‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Trailer #2: The Greatest Battle Begins

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For a summer blockbuster that’s been labeled the most expensive superhero film of all-time, it’s odd that we haven’t see a new trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past since October. And that trailer we did see was just the same footage we already saw at San Diego Comic-Con last summer.

We knew that because of the extensive special effects requirements and post-production work that it’d be a while before movieogers could see the returning X-Men take part in action sequences. Last week, a brief Instagram teaser promised more Days of Future Past content; it didn’t reveal anything new about the story from director Bryan Singer and writer Simon Kinberg nor anything beyond the major reveal of 25 character posters, so we’ve still been waiting to see a trailer where the X-Men of the past and future fight, and fight against Sentinels. Now that time has finally come.

From Sentinels old and new and a man with metal skin, to Sunspot’s fiery transformation to Iceman’s infamous ice slide, this one has all the key mutant superhero powers we know and love from the pages of the X-Men comics, with plenty of dark and brooding story and emotion to go with it. the second full-length Days of Future Past trailer washes away our fears about special effects, and hints that Singer may be delivering the best action of his career – now we wait to see if the award-winning cast has a worthy story to tell.

Twentieth Century Fox is banking hard on X-Men: Days of Future Past potentially relaunching the franchise and having it earn comparable box office results as its competition from Disney, Sony and Warner Bros.

X Men Days of Future Past Poster High Res 570x844 X Men: Days of Future Past Trailer #2: The Greatest Battle Begins

Can they succeed? Let us know your thoughts on the new trailer and status of the franchise in the comments!


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Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, Evan Jonigkeit along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.

X-Men: Days of Future Past arrives in U.S. theaters on May 23rd, 2014, followed by Fantastic Four on June 19th, 2015, X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27th, 2016, The Wolverine 3 (not the official title) on March 3rd, 2017, Fantastic Four 2 on July 14th, 2017, and an unspecified Marvel film on July 13th, 2018.

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  1. I think I’m done supporting FOX’s superhero movies.

  2. The trailer looks fantastic. The poster is awful. As someone said above, Stewart is awkwardly floating in thin air. McKellan is barely noticeable. And though I love JLaw, her version of Mystique is the weakest character she has done, and certainly not a reason to go see this movie. Maybe she’ll be better in this DOFP.

      • Agreed

  3. Cool. I like trailer. I don’t like the cover.
    The fun part is that i was ok with Wolverine as a character back than before the first X-men. And even after second X-men movie i was still ok with him. But after that i am just sick of him already. I really hope he’ll get avoporised in this movie, only bones will be left of him. Some epic death as well. Atleast in the future, please.

    • I’m sorry to tell you this, but as I type this message there’s a 3rd Wolverine film currently being written.

  4. This trailer does make this movie look epic. Cant wait to see it.

  5. I’m with mongoose. I haven’t spent money on a Fox produced cbm since X2, and I’m glad, especially seeing everything they’ve done wrong to the canon. I know people get all up in arms when somebody says what I’m about to say, but I hope this movie fails so we’ll be one step closer to the rights reverting. I’ll take quality over quantity anytime, and Fix just can’t deliver

  6. I am so thankful that the original Avengers movie came out and grossed so much.
    I really believe it is what caused Sony and Fox to dump tons of money in their respective franchises and boost them up to what we have now in the latest trailers.
    This is going to be an awesome month of May at the theaters!

  7. looks sweet, i just hope the story is too convoluted.

    was that Spiderman jumping out the window haha

  8. Well, at least this looks like it should better than the Amazing Spider-man 2…

  9. Dare I buck the trend here, and say that I felt completely underwhelmed by this trailer??!!

    It vertainly doesn’t fill me with the level of anricipation or excitement to see it, that the Captain America and Spiderman trailers have, to see those movies. Think I’ll probably wait for the reviews, before deciding on whether I go see it or not. I enjoyed the solo Wolverine movie last year, which was a definite improvement (apart from the 3rd act) in the X-Men franchise. But my expectations are always tempered, because after all, this is a Fox studios production we’re talking about!

