Storm’s Costume & Another Character Revealed For ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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Halle Berry Storm Costume X Men Days of Future Past Storms Costume & Another Character Revealed For X Men: Days of Future Past

The original X-Men film trilogy featured its titular mutant heroes sporting black leather costumes, designs that fans of the books met with mixed feelings. For the prequel X-Men: First Class, director Matthew Vaughn went with colorful, more practical designs that honored the original Marvel Comics.

With X-Men: Days of Future Past, a film that merges the trilogy with First Class, Bryan Singer returns to the director’s chair and has promised “no leather suits.” So, what do we get instead?

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine, Jackman sports regular clothing. In Days of Future Past, the story will flip back and forth between the ’70s (so expect time-appropriate attire) and an alternate near-future where giant mutant-hunting Sentinel robots hunt down our favorite heroes and villains. In this era, the X-Men and Brotherhood will sport more practical, slightly futuristic rugged clothing.

Production began on the film last week in Montreal and Bryan Singer tweeted a photo of Patrick Stewart in costume to celebrate the announcement. It was rather similar in aesthetic to today’s new photo of Halley Berry as Storm.

With Berry’s announcement that she’s pregnant with a second child, she says her role is being changed, but the wings on that costume may mean there’s still hope for the powerful mutant to utilize those powers against the Sentinels.

“Storm probably won’t be as badass as she was going to be because we won’t be able to do any fighting or flying or things like that. She’ll be different than we originally planned her to be but I still think she’ll be an integral part of this new X-Men movie.”

The costume is a big step-up however, from the X-Men trilogy get-up. The other interesting news from Twitter comes from Bryan Singer and some of the cast attending a Montreal Canadians game over the weekend. Joining the director were Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Shawn Ashmore and new cast member Adan Canto. Canto had a key role in The Following alongside Ashmore (and another X-Men actor, Kevin Bacon) and will seemingly be playing a mutant. We don’t know who yet, but the actor teased “I might turn into a ball of fire if someone pisses me off.”

Canto is a Mexican-born actor but knowing the franchise’s affinity for ignoring the backgrounds of international characters from Marvel Comics (see: Colossus, Banshee), he could be playing anyone from the Japanese Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida) to the American characters Firefist (Rusty Collins) or Match (Ben Hamill). The most likely candidate however, is the Brazillian Sunspot (Roberto da Costa) who has the power to control solar energy (see below). He’s also got a temper which pays tribute to his hint.

Fun geek fact: There’s a female character named “Crux” who happens to be use a combination of Iceman and Sunfire’s powers and she’s… a french ice skater (see: Montreal Canadians connection).

With so many characters, separate by (at least) two time periods and many new faces joining the series, we wonder if if they’ll all get their chance to shine, let alone of meaningful dialogue. Most of the Hellfire Club mutants under Kevin Bacon’s command in First Class barely spoke.

Bryan Singer will direct X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart and Fan Bingbing, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Daniel Cudmore.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on July 18, 2014 and Fantastic Four on March 6, 2015.

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Sources: Adan Canto, Bryan Singer

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  1. Storm’s back–that’s good. I wish Nightcrawler were, also. Sentinels, Ok, that is good too. BUT!!!!!WHERE IS CYCLOPS?!!?

    • He is supposed to be dead, isn’t he ?

      About the new Storm’s costume…Well, Before pronouncing myself, it would be cool to see it in motion first. It could render well. I found the costumes in the first X-Men pretty dull before seeing the movie.

      • Professor X is “supposed to be dead” too mate.
        you never know, maybe there will be a massive role for Cyclops to please the fans and they’re trying to suprise us.
        that’s what i’m telling myself anyways.

        • Professor X isn’t dead. He came back in the post credits scene of X3.

        • The Prof died yes but at the end of the credits of the third film it shows him being resurrected.

          • That was supposed to be his twin brother, which was actually taken from a story where Xavier was transferred into the body of a comatose twin sister.

