Bryan Singer Confirms ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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X Men Days of Future Past Film Bryan Singer Confirms X Men: Days of Future Past

The man who helped usher in the mainstreaming of live-action comic book film adaptations with the X-Men is going to help make sense of the continuity discrepancies between X-Men: First Class and the prior X-Men trilogy, while at the same time expanding the universe in a big, big way.

We learned two months ago that Twentieth Century Fox had registered the title “Days of Future Past” with the MPAA and as recently as last week had begun securing related domain names for what we believed to be the sequel to X-Men: First Class. From Bryan Singer himself, we now know that his and director Matthew Vaughn’s next project is X-Men: Days of Future Past.

In an interview with IGN, Bryan Singer flat out confirmed the actual title of ‘X-Men: First Class 2‘ and touched upon his and the studio’s desire to go all-out with the next X-Men movie. If Marvel Studios can give us a rocket-wielding alien Raccoon with Guardians of the Galaxy, why can’t they dig deeper into Marvel Comics lore and explore a little time travel?

“It’s going to be very ambitious. It’s called Days of Future Past and it deals with aspects of that comic but also, some very new things.”

By new things, is Bryan Singer referring his and Vaughn’s original ideas and character arcs or is he referring to newer events from Marvel Comics?

X Men Days of Future Past Art Daniel Govar 570x398 Bryan Singer Confirms X Men: Days of Future Past

When asked whether X-Men: Days of Future Past tie into or better yet, crossover with the original X-Men trilogy, Singer shifted his eyes and offered the following tease:

“I think there’s a strong desire to broaden out the universe. I mean, the X-Men universe is every bit on its own as big as the Marvel universe and I think it’s time to reach out and explore it and perhaps even bring some connectivity between the films,as Marvel’s done so well. You may see some of that, I don’t know (laughs).”

After the success Marvel Studios enjoyed building up to and including The Avengers, Twentieth Century Fox has to go big or go home. What better way to do that than to play with two timelines, expanding on the most successful elements from both the prequel and the original trilogy. It sounds pretty obvious that Singer will be using his history with the franchise and talent to bring a lot of familiar faces back for X-Men: Days of Future Past and if this is truly as ambitious as it sounds, it’d be a great tie-in for X-Men 4 - something producer Lauren Shuler-Donner has been name-dropping alongside X-Men 5 (which would tie into 4) and Deadpool.

Did I hear someone name-drop the time-travelling son of Cyclops? Deadpool and Cable creator Rob Liefeld said the following two-and-a-half years ago when in meetings with Fox about the Deadpool project.

“Also excited to discuss possibilities of Cable in future X-films!!!”


Fox failed to deliver quality films in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: The Last Stand without Bryan Singer and by bringing him back, they got the successful (and critically acclaimed) X-Men: First Class. So, the question now becomes, how much leeway are they going to give Singer and Donner and are thinking “big picture” and planning long-term as Marvel Studios has done so well?

If you’re excited for the future of the franchise, check out this old thing I wrote about what we need from X-Men 4.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014, between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.


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Sources: IGN, Latino Review

Art by Daniel Govar and nachomolina

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  1. If they can make this movie a little dark, like Matrix 1….mix with maybe Momento and Inception, I think it could work wonderfully

    • ok ok. . if you’re gonna do it. . you better do it right bryan. . we all know what you are capable and not capable of doing

    • People….you must come to terms that this will never be right because Singer is involved in this. Even though First Class was pretty good, when you tackle something like Future Past you have to have all your ducks in a row and hearing him talk about using leeway and doing me things sound like a disaster double deep fried. In other words: Let the letdown begin.

  2. Wonder which random character he’s going to throw in there and which main character he will kill off…

  3. This is gonna be nuts!( In a good way) Hopefully it will fix all those annoying continuity errors in X-Men First Class.
    Though I’m still wishing for my Deadpool and Cable movie. I think that would be a more bankable idea than a solo Deadpool movie. It would be like a buddy cop film with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Stephen Lang as Cable with them fighting Mr Sinister, Black Box or Stryfe. One can dream.

    • Stephen Lang as Cable? Yes.

      • Definately, Lang would be awesome as cable.

