Lucas Till’s Havok Returning For ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’?

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Lucas Till Havok X Men First Class Poster Close Up Lucas Tills Havok Returning For X Men: Days of Future Past?

The core casts of the original X-Men trilogy along with Matthew Vaughn’s ’60s era prequel are coming together on screen next summer for an epic reunion for what can easily be described as the most ambitious comic book movie ever greenlit by Twentieth Century Fox. Writer and director Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past also aims to introduce a plethora of new characters from the comics, but not everyone is returning (that we know of).

While X-Men: First Class characters Emma Frost (January Jones), Azazel (Jason Flemyng) and Banshee (Caleb Landry Jones) are seemingly not being brought back for the sequel, a photo from the Montreal shooting location of X-Men: Days of Future Past reveals that one of the supporting hero mutants unconfirmed to return, may actually be returning after all.

A Montreal resident snapped a photo with Lucas Till (and Bryan Singer to confirm the date and location) while traveling near the shoot for Days of Future Past, unofficially confirming that Alex Summers aka Havok, is returning in some capacity. In the comics, Alex is the brother of Scott “Cyclops” Summers but due to the timeline of X-Men: First Class, it’s more likely that in the cinematic universe, Scott is Alex’s son.

Lucas Till X Men First Class Uniform Still Lucas Tills Havok Returning For X Men: Days of Future Past?

Lucas Till as Alex “Havok” Summers

Combined with the previous report that a passerby spotted Halle Berry (Storm) and James Marsden (Cyclops) together flying back from Montreal, don’t be surprised to see both Havok and Cyclops have guest appearances in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Their family history – along with Patrick Stewart’s return – does need to be explained, after all.

On the official side of news, Singer tweeted out a few more new photos this week from behind-the-scenes. Months ago, when the director confirmed his intention to shoot Days of Future Past in 3D he also confirmed that its story – set 11 years after First Class – would include President Richard Nixon and joked that he’d have a tough time casting the part. One of the set photos features Nixon and company in an important Oval Office meeting, one features Michael Fassbender’s younger Magneto hovering and the last spotlights a Vietnam rally.


Click here for full-size photo.

Click here for full-size photo.

Click here for full-size photo.

While the story of the film adaptation of the Days of Future Past comics remains a mystery, we do know that some political event of the past is the trigger that launches a post-apocalyptic future where giant Sentinel robots scourer Earth for mutants. The photos of Nixon and the rally from the ’70s era reveal as much.

In the comics, this time-altering event was the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly, but that character was used as part of the central plot of Bryan Singer’s first X-Men film in 2000.

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Daniel Cudmore.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on July 18, 2014.


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Source: Bleeding Cool, Bryan Singer

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  1. “Alex is the brother of Scott “Cyclops” Summers but due to the timeline of X-Men: First Class, it’s more likely that in the cinematic universe, Scott is Alex’s son.”

    Gross. But whatever fixes their mess.

    • That would mean Alex slept with his mother.

      • Cyclops do come out in first class during the cerebro scene.

      • Pulled a Fry.

  2. This is the largest cast of any X-men movie yet. It’s going to be hard to juggle so many characters. It also means Fox will have to pay a lot more in actors’ salaries.

    I hope Bryan Singer can make it work.

    • Yes, I really believe it is going to be a big mess, with many characters relegated to mere cameo status. At this point, with the announcement of each new character, I just roll me eyes…

      • Frankly I think Singer made a mistake in compressing the whole Days of Future Past storyline(One of the X-Men’s biggest stories) into a single film. He should have built up to it with 2-3 other movies like how Marvel Studios is gradually building up to Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet storyline for Avengers 3.

        • Now that would have been a good idea! With so many characters in this movie, and with such a story, it would have been wise to plan a trilogy!

        • You assume a bit much on the Infinity Gauntlet story. Personally I dont feel it will play any part at all in Avengers. Thanos will certainly be a part, and Im biting my nails to the quick to know who will voice him, but the gauntlet is FAR FAR too big a story to do in just one movie alone. Remember, he had to collect all the gems first and those alone have enough story to be a movie for each and then a final movie for when he gets them all together. No, the gauntlet while a very very great story to tell would just be too much for the big screen. However, though, television mini series… YES! With Agents of Shield coming to ABC, lets hope it does so well that they might actually entertain the idea of an Infinity Gauntlet storyline for a season.