        • I just don’t understand how you can make the leader of the X-Men look like such a wuss, then kill him off on top of that! Unbelievable. I was sooooo pumped up when the X-Men movie was originally announced, only to be greatly disappointed with all three films and Singers interpetation of the characters and story line. Wolverine made the films watchable (and was very good), but Cyclops should have been the strongest character and lead the film along side him.

      • Now that I think about it, yeah, he is dead… and so is Jean Grey… in that reality that is. This reality that we were accustomed to and that started out with the movie X-Men, then X2, and then X3 (couching to hide the word) *COUGHBLUNDER*… then The Wolverine (in Japan)… could they all be part of this reality where everything gets trashed in the end by the Sentinels? The reason why Kitty Pride has to return to the past? If so, then yes, Scott Summers and Jean Grey ARE dead! And in the 70′s, well, we haven’t met them yet – but we will eventually, assuming that DOFP has an happy ending.
        Quantum mechanics… gotta love them! :)

    • I agree!!!!! How can you have an X-Men movie without the leader of the X-Men????????????????

  2. This movie is a gigantic question mark for me. As of now it seems there are so many characters and a crazy time travel plot device that rarely ever works on film. Plus this is Fox and they have only made two, maybe three watchable superhero films out of like seven.

  3. You cannot be serious. This looks fan made. The short hair isn’t working for her either. Time to send this back to Marvel!

    • Hell yeah its time to send this back Marvel! Who cares about a X-Men Fantastic Four crossover. Let Marvel have their stuff back so we can put Reed Richards, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark in a room together. Have Hulk and Thing fight together and stuff like that. Who knows, they could even bring AVX and Uncanny Avengers to life.

      • You understand with that much property you wouldnt even be seeing half the films you wishs, expetially a precious deadpool movie. Think before you act

        • The thing is though, if Marvel got these properties yeah it would be like five or eight years before we get the X-men back. But I would rather wait five years for a good X-men/Fantastic Four movie than get a crappy one every two years like we have been for quite a while. Besides First Class which was slightly above the good range for me.

          • Probably even longer then that, Marvel’s focusing on the Avengers and already have most of that planned out. They’d be buried if they got X-Men and Fantastic Four back. Either way, for me, First Class got the franchise back on track and I will reserve judgment for this movie until I actually see it. Plus there hasn’t been very much news on the Fantastic Four reboot, but knowing director Josh Trank and Producer Matthew Vaughn is attached to it, I’m already excited for any news to come forth.

            • I actually think if Marvel got the X-men back they would work out some way to bring them into the fray pretty quick. The reason we haven’t seen Daredevil, Blade or Punisher is because those are not marketible franchises. Daredevil and Elektra sucked, Blade Trinity and the tv show sucked and Punisher had 3 chances to get a good film and blew on all fronts. Even though most of the X-men films suck, the X-men are a huge part of the Marvel universe and I doubt Disney would just throw them to the back seat like Daredevil, Blade and Punisher.

              • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^@deadpool87, Dude I don’t know you but I love you brother!

      • Hell yeah. Send it back to Marvel already.

    • Halle Berry has short hair so they are probably working around that, and for all we know they might decide to put in hair extensions. As for the costume it looks a lot more practical then even in the comics. Also if you had the ability to fly wouldn’t you rather short hair to see, I know i have enough trouble with wind when I’m just walking.

    • Marvel can go to hell..

  4. One of the best female characters around and the movies have given her terrible dialogue and little-to-nothing of interest to do.

  5. y bring her back at all if she in the movie for like 5min…

  6. If this reveal of Storm’s costume is expected to create anticipation it just may backfire.
    As for this film’s concept, the throwing of everyone on deck might cause it to capsize.

    • The idea that “Maybe nobody will realize all the plot holes if we bombard them with enough characters.” comes to mind.

      • Too true. The weakness of the script may have lead to this parade of players.

