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Empire X-Men Days of Future Past Covers It's been relatively quiet on the marketing front for Twentieth Century Fox's second most expensive film production of all-time, the biggest budget superhero epic ever, X-Men: Days of Future Past. That's finally beginning to change with a teaser trailer last week and the the studio finally releasing first-look official images of most of the characters in the in the film.Seemingly every few weeks we learn of a new character making at least a cameo appearance in Days of Future Past and today Empire Magazine has 25 collector covers, revealing some of characters from X-Men comics we've only heard. As Empire releases them, we'll keep adding them so stay tuned throughout the day to meet the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past.[Watch our video discussion & analysis here!]

Sentinel Mark I

X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 1 Sentinel ThumbnailIn the alternate timeline version of the '70s, Bolivar Trask received the government greenlight to begin producing anti-mutant security forces in the form of these towering robots known as Sentinels. The image depicts the Mark I variant and over the years there are other, larger versions. We've yet to see the massive Mark X Sentinels from the post-apocalyptic future.
  • The first Sentinels (Mark I model) released in 1973. A year later the government allowed them to be deployed in highly populated cities and to serve as part of the President’s security attache (beginning with Nixon).
  • Between 1973 and 1996, Trask produced 8732 Sentinel Mark Is for the governments of the United States, China, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, France, India and the United Kingdom.
  • Production on the Mark I has shifted to the new Mark X: “These highly anticipated units will combine next-generation nanotechnology and bioweapon breakthroughs, promising an even brighter future for the human race.”
Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 2 Havok ThumbnailAbsorbs "Cosmic Energy" and releases it in plasma blasts.At first it was unclear that Lucas Till would return as Alex Summers in the X-Men: First Class followup but set photos and an official photo of him in uniform serving during Vietnam proved otherwise, giving fans hope that the film franchise may still have some love to share for the underutilized Summers family. Due to the timeline alterations, the film franchise's take on Alex and Scott Summers (Cyclops) seems to position Alex as a potential father of Scott instead of his brother.Note the bands of energy around him. Will Havok sport an X-Men universe so he can control his energy blasts? Will James Marsden make that rumored cameo appearance as Cyclops?Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 3 Toad ThumbnailSuper-strong legs, prehensile tongue, gross paralyzing mucus.Toad was a member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants in Bryan Singer's original X-Men (2000) where he was played by Ray Park. We learned only recently that a younger version of Toad appears in X-Men: Days of Future Past thanks to the actor playing him, Evan Jonigkeit. At the time, Jonigkeit would only say that the following about the younger version of the character:"The aesthetics of the character are much different, and I’m not really allowed to say a whole lot more than that. It's darker. I would say it’s a darker tone."Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 4 Stryker ThumbnailMutant-hater, military man, nut job.William Stryker is a key player in the anti-mutant movement and the X-Men films. He first appeared in the first X-Men sequel played by Brian Cox where it was revealed that he was responsible for what happened to Wolverine (adamantium skeleton, memory loss) and so a younger version of him played by Danny Huston showed up again in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.Josh Helman plays an even younger Stryker in the '70s, a member of the military. Will Stryker's mutant son play into his role in Days of Future Past?Click HERE for full-size cover.