    • spider man trailer? please you cant be for real.

      • TASM 2 looks like total crap

    • Have to agree, though not so much about Spiderman. Not trying to be biased, but this year’s CBM trailers that made me want to watch its movies asap are Cap’s and Guardians. Spiderman took a while to get there, and X-Men’s… still not working, probably because it took too long to release.

  10. I don’t like the idea of multiple time lines but it looks like that’s what’s coming. I hope they at least try to explain how Sentinels were created before the events of X men 1 yet they are no where in that movie or its sequels/prequels. Other than that I thought the trailer looked fantastic.

    Maybe Logan goes back more than once. Maybe this is like the Butterfly Effect. The first time Logan goes back he makes it worse. He somehow speeds up the time table on sentinel creation. Then they send him back again because he actually made things worse the first time around. Just my mind running….

  11. God I hate those stupid future Sentinel designs. They have zero shreds of reality in them and look NOTHING like the comics, which I think is the wrong way to go. The original Sentinels are a fantastic design. Look what happened when they tried to reinvent the Terminator design in the 3rd one. It looked ridiculous and completely farfetched, but it was brought back into reality during the Christian Bale T:Salvation movie, which brought the classic design back. I just don’t see why Singer has to change a great thing. So what, now they’re freaking organic? That’s just plain dumb and non-sensical. They are super-powered, towering, imposing robots with grappling hooks, electricity and booster rockets in their feet and hands.

    • I agree the original design was great, but I’m not going to trash the film’s design until I have seen the movie. I’m trying to keep an open mind for this film. If there is reasoning behind the future sentinels, perhaps they are some sort of Advanced Nimrod Sentinel, that constantly evolve new ways of fighting new mutant abilities, it could be alright. Considering that most of the film will take place in the past, where the sentinels are slightly closer to the original design, it might not be that big a deal anyways.

      Giant pink/purple robots may have turned off casual movie goers that aren’t familiar with the classic designs.

  12. Still won’t be watching this in the theatre, but I’m glad, at least this will stop those whiny fanboys who kept asking for the mutants to show their true abilities in the movie, for example Iceman and Sunspot. However, it looks as if the best part of the movie would be the future part (because it contains mutants with various eye catching visual powers, along with those hordes of Sentinels) that would only be 1/3 of the movie :(

    I watched First Class the 2nd time several days ago, to somehow convince me to watch this… but it failed. To be honest though, the best part of that movie was the relationship between Magneto and Prof X while the rest… almost made me fall asleep. There was just too many missed opportunities that could and should have made it much better especially with the mutants choice. Well, I hope this one will learn from that flaw and be more appealing to general audience and fans rather than being divisive…

    And that poster… somehow I got the vibe that the designer thought this way,
    “Okay, J-Law is an Oscar winner, and Jackman is our poster boy who’s also a nominee… let’s put them bigger than the rest. Oh, and let’s make Halle’s small since we’re going to kill her in the movie so that the audience won’t expect much. Now let’s see who else are IMPORTANT enough to put here…? Nope… this will do. Yeeah, don’t put that silver guy cause the fans are going to comment harshly”

  13. When older Xavier says to younger X (something like) “I can feel your pain”

    I think that means that as the younger X has emotional changes and memories changes it affexcts the older Xavier with new memories etc. (a la Butterfly effect / A Sound of Thunder)

    That would imply that everything done erases or changes X-Men 1, 2, 3, and The Wolverine.)

    • Interesting – based on what Singer said about his version of time-travel I’m not sure it works that way. I think the timeline remains unaltered until Wolvy mind tries to come back – that’s the trigger.

      • But that doesn’t negate what I said. It doesn’t really relate.

