‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Images: Quicksilver’s Powers & Wolverine vs. Beast

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X Men Days of Future Past Trailer X Men: Days of Future Past Images: Quicksilvers Powers & Wolverine vs. Beast

While Marvel Studios is busy trying to get their ambitious 2014 tentpoles Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy off the ground, Fox will be trying to expand its own section of the Marvel Movie Universe by revamping its X-Men franchise with X-Men: Days of Future Past. The new entry in the series will unite the original X-Men trilogy with the slightly-altered continuity of X-Men: First Class, in a time-travel tale split (unevenly, mind you) between the near future in the ’70s-era.

When mutant-hunting robots called Sentinels overrun the future, Prof X (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) unite their remaining X-Men and Brotherhood teams for a final desperate bid to change the past, by sending the consciousness of an aging Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back into the body of his ’70s-era self. While the futuristic X-Men Brotherhood guards Wolverine’s body against the Sentinel onslaught, Logan must traverse the past and bring a broken young Xavier (James McAvoy) out of depression, in order to work with his estranged comrade Magneto (Michael Fassbender) to prevent the Sentinel threat that is about to be created by industrialist Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage).

A complicated narrative, to be sure, but one that holds potential for some of the most epic X-Men action we’ve seen yet, a whole new continuity to play with, and future spinoff opportunities like X-Force. Today we have new Days of Future Past photos share – both are set in the ’70s and feature Wolverine’s encounters with various characters from the First Class world, including Xavier, Magneto, Beast (Nicholas Hoult) – and most notably, newcomer Quicksilver (Evan Peters):

Not much to see here, but fans are going to be especially critical of how Peters appears in the image – especially since he has no confirmed costume beyond the ’70s getup we see above. Sure, there will be super slow-motion sequences that could be a fantastic showcase of Quicksilver’s powers – and it’s probable the one image above is one such sequence, as Peters previously went on record as saying, “It’s super, super, super, super slomo. You can see raindrops frozen in the air. Stuff like that. It’s amazing how that camera works.”

With just one image it’s impossible to tell much context. Peters has described his Quicksilver as  a guy characterized by annoyance with the slow pace of the world around him, and how he sees everything at a much more rapid pace: The one question this image raises for me is whether or not in this film version Quicksilver’s speed effect can be extended to others. Are Charles, Erik and Logan frozen still while Quicksilver is moving into the room? Or are the three men staring in awe at the effect of a world slowed down so much the rain hangs on air? What do you think?

As for the other photo: That’s classic Wolverine and Beast, and looks like a nice hat-tip to more than a few of the comics.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past will be in theaters on May 23, 2014.

Source: SHH, EW

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  1. The Quicksilver outfit does look goofy but it is in the 70’s so they might get away with it I guess????

  2. Oh thank God. I was so worried that Singer’s Quicksilver was going to look ridiculous.

  3. Xavier walking? More continuity issues?

    • Scarlet Witch, messing with reality?

      • That would be a good idea, IF she is in the movie :(
        I don’t think this ‘Quicksilver’ will have a long screentime though

        • He probably wont. I suspect they’re going to rush he screen time.

          • Pun intended?

      • Yeah, And hopefully she can un-ehf the reality of these X-Men movies!

  4. How is Xavier walking?!

    • He is walking because, this is an alternate reality from First Class as well. There are hundreds of different realities and each one has different outcomes. He might get paralyzed in this one a different way than in First Class.

      • if there should be other alternate “realities” maybe they should make another movie, with the “original” x-men in it, and make cyclops like who he is in the comics.

        • Thaaaaaaaaaaank Yoooooouuuuu for saying that!!!! I STILL can’t get over at how poorly Cyclops has been portrayed in the previous X movies. They totally played him out!!! To make it even worse… James Marsden was a spitting image of Cyclops from the comics… I’m guessing he’s not in this next movie, but I refuse to believe they would EVEN ATTEMPT to have an Apocalypse story line without Scott and Jean!!!! I would flip!!!

