Bryan Singer Confirms ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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X Men Days of Future Past Film Bryan Singer Confirms X Men: Days of Future Past

The man who helped usher in the mainstreaming of live-action comic book film adaptations with the X-Men is going to help make sense of the continuity discrepancies between X-Men: First Class and the prior X-Men trilogy, while at the same time expanding the universe in a big, big way.

We learned two months ago that Twentieth Century Fox had registered the title “Days of Future Past” with the MPAA and as recently as last week had begun securing related domain names for what we believed to be the sequel to X-Men: First Class. From Bryan Singer himself, we now know that his and director Matthew Vaughn’s next project is X-Men: Days of Future Past.

In an interview with IGN, Bryan Singer flat out confirmed the actual title of ‘X-Men: First Class 2‘ and touched upon his and the studio’s desire to go all-out with the next X-Men movie. If Marvel Studios can give us a rocket-wielding alien Raccoon with Guardians of the Galaxy, why can’t they dig deeper into Marvel Comics lore and explore a little time travel?

“It’s going to be very ambitious. It’s called Days of Future Past and it deals with aspects of that comic but also, some very new things.”

By new things, is Bryan Singer referring his and Vaughn’s original ideas and character arcs or is he referring to newer events from Marvel Comics?

X Men Days of Future Past Art Daniel Govar 570x398 Bryan Singer Confirms X Men: Days of Future Past

When asked whether X-Men: Days of Future Past tie into or better yet, crossover with the original X-Men trilogy, Singer shifted his eyes and offered the following tease:

“I think there’s a strong desire to broaden out the universe. I mean, the X-Men universe is every bit on its own as big as the Marvel universe and I think it’s time to reach out and explore it and perhaps even bring some connectivity between the films,as Marvel’s done so well. You may see some of that, I don’t know (laughs).”

After the success Marvel Studios enjoyed building up to and including The Avengers, Twentieth Century Fox has to go big or go home. What better way to do that than to play with two timelines, expanding on the most successful elements from both the prequel and the original trilogy. It sounds pretty obvious that Singer will be using his history with the franchise and talent to bring a lot of familiar faces back for X-Men: Days of Future Past and if this is truly as ambitious as it sounds, it’d be a great tie-in for X-Men 4 - something producer Lauren Shuler-Donner has been name-dropping alongside X-Men 5 (which would tie into 4) and Deadpool.

Did I hear someone name-drop the time-travelling son of Cyclops? Deadpool and Cable creator Rob Liefeld said the following two-and-a-half years ago when in meetings with Fox about the Deadpool project.

“Also excited to discuss possibilities of Cable in future X-films!!!”


Fox failed to deliver quality films in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: The Last Stand without Bryan Singer and by bringing him back, they got the successful (and critically acclaimed) X-Men: First Class. So, the question now becomes, how much leeway are they going to give Singer and Donner and are thinking “big picture” and planning long-term as Marvel Studios has done so well?

If you’re excited for the future of the franchise, check out this old thing I wrote about what we need from X-Men 4.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014, between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.


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Sources: IGN, Latino Review

Art by Daniel Govar and nachomolina

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  1. This is great news.
    I really liked XM:FC, so as long as this one can be on par with that, then I’ll definitely be enjoying my time watching the movie, but hopefully (considering what this movie seems to based on) they’ll be to fix at least SOME parts of the continuity that the other movies buggered up…
    As for the inclusion of Cable? that would just be icing on the cake!

    • The only movies that have contradicting continuity are First Class and Origins: Wolverine. Since the latter sucked it appears they are going with First Class as canon so everything is straightened out already.

  2. this is horrible news. fox has already made a mess out of the xmen franchise and the fact that they cannot bring in other marvel characters
    limits what they can do. everyone wants to see hulk and wolverine in the same movie. 2008′s wolverine was the last film i paid a decent price to see. without the marvel cinematic universe the xmen will never meet their true potential at box office.

    • You are exactly right!!! Bryan Singer can only make it worse.

