Bryan Singer Confirms ‘Trask’ in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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X Men Days of Future Past Trask Industries Logo Revealed Bryan Singer Confirms Trask in X Men: Days of Future Past

One of the newest and most notable additions to the X-Men film franchise, to be introduced in X-Men: Days of Future Past,  is Peter Dinklage. Dinklage joins an already massive roster of characters that sees not only the star-studded casts of the original trilogy along with the First Class prequel share screentime, but brings into the fold many new characters from Marvel Comics.

It wasn’t long after Bryan Singer welcomed the Game of Thrones star that one report claimed Dinklage would be playing none other than Bolivar Trask, the creator of the giant anti-mutant Sentinel robots that we know will also have a big part in Days of Future Past. Dinklage’s role isn’t official yet, but we can officially confirm that Trask Industries will be in the film.

In his first tweet since announcing that Evan Peters will be playing Quicksilver, director Bryan Singer today tweeted a fun behind-the-scenes photo that confirms a major story element of the film:

The image of the costumed extra on break reveals the logo of Trask Industries and confirms the speculation that “Trask” will be in the film. When combined with Singer’s tweeted image last week of a mustached Peter Dinklage and him reading over the script together, and it’s becoming a safer bet that Dinklage is in fact, playing (a version of) Trask, and a primary antagonist of the next X-Men team up.

Add to that the set photos from Superficial and a Facebook fan page revealing a ’70s style mustached Peter Dinklage and we’re thinking he’s playing Bolivar Trask in the ’70s era of the time-travel film (where the X-Men: First Class returns.  In the comics, the mutant-hating Bolivar actually has a mutant child named Larry who has the ability to see into the future. Bolivar is able to block his son’s abilities but occasionally takes advantage of them to help create the Sentinels and to looking into the future to learn more about the “mutant threat” – this is key part of the original Days of Future Past storyline.

Bolivar Trask X Men 570x378 Bryan Singer Confirms Trask in X Men: Days of Future Past

Bolivar Trask

One possibility is that Singer and co. are drawing ideas from the “What If…Magneto & Professor X Had Formed the X-Men Together?” comic which sees Larry Trask (not Bolivar) in charge of Trask Industries, attacking Xavier’s institute with the Sentinels, leading to the formation of the X-Men. This story takes place in a different Marvel universe (there are many) but in it, Larry Trask also happens to be connected to the Hellfire Club, featured prominently in X-Men: First Class and led by Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon).

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Daniel Cudmore.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on July 18, 2014.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes who you think Peter Dinklage is playing!

Source: Bryan Singer, Superficial

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  1. Are they cutting the advertising budget & just pushing this movie with tweets? At this point there won’t be anything left for the spoilers…

    • That’s exactly my reaction when I see this. Singer’s way too busy sending tweeter pages than actually filming a movie!

      • Webb tweets daily about Spidey 2. Singer does it weekly.

        • Web hasn’t tweeted anything as important as Singer has. Webb gives us things to talk about and speculate. Singer gives us things like the Bishop reveal, which kinda made me mad. Like dude, keep some things a surprise.

          • Then don’t follow his twitter…

        • I was joking for the most part because I commented a few posts ago that we needed to know what kind of food they had at craft services, & behold he tweets a picture of a guy from craft services.

          As for what Webb is doing, I really don’t pay much attention to the Spider-Man project. But all this business of showing the entire production process is going to burn people out eventually. Haven’t seen a million tweets about Pacific Rim & I am actually looking forward to that film.

        • “The next person to ask me if I was picked for this movie because of my surname gets killed #MovieProducer #Professional”

  2. Calm down. This cast is huge and we have yet to know the majority of what the hell is going on in the movie (besides the basic comic plot), so stop complaining about spoilers.

    • That’s what Bryan Singer will do next. Give away the spoilers.

      • I highly doubt that even though Im surprised Fox gave him as much leeway as he has gotten with tweeting photos.

  3. Wouldn’t it just be simpler, easier and shorter for Singer to just list who and what is NOT in this movie?


    • Yeap, but it would mean a few thousand less articles and about half a million less social media blips :)

      He’s using it to get people talking and it’s 100% working.

      • @ Rob

        Very good point.