Bolivar Trask

X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 5 Bolivar Trask ThumbnailRobotics genius, mutant-hater, smooth political operator.If you've been following the development and viral marketing for X-Men: Days of Future Past, you will be familiar with Trask Industries, the leaders in anti-mutant tech invention and deployment. Trask created the X-Gene Inhibitor Collar which when worn stops mutants from being able to use their abilities, the mutant detection devices and most notably, the Sentinel program which launched in 1973 for President Nixon. All of these innovations come from the genius mind of Bolivar Trask, played by Peter Dinklage and his mustache."The mutant threat is the defining issue of our time. We can choose to stem the impending tide of extinction or we can stand by passively and allow it to wash away any remnants of our species." – Bolivar Trask - 1973 Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 6 Mystique ThumbnailShapeshifter.The blue-skinned mutant began her journey as an adopted sibling of Charles Xavier but switched sides and joined Michael Fassbender's young Magneto by the end of X-Men: First Class as she learns to accept who she is and refuse to hide her identity. In the original X-Men trilogy, Mystique (played by Rebecca Romijn) is also a loyal right hand to Magneto but in Days of Future Past the '70s era Mystique (played by Jennifer Lawrence) is on a mission of her own which may threaten the future of the planet.Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 7 Beast ThumbnailSuperhuman strength, agility, speed and furriness.It took three films to finally introduce the original X-Men team member Beast to moviegoers and he arguably was the best part of X-Men: The Last Stand, played by Kelsey Grammer. In X-Men: First Class, young Nicholas Hoult played the younger, continuity-breaking version of the character known as Hank McCoy and the images so far have revealed him as the blue furry genius and his human-looking self.Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 8 Quicksilver ThumbnailRuns at supersonic speeds.The fastest of all mutants and a child of Magneto, Quicksilver makes his curious debut in X-Men: Days of Future Past, played by Evan Peters. The timing of Quicksilver's introduction is as odd as his costume and the fact that his sister, Scarlet Witch, is not present. We know that Bryan Singer chose to intro the character for a specific, unique action sequence. Of course, Quicksilver (and Scarlet Witch) will also appear in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, to be played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, respectively.Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 9 Magneto ThumbnailThe Master of Magnetism.Magneto almost got his own Origins movie just like Wolverine but the script was canned and the story of his youth folded into the story of X-Men: First Class. Michael Fassbender stole the show however, and proved just how awesome a Magneto spinoff would have been. Luckily he returns for Days of Future Past as the prime suspect for the murder of President John F. Kennedy.Present-day Magneto (Sir Ian McKellen) teams with present day Professor X to send Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) to the past on a mission to reunite Fassbender's Magneto with James McAvoy's younger Charles Xavier - all in order to save the future.Click HERE for full-size cover.

Professor X

X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 10 Professor X ThumbnailThe world's most powerful telepath.James McAvoy played a young Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class and by the end of the story takes a bullet in the back which restrict him to a wheelchair. Thing is, we've seen McAvoy both in and out of that very chair in several images for the followup Days of Future Past. Does he make a miraculous recovery or are their two different timelines, one where he never took that shot? In the timeline where he is without use of his legs and without much hope for the future, Wolverine must convince him to not give up and to get back on the 'right' path in saving mutantkind.Sir Patrick Stewart also returns as the older, present-day/near-future version of Charles Xavier where he's again in the wheelchair - one that floats!Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 11 Wolverine ThumbnailAccelerated healing, enhanced senses, retractable bone claws.Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is the poster boy for the X-Men franchise and the only character to get not one, but two solo movies (with a third in the works). Hollywood's nice guy returns yet again for another starring role in Days of Future Past where his mind is sent back in time to his '70s self on a mission to reunite Professor X and Magneto.Wolverine lost his adamantium claws at the end of The Wolverine but we've seen images of future-him with said blades and in the past with bone claws in Days of Future Past, lending credence to our theory that another timeline is launched where the event of The Wolverine didn't take place and he kept the sharper blades. How that timeline ties into the mid-credits button at the end of The Wolverine is anyone's guess.Click HERE for full-size cover.

Bryan Singer

X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 12 Bryan Singer ThumbnailPuppet master, franchise creator, director.Director Bryan Singer makes a surprise appearance getting an Empire cover of his own. Singer began the X-Men film franchise in 2000 and directed its first sequel, before jumping ship to direct Superman Returns. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner brought him back for X-Men: First Class before he had to pass the directorial reins to Matthew Vaughn but he produced and is now directing its followup Days of Future Past.Singer, with the help of Simon Kinberg and X2 writers  Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty are already working away on the next followup, currently dubbed X-Men: Apocalypse.Click HERE for full-size cover.

Future Wolverine

X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 13 Future Wolverine ThumbnailAccelerated healing, enhanced senses, adamantium-laced skeleton, retractable adamantium claws.Always a loyal soldier, Wolverine is as essential as ever in the fight for mutantkind in the post-apocalyptic Earth. Thanks to the convenience of using time-travel as a plot device, this version of Wolverine in the future still wields his deadly adamantium claws.Note the armored costume design, no doubt designed to fend off the laser blasts from enemy Sentinel robots. The costume colors and designs could hint at Wolverine's costume in X-Force, should that film be made with Hugh Jackman.In Bryan Singer's adaptation of the Days of Future Past story, Wolverine - with the help of Kitty Pryde - must have his mind sent back to his younger, pre-admantium-augmented self to prevent a political catastrophe from occurring before the planet is doomed. Meanwhile, the rest of the future mutants must seemingly protect Wolverine's body in the future.Click HERE for full-size cover.