      • Your gay. Why the hell would I want wolverine with hulk? Comic book fan boys are never satisfied. This is a film. A different medium. Stop thinking everything that works in comics works in film.

        • @Junior,

          You do realize Hulk and Wolverine have clashed before and are huge rivals, and it’s a part of each of the characters’ history. And did you not watch Avengers? Of course having multiple superheroes in a film works! Just look at the reviews and the box office. As for your insult… *sigh* Uncalled for and just not intelligent. Calm down kid, not every response has to be a hostile “YouTube video comment”. You can disagree with someone without making yourself look uneducated online. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got kicked off this site…

        • What does gay have to do with an opinion?

          • Junior is obviously juvenile.

            But who wouldn’t want to see Wolverine face off against the Hulk. Wolverine was first introduced this way in the comics I believe.

            Comic origin lore brought to celluloid life, hell yeah!

            • Every X-Movie that Singer has been involved with has been a hit critically. You fan-boys just want everything to be the way YOU want and won’t accept anything else. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Vaughn, Singer and the excellent cast expand this franchise with this very ambitious story line. I hope its great, unlike you guys who seem to pray that they walk into a theatre to watch a bad movie.

              • why dont they just take the muppets and call them the x-men. just because you use the name and make a “good” movie doesnt make it the x-men.
                Bryan Singer has done a horrible job of making actual X-MEN movies.
                i particularly loved his excuse for the black leather costumes. “you cant put a four color costume on the screen and have it work”.
                really, tell Sam Rami that. Bryan Singer is FAILSAUCE

              • Seriously? Without fanboys to grow these franchises from grassroots to heavy hitters, there would be no epic scifi and fantasy films to speak of.

        • Because Wolverine made his first appearance in the Hulk comic book.

  3. yeah, so here’s my thing that means Hugh jackman would have to finish up Wolverine then jump right into Days. Unless he isnt going to be in it and if that’s true then how can you have Days without Wolverine. Also, im pretty sure the changes are going to involve changes like instead of Kitty it will be Prof X Patrick Stewart talking to James McAvoy’s X and warning his Xmen about stopping the assassination. Unfortunately I think the first class Xmen suck ass. I think this is more then likely what will happen, considering they have been saying that most of the First Class actors are signed for multiple movies. My big hope would be for us to see the First class team gone with the exception of Beast and younger versions of Scott, Jean, and some others to bring the team to where it should be and stop sticking completely crappy mutants in as cannon fodder. Well, atleast one thing can be resolved with the use of this storyline is the continuity discrepancies, cause lets face it time travel solves all ills, haha. I hope Singer can bring some his old self to the table cause the Singer of the last 7 years has been horrible, and I dont want to see another Superman Returns debacle.

    • They could use Kitty from X-men 3. Maybe the Sentinel program begins shortly after those events? This movie may be the First Class sequel AND X-men 4 at the same time! Big things are happening, hold tight!

    • totally agree! First class was awful on soo many levels, and to be honest singer will make this very mediocre. This film needs a new director and new actors.

  4. 12 years and five movies in I find it hard to buy into anything they say about future projects at this point. Tagging this next movie as Days of Future Present may get them some fan credit, but their track record makes it hard for me to believe this will be anything more than a story loosely based on some aspects of that story arc. X-1 was a basic set up movie that just replaced Kitty Pryde or Jubilee with Rogue and X-2 was a mash-up of things that really didn’t have much to do with each other initially. Last Stand was just a mess and Wolverine:Origins unfortunately kept up with the bad idea of putting as many characters into a story as possible, whether they belonged there or not. I find it odd they are interested in following well known story arcs now when they have just been making things up for this long.

    Now they want to add time travel and a storyline that I actually was always on the fence about even when I first read them back in the 80′s. The continuity issues they tended to bring up in the comics could get annoying even then, add something like that to this movie series and you could really end up with an even bigger mess. My question is how are they going to introduce certain characters and ideas when they have been stuck on Magneto for pretty much the whole run of films? Singer gets way too much hype for his movies and the series as a whole has not advanced at all or developed more than a handful of characters in over a decade and five movies in.

