing). The Punisher and Blade have already reverted back to Marvel, and I doubt we’ll see new movies from those characters for years. Marvel has told us their next 5 movies and the Hulk wasn’t even included after his stellar performance in the Avengers. Could you imagine if they had control of all their characters from the get-go? I’m guessing Iron Man wouldn’t have been made right away…or Thor…or Captain America. The Avengers movie probably wouldn’t be out now either. We’d have properly made X-men, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, and Hulk movies…but all those other movies would be put on the back-burner. That’s my assumption at least.

      • I think you are right. Fox and other studios just need to take a hint from the Avengers success. You dont have to be Marvel Studios to put out a good comic book movie. The thing they should all remember is STICK VERY CLOSE TO THE SOURCE MATERIAL. It will be a win, win every single time.

        • Alpine, my friend, it is time to spread your wings and grow up. This is cinema. Why tell a complete repeat of a story already told? Changing things up a bit is fine as long as it is enjoyable. I grew up a huge X-Men comic book fan, but I am holding my tears back on my cinematic experience because at the end of the day it is all fake. Change a storyline here or there as long as I had a good time at the theater. Chill, sir

      • Bought Avengers on DVD, watched it, loved it, but even though I seem to be way in the minority on this, was Bruce Banner/Hulk really all that “stellar”? I didn’t think so. Decent, yeah, OK, I agree with that…but somehow I think he gets more rave reviews than he deserves…or was I spending too much time sitting on my couch with my head buried in the popcorn bucket?

        • For me Hulk was the best part of the movie….but I am a HUGE Hulk fan.

        • @Goldilocks – Hulk vs. Thor fight on the Helicarrier was awesome. Mark Ruffalo was excellent while portraying Banner…talking about how he tried to commit suicide and being all smart about science and gamma radiation. Ruffalo owed that role. Each character had great moments in the final battle, but Hulk running, jumping, and smashing through buildings to kill aliens was so cool. And then, Hulk smash Loki. Plus, Hulk saved Iron Man…so yeah, it was a pretty stellar performance.

          Anywho…that wasn’t the point of my original post. The point was that if Marvel Studio owned all the rights to characters, we wouldn’t see nearly as many movies. Like the Hulk has been put on the backburner, so would so many other characters.

    • Problem with that is Marvel Studios can only finance and produce two full features per year. If they had X-Men, we either wouldn’t get X-Men movies, or we’d lose other properties so they can develop those.

      That’s the reason Avi Arad spread the key characters across a variety of studios in the ’90s, so one wouldn’t cannibalize itself in favor of select brands and overall, there’d be WAY more movies. That’s the only reason we can have Spider-Man, X-Men, Punisher, Blade, Avengers, etc. etc. all in existence.

      • But I firmly believe that time is past. What we are approaching is market saturation and I for one would prefer they make the CBM model last rather than run it into the ground. The last thing you want is Tulip mania…

        • I dont agree. I think Comic Book Movies have become a genre. Like romantic comedies, or action flicks. As long as they are quality flicks, people will continue to see them. Two CBM’s this year have grossed over a billion each. The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-man together this year have grossed over $3,330,000,000 world-wide in the box office.

          • Movies like Paranormal Activity still make loads of money (especially compared with the cost to make), that doesn’t mean that the sub-genre it has helped popularize isn’t on the verge of falling out of favor with movie goers.

            This concept of comic book movies as a new genre is based just on the fact that some of them have made billions of dollars, but to the casual movie goer these movies are just a sub-genre of sci-fi movies and at some point they aren’t all going to be successful. I mean even in the past here have been a fair number of movies based on comic books released to varying degrees of success, and nobody was talking about it being genre back then.

            All that is happening now is that it has becoming a marketing point that movie studios have jumped on until the next trend comes along. Movies based on comics will probably always be made in some form, but all this hype and box office watching will not last.

      • @ Rob,
        You sure about that? I’m pretty sure the reason Marvel sold all those movie rights was because they were going bankrupt, not because there was no way to do more than two movies a year.

        • Marvel rented those properties out more then once back then, people forget that Roger Corman did a Fantastic Four, and I think it was Golan Globus that did the Captain America movie. Carloco tried to get Spider-Man and I think X-Men back before they went belly up, and people like Snipes got Blade back then when nobody cared.

          The deals Fox and Sony have now were done when Marvel was going through bankruptcy and at the time they probably figured nobody would be able to do anything decent just because of the quality of some of the projects that had already been done. Then CGI became more refined and the rest is history. Marvel still probably had the Avengers property because they had devalued the comics so much (they sent it off to Image for a reboot), so when they saw what not to do they could take advantage of the opening in the market.

          As for comic book movies as a genre, there is a possibility of burn out just because at a point there are only so many stories they can tell without looking the same. The formula of bad guy threatens the world, single hero or group of heroes has to fight him, will get stale for casual fans after awhile. Add to that the special effects factor and competition from similar sci-fi/fantasy fare and you could see a fatigue on the market, especially if they try to stack them up during a summer season every year.

    • Considering Marvel Studios is 2/6, 3/6 at best, No thanks. I rather not watch another basic action-comedy.