Future Professor X

X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 14 Future Professor X Thumbnail Still the world's most powerful telepath.Patrick Stewart returns once again for X-Men: Days of Future Past and this time it's more than a cameo (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverine). Older Charles Xavier, still alive and still confined to a wheel hoverchair in whatever timeline the future portion of the film takes place in, must work with the surviving mutants of the future on a last-ditch effort to save the world and mutantkind by altering history.Note the futuristic ship floating in the background. Does it belong to the X-Men or is it a carrier for Sentinel units? Or something else entirely?Click HERE for full-size cover.

Future Magneto

X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 15 Future Magneto ThumbnailStill the master of magnetism.At the conclusion of X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), Ian McKellen's Magneto had lost his powers at the hands of the X-Men during their battle at Alcatraz but there was a hint of his powers returning at the very end. In the future, Magneto either regains his powers or in this other potential timeline, he never lost them in the first place. Either way, Magneto must team-up with Professor X and the remaining mutant heroes on a mission to alter the past and right some wrongs to salvage the future of the world and mutantkind.Future Magneto still sports his iconic cloak, but with a new armored costume.Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 16 Storm ThumbnailMastery over the elements.Storm, much like James Marsden's Cyclops, didn't really get a chance to shine as a noble and powerful leader of the X-Men or live up to her badass mantle she holds strongly in Marvel Comics. Still, the original X-Men film helped propel Halle Berry's career much like it did for Hugh Jackman and in the sequels Storm's screen time increased as her hairstyle evolved.Although pregnant during the shooting of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Singer still managed to give the always-loyal Storm character a place on the team and at least one sequence of her using her powers. No action sequences and flight scenes, though.The photoshopped cover comes from one of the first on-set photos Bryan Singer tweeted out while shooting the film and you can compare here.Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 17 Rogue ThumbnailAbsorbs the mutant abilities of anyone she touches.Considering that the character of Rogue (Anna Paquin) was cut from the theatrical version of X-Men: Days of Future Past, we're surprised the underutilized character even got her own Empire Cover. Her face expression certainly matches Paquin's feelings on being left out of the action in the entire X-Men trilogy. Being cut from this movie doesn't help.Rogue is close friends with Wolverine and held a romantic relationship with Iceman through the first three X-films. In the comics Rogue permanently absorbed the abilities of fight and super strength making her one of the X-Men's most formidable and brave combatants. These traits, or her on-and-off-again relationship with Gambit were never realized on screen.Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 18 Warpath ThumbnailSuper-strong, near-invulnerable, and he can fly.Over the last half a decade, James "Warpath" Proudstar has grown to be a crucial member in Marvel Comics, most notably as a member of Wolverine's black ops X-Force team. Warpath is of Native American descent and is the brother of one of the first international X-Men members, Thunderbird. Warpath however, is far more powerful than his deceased brother and is known for being practically unstoppable in hand-to-hand combat.X-Men: Days of Future Past represents the first time Warpath appears onscreen and he keeps his iconic eye mask (in this instance, it's painted on) and his signature blades. He appears in the post-apocalyptic future portion of the film with his pals Blink and Sunspot.Click HERE for full-size cover.

Kitty Pryde

X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 19 Kitty Pryde ThumbnailPhases through solid objects.Kitty Pryde, who at once time went by the codename Shadowcat in the comics, appeared in a cameo capacity in the first two X-Men films before Ellen Page took over the role in X-Men: The Last Stand where she earned a spot on Xavier's core team. A love interest of fellow X-Men Colossus in the books, in the film universe she shares a close connection with Iceman.Kitty possesses the ability to phase through objects and with it she can fry electrical circuits, which may come in handy when battling Sentinels. In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Kitty plays a key role in sending the mind of Wolverine through time into his younger self.There's another one of those ships in the background.Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 20 Sunspot ThumbnailSolar-powered super-strength and near invulnerability.Roberto da Costa aka Sunspot became a member of the New Mutants, learning under the teachings of Professor X, after he became a target of anti-mutant characters from the Marvel Comics. He later became a member of the early X-Force team. Similar to his ally in arms Warpath, Sunspot is a powerful mutant who can take as much damage as he can dish out as he harnesses the power of the sun. In the comics he can fly and when using his mutant abilities he appears as if he's a black hole as he absorbs and re-channels light. Days of Future Past marks the first appearance of the character in the films.Note the burn marks on Sunspot's cheek in the high-res image.Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 21 Blink ThumbnailTeleporter.Blink is a mutant capable of teleportation, although unlike Nightcrawler from X-Men 2 she creates portals that anyone can travel through. In Marvel Comics, Blink is a relative newcomer, first introduced in the mid-'90s but quickly killed off before returning in Age of Apocalypse. That fact makes her a likely candidate to return for X-Men: Apocalypse in May 2016.In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Blink is a future mutant who fights alongside Warpath (who can be seen through the portal) and Sunspot.Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 22 Iceman ThumbnailCreates and manipulates ice.Bobby Drake aka Iceman played a prominent role throughout the X-Men trilogy and was the love interest of Rogue - and for a little bit, Kitty Pryde. He was a youngster then, only taking his armored ice form once at the end of The Last Stand. In Days of Future Past, Iceman is a battle-proven veteran X-Men soldier who's mastered his powerful abilities.With the cover shot featuring Bobby blasting ice down to the ground, we can only hope that we see an action sequence with him finally creating an ice slide as he battles Sentinels.Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 23 Bishop ThumbnailAbsorbs energy to redirect it in kinetic blasts.To Lucas Bishop, Professor Charles Xavier and the X-Men are legends. He's from the future where most mutants are refugees and held in camps, branded with an "M" on their face. In Marvel Comics, Bishop has been involved in most major time-travel stories, including the Age of Apocalypse, so it's likely that he's a key player in the main plot of Days of Future Past, sent back in time with a warning or on a mission to protect or assassinate someone.Bishop's mutant abilities in the comics allow him to absorb energy in all forms and redirect it, making him a formidable opponent against mutants with offensive powers and energy weapons from Sentinels. Bishop's primary weapons however, consist of futuristic weapons.French actor Omar Sy plays Bishop for his onscreen introduction and he had a brief appearance in the X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer/Comic-Con footage and has otherwise been revealed in leaked imagery. Note the glowing red eyes - could his mutant power have something to do with this TRON-inspired gun?Click HERE for full-size cover.