  5. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSweeeeeeeeet!!!! First class was excellent – can’t wait. Love seeing the effort to tie in the films rather than reboot and ignore previous works.

  6. “Fox failed to deliver quality films in X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

    What a stupid comment. Wolverine was an EXCELLENT movie.

    • Ya, nothing like dropping 40-50% from the first two films to a 37% with an average score of 5/10 on RT and then booting the director.

    • Wolverine was decent at best.

      Honestly, the only good parts in that movie were Deadpool’s early appearances and Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth.

      • To be fair, the genetically altered Deadpool was an interesting concept. It just had nothing to do with the canon and was a bit too over the top, dumping every possible mutant power into him. It became admittedly a bit too “munchkin” (if you understand that reference ;) ) for most peoples taste.

        I still want to know how he bent his arms with those 3′ blades in them ><

        • Munchkin, haven’t heard that in a while. Someone has some old 20-sided dice laying around ;). They seem to want to use as much VFX in these movies as the budgets allow. They upgraded Sebastian Shaw considerably in First Class as well, maybe they just want the villains to look scary.

          Never thought about those blades, maybe it was that liquid Adamantium we never heard about….

  7. Bryan Singer is the WRONG director for X-Men. His X-Men movies are dull melodramas. They need a director who knows how to exploit the powers of the X-Men and make authentic characterizations. There are too many diluted X-Men movies that have completely missed the mark. What a wasted franchise.

    • ^ THIS! Finally, someone has said it – and quite eloquently, too.

      Why can’t a director that really understands how to shoot an action movie take over the reigns on this franchise?

      It’s like what happened with the recent ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ (or, as we like to call it: My Summer as a Spider).

      My sister and I saw it, and all we kept thinking was, ‘How did we end up in this indie teen drama? Where’s the action blockbuster we paid for?’. The random twitches from the lead character; the oddly paced banter between the two leads.

      The whole thing felt like a leftover episode of Dawson’s Creek – with some gamma rays, a skintight suit and a giant GEICO lizard thrown for good measure.

      And, that’s why we call the thing ‘My Summer as a Spider’ in our house, because we 1/2-expected a Gilmore Girl-style voiceover to pop up throughout.

      Bryan Singer suffers from the same thing – and it hampered the first two X-Men films. The effects look cheap. The stunts look staged. Everything looks like it’s happening on a play stage. But, the close-up conversations are well filmed.

      Can someone please find another Joss Whedon to take this over? Heck – if he weren’t WB’s golden boy, I’d say, grab Nolan.

      • The X-Men movies were directed by a movie director who was obviously not an X-Men comic book fan.

        The contrast?

        Iron Man – directed by a movie director who IS a comic book fan who grew up with the comic book culture.

        The Avengers – directed by a movie director who IS a comic book fan.

        Those 2 movies set the bar. Singer has his work cut out for him if he is to get the X-Men into any crossover ready status.

        There will be no Singerine/Hulk crossover.

    • The problem with Singer’s X-Men vision is that despite the many critics who say it was too Wolverine focused, the whole Xavier/Magneto dynamic seems to be the only thing he is interested in. Beyond them merging the Weapon X story with God Loves Man Kills in X-2 (probably to play on Wolverines popularity), Singer just never developed any other X-Men well and the villains might as well have been Storm Troopers for the amount of personality most of them had.

      As much of a mess as X-2 and Origins was, characters like Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Rogue, etc., weren’t developed much at all in Singer’s first two movies, and by the time the third one came around it just seemed like they were writing the series off. It’s funny how they felt the need to do some half-baked back story for Scott Summers that was completely out of place in Wolverine to make up for what hadn’t been done in the first two films (Cyclops wasn’t even in the third movie as far as I’m concerned, for whatever reason).