        • It was rumored on this site that original scripts for the next film focused on Magneto or Xavier (depending on what week it was). At this point it seems like the weak showing First Class showed at the box office in the United State made it necessary to draw on cast members from the first three films in order to raise production capital.

          • Interesting backstory, Slayer.

            • Well is a partially speculation on my part (as far as the reason for the direction of the film), but if you just go back to the articles linked to this one about the X-Men films and there are two separate stories about the next film supposedly focusing on Xavier and Magneto at one point or another.

              Another funny thing I have noticed is that much of this early hype seems to be missing cast members from First Class. Maybe they have not shot their parrts of the films yet.

    • Capsize? You mean like Guam? :-D

      The picture is definitely not doing it for me. Berry looks old.

      • :) Yes, infamously like Guam. And he was re-elected!
        You’re right about Halle too and it’s not really her fault.
        There is a time to play these roles and a time to move on.

  7. I think it looks kinda cool…

    • What part appeals to you? Not being sarcastic, merely looking to see if there’s just something here that I’m missing.

      • I’m comparing it to the old leather costumes from the previous movies which I really didn’t like. This costume isn’t great, it could use some color but I think it’s definitely an upgrade from what we’ve seen before. Plus it looks sort of old and post-apocalyptic which I think is the storyline her character will take place in.

        • From a standpoint of her wardrobes so far, yes it’s an improvement — especially the hair and cape. I imagine it will look different in the full effects of a film. Thanks.

      • I dig it too. It looks like a modern, battle-ready uniform for a flyer mutant. And it definitely fits in the post-apocalyptic setting.

        • Rob, wouldn’t you think they’d be able to utilize a stunt woman and still be able to make Storm a prominent character? I’m glad they’re being mindful of Ms. Berry’s health, but it seems like there are enough tricks in moviemaking to not have to sacrifice a character/plot.

  8. I’m afraid this movie has the word cluster*beep* written all over it. Too bad that Matthew Vaughn is so fickle. He shoud have returned with a proper First Class sequel. Instead we’re getting this weird time travel mash-up.

  9. X-men is in the toilet, this stuff would fly in early 2000 but now there are actual amazing superhero films and theres no time for stupid decisions such as bringing back an actress from a decade old film when she cant even do anything or denying the outfits that fans love.
    Im not a fan of xmen and with films like this by fox I will remain so, the closest Ive been is with the cartoon Wolverine & The X-men which was very cool and very interesting but if x-men(and spiderman/fantastic four) remain in the possession of an inept studio such as fox it will never come near its potential.

    • If you’re not a fan.. Then obviously you have nothing valid to say

  10. Very uncolorful. One thing Marvel has done right (among, let’s face it, a multitude of right things) is lift imagery from books to silver screen. Singer’s X-men hearkens back to an earlier day where it was hip to joke about how “untransferable” yellow spandex was into a “realistic” comic book film. This image seems too close to those films and not enough keeping with the current zeitgeist of splashing, bold primary colors.

    • Agreed 100% I’ve seen CosPlay X-Men outfits that look better.

  11. Also–she looks so completely unenthusiastic. What kind of reveal is this? They need to get their promotional folks alert behind the wheel. This pic is like something I’d text a friend after the likes of me got the likes of her to pose. I would think the likes of Bryan Singer is more than the likes of me, if you know what I’m sayin’.

  12. this looks lame… i really do wish Marvel could have the X-Men and Fantastic Four back.

  13. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Cyclops, but I think Storm should have been killed off instead of him.

  14. l may be on my own but I think Halle’s best Storm performance was in Xmen 2 there was something so incredible vulnerable yet strong about her in that film.