X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 24 Colossus ThumbnailTransforms his skin in to "organic steel."The physically intimidating Russian X-Man who's missing his Russian accent in the films at least retained one key character attribute - a heart of gold. Colossus (Daniel Cudmore) has always been a loyal X-Men member and in the comics was a love interest of Kitty Pryde. We don't know if that translates to the Days of Future Past with Iceman involved, but we do know Colossus will be going head-to-head with the Mark X Sentinels of the future.The character first appeared in X-Men 2 and returned with significantly more screen time (but not much more dialogue) in X-Men: The Last Stand. Colossus' mutant ability allows him to transform his skin into metal where he's as durable as he is strong - the perfect bodyguard.Click HERE for full-size cover.

Sentinel Mark X

X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 25 Future Sentinel ThumbnailSuper-powerful mutant-hunting robot.The most exciting reveal is finally here! After a slow process of individually releasing 25 covers, Empire has the one we've all been waiting for: the Sentinels of the future! Dubbed the Mark X, the much larger and more dangerous combat robot was designed by Trask Industries to track, capture and/or destroy mutants. It is because of Trask and the Sentinels that the world is in ruin, and why the X-Men must sacrifice everything to alter the course of history and prevent these machines from ever being deployed.The Sentinel program was first teased briefly in X-Men: The Last Stand when Colossus and Wolverine team-up to take one down in the Danger Room training center, but all we ever saw was its head rolling to the ground after Wolverine did his work. Now we finally get to see the machine in its full design - except this one's totally different, embracing more of an organic metal feel.Share your thoughts in the comments!Click HERE for full-size cover.

Deadpool (Bonus)

X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 26 Deadpool ThumbnailThe Merc With A Mouth? That's crazy! No, you're crazy... Who said that?This one's a fan-made bonus, crafted by Tim Daniel at the request of Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld on Twitter. As much as Liefeld and fans may want Deadpool to show up in Days of Future Past, chances are we'll all be waiting until Jeff Wadlow's X-Force screenplay is greenlit by Fox before such a thing could happen - and that would hopefully lead to the long-awaited Deadpool spinoff solo film.That being said, Deadpool's connection with the time-travelling mutant known as Cable make the possibility that much more real, especially if the next X-Men film after Days of Future Past is all about Apocalypse.Click HERE for full-size FAKE cover.

Gambit (Bonus)

X-Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 27 Gambit ThumbnailThe Ragin' Cajun!This fan-made cover was sent in from our pal Caleb and features Taylor Kitch's Remy LeBeau as depicted in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Another fan-fave mutant from the comics, the film universe's version of the character gave Gambit his iconic cards, fighting staff and kinetic energy powers but missed out on his most recognizable trait - his Cajun accent.We'd love to one day see another version of Gambit appear as a member of the X-Men team, as much as we'd love to see Colossus with a Russian accent.Click HERE for full-size FAKE cover.

Stay Tuned For More!

