‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Trailer #2: The Greatest Battle Begins

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For a summer blockbuster that’s been labeled the most expensive superhero film of all-time, it’s odd that we haven’t see a new trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past since October. And that trailer we did see was just the same footage we already saw at San Diego Comic-Con last summer.

We knew that because of the extensive special effects requirements and post-production work that it’d be a while before movieogers could see the returning X-Men take part in action sequences. Last week, a brief Instagram teaser promised more Days of Future Past content; it didn’t reveal anything new about the story from director Bryan Singer and writer Simon Kinberg nor anything beyond the major reveal of 25 character posters, so we’ve still been waiting to see a trailer where the X-Men of the past and future fight, and fight against Sentinels. Now that time has finally come.

From Sentinels old and new and a man with metal skin, to Sunspot’s fiery transformation to Iceman’s infamous ice slide, this one has all the key mutant superhero powers we know and love from the pages of the X-Men comics, with plenty of dark and brooding story and emotion to go with it. the second full-length Days of Future Past trailer washes away our fears about special effects, and hints that Singer may be delivering the best action of his career – now we wait to see if the award-winning cast has a worthy story to tell.

Twentieth Century Fox is banking hard on X-Men: Days of Future Past potentially relaunching the franchise and having it earn comparable box office results as its competition from Disney, Sony and Warner Bros.

X Men Days of Future Past Poster High Res 570x844 X Men: Days of Future Past Trailer #2: The Greatest Battle Begins

Can they succeed? Let us know your thoughts on the new trailer and status of the franchise in the comments!


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Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, Evan Jonigkeit along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.

X-Men: Days of Future Past arrives in U.S. theaters on May 23rd, 2014, followed by Fantastic Four on June 19th, 2015, X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27th, 2016, The Wolverine 3 (not the official title) on March 3rd, 2017, Fantastic Four 2 on July 14th, 2017, and an unspecified Marvel film on July 13th, 2018.

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  1. first

    • Not first.

      • Technically not third but looking like it.

      • Not Not first.

  2. Whoa.

  3. Did anyone see the new poster? No surprise Wolverine, I guess who Fox considers to be their biggest hero, and America’s sweetheart, JLaw, are front and center. lol. While Stewart, McAvoy, McKellen, and Fassbender are in the back.

    • well in this movie they are the only 2 characters that are played by the same actors in every timeline in the movie. They actually have the most screen time.

      • Actually, this is only the second time Mystique has been played by Jennifer Lawrence… Rebecca Romijn played her one or two more times than JLaw did.

        • he means in the future/past timelines in this movie specifically. That they are the only actors who appear in both. Which doesn’t really mean anything in terms of screentime.

      • that hardly means they have the most screentime, buddy.

  4. I’m so ready for this to bring in the millions for Fox. And from the look of this trailer a billion dollar box office take may not be out of the picture.

  5. Yup. Verrrrrrrry interesting.

  6. Iceman and his frozen slide sweet.

  7. I hope that sentinel kills Storm and that’s the only scene she is in.

    • I hope that Sentinel overshoots, misses Storm, hits you by mistake, and I take Storm out for dinner and dancing!

      • At last I am total agreement with Goldilocks on something! Miss Storm and hit this Guy!

    • Halle Berry is terrible. Not only as Storm. So I hope you´re right.

  8. omg iceman flying while making his icy slide thingie !!!!

    • OMG…Iceman flying while making his icy thingie slide???!!! Oh–guess I read that wrong, silly me.

    • Yess !!

      Finally we get Iceman with his ice sledge. Cool.

  9. Looks good, but I couldn’t help but think the future Sentinels are a ripoff of The Destroyer from “Thor”.

    • What about Magneto going terrorist Bane in that stadium? XD

    • Yeah, clearly The Sentinels that was adapted from the comics are ripoff from Thor’s Destroyer. Let’s not forget about the one that appears in the 90’s X-men cartoons, that cartoon totally ripoff The Destroyer.

      • I’m just saying the last shot of that Sentinel firing a blast from its face looked way too much like The Destroyer from “Thor”. I’m not saying this is impacting my anticipation for the film or anything. It was just something that stood out to me.

        • I had the same thought. But the one coming up behind storm had a long claw out, all I could think of was “Robotic version of Crappy Deadpool from XO:W.”
          Arm Claw, Check!
          Optic Blast, Check!
          I wonder if they teleport too? Although if they need those ships, then I guess not.

      • Dang you crapped all over those guys lol

      • Were the one’s in the cartoon black? Stop trying to me a smart a$$.

  10. Looks good, I’m wondering if maybe this movie will end with Xavier dying in the past, since that is how the Age of Apocalypse started in the comics, when Xavier’s deranged son Legion tries to kill Magneto in the past but inadvertently kills his own father. Would be a cool way to end this film.

