Famke Janssen on ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Return: ‘Stay Tuned’

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After creating a sense of disappointment for Daredevil fans looking forward to new film adaptation, Twentieth Century Fox made a major announcement last week regarding the Marvel properties they’re keeping and pushing forward with. Mark Millar (Wanted, Kick-Ass) will be helping consult for Fox’s own Marvel cinematic universe, beginning with next year’s The Wolverine and the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past and Fantastic Four reboot.

For X-Men, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Days of Future Past will offer a centering point for all of the series installments over the years to connect together. While casting announcements have yet to official roll in, Patrick Stewart practically confirmed that he’s returning and now Famke Janssen is teasing a similar possibility for her return as Jean Grey.

MTV chatted with Famke Janssen about her film Bringing up Bobby (that she wrote and directed) and dropped the obligatory X-Men inquiry.

“One never knows. Jean Grey, the Phoenix … she finds a way to reincarnate herself constantly, so one never knows.”

While playing coy, she followed this up by saying she’s not in a position to chat about it, but to “stay tuned.” It stands to reason that all of the cast members from the trilogy who Singer and Vaughn are planning to see return have been spoken too, especially considering the established relationships between Singer, cast and crew. Singer of course, hinted that by approaching the X-Men: First Class sequel with bigger picture ideas (i.e. Days of Future Past time travel story from the comics) in mind to flesh out and expand the X-Men universe, they could tie together the films and make sense of the continuity and timelines established thus far.

X-Men: Days of Future Past begins production in the new year so expect more quotes and reports from the other cast members of the original trilogy (and X-Men: First Class). I expect Hugh Jackman will be questioned the most since they’re still shooting The Wolverine for a release next summer and he will be subject to the most press.

As for Famke returning as Jean Grey. X-Men: The Last Stand ended with her demise, much like Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, but as in the comics books, there’s no such thing as true death in the X-Men universe and since the story of Days of Future Past deals with time travel, there are easy ways to tell another story in a different period in time, or even a different reality that can bring all of the familiar faces back. Heck, they can even overwrite X-Men 3 with Bryan Singer’s vision of what that film should have been.

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.


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Source: MTV

Phoenix art by Glen Angus.


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  1. All I know is I want alot of Cyclops, and Sentinels. And I do not want to drown in Magneto and Wolverine.

  2. I see days of futures past as something potentially very very cool. To people refering to this as a reboot is odd. Rather think of it as the time dynamics found more or less in looper. Time travel to xmen’s first class sequel will alter the x1,2,3 movies. I think that extremely ambitious and worthwhile. In keeping withthe marvel’s stance on alternate realities and multiverse aspects, we can think of it as essentially forcing a new more cohesive continuity tying characters/actors from the original xmen movies to the newer First Class. This is great stuff. When its said and done i think well come to see that the original x-films will be disreguarded as being from an alternate reality as these event as is won’t have happened within the new main “first class/days of future past” reality. Hopefully no prof X death or cyclop (bubye and X3 ref essentially), no but butchering of the phoenix force and proper intro for the sentinels. Only time will tell.

  3. Ive always been curious as to why Marvel sold their most lucrative title’s movie rights…No comic series to my knowledge has ever sold more then the rebooted “X-men” comics of 1991. I think I read somewhere almost a billion dollars in comic sales (although I could be wrong). It was a terrible move on Marvels part…and Im sure Im not the only Marvel fan who has ever pondered such thoughts.

    • When Perlman owned Marvel he tried to make the company a publicly traded company, attempted to diversify into trading cards, television and other areas, but he used the comic books and intellectual properties as leverage. When the company almost went bankrupt they rented off a lot of the movie rights just to get an influx of money.

  4. Well… I have read all your comments and believe just like in the comics things can be patched up very quickly and effectively. There is only one character that they need introduce for a time travel story arc to be successful and to regain continuity and establish a new and exciting trilogy and his name is APOCOLYPSE!!!

    … Nuff Said!

    ” X-Men Days of Future Past Movie Cast 18 July 2014 – Comic Vine “

  6. as my except X men Days of Future Past not only giving about Sentinels / Master Mold villain.. Professor X wakes up after what happened in X men Last Stand he was Implied he finds that the mutants of his world are imprisoned by the Sentinels. He telepathically connects with the X-Men of the past to try to prevent that future from happening. By the end of the first season, the Sentinel-dominated future was averted. However, a future based on the Age of Apocalypse has appeared in its place. Apocalypse also will have to come in X men Days of Future Past with Mister Sinister, Bastion, Ahab, and Proteus. the Dark Phoenix is reprising again to improve or increasing her power being stronger yes she is being White Phoenix of the Crown.. the first appearance she comes as more evil and professor X and the X men will have to control her to be good ! then they made it. Emma Frost goes there following with X men like Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm Jean ( White Phoenix ) and Havok, Emma and the X men will have to stop Apocalypse and Sentinel, Brotherhood is joining X men like allies to stop Apocalypse wants to destroy earth. it will be incredible if White Phoenix of the Crown Versus Apocalypse for end part of X men days of future past !