Empire X-Men Days of Future Past CoversStay tuned for the other covers as they release throughout the day! So far we've only met characters from the '70s but there are plenty more to come!Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, Evan Jonigkeit along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014. Follow Rob on Twitter @rob_keyes for your Marvel movie & TV news!Source: Empire
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  1. Now a… little person, wouldn’t Bolivar Trask technically be a mutant?

    • Exactly what I said when I explained why he’d be so against mutations while others complained about the casting last year.

    • Right!? Surely they thought of that. Achondroplasia is a gene mutation that causes dwarfism.

  2. so which Mutant is Bryan Singer?

    • The guy able to hypnotize Laura Shuler-Donner into listening to whatever he says even after he ran off to Warner Brothers to do Superman.

    • Eraser – He ca erase castmembers from finished movies….

    • Time manipulating, reality warping, omnipotent one.

    • He has chaos magic. Oh, I mean, turd chaos,…I mean chaos turd…,I mean crappy magic. NO I MEAN CRAPPY CHAOS MAGIC LIKE A TURD! 😀 There. That about sums it up.

    • He has the ability to disappear from a movie franchise, then re-appear when its convienient for him.

  3. It might just be me, but Warpath doesn’t seem to be holding those knives with any strength or authority behind it whatsoever. In fact he looks pretty afraid he’s about to get hit to me, like a school kid playing dodge ball. Probably just his posture though.

    • Still,he reminds me of Arnold as Conan !

    • His stance and somewhat frail appearance lead me to believe Singer has subtracted the guy’s main powers (strength and invulnerability) which leaves just the knives. It does make me wonder what his powers will be in the film.

      • At the top of each slide I wrote in the film’s version of the powers – they’re taken from the official descriptions of the characters on the actual covers (you can read it if you check the full-size images).

        • I read your descriptions but somehow missed that top line.

  4. I appreciate the extra effort Screenrant has put in with the profiles of each character. Nice touch.

    • I do, too. It makes me really excited to see all these characters on the big screen even if it’s not for a large role. Just to have a back story on the characters is cool to have going into the film.

  5. Sunspot cover has been released

  6. Patrick Stewart did a voice over in First Class? I’ve seen the film multiple times and didn’t notice this once. What scene was it?

    • Nope, I was thinking of a leaked trailer – He only cameo’d in the two Wolverine solo flicks.

  7. I think we might see future Professor X walk in DOFP!!! That hi-tech wheelchair looks like it could convert to prosthetic legs. Kinda like in the Wolverine and the X-Men animated series.

  8. I’m quite confused…I never knew Blink was asian. and they got a chick that doesnt speak any english to play her…awww thats cute.

    Why does quicksilver look like a extra off the 90s cult classic movie hackers lol. IDK…im fine with taking liberties but some of these liberties are quite ridiculous.
    BTW why is it necessary to include Toad or William Stryker…they were the worst villains and no one whatsoever cares about these characters.

    • Her ethnicity in the comics is unspecified, so casting an Asian in the role is fine.

      • her ethnicity is not a huge problem for me…more so that they got a Chinese chick who doesnt speak english to play her…and yes her ethnicity in the comics is stated shes from the carribean (so she would be west indian) and a descendent of apocalypse.

        Again her race isnt my issue but this chick looks nothing like blink. Is her skin even purple? lol.

        • I know she’s descended from Apocalypse, but have never seen any reference in the comics citing her ethnicity.

          Yes, she’s purple.

          BTW She looks very much like Blink. So I have no idea where you’re getting the “looks nothing like her.”

  9. Ok…I want to be the first one to say I think Bryan Singer is messing with us. If you go back to X-Men (DOFP) official trailer it looks like wolverine is wearing the same costume given to him by Mariko in the end credits surprise scene in the last wolverine movie.

    I believe Wolverine will have his costume from the comics at some point. I remember a James Mangold interview where Bryan Singer told him not to put the easter egg in at the end of the movie…now if Singer was not going to use the costume…why would he tell him to leave it out????

    My second shred of circumstantial evidence is that the color of the costume wolverine is wearing on the cover of empire magazine looks nothing like the one in the trailer…the one in the trailer (from the neck up) is brown & yellow…possibly spandex & appears to have a hood or cowel in the back. Ive been hanging onto this for awhile and I think it seems more & more likely that synger will use some of the iconic costumes.