          • Except we know for a fact that the Infinity Gauntlet comes “pre-assembled” so to speak, with all the gems there. All Thanos has to do is go get it.

            • yep, the Gauntlet is already in Odin’s vault. Thanos is definitely slick & powerful enough to easily get it out of there. After all, the Destroyer is not there anymore. It is in SHIELD’s possession.

      • Rolling them is OK, but just be sure you pick them up off the floor when you are done playing with them, so no one trips on them!

        • **Eyes comment to Jeff**

      • +1

      • But what about Batman Begins?

    • Good share Granado. Looking forward to the movie! (:

      • Thanks, Chang, if you want can you share it too, hope the day this video going viral.

  3. Can’t wait for this movie!

  4. At this point, the bigger surprise would be who is NOT in the film…

    I fear that, when this film is all said and done, it is just going to be a big mess, with most characters relegated to mere cameo status.

    • Has anyone done a count yet of all the characters actually confirmed in the film?

      • I did! A while back on my blog.. it was 11 mutants. 12 now eith havoc

    • as of right now, some of the actors/characters not returning are:

      Beast (Kelsey Grammer)

      exactly some of fan favourites from the comics and tv series. Thats why Fox should move forward on the next sequel and bring them all back to give us the Ultimate X-Men movie of them all. DOFP is a really ambitious proyect, but an x-men movie with those characters back along with the rest of the team would be more than epic. That would be the movie to please most fans and haters. All the team back, set in present time, and working as a mature/badass team, and of course, with Cyclops leading how he does it best.

      • Acathla said it best below: “Your not getting the X film you want. Ever.”

        It’s never gonna happen, at least not any time soon.

      • “Cyclops leading as he does best”—yes, yes, yes! You hit it dead-center! That is what I thoroughly agree we need! Not The Wolverine Show, nor even The Magneto Show. Good in their spots, but WAY over-used. Cyke should be front and center stage! And I have a hunch not only would this be welcomed by a huge swath of fans, but that Nightcrawler back again would be welcomed as well.

        • none here could deny that a sequel with at least Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Gambit back wouldnt create a great hype.

          Marvel did a decent job with Captain America, now its Fox’s turn with Cyclops as the real leader and the other favourites, like the ones I mentioned.

          Im sure DOFP will be huge, so next sequel is the perfect moment to do it. I have the feeling that Singer and producers have it in store.

          • ‘Clops is a boring character. Sure, he is their leader, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t suck. The only time he was any good in the comics was recently. Now that he’s gone “Rouge” (no pun intended)he is a fungi.

  5. if true, I will be really happy to see him again. Would like Banshee back too, since I loved him on First Class, but I guess we cant have all we want.

  6. I think most of the film will be set in the 70s, and there will be some brief but epic action scenes involving sentinels in the ‘future’ with a lot of mutants being rounded up and fighting back.

    Bryan Singer probably thought, well I might aswell use mutants we’ve already seen and get back actors we’ve already used, so it will have fun cameos too.

    • Bullseye! That all seems likely.

  7. Too many characters to care about one.

  8. Just get Cyclops back. And put him on a pedestal his character demands and is worthy of.

    • Yeah, right. In the ‘past’ timeline Xavier and Magneto are the big stars, while the ‘future’ timeline we’ll have Wolverine and an old Xavier and Magneto. Where’s the room for Cyclops in all that? Except as a background character in some group fight scene?

    • Right on, Sum Ban! Right with you on that!

    • Haha! Because of these posts?

      • Of course. But yes trust me you are one of the reasons I became a ScreenRanter.

  9. Why do I doubt this huge cast will translate into a good movie, when a movie like GOTG has almost as big a roster? Simply stated, it’s because Fox/Singer is involved versus Marvel/Feige. Fox’s track record just isn’t as favorable, so I don’t trust them. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but history says otherwise.

    • GOTG will be mainly focussing on 5-6 main cast members. Others, like the Nova Corps, will probably be in the background.

      Here we’ll have two X-men teams in the forefront, plus Magneto’s group, plus the villains, whoever they are. Lots of players and ‘factions’ involved.

      • My point is nothing they’ve done in the past makes me think Fox/Singer can pull this off. GOTG may focus on a handful of characters, but they are introducing quite a few more, villains and heroes alike.