      • perfecto !

        • Stephen Lang as Cable? No argument there.

          • Reluctantly conceded. I just hope I see Cable and not Stephen Lang, is all.

  4. if so they should wipe x men origins from existence and tie the wolverine in withe first class, much liek they did with hugh jackmans awesome cameo from first class

  5. Cautiously optimistic. There were a lot things I liked about First Class but im still majorly disappointed that Mystique fallout/fallin with Xavier/Magneto was bigger focus then Xavier and Magneto.

  6. Oh man this is great news I hope they get this done right. I enjoyed x-men first class looking forward to future updates on this.

  7. Awesome, I hope it works. I’m not familiar with the comic story, and I know the rights are not there (yet?), but what if they gave a reason as to not only why First Class doesn’t work with the original trilogy, but also as to why the X-Men universe is not tied with The Marvel universe? Like maybe mutants distracted the super soldier program or something, which would distract Howard Stark, etc. Wishful thinking, but that’d be freaking awesome.

  8. I wish Singer would just leave Comic Book movies alone. He’s made the X-men and Superman boring and convoluted.

  9. Just please stop making movies in that universe. Pull an Amazing Spiderman and reboot the franchise and make it so much better (I really enjoyed Xmen 2 so it wasn’t all bad). Get rid of Jackman, Singer and Berry. Start with fresh faces and fresh ideas and make sense of it all from the get go. SINGER RETIRE NOW.

  10. For those of you that didnt read the comics days of our past is about the sentinels perhaps cable and shutup and know you guys role!!every1 of you

  11. When I read this I thought of Ben Stiller in the Tropic Thunder trailer parody going: “Here we go again…again…”

  12. Bryan Singer…X-MEN project ??? SMH (Scratching My Head)

  13. bryan singer wrote superman as if the 3rd and 4th installment (starring christopher reeve) never happened.

    surely he could write x-men 3 as if the x-men 3 we all saw, the last stand, never happened. x-men fans will never stopped thanking bryan singer if he did that.

  14. Uh. How is the X-Men Universe “every bit as big as the Marvel Universe” when the X-Men are PART of the Marvel Universe?

    • Fox has what, say 50ish characters at their disposal while Marvel has literally a cast of thousands. Talk about your ignorant hubris. /facepalm

      • They have access to all mutant characters so it’s FAR more than 50.

        It’s not literal. What Singer means is that there are so many characters and storylines in the X-Men universe that it’s comparable to what Marvel Studios can play with and he’s right. Count the number of X-titled series over the years vs. the number of comparable ones of Avengers/Cap/Iron Man/Hulk/Thor, etc.

        • Yes, but how could one cog of a huge machine be bigger than the machine? Literally or figuratively. The X-Men are part of the Marvel universe as a whole so clearly the Marvel universe is bigger. That’s like saying one piece of the pie is bigger than the pie.

          • Maybe they meant the movie universe?? Who knows. Fox could take on the different teams like X-Factor, X-Force, and even eventually have a House of M with someone other than the Scarlet Witch. Actually, I don’t know who owns Quicksilver and the Witch. They are Magneto’s kids but they were Avengers.

            • Both Fox and Marvel have the right to use them.

              • I guess if Marvel used them they would have to be someone other than Magneto’s kid. Either that or leave it open to explain down the road. The Scarlet Witch would be great to see on film. They’d need a knockout to pull it off. Maybe change the origin and bring her in with Doctor Strange. So much could happen with Marvel that they need to bump it to at least 4 movies a year. They can also keep continuity while staying fresh in solo movies that have nothing to do with the Avengers.

        • ok yes, the number of actual mutants is closer to 400 but I highly doubt that Marvel signed over the rights to ALL of them on top of the non-mutant related characters linked to the X-Men. That is an unrealistic number and Marvel would be nuts to have parted with such a large percentage of their characters. It’s unfortunate we can’t get a hold of those contracts to know the details of them.

          And I disagree that it’s comparable because everything has to be based around the X-Men/Mutants. Once they have played out this “First Class” thing, the only thing left to do would be another reboot. Marvel, on the other hand, is not restricted to a particular theme and can keep things fresh and interesting by exploring completely new groups instead of rebooting the same thing over and over.