    • The costume clip Mangold did might have been replaced with the Xavier/Magneto stinger that was put on the Wolverine, which from what I have heard Mangold was not really happy about. The Wolverine was pretty much conceptualized and done when they decided to do this story for the next X-Men movie and it seems like Singer elbowed his way in and got the change made to push this next film. If Mangold is going to do another Wolverine movie it will have to be Jackman to keep Singer and the studio out of it or the progress they made with the last movie might be altered with the need the other writers and directors in the franchise seem to have with throwing too much at the screen.

  10. 5 posters remaining … so, we’ll have Iceman, Blink, Colossus, Bishop and future Cyclops!!!

    • no Future Cyclops, they’re going to show the Future Sentential in the last reveal.

      But I’m excited for the last 5 images. The list is still incomplete without them, Rob. 😛

      • maybe Stan Lee for the final reveal!

        • Doubt it. doubt it.

          But Iceman’s poster was just released.

          • Yeah, the last one is future Sentinel

      • Can’t wait for Colossus. But of course Singer removing his Russian backstory is a disappointment.

      • 3 More coming. They’ve not released yet. I think it’s one every hour now, meaning I’ve been working on this post for 20 hours now…

  11. Man,this movie has “trainwreck” written all over it.

  12. Am I the only one who doesn’t give a crap about blink or sunspot?? Wy the heck does singer add unpopular mutants that are not even main xmen? Taking away night crawler was a foolish mistake

    • Singer wasn’t the one that took away Nightcrawler.

    • He didn’t take Nightcrawler away. The actor didn’t want to return because of all the make up. I’m sure he’ll show up again.

    • Sunspot & blink are very popular mutants. I can agree that they dont really serve the story justice…none the less they are highly popular in the x-men universe.

  13. after waiting for 20 years, we finally get Bishop on the big screen. He looks awesome!
    luv the Blink & Bryan Singer cover.
    can’t wait till summer to watch it!

  14. So did anyone else freak out a little when they saw the Deadpool one?

    • Haha, my bad :p

  15. Drat. I was hoping for a look at a future Sentinel for the last one.

    Still. Deadpool? Very nice, even if just for a joke cover.

    • Oh, the Sentinel IS the last one :)

      Check again!

  16. Too bad Deadpool & Gambit won’t be in the film. But still a nice cover.
    So no Cyclops or Jean Grey comeback eh?

  17. this sentinel is badass in my opinion. its like some kind of an adaptive sentinel, hell maybe he’s even made of adamantium from the look of those shells. it will be interesting how anyone from the xmen can take down one of them. i imagine not even magneto-storm-bishop combined can tear this robot apart. not even shadowcat can just phase through them un-damaged. the only ones i can think of who can damage them are jean grey and cyclops. OH THEY WERE KILLED—thats so effin convenient.

    • Well if it’s adamantium, wouldn’t magneto be able to rip it to pieces quite easily?

  18. Quicksilver looks s*****

  19. The Deadpool and Gambit fake ones would work better if they fit the aesthetic of all the others. They kind of look goofy (I know, duh, but I like the sleek stylization of the real ones…)

  20. Man, both Toad AND Quicksilver look REALLY silly. That Quicksilver design looks like it belongs in a parody of superhero movies. Everyone else looks fine.

  21. Quicksilver looks bad, Warpath is supposed to be tall and huge and Bishop is played by a french guy known for being funny! Don’t get me wrong i can’t wait for the movie but they made some weird casting decisions! At least Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing!

  22. Man, Beast looks WAY better than he did in First Class. Loved the movie, but they made him look like he was starring in a big-budget production of Cats.

  23. Is that some kind of teaser for the Mark X sentinel? You know, like an outline or shadow, without all the colours filled in. No? Ok.
    Colossus’ head is too big for his body.
    Bishop and blink have the best posters.

    • blink looks amazing

  24. I wonder will they adopt the more colorful costumes at a later date so people can finally shut the hell up about them. I also am a bit confused about how its going to work actually but I can accept an alternate reality if that is indeed the case.

  25. They should do a Little Big Planet 2 Level with new tools, and costumes with this new X-men film like they did with the D.C characters adding wall jumps and flight, maybe add mutant Abilities wind and things like that.

  26. No Jeggernaut :(

  27. So no pyro? fiiine. He’s my favorite.

  28. That Colossus poster is sick!

  29. I’m not so sure this is a different timeline like others are saying. The more I think about it it would be beneficial to just say, “X1, X2, X3, and The Wolverine are all same movie canon. Origins Wolverine is its own canon. And DOFP and First Class are their own movie canon.

    Also, why do people keep saying that Wolverine got his metal claws in the 80’s in Origins Wolverine?