        DOFP seems like a one shot, where GOTG feels like it’ll lead to bigger things in the future. Again, this is all speculation on my part, but DOFP just seems like it’ll be a jumbled mess of continuities mashed into a two-hour movie.

      • Yes, the overly large cast here is the main problem. I thought the first two X-Men films were good, with moments of brilliance, like the opening sequence in X-Men 2, but this movie seems like it is going to be overly crowded, and the larger the cast, the less the focus on any one character, and thus, by my thinking, the poorer the story.

        • I agree that the X2 opening sequence was the best out of all the X-movies, but those brilliant moments were too few and far between.

    • History says otherwise?

      Here are a couple of rotten tomato ratings.

      X-Men: 82%
      X-2: 87%
      X-Men: First Class: 88%

      Every X film with Singers involvement, seems to be getting better and being better recieved by the general movie going audience. History says this should be the best X-Men film yet. But here are some other ratings, just for fun.

      Batman Begins: 85% (A Nolan Batman film scored less than a Singer X-Men film. Hmmm….)
      Iron Man 2: 73%
      The Incredible Hulk: 67%
      Thor: 77%
      Captain America: The First Avenger: 79%
      (Quite a few Marvel Studios scored less than Singers films, another hmmm…)

      Yes, I realize other comic book films have scored higher and made more money.
      And yes, I realize these scores are based on people’s opinions, and you can’t really score a movie based on such things in a true scale. But Singers X-Men films generally score higher with the general audiences. I get a lot of people don’t like his approach or his style, but history says these movies will be good in terms of response and returns for Fox. If your not a fan, DOFP will be the seventh in the franchise, its time to move on. Your not getting the X film you want. Ever.

      • True, but all of those Marvel films led up to an Avengers film that scored in the mid-90′s and was almost universally loved by fans, the general audience and critics alike. I can almost guarantee that will NOT happen for DOFP.

        Despite the three movies you cherry-picked scores for, the box office numbers actually went down, not up for every X-movie since they peaked with Last Stand at $284M (a horrible movie btw).

        I’ve realized I wasn’t getting a proper X-Men movie ever since X2 came out. I gave up a long time ago. That doesn’t mean I can’t voice my opinion and hope for a better future for these X-Men movies; and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

      • @Acathla, I’m a fan. Cut my teeth on the X-men. DOFP was one of my favorite stories. I gave Singer a pass on X-Men. Enjoyed X2! But Superman Returns-Tomatometer:76% Audience:67%. That’s what scares me. He’s throwing a lot of characters into this film. I hope he’s able to correct the issues and not make them worse.

      • @acathla- I know that Rotten Tomatoes is a gauge for some people now along with box office grosses, but what do you like about Singer’s X-Men movies?

      • And 250 BILLION have been served at McDonalds. Just because the masses eat there daily doesn’t make it a good place to eat.

        • And First Class not making back it’s budget in the US market is nullified by it’s Rotten Tomato rating……

  10. I’m an x-men fan and I have faith this movie won’t suck

  11. Days of futures past: 50% wolverine, 20% magneto, 20%xavier, 10% all other mutants

  12. OR it could be they’re half brothers and their dad has been spreading his seed over several decades.

  13. this is either gonna be a huge mess or its gonna be awesome

    • Probably right, Vibrator. I am hoping it will be awesome, but am so very fearful it will unfortunately be the opposite. Glad to see sentinels, but sorry Wolverine is gonna have his schmoo in there again. I liked the original X-Men movies (first 2) and their characters, but things went south from there.

      • …uh, oops—”Vladiator”…

        • —-well, popular with the women—

        • hahahaha! :)

      • Where was your mind Goldilocks? ;)

        • Unfortunately, my mind travels much farther than the rest of me these days!

          • Goldilocks is so immersed in DOFP that the mind has gone to the 70s and is trying to stop Brett Ratner from coming into movie making

  14. Just because there are a ton of mutants that doesn’t mean the film will suffer for it. There were greater problems in X3 and spidey 3 than “too many characters” What kind of writer can’t handle a dozen or more mutants? Not a very good one. It’s all in the telling.

    One of the things I loved about the comics (and I started buying them off the newstand in the early 80′s) is that xmen was jamm-packed with mutants, each issue was bound to have at least one of your faves. And everyone had their own faves, some preferred nightcrawler, some colossus, of course everyone loved Wolvie. I was always partial to the stories involving Storm and Longshot.