    • While AoA is my favourite comic series of all time, I doubt we will see it on screen. Solely because I don’t think Fox will give us 2 dystopian/what if future themed movie in a row. Not to mention the scope is too big to fit into a single movie.

      It will simply be an X-men story with Apocalypse as the villain in my opinion. Not that I am complaining. I have been waiting all my life to see Apocalypse on the big screen 😀

      • I am anxious to see Apocalypse on screen. And he could bring Omega Red and Mr. Sinister with him for company if he wants and I would not complain. However, I also want to see Cyclops, Rogue, and Nightcrawler there to oppose him as well, among others.

        • I’m more afraid than anything else. Apocalypse is one of my all time epic villains and considering Fox’s track record with epic villains, I live in fear of how they will ruin him………Galactus as a ball of gas?………Dr. Doom and a wimp in suit of armor? Lame.

      • Yeah I agree that Age of Apocalypse is too huge to fit onto the cinematic medium, not that I wouldn’t love to see it, but they could end up using elements from it in the upcoming films.

  11. Well dam. That looked pretty cool. Keen to see this now, even just to see how well Singer juggles all the characters/sentinels/plots.

  12. Definitely looks a lot better than the first trailer.
    I am really excited for this film and this trailer has just increased that excitement exponentially.

    I dont think it is a stretch to say this movie has the potential to be the best comic book movie of the year, if not of all time. Then again Cap 2 looks like it could give it a run (2 days to go!!!)

    Couple of things:
    -I wasn’t overly fond of the radical departure in design of the future sentinels. But seeing them in action they do look a lot more menacing than the source and fit the live action a lot better I think.

    -Colossus, Sunspot and Iceman look great all powered up

    -I’m still confused as to how past Charles is walking sometimes but in his wheelchair at other times

    -I previously thought the movie would open in the future and once Wolverine goes back we wouldnt see it again until the end, if even that. But I get the feeling from this trailer that it is going to go back and forth like in the original comic. Though with a majority of screen time focused on the past.

    -McAvoy and Stewart are both just perfect as Charles. I get chills from both

    -Is it May yet?

    • And Oh My God that poster is beautiful

    • I’m guessing that Charles with all of his young hubris is embarrassed to be in a wheelchair and projects himself walking into the minds of others.

    • “I dont think it is a stretch to say this movie has the potential to be the best comic book movie of the year, if not of all time. ”

      That’s a pretty massive stretch, but have fun getting way too excited and living with the inevitable letdown.

      • Actually, it’s so just because you may not think it is, don’t ruin it for others. Please and thank you!

  13. This may just tun out quite good, and im so glad to finally see iceman making an ice slide.
    Was that sunspot in this trailer, they showed him twice and it cant be pyro??

    • definitely Sunspot
      Pyro doesn’t go full body fire – he can’t create the flames he can only control it (that’s why he uses a lighter or other sources in the movies and in the comics he wears a fire pack with flame throwers connected to his hands

  14. Gulp.

  15. I can’t even lie, this trailer looks dope and my excitement for this film has been re-ignited. Say what you want about Singer, Fox, the continuity issues, etc. but this might just be the best X-Men movie yet. I don’t know about the greatest CMB of all time though. BUT…Bryan Singer, I know longer hate you for the time being because this trailer looks very promising. I will wait until May 23rd to decide if I wanna go back in time to 1999 and stick my foot up your butt for messing up my favorite superhero team!

    • Aw, he’d just probably get a boot outta it.

  16. Awesome trailer but that poster is just not cutting it for me. It’s strikingly similar to the Iron Man 3 poster, especially with the Sentinels flying in the background. I get that they want to showcase a lot of familiar characters in the film, but can’t they just get all the stars to get together in costume one day and shoot something together instead of copy and pasting their individual pictures? Also Patrick Stewart looks awkward just floating there lol

  17. Great trailer, I can’t wait to see DOFP. The scale of DOFP is just epic. Still no idea how DOFP will end, but it seems likely that it will wipe the previous Singer cast from the X-Men with the exception of Wolverine.

  18. Yeah this is why FOX’s marketing sucks. All of the promo’s of still pictures and basically annoying me and then the trailer is okay, just okay.

    It’s funny in a way beucase this was the “big trailer” and to be honest it falls short of Cap2, ASM 2 and Godzilla. I predict DOFP does the worst of those four movies. Not to mention the GotG trailer blows this out of the water too.

    I’ll still see it simply because I love movies an CBM’s but, wow, totally underwhelmed by this… so far.

      • Hey pal, in my books anyone that uses the term “hater” is a little biatch, just like you Chump J.

        Secondly you obviously didn’t even read my post because I said I would be seeing it, right there in the last line. So yeah, I’ll be seeing it.

        I think I explained myself quite well. Maybe if this was the first trailer or if I wasn’t annoyed at all the BS marketing for this movie I may feel different.

        By me saying that I feel the Cap2, Godzilla and ASM 2 trailers, that makes me a hater? So when you say I’m a hater, I actually LOL at YOU because you are the type of person who uses that word.