    The end of that movie was the historical 3 Mile Island incident which occurred in 1979 and involved a nuclear meltdown. In Wolverine Origins, the meltdown was caused by the Sabretooth, Wolverine, and Deadpool fight. None of that movie was the 80’s. The cars, clothes, etc all represent the 70’s too.

    I say that as a History teacher and as one who grew up during the 80’s.

    • I will also say…my father and I have dissected the time period of that movie as he served in Vietnam and also is extremely knowledgeable about cars.

      His conclusion is that Origins Wolverine ends in the late 70’s.

    • As a history teacher you should know that many people do not know much about history, even something as relatively recent as Three Mile Island. How many people do you think had no clue what wars Logan and Victor were even fighting in during the opening scene and just though it was scenarios made up for the film? Even the set-up with the Cuban Missile Crisis in First Class was probably lost on the younger audience, which is why all of these historical references for the sake of looking cool seems like a waste.

      • @Slayer

        Not sure what the point of your comment was. Were you trying to argue with me? My intention of my post was to supply correct information about X-Men Origins Wolverine as many people keep saying it took place well into the 80’s when it didn’t. It isn’t the first time that other people, as well as myself, have given these facts and stated that the movie ended in late 70’s and not in 80’s.

        Absence of knowledge does not excuse ignorance. Meaning, its ok to not know something but if you are going to argue a point you better do the research. If you don’t care to do the research about the facts then that makes you uneducated and ignorant.

        Also, not sure it is fair for you to say, “As a history teacher you should know that many people do not know much about history…How many people do you think had no clue what wars Logan and Victor were even fighting in during the opening scene”

        Are you a teacher? Do you work for the Department of Edu? I’ve taught for 10 years as a history teacher. If you were a history teacher then you would know that the general American public at 7th/8th grade and older should know enough about the Civil War, World War 1, World War 2, and the Vietnam War to have recognized Wolverine and Sabretooth as in those wars. Students begin studying those wars deeply in grades 7 and 8. Trust me, I teach those wars and test my kids on those wars. Most of my kids can recognize those wars. The same holds true about Cuban Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis. Most of my students would be able to recognize JFK and the Missile Crisis as it is part of my curricula.

        Most adults who saw that movie knew that the wars depicted were the ones discussed above. I mean, my wife hasn’t touched a history class or history book since high school but she knew the wars that were shown in the movie.

        In regards to 3 mile island Incident? No I do not think that most people know about it. It is not an incident generally taught in history education curriculum. That is why I was posting about it…to educate people…To give them the info. Finally, I do expect screen rant employees and screen ranter’s to do research and fact check before posting info as fact on topics. Especially when the topic of discussion between people (in this instance) is something like “…When did X-Men origins Wolverine take place…”

        • What is it on this site lately. how did what I say sound like I was arguing with you ? I have mentioned the same things you have in regards to the historical references used in Origins and First Class on these boards because the questions seem to come up every single time. Whether people are paying attention or not is another matter, but from what I have read on here some people did not differentiate between the World War II Normandy scenes in Origins and the part in Vietnam when Stryker show up.

          And no I am not a teacher, but I do come across a large amount of people (especially those under the age of 25) who are not really up on current events let alone history.

          • Never said you were arguing. I asked if you were. Your post was strangely written. Your original post, in response to mine, came across as an attack (and not sure if it was meant to be an argument to negate my thoughts) by saying, “As a history teacher I should know that people don’t know a lot of history.” You were basically telling me that I (a person that works in the field of education and has a degree in history and in education) don’t understand that the majority of the public doesn’t know the information that is my responsibility to teach.

            I disagree. I know plenty of non-teachers who are up to date on current events and almost every person I know would, and should, be able to recognize pictures/visuals of the wars in discussion. Again those wars and incidents are covered in 7th and 8th and AGAIN in high school. Knowing details of those wars is a different story.

            You also basically sounded like you were implying, “I should know better,” with your example: “…How many people do you think had no clue what wars Logan and Victor were even fighting in during the opening scene and just though it was scenarios made up for the film?…” That question is a rhetorical question implying that very little people know about the wars in discussion.

            What other purpose did your words serve but to discredit or disprove what I’ve said. In other words what were you trying to say in response to me?

            Either way, I feel like your original response to me missed my point. My original statement, and point, wasn’t about the general public knowing (or not knowing) that Wolverine Origins ended in the late 70’s. It was directed at the 3-4 people on screen rant who keep stating, and trying to convince others, that the movie ended in the mid 80’s even though myself and others have repeatedly stated on this site the facts about X-Men Origins. All I was saying is that people should research facts before putting out info as fact.