  7. I have to agree; Fox needs to stop. Comic movies can be better than these apologetic, leather-bound things now. The X-Men movies may be successful, but they’ve never captured the essence of the comics. It’s funny, everyone enjoys mocking X3 because it wasn’t as polished, but as an X-fan for several decades I can happily attest that it came the closest to *feeling* like a real X-Men adaptation! It exuded a sense of family and teamwork, with actual emotional engagement, where the rest of them, for me at least, have been standard Singer-style emotional vacuums. The first X-Men film was as good as it was not because of Bryan Singer but because of Tom DeSanto. Singer made it explicitly clear at the time that he wasn’t a fan and didn’t really understand the comics, and everything he’s touched since has demonstrated how true that was. If only Marvel could reclaim the rights…

  8. I think that’s what Bryan Singer is trying to do. He is going to make Xmen the last stand an alternate timeline. GREAT MOVE!

  9. What about Forge and Bishop, my two favorite characters. I enjoyed the Stryfe storyline in the comic and the 1991 Cartoon.(except for sucky Jubilee)

  10. Cherise theron needs to be jean grey one and bryan singer is making fox money cause its an x-men movie. his s*** in the first which was boring introduced them like batman begins which waz boring but went somewhere. who gives a f*** that wolverine crying he cant remember? In the comics he remembers and his name isnt Logan. Bryan singer only showcases Star actors rather then take a chance to promote other actors he choice betting on sure fire fan choices. he is a coward. juggles cast he focuses on a few. honestly magneto of present ian kellar dont matter. we got one of the past. why bring a next chapter on new trilogy if they gonna do the same s***. Brett ratner did the same think bout. it his calm to fam is the rush hour series. just sell back to marvel. Disney brought them so they got money fox X-Men. donner and whomever suck. i seem superman 3&4. Its bout money they directors do.some next s*** without the last director or singer and if they do they give it a thumbs up. i aint no drone. f*** this movie

  11. The greatest way to overwrite X3 and give Singer’s version is that somewhere either in X2 or between X2 and the last stand, a key moment in time was altered that changed the timeline, causing everything in the last stand to happen.

    • Barron, great point!!!

  12. Just fix the timeline that way all the movies will make sense and I need to see sentinels in this movie its not like they can’t make em look real

  13. @Gregory Thanks, @Tj Absolutely right! Sentinels can look real!

  14. she better be back or singer will have a riot outside his home. lol

    she’s right, pheonix is quite the indestructible mutant and wolverine stabbing her with three claws should not rest as the ultimate death for the much loved marvel/xmen character.

    i’ve seen the cartoon version of dofp with bishop so im familiar with the arc, therefore if singer make a go of this and repair brett ratners damage, he should as (@barron) suggested pick a key moment right before the last stand and have it be the cause of the events that occured in X3 and what follows soon after with the sentinels. this way he can have the xmen from the past change that so that jean, scott, xavier all dont die and we dont get nightcrawler doing a disappearing act either.

    i am hoping that when he makes the film he makes rogue look strong fighting the sentinels (have the cure she took miraculously evolve her mutation powers and let her gain super strength and flight).

    he also needs cyclops back – although he was a sulky and stroppy in the movies he was criminally underutilised and i dont for a second believe he is dead hence why his death wasnt shown.

    and if your doing a dofp plot why not use bishop along with kate pryde (shadowcat) as this is the arc that was best suited to him.

  15. oh and i hope we get to see franklin richards, colossus and rachel summers make cameos or get mentioned in DOFP.

    also i failed to add that had bryan singer not quit the xmen for superman, i read he would have cast sigourney weaver as an older emma frost which would have been awesome.

    personally i hope he does go back to this idea if he was ever to make another film following xmen 2 which i think he will because once he has rectified and removed the existence of x3 i have a feeling he may redo his version of the dark pheonix saga.

    its so complicated and confusing explaining xmen. haha

  16. At least storm in x3 finally got to fight, singer in the last two like never had her in any action sequences and storm she is a beast! And for Dark Phoenix, that was just rude, there IS NO WAY IN HELL she could have died. She is eaisly one of the strongest marvel characters ever created, she better come back. Famke did awesome as her but you just can’t kill Dark Phoenix… She could freaking take on apocalypse eaisly by her freaking self… She took on galactus.

  17. I hope se will be there, she is a very atractive character.

  18. My comment is they should just try persuade “famke”/jean to take the part so the movie will make more sense and so the actor “Hugh jackmen”/Logan will have an objective to try change his past from killing her and try save her so it will change his present time. And if she’s not in the movie there gonna have to bring it back to when “x men origins wolverine” was out because in the end that’s when all of it really came together how they all got there. The x men movies make sense but there just scrambled up and made at different time. But all I’m saying is the film will be more exciting if it has a jean gray in it.

  19. I really hope Jean Grey returns in future movies, or maybe have a movie of her own. I love The Phoenix, and it would only be watchable if it were Famke. It just wouldn’t be The Phoenix to me without her.