          • @Mongoose, the Apex of X-Men is “Age of Apocalypse” after that, it’s over, all they can do is reboot, by then people won’t be interested in X-Men anymore. Besides, Fox wouldn’t know what to do with 400 mutants at their disposal, they just throw a whole bunch of them in randomly. Most of those mutants are filler or fodder and like you said only about 40 of them are actually worthy of being portrayed in a movie at some point.

            • The reason why I used First Class was, once they have done XMFC3 they will supposedly be at the beginning of XM1 which means they would either have to jump to making XM4 or reboot.

              It is interesting though that every animated X-Men show has always culminated with Apocalypse and then promptly ended. He is one of my favorite all time villains and I would love to see him on the big screen but don’t think Fox has what it takes to do him justice. They would need an epic storyline, a clean slate and more than just three movies to build up to having Apocalypse enter the picture.

  15. Always good news when you here Singer is involved with another X-Men film. Though I think its too soon for a Days Of Future Past film, if he is indeed trying to bridge the gap between the original trilogy and the new prequel/reboot. I think the universe they set up in First Class needs to develop a bit more before trying something so ambitiuos.

    But considering the success of the Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, it seems likely that this new film will get a nice big budget and if if it does have a future war and sentinels in it, it will at least be crazy good eye candy. So Im already looking foward to this one.

  16. Umm… Yes. Thrown in the kitchen sink. Cable, Rachel and the Hounds, Sentinels and Nimrod, the “M” tattoos, the mutant camps, the superhero graveyard (including the FF). Maybe a kid Bishop and Shard for cameos. Older versions of the original trilogy cast! Old Logan Jackman!

    I wonder who’ll take Kitty Pryde’s place as protagonist… Who will be added to the cast? If I remember correctly, won’t only 1 newbie be introduced? What about poor-not-dead-Darwin? What about the tree that was Emma Frost? What about the teased Cyclops/Havok relationship? Is Riptide mute? There’s so many questions left to be answered! I’m excited, but Vaughn and Singer and Goldman and all of everybody else working on this need to wow me with this one. If I hear the word “gritty,” I’ll know that all hope is lost.

    Stephen Lang is cool, but I vote Gerard Butler for Cable. Bring back Shaw as Sinister. Magneto lodged that coin right where that signature red diamond should be…

    • Yes please, lets take two completely separate villains and just mash them together. Will the canon atrocities ever cease?

      and as far as I’m concerned Lang IS cable. He look exactly like him and has demonstrated the same rough personality.

      • After 4 X-men movies, its time to let go of comic continuity and accept that it just doesnt apply anymore.

        When Kevin Bacon was cast, there was already speculation that he could have been Sinister. After watching the movie, it seems like a logical progression. The use of an alias, experiments on mutants, the Nazi connection.

        and as far as I’m concerned, Butler is a more versatile actor. They don’t have to look the part. Famke Janssen is nothing like Jean Grey, but was one of the best pieces of the original trilogy and one of the few good things to come out of The Last Stand.

        • Well if they aren’t going to follow the canon anymore why the hell even bother with the trappings of it then? Just make up your own group entirely and create your own history.

          No, if they insist on using the same names and supposedly same characters, then there is a certain obligation to follow the canon.

          • Changing from canon is the beat part about new adaptations and Elsewhere titles. And movies are but what? An Elsewhere/Alternate take on the source. If your gonna change aspecta of source material, fine, but it should be for good reason and an offer an exciting new take.

            • lol, I’m not sure if you’re agreeing with me or not.

              I do understand adaptions and a certain amount of leeway to change certain things. For instance, the original X-Men wasn’t exactly canon but they kept most of the base elements intact and simply updated the story to the present. XMFC conversely did all sorts of crap like stealing characters from the future, changing the nature and relationships of characters and basically spitting on the true origin of the X-Men to suit their own story. they should have just done a proper reboot instead but…..

          • I understand what you’re saying, but there is no point in arguing for obligations to any canon now when 1) the franchise started in its own universe and 2) there are multiple comic canon to follow. The weight of the (sometimes convoluted) comic X-continuity would be better suited as an hour-long television series.