            Im really trying not to call out specific screen names and the screenrant journalists guilty of what I’m talking about. But my statement was directed to those people.

            • No I was not arguing with you, but you seem to want to take it that way so the original intent does not matter in any case. If what I said was confusing or unclear and you took it as trying to somehow discredit your point then you missed my point entirely. My question as to how many people may have not made the connections regarding the wars depicted in the beginning of Origins did not imply that very few people were knowledgeable about those events, it was meant to bring up the point that there is a percentage of people (no matter how small in your opinion) that might not be totally clear on the references made in the film.

              And to say that everyone you know would recognize sounds to me like you are making an absolute statement based on what only the people you associate with are knowledgeable on regarding world history. Your statement seems to assume that everyone who posts here has had an education past 7th grade at this point in their lives or what the school system is like where they are from. Not everyone who posts here is from the wherever you reside and since the same questions keep coming up from more than the three or four people you do not want to mention, either some people are not clear on these things or they are being facetious for the hell of it.

              • Both of you need to attach MUCH LESS importance to whether some yam-bag on the internet understands your meaning. I wonder much time in each of your lives would’ve been saved by not reading through each of the overly-long responses, processing them (or not processing them, as people are wont to do) and then typing out another overly-long response.

                The appropriate reaction when an online turd doesn’t understand what you meant is to say to yourself “haha whatever,” and PERHAPS type a single line about “you didn’t follow my meaning, but it’s cool. Have a good day.”

                But whatever, you can obviously do what you want. I’m just saying, seems like a waste for something that does not matter at all.

                • Alright guy…

                • Thanks for caring….

                  • Lol…Hey slayer…I already put in words of Truce…

                    Funny that Ken gives us crap saying we should just be like “whatever” but then he is doing the exact thing he tells us not to do.

                    Either way, Slayer, what are your opinions on the looks of this movie…

              • Slayer…

                FIRST OFF…You said “many people do not know much about history…” You also said, “How many people do you think had no clue what wars Logan and Victor were even fighting in…and just thought it was scenarios made up for the film?”

                Then you said that you, “…did not imply that very few people were knowledgeable about those events…”

                Which is it? Your first statement clearly goes against your second statement…

                SECONDLY…You say, “I do come across a large amount of people (especially those under the age of 25) who are not really up on current events let alone history.”

                Then you say (in response to my comment), “…to say that everyone you know would recognize sounds to me like you are making an absolute statement based on what only the people you associate with are knowledgeable on regarding world history… Not everyone who posts here is from the wherever you reside ”

                So you are allowed to talk about the people where you are from and the people YOU but then I do it and you call me out for it? Do you see that contradiction?

                I agree with you that not all people are equally educated. I agree that not everyone on this site has above a 7th grade intellect (but boy I hope so if their parents are letting them on a site like this). In regards to your question about people knowing the wars featured in Wolverine Origins…YES I think that most kids 7th grade and older would and should recognize the time periods/wars featured in that movie.

                Either way, my original post was never intended to go the path of questioning/arguing societies knowledge or lack there of. It was directed at the few people here on screen rant who keep saying the movie went into the 80’s even though people have responded to those individuals a few times already that, after researching, there is no way that Wolverine origins happened into the 80’s. Yet the same people keep saying the movie ended in the 80’s. That’s all. Lets quit. Misunderstanding on both of us…Truce.

                • Well played, truce. As for how I think the film looks, I think there will be more questions like the ones we have debated and not enough good answers to go around. From a strictly creative standpoint I never understood why they started dating the movies within such strict confines using actual historical events when the first X-Men film was purposely vague about when the events were taking place. The time travel gimmick is a tricky thing to pull off, and to be honest this storyline was never one of my favorites in the comic books because it caused so many incongruities and was horribly abused as time went on by writers who came and went.

                  The current hype surrounding the Sentinels design from the future and the use of certain characters also seems funny at this point since one would guess that if Wolverine is successful everything that happens in the future portion of the story well never happen, unless of course this What If universe scenario is in play with these movies and they just cannot say that for legal reasons.

                  • Excellent point. I like having the historical events in there but then again I love history But you are right that it ends up putting too much restriction on where and when the story can go.

                    • It worked for the opening of Origins with the sequences from the wars Logan was in, but the whole third act at Three Mile Island was a mess and lost on some viewers.

                      First Class just seemed like the Cuban Missile Crisis was used to cover how similar Shaw’s plan was to Magneto’s in the first movie.