          • The fact that they’re not using this trick to bring back a more CB accurate Cyclops is pretty inexcusable. Then again, his whole treatment has been so.

            I really don’t know anymore to what extent I can appreciate anything in these films, knowing that a part of me just wants a god damn reboot.

            • You’re right. There really is no excuse for not using time travel to bring back Scott and Jean.

              How can they explain going back in time to undo the assassination of some politician and not going back in time to prevent the Phoenix from doing all the killing and destruction that she did?

          • I really hope that the producers of these movies realize that Jean Grey and Scott Summers are two of the most popular X-Men and Marvel Characters of all time.
            I hope that they bring back the original four (from the movies) for a future movie. This would include Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey and Wolverine.

            Some other characters that I’d like to see(in future movies)are: Sunfire, Thunderbird, Cecilia Reyes, Lorna Dane, Havoc, Forge, and Alpha Flight.

        • THIS!!!!

      • It’s either an alternate reality or Wolverine goes back to a point in time before Xavier lost the use of his legs.

  5. So… Quicksilver got the name cause he’s quick… and he wears Silver? Seriously, the second I saw that image all I can think of “What’s wrong with green? O_o”

    Plus, as I’ve already said many times before… in DoFP he’s NOT Magneto’s son (how could he be one, when he’s standing side by side with his YOUNG father who’s probably 10 years older at most), and that’s definitely a missed opportunity for FOX (that and the fact they decided NOT to add Wanda). Looks like Magneto and his children will never be related in the movies after all, considering no way Marvel Studios can even use his name to explain the true parentage of their version of Quicksilver. Well, perhaps later when the rights have reverted back…

    And the look on their faces are like saying, “Wait… I thought we have a huge cast, how come there’s only 4 of us?”. That image of Beast and Wolvie… caught in the act? Okay… Why am I thinking weird stuffs hahaha

    Oh, and Singer definitely needs to give good explanation to how Xavier is WALKING! It’s probably as simple as just mind trick/illusion though (or that fancy Astral Projection that was never used in previous movies)…

    • Michael Fassbender more or less alluded to the fact that Quicksilver IS Magneto’s son in this at Comic Con when he said “…and he’s got great genes” or something along those lines. I’m pretty sure the family connection will be there. And even though Evan Peters is only 10 years younger than Fassbender, he does consistently play teenaged characters (Kick-Ass, American Horror Story). Call it the OC effect, I suppose.

    • I think Magneto ages slower than some mutants film-wise.
      I also think there’s more to see that just a few promo images as well.

  6. It’s possible Xavier gains the ability to walk again between 1962 and 1973. They do have Beast on their side. He may have invented a cure of sorts.

    As far as Quicksilver being Magneto’s son but side by side at the same age…The best way they can explain that is if Quicksilver can run so fast that he ran back in time. Lame, I know, but it would explain it.

    • Plus, in regards to Xavier walking. Wasn’t he walking in Origins: Wolverine? Also, if I remember, Xavier was walking when he and Magneto first met Jean Grey as a girl. So…it is possible that they are fixing that continuity by having him walk in this movie to connect those dots…

      • Origins isn´t canon anymore, so Xavier walking in that one shouldn´t be an issue. How many times was this explained?

        • I’ve personally never seen anything (besides rumor and speculation) that says Wolverine Origins wasn’t cannon. If you have that link I would like to read it for my own piece of mind.

          • I don’t recall hearing that X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn’t canon either. Plz gimme a link

        • The whole “canon” thing has never really been explained and I have never really seen it officially said by anyone connected with the films. And ignoring Origins does not explain how he was also walking in X-3.

        • Likewise, I’ve seen absolutely nothing to suggest Origins is not canon; only a lot of people stating such (which does not make it true). As it stands, the only issue with Origins is Xavier’s scene at the end, which might be getting fixed, if these DoFP screens are anything to go by.