        Thanks for you input though, Chump J.

        • “Chump J.”?! how original. You’e just as creative as the costume designer for these films. Anyways, I called you a hater because despite how good this trailer looks, you couldn’t even give it props. Underwhelmed compared to that first laaaame trailer?! But I digress. It wil never be on the scope of Marvel’s universe but come ooonnn. Lighten up and give props. Sheesh!

          • Cool, I just hate the word hater.

            I just think looking at the trailers I mentioned, for me, this is the lowest. It’s not horrible but the trailer didn’t bump DoFP and higher up my list.

            Would you have preferred Chimp J or Chomp J? 😉

        • WOW, MovieB is undoubtedly hulk fan1….. anyone recognize the (PAL) while talking to/or about another commenter?

          in 2 years I don’t think I have ever saw anyone use (PAL) now 2 different ppl in as many days, that is NO coincidence.

          • Dale I don’t think thats him, punctuation is too good and there are paragraph breaks.

          • Since your post is wrong I really don’t know what to say.

            I find it funny that you would make an assumption that I post under more than one name and then claim it to be fact, which it isn’t. Then you say that is NO coincidence like your Sherlock Holmes.

            Quit simply Dale you’re not as smart as you think. Ask Screen rant to call me out if you think I’m using two names you joker.

            Are you the king of screen rant or something? Who are you exactly?

    • This will make more than Guardians of The Galaxy

      • You’re absolutely right Joshua. I would say it may come close to doubling in all honesty. What that means, I don’t know, but yea GotG will be the runt of the litter when it comes to box office.

  19. OK, let’s get the important thing outta the way first, and here it is:
    …you could probably add to that “where’s Nightcrawler” and “where’s Rogue” as well.
    Having said that, the poster and trailer both look pretty good to me. I have been disappointed with the overall finished product of all the X-men films and spin-offs except the first two, although I always buy the DVDs for my collection, so far. However, this one looks somewhat better than the last few, at least from the trailer and poster, so of course I will buy this one as well. Waiting and anxious….!

    • Cyclops will probably in the Apocalypse movie. Y’know as one of Sinister’s mutant henchmen. The one eyed version.

  20. Trailer actually looks good. However that poster is MEH. And am I the only one that thinks old Prof X looks like he is flying via A$$ Fire?

    • I just looked at the poster again. Ur right. lol.

  21. I just can’t form an opinion about something that has so much that I like and yet so much that I dislike.

    I love Fassbender’s Magneto, I hate how colourless the future timeline looks, I love the dramatic scope of it all, I hate how unlike classic X-men it feels.

    I love that it has everything about Singer’s x-men films I liked, and I hate that it has everything about Singer’s X-men films I disliked.

    I study philosophy, almost starting my master degree, and yet this whole film already makes my brain hurt…

    • I love the 70s sentinels, I hate the future sentinels. It’s like it never ends lol.

  22. Finally a decent trailer and a decent poster. Fox took their sweet time. Probably stopped by for some donuts & coffee.

    Will Storm be killed by a Sentinel? That would explain Halle Berry’s limited screen time.
    Great to see Blink, Bishop, Sunspot, Collosus, Iceman & Shadowcat on screen.

    Can’t wait for Marvel May to come.

  23. Seems like Singer finally gets it right, but he kinda didn’t have a choice but to make this film epic. Pretty excited about it! Probably more than seeing Cap2. More intrigued on how the DoFP will end to setup for Apocalypse. Cant wait.

    • I was just thinking – wouldn’t it be awesome if Marvel was able to get the X-men rights back … but somehow rewrite / retell the stories – ie. reboot – BUT … still keep Bryan Singer directing & many of the cast members?

      start from scratch and just follow the comic origins, the five original members … then add the new members (Wolverine, Storm, etc) and still mix in with the Avengers and MCU characters. May be a tv or Netfilix show for some of the characters solo stories or that could be focused on the New Mutants team. And even cooler put all the characters in their actual colorful costumes (it seems to work for the MCU heroes and Spiderman and the FF … I’m sure they could make it work for the X-men characters and still make them look good.

      one X-Men it would be nice to see on film is Forge, imagine him talking, arguing or working with Tony Stark, Hank Pym, Bruce Banner … and then Reed Richards shows up …. holy crapy that would be an awesome scene.

      ah … to dream …. wouldn’t it be nice … hopefully one day. Please Sony & Fox, give the rights back to Marvel.
      or better yet, please Disney just fork over the cash and buy the rights back.

  24. I had my doubts about this movie but after seeing this second trailer, I’m definitely sold! Can’t wait to see this movie!

  25. I was skeptical about this movie.
    But holy smokes it looks good!

    • ’til all are one!

  26. this is one of only two movies that are a must see in my eyes this year(dawn of the planet of the apes being the other). but Damn Singer and crew sure no how to make a great trailer