        All I’m saying is, the scene where older and younger X are “facing’ each other could play out like:

        Wolvie’s mind has been sent back and thus Wolverine is making different decisions than he did in the original timeline. Because of this, the timeline is slowly altering. At some point, youner X will have a mental breakdown or extreme change in his thinking or whatever. He looks in the mirror. Whatever he is thinking is a big important decision and life altering thought. This is why, at that moment, X of the future begins to feel the pain and changes because whatever younger X is thinking it is so big that it changes the original timeline of Xaviers mind thus rippeling to the future and why Older X says, ” I can feel your pain.’

        This just implies that little changes in the past are beginning to have changes on the future. THat could be a moment of inspiration for older X cause he knows Wolverine in the past trying to change things is working.

  14. U can clearly tell that the cgi is not done in this trailer smh

  15. no more X-men we get it

  16. It’s unfortunate that snark overtakes any plausibility in thinking when commenting on movies that are based on most of our collective childhoods and the comics we read during them or into our teen/adult years. It is impossible that any screenwriter/director duo can do the perfect job of bringing a hallowed story such as “Future Past” into movie form without ticking off a legion of people who worship source material. “The Avengers” represented Wheedons vision of what “The Ultimates”, first 15 or so issues of the actual “Avengers” comic and other source material. And what did Wheedon do? He brought forth the standard for which super hero team movies should be. I think in the hands of Bryan Singer we’re not gonna get anything less then good, I personally would be shocked if the movie didn’t satisfy my tastes and the $40+ I have to spend to see it now-a-days. Will it be “the Avengers?”, nope and what we should be outraged over, and rallying against is how a bunch of billionaires who run the respective studios that these films are being made at don’t have the good mind to share the stinking rights to the marvel universe. They think they’re diving into pools of gold a-la scrooge-mcduck now, if they had the sense to interlope these actual marvel properties we’d be talking about phase 4 of the marvel film realm taking on the bigger stories ….”civil war”, “avengers versus x-men” etc. It’s just a shame that there are already people who have pre-determined that this movie can’t be good when in fact that could only be decided by seeing the movie for yourself whether in theaters or on DVD.

    • “No profanity or personal attacks”

      You have WAY too much faith in “Wheedon”, and not enough in Marvels team comics… ;-)

  17. Awesome movie i love the trailer and poster

  18. wow , beautiful and amazing Trailer and poster cant wait

  19. That better not be the official poster. Man, I’ve seen fan-made posters that are far and wide better than that poster.

  20. ICE SLIDE!!!!!!! Sentinel face fires giant beam i’m sold on this trailer can’t wait

  21. Trailer 0.25 in. That looks suspiciously like a reference to the original story. If so, I know what happens next!

  22. if anyone watches or watched Inkmasters on Spike tv tonight, it was an X-men themed show and all the tattoos were superpowers and even had them doing X-men tats!

    THE MAIN POIT is that they showed maybe 40 sec of 98% new footage but most notably to me was the few seconds of Quicksilver and how his movements will look! It was not bad and it showed him playing table tennis with…. YOU GUESSED it Himself. It also showed the front of the sentinel that was being introduced to a crowd of ppl and it also opened fire on the crowed as well!!

    You can probably find it on youtube or something… but it was all pretty cool footage, and to my eye was almost if not all new footage!! CHECK IT OUT and let me know what you think, especially of QS!! maybe post a link to it so everyone can see it!
    SORRY but I just had it DVRd or I would post it for all to see

    • Really? I heard they were doing an X-men themed episode, didn’t think they’d show any footage tho… I’m not a big tattoo guy but I’ll record the later episode and check it out (it reruns in a few hours)

    • Saw that too

  23. Looks sweet. I think I’ll have to wait until I see the movie and understand how much action and screen time all of the characters get. I’m curious where this movie is going to leave off timeline-wise. Will this be the last we see of the characters from the future (i.e. will there be multiple timelines?)? or will they be used in other movies like x-force and the past characters be used in the next franchise film? It looks cool, and I have high hopes.