  4. Trask was in x-men the last stand if i remember correctly speaking to beast.

    • That’s one of the bigger continuity problems of the many between Last Stand, Origins, and First Class. I hype on the age and race discrepancies. Trask is a burly black man in Last Stand and is now a white little person in Days of Future Past. Emma Frost is a teenager in the 1970′s and in her 30′s in the 1960′s (perhaps some spooky, crazy time travel stuff allows that to happen), Moira McTaggert is an American CIA agent in her late twenties in the 60′s and is a Brittish medical doctor in her forties in the 2000′s. I heard Bryan Singer has spoken openly with medical providers about getting lobotomies for everyone who has seen the third X:Men and The Wolverine spin-off and still plans on seeing Days of Future Past

      • Maybe film will deviate from time travel & use parallel universes instead, ala Fringe.

  5. I think if Dinklage is indeed playing Trask, it will add an interesting dynamic to the character that did not exist in the comics. Sort of like a Napoleonic complex in regards to the Sentinel program.

    • @Speshlk37
      Wow! I like what you said. :)

  6. Glad to see Sentinels, and we need Boliver Trask along with them since he is essentially their creator. But-we-need-Cyclops!!

  7. Kinda figured but they had better use these characters in sequels. Apocalypse,Sinister,John Sublime,Beak,Husk,Omega Red,Morph, and Archangel. and i really hope Cyclops is in DOFP, and maybe in the sequels we get more of Gambit,Nightcrawler,Sabretoothe,Blob,Multiple Man, and Juggernaught. You just do not have Juggernaught and Colossus in the same movie and not have them at least swing a few punches at each other would have been cool to see Juggernaught sent Colossus flying and Cyclops vs Wolverine blasting him through a wall is way over due.

  8. Is that Bill Dukes? he was Trask in X-men 3.

  9. I hopeto see some unique ways the mutants use their powers like maybe Wolverine extends his claws to attack oncoming Sentinels, and Iceman creates Ice clawsand they attack them together, and of course Rogue flying and lifting Colossus over the heads of Sentinels then Dropping him as he turns into metal smashing threw its face.

  10. Now I am not saying the film is gonna be a failure at all but the continuity eras in this franchise is way to big. In X2 Hank McCoy wasn’t furry on the news and by part 3 he is but then in First Class he turned furry in the 60′s. Professor X is related to Mystique instead of Juggernaut and Mystique isn’t the mother of Rogue and Night Crawler….. Unless they are willing to do what was done in Fast and Furious 4-6 to make sense of part 3 I see a million dollar headache coming to theaters in 2014. Please stop and Reboot this franchise

    • Considering a set photo of Nicholas hoult not furry or beast-like, I’m guessing that’s one thing they are going to deal with in this movie. The whole who is related to who thing in the comics doesn’t matter. The movies are its own thing. Besides Ultimate comics had a juggernaut as a mutant who wasn’t related to Charles.

      • That maybe true and as good as Ultimate X-Men was it had a lot of errors and unresolved plots. The difference in Ultimate X-men was it was its own reality of chaos

    • That maybe true and as good as Ultimate X-Men was it had a lot of errors and unresolved plots

    • Not to mention Wolverine was cable and Sinster was Apocalypse in those comics

  11. What about the Bill Duke factor?

    • Fox Studios is hoping you weren’t paying attention to things they put in their movies. Just want your money lol

  12. The more I read, the more this sounds like a completely convoluted cluster f@#k of a movie.

    Oh, but I forgot X1/X2/FC were among the greatest movies of all time, so Singer gets a pass, right? Having a plan and thinking long term is so overrated.

  13. I have a serious question. Why do people claim to hate X3 so much, but love First Class. I mean continuity and factual wise First Class was even more of a mess up than X3. I think they were good movies. And because of their more quickened action paces (in comparison to X1 and X2), I find them to be two of the better films within the franchise. Sure Ratner screwed some things up, but at the same time I believe he did a good job directing for a film that had been abandoned by two previous directors. Not to mention, Ratner actually gave the X-Men films some of the things it had been missing. For example, he gave us Angle and Beast, the Danger Room with a Sentinel teaser, a fast-ball special, an iced up Ice Man, a Colossus that had just a minute more than a cameo, a Storm that actually flies, an X-Jet with invisible capabilities, a Jean that did more than just die, and a significant Kitty Pride. Singer’s films were rather restrained when it came to the comic book world of the X-Men; including how all the characters were demeaned, under used, out shined, and minor in comparison to Wolverine. First Class had very good action and showed an X-Men team that seemed to have no restraints in power usage throughout the movie, but had no continuity with the X-Men films, or the comic books for that matter. I understand Scott died in X3, but that was partially because the actor, along with Singer, left to do Superman Returns. So why so much hate for X3.