  10. This whole thing is a complete mess. Hugh Jackman has hijacked the character ..anything that sprouts or tries to connect with singers world is fruit from a poisonous tree.

    Reboot please.

    and make the X-men about the GROUP … not a single person.

    ~ The spider

    • You said it! It should have been about the group for sure…and within that group, if someone had to “shine”, it should have been Cyclops, as he is supposed to be team-leader when in the field. Way too much Wolverine, probably too much Magneto. I will forgive Magneto, if there is a reboot with the villains being The Sentinels. Let’s leave Wolvie and Magneto out of the next one.

      • Exactly! Cyclops has been completely dis-serviced to date. Which is why I am still skeptical for future films with Singer being back involved.

        Side note – I had been thinking Fassbender might have made a good Cyclops prior to him being cast in First Class. Definitely could have been cast a little older/taller for the first X-Men (though Marsden did well) to nail down that classic Cyclops V Wolverine dynamic, instead of it being used as a comic relief gimmick.

        Any ideas who’d make a good Cyclops?

    • It seems like some people feel like Wolverine got too much play in the X-Men movies, but he was an unknown when he got the part and it’s not his fault he became a bankable star. And let’s be honest the character is more popular on his own then anyone else from the comics, the main problem they created was rushing to tell his story in X-2 when it could have waited for a solo movie (that would not have intertwined the Stryker character with the Weapon X story).

      As much blame as Wolverine gets for taking up too much screen time, it should be noted the Magneto and Xavier have been the focus of all the movies that weren’t Origins. And characters like Mystique and a few others were given way too much screen time while Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Colossus, etc were just glossed over.

    • yea a group like in X-Men: First Class.

  11. I’m pretty excited about the FC sequel.
    The biggest problem with the 1st film IMO was the fact that it was and felt rushed. So knowing that Fox actually smartend up and realized that a properly thought out and timed film is better for everyone involved is encouraging.

  12. I’d rather see Sir Ian McKellen reprise his role as the elder Magneto.

    • well, hopefully we ARE going to see that too.

  13. Whatever the reasoning I will see it if Patrick Stewart is in it. I skipped the last one because I didn’t care about any of the cast.

    • You missed out then.

  14. So…Patrick Stewart is a Looper? It’s going to take some major prosthetic make-up to get both Xaviers and Magnetos to look alike…not to mention Beast and Mystique. Rebooting now would be a mistake (First Class should have been the reboot point), so hopefully they pull off this story-line so fans can get the best possible outcome of combining the old films with the new.

    And FOX, while you are at it, make a proper Deadpool movie.

    • The look alike portion isnt that big of a deal to me concerning there is almost 35 years between characters and actors. I’m 35 now and look nothing like i did when i was 18. My friends now who’ve seen my pictures from Highschool could’nt even recognize which person I was. I’m not fat – I just look different. So 35 years is enough for anyone to look “different”. Unless you live in Arizona – then you better look the same as your Drivers’ Licence picture, which doesnt need to be renewed for 20 years.

      • I can’t resist saying this…I am 54 years old, look about 35 to 40 at the most, if that. I look almost exactly like I did at first glance 20 years ago. Everyone thinks I am alot younger than I am, so all the younger ladies talk to me as an equal. Loving it. My hairline under my curly hair has receded a bit, and there is a silver thread here and there in my blond permed AND naturally-curly hair, but everyone thinks it’s just lighter blond. Ooo-Laa-Laa, you ladies say, and I love you for it…but I must be honest, before you start casting me as your love-interest in your next fantasy, I’m afraid I, Goldilocks the “studzilla”, do in fact resemble a previous movie-star (drooling yet?). Unfortunately (oh, break not their hearts!), it’s “Napoleon Dynamite” (and crash goes another fantasy icon…!).{}

    • I was under the original impression that First Class was a reboot point…and it needs to be. They need to quit trying to cover their butts to try to make a contuinity for all the movies work and just admit that First Class is a reboot of the series and any future movies from here on need to be built just on that.(with the possible exception of any future moves that actually are suppose to just be about wolveriene on his own.)

  15. I know nothing of the comics.

    Now in the 90s I watched the cartoon, and I own every single movie. X1,X2 and first class were awesome. On rewatch X3 wasn’t as bad as I remembered it and origins was not horrible, but not great.

    Obviously there are a lot of continuity errors, but from what I understand this time travel storyline will feature 2 timelines. If this is true they can easily explain most of the differences. The only thing then that won’t make sense is Logan’s cameo in first class, but I’m willing to let that one slide cuz it wad really funny and didn’t really effect the overall narrative.

  16. Parallel universes. Not time travel. That’s the way to fix it.

    At some point in the next X-Men movie the ability to cross over between the two universes will happen.

    Perhaps Nightcrawler (reprise the role with Alan Cumming) will accidentally stumble into the other universe? Then drag a character from the FC version into the X3 version to solve some problem? Or vis versa.

    It could work.

    • Hmmmm… interesting thought.

      • Last Stand and First Class may only be defined as parallel realities so it is a necessity for them to be treated that way moving forward. First Class can not be treated as the ‘past’ of X1-3 due to already acknowledged inconsistencies.