    I’ve spent too much time criticizing messed-up continuity, it is what it is. I’m looking forward to seeing this spectacle and a ton of mutants.

  15. Explanations needed??? Is it just me or does anyone on the writing staff NOT READ COMICS!!!!???? Scott as Alex’s son??? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? That a worse idea than what they did to Deadpool. NO no no no!

    Look people its easy… comics have given us a plausible explanation since the dawn of their existence. And because this is Days of Future Past, a story that already deals with time travel. Its made all the more easy… Just two words is all it takes.


    There, done. Thats all that needed to be said. You then wrap it all up in a nice tidy little bow adorned package. You can make Scott any age you want and Alex can be what ever age he wants and still have the two of them be brothers no matter who is older and have it all make sense. So get the heck out of here with that Father/Son nonsense. Thats just too much of a break in the core storyline to accept. Like the good Doctor will remind us on occasion. Some things are fixed points in time, and Scott and Alex as brothers is one of them. Dont change this!

    • Welcome to the mess that Fox has made with their bought IP and screwed over 3 ways from Sunday……I officially coin the phrase, “X-Mess”

  16. Does anyone else think it was super petty of Fox to add Quicksilver right after Whedon announced him for Avengers 2? The reason I say petty is because Ive been hearing he will only have a cameo in DOFP, while in Avengers 2 he will have a bigger role. Fox is coming off like a jealous kid at school who keeps yelling they had the cool idea first.

    • I would agree, Jacob. I have been pushing for eons for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Avengers, but I am not so sure they are needed in DOFP. There are better things that could have been done there, like bringing back Cyclops, and not throwing up a banner that says, “This will be a movie about Magneto and Wolverine, with small guest appearances by a cast of thousands of others you might or might not know”. Petty is probably a nice name for a snitty stunt, but accurate. It would be better in alot of comic book movies (Marvel and DC), if before doing the flicks, the directors, writers, producer, actors–EVERYONE!–went back to the old comics of the 60s and 70s, and let them be their guide. That could have improved just about every comic book movie made, good, bad, or otherwise. Take it from experiance–I am 55, and go back to being raised on those mags (“wisdom of the ages??”) I really hope both flicks do well, and of course I will buy both DVDs, but I definitely have more overall confidence in Avengers #2.

  17. An adult Banshee and adult Havok would not be bad, but the question remains:

    • Yes we do. I wish Fox would say the same words to Wolverine what Wolverine said to Prof. X and Magneto in X Men: First Class.

      And provide us with the real Cyclops. It’s literal meaning is a one-eyed giant. And if treated right, Cyclops is exactly a giant. Towering above lesser immortals like Wolverine and mortals.

      Mr. Singer…. are you listening?

  18. If Singer is announcing a new character at this late stage, when filming has already begun, there is only one logical explanation: he heard that Whedon was using Havoc in the next Avengers movie so he quickly shoehorned him into DOFP as a middle finger to Marvel studios as part of some sort of elaborate revenge plot.


    • +1 or Like

  19. Alex replaces Corsair as the leader of the Starjammers, in the comics. At least in the movieverse, Scott’s father will always be leader of the Starjammers.

    Disney is about to go cosmic. Fox will follow soon enough. Hope to see the Starjammers.

  20. There will be too many characters to get this one right… Hopefully it flops and the rights go to Marvel.

    A guy can dream can’t he?

  21. What’s the betting that the nearer the film gets to completion at some point Singer will stop tweeting pics of the mutants that will appear.

    I bet at that point he won’t have tweeted any pics of Cyclops/Marsden and will tell us all we’ve seen everyone who’s going to be in it and that theres no Cyclops (for whatever reason he comes up with).

    Cue fan boy rage for no Cyclops.

    He’ll carry on pretending theres no Cyclops and he’ll wait a bit and finally tweet a Cyclops image.

    Cue fan boy love.

  22. Finally good news for once. Now please surpise me with Kelsey Grammar, Liev Shribier, and January Jones making their returns!

  23. I’m considering not seeing this movie if Cyclops is not included! I’m surprised by how much of a blind eye everyone seems to be turning on the subject! I mean, not even a little rumor??????

  24. They should retitle the movie to All-Star X-Men.

  25. I think they should introduce Vulcan, the other Summers’ brother along with the Shi’ar aliens.