      Funny thing is that as much as people liked First Class it did the same thing with every character that wasn’t Xavier, Magneto or Mystique as in the previous movies and just made them special effects set pieces. And since this is supposed to be a separate “universe” from the comics and I had no previous knowledge of a few of the characters I came away being indifferent towards most of them. If they try to place characters in this storyline that don’t belong there and do the same thing it may play out just like X-3 did in some respects. One of the main problems with X-3 was that they teased the Dark Phoenix story at the end of X-2 and delivered absolutely nothing. Tacking the name of popular story onto this next movie and not coming through with something even close to what people expect might just turn off even more people.

  8. I’m excited for more X-Men movies either way. Obviously, I hope they do a good job on it but w/out Wolverine it can never be as good as the original or X2. Although, Cable will bring the movie some cred. I don’t know, have to wait and see on this one.

  9. Cool thought that will probably never happen but still cool to think about anyway. They get everything on track with the X universe and the buildup leads to AVX. How freaking sweet would that movie be with the Avengers and X-Men facing off against each other? Joss Whedon would have to helm once again of course :D

  10. If X-Men bombs enough times, maybe then Fox will give the rights back to Marvel so they can do a proper X-men movie. Wishful thinking =P

    • Very wishful. Considering no X-Men movie has actually bombed finacially.

      • “how could they have done a danger room, or realistic wings for Angel, or a fully iced up Iceman on that budget?” Ummm how did they do the wings for Travolta in Michael then, or even better the wings in Dogma for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Dude man come on it can be down regardless of “Special cinematic effects”

    • Hindsight is always 20/20 but the thing you have to realize is Marvel did what it did out of pure survival. They were on the verge of bankruptcy so it was either license it’s IPs or have the company diced up and permanently sold off to the highest bidder.

      The only real mistake Marvel made was to sign over rights in perpetuity. If they has just used a renegotiation clause after say 10 years instead, we wouldn’t have been subjected to all these crappy non-Marvel versions now.

      • The reality is they had rented off most of these properties before things even really got bad and nobody could produce anything or they did and it was really, really bad. Other companies had Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the Punisher, Spider-Man and X-Men before these current deals, but nobody could make anything half-way decent or even get a movie off the ground.

        Wesley Snipes pulled Blade out and made it work mainly because people didn’t even know it was a comic and there was zero expectations back then. They did a R-rated, kung-fu, shoot em’ up vampire movie and it worked. Funny thing is that would not happen again in this current climate, instead you would get a bad and then worse version of the film like Ghost Rider.

        Marvel was in financial trouble and probably felt they were getting over when they signed all these deals since movie effects were not up to where they needed to be to make these films. Then Lord of the Rings and the second Star Wars trilogy came out and studios saw that the flood gates of GCI had opened up and they could do all these crazy effects they needed, to bad the scripts took a back seat in some cases.

  11. So, I take it that this movie will function like some kind of retcon for the previous movies (to name The Last Stand and Wolvie Origins)? Well, at least not another reboot. Let’s see how this fare.

  12. Am I the only one who didn’t like First Class? I haven’t liked an X-Men film since X-2, and even that could have been severely improved. Every movie has ONE performance that I feel is good (i.e. Liev Schriber as Sabretooth, Fassbender as Magneto, etc…) But the for the most part, I feel like they’re insulting arguably the most rabid fanbase in comics.

    And I’m also sick of this cop out “The movies are a different universe!” It’s FOX’s fault. If these were done by Marvel Studios… y’know… the studios that actually care about Marvel comics fans…. then these complaints wouldn’t happen. If you can’t make something similar enough to source material, you shouldn’t use names and likeness. Go make an original story instead of making a lazy film to cash in on something that’s already successful.

  13. Ok, when are the auditions?

  14. This would be great if it wasn’t bryan singer, he’s ruined the franchise (for me anyways)

  15. It’s funny, when you click on the links on this site concerning this movie a lot of what had been said about this movie don’t seem to line up. Eight months ago the movie was supposed to focus on Xavier, five months ago someone said the script would focus on Magneto. Now that they have said “officially” that they are basing the movie (probably ever so loosely) on Days of Future Past, which will build up fans of the comics expectations, but will it deliver?