    • +1

      First Class (If it had been a reboot) would’ve been a decent movie. But because it isn’t, it gave us continuity errors. Starting with Emma Frost, Alex Summers, and Hank McCoy. I get crap all the time when I express my disgust with First Class. I’m used to it by now. People throw out the excuse that the movie universe is different from the comics, which isn’t my beef at all. Its age/race/fur. I could care less who is a child of who. Its all about consistency, which is something this series doesn’t have and probably never will.

      I really hope that this time travel experience just gives us a new, alternate, rebooted timeline to draw and build from.

    • The thing with X3 was it had potential to be an amazing movie but flopped because: 1. Cyclops &Professor X were killed off at the beginning of the Comic movie era before any epic saga, new villain, crossover, or Cyclops could lead. You can’t kill the spokes people for an X-Men without developing them or the franchise 2. His interpation of Phoneix an omega class mutant who can create or distroy reality& life was more like Apocalypse Femine 3. The sheaspearen yet romantic suidice of Jean Grey that was shared between Cyclops& Jean Grey was turned into a mercy killing by wolverine. The way he ended it was as if he was trying to tie up loose ends and end their with the 3 one so it would be a trilogy instead of leaving room for a part 4,5 or 6 that would make sense. Even in this one the film is supposed to be after part 3 yet it has a Professor X alive, a powered Magneto& Rogue and why to many characters that you know won’t get much screen time. Even the Fast&Furious franchise brought back actors (even from the dead) from previous films and was able to develop their characters deliver a great action packed story and put itself back on track in 3 films after the third which ended it and opened a door for part 7. First class was to tell the story of Professor X, Magneto and the creation of the school so to the makers whatever mutants in the first team didnt matter ( which it really does ).

      • Believe it or not the Phoenix idea was from Singer himself, who did not believe in outer space beings in a movie. Therefore, even if Singer decided to stay we would still have the same version of the Phoenix. The death of the Phoenix would have more than likely ended the same way with Singer as well, because for some reason Singer, along with Fox, loves to pretend that Wolverine is the only person who can be a hero, which is totally incorrect. Cyclops’ death was partly because the actor left to do Superman Returns. As far as First Class telling the story of Magneto and Charles, it did a terrible job. Though it was quite entertaining to see Magneto in action, Magneto knew Charles much longer than what was portrayed in the movie, which seemed to depict that they knew each other for only a matter of months. Furthermore, Charles Xavier did not have a childhood with Mystique, Mystique is more than likely much older than Xavier. There is so much more wrong with First Class. The only thing that saved First Class was the action.

    • Because First Class was cool, retro and it was fashionable to praise that movie even though it had many of the same shot-comings as other films in the series. Most of the secondary characters were, as usual, barely there. The secondary villains were the standard mute, special effect set pieces. The female characters had the less depth then women from Latin soap operas. And some of the special effects were bad for 10 years ago.

  14. TRASK Industries = STARK Industries jumbled.

    • Both fictional companies were created in the same fictional universe so it’s always possible that Marvel intended for Trask to be anagram of Stark.

  15. The fact that Singer won’t just say who Dinklage is playing has me wary we have another Mandarin/Harrison on our hands.

  16. Singer is just giving way too much away. Pretty soon he will tweet the ending.

    • To be honest as long as he gives us some idea of how stupid it is we can avoid watching the film.

      • LOL! ^This!

        Honestly,They would probably save everyone more time just telling us who ISN’T in the movie!

  17. I much rather Fox give the entire franchise away or Marvel buy more then half there shares in stock to pull X-men from under the rug from them then see how they muck this up trying to compete. Just shovel more characters at us and discard them letting the top billed get all the shine. Like heck they were better off casting Nicholas Hoult as Cyclops and Jennifer Lawerance ( I think that’s her name) as Jean Grey

  18. Spoiler alert! Erik Lensherr is Magnito

    • edit: Magneto