          • There really is no continuity issues with Origins, it was just a sloppy movie with too many unnecessary characters and a horrible third act. Xavier was walking in X-3 when him and Magneto went to Jean’s house. If he said he recruited Scott first then him walking in Origins is in line with what was already established.

      • the only way to “fix” this butchered continuity is to reboot the franchise. there’s no way they can fix it, it will only result in more messed up events.

    • This might be out there but they can say that Magneto had his kids when he was a teenager after he got out of the Camps or something. They don’t need to explore his sister but they can establish that he is a twin.

  7. Quicksilver looks like he’s walking out of a rave

    • Looks like he ran back in time from the 80’s. Could explain his intresting attire as well as him being able to be next to his young dad.

      If he is about 16 in the movie then he would have ran back in time from like 1988 ish.

  8. Quicksilver is probably barely gonna be in this movie. He’ll have one quick action sequence and maybe 2 or 3 lines of dialogue at the most. Like Angel in X3. I think what we all care about, at least me anyway, is what Quicksilver will look like in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

    • ^^^^took the words from my mouth. Quiksilver is definitely a character to NOT focus on in this movie.

  9. So, where exactly is that picture that shows Quicksilver´s powers in action? You know, that picture that was promised by your Facebook article?

    Maybe Kofi should stop putting out stupid, misleading headlines and focus on what he does best. Write about Nolan and his Dark Knight films. Again. And again. Over and over again.

    • Shots fired!

    • If you read below the picture it explains that they were guessing (I agree, though, a guess should not be in the title when it is not a FACT) that the picture with Quicksilver is one where he will use his powers because in an interview the actor states the action sequences of Quicksilver are so slow that you can see raindrops falling, and that’s what appears to be falling in the picture (maybe it’s snow).

  10. 1. How is Professor X walking?
    2. It is snowing in that pic, could it be a young Storm?
    3. I hope this is a good movie, but I have been fooled by FOX too many times.

  11. It’s not supposed to be Wolverine that goes back! It’s Kitty Pride!

    • Kitty Pryde and or Ellen Page is not the star of the franchise that’s gonna reel in the money, Hugh Jackman is. Yeah, I would of preferred Kitty but that’s how it is. You know how Fox is, c’mon.

      • ITs actually cuz they didn’t want to find an Ellen Page youngster, so they chose Wolvey cuz no matter what the time era is Wolvey looks the same.

    • There´s no person going back through time, but the person´s mind being tranferred into said persons younger body. And I can´t imagine the semen that would become Kitty Pryde saving the world. Do you?

  12. looks like a slim “Clark Duke”

  13. This version of Quicksilver looks ridiculous.

  14. lmao a blue werewolf

  15. Whether or not Origins is no longer canon, it has nothing to do with McAvoy’s Xavier being paralyzed in First Class. Which begs the question still, how is he walking again? ANOTHER alternate timeline, where things played out differently from that film, perhaps? If so, the continuity is just getting WAY too convoluted. A few plot holes here and there are forgivable, but sometimes I feel like none of the sequels’ directors ever even watch any of the other movies. I understand the film is dealing with time-travel and one small thing can create ripple effects and blah blah blah, but I don’t think a little consistency is too much to ask.
    And I know I’m complaining a lot here, but I thought Quicksilver was going to be in the future, not the 70s. He’s Magneto’s son. How does him being that age in the 70s make sense?

    • spoke words out of my mouth about “sometimes I feel like none of the sequels’ directors ever even watch any of the other movies.” It seems like each X-men director is throwing up the middle finger at the other directors saying “screw your vision, mine is better.” Instead of finding ways to build upon each other’s movies.

  16. Quicksilver looks baaaaad but do you expect when Fox did it in a rush to go up against Marvel.

    • Not sure I trust the accusation that Fox rushed the Quicksilver casting to compete with Marvel. There were numerous casting decisions announced after Quicksilver’s, some of which will play a much larger role in the story (the young version of William Stryker in particular, who has been said to be one of the primary antagonists.)