    Another thing that seems odd is that they have stated that they would not introduce many new characters in the First Class sequel, but the characters they left the last movie with don’t fit into the story at all. And at this point there are only three people plus Xavier on the X-Men. The villain situation isn’t much better, with Magneto having a team that consists of three back-up singers (one of them being blue), a male model that doesn’t talk and the guy from the Underwood Deviled-ham can.

  16. Please don’t make it like origins *snores* and X3!!!

    I liked the first two x men movies, and I absolutely LOVED First Class.

  17. my people and i would love to The Dark Phoenix plot in the past of First Cass but it is under Jean’s Restrained !!!!! The Villains For The X-Men First Class 2 : Mr. Sinister Onslaught Vertigo Mystique Bastion Sentinel

    Bring Emma Frost and Scarlet Witch

  18. yeah i agree in the second one later there’s should be Dark Phoenix under Jean’s control, the Scarlet Witch, Storm, Havok, Cyclops, Gambit, Iceman, Juggernaut and Wolverine…. I’m interested if there’s selene – the black queen there too..

  19. Since we talkin about time travel now. Why can’t we finally get two of my favorite characters in the X-men universal some screen time Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister. I’ve always said they’ve could built some pretty interesting films around the Summers and their storyline.

  20. jBryan Singer ruined superman and sucks.

  21. You realistically can’t make the X-Men franchise literally like the chronological history of the book. The sheer amount of quality characters and storylines would require an eight- to 10-movie series and incredibly high production costs. I agree that the series needs a cleaner reboot and move away what was seen in the previous movies, but Fox is in a mode of milking the franchise until it is untouchable by the time if it ever gets back to Marvel.

  22. if you want this movie to work, stay away from emma frost… hasn’t she been tossed around enough in various realities?? i mean, you have her at 25-30 years old in first class, you have her at 13-15 doing silverfox’s sister in the wolverine disaster people call a movie… how many emma frosts need to exist? i mean even days of futures past won’t explain what happened there

  23. I got to say X-Men 1 and 2 sucks, 3 is worse, wolverine is not that good
    But first class is awesome

  24. Bryan Singer ruins movies idk why marvel or 20thCenturyFoxs is letting the guy direct. From the sound of how casting news,pre-production and story development is going, the new x-men movie sounds lame as heck! All because Bryan Singer is in charge!


  26. Bryan Singer and Halle Berry’s portrayal of storm is going to ruin this movie. All three of the x-men were horrible.

    • If you are going to use comics as source material then you should have some respect for the material. I have found all of Bryan Singer and the other directors interpretations to be lacking in vision and understanding of the medium. The Avengers, Thor, Iron man, Spider man and others proved that primary colors can traslate to the big screen, so he was wrong about that. Marvel’s establishment of a continuity that flows from film to film proved a better box office formula that the hap hazzard manner in which the X-films have been handled. The only word that fits is disrespectful. First Class was a mess (Scott’s younger brother a teenager in the early 60s, Emma Frost older 50 years ago than she was when Wolverine broke her out of captivity in his X-men origins movie, and don’t get me started on the “I can Stand, oh wait, no I can’t” Professor X)
      My bigest issue is the treatment of Cyclops, the first X-man. According to Wolverine, Captain America and even Sabastian Shaw, he is one of the best natural leaders around. Yet this character is only used to demonstrate how Bad Ass Wolverine is and how much of a chump Cyclops is by comparison. The X-men constantly train as a combat unit with Cyclops as the lead and in the Marvel and even DC universe no group in more corrdinated in battle. The Avengers (and the JLA)are an assembly of solo heroes that just over over power in unison and the FF are a family but the X-men truly train and perform as a team. What we usually get is a movie where every character is marginalized by limited back story and is only defined by their screen interaction with Wolverine. This also demonstrates little vison and faith that these characters can stand on their own if written properly. Any battle scenes we get are an after thought at the conclusion of the movie and are unimpressive and show little or no imagination on the part of the writers.
      Finally I would love to see somewone like Scott Khan or Mark Walberg play Wolverine so that we could get back to an essential aspect of this character, his stature.