            Why not connect the original trilogy with new films? X-men stories are broad, and long-reaching. Give audiences a reason to want to go back and watch the original trilogy. Throw in easter eggs. Take the best elements of those stories and showcase them in film. Make it fun and somewhat unpredictable.

            Mainstream audiences dont know who Cable is. If they were to strictly stick to HIS comic canon, I dont think anyone would really understand it, let alone enjoy it. All you really need to know about him is that he is the son of Cyclops and Jean’s clone, he has the T-O virus, and he’s a time-traveler.

            Btw, is Cable even in Days of Future Past?

            • No he is in Days of Future Present

  17. As if they can’t get the continuity right already, now they want to make it even more convoluted?! First of all this is what I said that they needed to do after X-Men 3, where they could have had Beast create a time machine and they could have taken certain characters back to create the REAL FIRST CLASS line-up but people on this site were like no, that’s a stupid idea, yada yada, now it looks like they’re going that route somewhat anyway. But I degress, Days Of Future Past has no business being alined with Fox’s First Class, it makes no sense, it should ONLY take place after X-Men 3. I have no faith in this because the continuity will only get worse even if they try to create their own continuity, it will only be more convoluted. It’s WAAAAY too early for Days Of Future Past in a so-called First Class sereies franchise. Face Palm***

    • Huh? Considering Days of Future Past is taking place in the future, why can’t it be a part of XMFC? It would explain all the discrepancies since even fixing the past didn’t fix the future and several timelines were the result in the comic book, that’s why XMFC, X: Wolverine and X-Men 1-3 could exist at once. Instead of Kitty Pryde, they could just send Xavier’s consciousness back via some special kind of Cerebro and voila, everything fixed. Personally, I think it’s a great idea.

  18. Lord please DON’T forgive them for they know not what they do.

  19. This could be the perfect chance to correct all the timeline errors. Just have FC2 and FC3 be a two parter and tie in into Singer’s first X-Men movie.

  20. Trying to repair all the discrepancies will inevitably lead to nothing but more serious incongruities being created (or worse, silly and completely implausible explanations to try and bridge those gaps). It will end up overly complicating everything that only the most die hard will be able to follow.

    Yes, I’m skeptical they can pull off what they are claiming. I also find it lame that they need to do so in the first place. If they had just been willing to do XMFC correctly this wouldn’t be necessary.

    • If that is their honest goal (to “fix” the X universe for all of its inconsistences, etc.), I vote that they “fix” it, drop it on the floor, kick it a couple times while trying to pick it all up again, step on it once in the process, then finally get it back on top of the table and proudly declare everything perfect!

    • @Mongoose, agree, Fox doesn’t write X-men comics, Marvel does. If they try and re-write it’ll only create a snowball effect of problems.

      • lol, I typed that up before reading your post above that pretty much said EXACTLY the same thing I did.

        Suffice it to say, we are on the same page with this issue. ;)

  21. Bryan Singer – Please stop it. Didnt you learn anything from superman returns? Heres some advice that seems to have worked for Marvel… STOP CHANGING STUFF IN THE STORY! The best thing anyone could actually do is to reboot the entire franchise and not mess with the foundations of the characters and the Canon story. We dont want to watch you parade different versions of X-men in front of us. We like the comics. We dont like directors and film studios doing “Their Own Version” and frankly, Nightmarses of Futures past is about as beloved a story of the Xmen universe as you will find. Mess this up and you will be consigned to the same reputation as Uwe Boll!

  22. Hope singer paid attention to the climax battle of The Avengers, cause that is how you present a superhero team in action, especially the X-Men. Even the attempt in First Class left much to be desired.

    Not to mention the realization of these characters. If they can’t do Beast to an ‘Iron-Man quality’ rendition of his comic book counterpart, then just leave it alone.

  23. I said it a year ago and I’m saying it again. Days of Future Past would have been a great way to fix the problems with X-Men 3, but then they came out with X-Men: FC, which wasn’t bad but the continuity just got totally phasered. X-Man: FC would have been the perfect opportunity to reboot the entire thing but they didn’t go that route. Now, they are trying to bring us Days of Future Past, and if they will have Cable in it, then the continuity would be even more jacked up becuase Cable is Scott and the clone of Jean Grey’s son (and Cyclops is dead).