  17. I believe this is a scene where Xavier, Wolverine, and Quicksilver break out Magneto so that he can help with the cause. He’s been imprisoned due to his “assassination” of JFK.

    Quicksilver has to use his superspeed to break Magneto out. ect ect.

  18. Quicksilver from the 80’s (c’mon, he does look Michael Jackson’esque)

    He runs back in time to meet his father and look for his mom

  19. Everyone’s bashing the yet un-released X-Men film and I’m over here laughing. Seriously, you know who you are, the ones who came up with many reasons why the original First Class would bomb or get bad critical responses. It did neither. Now here comes the next round of “fan” rage. Wanna know how many times Prof X walks in the comics only to be paralyzed again? Google it. There’s heaps. Wanna know how many variations on the Marvel Universe exist in the comics? Google it. Millions. And considering the “fan” hate over the Mandarin twist, which is still going on, can we stop holding up MarvelStudios as a shinning example of a studio which puts the “fan”s first?

    IM3 may not have been the most perfectly executed film, but the idea of media being used to spread propaganda and fear with nothing but a made up figure head is extremely relevant into days world. Go Marvel I say.

    Anyway, the films not out yet. While I’m willing to bet that it may indeed be one of the best X-Men, maybe even comic book movie ever, I’m just as willing to bet that if it is, no one here complaining will own up and say they were wrong. I’ll even bet that they’ll make up a few reasons why it’s a bad film if it’s getting rave reviews and stellar box office dollars.

    • I wish more people would read this before jumping at every DOFP article to moan about how it’s definitely going to suck, or before posting on every Iron Man article about how the so-awesome Mandarin was thoroughly shafted in IM3. I don’t know why people have this really ‘clean’ mental image of the comic book sources for these movies, as though they only present one absolute vision for these characters, when anyone who’s even bothered to do a little Googling would know that comic book timelines are so much more convoluted,It doesn’t excuse a bad movie,

    • Totally agree with every word you said.

      I didn’t think First Class was as good as it should’ve been and I seem to dislike it more than others here but still, I’m wondering how they’ll try to fix things with this movie, even though I won’t be paying to see it at the cinema (I can wait for its TV premiere). My main reason for that being a complete lack of anything regarding this movie, no excitement, nothing. I don’t like paying to see movies when I feel indifference about news, images and trailers.

  20. Ok let me just set this straight since everyone is obsessing over it. In the DOFP trailer you can see Xavier in a wheelchair and you can also see Hank McCoy in human form. Based off of this observation, I’m assuming Hank not only discovered a way to transform back and forth between his forms (possibly with the use of some serum or the watch nightcrawler used to turn human in the comic books that HANK INVENTED), but he also discovered a way to give Xavier his ability to walk again (possibly with another sort of serum or device). So stop complaining about plot holes and alternate realities before the movie has even come out. Give them a chance people.

  21. You sure that’s the official Trailer ?
    It’s not really a PRO cut together ! Especially at 1:25 the sound hick up when Wolferine screams is unusual for a real trailer ! Bad editing !

    • I agree the trailer was pretty much just thrown together, but that specific scene when Wolverine, Xavier, and Hank enter Cerebro is a key scene because, I’m assuming, it’s the scene where Wolverine convinces Xavier of the future by letting him read his mind.

  22. I feel like a bit of CGI should be used for Beast.

  23. I’m hoping it all turns out to be just a bad dream….

  24. Xavier cant walk and shouldn’t walk. It is completely illogical

  25. And the Wolfman decided to get his fur done so that he could have a cameo on X DoFP………………….

  26. Just want to point out.. Wolverine doesn’t age. So that “Aging Wolverine” reference is inaccurate. The whole reason he’s chosen is because he’s nearly immortal, so it’s easier for Xavier to send his mind back in time to his pre-existing body.

    • I believe he does age, just at a much slower rate than others. He’s an old man in the ‘old man logan’ comics.

    • Whether or not you agree with it, his power(s) were significantly deteriorated in “The Wolverine”, thus aging would be something that would affect him now (at least moreso than before).