    Yes people hate her for the accent but WAKE UP the director and writer instructed her not to do the AFRICAN ACCENT he just wanted her to sit there and look pretty she did her research on the character
    -then she won her oscar and they were forced to put more Storm scenes in the X2 film

    People hate on Halle
    for no reason – the movies also had bad dialogue
    -Do you know what happens when a toad is struck by lightning
    no wonder Halle fought for Storm to get better characterization

    The 3rd movie in my opinion was just a big mess all round they focused too much on new characters not the ensemble we had grown to love
    Halle got really sick performing stunts for that movie yet people feel the need to bash her and not the writers

    If the writing had been good Halle’s performance would have been better l felt the same with Anna Paquin’s Rouge
    Good actors given crap will deliver crap

    That aside l hope this movie is good and a pleasant surprise the xmen franchise is such a big continuity mess right now

    • I honestly never rated Halle’s acting, a lot of other acting or the writing in the original trilogy. Equal opportunity dismisser.

      Important thing is we have to see how it holds up once we’ve seen the finished product.

      I know I’ll skip this until it’s on TV but who knows, the worry might be unfounded this time.

  15. Funny enough
    Fox will never give up the xmen franchise if the fantasic four franchise succeeds we can forget that too
    it a big money draw for them.

    All studios see are dollar signs.

    Xmen films done like the comics can actually work now films like Avengers are proof of this
    Though they would need to higher a really good designer to make the costumes look good not cheap.

    Personally Storms costume may be digitally rendered so l doubt thats how it will look in the film.

  16. i think the concept of the suit is interesting, but it looks to amateurish in the realization… Maybe its the lighting, something, idk, but to me, a good cosplayer could take the same concept and make it look way better… just my opinion

    • It’s behind-the-scenes though – it ALWAYS looks different on screen. Big difference between Cap’s uniform on and off screen too.

    • Except that a cosplayer’s costume would probably fall apart as soon as the actor would have to do more than just standing still and looking pretty for some nerd’s Canons, Nikons and iPhones. ;)


    • It means Storm can’t be a badass while she – the actress – is pregnant. Wouldn’t be healthy for her or the baby if she’s doing stunts or fighting.

      Step away from the caps lock and calm down.

      • Then, maybe, just perhaps, ya know, as a courtesy to people who actually want a good film, THEY COULD FIND SOMEONE CAPABLE OF DOING WHAT THE SCRIPT CALLED FOR. Yea, i used the caps lock, because DuBois is exactly right. If Halle’s pregnancy is going to hinder her performance to the point that they have to change the way the character was written, then someone else needs to get the part. People want to see Storm, not Halle Barry in a watered down version of what was already a watered down version of something that resembled Storm.

  18. Hopefully it will look better in proper lighting. Still optimistic about this movie.

  19. iam just glad brett ratner is not involved in this film.

  20. The Mohawk Storm would of looked cool too. However I’m loving the no leather look.

  21. I could be wrong but these characters are looking flatter by the minute…

  22. I have produced turds that look better than this crap! There is absolutely nothing to be excited for about this project. I knew what to expect because the other Xmen films besides First Class were subpar but this pic just screams lazy!

  23. I am not surprised at all…… Bryan Singer is horrible. This pic is horrible. I just don’t see how this pic is supposed to translate well on film.

  24. Singer should stop tweeting stuff from the set, the attention he is getting is not going to be all positive judging by these comments….

  25. I’m not hype about this project but hopefully it lives the expectation

  26. I really hope they surprise us and have Cyclops,Archangel,Nightcrawler,Gambit,Beak,Scarlett WItch,Sinister,APocalypse,Bloband Omega Red in this well at least cyclops, and Archangel and the rest for the sequel.

  27. why can’t the female cast just where skin tight spandex.

  28. Yet another illustration of how Singer and Co. can totally screw up a franchise.

  29. Oh great, another one of my favorite mutants being utilized for a Singer film (Sunspot)…I hope, nay, I pray Rogue (my other favorite) will be able to fly and smashy smashy…if not, I have no hope for Sunspot. Time to get fresh blood in here, FOX!!!

    • Well if they show Ms Marvel getting drained by Rogue to get those powers no problem, because I’d love to see one of my favorites(Ms Marvel).