    Marvel, please, somehow, get your property back!

    • Couldn’t agree more… My level of excitement for this movie went from a 4 to a 2 (out of 10). They are going to mess this up bad! Never would have happened if it was with Marvel.

  24. So they found a way to incorporate Singer’s X-Men 3! Awesome! Bring back the original cast too, including Jimmy Marsden!!!!!!!

  25. guess i’m in the minority but i actually enjoyed first class. it’s the x-men trilogy i didn’t care for. this is going to sound stupid but there were just too many mutants. i mean, seems not too much of a stretch for 2 or 3 mutants at most to go 6 months without (knowingly) running into other mutants? i just don’t understand why every movie has to be a mutant free-for-all with a bunch of random (useless) powers. to me, first class has less of that and focused on a more character driven story rather than throwing in as many mutants as possible. again, that’s my personal opinion and I’m sure i’m in the minority.

    • but if you’re going to expand the universe – throw in time travel, intergalactic beings etc then there’s more room for more mutants.

      • First Class isn’t horrible, but they are putting characters in the movie where they don’t belong which is what ticks people off.

        • Considering how many retcons and AUs there are in the comic books themselves, I think comic book fans have nothing to complain about, actually. How many times was Xavier dead/paralyzed/could walk/lost powers/was re-powered/etc. and so on, for example? Not to mention Jean? So, in this universe, the first class was Havoc, Banshee, Mystique and Beast. Big deal. We already had 3 movies with Jean, Cyclops, Storm… Personally, I preferred seeing someone else.

    • You’re not in the minority – It’s got 87% on Rotten Tomatoes :)

    • XMFC was a decent movie as long as it stood by itself. Once you try to jam it into the both the X-Men canon and the version Singer originally created, THAT is where the movie has issues (many issues)

      • But does it? Are they really any continuity errors that cant be explained away? Its been a while since I have seen the original trilogy, but all the errors, most of them anyway, can be expalined away using examples from the comics or logic. That I’ve noticed any way.

        I do rememeber the ages the professor gave in X1 for when he meet Eric, dont match up with the ages in they did meet up in FC. But I have seen people complain that the Professor had hair in FC but not in X1. People cant go bald? Ot that the professor was walking at the start of X3, but paralyzed by the end of FC. How many times did the professor start walking again in the comics, only to become parralyzed again?

        I think its too soon to start down the future past route, and I while I think FC should reamin its own thing and not try to tie itself in with the original trilogy, I definatly dont think they need something like this to tie it all together. I think any existing continuity errors can be overlooked, but something this big will only create more. At least in my opinion.

    • I agree. Too many mutants with lame powers, but that was Brett Ratner’s folly, not Bryan Singer’s. Ratner doesn’t have any imagination – he was the wrong man for the job.

      I know Superman Returns was crummy, but that certainly shouldn’t brand Singer as a failure. X2 was pretty good, long before we got Marvel Studios.

  26. Hopefully, they won’t be afraid to put the X-Men into actual costumes. By the time the film arrives, it will have been 14 years since the first film, so I don’t think audiences will be turned off by seeing the characters in something other than black leather or jeans and a wifebeater.

  27. The things im really looking forward to is Sentinels,Apocalypse,Sinster,Beak,Husk,Chamber,Anole, and more of the original cast like Cyclops,Colossus,Rogue,Gambit,Iceman,Nightcrawler,Storm,Sabretoothe,Juggernaught, and Angel.

  28. Here is my problem with this. As good as First Class was it wasnt a true X-Men story. We have all these great X-Men comics and teams and First Class didnt show fans what we really wanted to see out of a title called “First Class.” I fear a movie titled “Days of Future Past” will use the same methodology. All fans know this story and its one of the best x-men stories out there. I fear the movie will fail if they do not stick close to the source material. I am a fan of Singer and what he did to kick start the X-Men movie universe, but I am not a fan of what the franchise has become.

  29. I just want Gambit done right. Is that too much to ask for!?

    • Seconded.