        For example –

        FC Continuity – Professor X is paralyzed while displaying a luscious head of hair.

        Last Stand Continuity – Professer X is paralyzed only after losing all his hair (as witnessed by baldy walking when meeting with young Jean Grey in Last Stand).

        The only way to use FC as the past of X1-3 would be to have them change a key event that taked place PRIOR to young Prof.X being shot in the back in First Class.

        • taked, lol.

  17. Just give me Michael Jai White as Bishop and I’ll be fine. It’s about time that guy gets some screen time in an ‘X’ flick.

  18. Marvel already has enough on their plate with Phase 2 and 3. Giving them back X-Men (while nice) will push the franchise behind them. Sorry fanboys but you either get what you get, or if it does go your way, you’ll be waiting for that to happen for a VERY long time.

    And for those complaining about the stories, stop crying. You whining won’t make any difference in the world. They don’t care about your opinion. I’d love to see you write an entire screenplay based off of that franchise and do better. I bet half of you can’t even write a decent story. Not defending Fox at all. Just saying if you talk %&%&, back it up.

  19. What im really waiting to see from the X-men films is The Sentinels, and a major Human villain,Sinister,Apocalypse,Beak,and more of Colossus,Iceman,Cyclops,Rogue,Storm,NightCrawler,Beast, and some other villains.

  20. i just wanna see x men 4 and 5 …

  21. Can we please just have the classic Wolverine costume already? C’mon they can make Cap’s look quite modern.

  22. Wow!! I can’t wait!! If this is done right, it is going to be AWESOME!!

  23. Damn Singer leaving helped no one. Returns was a flop and so was X3. They could pull a Star Trek thing and just say First Class takes place in a different timeline like the Abrams movie did though.

  24. Aside from all the continuity errors, I loved XMFC and I’m really looking forward to the sequel.
    Having Sir Stewart in the movie would just be icing on the cake.

    I’m also glad to see that it looks like they will in fact be sorting out some of those continuity errors with the time travel story arc.

  25. there is only one movie Professor X and thats Patrick Stewart same with J. Jonah Jameson, imo only J.K. Simmons can play him.

  26. I’d like to see it played out like this.

    DOFP starts off like it is First Class 2, but 20-30 years on. The results of the events of FC have led to a screwed up future where Sentinels hunt mutants to extinction. We see many beloved characters but with major inconsistencies from what we know to be canon. We see Prof.X (an aged McAvoy with flowing grey hair!) and Beast (played by an aged Hoult) working with Forge who is perfecting a device to attach to Cerebro which will allow McAvoy’s X to ‘see’ into parallel realities.

    Marsden’s Cyclops busts into the room warning of imminent Sentinel attack but Forge says that X is already using the machine and they can’t pull him out until it powers down or something. Forge, Beast and Cyclops (with a blue beam instead of red) defend their ground as Sentinels find and engage them. They are all killed, including Prof.X, the machine is destroyed, and we cut to the after credits scene from Last Stand.

    Prof. X awakes in a body that is not his own, in the hospital bed. But which Professor X is it? McAvoy or Stewart? Turns out both. Events at the end of X3 have led to new announcements of Mutant Registration and Sentinels being created. The McAvoy’s X warns Stewart’s X (film it just like Jack and Tyler Durden’s dialogues in Fight Club, no probs) of what is to come, and the two begin to construct a plan to find out why it seems inevitable for Sentinels to be created in both existences, and to see if they can change the fate of both worlds.

    In the end they succeed, in essence both continuities are reset, and the film ends with this final scene.

    Fassbenders Magneto steps out of a car and walks to the passenger side helping his friend (McAvoy’s) Professor X who is completely bald, into a wheel chair. They meet with what appears to be the same young Jean Grey from Last Stand. But this time, no cars get lifted, she is not a level 5, she is the canon Jean Grey, and will be the new canon X-Men’s Professor X’s first ever student. Total reset, next film is basically ‘Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters Begins’, rewrite details to taste.

  27. Who are the people crying about the continuity of the films? X-men First Class was probably the best (X2 maybe) of the X men series. This is cinema, and for a movie that well put together I am willing to forget the original trilogy. And Wolverine was not the bee’s knees of a movie or anything, but Liev Schreiber was kick ass as Sabretooth. Why can’t there be two Sabretooths in an entire world of Mutants. I am suspending reality to believe people can walk through walls and make tornados, but for there to be two codenames in the entire mutant population that happen to be the same is such an egregious crime. And Fassbender is the s*** as well!

  28. I just want to see Sinister, an epic sentinel battle scene, and a more dynamic Scott and Jean relationship. Make me believe that they are madly in love with each other.

  29. [“After the X-Men film trilogy concluded on a sour note for fans and critics with 2006′s The Last Stand, Twentieth Century Fox looked to Marvel Comics’ past to continue the franchise with prequels.”]

    The “X-MEN” trilogy ended on a sour note? I don’t think so. I can’t believe that fans are still bitching over the fact that Bryan Singer didn’t direct the third movie. And honestly? I think that the first movie – the 2000 movie – was the worst. And luckily, I still managed to like it,